Shani Davis And Others Doing Blacks Proud In Canada

Shani Davis, Gold Medalist at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Tiger Woods has always disowned his blackness. For all his time in the eye of the public we have read of his relationships with non-Blacks and this has firmed the perception that Tiger was socialized by his parents to prefer non-White people in his social circle. Until recently when his fabricated world was shattered by the revelation of his many infidelities, Blacks may feel cheated because Tiger at the zenith of his iconic status did little to promote Black consciousness in the world. Now the very media which until recently he controlled like a master puppeteer has unleashed a torrent of criticism and invective which has effectively sealed his legacy. Yesterday an unforgiving media forced Tiger Wood to do what he has resisted for 3 months in one of his most contrived and insincere press conferences held to date.

It is ironic the shattering of the hitherto preteen image which Tiger had spent millions to fabricate has occurred in the month of February, Black History Month. What does it teach us? There is the adage which Bajans of the old days remember “manners maketh man”. It is not money which defines who or what you are but your behaviour over time. The fall of Tiger Woods as a Black golfer who has achieved  in a White controlled sport, and all it represents, has placed a heavy dent in the Black psyche.

Against all the negatives which Tiger Woods has heaped on the backs of the already overburdened Black race, the good performances of Blacks in other areas of endeavours continue to illustrate the resilience of the Black race. In the Caribbean the Winter Olympics does not generate much interest. However in recent years it would have interest some in the Caribbean because of the exploits of the Jamaican National Bobsled Team at 1988 Winter Olympics.

Those following the 2010 Winter Olympics would have been entertained by the exploits of speed skating champion Shani Davis. In a sport which has been highlighted by White dominance in its history the Black Davis has won 2 Golds and a Silver to date at the 2010 Winter Olympics. He is considered the most elegant American speed skater according to Wikipedia. Unfortunately the many achievements to date of Black speed skater Shani Davis remain hidden from Barbadians because we have a leading media house which severed its full sports department and the others are contented to regurgitate what is popular to others. Hopefully  the visibility which Davis is currently getting will get some proper coverage from the local media and serve as inspiration to others that anybody can achieve who has the desire.

In Barbados we have always been partial to measuring success mainly on the basis of academic achievements. The current debate on the quality of our academics and the achievements of Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite on the world stage may drive our leaders to understand the importance of creating opportunities for our young people to excel in sports.

Interestingly the 2010 Winter Olympics has revealed  some other Blacks who are doing the race proud in the month of February along with others in Canada:

  • Designer Adrian Aitcheson has dressed celebs– now he’s dressing Olympians.
  • Shelley-Ann Brown selected to 2010 Canadian Olympic bobsleigh team
  • Lascelles Brown AKA King (born October 12, 1974) is a Jamaican-born Canadian bobsledder  who has competed since 1999.
  • Neville Wright is the Canadians Olympic Bobsleigh Brakeman and sprinter.
  • NHL star player Georges Laraque, who is very involved in a number of causes including the relief effort in Haiti and animal welfare, has officially joined the ranks of the Green Party of Canada.

The Black race must not become distracted by the Tigers of this world. We have so many other Black brothers and Sisters who continue to make the race proud, we have to highlight it and talk about it at every opportunity. Others would want to portray us as lazy and beast-like but we know better. Be proud people, we have built societies envied by others in the past and we can continue to do so in the future.


  • Thanks to LG for the source info.


  • So should Woods disown his mother who is 100% Filipino?


  • Tiger Woods owes nobody an apology but his family. I am not a fan of Tiger Woods because to tell the truth I am total against golfer accorded the status ATHLETE. What is athletic about putting a golf ball? Soon you will here people who do bowling or bingo player becoming athlete. Tiger inability to embrace is 50% blackness can be attributed to poor parenting or just another brother who thinks politically and economically that it is safer to embrace all-thats-white. Wether it is a game tiger playing or being politiclly correct he is not alone altogether, because we have a host of our kind of people who suffer from this same scenario. Tiger is just a extreme case.Again, he is good at what he does, he is super-rich, he didnot commit a crime and I donot care about his philandering.He owes us nothing, especially black people.


  • Exactly waht is it that Tiger Woods is apoligizing for? It can’t be infidelity.. that is the life and blood of all American scrioted soap operas….Presidents of America have committed this sin and I have never heard an apology….Hollywood is littered with all types of adulterous relationships that have made magazine like “People” in line for a Pulitizer prize. Come on…Can this be another case of if you are black and up, its the system’s job to bring you down…I wonder


  • This aint got one shite to do with being black of white.

