0 thoughts on “City of Bridgetown

  1. When expectation is high disappointment is even higher. I’m glad Todd enjoyed a term in office. I wish him well after next elections.

  2. The sitting member Hon. Patrick Todd will have problems convincing his constituents regarding his performance card. Credence will be given to his down to earth relationship with the impoverish community. However, he never made a ministerial mark to obtain a passing grade. This time around, David Thompson will not be able to cement relations with constituencies. This now lies with Sinckler, Estwick, Inniss.and Mr. “talk-to-himself” Kellman who has a safe seat.

  3. @TMY
    Do you believe the names you called have the ability, capacity and time to cement relations with constituencies on behalf of the party? all recent things considered??
    And, how comes no mention of the political and party leader in that list?

    Just observing

  4. Observing
    Why mention him when we all know he ain’t saying nutten now and can’t say nutten when de election call. That MHO.

  5. How de rass Patrick Todd become a MP. Owen you are CORRECT, This is a Poor-rakey parliament and an even more Poor-rakey Cabinet. But wha looka wha Barbados come tuh doh nuh

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