Lawyers And Doctors Accused Of Not Paying All Their Taxes

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Treasury Building

“When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny”.

Thomas Jefferson

“Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again; poor fools. And their grand-children are once more slaves.”

D. H. Lawrence

Retired Acting Commissioner of the so-called Inland Revenue Department of Barbados, Frank Forde, must be one of the Princes of Darkness and Evil in the world of Satanism. For how else could he be described when very recently he came right out in defence of this very evil, wicked anti-developmental TAXATION system in Barbados??

That he has actually come right out and done it the way how he has done it indicates, one out of many things, that he has a raging serious personal problem with highly trained, black professional business people EARNING significant incomes in the private sector of Barbados. Indeed, what ALL Ministers of Finance of the government of Barbados – including the present Minister of Finance, and administrative people like Forde, right down to some others serving in various TAX DEPARTMENTS of the government of Barbados, have been despicably doing is showing many people how they can use this already evil wicked TAXATION system – in the most uncharitable and portentous of ways – to perpetually and falsely justify and wage personal grudges, envies, crusades against those neo-classical black private sector persons who EARN middle or high incomes in Barbados – and who – in many cases – EARN more than the monthly salaries  the evildoers. It is not surprising either, that those evil doers think and act in a manner that is synonymous with the interpretation of the Willie Lynch proposal, and secret society behaviour!!

But, the truth is that the reported reactions by the heads of the Barbados Bar Association and the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners, in the Wednesday, April 11, 2012, Midweek Nation newspaper, to the charges made by Forde in the Tuesday, April 11, 2012, Daily Nation, must be really described by the PDC as having been so soft, superficial, and ambiguous, that we have been left to wonder on what moral, legal or political principles were those heads standing on in their attempts to rebut those very ill-conceived and moronic charges.

For, when that clown Forde could charge that highly regarded professionals, including doctors and lawyers, have been grossly underreporting their income, failing to file tax returns, and that the so-called Inland Revenue Department has been lax in relationship to so-called enforcement when it comes to that category of workers, it surely does mean that many Barbadian people would be induced into thinking that there has been a degree of professional misconduct on the part of those professionals when they carry on their businesses in the private sector arena.

So, with such charges being levelled, and in the way that they were, in the Number 1 daily newspaper in the country, we do strongly believe that those charges should have been met with a big barrage of very robust, penetrating and caustic responses; much more than Mr. Andrew Pilgrim stating that Forde’s charges were stupid, and much more than Dr Carlos Chase labelling them as ridiculous.

Also, the said newspaper stories that would have reported Mr. Pilgrim as saying that those charges were stupid, in the same breath were also reporting him as saying: “I pay mine. So I HOPE everybody else paying theirs”. So, what a very soft, superficial and ambiguous reaction!! And where Dr. Chase was concerned, whilst having been reported as saying that the charges were ridiculous, was still cited as saying: “Private Doctors compete with a free and very good PUBLIC health system. Patients have an alternative”. Another very soft, superficial and ambiguous reaction!!

But, what is so very stunning about these reactions is that they have been made in a context whereby a growing number of ordinary Barbadians (so huge now) ALREADY KNOW that the government of Barbados – never mind the term TAXATION – continues under this same satanic TAXATION system every day to WICKEDLY STEAL and ROB COUNTLESS people, businesses and other entities of portions of the incomes, payments and transfers in the country.

Therefore, what were the moral, legal and political principles that were advanced then by Mr. Pilgrim and Dr. Chase to highlight and enhance what ordinary Barbadians ALREADY KNOW about TAXATION – that it is evil mass theft by the government on a grand scale?? What were they?? They were none, just plain trite language used.

Furthermore, for those groups of professionals that have not realized that this is so yet, but that falsely believe that TAXATION is “good”, whilst still cowering in fear/silence behind the GROSSNESS AND INHUMANITY OF THE TAXATION SYSTEM, as they simply like children hand over portions of their incomes to the government, the PDC says to them, that they exist in a state of semi-serfdom in this modern day Barbados – and what a most ungodly, demeaning state of affairs that will surely help serve to push Barbados further back into a stage of political cultural backwardness and retardation!!

