Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Implications for Barbadian Workers

Compiled by Due Diligence and David

A vigilant citizenry is required for a democratic system of government to optimally function. Governments across the globe use propaganda and manipulate the distribution of information to paint its agenda, the objective ALWAYS to secure popularity. It is important for a citizenry to compensate for such dishonesty b using the avenues which any democratic system of government provides to probe for the truth.

Barbados has had to battle the issue of low-wage Caricom workers, i.e. Guyanese; and Canada has its issues with low wage workers recruited under its Temporary Foreign Worker Program including those entering from Barbados.

In January this year the GIS Barbados issued an announcement, “there may be light at the end of the tunnel for some unemployed Barbadians, as a major job recruitment drive will get under way in the island this weekend. Canadian recruiting firm, Diamond Global, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, will host a job fair on Friday, January 17, and Saturday, January 18, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. The recruitment could result in scores of Barbadians being offered employment in Canada under its Temporary Foreign Workers Programme.”

The good-news story was picked up and covered by the local media.

Government – correctly so – saw an opportunity to export some of the 2,500 unemployed Barbadians who attended the job fair to Canada. Like in the past his is seen as a source of much needed forex from worker remittances.

Based on news reports it turns out that many of the companies recruiting workers under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program have been abusing the system; and, under great political pressure, Employment Minister Jason Kenney has put an immediate moratorium on allowing restaurants to hire temporary foreign workers after a series of abuse allegations.

What is often lacking in local media coverage is the follow up. The business of reportage is a heavy responsibly which the traditional media claims for their own. A review of the local media news will confirm the obvious, no follow up.


53 thoughts on “Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Implications for Barbadian Workers

  1. problem is Barbadians are some of the slowest workers and most dishonest and some do not return.thus the problem out ways the benefit.
    Asian workers will work 10 times faster and better..for same price or less.

  2. not surprising that a well intended program would hit a brick wall as private mud rakers fueled by corporate greed sense an opportunity to exploit rather than to compensate through fair play..

  3. In our lifetime we have seen Canada degenerate from the country which was a good friend of Barbados, under Pierre Trudeau. It is now no more than an outpost for empire. A supporter of the Zionist regime. Canada has dispense of its sqeezy clean image and has allowed a country that is racist to emerge. It has allowed a country extremely hostile to the original peoples to emerge. What a disappointment have you been. Your ‘great’ leaders of the bygone eras will be turning in their graves.

  4. any country that is run by greed would fall prey to its own fallacy,,,,,,with corporation willing to feed off the the dry bones of the poor ,under the disguise of HELP. private giants like mcdonalds allow to take on the task of feasting on the lives of innocent workers ,,while govt dolled out bigger and better tax breaks in so called lending hand. to accomodate,

  5. i have talked to men that went to canada to pick crops. they are put up in trailers.possibly bunk beds.they tell me that as soon as they arrive white
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    so not a good idea for these workers to take this chance to strangely disappear.
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  6. please note this behavior is the cause for the fall of barbados.
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    them days done.thus some of your tourism problems stem from this.
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  7. @ Trip Advisor

    “Until the philosophy that holds one nationa superior and another inferior…”

    Most of what you said in your post of April 27, 2014 at 9:59 AM | is true. Mandingo, or the village ram on the loose in a country that is not too tolerant of blacks but less overtly so, unlike its equally racists cousins in America have resuscitated the unofficial lynchings and killings of the upity nigga. I erred when i said resuscitated, that intimated some element of revival, it was always there.

    In the most circuitous of ways this article finds itself back into the waiting arms of Reparations and what must come from it, healing of the Psyche so that we are not the village rams of yore, breeding for the massa but, wherever we are on the face of this earth, thinkers, inventors and changers of climes.

    While I am the first to say Reparations without self actuation is meaningless i am also the first to state that it is a sorrowful thing that the experiment of Self Actuation in Bulbados has woefullly failed because, with a population of 95% black, where do you see us, the Black Majority, showing that we are socially or economically capable?

    Our school systems are phvcked up, our economy is phvcked up and wherever we are allowed to touch, be it education, agriculture, science and technology, culture we black golliwogs jes’ plain phvck up, like the renown generational curses that we are saddled with that all of the Bush baths cant seem to rid us of.

    The shackles off our wrist but our minds and souls are still enshackled.

    Cheers to the Myth of the end of Slavery and Emancipation!!

