Shrinkage to Economic Life

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

The Pandemic has thrown the global markets and economic flow into the dumpster. What was, seems to becoming a thing of the past, with corporations amalgamating their manufacturing processes into singular locations. Labor costs, which ruled the day before the pandemic have been set aside allowing logistics, energy and shipping costs to surface as the new economic principle. Therefore many manufacturing plants and their staff are being moved or eliminated. Some examples follow…

De Fehr Furniture is shutting down a Winnipeg, Canada production plant, and more than 200 workers will be looking for work. In a notice posted to its website this week, De Fehr said it will end case goods manufacturing at its facility at 125 Furniture Park this summer. The move will affect 224 employees, the company said.

“The decision to cease operations was the result of severe supply chain disruptions and raw material sourcing challenges over the past two years, combined with balancing the pace of price increases that were passed along to customers,” the May 4 notice reads. De Fehr said the facility will officially close on Aug. 10. 

“This wind down will be carried out in a controlled and orderly manner, and all obligations to suppliers and employees will be honored as we work to complete and fulfill customer orders on hand,” the notice reads. Affected employees will be offered support programs through the changes, the company added.

Nestle has announced its confectionery factory in Newcastle(Barbados) is to shut with the loss of 474 jobs. The global food manufacturer said it was holding talks with employees at the Fawdon plant but the focus was now on closing it in 2023. A spokeswoman said the majority of production currently in the North East would move to Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The GMB and Unite unions condemned the move and said closing “a profit-making factory” was “unacceptable”. The future of the former Rowntree plant had been in doubt since Nestle announced in April that it wanted to end production at the site.

Fawdon has been producing confectionery since 1958 but, according to unions, the manufacture of Fruit Pastilles will switch to the Czech Republic and Toffee Crisps will be made in Poland. In recent years the factory has made other popular brands like Rolo’s, Munchies and Matchmakers.

In a statement, Nestle said: “From the outset we wanted to provide adequate time and space for these discussions and it is only right that they are held directly with our employees and trade unions and not in public.

A feared global economic downturn is forcing corporations to consolidate their operations or eliminate those deemed unnecessary. Shipping and logistic costs must be reduced as much as possible, so facilities located in non central transport hubs will be effected. A move from the Asian Manufacturing Hub to that of Mexico or Brazil has been happening this past decade, but now the momentum is unstoppable. If your head office and primary manufacturing is in the EU, that is where relocation will happen. Manufacturing facilities within economically  isolated area’s like islands will face the danger of closing. Further complications is the fear of global recession, making the maximization of corporate profits the more important.  Yara Trinidad is closing one of its plants also, blaming decreased sales with increased costs in energy. Layoffs to come.

Many Dreading Retirement

The thought of retirement for many rather than a period of life to look forward with a grand expectation; to enjoy with family, by experiencing activities the humdrum of a working life precluded, this group in society is finding our more and more expectations for a post work life is being severely compromised because of how governments across the globe have mismanaged respective economies. Some say the capitalist system employed by Western countries is no longer fit for purpose and is in terminal decline. The struggle is real – Blogmaster

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Cannabis spiked soda or beer. Gambling in casino’s or on your phone legally. Every mall seems to have a cannabis retailer in it. Beer, Wine or Liquor available seemingly everywhere. Our local governments have their hands in our pockets like never before, taxing, regulating us, and now they seem to control the many vice’s they once prohibited. What is going  on here? Are there morality police available to investigate and police this situation?

Casino’s and Gambling online. 78% of all patrons going into a casino are very near the retirement age. Online gambling has attracted many young people into a vice they did not consider previously. Many opportunities have been presented to our population, offering both entertainment while they maintain a relationship with casino bandits throughout this nation. While @ 55% of Canadians and 64% of Americans cannot afford to retire, their governments are introducing them to creative ways to gamble their savings away.

You have a right to gamble, drink and be merry, but a future secured financially, not so much.

Our governments have amassed a huge public debit because of the pandemic and their attempts to assist their citizens. Canada has a trillion dollar debt, costing @ $4,531.00 a second to the Canadian tax payer(Canadian Taxpayers Federation)..

