Problem Plagued National ID Project

The news dropped last week there is a plan afoot to charge $60.00 for the controversial national ID card after 30 June 2023. This revelation was made by the Chief Electoral Officer Angela Taylor. The Barbados Today press report is date stamped 6 June 2023, to date the blogmaster has NOT picked up on a single clarification statement from the Chief Electoral Officer or Davidson Ishmael who is the minister responsible. Barbadians have to assume the $60 charge has received the blessings of the Mottley led Cabinet.

Credit: Barbados Today

The blogmaster suspects the ‘thought process’ behind the $60 charge is intended to light a fire under citizens who have been slow to apply for the new ID for whatever reason. Under normal conditions one would have no serious issue with the fee but the Trident National ID project has been and continues to be fraught with problems. There have been operational issues, procurement issues, poor communications, inefficient distribution to identify some. All the issues have led to growing distrust by citizens about the ID card, made worse in a COVID 19 era.

The country needs a 21st century working ID card. The fact the ID card must utilize the best technology available is a no-brainer. Further, that it must be integrated into a national strategy to drive efficiency how we do business to help with productivity, an imperative. However, what the ID project confirms is a public service that is bedevilled with poor skillsets to expertly implement projects.

Some aspects of the project must be refreshed especially relating to the pieces requiring public engagement. Come on, we can do better.

On the subject of the Electoral Office it raises the question – if the department is showing itself to be ineffective with the rollout of the ID project, what does it say about that department’s capacity to manage our electoral affairs?

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  1. Our attention has been drawn to a short speech given by Comissiong to a UN panel relating to Afrikan descended peoples.

    Maybe the problems with this national ID card relate to a spiritual mismatch between the personality assumed and that we should be.

    Such cultural confusion is foundational. For one, we have peoples in this region with hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary history, largely coming from somewhere else, however still seeking identification within an imperial context, while Commissiong, as ambassador to Caricom, could be professing Pan-Afrikanism, even as his PM is currently in Jamaica ploting to usurp the Haití people’s revolutionary projects, like she did in Guyana, as a factorum of the most evil empire known to man.

    What a contradiction in ID!

    • Start wrong with fake pan deter and upstage REAL PANAFRIKANISTS ……end wrong with fake panafricanism….cant catchup now when impostors and pretenders have no clue and never will…

      Real Afrikans know to keep really far from them…

  2. @ David
    Let us be reasonable….

    In the current scheme of things in Barbados, PLEASE tell Bushie how the rollout of these high-tech ID cards suddenly gets to be at the top of our to-do list?

    Bushie has had one of the old laminated shiite cards now for nearly a century (it feels like), and is YET to encounter a single problem in using it to meet the basic bushy needs.

    One would have thought that a SIMPLE process where ALL new issues of replacement cards would be by the new format would be implemented – along with opportunity for anyone WANTING the ‘new fangle’ card being able to get theirs changed.

    UNLESS OF COURSE this whole experiment is being IMPOSED on our donkeys as a research project by sinister forces who are planning such a roll out globally….??? guinea pig styleee…
    …much like the ‘gift’ of Covid-19 vaccines so generously donated to us by a certain country BEFORE their own people were exposed….

    Barbados presents itself as an IDEAL laboratory for social control experimentation. If we understand this ‘strength’, then we may also understand the sudden inclination for certain international agencies to ‘lend’ us money to our heart’s content…. after our period of downgrades..

    It was one thing to be enslaved vi et armis and brought to the Caribbean as slaves…. But to DELIBERATELY sell ourselves to the descendants of those SAME slave traders, for shiite dollars that they can print ‘willy nilly’ … has to be the lowest possible form of self-degradation that is possible.

    There must therefore be a state of being LOWER than ‘brass bowl’……

    • @Bush Tea

      Two issues for consideration.

      1. The old laminated cards can be easily tampered with. If you accept this to be the case then also agree it compromises proof of identity.

      2. If the government plans to use the technology to support delivery of services across government departments and potentially pursue transactions outside of the traditional financial network. Why not?

      The problem here is efficient implementation of the project.