    Errol Barrow was a timeless citizen. Almost 30 years ago he said In his Mirror Image speech “…You so much despair of this society that your greatest ambition is to try to prove to the people of the United States Consulate that you are only going up to visit your family….”

    Be it now manifest in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers Programme or any other exchange programme or country indicative institutional strengthening programme.

    Be it the brain drain or the public servants who get a 6 month scholarship pun some grant to give pertinent skills to bajans, who on returning are entrusted to build Bulbados, this is all the same hues of grey.

    So when I spit and the Fumbles and the Owen Seethrus who are given the responsibility to lead and appoint the We Jonseing enemeies to the English language as Ministers of Education, the ACs of this world will attack me.

    But i dont really spit at Fumble or Owen, I spit and myself and at you because it is we who have elected these turds of dogshite and waste foops to guide us to safe havens.

    If you could only feel my self hatre saddled as we are with fellow citizens who blame their misfortune on everything that happens in Wall Street, bird flu, the APD tax in Englant, canada’s teomporary foreign worker program’s demise – the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings…..

  8. Barbados trip advisor you are one mentally crippled idiot, it sounds like a lot of bitterness to me , it sounds like our sluts and whores screwed everybody but you …. please…. f off …If anyone finds it unreasonable that a country should employ their own citizens before going abroad for help please explain why?

  9. BarbadosTripadvisor…what the hell are you talking about? Have you ever been to Canada?…Seriously? While we do have our problems and there is definitely racism…albeit very subtle…it certainly has not impeded my family’s progress…I am a Canadian of two Bajan parents who left Barbados in 1956/57 to make a better life…which they did. So….it’s possible even with the racism. Gangs are not out there in the manner you describe…Yes there are problems and yes I would not want to live in a country setting because the ‘Rednecks” do very much exist….even in the city, and Universities ( so-called educated) but you can come here, and if you’re smart and focused, get yourself a skill, there are so many opportunities, and move on….By the way, there are loose people of all races in the world…so what is your point? Maybe people should stop being impressed by white people…they are no better than any one else in the world…and I would say, in many cases, they are worse….

  10. i don.t know how any one can agree wid the sh,,t crap dispense by one TA,,,,,,here this as,,,s clown picks on poor people leaving these shores looking to take advantage of a better way of life..only to find out that the green grass promised is littered with thorns and weeds much of which they have to walk through for many years before they can reach the greener pastures promised,,, the clown TA like all other stupefy whites pays little or no attention to the many obstacles in the article initiated by corporations which slow down process and hampers the process of the immigrant who embarked on the canadian shores in quest for jobs,,,, as usual the oneness and blames are always put on the poor and lowly no matter where they go,,,,,TA comments reeks with racist and bigoted overtones and only serves to attract the attention of small minded and dim witted folk who would dare attempt to agree with his nonsensical diatribe

  11. carib canadien go west young man and behave like bajans behave in barbados and see what happen .
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    so if you do not know these things you get in trouble.
    i know as i as a bajan have even got in trouble with police for saying and behaving like we take for granted in barbados.
    canada is much more quiet and policed.
    there you go.that is as good as i can explain it.
    watch the first 48 or cops who are the criminals mostly?
    so people of the world have and actual statisticks show blacks are like 40%
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    i have not .you have.blame your self. not me.
    and by the way canada much more rough than it used to be.
    like 100% worst..

  14. @BARBADOS TRIPADVISOR.COM | April 27, 2014 at 9:59 AM |
    “…canada is a white country, they do not like to see black men with their women….In some parts of canada you would be killed if seen with a white women.”

    what utter rubbish, all over Canada u see mixed couples…it is quite obvious that u are a retarded, impoverished white idiot that would love to experience what the black man has

  15. BARBADOS TRIPADVISOR.COM | April 27, 2014 at 10:10 AM |

    “please note this behavior is the cause for the fall of barbados.
    …..people know all about the black men of barbados not to mention the beating and rough treatment and cheatin’

    i still see it everyday where i live and i live in a white area…it is not only the black men who beat, why do u not talk about the blows many white women receive but unlike the black woman, they would take it, and hide it, the last thing they want the world to see is their marriage failing. u obviously have an axe to grind…


    it seem to me that if u live in Canada, most of it was spent in the prison system. that was rubbish u wrote about Hell’s Angels, u know NOTHING about them. i remember when i was living there, i encountered a situation and it was Hell’s Angels who became my angels. how dare u try to defame that group? u are here spewing forth crap and lies. my only regret was that i never got their names, but they were my angels when i needed them and they did not even have to assist me. u do not know them so stop while u are ahead.

