2021 Canada Elections Declared!

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Election 2021 has arrived. Our leading political parties are vying for Canadians trust and votes. Many promises, with limited explanation’s no how they can be accomplished financially abound. an election , short lived and bitterly fought. Enjoy 🙂

Green Party: Their message grabs at our hearts and souls, our very hope to survive. Will our planet survive the effects of Global Warming? Every day we witness and see strange weather events, catastrophic global events such as hurricanes, twisters, flooding, mud slides, earth quakes and the list can go on. All have happened in the past but are now so very significant to us all. They seem to be happening at the same time. So The Greens have our attention, but do they have the answers to our problems? They often speak about changing the way we do business and live our lives. We must change our personal and national expectations if we are to pass a future onto our children. Economic policies are poor. Their vision of Green Economics is  still being worked on, the details limited, promising us hope that governments & corporations will figure it out, and bring about the Green Industry we will need to employ the millions who have lost their jobs in the Energy, Plastics, Fisheries and Natural Recourse Industries. They give us hope but nothing concrete to hold on except our Fear of The Possible.

Libertarian Party: Good People just not living in the right era. While the rest of the world requires governments to do more, these pioneers try to lead us away from dependency upon the public domain. Canadians need a few of their number to be elected into our parliament, as opposites to the political status quo.

New Democratic Party: My son sees The NDP as a sound alternative to the status quo. During these last few years Jagmeet Singh and The NDP have truly been The Liberals social conscience. When the Liberals forget about the little guy, suddenly Jagmeet appears to remind them who holds the balance of power in this past government. While the NDP has promised much, and explained that the rich will pay for it, we all know its nice to have stuff like dental care, pharma care too, but the middle class and the small guy will have to pay in the long run. The wealthy have always minimized their tax burden and we don’t have the clout to do so.

Conservative Party: If there were a party that needed to reinvent itself it is this party. I was a member for far to many years, and have witnessed its chaos, infighting, lack of leadership. The Conservative Party is not “Progressive ” in any way. If given a chance to pick a word that best describes its policy making it is “Fearful”. Fearful of change, fearful of going off their mission. This party represents the wealthy Canadian,Business people beholding to Bay Street and the NYSE. Big Energy oozes from the very pores of its leader and back room boys. I say boys cause when they had a chance to elect a Black Woman to be their leader they declined to do so. Leslyn Lewis brought energy, youth and a broad perspective to a man centric party. Ask Rona Ambrose how their party deals with women in the leadership role. They have great people like Scot Davidson, someone who cares for the environment and does something about it, but most members have to rely upon a lack luster leader like Erin O’toole to set policy directives.

The Bloc Quebecois: All for One, and one for all.  Quebec separation as a dream, Quebec independence a reality. Quebec rules its own roost, and the rest of Canada must still stand by  and observe. This party has spunk but little imagination. Achieving independence is doable so long as the right people in leadership exist. Thankful they presently do not. I think the members of this party are very sound and competent parliamentarians. Party unity is their strength.

Liberal Party: In power and showing it. Their leadership has jumped the gun and thrown its hat into the political ring by declaring an election. After seeing the political turn about in the Nova Scotia’s election, I am sure their gambling fever maybe waning by now. The Liberals have done a reasonable job these past few years with regards to their COVID-19 Response. They have shown Canadians that they will throw economic concerns about debit aside so long as they can assist the Canadian population. Sure many errors have happened in these past few years, and much concern is directed to our Prime minister with regards to His method of managing his Team and ruling Canadians.  There seems to be to much secrecy within Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet and Caucus. Transparency and accountability has been promised to Canadians, and we are still looking for a glimpse of it. Should the Liberals get re elected I hope it will be a majority cause damn they will need it to deal with the many problems set before them.

Massive Debt Foreign Affairs insecurity (China)How to deal with The Biden Administration What are they going to do for our aboriginal Neighbor’s?Inflation has shown its ugly face. What to do? Etc…

Good luck to a memorable Election. Think before you vote. But please do vote. Remember what happened last election. They who vote set the national stage.

