The following comment inspired the blogmaster to expand the focus on data collection and discussion about the COVID 19 pandemic. Thanks to @Lyall@Amit


David; re. your 4:41 am post;

You are correct but I have indeed considered that cohort of the population.

The reason that the US experts are beating the drum for testing, testing and more testing is to get a handle on what proportion of the general public has been compromised by the virus in any way and has left its signatures in body fluids including blood in the population. The virus is shed from the infected body as the disease is brought under control. When it is controlled it has been found that it takes around 7 days for all particles to be shed from the body. Infected persons are released back into the community when they test negative twice over a period of 2 days.

Barbados, like all of our island neighbours, did or does not have access to large numbers of tests and had to use what we had very sparingly. Thus, the only measure that we had for gauging the incidence of the virus in the population (and a very imperfect one, at that) might be by comparing the evidence of infection levels hinted at by a comparison of the graphs of the progress of the various Covid-19 outbreaks in our Islands.

Most of the world was in the same position as the Caribbean and used the data obtained by the minimal testing of infected people and their contacts and their contacts to produce the graphs we see on such sites as WHO and Worldometer etc. All these graphs give an imperfect picture and significant underestimation of infection levels in the county or country in which the tests are carried out, but, since they are carried out in the same way in each country they might provide some rationale for guesstimating the comparative levels of the infection in various groups of countries.

The data shows that, starting out at essentially the same levels, there was some divergence in relation to the rate of infection and therefore progress of the various outbreaks in various countries. The graphs for Barbados showed low and declining levels of infection from the beginning, peaking at the level of 13 positive cases per day and thereafter showing a slowly declining trend. The individuals who would have contributed to the declining trend would have been primarily from the contact testing but should also have included other individuals referred by Health professionals or who presented themselves to Government institutions because of concern that their symptoms might point to untimely death due to the dread Covid-19.

Amit, in an earlier post on this blog, reported on his initiative of graphing Covid-19 incidence over weekly periods throughout the epidemic, in several Caribbean Islands. If David thinks it is appropriate and Amit agrees I can post a subset of graphs clipped from his data for 6 Caribbean territories which I think could illustrate some of what I have presented above.

Covid 19

There was 1 more positive case announced today as well as 1 death. A slight uptick of the daily cases line is indicated in the graph by the blue line. The total cumulative number of positive cases from the tests carried out yesterday is 76 – Llyall Small


Attached is the updated C-19 graph for 2020-04-23. There were no additional positive cases from yesterday’s tests and therefore cumulative positive cases remain at 76 – Lyall Small



Two new positive cases were identified from yesterday’s tests. There are now 5 cases of contacts with a previously identified individual. The 5 cases are workers from a Government Institution. Tests are ongoing today (25 April 2020)Lyall Small


Updated graph for 26 April 2020. No new +ve cases were found. Cumulative count is still 79 – Lyall Small


There was one additional +ve case identified today (27 April 2020) from the last tranche of NAB workers moving the cumulative total cases to 80. The graph is still essentially trending downwards – Lyallsmall

Covid-Cumulative 1

Graphing Covid-19 incidence in several Caribbean Islands – Source data:


  • @Critical Analyzer September 17, 2020 1:11 AM “…we are cherry picking the evidence and experts to support whatever point we want to get across instead of seeking to understand and question the science.”

    Listening to the excellent scientific advice from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and from Barbados’ Ministry of Health, and from the Caribbean Public Health Agency, and from the Pan American Health Organization, and from the World Health Organization is not “cherry picking the evidence” ya poppit.

    Do you think that the CDC chief turned up to testify under OATH without first consulting with the massive teams of SCIENTISTS at his disposal? Ya think he was winging it?

    if I do not listen to these public health experts, who then shall I listen to?

    My butcher?

    My hairdresser?





  • @Critical Analyzer September 17, 2020 1:39 AM “You answered your own question. You would put on the mask at 1:24pm when you realise you start to feel sick.”

    Do you realize that “feeling sick” is ENTIRELY subjective?


  • Biology is NOT mathematics.


  • @Cuhdear Bajan September 17, 2020 1:40 AM
    I did not say listen and follow blindly whatever CDC, PAHO, butcher, doctor or anyone tells you. I said to understand what they say and ask questions about what you don’t understand.

    If they are incapable of explaining the rationale behind their decision and refuse to address your concerns, it is your right to demand those answers. Blindly following doctor’s advice without asking any questions has left too many people I know dead or suffering.

    We have been blindly following expert advice like lambs and not understanding why we are doing what we are doing and all the impact those actions will have to make ourselves safer.


  • Ministry of Health and Wellness.

    An eight-year-old female visitor, who arrived on British Airways yesterday, has tested positive for COVID-19, and is now in isolation.

    The child, who is asymptomatic, was accompanied by her parents, who both tested negative. Theirs were among 224 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory yesterday.

    Meanwhile, two people will be discharged from isolation today after recovering from COVID-19. This brings the numbers in isolation down to seven and the number of people who have recovered to 171. Confirmed cases now stand at 185.

    The public health laboratory has completed 20,546 tests.


  • I feel for the eight year old child. The need to publicize some more details on this situation so other people coming to our country would know what to expect if they are faced with a similar situation if we want tourists to come.

    What happens to the poor child and the parents who are negative in light of our isolation policy?
    Are they retesting the child to see if it was a false positive or doing some sort of detailed analysis to determine if the test is picking up dead virus particles?


