Many Dreading Retirement

The thought of retirement for many rather than a period of life to look forward with a grand expectation; to enjoy with family, by experiencing activities the humdrum of a working life precluded, this group in society is finding our more and more expectations for a post work life is being severely compromised because of how governments across the globe have mismanaged respective economies. Some say the capitalist system employed by Western countries is no longer fit for purpose and is in terminal decline. The struggle is real – Blogmaster

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Cannabis spiked soda or beer. Gambling in casino’s or on your phone legally. Every mall seems to have a cannabis retailer in it. Beer, Wine or Liquor available seemingly everywhere. Our local governments have their hands in our pockets like never before, taxing, regulating us, and now they seem to control the many vice’s they once prohibited. What is going  on here? Are there morality police available to investigate and police this situation?

Casino’s and Gambling online. 78% of all patrons going into a casino are very near the retirement age. Online gambling has attracted many young people into a vice they did not consider previously. Many opportunities have been presented to our population, offering both entertainment while they maintain a relationship with casino bandits throughout this nation. While @ 55% of Canadians and 64% of Americans cannot afford to retire, their governments are introducing them to creative ways to gamble their savings away.

You have a right to gamble, drink and be merry, but a future secured financially, not so much.

Our governments have amassed a huge public debit because of the pandemic and their attempts to assist their citizens. Canada has a trillion dollar debt, costing @ $4,531.00 a second to the Canadian tax payer(Canadian Taxpayers Federation)..

America’s infrastructure program has escalated to 2.5 Trillion and going  up. These are real costs that need to be repaid. Much of this debt is owing to foreign lenders as well. What can the government do? They could tell us what these debts truly mean to us and the nation, but they will not do that. We probably will not be able to handle the truth and its consequential effects upon our economies. Much like the stories about traveling to the moon(did we really do that?:), our government’s will couch their explanations in empty terminology and tell us all is well. Oh by the way your taxes and living costs are going to increase due to inflationary causes. More money collected by our representatives. 

I dread the thought of retirement. Not because I would have nothing to do, but because I cannot afford to retire any time soon. Reasons come to mind, such as the Canadian dream, the children’s future, Moms senior care, our health, financial demands unending parade in my mind. Tax time is a horrible time to experience. My costs never go down, but my expectations must. No wonder so many drink and gamble away their precious time on this earth. Their governments seem to encourage it.

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  2. Everyday a bunch of us have coffee at 630 before the day starts. All could have retired years ago, money is not an issue but what we all want is relevancy. We don’t want to be the old guy that goes to the legion or spends his day hopping from the bars on the south coast to the west coast to fill the days in. We all have spent years acquiring different skill sets and are pretty good at what we do so why must age force us to the casino or becoming full time babysitters for our kids. Well it shouldn’t. So my advise is retirement will result in boredom and death. Keep enjoying what you like to do I cant remember when canada has let seniors die of starvation .

  3. @Lawson

    People like you are the problem with the world. Too many old people refusing to retire and hanging onto a job because they made their job their entire life. You all need to step back and pass the baton to the next generation and provide a supporting role. We need young people with fresh ideas in decision-making roles to take the world forward.

    Retirement is a prime opportunity to pursue hobbies, new endeavors, join/form clubs, sit on advisory boards and panels, do seminars, lessons and youtube videos to name a few.

  4. ca we are not stealing jobs from young people we are actually creating them, you want to be that person in the corner in a diaper that people talk around but never include. You cant have it both ways being current and then saying in my day …….thats all you will be able to say because you are not in the game anymore. I can see a walmart greeter is in your retirement plans not mine. I see David has taken your advise and started a blog.

  5. just had an epiphany you know those tv channels that have the calming effect of an aquarium or a burning fire I am going to get a video camera and next time down I will make a 24 hour tv channel…….. people in diapers eating Pablum . If you are depressed or think you are living a pathetic existence , you turn it on for a reality check.

    • In Barbados we do not treat the elderly well. There is little respect extended and governments never allocate sufficient resources.

  6. @ Lawson

    @ Critical Analysis.