    It all has to do with getting caught!!
    That is why he apologised. You think he didnt know from woman #1 it was wrong?

    You dont know who is a thief until the person is caught.

    Like the man admitted, he thought he lived by a different set of rules because he had money. If he could have gone on for 10 years without getting caught he most likely would have , just like any of us…..stupse!!
    Boy get back on the greens and stick to ya birdies and holes that ya so good at!


  • @Technician // February 20, 2010 at 4:08 PM
    – It all has to do with getting caught!!
    – You don’t know who is a thief until the person is caught.
    – Like the man admitted, he thought he lived by a different set of rules because he had money.
    – If he could have gone on for 10 years without getting caught he most likely would have…

    Tech, well said! I believe it was not his MO to apologize; that he was told to apologize whether he was sincere about it or not. Reason being, when he got back on the green, the media could hound him and be a distraction not only to him but to all other players on the green.

    It’s his life and he is of age to do what and how he pleases. However, such behavior especially being a married person can give his spouse or another mistress an STD. Not Good

    Let’s wish him well, and hope that those at his calibre and anyone contemplating on taking the risk would think twice before stepping out.


  • What is the purpose of this article? Seems like someone wanted an opportunity to pile on Tiger Woods now that he is being savaged by the media. The whole article lacks focus and is riddled with inaccuracies, the writer starts by attacking Tiger and somehow wonders over to the Winter Olympics and Black History month. First no one ever mentions that when Tiger won his first Masters he paid tribute to black golfers like Charlie Sifford and Lee Elder and acknowledged that they paved the way for him. The writer then asserts “ Tiger was socialized by his parents to prefer non-White people in his social circle” Really? How the heck does he know that? Tiger socializes with the like of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley and other athletes both Black and white and they do what other male athletes and celebrities do, they “score’ with all the available women who throw themselves at them. The writer adds the following “The fall of Tiger Woods as a Black golfer who has achieved in a White controlled sport, and all it represents, has placed a heavy dent in the Black psyche” Speak for your self buddy this black man is comfortable within his skin no matter what Tiger did or does not do. If your psyche has been damaged by Tiger’s actions, didn’t Obama count for anything? No one elected Tiger Pope but somehow his behaviour has been the subject of much scrutiny by the hypocrites among us, how many of us are without skeletons in our closet? How many of us could withstand the media intrusion in our everyday lives? For every black person who becomes famous there are millions of blacks who are ready to pounce on him or her because somehow they didn’t live up to their ideals of what a black person should do to “to promote Black consciousness in the world.”

    As for the 2010Winter Olympics, writing that whites have dominated Winter sports is not telling us anything, how long have blacks been participating? Davis is an exception and when he retires there are few if any blacks who will be participating in individual events in the Winter Games. The other athletes named are members of Bobsled teams who were recruited from other disciplines as they were sprinters and have powerful legs which are essential in getting a good start. In the past the USA has also recruited sprinters and Football players for their Bobsled teams (Vonetta Flowers, Herschell Walker and Willie Gault)).

    Maybe “LG” should read more and write less.


  • Awright, so de Tiger cheated… but look who he cheat wid and who he cheat on… White or no, top draw man, top draw…!


  • Tech, EyeSpy and Sargeant,

    Well Said! Little more to add, as you three summed it up well.

    Just one thing.

    Reports in the media (cranking it on), indicate that some of the mistresses are looking for an apology too! For Tiger dragging them through the mud, apparently.

    What cheek!

    An apology? Each of those would have known he is was married.

    How exactly did their legs open, remote control?

    No, y’all opened your legs, your choice, your responsibility.

    And if one or more thought that they were the only one, is it not commonsense that if he can and will cheat on his wife with you, he can do it with another?

    That goes for anyone who is a mistress (or side fellow).

    If a fellow or girl ‘step out’, you aint the only one. He or she can do it with others too AND on you too. Moreso if he / she is not leaving their main partner, does that not say something?!

    Get real, think!

    Everybody want to blame others for their personal problems.


  • BAFBFP, you going start commotion in hey wid dat ‘Top Draw’ ting, especially ac might get vex wid you.

    But, it seems that money and fame attract nuff bunnies, wanting a little attention.

    Reality is, you and I aint got to worry about where and when to travel nor about some idiot wanting to tek we picture everywhere we go.

    Simple…that is the way life should be.