  • Good news for Canadians and Barbados

    “Coming this October, the Manulife COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan will be available to Canadians travelling both in Canada and internationally, including to countries with a Level 3 Travel Advisory. Through the plan, Manulife will provide Emergency Medical coverage, including specific additional coverage for COVID-19 and related conditions. It will also include added Trip Interruption benefits in the event of a quarantine.”


  • @Hants

    The world has to keep working to coexist with the virus. We are hearing the world’s richest countries have secured 50% of the vaccine when mass distribution starts.


  • @Washington Post “What explains why some countries have handled the covid-19 pandemic well and others have done poorly?…Consider, on the other hand, countries that have handled covid-19 badly. Anthropologist Martha Lincoln, writing in Nature, points out that several of these countries tend to think of themselves as exceptional in some way. She notes that the United States, Britain, Brazil and Chile all have strong national narratives that see themselves as separate, distinct and better than others. The United States is notorious for this attitude, but that is, after all, also the motivation behind Britain’s desire to leave the European Union. Brazil, meanwhile, believes it enjoys good fortune because “God is Brazilian,” and Chile is smug about being the region’s economic superstar. That sense of being special makes a country unlikely to adopt the standard attitude of any business when confronting a challenge — to look for best practices.”

    More here:


  • New Covid-19 visitor protocols
    By Gercine Carter
    It will become mandatory for everyone travelling to Barbados from high and medium risk countries to take a COVID-19 PCR test from an accredited or certified facility within 72 hours prior to arrival.
    This is part of changes to the tourism protocols going into effect from tomorrow, September 19. People arriving from low-risk countries will be allowed to present results of tests taken up to five days prior to arrival, while those from countries within the very low-risk category who have not travelled to or transited through any country designated as high, medium or lowrisk within 21 days prior to travel to Barbados, will not be required to take a COVID-19 PCR test prior to or on arrival.
    They will be permitted to leave the airport after clearance by immigration, customs and port health officials.
    The updated set of COVID-19 travel protocols issued on September 11 for the tourism sector, under which people arriving from high or medium risk countries without a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test result from an accredited or recognised laboratory may be denied entry, while those from low risk countries will be tested.
    People travelling from high risk countries or who have visited or transited through a high risk country in the past 21 days will be tested at the airport free and will be required to remain there or at a Government-approved facility until the results are available.
    Given options
    Those from medium risk and low-risk countries can choose to be tested at the airport or another Governmentapproved facility free and are being given the option of awaiting their results at a designated holding hotel or approved villa at their own expense.
    The protocols also allow for this category of travellers to be tested at one of the approved sites or
    hotels for a fee of US$150, plus the cost of the hotel stay. The regulations stipulate everyone must remain in their chosen accommodation until they receive the results which are generally available within 24 hours. The conditions under which such properties as villas must operate are also spelled out, with staff being required to wear full industry standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while providing service to quarantined guests.
    Guests are not permitted to leave the accommodation nor can they receive visitors. There must be 24hour manned security or security cameras monitors by a security firm capable of ensuring that quarantine is not violated.
    Should a visitor test positive, they may request the option of self-isolation at a designated isolation hotel or villa, or other Government-approved isolation facility at their own expense and must submit to certain conditions. The option to request self-isolation also goes into effect tomorrow.
    More than 180 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Barbados, the majority of them, imported.

    Nation News


  • Clampdown on small City businesses
    The COVID-19 Monitoring Unit has been forced to close a few more businesses.
    And head of the Unit, Ronald Chapman is urging people to take nothing for granted and exercise constant vigilance.
    Last weekend, the Unit closed several operations along Fairchild Street, The City. And while Chapman could not state the number, he said there were some small establishments in the popular hangout area where they had to flex their muscle.
    “Usually on Fridays, there is a large number of persons gathering in those areas, and we would have had to take action against a couple of them. I didn’t put it out in the media, but those are some of the places we would have taken action against over the weekend,” he said.
    Thrust of ministry
    The Unit had already taken action against Tease Bar and 6 Mix Bar in Worthing, Chill Bar in Hastings, The Cove nightclub, McBrides and Hal’s Bar, all in St Lawrence Gap, Red Door in 2nd Street, Holetown and Drift in Sunset Crest recently.
    “The whole thrust of the Ministry of Health and Wellness is to ensure that there is no community spread. We would have seen other countries that would have relaxed their protocols and would have gone in particular directions that we are not going in. We can see where they have found themselves; their cases are back up, some of them had to go back into lockdown and some of them are seeing a high strain on their health care services,” he said.
    Chapman said that Barbados had provided a safe environment for its citizens and those who were coming here.



  • @ David,

    More Canadians will be encouraged to take advantage of the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp visa.

    Ontario reports 401 new coronavirus cases, highest single-day increase since early June


  • @Hants

    We will screen and isolate/quarantine as necessary. We have to eat.


  • We are too slow to act. They finally requiring travellers get tested before getting on the plane. Now we have to take the next step, implement MATH+ treatment protocol and stop looking for a miracle vaccine before getting back to normal.

    We should be fully opening the country like yesterday and stop wasting money on these strict quarantine and open back our country properly now there is an effective treatment protocol in MATH+ protocol.