    You are both sides to a single coin. Yes the old need to make way for the young to organise the society in which they live and have to live. We ,the retired need to give them the space. It is their world. Our place is to give encouragement and lend them the benefit from our experiences. The young have to navigate the uncharted waters of the future.
    @ David Bu
    Why should we dread retirement. We need rest and the freedom from stress. We had our fair share of it. And do not put at risk our savings through your greed,unless you want us to come out of retirement and borrow that old implement of execution from Pacha.

    • @Vincent

      If all things are equal what you suggest is correct BUT because of incompetence of governments and the trials of life many old people are not prepared for the retirement phase.

  7. The problem you have is unlike old Indians Hollywood has not portrayed old bajans as wise , so they are ignored and forgotten a nuisance that’s why family’s keep dropping them off at the QEH . What you need is a silver haired advocacy group to fight for their rights( decent sidewalks for one). Or start a screen actors guild I hear ….people in diapers eating pablum…. will pay union scale lol

  8. DavidApril 25, 2022 12:03 PM

    In Barbados we do not treat the elderly well ,,,,,


    … and we rob them blind if they have managed to save up or build up enough to see them through retirement.

  9. @ David Bu at 12:17 PM

    Here you go again allocating blame to GoB. Who elected them? Was it ever in GoB’s job description to prepare its citizens for old age? Old age is inevitable and there are enough public sector departments/ SOEs that cater to the old . AND it has been so for nearly 100 years. We need to take an inventory of these before hopping on flavour of the month band wagons.

    • @Vincent

      You have heard about the government by the people by the people for the people? The dots are connected aren’t there.

  10. Vincent it cant be lost on anyone whether you are cow williams eugene melnyk or anybody else eventually you end up dying like a rat.

  11. “In Barbados we do not treat the elderly well. There is little respect extended and governments never allocate sufficient resources.”

    That would explain why there are so many grumpy old bastards on B U

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  12. Vincent CodringtonApril 25, 2022 12:31 PM

    @ David Bu at 12:17 PM

    Here you go again allocating blame to GoB. Who elected them? Was it ever in GoB’s job description to prepare its citizens for old age? Old age is inevitable and there are enough public sector departments/ SOEs that cater to the old . AND it has been so for nearly 100 years. We need to take an inventory of these before hopping on flavour of the month band wagons
    If all had started out on an equal level economical playing field I would say No
    However reality shows that only a few have given a head start and the many left behind have met many struggles and roadblocks trying to climb to the top of the economic ladder

  13. …….. and besides, lots of miserable people on here who need cheering up and awakening to the joys of getting older and wiser!!

  14. @ David

    Some people live their working life as though they are retired. And, by the time retirement creeps up on them, in Bajan parlance, ‘they’re left scrambling.’
    They don’t have any savings, are in debt and the pension isn’t enough to finance their daily living expenses and pay bills.
    That’s some of the reasons why you will see several senior citizens at the lottery machines.

    Similar to how UWI, for example, offer foundation courses in their degree programmes such as, ‘Caribbean Civilization, Science, Medicine & Technology and
    Rhetoric II: Writing for Special Purposes,’ why can’t a retirement planning be added to the list of choices?

    The course content could include topics such as developing a sound financial plan to ensure that retirees have the quality of life in retirement they aspire to, saving for retirement, setting financial goals, preparing for emergencies to prevent derailment of financial goals, the impact of divorce and bereavement on retirement finances, just to mention a few.

    ‘After all,’ University is supposed to prepare students for the work environment.

    Also, people work many years for organizations and can benefit from various training courses, except retirement planning.

    I’ve seen elderly people limping going to work and heard them proudly telling their friends, “I working fuh my grandchildren.”

    • @Artax

      Don’t disagree with you. We need to address the problem, too many senior citizens through ignorance or challenges of life find themselves beggars at a stage of life they should be enjoying the golden years. Barbados is an ageing society.

  15. @ AC at 1 :o4 PM
    Why do you want to climb to the ‘top of the economic ladder ” ?
    Why do you want a “head start?”
    Many get a head start and still end at the bottom of the heap. Is that what a meaningful life is about? To be ahead and above every body? You have no ambition. And you will have a life of futility.