America’s infrastructure program has escalated to 2.5 Trillion and going  up. These are real costs that need to be repaid. Much of this debt is owing to foreign lenders as well. What can the government do? They could tell us what these debts truly mean to us and the nation, but they will not do that. We probably will not be able to handle the truth and its consequential effects upon our economies. Much like the stories about traveling to the moon(did we really do that?:), our government’s will couch their explanations in empty terminology and tell us all is well. Oh by the way your taxes and living costs are going to increase due to inflationary causes. More money collected by our representatives. 

I dread the thought of retirement. Not because I would have nothing to do, but because I cannot afford to retire any time soon. Reasons come to mind, such as the Canadian dream, the children’s future, Moms senior care, our health, financial demands unending parade in my mind. Tax time is a horrible time to experience. My costs never go down, but my expectations must. No wonder so many drink and gamble away their precious time on this earth. Their governments seem to encourage it.

2021 Canada Elections Declared!

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Election 2021 has arrived. Our leading political parties are vying for Canadians trust and votes. Many promises, with limited explanation’s no how they can be accomplished financially abound. an election , short lived and bitterly fought. Enjoy 🙂

Green Party: Their message grabs at our hearts and souls, our very hope to survive. Will our planet survive the effects of Global Warming? Every day we witness and see strange weather events, catastrophic global events such as hurricanes, twisters, flooding, mud slides, earth quakes and the list can go on. All have happened in the past but are now so very significant to us all. They seem to be happening at the same time. So The Greens have our attention, but do they have the answers to our problems? They often speak about changing the way we do business and live our lives. We must change our personal and national expectations if we are to pass a future onto our children. Economic policies are poor. Their vision of Green Economics is  still being worked on, the details limited, promising us hope that governments & corporations will figure it out, and bring about the Green Industry we will need to employ the millions who have lost their jobs in the Energy, Plastics, Fisheries and Natural Recourse Industries. They give us hope but nothing concrete to hold on except our Fear of The Possible.

Libertarian Party: Good People just not living in the right era. While the rest of the world requires governments to do more, these pioneers try to lead us away from dependency upon the public domain. Canadians need a few of their number to be elected into our parliament, as opposites to the political status quo.

New Democratic Party: My son sees The NDP as a sound alternative to the status quo. During these last few years Jagmeet Singh and The NDP have truly been The Liberals social conscience. When the Liberals forget about the little guy, suddenly Jagmeet appears to remind them who holds the balance of power in this past government. While the NDP has promised much, and explained that the rich will pay for it, we all know its nice to have stuff like dental care, pharma care too, but the middle class and the small guy will have to pay in the long run. The wealthy have always minimized their tax burden and we don’t have the clout to do so.

Conservative Party: If there were a party that needed to reinvent itself it is this party. I was a member for far to many years, and have witnessed its chaos, infighting, lack of leadership. The Conservative Party is not “Progressive ” in any way. If given a chance to pick a word that best describes its policy making it is “Fearful”. Fearful of change, fearful of going off their mission. This party represents the wealthy Canadian,Business people beholding to Bay Street and the NYSE. Big Energy oozes from the very pores of its leader and back room boys. I say boys cause when they had a chance to elect a Black Woman to be their leader they declined to do so. Leslyn Lewis brought energy, youth and a broad perspective to a man centric party. Ask Rona Ambrose how their party deals with women in the leadership role. They have great people like Scot Davidson, someone who cares for the environment and does something about it, but most members have to rely upon a lack luster leader like Erin O’toole to set policy directives.

The Bloc Quebecois: All for One, and one for all.  Quebec separation as a dream, Quebec independence a reality. Quebec rules its own roost, and the rest of Canada must still stand by  and observe. This party has spunk but little imagination. Achieving independence is doable so long as the right people in leadership exist. Thankful they presently do not. I think the members of this party are very sound and competent parliamentarians. Party unity is their strength.