As for those professionals that have realized that TAXATION is mass theft on a grand scale, and that rightly believe that TAXATION is wrong, evil and illegal, whilst doing as much as possible to expose the GROSSNESS AND INHUMANITY OF THE TAXATION SYSTEM ITSELF, as they so refuse to so-called file income tax returns, and purposefully issue bounce checks to tax officials, we say to you, you are ENTIRELY RIGHT to do what you are doing, you are some of our real heroes in the Barbadian society, helping to fight for a Barbados that is more democratic and progressive and prosperous.
That is why in such circumstances as these, where weak and timid reactions by Pilgrim, Chase and co,  have been the order of the day – the PDC must be made to enjoin many other Barbadians to go with that type of strong intellectual political leadership that will point the way forward towards the ABOLITION of this evil wicked anti-developmental TAXATION SYSTEM IN Barbados, and its replacement with other more progressive and palatable systems.

For, those in the PDC and elsewhere, quite unlike Pilgrim and Chase, will never -in the case of this TAXATION SYSTEM – be unrequited by the mediation of sympathies for the wider membership of any organizations or associations – and of which many of the members would be among the biggest recipients of immoral government transfers for business or work done for the government, and of which most of these transfers do come through this very evil TAXATION SYSTEM. Not so. The PDC is thoroughly driven by what is fundamentally right and good for this country.
So, instead of those weak and paltry comments that were reported, what Forde should have been damnedly challenged to do by those two gentlemen is take the time out, get up off his backside, go to the locations of those professional people in Barbados who he feels have not been handing over enough portions of their income, payments and transfers, and personally seize their properties and incomes. Right!!

He should also have been challenged by those two professionals to go and whosesoever they are located stop those same professionals from earning more income in the private sector. Right!!

For, it is idiots like Forde who have been hiding behind the powers of the government and who have been – in the name of TAXATION – wrongly seizing portions of the income, wages, salaries and transfers of the people, businesses and other entities of this country.

And, it is they who have been systematically destroying the business and commercial and productive sectors of this country, while doing nothing productive themselves to advance the progress of this country.

To Forde we say go back to the hell from which you have come, and let good angels fly.

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  1. @ PDC
    DEPARTMENTS of the government of Barbados, have been despicably doing is showing many people how they can use this already evil wicked
    TAXATION system – in the most uncharitable and portentous of ways – to perpetually and falsely justify and wage personal grudges, envies, crusades against those neo-classical black private sector persons who EARN middle or high incomes in Barbados
    I can summaries for you break the backs of the MIDDLE and UPPER CLASS, and have spiteful fun while doing it…
    BTW what they doing with ALL this $$$$$,,,we seeing no CAPITAL ASSETS…no new roads, new schools, new hospitals…..all we seeing is Citizen Inaugurations, China call homes for $80,000, GOAL Brazil airline, St John Marblizing, $12 Mill football tournm., $14 Mil road signs,and Party party ,party,party,party,party, party and more party $5 Bill worth,,,,,,cheezon

  2. I am sick of this administration’s bellyaching about revenue collection.
    Vampires and Parasites!
    I agree PDC, abolish income tax.

    Nine times out of ten, people refuse overtime, because of that parasite IncomeTax.

  3. Dear PDC:

    Frank Forde a highly trained black professional person is right.

    And you are WRONG.

    You don’t get tired of talking sh*te?

    You have in mind a progressive and palatable system to replace taxes?

    Then bring it on.

    Or stop talking sh*te!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Now we are informed (BrassTacks today)…should you receive an Unemployment Benefit……be prepared to BE TAXED on it…Believe you me…what a travesty…..they (DLP) giving you a little pissy money for an extra 12 weeks being unemployed….and they want to TAX the lil money. Have a heart nah man…..that is shite….now dis worse than the Nation News blunder.
    AC..these boys aint thinking

  5. WE as citizens must pay taxes, how else could we benefit from free bus rides, health care, build roads, keep people employed, school meals, education, face it we must pay taxes. But i agree with mM. Forde de doctors and lawyers doan pay taxes. I have a very good friend who recently was laid off from his work of over 2 yeats. I told him not to worry since he would qualify for un-employment till something come along, he told he he cannot get unemployment benefit since his boss never used to take it out therefore none was paid, his boss is a big time Lawyer bout hey, suing people and gine court for commiting crime and dem is de head wuns dat doan do de right ting

  6. But Pretty Blue Eyes did your friend collude with his boss the hot shot lawyer? Sometimes people permit themselves to be deceived by their bosses. Your friend probably thought that he would have a bit more change in his hand when the week come so why pay NIS? What if his boss had died and the law firm went out of business what then?

  7. Seems like a Alibaba pervasiveness…all around ….do as I do…
    Well what ya expect….after all yu duz get a Gran send off @ D end of the day !.

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