  16. Hey they got the band back together…wheres Sandbox lay that pistol down honey lay that pistol down….. .. A band aint a band without a theremin

  17. Lawson maybe you need to find some volunteer opportunities. Something which does good but does not take away work/jobs from young people.

    My old man who lived to be 94 said that

    We can grow old

    Or die young.

    Not many people wish to die young.

  18. My asian buddy is a chicken sexer and I ask him why dont you retire and give a young person a job and he said ..fingers too fat.. So there it is kids have become fat and lazy on processed foods and sugar and may never realize there potential Lots of jobs out there right now we cant fill them . Now not everyone has the skill to be a chicken sexer but they sure have the potential to be dog phuckers.

  19. take from the rich to give to the poor, hasnt that always been their platform. What nonsense … if god wanted poor people to have teeth he would not have invented combat sports.

  20. I was going to ask lawson what exactly does a chicken sexer do on the job, but truly I am afraid to ask.

  21. “A chicken sexer distinguishes the sex of chicks and other hatchlings. Chicken sexers have a very important role in mass poultry production. Hundreds of thousands of chicks are born daily, and producers need to know the sex of those chicks so as to know what role they will have in the industry.”

    a boring ass job, don’t let your imagination get away with you…google still works..

  22. really gotta stop doing that…lol

  23. @Artax April 25, 2022 1:18 PM “Similar to how UWI, for example, offer foundation courses…why can’t a retirement planning be added to the list of choices? The course content could include topics such as developing a sound financial plan to ensure that retirees have the quality of life in retirement they aspire to, saving for retirement, setting financial goals, preparing for emergencies to prevent derailment of financial goals, the impact of divorce and bereavement on retirement finances.”

    Excellent ideas. And such a course should be compulsory.

  24. I sold a beautiful building lot facing a beach because shiela copps bought a house kitty corner to my view, and I dislike ndpers more than liberals.. Bob rae took 19 days from me with his social contract then ran to be a liberal now a diplomat anything to make a buck..No not my type

  25. As I said in a comment that became an article on BU, our government promised us government and NIS pensions that would be there when we reached retirement age but they are constantly hanging the rules that it would not surprise me if the retirement age went past the average life expectancy.

    We need a total restructure to where all persons above 65 are paid a fixed non-contributory pension large enough to cover lodging and food for one and funded annually by a tax on all the working people.

    Then let anyone wanting additional pension go invest in private or a funded NIS pension plans.

  26. @Critical Analyzer April 25, 2022 3:33 PM “We need a total restructure to where all persons above 65 are paid a fixed non-contributory pension large enough to cover lodging and food for one.”

    And in 2022 how much would that be?

    The Canadians do something similar to what you suggest called Old Age Security but it is not nearly enough to cover lodging and food for one as as of today it is $648.67 CDN per month, although very poor elders can receive an additional amount called Guaranteed Income Supplement of up to $968.86 CDN per month. OAS is taxable. For high income income senors ALL may be taxed back. Then there is the Canada Pension Plan which works very similarly to our NIS. You put in during your working years, up to a certain annual maximum, You take out in your senior years based on how much you put in. The OAS is a universal program available even to those who have never been part of the paid work force, housewives, disabled people etc.

  27. @Cuhdear Bajan April 25, 2022 4:32 PM

    Canada stole my idea before I thought of it. I had no idea Canada was doing something like that already.

    Here, you looking at $1,000 – 1,200 Barbados dollars per month. Rent is about $600-700 for a room with food at $300-400 per month. Two or more can pool funds and share a house or larger apartment.

  28. @African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved April 25, 2022 2:40 PM

    “a boring ass job, don’t let your imagination get away with you…google still works”

    Indeed. I googled and discovered that in the UK it pays up to the equivalent of $101,000 BDS per year, and that there is a shortage of people willing to do the work. Not bad pay if you are otherwise without income,

    They should change the job title to something “nicer” like how rape seed oil was changed to canola oil.

  29. @Cuhdear Bajan

    The Canada Pension Plan retirement pension is very close to what our NIS pension is. I assume the Guaranteed Income Supplement is there top up the OAS pension to adjust for differences in cost of living in different areas of the country and peculiar circumstances.