    • @ David
      If bushie was not aware that you were being deliberately obtrusive, he would invoke Artax’s wishes for a good day… LOL

      Boss, there is nothing EASIER to tamper with than complex data management systems whose data is stored in some shiite database ‘lord knows where’.
      Then there are remote readers that can access your card from inside your wallet, and even from the damn cloud – without your knowing it… making your basic data available to tricksters…

      Bushie’s laminated card is only accessed if presented by the bushman – or if you are able to ‘tek it way’ by force of arms.

      Secondly, the VERY LAST thing that any sensible citizen should want, is for Government to have full access to all your personal business. Before you can blink twice, the politicians that we have, will take away every shiite from every brass bowl, and hand it over to Maloney and Bizzy….

      It is like sheep arguing in favor of more a efficient and effective slaughterhouses.

      The madness that precedes destruction is indeed amazing.

    • “For one, we have peoples in this region with hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary history, largely coming from”

      Was recently introduced to a book of ancient knowledge from a Kemetic Priest. Turns out the Dogon of Mali trace their origins to Kemet. The Swahili Bantu language has many…too many to ignore mdw ntr naunces and aspects to not draw parallels, extremely ancient tribes that cannot be ignored and such bloodlines will never bend, bow or break to colonial negros in any form or fashion, a step down, disrespect and insult to our ancient bloodlines. In such a case it is futile for interlopers to attempt to swallow a whole continent…they will always choke.

  3. Waru

    Think you have it in reverse. Indeed, Kemet was the height of civilization, however it was fully informed by the Twa-anu, scores of Bantu speaking language groups, the Dogons, etc

    Also, we shoudnt be locked into the the nonsense of the world being 6000 years old. The Spinx, for example, is up to 30,000 years old.

    • “Indeed, Kemet was the height of civilization, however it was fully informed by the Twa-anu, scores of Bantu speaking language groups, the Dogons, etc”

      As told by the scholar from the Kongo who posted to Kush Quarterly, last issue, those classical languages, etc indeed all started in the interior, Central Afrika etc…those tribes Twa. seemingly moved back and forth. Twa were definitely represented in Kemet also. Until they threw open the continent. The ancient text specifically mentions the interior. The colonial frauds, placeholders, vote beggars, have no clue what they are dealing with and need to step back.

    • Not tribes. Nations! The word ‘tribes’ has racist connotations. We never hear it used in relationship to White people.

  4. Today, 11th June 2023, is a marked day. A day which might signal that this ID embrollo will be irrelevant, as irrelevant as is the incredibility of the Bible.

    As 250 NATO military jets are pre-positioned at the bases of European satraps around Russia and as Ukraine’s military counter offensive fails, day after day, for 7 days straight.

    In addition, the waters around Ukraine await the entry of NATO ships.

    We had argued that White people will destroy all of Pachamama before they surrender power to non-Whites. This has been our point of departure and direction of travel.

    Now we state with utmost certainty that if NATO military assets enter the war zones – land, air or sea, that Russia will respond with a force unseen so far.

    It’s written military doctrine makes this a requirement, in Russian Federation law.

    And this will mean we’re in a WW3 scenario. Circumstances which shall see the use of nuclear weapons on a massive scale.

    At its center is racism. Racism, White supremacy, American exceptionalism, fascism masquerading as democracy, aided by wokeism et al, would have been the main causal reason for the massive use of nuclear weapons, by everybody, all nuclear weapon states.

    This day, the nuclear clock moves to a few seconds to midnight.

    • Dont want to put too much info on here, people need to do their own research but the Heru Emakhety just like the Mer Khut is Afrikan built and predates all the current squatters and occupiers. As you know there is irrefutable proof.

  5. “We never hear it used in relationship to White people”

    I have seen it used during the times of roman savagery, when they were extincting each other for supremacy, there were many, many different tribes back then, but used conservatively.

  6. Why is it necessary to present a birth certificate and other supporting documents in order to issued (reissued) with the new Mark of the Beast card? The same with reissue of a passport? Is there a suggestion that there are so many forged cards in the wild that constant recertification is necessary? Does government not trust their own verifications methods?

    Apple, Microsoft, Bank of America, The Pentagon, CIBC, RBC etc with their myriad of security protocols have been hacked time and again. What makes us believe that the Government of Barbados has the magical key to online security that will protect our information?