30 thoughts on “2021 Canada Elections Declared!

  1. As a loyal supporter of BU living in Canada, I will do my self imposed duty to provide a comment.

    I will vote for the same party I have voted for in previous elections.

    I hope the men and MIA appreciate my latest contribution to the Diaspora Corner. lol

  2. I say boys cause when they had a chance to elect a Black Woman to be their leader they declined to do so. Leslyn Lewis brought energy, youth and a broad perspective to a man centric party.
    Only if you want the PC Party to do to her what the Greens have done to Annamie Paul, BTW female leaders have never done well at the Federal level see Kim Campbell and Alexa Mc Donough

  3. Odds
    Majority Government 5-1
    Minority Government 9-5
    Queen’s Plate? 3 Bajan jocks all currently at double digit odds, but PHusbands could shorten to 8-1 by post time Sunday

  4. Did you know Justin Trudeau was bullied as a child, and those bullies still remember him taking it 30 years later? That and other fascinating facts of the Prime Minister of Canada are here:


    Plus a discussion of which party will win. Click on CANADA CALLS AN ELECTION secondly.

  5. This topic about Canada’s election shows how many of us are affected by US indoctrination. If is was about Trump or Biden we can anticipate the torrent of comments.

  6. Canada is not a dominant force in the world. Why would you find it strange that we have more interest in the USA?

    THE WHOLE WORLD DOES, and for good reason.

    I suggest it would be more strange NOT to be interested.

  7. In other words, David, it is not about US indoctrination but rather a healthy interest in the power that shapes the world in which we live.

    And too besides, is there anything going on in Canada as crazy as what is going on in the US?

    Can one take one’s eyes off an accident about to happen?????

    The US had a black man in the driver’s seat for eight years, something nobody expected. That was a crazy ride.
    Then they had a madman in the driver’s seat. He drove them straight into an insurrection for chrissake!

    Anything like that going on in Canada?

    Get real, David! Do you watch boring movies?

  8. Silly Wabbit,



    Quite simply, the reduced opportunities for transmission causes a virus to die out.

    • @Hants

      How will managing COVID 19 be affected by the call of federal elections? Is it driven by medical authority or government officials.

  9. Road Rage vs Citizen Responsibility

    Another Bicyclist has died on Toronto’s roads. This might have happened on the streets of any other nations cities. Still do not know who was responsible for this terrible accident, bicyclist or truck driver. Toronto’s media are on this story with many questions but hardly no answers, yet fingers are already pointing to either the victim or accused. Both sides of the War on the Car, so prevalent among Toronto’s Elite, are biting at the bit hoping for an escalation of the dream of a car less Toronto.

    Can Car’s and Bicycles successfully interact along our roads?

    There is a strong Biking lobby in Toronto and southern Ontario. They look out for their constituents, lobbying both The City of Toronto and The Provincial Government for many things such as more bicycle pathways to be established, both independent and also along the active roadway. Regulations that protect the Bike Rider, ensuring their safety and also promoting Bicycling as a environmentally friendly transportation method in all our cities and neighborhoods.

    To many the dream of a automobile free neighborhood has been championed by many of Toronto’s City Councillors. They know that the cost of implementing a separate bike lane is @$180,000.00 per km, and to make a new constructed curb with a separate bicycle track can cost @$1,000,000.00 per km. Costly yes?
    city of Toronto finds no difficulty in placing millions of dollars into its budget to placate the Bicycle Lobby.

    Bicyclists, both professional(couriers) and as pleasure Bikers have not been challenged or regulated as those who drive cars have. Walk on our sidewalks and experience many different ways of getting around. Walking, running, using scooters and electric bikes. Last two are illegal to be used on our side walks but there they are taking over that public transportation tool. Cops mostly look away. Bikes scooters and electric bikes hit those who walk, causing lots of legal issues for the municipality, biker and walker. Bikes of all types travel freely upon our roads for pleasure or business. They do not carry the cost’s of those in vehicles. Lawful training on how to drive a vehicle, private Insurance, driving regulations. You can go a retailer and buy a bike with no obstacle before them. Get home and onto the bike you go.Seem fair to you? A person riding a bike on our roadway can go many miles an hour, and if they hit a pedestrian, car or any other object there will be harm to all involved.