    But our equivalent of your OAS is something we need to give to every Bajan citizen or permanent resident living here for a certain number of years as an adult.

  30. “They should change the job title to something “nicer” like how rape seed oil was changed to canola oil.”

    and all the time there i was thinking it was a typo and instead..grapeseed oil..didn’t realize there were two…lol

  31. I think in the UK they still use the term rape seed. But the Canadians now use the term canola, maybe the Americans do too

    Grape and rape 2 completely different plants.

    How about chicken gender technician especially as it is said to take up to 3 years on the job before a worker becomes really proficient, See nice title. Nice wages. Good job.


  32. Because after all we are required to put our job titles on our passports. Who wants to draw negative attention to themselves especially at an airport.

  33. Unfortunately retirement is not a simple matter but depends on so many things we could never begin to touch on them here.

    It depends for instance on what you want to drive. Where you want to live. Do you want to travel twice a year or once. Do you want to dine out or eat in. In other words what you need money wise depends on the standard of living you expect to enjoy.

    Also what was a ” good ” investment 20 years ago is not one today. For instance the real estate market is yet to return to 2008 levels both in terms of rental income and sales prices. Lord and don’t let me touch on that gem called Bajan government bonds! Truth is the average person has seen their retirement plan decimated over the last 15 years. Partially based on what has happened internationally and partially based on what out leaders did here.

    So where do we go from here? Well you cant force the real estate market to perform better and you can’t dictate inflation as that is a global issue, so all we can do is try to spend less. In the meantime the pension age gets keeping pushed forward, so you will receive your first pension cheque and death benefit in the same envelope. After all somebody got to pay for Sinklers printorama and the boss ladies debt restructuring.

    So here we are now in 2022 with the average person poorer in real terms than in 2007. I know some are asking how could that be? Well most did not receive a raise in pay during the sinkyuh years in the 10 year wage freeze, but inflation kept running along. In other words $100 in 2007 bought $100 worth of goods, but the same $100 if you bought the identical items today would only pay for around $64 in merchandise. Basically it boils down to this sad reality. If our net worth or earnings does not increase yearly by more than the rate of inflation, then we become poorer year after year.

    But the good news is we are not alone. A recent survey on U.S retirement concluded that this generation of Americans will be the first to retire poorer than their parents in real terms.

    So yes every single Bajan needs to stop and think what this will mean for them.

  34. It’s a crap game, a gamble.

    You work hard, you invest and just when you are about to retire, the market goes belly-up. May end up worse off than the spendthrift.

    Gave my boss notice of retiring this week.

    Six months notice so that I do not miss out on certain benefits. (This is possible because the company was acquired by another and in order to stop ‘rats’ abandoning ships certain restrictions were imposed.. too short a notice and you lose money).

  35. Was planning to do gardening and volunteer work (teaching math classes)
    Now a walmart greeter, being employed by cuhdear or working for AC seem to be in the future

  36. Put your trust in God.

    25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

    26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

    27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

    28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

    29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

    30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

    31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

    32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

    33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

  37. @TheOGazerts

    Most people don’t understand investing for different purposes and think government bonds, contributing to pension plans and playing the stock market, etc. is preparing them for retirement.

    Paying down debt and investing in tangible assets proven to hold their value, appreciate or earn money over time are the best investments one can make towards retirement. That is where all investing should start.

    Only after building that solid foundation should you venture out into the wild wild world of bonds, stocks and riskier investments to gamble money you can afford to loose and like any good gambler, cash out profits after windfalls and put that money into something tangible.

  38. @John A. Theo and Critical

    Indeed many things as you have noted can upset retirement plans. And a biggie is Covid, which nobody saw coming.

    What happens if you or your spouse, or an adult child was out of work for months during the pandemic? The kid still has bills to pay. Unemployment insurance helps but it
    does not cover everything. None of us want our kids to starve or to freeze, so…there goes a part of your retirement fund

    What happens if you an elderly parent, or a spouse or an adult child has a long term illness or a disabling injury…there goes a part of you retirement fund.

    What happens if there is a natural disaster? Does “insurance” cover all of your loses? If not there goes another part of your retirement fund.