  17. Trip Advisor:
    I wasn’t getting into this fray but I noticed something/ pattern in you comments. There is always mention of rough, black men who beat somebody. Did you come to Bim and was horned by one of our resident “beach men”. May be you thoughts could concede him being gentle in away possible.

    We once had a white woman with some age come to Bim and butt up on one of our well hung men on the beach. When she was being tended to at the A&E, one of the nurses said to her” I am sure you are going to keep far from him.” The white woman replied “I need to get some more before I go back to Canada”. Was she related to you, Trip?

  18. On the topic of Canada the former HC in Ottowa under the BLP eminent yard fowl Glyne Bline Murray is astonished the people of Barbados continue to repose faith in the DLP and refuse to march and riot as the BLP and UWI professors and lecturers want. Bline Murray you must know Bajans have more sense than you and the likes of George Bell and Ryan Straughan.
    Froon Stuart continues to out think and out flank the exhausted Mia. She is now a spent force after rubbing shoulders, holding expensive and not well attended people’s assembly’s and gimmicks to numerous to mention. You may ask where did the money for these grandiose but failed political shenanigans come from. One can only guess cake sales which Gail Marshall’s infamously claimed was the source of BLP monies.

    Mia also was easily defeated in a bunch childish no confidence motions where OSA took the opportunity to express no confidence in her. Now GOB can settle down to the tough task of righting the economic ship of state. The UWI surveys reveal that’s what the people want and trust them to do. One hopes Leroy Trotman is listening to the people and will eschew illogical but expensive strikes. Keep them retreating Froon you’ve got the BLP in a spot of bother and its chief propagandist Bline Murray attests to that.

  19. @BARBADOS TRIPADVISOR.COM April 27, 2014 at 7:12 AM problem is Barbadians are some of the slowest workers and most dishonest and some do not return.thus the problem out ways the benefit. Asian workers will work 10 times faster and better..for same price or less.

    This is a lie. How can an Asian worker work 10 times faster than a Bajan, and why the Asian worker accept less money for 10 times as much work?

    Are you suggesting that Asian workers stupid?

  20. Are Bajans more likely to read, write and speak English that Asian workers?

    Would Canadian employers prefer to send months of time and thousands of dollars on English (or French) language training?

    Are Bajan workers healthier?

    Are Bajan workers less likely to have TB?

    Are Bajan workers less likely to have hepatitis?

    Does the Canadian restaurant industry prefer workers who are free of transmittable diseases?

    Does it matter whether food handlers are healthy?

  21. @BARBADOS TRIPADVISOR.COM April 27, 2014 at 9:59 AM “Canadian women are the most whoring of all women.”

    This is a lie.

  22. @pieceuhderockyeahright April 27, 2014 at 12:26 PM “the renown generational curses”

    There is no such thing as a generational curse.

    Pseudo religious nonsense.

  23. @BARBADOS TRIPADVISOR.COM April 27, 2014 at 4:15 PM “carib canadien go west young man and behave like bajans behave in barbados”

    So how do Bajans behave in Barbados.

    The Bajans I know in Barbados are everything from murderers to saints. Which ones are you talking about? Which behaviour are you talking about?

    And there are many Bajans all over Canada, including out West who have done exceedingly well.

    Most Bajan men are not seekers of whores.

    Most Canadian women do not prostitute themselves.

  24. @BARBADOS TRIPADVISOR.COM April 27, 2014 at 4:51 PM “if you shout or talk loud or say man i would lick ya down or utter a threat of any kind like in barbados”

    But in Barbados most of us don’t shout, talk loud or threaten to lick down people.

    Where the hell rough ghetto you come from in Barbados?

    Where did you learn to should, talk loud, and threaten pepole.

    Did you not have loving intelligent parents/

  25. Dear Barbados Trip

    How the F&*% the Canadian High Commission let you into Canada?

    They should fire somebody for letting an idiot like you into the country.

