Chaos on Our Roads, Here, There and Everywhere

Traffic congestion on the roads in Barbados has always been horrendous as it is in most countries at peak hour. In recent years with the increase in the number of vehicles licensed and unlicensed on Barbados roads peak time has to be redefined.

The reopening of schools for the autumn term, relaxing of Covid 19 protocols, aggressive road rehabilitation resulting in closures have combined to create chaos. It is not acceptable the HOURS spent traveling to work, school and other engagements on a 166 square mile island. What is happening is an indictment on the state of ‘development’. 

How many times commentators in this space and elsewhere have lamented the lack of planning of housing and road development, transportation management, placement roundabouts (why do we permit motorists to block through-traffic at roundabouts if the exit is jammed?). Let us not forget an urgent need for a waste to energy program. The blogmaster can point to many visible examples of a lack of vision and poor execution responsible for the current comatose state.

The focus today is the time spent on the roads by locals which must negatively be impacting productivity and emotional well being. It is embarrassing at this stage of development that an individual’s first objective is to purchase a Suzuki Swift. How can a 166 square mile island support 150,000+ vehicles on what has been described at one of the world’s dense network of roads? There is the opportunity to highlight the average Joe/Jane owns more than one cellphone to access FLOW or DIGICEL. 

Who is the minister of transportation again? Does it matter the name? How many vehicles do we observe daily on the roads with license plate stickers with 2020 dates? Why does it take so long to implement projects designed to improve the current situation and instead it makes it worse with a clawback necessary to save face? Sensible citizens are made to feel embarrassed when those responsible are not held accountable. In fact there is the feeling that many elected to serve the public do not feel obligated to communicate with taxpayers. A good example is the ‘absolute’ mess unravelling with the NEW TRIDENT ID CARD. So far not a coherent utterance from the invisible Minister Davidson Ishmael (the blogmaster had to Google the name to get it right). 

It is obvious Minister Mia Mottley is operating at a different level to her parliamentary colleagues. The reason given by Mottley for selecting – not once but twice – a bloated Cabinet was to be able to attend to the job of rebuilding a weak economy. Are we there yet? Can the public look to alternative representation in the political and NGO spheres to maintain tension on those elected to serve the public?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me…

Will the real leaders please stand up!

144 thoughts on “Chaos on Our Roads, Here, There and Everywhere

  1. Redguard is on point.
    We also need truthful information. The great difference in the two GIS reports placed information provided by GoRoB in the same realm of conspiracy theories. How do you go from NTSH to ‘a hole in de bucket’ .

    The conspiracy theories were more truthful than the first report.

  2. Because the BD $ is tied to the US dollar, drops in the pound or loonie makes vacationing in Barbados more expensive.

    Tourism can get shocks from several sources.

  3. @Lorenzo
    Did I hear you say that you are on vacation?

    You should be ashame? You are on the gravy train with a no show, no work job and still taking vacations. You need to be kicked out of the NIS system.

  4. @ TheOGazerts,

    My next trip to Barbados will be paid for in Barbados. Hoping to spend my Bajan dollars in Barbados.

    The trip to Holland is now off my bucket list.

  5. “We also need truthful information.”

    people in the diaspora are lamenting how information that the PUBLIC on the island are entitled to is being willfully HIDDEN…

    and this is not just any information…’s life altering, life, health and wellness damaging….and should have been out there via referendum…

  6. @Hants
    My last day on the job will be sometime in October. I am planning to visit shortly afterwards.

    When you see me acting as a rabid BLP supporter, you know my time to visit is near.

    I left behind half of my fortune in 1981. Hopefully, it was on the book and not paper that could be eaten by insects😃
    Heard Bajan insects have evolved to the stage where they now have law degrees.

  7. Our overseas keyboard warriors must finally learn that everything is fine on our island – apart from the economy, which has been weakened by the DLP.

  8. @Hants
    “Hoping to spend my Bajan dollars in Barbados”
    Try spending them in Canada

    Many of the large cap Cdn stocks trade on both Cdn and US exchanges. They are tied at the hip. And there are few arbitrage opportunities, the immediacy of computer trading ensures that.

  9. “apart from the economy, which has been weakened by the DLP”
    Of course you meant HAD been…..nearing the half way mark of the second continuous lost decade.

  10. Northern….don’t seem like people understand that TIME IS MOVING, not waiting for them……soon we will hear the other half of DBLP talking about this lost decade and on and on pon de replay

    ….don’t know how anyone with intelligence can stand any of it or them…after so many LOST DECADES….over half centuries worth…

    the fowls, imps, pimps,…..totally expected from them…..

  11. David bu, surely you jest.Firstly there is no current opposition. Secondly in my view even if persons tire with the bees i cannot see any sensible voter returning the dems to office under Dr Yearwood in under 10 more years.In my viewhe seems clueless politically and i see no one else from the younger brigade who inspires confidence.I also heard that the over zealous Ms Armsteong who mistakenly thought she could look horns as a political lightweigjht with Ms Mottlwy in the last election has decided to call it quits.A good decision in my view as snother defeat was coming her way in St George against Mr Sutherland.Therefore she took the easy way out.F8nally David Bu the majority of bajans ain, t ready for no return of the dems anytime soon.I gone.

  12. .don’t know how anyone with intelligence can stand any of it or them…after so many LOST DECADES….over half centuries worth…

    the fowls, imps, pimps,…..totally expected from them…..


    They did say the black slaves on the island of Barbados were the most subservient and obedient anywhere in the world for hundreds of years/generations.

    To be this type of individual one would also have to be highly gullible.

    Which is why they continue to wallow on the island, treat each other like shit whilst begging and looking up to the white man (IMF) for their handouts.

  13. “They did say the black slaves on the island of Barbados were the most subservient and obedient anywhere in the world for hundreds of years/generations.”

    oh they LOVE being in that condition, proud of it, boast about it…..won’t have it any other way,

    they are welcome to wallow in that filth, the only problem i have with that is when they are try to BULLY OTHERS TO BE JUST LIKE THEM, think like them, demean themselves like that……..that step down into slave hood….they got quite a few on BU with that putrid mentality..

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