    What happens if there is a pandemic, an ashfall, a hurricane and a war driving prices up??

    The best laid plans of mice and men…

  39. @ Cuhdear

    Excellent examples you have listed and to all you outlined the experts would say reduce exposure. Which basically boils down to own the smallest house, drive the cheapest car and stay as liquid as possible while being debt free.

    Actually when you run the numbers many would say don’t even bother buying a house, invest the money in strong companies which is what a well run pension plan does anyhow, rent a house and go to the beach from 50. Lol

    Thing is though we have been conditioned by the system to consume. Bigger house, bigger car, 80 inch TV, so we in fact are our worst enemy are we not? That is why I said initially pension planning is a complex issue which should be taught from young to our teenagers. Yes I am serious it should be looked at as a form of home economics and future planning. The time has long past that the state should be our pension planner. God knows the way governments have used the NIS funds should leave little faith in any of the young people to bank on that as their retirement savior!

  40. What happens if there is a pandemic, an ashfall, a hurricane and a war driving prices up??
    Perhaps what SHOULD happen in such a case, is that we should RECONSIDER our relationship with any God that we think may exists…
    After all, aint it passing strange that BBs can have all this lotta talk about ‘their God’, ….collecting offerings, praying long and pretty .. and yet every shiite going wrong wrong…!?

    That looks to the bushman like a SURE sign that SOMEONE is telling us that we are on our own, headed up the creek …and with no paddle.

  41. @John A
    You just cannot write off investing in the stock market. To put the money in a bank was equivalent to putting it under your bed.

  42. @ John A
    Look boss, the ONLY sensible ‘pension plan’ is to ensure that you have achieved the TRUE PURPOSE behind the few short shiite years that ywe have on this planet. You can build up the best possible nest egg and when you sit down and REALLY think about it, you realize that your whole life has been meaningless….especially if someone is as perceptive as you clearly are.
    Why do you think that people with ‘money to burn’ are some of the most miserable retirees around..?

    Trust Bushie on this.. most of the lotta glitter from the financial security only last for a short time before the futility, and depression hits home … lots of retirement wealth goes into drugs and depression therapy as a result…

    On the other hand….
    Can you imagine the COMFORT, SATISFACTION and FREEDOM of feeling completely satisfied that you have found the REAL purpose of having been hanging around the place creating excreta for 60 short years….?

    Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…. and you won’t even be able to get rid of the lotta shiite dollars that will be added unto you….

  43. @Cuhdear Bajan April 25, 2022 10:01 PM

    This is where planning for major financial hits come in because the situations you spoke of will occur in everyone’s lifetime unless they are lucky and should not dip into your retirement fund if planned for.

    1) Retirement funds which should be primarily based on real assets accumulated over the years that generally keep pace with inflation by their very nature.

    2) Everyone should have enough cash savings or investments that can be quickly liquidated to cover at least 6 months of living expenses.

    3) Any loss of physical items you are unable to live without or are unable to replace yourself must be insured i.e. medical insurance to cover major illness, adequate property insurance, etc.

    Once those three are covered, you can move onto paying off debt before looking to riskier investments.

  44. Hants you didnt collect cpp till you were 65 ????? mistake.

    On our pre-retirement course, we were all advised to take CPP at 60. when calculated, you end up getting more benefits. It will take Hants about ten years to catch up to those who took it at 60.

  45. Good news my Nigerian uncle passed away according to this Email I just got once I send the lawyer the 10000 dollars for legal transfer fees I will get 200 billion dollars sent to me, which I have decided I will share with Biden supporters on BU to assist in their dementia testing.

  46. Dame bajans you were also collecting the top up till 65 and cpp kicked in if you were in omers or probably any defined pension plan.

  47. Those retired National Assistance Board employees whose pensions were ABRUBTLY DISCONTINUED by ‘government,’ some of whom were receiving them for over 17 years, are “dreading retirement.”

    One affected senior citizen, who is 82 years old, have been experiencing difficulties.

    I understand a group of them were supposed to meet with former Minister, Cynthia Forde, but, unfortunately, the meeting did not take place.