Liberal Party: In power and showing it. Their leadership has jumped the gun and thrown its hat into the political ring by declaring an election. After seeing the political turn about in the Nova Scotia’s election, I am sure their gambling fever maybe waning by now. The Liberals have done a reasonable job these past few years with regards to their COVID-19 Response. They have shown Canadians that they will throw economic concerns about debit aside so long as they can assist the Canadian population. Sure many errors have happened in these past few years, and much concern is directed to our Prime minister with regards to His method of managing his Team and ruling Canadians.  There seems to be to much secrecy within Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet and Caucus. Transparency and accountability has been promised to Canadians, and we are still looking for a glimpse of it. Should the Liberals get re elected I hope it will be a majority cause damn they will need it to deal with the many problems set before them.

Massive Debt Foreign Affairs insecurity (China)How to deal with The Biden Administration What are they going to do for our aboriginal Neighbor’s?Inflation has shown its ugly face. What to do? Etc…

Good luck to a memorable Election. Think before you vote. But please do vote. Remember what happened last election. They who vote set the national stage.

Sandals Barbados On Your Mark, Get Set, READY!

Submitted by Due Diligence

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In his recent release, the Governor of the Central Bank has reiterated the claims of the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Finance that airlift has increased for the current winter tourist season and the tourism outlook has improved. Presumably the increased airlift is largely represented by Air Canada’s replacing its daily flights from Toronto with an Airbus 321 (175 seats), to Boeing 777 (350 seats); an increase of 175 seats per day or 1,225 per week.  That is a good thing.

It is reported that Air Canada’s increasing its capacity is largely the result of pressure applied by Sandals to ensure it has the airlift to fill its 280 rooms (560 guests per week).  That should be a good thing for other tourism services, restaurants, night spots, historic sites and others. But will there be a spin-off from Sandals’ guests to other tourism business in Barbados?

Not according to this TV ad I saw on TV here in Toronto.

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Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Implications for Barbadian Workers

Compiled by Due Diligence and David

A vigilant citizenry is required for a democratic system of government to optimally function. Governments across the globe use propaganda and manipulate the distribution of information to paint its agenda, the objective ALWAYS to secure popularity. It is important for a citizenry to compensate for such dishonesty b using the avenues which any democratic system of government provides to probe for the truth.

Barbados has had to battle the issue of low-wage Caricom workers, i.e. Guyanese; and Canada has its issues with low wage workers recruited under its Temporary Foreign Worker Program including those entering from Barbados.

In January this year the GIS Barbados issued an announcement, “there may be light at the end of the tunnel for some unemployed Barbadians, as a major job recruitment drive will get under way in the island this weekend. Canadian recruiting firm, Diamond Global, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, will host a job fair on Friday, January 17, and Saturday, January 18, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. The recruitment could result in scores of Barbadians being offered employment in Canada under its Temporary Foreign Workers Programme.”

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Fly All the Way to Barbados When $1 Canadian was Worthed $1.72 Back in the Day

Submitted by Due Diligence

1956 Financial Post

1956 Financial Post (Canada)

I really could not make this up. I was out on Saturday to an auction sale at an old home in an high-end neighbourhood (not my neighbourhood). Among the stuff they were selling was a bunch of old books, magazines and (1956) newspapers. Thinking it would be interesting to compare the news of the day to the news of almost 60 years ago, I picked up three editions of The Financial Post published in May and June 1956.

The Financial Post, which is now a daily section in the National Post newspaper, was then “Canada’s National Weekly of Business, Investment and Public Affairs”.  This was not a newspaper read by the ordinary Canadian; rather its readership was the business elite – those in the upper income levels who in 1956 had the resources to make an annual trip to the places of sea, sand and sun – for some even to own a second home. In 1956 DD was still a primary school student, had no investments and no interest in public affairs, so had no reason to read  “Canada’s National Weekly of Business, Investment and Public Affairs”

Today I decided to leaf through the three 1956 newspapers. My first thoughts were that they were talking about the same business, finance and investment issues in 1956 that are being discussed in today’s papers. Then, to my utter shock, an advertisement on page 12 of the May 26, 1956 edition of The Financial Post jumped out a me.