    Charging $60 in order to force citizens to dance to their tune suggest that as other situations present themselves, we the people will have less and less say in the strong arm tactics employed in this instance.

  7. Pacha…permission to use a comment you made last week, fits perfectly in Kush Quarterly’s upcoming Editorial.

  8. Utter jokers!!! This project was filled with problems from the beginning……. as a Senior Citizen, I tried to use the Online method to register for my new card. “Sorry…… system ain’t working”!!!! You have to find your way to Warrens ,,,, which requires a cost!!!

    Now the threat of $60 to get the card by the end of the month! Go to Warrens and stand in a long line old folks!!!

    Come on, Mia….. step-in (again) and sort this stupidness out!!!

  9. Pachamama
    on June 11, 2023 at 3:11 PM said:
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    Not tribes. Nations! The word ‘tribes’ has racist connotations. We never hear it used in relationship to White people.


    Google is a bitch!!

    Here is a list of European tribes.

    European tribes
    From sources across the web

    Here is a list of African tribes.

    African tribes
    From sources across the web
    Mursi people
    Hamar people
    Xhosa people
    Asante people
    Samburu people
    Chewa people

    There are more European tribes than African tribes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Digital this, Digital that, here there and everywhere. Everything got to be digital these days, even our IDs, to be compatable with the plans for the World After Reset AKA the New World Order as sponsored and approved by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, WEF, WHO et al.

    The WHO Is Staging A Global Power Grab & No One’s Doing Anything!

    WHO Launches Digital Health Partnership With Europe


    June 5, 2023, the World Health Organization and the European Commission announced the launch of a digital health initiative in which the WHO will establish a global COVID-19 vaccination certification system based on the European Union’s (EU) already existing Digital COVID Certificate

    This vaccine passport system will be expanded into a Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN) run by the WHO that will include “a wide range of digital products to deliver better health for all.” The vaccine passport will also, in time, cover all recommended vaccinations

    WHO members have approved a $6.83 billion budget for the next two years, which will require a 20% hike in mandatory member fees

    The budget increase is needed because the WHO is being set up as the sole decisionmaker over public health globally through the proposed pandemic treaty and International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments, each of which reinforces the WHO’s authority and power through different avenues while erasing national sovereignty and human rights

    Baked into the pandemic treaty we also have One Health, which perfectly dovetails with The Great Reset narrative. When you add the treaty, the IHR amendments and One Health together, it becomes clear that the WHO is being set up as the de facto power center of the deep state, and this One World Government will rule everything


    If the WHO gets its way, it will no longer be a body that makes recommendations that countries can choose to follow. Rather, its “advice” will be akin to declarations of international law. Member states will be required to follow the WHO’s “recommendations” or face costly consequences.

    Once the pandemic treaty and the IHR amendments are implemented, the WHO will have the authority to impose everything from climate lockdowns and border closures to mandatory vaccinations of all kinds. We’ve also warned that the WHO would implement a mandatory vaccine passport system for population control purposes, and with the announcement above, we can consider that a done deal.

    The WHO will even have the authority to dictate what is truth and what is misinformation that must be censored. The WHO will essentially outlaw democracy worldwide because democracy cannot exist unless there is freedom of speech in public discourse.

    Member states will have no choice but to censor what the WHO wants censored, because each country is also required to set up an enforcement agency to ensure the WHO’s edicts are followed nationwide, and that includes censorship activities.


  11. “Google is a bitch”

    Yo’ mama is.. (joke)
    Yo momma is so stupid she climbed over a glass wall to see what was on the other side.