    Most recent Interview: COVID-19 Management With Dr. Paul Marik – Author Of MATH+ Protocol

    Earlier Interview: COVID-19 Patient Management with Dr. Paul Marik (Author of MATH+ Protocol)


  • Ontario reported 407 new cases of the virus today, the second day in a row where cases surpassed 400, and Ford said the decision was made to limit gatherings provincewide in response to the “alarming” new data.


  • How long does it take out-patients at the QEH to get a CoVid test? What about social distancing in A&E? Where is the Czar? What is our epidemiological model?


  • Progression of C-19 case development has been relatively steady; no apparent community spread in Barbados and Grenada and imputed almost rampant community spread in Jamaica and T&T and to some extent Guyana. Barbados is reopening schools from Monday and thereby enters a new and somewhat dangerous phase. The authorities have to be exceedingly vigilant and ready to make quick granular decisions re. school openings to keep the ship of state on an even keel – Lyall Small
    Check COVID 19 discussion @COVID 19 Updates page


  • The Ministry of Health and Wellness said of the four new cases, three arrived in the island yesterday – a 50-year-old female aboard British Airways, a 23-year-old woman who arrived on Caribbean Airlines from Jamaica, and a 34-year-old woman who arrived on Jet Blue from New York.


  • @Hal Austin September 19, 2020 12:20 PM “How long does it take out-patients at the QEH to get a CoVid test? What about social distancing in A&E? Where is the Czar? What is our epidemiological model?”

    So why do out patients at the QEH need covid tests?

    Social distancing has been practiced at the QEH since ever since

    I believe that the czar is at his job for which he is paid.

    Whatever our epidemiological model is, its working isn’t it?

    What is the British epidemiological model? And how is that working.


  • In a Facebook Live video posted on his personal website [last week Monday] on September 14, 2020, U.S. assistant secretary for public affairs Michael Caputo promoted a variety of false claims and bizarre conspiracy theories. He accused the CDC of harboring a “resistance unit” determined to undermine Trump; accused the CDC scientists of “sedition” and “rotten science”; and called upon Trump supporters to prepare for an insurrection. In the same video, Caputo called Alexander a “genius” and defended his actions.Two days later, HHS announced that Caputo would take a 60-day medical leave of absence from HHS, and that Alexander would PERMANENTLY LEAVE THE DEPARTMENT. At a Senate hearing the same day, Redfield said he was “deeply saddened” by Caputo’s claims, said they are “not true”, and said that “The scientific integrity of the Morbidy and Mortality Weekly Report [MMWR] has not been compromised, and will not be compromised on my watch.” Two days after that [the foreigner, Canadian Alexander] was ousted and Caputo went on leave, the CDC reversed its much-criticized statement saying that asymptomatic people who have been in close contact with a person infected with the corona virus did not need to receive COVID-19 testing; the statement had been placed on the CDC website by HHS leadership and the White House, over the objections of scientists and without going through the usual CDC scientific review process.

    McMaster University also distanced itself from Alexander, saying, “As a consultant, he is not speaking on behalf of McMaster University or the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact.”

    In an interview with the Toronto Globe and Mail after his departure from HHS, Alexander defended his actions, stating that he had wanted the CDC to MAKE THEIR REPORTS MORE UPBEAT SO THAT PEOPLE WOULD FEEL MORE CONFIDENT GOING OUT AND SPENDING MONEY”, and that he “DID NOT THINK AGENCIES SHOULD CONTRADICT ANY PRESIDENT’S POLICIY”.Alexander also asserted that he was better suited than CDC scientists to assess data, saying: “None of those people have my skills. I make the judgment whether this is crap.”

    P.S. the idiot earned his doctoral degree only in 2015 and feels like he knows more than a whole agency full of his betters. Watch out that he does not turn up in the “third world’ and try to phuck up things.


  • According to CDC 199,513 Americans/American residents dead, dead, dead.

    According to worldometer the number is 204,122

    The mortality rate per million population is 616.

    What if Trump and his enablers had taken the advice of their own excellent scientists and the mortality rare was 24 per millionas it currently is in Barbados, or 244 per million as in neighboring Canada?

    More than 100.000 Americans and American residents, including a cousin of mine need not have died. He was only in his 60’s. His older siblings in Barbados, some much older are all fit and well.


  • @Cuhdear Bajan September 21, 2020 8:27 AM
    Also ask yourself this question. How many people would not have died and if your cousin would have been one of them if the Democrats in their bid to see Trump not get a second term had not so vehemently opposed the effective HCQ and Zinc treatment?

    Do you know between the WHO and all the other bogus studies that used lethal doses at 3 and 4 times the recommended dose, not one early blind placebo controlled study has been able to be conducted on HCQ and Zinc because they have lied and frightened people into not signing up to delay the publishing of conclusive proof as much as possible so they can make money from the vaccine and other poor quality proprietary drugs.

    Look at this site then come back and tell me who is to blame. Real science is not political and follows one set of rules always.


  • @Critical Analyzer September 21, 2020 9:34 AM “Also ask yourself this question. How many people would not have died and if your cousin would have been one of them if the Democrats in their bid to see Trump not get a second term had not so vehemently opposed the effective HCQ and Zinc treatment?”

    Trump’s foolishness killed my cousin, long, long before his time. We are a family who typically live way past 80. What is he doing dead by his early 60’s?

    Ask yourself this question how has Barbados kept its death rate at 24 per million, and how has America’s neighbor Canada kept their death rate at 244 per million, and how have the following countries all kept their death rates at BELOW 10 per million per WITHOUT HCQ and Zinc treatment?