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Counterfeit Avastin Drug Kingpin Now Living In Canada

Submitted by M.N.Saunders

Tom Haughton

Tom Haughton

I am requesting the help of the general public in finding any pertinent information regarding Mr. Tom Haughton, Mrs. Maryanne Thorkelson (Haughton) and Mr. Kris Thorkelson owners and operators of numerous internet drug companies (All working under the main company called Canada Drugs) with web sites scattered worldwide.

Mr. Tomas Haughton had set up shop in Barbados utilizing their lax laws and reputation of skirting international regulations especially when those with deep pockets and plenty of graft monies to flaunt. Mr. Haughton was able, through his political and legal connections, escape prosecution in Barbados and hide out in Canada where he was able to sanitize any and all records of his existence (there is no public records of his existence and even with a physical search I could not find anything that even showed that he existed…..even his school records, his marriage records and those of his children have somehow disappeared from public view….what money will buy when it is spread around the right sources) thus hiding from public view.

Over the past two years I have been actively investigating the goings-on of Canada Drugs and those who operated this company distributing bogus counterfeit drugs to the unsuspecting public.

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Low Tax Haven Jurisdictions Under Scrutiny

Submitted by Not Taken

Tony Merchant, top Canadian lawyer and his family among those leaked on offshore list

Tony Merchant, top Canadian lawyer and his family among those leaked on offshore list

Unlike the mainstream media in Barbados which seems disinclined to report on the financial shenanigans of its politicians/public figures (except the $75,000.00 cheque), the media in Canada has no such hesitation, as seen at the attached link (see related articles) to CBC website.  Other major media in Canada are running with the story. While 38 media outlets around the world are probing the data leaks reported in the material reported in Canada by CBC, I do not expect to read about it in the Barbados papers

While Barbados does not figure prominently in this and related CBC articles, I think Barbados authorities should be concerned. Barbados is the third largest recipient of Canadian outward Foreign Direct Investment, after the USA and the UK; with the principal industry being “financial services”, which I expect is mainly in “offshore” accounts. Canadians are believed to to be the largest depositors in Barbados offshore bank accounts. It may well be the case that all of those a legal.

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Toronto Breakfast in Barbados Promotion, Who Pays?

Submitted by Check-this-Out (CTO)

St. Lucia Westjet

St. Lucia Westjet Ad

Both DLP and BLP manifestos included grand statements about what changes they will make to be more efficient and to stimulate tourism.

On February 18 BU family member Hants commented:

“Honourable mention. Every night for the past two weeks or so the BREAKFAST IN BARBADOS ad has been on prime time 6.30pm in Toronto. Nuff respect to the BTA.”

CTO has seen and heard the the TV and radio ads, and visited the 104.5 CHUM FM website. Same info is at Totally Barbados – The daily grand prize is return airfare for two to Barbados from Air Canada Vacations, One week at the gorgeous Tamarind by Elegant Hotels and $1,500 CDN spending money from CIBC Aerogold VISA Infinite.

Like Hants, CTO’s initial reaction was kudos to BTA – finally some Barbados promotion; particularly given the absence of BTA advertising in the Toronto media over the past several months. It is interesting to read the 2011 Totally Barbados article which includes the following

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Marketing Barbados Tourist Product

Submitted by Check-It-Out (not to be confused with Checkit-Out)

The Club Barbados

The IMF’s Barbados 2011 Article IV Report includes the following – on page 17. In referring to the 2.6% increase in tourist arrivals in 2010.  “Overall the growth i arrivals was enhanced by intensified marketing, air lift capacity expansion in source markets, due partly to the introduction of low-cost carriers, and a number of sporting events in Barbados.” It later states “Barbados needs to continue to reinvent and expand its products, while engaging more in marketing”.

I am happy to report that there is a 1/4 page joint Elite Island Resorts Caribbean/Air Canada Vacations ad on page A12 of the Toronto Star today, which features 2 properties in Antigua, 1 property in St. Lucia, and The Club Barbados. The price for 5 nights at The Club Barbados in mid January, including a spa credit and 3-day car rental, is CAD$1,499.00 plus $117 taxes and fees.