    I was also told they contacted Caswell Franklyn, who promised to assist them. So far, I haven’t heard what assistance, if any, he rendered.

    We have Dame ‘Billie’ Miller receiving ‘free money’ as ‘Ambassador at-large for Barbados.’

    Surely paying a ‘handful’ of senior citizens, many of whom are in their late 70s and early 80s………the pensions, would certainly not ‘break’ Barbados.

  48. DavidApril 26, 2022 4:07 AM


    This is BARP’s version of a money grab.


    There are definite benefits to BARP.

    Health Insurance for sure and all the discounts at various businesses.

    But I agree.

    Going after those 40 years and above is a marketing ploy designed like NIS to get the younger workers to support the older retirees.

    Sagicor will be licking its chops.

    We’ll see how it works out but someone is going to benefit,

  49. Bush Tea I forgot to add What happens if there is a pandemic, an ashfall, a hurricane, A FREAK STORM, storm and a war driving prices up??

  50. @Lawson April 26, 2022 9:46 AM “Good news my Nigerian uncle passed away according to this Email I just got once I send the lawyer the 10000 dollars.”

    If you will forward the entire 10,000 dollars, I will pay you back once I get my share of the 200 billion.

  51. @Dame Bajans
    It will take Hants about ten years to catch up to those who took it at 60
    Actually more than 10 years because the folks that collected @60 will still be collecting when “Hants” is trying to catch up so you have to take those years into account. I took mine @60 because a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and if you die CPP dies with you although your spouse ( if you have one) may get a top up to match yours if it was more than theirs.

  52. You have to remember the value of a dollar, a month ago I could buy about 7 percent more with it. If there is no cost of living increase keeping up with inflation then there may be more benefits taking it early. Lets face it if you are depending on a pension alone to carry you through your retirement you will have to cut back on some things, or move to a country where your dollar goes further. Your back will go out more than you will

  53. @ Cuhdear Bajan

    Bottom line…
    our donkeys are destined to be grassed.

    Bushie has been checking multiple ZRs looking for you….
    What happened…?
    Covid scare you to into using car now? …or you just home snipping on BU? 🙂

  54. @Bush Tea April 27, 2022 7:17 AM “BTW Bushie has been checking multiple ZRs looking for you…What happened…?

    Covid does keep me in a bit.

    But I still have to go out from time to time. If you had been at exactly the right time in the right place, that is on Saturday at 10:30 you would have seen me on my regular ZR. I disembarked by Grantley Adams’ House, and went on my merry way.

    I did not see you either.


  55. But I still keep my driver’s license current. I renewed it yesterday in the Pine. Didn’t see you there either.

    The rain kept you in?

  56. Retirement is a jaded and unnecessary concept which should be abolished.

    We know the circumstances necessary for people to live to 150 years without the metabolic syndrome diseases, insulin resistance, cancer and the other main causes of death • except medical errors which Georgie Porgie and his crime family commit everyday😁

    This writer has taken matters in hand and is intent on dying on the job of life. Indeed, life was always about learning to die and not riddled with all of the maladies retirement is supposed to be associated with. Death should happen every day as starvation is mastered with a single meal or one meal every three days with nothing in between, as a normalcy. You’ll be amazed at the differentials in blood work when one practices dying.

    The rasssoul Bajan ‘foodie’ here shall eat this writer alive. That ‘s better than eating the dead.😁.

    For most of what passes for food is really only edible substances as Pollen so well articulated.

  57. Updated my plans on retirement…
    Still thinking of gardening and volunteering as a tutor, but I added in a few more items

    Going to try to learn and share code with kids. (Will not be collecting any information or getting in contact with anyone)

    1) Building web pages using code. Ignore the apps and the various websites that you can visit to build a site. Will try to show the code so that a clever youngster will think of building his own instead of grabbing bit and pieces from various website builders. (‘Reinventing’ the wheel may be necessary in a land where few uses the wheel)

    Trying to do Java programming from scratch and see if I can develop a few games. Hopefully, I can develop some simple games that can launch kids to do their own.
    The site as I see it
    HS Maths

    Hopefully learning and imparting knowledge at the same time.

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