    Taiwan 0.3
    Tanzania 0.3
    Vietnam 0.4
    Sri Lanka 0.6
    Paupau New Guinea 0.8
    Mozambique 1
    Uganda 1
    Fiji 2
    Myanmar 2
    Rwanda 2
    Western Sahara 2
    Benin 3
    Burkina Faso 3
    Chad 3
    DRC 3
    Jordan 3
    Niger 3
    Malaysia 4
    South Sudan 4
    Angola 5
    Chad 5
    Georgia 5
    Guinea 5
    New Zealand 5
    Nigeria 5
    Togo 5
    Botswana 6
    Brunei 7
    French Polynesia 7
    Curacao 6
    Mali 6
    Somalia 6
    Madagascar 8
    Mauritius 8
    Comoros 8
    Tajikistan 8
    Ethiopia 9
    Malawi 9
    Seirra Leone 9

    The good people of the United States did not deserved to be betrayed by their OWN government like this.

    The good people of the United States deserved better.


  • Like

  • Up again in Canada.

    “Ontario is reporting another spike in COVID-19 cases today with the majority of new infections continuing to come from Toronto, Peel Region, and Ottawa.
    Provincial health officials are reporting 478 new cases of the virus today, up from the 425 reported one day ago.”

    Quebec’s health minister is expected to provide an update after public health officials declared the province to be at the start of a second wave of COVID-19.

    The latest data of the evolution of COVID-19 over the past 24 hours in Québec reveal:

    489 new cases, bringing the total number of people infected to 68,617.


  • Covid-19 has killed more people [200,710] in the US than Americans killed in battle during the five most recent wars combined: the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the War in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf War.

    Public health experts are predicting that about 180,000 more will die by the end of the year.


  • Ontario Premier Doug Ford is expected to announce more details on his COVID-19 fall preparedness plan at a news conference today.

    The premier released the first part of the plan on Tuesday, which promised a $70 million flu shot campaign to help prepare the health-care system for a second wave of COVID-19.


  • @Hants et al
    Don’t leave your health in the hands of bureaucrats. The best defense you can do for flu season is to make sure you have optimal Vitamin C and D levels so get your Vitamin D levels tested and supplement as necessary to get it above simply adequate levels and take your vitamin C.

    The lockdowns have everyone’s levels lower than they would normally be at the time and most person’s levels were low before COVID lockdowns came around.

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  • Is the UK a failed state?

    UK’s chief scientific adviser has £600k shareholding in firm contracted to develop vaccines

    A senior Tory MP and former cabinet minister said he should have disclosed his interest.

    Jack Peat by Jack PeatSeptember 24, 2020 in Politics

    The UK’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has a £600,000 shareholding in a drugs giant contracted to develop a Covid-19 vaccine for the Government, The Telegraph has revealed.

    In July, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and drugs multinational Sanofi agreed a deal with the UK Government to supply it with up to 60 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, subject to final contract.

    It has a similar deal with the US Government for an initial 100 million doses.

    But according to an investigation published today Sir Patrick, who also chairs the Government’s expert advisory panel on vaccines, holds a deferred bonus of 43,111 shares in GSK worth £600,000 from his time as president of the multinational drug company.

    Indeed, the adviser has already cashed in more than £5 million worth of shares he received from the company during his tenure from 2012 until March 2018, when he became the Government’s chief scientific officer.

    Accounts show he held 404,201 GSK shares when he left, worth £6.1 million at current values.

    “He has to declare it”

    Earlier this week Vallance predicted the first doses of an effective vaccine might be available before the end of this year.


  • Yesterday or the day before, Trump gave himself an A+ for his handling of the corona virus crisis…said it could have been worse. Said it could have been 2 1/2 million dead. Gave himself a D for public relations because he and his team did not do a good job of telling the public what a wonderful job they have been doing.

    Alternate universe.

    COVID19 deaths per million of population:
    San Marino: 1237
    USA: 623
    U.K.: 616 (not a failed state?)
    The world: 125.9
    Barbados: 24
    Burundi: 0.08

    I here feeling really, really sorry that Trump was not my teacher. If he had been I would have been a straight A+ student, and all like now I would have a real-real doctoral degree from some posh, some elite university.


    Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response / by Laurie Garrett. Foreign Policy, January 31, 2020


  • Is the UK a failed state?(Quote)

    The misbehaviour has been exposed by the press and in parliament. One cannot legislate for dishonesty, but in a sophisticated society these things cannot be hidden.
    Democracy works.


  • COVID19 deaths per million of population:
    San Marino: formerly 1237; now 1237
    USA: formerly 623; now 632
    U.K.: formerly 616 (not a failed state?); now 618
    The world: formerly 125.9; now 128.6
    Barbados: formerly 24; now 24
    Burundi: formerly; 0.08, now 0.08


  • COVID19 deaths per million population:

    San Marino 1237
    Peru 975
    Belgium 860
    Andorra 686
    Bolivia 668
    Spain 668
    Brazil 666
    Chile 660
    Ecuador 637
    USA 632


  • Still some places reporting zero COVID19 deaths:

    Faeroe Islands
    Falkland Islands
    New Caledonia
    Saint Barts
    Saint Kitts & Nevis
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Pierre & Miquelon
    Saint Vincent & the Grenidines
    Timor Leste
    Vatican City
    Western Sahara


  • Canada adds 1,454 COVID-19 cases as diagnoses soar in Ontario, Quebec


  • Is Barbados still allowing daily flights from Canada ?