So, I went to Elite’s website to check out The Club Barbados, and discovered that Elite has reinvented the Almond Beach Club and Spa as The Club Barbados.  They could not have done any major reinvention work in the short time they have had it, but it looks like they have spruced up the tired old Club; and they have presumably done some staff training so their guests will feel welcome. And, they are engaging in marketing. As the Barbados Flying Fish logo does not appear in the ad, it suggests that BTA has no involvement.

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WestJet Model Creating Opportunity

Adrian Loveridge – Hotel Owner

It is certainly not all doom and gloom in the travel and tourism industry. Take WestJet, the Canadian low cost carrier as an example. This April it posted record load factors, achieving an average of 86.2 per cent and a revenue passenger miles growth of 8.2 per cent over last year, together with record first quarter profits. The airline handled over 120,000 more passengers in April 2012, hitting a total of 1.48 million for the month. During the same three months, Air Canada’s losses climbed to CAD$210 million.

WestJet founder, Englishman Clive Beddoe made no secret at the time when the airline was formed in 1996 that it was modelled on the highly successful US SouthWest Airlines, adopting the single aircraft type with different variations. However, the current President and chief executive, Gregg Saretsky, has moved away from this business plan to place a firm order for 20, and options on another 25 of the Bombardier made Q400 turbo-prop planes. In his words its to ‘connect the dots’.

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Need For Freedom Of Information And Protection Of Privacy Legislation In Barbados. Need For Greater Security At Our Local And Overseas Missions. Need For Integrity Legislation. The Follow Up On Minister Denis Lowe – The Secretive World Of Peter Andrew Allard Part VI

Peter Allard

Peter Allard

BU continues our exposé of the secretive world of Peter Allard.  It is important for unsuspecting Barbadians to appreciate how  the tentacles of a rich foreigner could have and possible still can; compromise  the workings of the sovereign state Barbados.  Here is a report which was prepared by Canadian fugitive from justice, Donald Robert Best, who operates under the codename NATHAN, taken from the files of Kenneth William McKenzie in the Nelson Barbados matter. Bear in mind Peter Allard is a rich Canadian who has taken a liking to Barbados. He is the owner of the closed Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.  He sanctioned and  paid all bills and along with the Knox family, was responsible for one of the worst international invasions of privacy, abuses of legal process and downright stinking behaviour ever to have been exposed anywhere in the world that we are aware. Please note that, although BU has a document which is in the public domain, a decision to redact the report out of respect for the privacy of certain individuals named was taken.

The report details:

  • Collecting evidence and contacts on money laundering.
  • Investigating and trying to obtain the names of Bajans with off-shore accounts and companies in the Marshall Islands (close to New Zealand).
  • Attempting to establish contacts with and enlisting the interest and support of Jeanette Molina, a publicity-hungry and highly injudicious (if the report of Mr Best is to be believed) assistant district attorney with the New York County District Attorney’s office who, allegedly and according to Donald Best, “would be interested in pursing any case we [Allard, Best, Knoxes, McKenzie et al] bring her in the New York area”.
  • Collecting the shredded documents from the garbage of David Shorey from his Saint Michael address (next door to the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence, the British High Commissioner’s residence and countless other diplomatic and government residences AND TO GOVERNMENT HOUSE) and shipping them to Canada to be re-assembled.
  • Conducting property searches in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas on, among others, Mr Shorey, Lynne Marie Simmons (the daughter of Sir David and Lady Simmons), Leonard and Marcia Nurse, Dan and Shirley Sherman and the parents of Barbados’ leader of the opposition, Mia Mottley, Elliott and Amor Mottley. Mr Elliott Mottley Q.C. is the former attorney-general of Bermuda and a highly internationally respected jurist.
  • Of particular concern, the surveillance, photographing and “staking out” of the Barbados Consulate in Miami. Further, the suggestion that John Knox and Jane Goddard be assigned the task of joining the stake-out for the purposes of identifying Bajans who visit Barbados’ Miami Consulate. BU has provided this evidence with the expectation that the Government of Barbados present it to the US State Department and to the Governor of Florida with an official diplomatic protest.
  • The staking out of the new prison at Dodds and the surveillance and photographing thereof and of its suppliers, including listing their corporate names. This is a clear breach of Barbados’ own prison security.