    Before a citizen of our province can enter the arena of our roadways they should be required by law to carry out the following…
    1. All bicyclists must go through a practical and education course
    2. All bicyclists must be licensed .
    3. All Bicyclists must have insurance (which is applied when they buy their license).
    4. Those who ride for employment should be fully insured for their and others protection.
    5. Separately protected exclusive tracks both limited and long distance should be developed away from roads. Possible joint public parkways can be developed.

    Insurance for pleasure biking should be minimal yet effectively protective of everyone.

    Our population will increase, and roadways will become over congested and difficult to travel on. Take a good portion of biking away from this situation of chaos. Biking Tracks must become neighborhood friendly and safe for all.

    Sent to BU’s inbox Steven Kaszab

  10. @ David,

    Most of the government leaders follow the advice of medical authorities but there are always provincial leaders who will try to influence the elections.

    COVID 19 is difficult to manage especially in fall and winter. That is probably why Trudeau is hoping for a majority.

  11. David,

    Speaking for MYSELF, it adds up. I have NOT been indoctrinated. I never followed US politics really until the Republicans put forward Donald Trump as their candidate. I had to see what could have possessed them. Then came the election. Obviously I couldn’t turn away then. It was indeed the greatest show on earth!

    Full of drama, comedy, tragedy, the whole works!

    But I am not indoctrinated. Merely interested. I never bought into the story of America.

  12. I turned on the TV while having my bowl of soup. More bullshit than was imaginable. All seeking the narrow lane down Centre Street.
    After a grab bag with seemingly unending goodies, the PC leader tell us he plans to “balance the budget”. Meanwhile the PM quips he doesn’t really think about monetary policy. Just as well as he doesn’t understand it. The NDPs want to tax foreign investors but will let in anybody on humanitarian grounds. The only sane one is Paul of the Green Party, who spends everyday in her Toronto riding, for if she loses she has no political future.

  13. @NO
    I don’t know who is advising Paul but she has already lost twice in the same riding and will lose again. What did Singh do when he knew he would find the going tough in Ontario although he was already an MPP? He went West to a friendly riding and Paul should have done the same, not saying she would win but the environment in BC for a Green is much friendlier than in TO.

    Politicians never learn, remember John Tory was leader of the PC’s and was elected in a safe rural riding but when the Election was called he switched ridings and ran in Don Mills and was soundly beaten by Kathleen Wynne ending his run as PC leader.

  14. Sarge, their is no easy spot for Paul. But I’m with you, I’d find a riding in a smaller area who are sensitive to environmental concerns.

  15. Scotiabank CFO Raj Viswanathan said the bank doesn’t see the delta variant as a threat to loan growth or as a potential catalyst for increased credit losses, with the possible exception of its operations in the tourism-dependent Caribbean. (Bloomberg)

  16. Margin continues to narrow between Liberals and Conservatives
    Since the beginning of the campaign, there has been a four-point swing between the Liberals and Conservatives, closing the gap between the two parties and decreasing the odds that the Liberals can reach the 170-seat mark needed for a majority government. The NDP’s support is up since the last election and the party might be the only one that makes significant seat gains. The Bloc Québécois vote is stabilizing, while the Greens are sliding again. The People’s Party sits at 3.9 per cent.

    How the polls are averaged

    J. Trudeau

    E. O’Toole

    J. Singh

    Y. Blanchet

    A. Paul



  17. Down to the last week.
    Polls (not that they have been accurate in recent years) say it’s neck and neck. Now about turning votes into seats.
    The middle lane on main street is full. Now it’s about scaring the NDP and PPC voters that if they don’t vote Lib or PC they are ‘giving’ the seat to the ‘other side’. Vote splitting and strategic voting is the talk, for those who haven’t voted yet.
    Another minority government seems likely.

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