    “TORONTO — Ontario is reporting the highest number of new COVID-19 cases since early May.

    Health officials added 491 lab-confirmed cases on Sunday, the highest daily total since May 2 when 511 cases were confirmed.

    The province also recorded two COVID-19-related deaths in the last 24-hour period as well as 289 cases which are now considered to be resolved.

    Fresh projections suggest that Ontario’s second wave of COVID-19 will peak in mid- to late October and will likely send enough patients to intensive care that hospitals will need to scale back non-emergency surgeries.

    The forecasts come from the COVID-19 Modelling Collaborative, a joint effort of scientists and physicians from the University of Toronto, University Health Network and Sunnybrook Hospital. “


  • Where is the Czar? What is our epidemiological model?


  • @Hants

    All passengers are being screened based on latest protocol posted. If you check the BU sidebar you will see status of covid 19 infections In Barbados. So far so good.


  • Attached are the weekly graphs for C-19 for week ending September 25, 2020. The overall picture is essentially constant over the last several weeks. Implied Community spread continues essentially unabated in Jamaica, T&T and Guyana. A comprehensive study of Covid-19 spread on commercial flights seems to be important as the published data from GIS is inadequate to judge – Lyall Small

    Check for full updates @COVID UPDATES


  • Thanks Lyall, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad are struggling to get to the back side of the curve. Barbados and Grenada continue to do well.


  • Ontario sees single-day record of 700 new COVID-19 cases as calls grow to return to Stage 2

    Montreal and Quebec City will be upgraded to COVID-19 red alert

    A total of 50 patients and staff have tested positive for COVID-19 at Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary.

    Alberta Health Services confirmed on Sunday that five additional patients, for a total of 25 patient cases, and seven additional health-care workers, for a total of 25 staff cases, have tested positive.


  • The case numbers are no longer anything to be scared at when treatment is available. How long are we going to continue to bury our heads in the sand.


  • 1,006,359 deaths

    7,665,188 active cases

    65,349 people in serious or critical condition

    Big scary numbers


  • Once again the president has made a reckless decision that could impact on the entire country. She has now decided that hotel workers must get priority if, or when, a vaccine for CoVid is discovered.
    She has a warped sense of what is important. Can someone tell her that the FRONTLINE workers are the medical and care staff and they, not waiters and chefs, are central to the health of the nation. Health comes before the economy.


  • HantsSeptember 28, 2020 6:52 PM The problem in Canada will accelerate into winter as people are driven totally indoors.

    Those who can use Barbados’s welcome stamp, should. Especially the older ones.


  • I hope a few hundred Canadians will take advantage of the Welcome stamp this winter.

    Barbados needs all the help it can get.


  • @Hants

    Quite a few are in Barbados already.


  • Doctors send urgent letter to Bostic

    THE BARBADOS ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS (BAMP) is opposed to certain aspects of Government’s latest COVID-19 travel protocols set to take effect tomorrow.
    It has sent an urgent letter to Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic outlining recommendations it believes Barbados would be better off implementing.
    In addition, BAMP has recommended that Government urgently legislates the mandatory wearing of face masks to mitigate additional risk and implement contact tracing, geofencing (with GPS or RFID) and monitoring apps, with accompanying technology, as soon as possible.
    The recommendations also state that in the event of severe resource constraints, BAMP believes that the only safe means of maintaining the economy is mandatory 14-day quarantine for all visitors from high-risk countries.
    Government last week revealed that starting from tomorrow all individuals from high or medium-risk countries would need negative COVID-19 results received three days before arrival and would be re-tested four to five days after their last negative result and allowed to leave quarantine with a second negative result.
    BAMP expressed concerns with that regulation, believing it could place at risk Barbados’ ability to avoid community spread, something which the country has been trying to prevent since it reported the first case in March.
    President of BAMP, Dr Lynda Williams yesterday said the association felt duty bound to speak out about the new requirements.
    Committed to assisting
    “BAMP is part of the Ministry of Health’s EOC (Emergency Operations Committee) so we are at the table with the ministry and we are committed to assisting them in every way, but as a medical association we express our concerns where we feel we must if we feel that the advice of the health community is being sidelined. And in this particular instance, we felt very strongly about the last travel protocol,” she told the MIDWEEK NATION.
    “We are concerned that persons from the United Kingdom and other high-risk countries have to get mandatory testing and that is not always possible given the lack of turnaround for test results or the lack of nearby testing facilities.”
    The family doctor said BAMP instead recommended that testing, when unavailable, could be done on arrival with all visitors responsible for covering the cost of their second test.
    “We also were very concerned about the fact that people from high-risk countries would be allowed to leave quarantine on the basis of a second negative test done four to five days after their last negative test.”
    She said this would mean people from countries like Jamaica and the United States and United Kingdom would be tested just one or two days after arrival and released from quarantine.
    “That goes against the science and the available evidence,” Williams said.
    Williams added such a protocol could fail to detect and contain between nine and 33 per cent of travellers who were positive for COVID-19 on arrival.
    “Our problem is that the proposed time frame for retesting is not based on the overwhelming body of science at this time. We cannot find evidence that supports that. We also expressed our concern about the burden of human and physical resources required with increasing numbers of tourists from high-risk countries.
    “We do not want to see Barbados lose the ground that it has gained. Barbados, despite all that has happened around us, has maintained an excellent position containing the virus due to hard work and following the science. It just takes one thing to tarnish what we’ve done and turn things around. It is our duty as an association to say so to the public.”