  26. say what you want .you are all a bunch or racist African Barbadians
    like water off a ducks back.
    barbados is one of the most racist places on earth against whites.
    the world knows that.
    talk your nonsense as you wish .but i do not need to explain nothing to
    you play you dont know.
    Barbadian men are loud and crude people. possibly not the minority
    rich or middle class blacks but the majority poor.rough, nasty mouth ,
    cursing ones .
    they are the majority.
    i live in barbados also and the noise pollution and
    the amount of noise ,in general is deafening .
    compared to civilized countries.note;
    i do not read your comments as i do not read
    market vendor language for ya.

  27. Trip:

    You are losing it man. I need to tell that beach person to be a gentle with you next time. What is word for your sexual preference in your world of normality and culture Canadian style?

  28. The issue in Canada is one of corporate greed where wages and benefits are driven down to a ridiculous level. These workers are paid the mandatory provincial wages which can be lower than the industry norms for the area. There are some instances of job losses as a result of the program but it does not appear to be a major factor.
    Barbados is a different story and without strong empirical evidence, the facts are lost within the diatribe of how “Guyanese woman tek away Bajan man”.. but nevertheless it is a recognized fact that immigrant workers will work for less the world over, (and that includes Bajan immigrant workers). As their primary aim is to remit, they will have a better work ethic (work ethic is not living ethic). The supposed White Paper on immigration may have shed some light on the impact of these workers but alas other considerations are at play for its non deliverance and in the land of ignorance, the pea brain is king while revisionists revise.
    Trying to export unemployed Bajan workers may indeed sound commendable but understand that other countries have programs in place to train their people to be foreign temporary workers and in the global market place labour is a commodity that is tradeable. Now that is the information that our so called ambassadors need to deliver to the people instead of asking stupidly while flying fish can’t be on store shelves in North America.

  29. Barbados Tripadvisor…I see you are afraid to read the responses to your nonsense. Insecure much? You are the racist. Before pointing fingers at others perhaps you should look at the last what 5, 6, 700 years of European history to find the inhuman savagery and despicable and unimaginable behavior you are so quick to attribute to what you call ‘blacks’ because of course we are all the same just like you whites are all the same. Not much education in your background I see. Oh…and by the way my name is carbcanadiAn and not caribcanadiEn..Seems to me you are probably French…and if you look to recent elections in Quebec, Canada you’ll read about a defeated government, PQ party, whose campaign was openly based on hatred and bigotery…

  30. Trip Advisor, i just discovered is a poor black man, who lived illegally in Canada. he was kicked out of school early and so left without one single CXC. while in Canada he tried to assimilate to the Canadian lifestyle but it was not working since, the Canadian women especially laugh at him. he does live in Barbados but has nothing to show but contempt for the time he lived illegally in Toronto.

    u bloggers should ignore him since he is one of the lowest spectrum in our society and just cannot take the fact that white women love the black skin handsome man…he is not, he looks really ugly to me so i quite understand why his hatred for the black guy

  31. The article Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Implications for Barbadian Workers caught my attention and interest, because it appeared not only to be current, but an opportunity for some of Barbados’ unemployed to change their status. The recruitment was on the 17th and 18th of January this year. I read this fully conscious of the global economic problems and the economic reality of Barbados and many Caribbean nation states. The large countries including Canada have their own economic woes and it is my understanding that after reviewing the process, certain system dysfunctions were recognized. Entities participating, or slated to participate were known to engage in improprieties. They want more for less and living conditions for the workers needed to be sorted out by government. There are social, physical, health care and economic issues to be considered, such as provisions made to look after people in the event they become ill, and so on. There has been a moratorium established and there seems not to be any real feedback on what has transpired. I think that is the essence of this.

    I look forward to some intelligent responses to this situation. Instead, to my chagrin, one poster called Trip Advisor has literally succeeded in derailing those who might have probably offered intelligent, cerebral, and most analytical commentaries to the rantings and nonsensicalities of TA who, has personal issues with the island of Barbados and possibly a select category of people. BU was been used to ventilate the deep hurt that this person feels. I will not join in castigating him, or some of the unnecessary political issues that were aired. Ordinarily, I would ignore this and send positive thoughts to TA and everyone blogging. But, the following comment has led me to want to empathize with tis person when he stated “:barbados is one of the most racist places on earth against whites. the world knows that.”

    He has attempted to vilify Barbados, by using the lower case. This is sheer tainted tripe, most distasteful and illustrates his limited understanding of the world in which he lives. That is not to say that racism does not exist in Barbados, but Barbados’ majority and minority are historically known to accommodate each other. I do not know how he has arrived at that conclusion. What empirical evidence is there to give credence to this garbage. The food he has served is sure to give food poisoning, and that is what has occurred. Perhaps, this person is doing a study of some sort to discover how many people will take him seriously.