  • I do believe that an argument that Tiger’s troubles have placed a “heavy dent in the Black psyche” is a bit over the top. Tiger was never 100% Black in either ethnic composition nor his personal mentality. Tiger is a golfer, and had he been caught cheating at golf, then wounding of the collective Black psyche would probably be true. Tiger is being panned because of his seemingly multiple infidelities which are representative of his personal behaviour. It is not important to me that Tiger should have been an angelic choir boy, and it is naive to believe that infidelity within marriages and relationships does not generally exist. Tiger, I believe, owes apologies to his wife, and how he expresses those should be a private affair between them, and apologies to his sponsors who pay him lots of money for a particular image which he has now shattered. Tiger, in my opinion, does not owe me or his fans an apology for his wutless behaviour. I am saddened that his personal behaviour will likely now tarnish his golfing legacy, and his role model status especially with youngsters. However, Tiger’s fame has occurred because he is an athlete. Those who find his personal behaviour unacceptable can simply stop watching him play golf.


  • @Sargeant

    Interesting comments so far; always refreshing to read the different views.

    Firstly this blog was penned by BU. LG received a mention because of a couple related links sent to us for reading. Many BU family members send us links we suspect to keep us abreast of opinions on the move and obviously to inform subsequent blogs. We appreciate receiving them all.  When  BU is not responsible for writing a blog the person submitting will get credit at the top of the article.

    Some of you have correctly opined that Tiger’s infidelity is a personal matter. However whether he or you like it his actions given his iconic status influences how many think, young and old. Kudos to you Sargeant if you have been able to divorce yourself from such.

    Tiger was socialized from a child to be where he is today, a top golfer. Read the many stories of his childhood. The fact that he has always strive to be politically correct in every action he has taken is no accident. The fact he has always sought to position himself in a way not to be tarred by the issue associated with the cause of Blacks is no accident. Interestingly President Obama who is Black and has embraced being Black has a White mother. Obama like Tiger if we judge from his voting record in the Chicago legislature obviously had his eye on a bigger prize also and was able to achieve despite admitting to embracing the Black side of his family. Not a single cause we are aware of associated with Blackness has Tiger made a public stand. His position to be fair is not limited to the cause of Blacks. What about when he refused to make a definitive statement about the Augusta Golf Club excluding women? He took a position he was a golfer and he participated when a simple statement from him would probably have made a significant difference to that cause at the time.

    On the issue of Tiger Woods token reference to the Black golfers who blazed the trail, again we see his training in political correctness shinning through. The fact he socializes as you say with Barkley and Jordan is again a political correct behaviour. Do you know Barkley lashed out at Tiger in public for changing his cellphone number and that neither Jordan or himself were able to get through to him after the revelations?

    Sometime ago President Obama and Bill Cosby spoke to the importance of Black fathers in the US stepping up to the plate and turning around the image/perception that Black families were burdened with dead beat dads. The image of Tiger kissing his children and wife after winning tournaments still hang heavy in the air. Obama and Cosby must be cringing as the Tiger Affair continues to grab national headlines.

    BU linked the achievement of Shani Davis to the Tiger story to compensate for what we think is the negative coverage the Tiger matter has tossed up in Black History Month., and to also show that one can achieve despite being ashamed of being Black or so it seems.


  • All this will pass just like other issues have, the media just waiting for the next celeb to foul up!!

    I must say that if I hear the title ‘role model’ again I will throw up.

    As Bush Tea would say…what role model what?!?


  • People are people. The following role models have also done the dirty deed re: extra-marital sex / affairs
    Bill Clinton
    Nelson Mandela
    Martin Luther King
    John F Kennedy

    Conservative estimates are that 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will have an extramarital affair.


  • @ David

    I don’t know what is in Tiger’s heart but I do know that when black people become famous there is tremendous pressure on them to as you put it “make the race proud”. That pride will vary depending on each person’s perspective and expectations.

    A few broad points, again I am not privy to the events in Tiger’s world but if he changed his phone number and didn’t tell Jordan or Barkley perhaps that is because he didn’t consider them true friends but buddies who complicit in his behaviour and who aided and abetted his actions, every one knows that Jordan is a major “poon hound” who just paid his wife an enormous settlement in their divorce. Notah Begay an “American Indian” who was his room mate at Stanford attended his “Press Conference” perhaps Tiger considers Begay to be a true friend. Speaking of Jordan, prior to Tiger he was the most famous black athlete on the planet and what has he done to “make the race proud” other than be an exceptionally gifted basketball player? Has he used his money or his stature to support black causes? Has he been outspoken on the issues that blacks face? Jordan always gets a pass but Jordan refused to endorse a black candidate (Harvey Gantt) running for the Senate in his home state (North Carolina) against Jesse Helms, Jordan is reported to have said “Republicans buy shoes too”.