    Source: Nation

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  • Following is a list of recommendations which the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners has presented to the Ministry of Health:

    •Universal, mandatory mask wearing should be legislated for the entire country with appropriate penalties in order to mitigate any outstanding risk.
    •All travellers from high-risk countries should have a high recommendation to test for COVID-19 72 hours prior to planned travel. Any traveller who fails to produce an appropriate negative test, done by an approved laboratory, should be tested on arrival in Barbados.
    •All travellers with a negative test done at 72 hours prior to arrival should undergo an interview with personnel from the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The final decision about whether an initial test will be accepted should reside with the office of the Chief Medical Officer. Travellers should be screened using standardised forms about whether they engaged in any high risk behaviors within the 72 hour window. All persons who fail this screening test should be retested for COVID-19 on arrival.
    •A traveller from a high or medium risk country should indicate on arrival whether they are willing to have a second test 5-7 days after the date of arrival and where they would like the test to be done. The second test should be arranged for them. Failure to present for a second test having agreed to do so should be considered an offence.
    •All travellers from high risk countries must be quarantined on arrival and remain in quarantine until after the second test result is known and is negative. Failure to remain in quarantine until instructed to leave should be considered an offence.
    •All second COVID tests should be at the traveller’s expense to mitigate resource costs with a minimum of US$150 being charged at government facilities.
    •Any traveller who refuses required first testing on arrival or second test 5-7 days after the date of arrival , should be required to complete a full 14 days quarantine at a government facility.
    •Contact tracing, geo-fencing and monitoring using appropriate apps and technology must be implemented as soon as possible. Contact tracing apps should be recommended to be installed on the phones of everyone in the country.
    •Despite all that has been outlined above, the availability of resources may constrain us. Should we find ourselves in severe, resource-limited circumstances, BAMP recommends that the only safe means of maintaining the economy is 14-day quarantine for all visitors from high risk countries.

    Source: Nation

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  • ” New projections from Ontario health officials detailed Wednesday morning suggest that the province could see around 1,000 new cases per day in the first half of October.

    On hand to deliver the data are Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, as well as Adalsteinn Brown, dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, and Matthew Anderson, president and CEO of Ontario Health. ”


    “Air Canada has ordered 25,000 testing kits that can detect COVID-19 in someone in as little as five minutes, a key hurdle for an industry that’s desperately trying to make it safe and possible for travellers to fly again.”


  • @Hants

    We have to live with the virus. If the vaccine is rolled out it will take time to distribute AND many people will not take the virus because they are suspicious of the phase lll process.


  • The BAMP recommendations above make perfect sense. Full consideration should be given to them by the Min.Health authorities.


  • Three new cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in Barbados.

    Two of them are as a result of contact tracing related to a 24-year-old woman who arrived in the island on Virgin Atlantic on September 19 and who tested positive after a second test on September 24.

    The two are a 62-year-old Barbadian woman and a 25-year-old Barbadian man. The Ministry of Health and Wellness has confirmed that aggressive contact tracing is in train to identify anyone else who came into contact with these cases.


  • Does Barbados have enough Hospital beds to treat persons infected with Covid 19 ?

    “Ontario considering making Toronto, Ottawa and Peel COVID-19 ‘red zones’ with more restrictions: sources”


  • @Hants

    Push comes to shove we have many empty hotels.



  • Very early today Donald Trump, President of the USA tweeted that he and his wife Melania had both tested positive for Covid19.


  • It is not only hospital beds, it is trained human resources, nurses, doctors, nursing assistants, cleaners, cooks, lab technicians, emergency medical technicians.

    You just can’t throw a seriously ill person in a hotel room and leave them there to shift for themselves.

    With this thing a person might be too weak to fetch themselves a glass of water, or go to the toilet without assistance.


  • Critical Analyzer

    We have been duped. This interview speaks for itself. I bet it gets taken down soon.


  • Two visitors, a 27-year-old female and a 16-year-old male, are the latest novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Barbados.

    The woman arrived on a British Airways flight from the United Kingdom on September 24, and the young man arrived on September 22, also on British Airways. They both tested positive after a second test yesterday.


