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  1. The Bradshaw name against the party hopper. At this stage this is a definite toss up imho.

  2. interesting battle here. lashley is ground root man and his constituents do love him no matter which side he is on. if bees win next governments i expect him to switch side once more if elected. advantage lashley. bradshaw has her work to do to win the seat.

  3. Lashley will not win this seat…not even sure if he will be running but I must say Senator Bradshaw has been working vigorously throughout the constituency…her father has never left the constituency since he came and also worked with Hammie…its time we have someone to represent us who actually care about us…Hammie never thought the people of SMSE how to fish instead he gave them a fish…and all the gains for SMSE came under the BLP…and Lashley has loss his hold on the area he doesnt even come around to interact with the people furthermore when he made the switch he did not even consult the people with whom he work with…mr lashley has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the people…the only jump he will do next is out of the political ring.

  4. Hear the sour grapes above – please – Hammie La will slam Bradshaw- Hamilton Lashley is all about sincerely representing people not about style but substance.
    Hammie survived the swing last time against a much tougher campaigner in Undene Whittaker – now he and Undene on the same side.Barbadians, reagrdless of party affiliation should be proud that we have representatives like Hamilton Lashley with such total dedication to the development of its citizens.Hammie all the way!

  5. In the present political climate do you think that the DLP would vote for a double crosser ? They know their votes would be wasted. Think on these things

  6. @David
    Time to put this one in the uncertain bracket. I had it there all along but it’s definitely so now.

    • @observing

      There is a lot of talk about this riding. Let us give it a little time to play out. Heard that Lashley may be stepping down to be replaced by Tannis.

  7. Even without the developments

    1. discontent with the grasshopping
    2. perceptions of inability to assist or provide piece of the calf
    3. fallout with the rank and file of the DLP and
    4. national discontent

    all would have given even the impenetrable Hammie La a very difficult time against a your, upcoming, popular, well enough off, smooth enough talker whose father ran route in the area and who has the backing of those she needs.

    Undene gave him a damned good run last time. Let’s assume some of those DLP votes would not vote for him. Let’s assume all the BLP votes will vote BLP. Let’s assume that the “turned offs” don’t vote. It all adds up.
    I’m surprised he hadn’t declared earlier and endorsed Undene. That would have been better for the party strategically. TIme will tell.

  8. Nation newspaper asked Hamilton Lashley MP for a comment about that massive paling going up around the new Water Authority headquarters which has blocked off the access of some of his constituents…MP Hamilton Lashley said he was not aware of it! Thats an absentee MP if ever before there wasnt one. A blind man sitting backwards on a trotting horse at midnight cannot miss that massive paling that is around the new Water Authority building that is going up next to Pine Hill Dairy. Lashley deserves to lose this seat…he is definitely out of touch with the constituents

  9. Might soon be time to change this David. The writing seems to be on the wall.

    Advantage – BLP

  10. It is official, Tannis it is!

    Mr Patrick Tannis will be holding a Mass Canvas on Saturday 06th October 2012, starting from the Parkinson Secondary School at 8.30a.m.
    Bring your Team, Join us and lend your support and on Sunday 07th October , 2012 for a branch meeting at the Parkinson secondary School at 5.00pm.
    Mona Estwick-Padmore

  11. It’s offical. SMSE will return to the BLP.

    Santia had too much of a head start,

    Only SPS now to declare and we have 2 full teams. Game on.

  12. Dear Patrick,

    Never thought i would live to see this day, when the likes of you would seek represent my birthplace.

    Smse has come a long way, i’ve seen it develop from a place of patched fields and dirt tracks like regent community center , parkinson field, gollop ground, st. george forte, the jungle.where as we boys played from 6am to 7pm. when we could not see a ball anymore.
    we played football since 5 with hammie,represented regents ,pine hill, with potato,cow,kippings,guddy pa, speed etc. in other words we commanded ” the fields and hill beyond recall” as boys we know every tree to play and where dunks and tamarinds in smse were. we rode sheep.cow and dog.
    we swam in pools of water with frogs when the pine houses were building in mud cavities . and dared to drown.
    politically, we have seen the likes of john connell, pierce , braddie and hammie. we have had sincere and committed politicians some not successful at the polls.
    my love for the pine stems from my being born in one of the houses, i have a love for the people their challenges and quarrels in efforts to carve their spaces and its environs.Ive mourn their passing and do reminisce the times.
    i’ve canvassed, took interest and spent sleepless nights our at political meetings.
    through it all i regard the pine as dear to me.
    knowing you from your first job at the bank and seeing you perform your duties and climbing the ladder within that establishment.

    It is with that sense of commitment that i would like you know that we in the pine do not tolerate dishonesty and we are not swayed with promises. the reason we support hammie as a bee, or dee’s due to the fact that he “was” genuine some way along the line he changed.

    knowing you, i think i should tell you as a close friend ,that you are not suitable to represent my people- however, you have slipped in but your personality will not find favour with my fellow constituents who have long been served with genuine representatives. I know you would promise
    us the moon and the stars and anything to succeed(that’s you) but we had some one like that long ago (john connell-1976 election): you must listen to the jingle and he failed.

    The Dlp chose hammie , a friend of braddie and divided a close family, they will do anything to win- but knowing you , we will not fall for anything,By the way i voted DLP last time and regret it!

    your friend

  13. @ David

    The concrete overpass at the Pine by CBC should be named THE HAMILITON LASHLEY CROSS-OVER.

    That would be fitting cause the overpass allows dual direction traffic and we all know that Hammie was first a D before he cross-over and become a B and that after crossing-over, he cross-over back to be a D again.