    There are 3000 African tribes so your list is well light

    Tribes are families
    (including clans and lineages)
    (or groups of communities)

    Israel is a tribal family and not a place
    Slaves were from many tribes and were mixed up to cause confusion
    Divide and Rule was used by Brits to cause division

  12. People can use driving licenses and passports as valid ID
    Their data is stored on Government databases

    So Photo IDs are not required for other purposes

  13. I & God are One
    God alone exists

    What does this mean?
    It means..
    Knowledge alone exists
    Power alone exists
    Eternal peace and bliss alone exists

    This is ultimate truth
    ultimately we will realise
    we are liberated from all ignorance

    Let us all together join
    celebration of oneness
    with consciousness

    According to the Cosmic plan
    Present is better than the past
    Future will be better that present
    We have to do better and better
    We have to flow according to this Cosmic plan

    Bring unity in the home
    unity in the society
    unity in the nation

    Never try to practice division
    on the basis of caste
    on the basis of sectarian religion
    on the basis of nationality

    Whole cosmos is one home
    let us believe
    all persons living on this earth
    they belong to one family

  14. WHO’s Digital Passport Unveiled & Being Rammed Down Our Throats

    Quoted in the video above:
    WHO head man Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus:

    While the emergency phase of the Covid-19 pandemic is now over, investments in digital infrastructure remain an important resource for health systens and for economies and societies at large.

    Derrick Broze at The Last American Vagabond web site:

    The push for vaccine passports or digital identities is not coming from the people. There is no genuine call for these policies rising up from the grassroots. It is coming from various organizations, such as the Better Identity Coalition, with ties to cybersecurity spooks with connections to the national security state, U.S. and Israeli intelligence, banks, and corporations.

    These schemes are also being sold to the people of the world under the guise of building a more equitable, sustainable, and just world. The United Nations is promoting the idea that digital identity is a human right in an effort to persuade the Global South and developing nations to participate. This is a scam.

    In fact, in June 2022, New York University’s (NYU) School of Law issued a 100-page report detailing the growing dangers of a reliance on digital identity around the world. The report, titled Paving a Digital Road to Hell?, examines the role of the World Bank and other international networks which have been promoting the use of digital ID in recent years.

    The report notes that the World Bank has been “energetically promoting biometric and other digital ID systems that are increasingly linked to large-scale human rights violations, especially in the Global South”. The researchers warn that digital identity schemes “promoted in the name of development and inclusion, might be achieving neither”. Despite ostensible good intentions on the part of some promoting these systems, they “may well be paving a digital road to hell.”


  15. was becoming clear to me that even though the Bantu were indigenous to the Bight of Benin area (now Nigeria) for possibly thousands of years, before that massive millennia migration southward….they came ftom further afield….am sure the classical languages played a part in identifying original origin as Southern Sudan…ancient Kemet.

    The public nuisances from Barbados and the Caribbean ought to stay very far away from this very powerful Nation. Not just a Tribe but whole nation with a well defined history of not liking intruders, impostors and pretenders and stay in their lanes…or not….keep pushing to find out.

  16. A bridge too far …
    I fully support the same rightsfor homosexuals and heterosexuals.

    Equal dignity and equal rights for all.

    However, the conversation on gender identification and LBTQ+ matters has thrown me for a loop. I lack the fluidity of thinking to easily move an individual from one sex to the next.

    As someone who is interested in sports, it bothers me to see trans women entering and dominating female sports. Note that the reverse trans males dominating male sports, which says something about the biological differences between the sexes.

    On or about May 30 there was a headline that was something like this “The most beautiful woman in Nevada is a male”. This is difficult concept to process

    Is it wrong? Is it right? I don’t know. I find it difficult to process I still stand with ‘Equal dignity and equal rights for all’, but some bridges are too far for me to just jump across.

  17. What is there to understand about transgender community except that it is something that happens with some other people.

    I had a Welsh work friend called Keith who used to be a real geezer guy who drank with a group of us. I went to his wedding and he later had a daughter. Later it turned out that he changed his name to something like Jessica and then went through conversion therapy to become a woman. His relationship with his daughter changed and they discussed makeup together. When he became a she another group organised a drink with him/her, but I declined to go.

    I once went with my family to a tourist attraction called Bugis Street in Singapore which was a gathering place for members of the male-to-female transgender community. Their presence attracted locals and tourists. My Dad’s friend who took us was a plastic surgeon and was a local hero / demigod. At that time, Singapore was said to have the most beautiful transsexual women in the world.

    If you want to understand Queer people you should research them.

  18. Northern…got one for you to check out:

    Planning permission has been sought for the erection of Medical campus facilty including hospital, medical office, apartments, 5 floors, 68 unit, and other incidental buildings, plus road improvements.