  • No need to fear, says CMO
    Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George is assuring Barbadians that there is no need to panic as more visitors enter the island.
    After a tour of the Best-dos Santos lab yesterday, he said the sight of visitors, or anyone else, attending the polyclinics to get tests, some of them conducted outdoors, was not an indication anything was going awry.
    “I would encourage the Barbadian public that when you see persons being tested, it is not for you to become scared. It’s telling you the system is working and that we will make sure that everyone that individual may have been in contact with will also be tested,” he said.
    George said some of the fear stemmed from some people still being unaware of how the virus spread.
    “It is droplet infection and, in minor cases, aerosolisation. When you see visitors going to the polyclinics, it is because those people are in the medium-risk category. There is nothing to be worried about. People are being swabbed outside the polyclinics . . . because it is more protective of the staff population within the clinic,” he said.
    The chief medical officer said he was satisfied with how hotels were dealing with the protocols, as the Ministry of Health was working closely with the Ministry of Tourism, the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. and the Barbados Tourism Product Authority.
    “The protocols change every two to three weeks, based on new information and the science. One of the reasons is to make sure countries are stratified in the correct way and to also make sure that visitors know what are the requirements of Barbados. It is a dynamic process because COVID is a dynamic disease,” George said.
    The tour was mainly for United States (US) Ambassador Linda Taglialatela, who was accompanied by George and Giselle Guevara, laboratory advisor of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. It was hosted by lab director Songee Beckles, who told the media they had hired more staff to deal with the increasing demands.
    “Testing has increased since we started in late February/March. Currently, we have done more than 25 000 tests and the number per month has steadily increased and will continue to increase as we have more visitors. As our protocols dictate that persons need be retested while on the island, it means there will be more testing as the months go by.
    “We’ve had to hire five additional temporary staff members to complement the staff in the molecular department. We were only running on five persons and we added five more because we actually do testing from 8:30 a.m., when samples come in, and the last person leaves around 12 a.m. and even that depends on the volume of samples, as some of my staff left this morning at 3 a.m. to ensure we can meet that 24hour turnaround time,” she said.
    Beckles said the lab continued to buy testing kits and necessary supplies and currently had more than 90 000 kits available and “quite a lot” of swabs. She thanked the US Government, the Barbados Government and private donors for supporting the lab.
    Taglialatela praised the work of the lab and said Barbados was setting the standard in testing, adding the Caribbean was doing a “phenomenal job” in general. She said her government had committed to fund the lab an additional US$400 000 to ensure it was able to cope with the increasing demands of the pandemic. (CA)


  • A 30-year-old female is the latest person to be diagnosed with COVID-19 in Barbados.

    ” TORONTO — Canadians should accept that their old way of life is gone for the foreseeable future in order to make decisions that will help reduce the transmission of COVID-19, one public health expert warns.

    The warning comes after Quebec reported 1,107 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, while Ontario reported 653.”


  • The word making the rounds is that public health officials will be announcing this evening that Barbados has a serious case of community spread. A visitor who tested negative and then positive on second test. In the period that elapsed …


  • I ask again: Where is the Czar? What is our epidemiological model?


  • @David October 4, 2020 2:36 PM “The word making the rounds is that public health officials will be announcing this evening that Barbados has a serious case of community spread. A visitor who tested negative and then positive on second test. In the period that elapsed.”

    I am very annoyed about this.

    Here is a suggestion.

    If you have a villa, have your housekeeper go in a few days before you arrive, have her clean the place and stock it up with groceries and necessities. Then ask her NOT to come in for the first 7 days of your visit. If you can afford a villa, you can afford pay the housekeeper for that week even if she is not coming in. Do your own housekeeping for a week. i mean, how hard is a week’s worth of housekeeping that a bigable man our woman can’t do it themselves?

    I don’t use housekeeping services myself but at the beginning of the pandemic I advised Little Johnnie to pay the once day per week housekeeper even though she was not coming in. The woman needs to eat. And you can afford to pay her AND do your own housework for a few weeks.

    I hate it when big people act so damn helpless.

    And now 6 or 7 people sick. How much does it costs to treat 6 or 7 people? I bet a whole lot more than the $350 to $500 BDS per week that Bajan housekeepers get paid.


  • On the ground the people are proposing that COVID19 be classified as an STD, since it has infected the world’s biggest bunt.


  • The Ellerslie School will be closed for the next 14 days after a 15-year-old student there tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday.


  • Why do you need two ministers and two press conferences to deliver this news? I ask again: where is the Czar? What is our epidemiological model? While we are at it, can someone please teach the Guyanese Dr George how to dress appropriately.
    His wide boy style, with his necklaces and unbuttoned shirt, may go down well in Georgetown, but it is not what we expect of our doctors at official occasions.


  • The latest graphs for the week ending Friday 2nd October. Since then a new cluster is being investigated. There is no community spread as all cases identified so far have been traced to one person who entered Barbados from another country (Compare the NAB cluster of a few months ago). Wish the tracers the best of luck. Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana are each showing a declining trend in active cases – Source: Lyall Small – Check full updates @COVID 19 Updated Page


  • Javon Griffith
    Barbados TravelAdvisor

    My experience with British Airways BA2155 LGW-BGI Oct 4 2020
    I booked my PCR test 11 days in advance with CityDoc London – Mooregate for Oct 1 at 3:10pm. Results returned Oct 2 at 7:30pm. So 28 hour turnaround for £110. Completed the online travel form on my iPad Saturday morning. Zero issues. Biometric passport page and test results uploaded easily. Please note this website currently does not accept PDF attachments. Simply screenshot your test result PDF and attach.
    Arrived at LGW at 8:30am for the 11:20am flight. Only two passengers were in the entire queue at 8:45am.
    The check in agent confirmed to me that they were only instructed to check for a test taken within 3 days of the flight. Not 72 hours. To further confirm this, they were not asking what time the test was done. They were only interested in the date.
    Boarding commenced 10:40hrs with First Class. Then rows 39-30 (World Traveller) then they called “all remaining World Traveller passengers” which would be rows 29 to 26. Next up was World Traveller Plus rows 25-21. Then rows 15-10 (Club World). Group numbers no longer apply. For example my boarding pass was group 1, but I was one of the last to board.
    Everyone was wearing a mask including all airline and airport staff. After take off as I looked around, masks only briefly came off to eat and drink. BA is definitely aware that many people have been taking off their masks and taking an hour to consume/baby a drink. They have revised the wording in the onboard announcement to state that masks can be taken off for a brief reasonable period and are not to remain off for the entire meal service.
    The flight had only 132 passengers onboard according to the Cabin Service Manager and some of this was due to persons being denied boarding. He was not in a position to quantify the number left behind today. What I can definitely state is that the seat map I reviewed online the day before while checking in, had far more seats assigned than passengers who actually flew today.
    The flight was uneventful. Fantastic British hospitality as per usual.
    On arrival, deplaning was done in small batches as per BA policy. First (rows 1-4) left first. Then Club World (rows 10-15). Then World Traveller Plus (rows 21-25). World Traveller (rows 26-39) were split in two.
    Relaxing at the Hilton. Scheduling my second test for Tuesday to hopefully check out on Wednesday! Happy to answer any questions anyone may have who maybe travelling this week.


