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On Barbados Underground (BU) we discuss many issues, mostly serious issues, here is your chance to let off some steam by sharing anything you think is funny.


  • Translators required:


  • Real talk….lol


  • Gynecologist’s Assistant:

    A retired man went into the Job Center in Oistins and saw a card advertising for a Gynecologist’s Assistant.

    Interested, he went in and asked the clerk for details.

    The clerk pulled up the file and read;
    “The job entails getting the ladies ready for the gynecologist. You have to help the women out of their underwear, lay them down and carefully wash their private regions, then apply shaving foam and gently shave off the hair, then rub in soothing oils so they’re ready for the gynecologist’s examination.

    The annual salary is $65,000, and if you are interested you’ll have to go to Pie Corner, St. Lucy.”

    “Good grief,” the man asked, “Is that where the job is?”

    “No sir . . . that’s where the end of the line is right now.” ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚


  • Donald Trump has the misfortune of meeting Little Johnnie:

    Donald Trump was visiting a primary school in Orlando and visited a grade four class. They were in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings.
    The teacher asked Mr. Trump if he would like to lead the discussion on the word ‘tragedy.’ So he asked the class for an example of a ‘tragedy’.
    One little boy stood up and offered: “If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a tractor runs him over and kills him, that would be a tragedy.”
    “No,” said Trump, “that would be an accident.”
    A little girl raised her hand: “If a school bus carrying 50 children drove off a cliff, killing everyone, that would be a tragedy.”
    “I’m afraid not,” explained Trump. “That’s what we would call great loss.”
    The room went silent. No other child volunteered. Trump searched the room.”Isn’t there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?”
    Finally at the back of the room, Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher held her breath.
    In a quiet voice he said: “If the plane carrying you was struck by a ‘friendly fire’ missile and blown to smithereens that would be a tragedy.”
    “Fantastic!” exclaimed Trump, “That’s right. And can you tell me why that would be a tragedy?”
    “Well,” says Johnny, “It has to be a tragedy, because it sure as hell wouldn’t be a great loss… and you can bet your sweet ass it wouldn’t be an accident either!”
    The teacher left the room..


  • and i do not know why we continue to make a fuss over these issues to no avail; no less a person than our former honourable Prime Minister did advise the electorate to take the money which can be deemed a bribe if offered for a vote.


  • A. Holder, small BDS chicken farmer ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŒพ wanted to keep some of his hard earned money from his wife. He decide to pluck $1000 from the loot and buried it beneath one of de mango ๐Ÿฅญ trees on de farm. A. Hole grab his 35mm camera & took a picture of de location because of bad memory.

    Two weeks later A. Hole went to de store and picked up de pictures. When he got home his wife was cleaning de house. A. Hole went in de toilet to look at de pics. While shuffling through he saw de one with de Mango tree and a parrow looking down laughing ๐Ÿ˜‚

    A. Hole was already in de right place…????


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