All of it paid for and sanctioned by benefactor Peter Andrew Allard and the Knox family. These are the same people who have used valuable court time by laying claim they have been threatened. Despite it all Barbadians are known to be law-abiding and peaceful nation and, even under such extreme provocation, we will protect their legal rights, persons and properties as if they were our own and urge others to do the same. So that any violence done to them, real or mental – or imagined – or MANUFACTURED, will be self-inflicted.

Turning to the matter of Minister Denis Lowe, another Peter Allard former associate. Here is an update promised in an earlier blog:

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Access Barbados “Caribbean Pride” Festival 2010

Press Release

Due to circumstances that are beyond our control, the Thirteenth Annual Access Barbados “Caribbean Pride” Festival scheduled for August 14 2010 at the Mackenzie King Park in the Cote des Neiges district has been cancelled.

Access Barbados regrets any inconveniences this may have caused. However, we are looking forward to your continued support in the future.

Access Barbados is a not for profit organization, with a strong focus on the inclusion of Quebecers of all cultures no matter race, class, color or creed.

Our Motto is: ‘Up With People’

For more information, you may contact us by email:

Glenroy Valantine Rice

Vice President/Coordinator

Access Barbados

Update – The Secretive World Of Peter Andrew Allard Part V

Peter Allard

BU recently updated on the Nelson Barbados Group matter which was recently concluded in the Canadian Court. The Honourable Justice B. Shaughnessy who presided was very scathing in his closing comments directed at the Plaintiff. The transcript of the windup makes for interesting reading. Of note to the BU family is the likelihood this matter will continue in the Florida Courts and possibly Cyprus!

Here is the transcript – 36 pages of the closing (BU Library) which is recorded in easy to understand prose.

Barbados QC Named And Shamed In Conflict Of Interest, Abuse Of Legal Process Allegations. Nelson Barbados Group Ltd Backers Revealed – The Secretive World Of Peter Andrew Allard – PART IV

Alair Shepherd QC

It is over; in Canada, at least. (Those who are not interested in this matter please use the page down key)

BU has learned that the case of Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. v the Country of Barbados and others has ended with the Plaintiff, Nelson, and its officers, backers and insurers paying out undisclosed millions of dollars in legal costs to Barbados and its fellow-defendants. We now wait to see if another related action, this time directed at the blogs and bloggers, filed in Florida (see the Florida Action) will be pursued.

There is no doubt that Nelson and its officers and supporters settled the matter of costs because of the massive amount of evidence against them and in the hopes that this evidence would never become generally known. But Bajans have the right to know. We were sued.

Readers of Barbados blogs will recall that this was a case that started with much public fanfare and condemnatory finger-pointing in the direction of Barbados by certain other blogs (namely Keltruth and Barbados Free Press) giving the impression that Barbados was to be called to account for conspiring with prominent Bajans to defraud Marjorie Knox and her foreign backers. And for Barbados’ temerity in challenging the dictates of those foreigners. It ended with a strangled whimper from those same plaintiffs and with silence from Barbados’ blog detractors.

Readers of BU will recall that Nelson lost the right to have the case heard in Ontario and the judge ruled that Barbados was the only country with jurisdiction and competence to try it – and it has already been tried in Barbados. And lost.

Subsequently, Barbados and its co-defendants filed a claim for their legal costs on a (unusual in Canada and usual everywhere else) “full indemnity” basis, meaning that Barbados and others wanted all their costs back. These costs were estimated at in excess of 3 MILLION Canadian Dollars. Nelson, meanwhile, was revealed to be a shell company, set up solely for the purposes of the (as admitted by Nelson’s lawyer) meritless litigation.

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