    A few years ago, I met an African woman who spent a few years in Barbados, but she concluded that Bajans considered themselves superior to Africans from the African Continent. The irony is that if one turns the map of Barbados upside down, one would see the African Continent, and if one were to look closer at our customs, at our culture, our foods, etc, one sees residues of Africa. I later found that she was offended by UWI rejecting her admission to the Doctoral Program. She seemed not to know that one had to have an MPhil to gain admission. She was also angry because Bajan children asked hers if they lived in houses and had running water in Africa. These children, if they were Bajan, were not taught about village life when people depended on public pipes to draw water. She was in Barbados after many changes. I sorted that one out lovingly and she has become a dear friend.

    Regarding the claim TA has made, if Barbados is so racist against Whites, why has white Canadians, Brits Americans and other Europeans made it home? Barbados is not ethnically flawless, but the races accommodate each other, and other ethnic groups are making Barbados home.

    When one looks at the world, the reality constructs confronting all of us, it is easy to cast blame on certain political parties, but that is folly. We had better get it together and find solutions for our socio-economic problems and stop looking and pointing fingers at our political representatives who don’t have a clue. Focus on the big picture, and try not to be derailed by those with warped, hidden agendas. Let us all generate peace and security, and do what is possible to bring stability to our beloved nation which is an integral part of the world and its reality. Peace and blessings to each of you., . .

    • @Funmilayo Jones

      The world is comprised of all kinds of people like the Sterling Clippers issue has raised in the last 48 hours. Where there is ignorance, bigotry, racism, prejudice we must counter with our brand of intelligence. Thanks for your comment.

      On Monday, 28 April 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  32. I was beginning to regret that I had submitted the material to BU that was the basis for what I hoped would be a meaningful discussion; but was being used as a platform for the racist bile being spewed by an obviously demented individual.

    Thanks to Raas and Funmilayo Jones for getting it back on track.

    Here’s hoping the deep thinkers in GOB can some up with some Made In Barbados solutions to put its unemployed back to work, instead of just exporting them.

    • The thrust of the blog here as DD alluded is to point out that there are no easy way out alleviating unemployment in Barbados. the Canadian temporary employment program has been good for Barbados over the years. This is a massive blow and Ministers McClean and Suckoo need to speech out about it to reset expectations.

      On Monday, 28 April 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  33. You must all be aware that the only reason Canada brings in workers is that Canadians do not want a lot of these jobs.

  34. Hants what? the reason that the minister acted was because Canadians were let go so outsiders could have their jobs in the food sector at possibly a reduced rate… that is why there was complaints and obviously Canadians were prepared to do that job

  35. Saw a show the other night, people cremated and their remains put into a cement structure that is put in the ocean and it becomes a reef, great idea haven’t seen it in Barbados

  36. @ Due
    I must admit i flinch every time i hear a “made in Barbados” suggestion. But i will interpret your version not so literally. Barbados has to wrap the concept of labour around its head properly, On the export side, this commodity (labour) needs to be marketed to a target area.Just like the Philippines ,investment in training your labour pool as these people understand what the long term benefits for their economy as the remits flow. It is not good enough for the union bosses to jump up in awe when they discover that the newly unemployed is packing some skills that was previously unknown as they had out the pink slips ( which is a hell of an admission).
    On the import side, who knows ? But it is an aging population and maybe that is what Jones is alluding to.
    Labour is a resource that is there for the taking if only we get smart about it and drop all the foolish pretences

  37. TripAdvisor is a white Bajan that can’t mek it in Bim.Trust me ,he bitter as shite & duz talk Nuff racist shite just like he bro.Dem envious of anybody (black or white) dat mek it in Bim.He like he off he meds again.He don’t get no pussy & jealous of the Mandingo men fooping the tourist girls..Wunna should ignore he rass!

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  39. Tripadvisor is none other than that jackass Iabingy the idiot, a white bajan who has to hide behind the name of a black rastaman……

  40. At the risk of awakening the vulgar and racist BARBADOS TRIPADVISOR, I attach, for those interested, a link to a thoughtful article “Temporary foreign workers threatened the Conservative coalition” by Jim Stafford in today’s Globe and Mail at:

    Just like in Barbados, it’s all politics.


    Canada looking for Slave labor, ???

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