    Applicant: Universal Medical Advance Center Inc.

    Lot No.1 Kent Ch. Ch.

    • @WW&C
      What is there to check out?
      The GoB has been hot on medical schools for some time.
      My concern was the use of eminent domain in St.Lucy for a privately owned facility. Which also had a huge amount of land.
      No results for the name you listed….new entity?

  19. Northern..

    FYI…sources just said it’s a 50 million dollar project.

  20. “No results for the name you listed….new entity?”

    Have no clue. Brought to my attention earlier today. Complete with huge billboard.

  21. It is quite amazing that a government that just spent $28 million on a set of shiite steel houses which have now been left to rot in St Philip – AFTER BEING WARNED BEFOREHAND THAT THIS WAS A BAD PLAN…
    …and from which there has been no explanation, response, apology or even comment….

    …a government that so publicly dispossessed a citizen business person of their business and handed the property over to their known radical political financier….

    Can now so blatantly and clandestinely be handing half of St Lucy over to a bunch of unknown foreign strangers for some shiite dental school… Is this Duguid’s alma mater?
    ….cause it sounds just as underhanded as ‘East West Housing Solutions’ did.

    What a damned place!!!

    • @Bush Tea

      It is called investment!

      How do you propose the country generate economic activity to help fund SUVs for citizens like you?

  22. Politics is about information and misinformation.
    The King of misinformation is up for arraignment.

  23. “just spent $28 million on a set of shiite steel houses which have now been left to rot in St Philip – AFTER BEING WARNED BEFOREHAND THAT THIS WAS A BAD PLAN…”

    Wait you mean those metal barns the fowls swore were the best ever housing solutions…

    Man Bushman, ya pulling my leg…that is what it boiled down to, well said fowls and pimps must be the only ones surprised.

    A continuation of the requiem for rush to the front failures.

  24. My friend who had a snip and tuck op to turn woman once told me he liked woman’s lingerie, but it didn’t click with me that he was referring to it on himself..

    Here is some random s4it

    The First Self-Proclaimed Drag Queen Was a Formerly Enslaved Man
    In the late 1880s, a formerly enslaved man named William Dorsey Swann started hosting private balls known as drags, a name possibly derived from “grand rag,” an antiquated term for masquerade balls. Held in secret in Washington, D.C., these parties soon caught authorities’ attention.

    As the Washington Critic reported in January 1887, police officers who raided one such gathering were surprised to encounter six Black men “dressed in elegant female attire,” including “corsets, bustles, long hose and slippers.”

    • Allow me to make a mountain out of a molehill …

      History such as that given above should be questioned challenged and further researched. The author gave himself an escape clause by using the term ” first self-proclaimed”, but the insinuations that it all started with black men cannot be escaped.

      The story also mentions cross-dressing in Britain in 1871 and there is no reason to believe (1) that cross-dressing had not started prior to that year (1871) and had not made its way to the United States. Who would it be practiced by at that time?

      To introduce the phrase “drag-queen’ is to omit an essential part of the telling of cross dressing in the USA.

      In addition, the feminization of black men began before 1883. Though not drag queens ‘buck breaking’ was used to emasculate black slaves who gave any sign of resistance.

      It is no stretch of imagination to believe that this group of ‘actors’ were catering to some rich folks. The audience would most likely be NOT poor former slaves.

      Claims of being ‘first’ on some matters need to be examined with great care. Funny, how for ‘these matters’, some find a way to pin the label ‘first’ on blacks.

      Let’s broaden the discussion and do our research to provid a historically accurate piece.

      Soon exiting my cave

  25. The devil is in the details.
    It would be useful if there was a score card visible to all of Barbados and tracking
    (A) Total number of houses from China
    (B) Cumulative number of houses delivered to needy Barbadians
    (C) Total out of pocket expenses to get possession of a house.

    Who gets a house should not be a state secret. Having this information would eliminate/reduce the disappearance of these houses.

    U know dat at de end of duh exercise yuh gun hear sumbody say ‘dey miscount de houses’

  26. “but the insinuations that it all started with black men cannot be escaped.”

    if you got issues in your tissues then you should blame google or maybe firefox and mozilla for the random garbage ‘news’ articles that pop up from across the web and should stop being so anal.