  • @David October 5, 2020 7:11 AM “Steupse”

    I second that.


  • The DLP is asking sensible questions about the diplomatic community.

    I trust that diplomats who have to go back and forth are not being permitted diplomatic immunity from testing, contact tracing, and isolation/quarantine?

    Because we know that notwithstanding the Vienna Convention [which did NOT anticipate Covid19] which otherwise protects diplomats from local intrusions, Diplomats are not immune to Covid19

    The Vienna Convention is an extensive document, containing 53 articles. The following is a basic overview of its key provisions.

    Article 9. The host nation at any time and for any reason can declare a particular member of the diplomatic staff to be persona non grata. The sending state must recall this person within a reasonable period of time, or otherwise this person may lose their diplomatic immunity.
    Article 22. The premises of a diplomatic mission, such as an embassy, are inviolable and must not be entered by the host country except by permission of the head of the mission. Furthermore, the host country must protect the mission from intrusion or damage. The host country must never search the premises, nor seize its documents or property. Article 30 extends this provision to the private residence of the diplomats.
    Article 24 establishes that the archives and documents of a diplomatic mission are inviolable. The receiving country shall not seize or open such documents.
    Article 27. The host country must permit and protect free communication between the diplomats of the mission and their home country. A diplomatic bag must never be opened, even on suspicion of abuse. A diplomatic courier must never be arrested or detained.
    Article 29. Diplomats must not be liable to any form of arrest or detention. They are immune from civil or criminal prosecution, though the sending country may waive this right under Article 32.
    Article 31.1c Actions not covered by diplomatic immunity: professional activity outside diplomat’s official functions.
    Article 34 speaks about tax exemption of diplomatic agents while Article 36 establishes that diplomatic agents are exempted from custom duties.
    Article 37. The family members of diplomats that are living in the host country enjoy most of the same protections as the diplomats themselves.




  • Second Ellerslie student positive
    ANOTHER STUDENT OF The Ellerslie School has tested positive for COVID-19.
    The 12-year-old boy is the great-great-nephew of the housekeeper who was confirmed with the virus on September 30 after her employer returned from the United Kingdom and was positive for COVID-19 after a second test.
    Six members of the housekeeper’s family have now joined her in isolation at Harrison Point, St Lucy.
    The child’s result was the only positive among 221 tests done by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory on Sunday.
    The total number of people confirmed with COVID-19 in Barbados has reached 200. Recoveries remain at 182 since no one was discharged from isolation yesterday. Eleven people are at Harrison Point.
    The public health laboratory has completed 24 849 tests. ( BGIS)


  • I ask again: where is the Czar ? And again: what is our epidemiological model?


  • Tell Boris to assist this failed state with it. How is he coping with the second wave.



  • Just trying to be helpful David, as usual:

    144,347 patients admitted to hospital
    2,833 patients currently in hospital
    393 patients currently on ventilators
    42,445 patients died withing 28 days of a covid19 diagnosis


  • Laboratory results from tests conducted on Monday, October 5, have shown that three women have tested positive for COVID-19 after their second tests. This brings the island’s total number of confirmed cases to 203.


  • The Cuban nurses, who were assigned to help Barbados in its fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, will continue their work for another six months.




  • @ David, I post about covid in Canada because it is one of the Barbados Tourism target markets.

    ” Ontario could be “on the brink of disaster,” a Toronto epidemiologist said Wednesday, as officials continued to urge families to scrap Thanksgiving gatherings amid soaring COVID-19 cases.”


  • October 6, 2020
    144,347 patients admitted to hospital
    2,833 patients currently in hospital
    393 patients currently on ventilators
    42,445 patients died withing 28 days of a covid19 diagnosis

    October 8, 2020
    145,484 patients admitted to hospital
    3412 patients currently in hospital
    444 patients currently on ventilators
    42,592 patients died withing 28 days of a covid19 diagnosis


  • Canada reports highest daily increase in new coronavirus cases with over 2,400 infections.

    Welcome Stamp opportunities


  • Ontario will report its highest-ever daily number of new COVID-19 cases on Friday, while Premier Doug Ford’s cabinet will hold an emergency meeting to consider tighter measures to try to contain the spread of the coronavirus, CBC News has learned.


  • Meanwhile, the number of new COVID-19 cases in Ontario reached a new high for the second day in a row.

    Health officials confirmed 939 new infections Friday morning, smashing the previous record of 797 cases set on Thursday.


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