    Hammie ain’t no D or B, Hammie a P(ower) or a M(oney)


    BLP and DLP same Massive Fraud PONZI team. If you all think that the only PONZI was done in the United States think again. What ever happens in America come to Barbados next.This is now Barbados turn to feel the pain of Massive Fraud. BUT the true owners of the land have a Plan to fix.

    Freedom of Information Act was talked by the DLP.
    Once in Office they see why they can not or will not pass it.
    If they pass it now All of Barbados will see the truth
    Audit of the Island Books will show that the records have been re- written and books and pages missing from the Island History.
    Archives and land Registry ram sacked , hidden , removed papers to hide what Some did ,and others covered up for gains in there over seas off shore bank accounts. Both BLP and DLP living well above their means.
    Beatrice Henry 1892-1985 Will to Violet Beckles 1918-2010 Will to her Heirs.
    After probate in 28of1986 done by Sir Sleepy Smith , Sir Cheltenham was given the Plantation Deeds to Ascent in the name of Violet Beckles.The 18 page statement signed with the Police Fraud Squad in 2009.Police took copies of over 90 Percent of the Information including Plantation deeds .
    When Violet died Aug 23rd 2010 and the PM David died Oct 23rd 2010 the police stop looking .

    The web site http://www.plantations.bb was remove this year 2012 that was to show who owned Plantation and Slaves in Barbados from 1630 to modern times 2012. .
    C.O Williams listed as to own 1 plantation cane field 238 acres. If even that is to be true.
    In 1756 on the Maps of Barbados the Maps will show 2 plantations in the name of Agard and 3 in the name of Jemmot. The Family names of Beatrice and Violet.Those name do not show up in any records of Barbados.Inland Revenue even remove Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles from there records hoping no one will look or ask for them.
    The so-called 10 greatest Bajan and the Two Queens of Barbados not even listed as even being on the Island , The birth papers and the death papers are here and the same graves at St Mary’s Church in the City.
    The massive Fraud was looked in to and report confirmed the truth . covered up 2002 report called it a Massive Fraud.
    Moving The Land To Please was always heard on the TV and radio.
    This is why the BLP and Now the DLP have to sell over priced land to overseas people and Investors.
    Why people claim they dont know whos the owner are. Law One , All land have an Owner.
    1630 we knew 1730 we knew, 1830 we knew, 1913 we knew 1920 we knew 1926 Beartice Henry bought up 200 to 300 of the over 400 Plantations that makes up All of Barbados and of that 231 Sugar Plantation listed.
    Most whites leave the Island during WW1 and WW2 sold their Plantations, as sugar prices fell, at Auction by D”Arcy Scott.As far back as we see to Beatrice Henry.The records show us from 1926 to 1978 recorded on print out of 1980 and other Deeds showing 1926 and the next 50 years. The Family of H.W Clarke worked for Beatrice Henry for over 50 years as surveyors.
    Next CLICO.its Also clear to us that the BOOKS of CLICO was stuffed with the Plantations to boost the PONZI bottom line. To fool investors to come in with there money like British America .. 9%return on your money and the Banks was at 3%?
    The Al Barrack deal also build in the Lands of this Estate, not paid for, High Court not paid for, Oval not paid for, ABC high way not paid for, Oil in the not paid for, All dealing with land.
    This is Why things are the way they are , looking into this from 2007 front page news over 200 sites found , By DEED ALONE HIGH COURT move against land fraud. Printed but nothing was done as you see investors leaving the island for there are no CLEAR titles to be found,
    New RULES on FRAUD, OH hide it with lies for 20years and now you have GOOD title ,,NOT , Still Fraud, need clear title ,The brake in title between the Land Registry and the Archives is 20 to 30 year GAP , Most lawyers to make the land deal or sale will only go to 20 year and be done.
    Today the PM area is Brittons Hill area or the Baylands? The deed we have is for 286 acres and there is no listing for this plantation in records of Barbados , Ghost Plantation and there is more not even listed.
    Violet paid over 50 lawyers for more than 20 years to lie to her and then take from her deeds
    Land Tax Mr Ford , land tax number moved to other names with out deeds, Mr Cummings with the UDC land Bank with no deeds. Inland rev wiped names off list, Banks Kept her funds or missing, Water company turn on water for crook to make money of rentals but not the owners with deeds,
    The Estate is to have 4000 house ? and all other built buy application and with out Permission of the Owners.
    Any Questions? Ask who you look to VOTE for If they cant answer then they are Lying
    Sorry to Much to LIST.
    Ask your question here? or in Person
    posted also on BU

  15. Can you people believe that Patrick Tannis, a new candidate for the DLP, is sending out letters bearing his name and signature which, deliberately seeks to distort, mislead, and deceive the young people and first-time voters in the constituency of St. Michael South East.
    The letter says that “you have the opportunity to cast your vote in the upcoming general election due in 2013, a right that the members of the Democratic Labour Party have fought for you to have and will continue to do so.” Please tell me, was there a Democratic Labour Party in 1952, the year of adult suffrage?
    Mr. Tannis goes on to write telling these young people that “as you are aware, the Democratic Labour Party won the previous general election and with your support it is working towards its reelection in order to continue to work in the best interest of the people of Barbados.” How can Mr. Tannis, a self-proclaiming christian do this to our young people when this society and economy requires truth and credibility?
    Tannis ought to give a public apology or even withdraw from the race if he would stoop so low as to frustrate the efforts, and to further confuse the young people of St. Michael South East and across Barbados with his blatant attempt to tarnish the most instrumental achievement in the electoral history of Barbados.
    It makes me wonder, how could a decent man like Prime Minister Stuart endorse Tannis’ candidacy knowing full well that there have been previous statements or actions in the public in which Tannis is seen to divert from the truth or as Barbadians would say tell a blatant lie?

  16. Thats good to see both young people in politics but are the people of Barbados sure they want that man who worked at two banks with ticky finger represent them?????

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