    I thought the gay black topic was worth sharing on Bu for all the homophobes.

    As David might say
    “homophobes may get the last word”

    The Godz must be crazy!
    I said The Godz must be crazy
    The Godz must be crazy!
    They said The Godz must be crazy, cause I let my hair go wild
    Lookin like a nappy nigga child
    Black folk say, ‘Cut that bush’
    Quicker than George Bush, drugs get pushed
    They want a nigga clean-cut like the Ancient Greeks
    but the Ancient Greeks, were fuckin freaks
    I’m gonna let it grow like a forest
    Ain’t choppin shit down, that’s why I hear the sound..

  27. The problem with news agendas is it is only outgoing outformation with no feedback or criticism possible and they think they are slick and real good at lying when they are not

    But I guess posting on the net in the beginning around 20 years ago felt like getting your name and opinion published in the news

    before that there was hip hop

  28. “Though not drag queens ‘buck breaking’ was used to emasculate black slaves who gave any sign of resistance.”

    This truth has been purged from the net by the white — — — — I don’t know what to call them.

    but black men are still emasculated as white — — — — I don’t know what to call them fell threatened by black males and hire black women instead to meet quotas. The income gap holds them back as money = power = choices = opportunities = desiribilty etc in the fucked up world we live in. This ain’t living.

    Look wht we do for them
    Look at the thanks we get

  29. Was watching the Gov’t owned propaganda arm last night (aka CBC) when I heard the AG announcing that the proposed $60.00 charge for new ID cards was in fact the cost for replacement cards. In making that statement he was throwing Chief Electoral Officer under the proverbial bus. How on earth does he expect us to believe that a supposedly competent civil servant is so inarticulate as to screw up a simple announcement about the cost of a replacement ID card versus the waived charge for a new card. I guess 30 love means being able to fool some of the people all the time.

    A couple of months ago when I saw that my card was going to be ready a few days after to my departure, I asked the clerk whether I could receive the card any earlier, she said yes but it would cost me $100.00.

    So there

  30. Sometimes we have to take a few steps backward and ask uncomfortable questions or make harsh statements.

    When we see the many missteps and misstatements, then we have to wonder if different issues/scenarios were discussed at the planning stages or are we just making it up as we go along.

    Do we have the required expertise or is it just a case of what monkey see, monkey will try to do? Our government has bent over backwards not to listen to or to seek help from a Barbadian who is an expert in this area. Our arrogance is only exceeded by our ignorance.

    Our AG is a walking disaster.
    So far, he has not done a thing right in the first, second or third try. We get a draft, then a revised draft, then silence. Measure twice and cut a thousand times seem to be his modus operandi. He has to stop biting off more than he can chew.

    My advice to him: draw your check, keep silent and don’t touch or say anything.

    My advice to you: Keep your eyes glued to this Nation ID project (fiasco). I expect to see a few reversals or controversies before we reach the end of the road.

    And watch out for the apologists…. here they come

  31. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the reasoning of the Caribbean man.

    Last night was a big soccer night in the USA. Having soundly defeated Mexico, the US was playing in the finals against Canadian upstarts.
    Side note: We put them in their place(2-0) and on a plane to Canada

    But would you believe that on a night when the US national team was engaged, Barbadians and Hondurans wanted to put in a friendly in the US. That match was cancelled.

    Disrespectful, bad timing and overpriced tickets from two LOWER TIER teams.

    Guys, July 4 is coming up.

  32. Problem Plagued National ID

    Software technology projects for National IDs, Tracking and monitoring people online and offline 24/7/365, credit ratings financial systems etc are doomed to fail as they are ill conceived

    as per book Revelation..

    Biblical numerology
    The number of the beast is 666 which represents its evil and having fallen short of the divinely perfect number of seven

    Can be used to signify “perfection” or “completeness”
    including in reference to the seven churches, seven bowls, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders, Seven Spirits of God, seven stars, seven lampstands, seven eyes and horns of the Lamb of God, seven heads and diadems of the dragon, and seven heads of the beast in the Book of Revelation.

    The red dragon and the beast from the sea each have ten horns, signifying their claim to total power.

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