    Under the heading “you can’t please everybody” both Obama and Cosby were also attacked by elements in the black community for their comments the accusations were along the lines of “washing our dirty linen in public” and “preaching and lecturing us”. Tavis Smiley the PBS talk show host still has a chip on his shoulder because candidate Obama did not appear on his show and if candidate Obama embraced being black what was he supposed to do? With all that, his initial support came from young urban whites who were his major supporters and volunteers, the majority of African Americans including the Congressional Black Caucus viewed him as being different and were firmly in Hillary’s camp. Oprah Winfrey the most famous black woman in the USA started a school for young black girls in South Africa and was immediately criticized by blacks for not starting a similar school for black girls in the USA. Other criticism of her ranges from her audience is too white; not enough black issues etc. Colin Powell has also been criticized for not being militant enough and the list goes on…

    BTW, I celebrate “Black History” everyday but if you want to look at Black achievers here are two you can research -Dr Percy Julian and Neil deGrasse Tyson.


  • Everyday I go about my business and not a single woman “hits on me”.

    I am just an ordinary man with a wife and kids and wearing a wedding ring.

    Tiger Woods and other Star athletes go about their business and beautiful “hot”girls and women by the dozens hit on them relentlessly.

    The temptation for them to accept some of the “offers” is very powerful.
    Fortunately hot women are not interested in poor ordinary men.

    Tiger please get back on the PGA tour so I can watch the best golfer in the world.I don’t give a flying phoop what you do in your personal life.

    Black athletes at the Olympics are to be admired including the Jamaican ski crosser Errol Kerr. It takes tremendous dedication and sacrifice to compete in the Olympics.

    As a Bajan I am more interested in the progress of Kraigg Braithwaite who I am hoping will be the next truly great Bajan batsman.

    I am also looking forward to Ryan Braithwaite competing against the cuban Dayron Robeles.


  • @Hants

    Maybe part of Tiger’s penance to his wife is to be MIA on the golf course until she says when. You did say its their business.

    Your point about being concerned about Barbadian sportsmen does not pre-empt that the success of Blacks every where should be appealing to Blacks every where. That in our opinion is a failing of Blacks, we are blinkered in how we see our race.


  • @David

    In the words of my son, “we (black people) can be great at anything we CHOOSE to do.

    I watch a lot of sports so I am used to seeing the North American and European Black athletes and am pleased by their success.

    In spite of living in Canada for 40 years Cricket is still my favourite sport with track and field a close second.

    I am hoping Barbados and West Indies will rise to the top of the cricket world again.


  • As a yougster growing up my role models were mostly academic achievers.Sir Arthur lewis and Derrick Walcot come to mind.Though I too was overjoyed by the West Indies triumph in its glory days; Sobers, Richards, or Lloyd to me was not to be elevated over the Men of Science( Archimedes, Euclid, Kelper, Gallileo etc) I look up to for inspiration. In the broader scheme of things I come to recognise sports, entertainment or some of the performing arts as necessary distraction ….. most of which whose sole existence is its enterainment value deviod of edification.

    For too long we in the Black community have overemphasied the achievements of Jordan, Woods, the William Sisters, Jay Z etc at the expense of our academic achievers. Arlie Petters come to mind. How many of us in the caribbean have heard of this Belizean brother? One of the few balck tenured Mathematical physicist Duke University.And I said few because it would seems that as black people in america we are somewhat averse to the science as against a trailer load of P.hd in black history. It is common knowledge that statistically there is a greater chance to become a doctor, engineer etc than being drafted by the NBA or become the next Tupac.


  • @zion1971

    This is your opportunity to enlighten us by listing a few Black Academic Top guns or other exceptional black people.

    Here is one.

    Ursula M. Burns was named the new chief executive of the Xerox Corporation on May 21, 2009


  • Two black Canadians won medals at this year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Shelly-Ann Brown got a silver medal on the women bobsled pair and a young lad on the men foursome got a bronze. Big up.



    always blackness and race on this blog! why is that?in this day and age.
    you do realize if this was reversed in almost the rest of the world it would be hate speech and racism.just a heads up.


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