Doctors and Nurses Quitting!

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Source: Barbados Today – The Case of Dr. Griffith – Docs failed

Recently, a case was brought against a local medical practitioner for malpractice. The courts ruled against it. Reading the following report, one has caused to wonder what effect this local case had and will continue to have on the parties involved, how it will effect them going forward and the consequences this case will have throughout the local medical profession as it interacts with the public. 

Has a time bomb been set in place for patients and professionals alike? Many of the stressors in the article are reported to be present in the local arena. 

The Unspoken Reason Why Many Doctors and Nurses Are Quitting
Malpractice litigation is a thorny topic to discuss openly. Even among doctors, it carries an air of shame and secrecy, writes Dr. Gita Pensa.

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  1. Did hear doctors and nurses were quitting in droves…the nurses we understand perfectly…how dare a small time criminal syndicate try to treat qualified professionals as Slaves in the 21st century…

    But the doctors…am hearing an ENTIRELY different story to the above, although malpractice lawsuits could play a part especially when ONE was such a notorious set up…

    …but info is floating around about the REAL reason….ya reap what you sow.

    • Nurses’ plan to enhance profession
      THERE IS A CALL to represent nurses and their socioeconomic needs, while maintaining nursing standards and fostering professional development.
      “Together we will achieve this,” incoming president of the Barbados Nurses Association (BNA), Dr Fay Parris, told the annual general meeting of the association at the Island Inn hotel on Thursday.
      Parris told the meeting: “My vision for the Barbados Nursing Association is that it continues to be a leading force in shaping the future of nursing in Barbados . . . .”
      “The future does not just happen. My goal is to provide a platform for members to enhance their professional development by connecting with members, working as a team and harnessing their expertise and energy. This will be done through advocacy and representation at all levels of nursing using a threetier approach, governmentally, administratively, and individually,” she noted.
      Parris said during her career and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic she has seen the nursing profession in Barbados and worldwide challenged and not given the support and investment each nurse and prospective nurse deserves.
      “Rebuilding nursing requires an adequate amount of nurses who are well-motivated, educated and supported. This rebuilding can only be done if we influence policy locally, regionally and internationally,” she argued.
      The new president expressed gratitude to the outgoing executive and Government for the progress made on “heartfelt issues” such as provision of student nurses stipends, establishment of 18 speciality nursing posts and increases in allowances.
      “During the next two years, we are again looking to our future, BNA’s input is twofold in its union and professional organisation statuses,” Parris remarked.
      She cited as priority “the eminent discussion
      on job reclassification as it relates to equitable pay and conditions of employment”. The association would be continuing the debate on allowances and health insurance and implementing policies for improved career structures to assist in defining speciality and advanced practice posts.
      The BNA, Parris said, would be, “seeking recognition for the valuable services nurses provide, safe staffing levels, better working conditions, including after hours transportation, uniforms provision, payment of salaries in a timely manner and night differentials”.
      Among the other issues are the advocating for leadership in nursing and addressing the looming absence of a Chief Nursing Officer for more than six months and the limiting nurses’ involvement in policy-making on issues unique to the profession at the ministerial level.
      “As a professional association, BNA will seek to impact and assist in positioning nurses to promote timerelevant care in technology, diversity and inclusiveness, attracting investors and working with our stakeholders to create the right environment for the practice. As nurses, we must partner with the Government and own the narrative. Ultimately, responsibility is up to us, not someone else,” Parris said..
      Retired nurse June Robinson was made an Honorary Member while Dr Marion Howard, a past president, was also recognised for her outstanding contribution and received Life Membership and an award.
      Promotion practice
      Immediate past president, Valarie Francis-Miller, said after that in the past to be promoted to an administrative position they had to give up practising in an area of specialisation.
      The announcement in the Budget presentation by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley for 18 specialist nurses now means that nurses could be promoted and retain their option of practising. This was one of the achievements during the past twoyear tenure, she noted.
      In delivering the president’s report for 2021 – 2023 Francis Miller also appealed publicly for Advanced Specialist Practice Nurses, “free public transportation, customer discounts at various companies, tax-free incentives, housing assistance or affordable homes and accurate remuneration for unsociable hours such as night duty”.
      “Many nurses were able to capitalise on BNA’s priority interest of affordable housing for nurses as BNA partnered with HOPE Inc, a government-owned entity,” she stated.
      She said the association was represented at the Social Partnership meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, “where she expressed her gratitude for our accompaniment to the various healthcare institutions”.
      Francis-Miller said the association used the visits by the Minister of Health and Wellness and Prime Minister to hospitals, to repeatedly highlight nursing concerns. (HH)

      Source: Nation

  2. My understanding is, the reason for the exodus of doctors is more tied to the reality of fallout from vaccine intake..

    .ah guess many dont want any links to or association with those who got in a supreme court setting and not only swore, but gave an uninformed unprofessional verdict that vaccines cause no death and injuries while information is coming directly from WHO and other entities that it’s just not true…

    wuh i wont want my name linked or attached to none ah dem neider, not with career ending investigations about to kick off..

    Dah is wuh happen wen small island wannabes believe they got the power to lie and make evating up for fun when it involves people’s lives… right up until it BACKFIRED as it has so superbly..

    March 29, 2023 at 7:34 PM said:
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    Pacha…these really did the most, now they HAVE TO PAY….

    “Caribbean Covid Crimes Criminal Justice Triibunal” these will make the determination for small island vaccine bullies..

    it’s been confirmed that the fallout from this is escalating…a 6 year
    old found dead in bed last night, injuries and deaths are rising, cahn hide it anymore…

  3. No doctors or nurses were quitting in Saint Petersburg today as a bomb exploded in a cafe killing a well known journalist, injuring dozens.

    The journalist was long on the Ukrainian government’s kill list. So too are people like Scott Ritter and many more.

    This series of terrorist attacks by the Ukrainian government’s intelligence agencies on civilians outside the war zone has a long history” dating back to WW2 and with the past and current support of the Collective West. Primarily the USA.

    After WW2 the USA continued funding and arming the OUN, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – a fascist outfit – with the sole purpose of destabilizing the USSR. And they killed many thousands.

    We are unaware whether any of the doctors or nurses which are quitting understand this history. Or that the USA, itself, is a terrorist state which also continues to deploy Al Queda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, now the fascists in Ukraine and others, to provide unnecessary work for members of the medical profession everywhere.😄😄😄😄😄😅😅

  4. Pacha..dont know what to tell these. I certainly dont envy any of them. They voluntarily did what they did and can’t blame a fella but themselves…..let’s see who they will try to pin the tail on..all their supporters are available am sure they will easily find someone…to take the fall fuh dem.

    Ya done know the ever admiring and loving fowls, slaves imps and pimps…loyal to a fault..

    Saw the raw footage of the bombing, it was awful, all that damage just to kill one person.

    “WARNING GRAPHIC: One Person Dead, Six Injured In Explosion In St. Petersburg Cafe — TASS Citing Emergency Services

    RIA Novosti, citing authorities, reports that military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky was killed in the explosion.”

  5. Terrorism in all its guises is damnable.

    It’s very difficult to understand the condemnation – rightly so – of US or UK state sponsored terrorism but find passionate solace for the similarly sponsored violence by Putin!

    These continued acts are indeed very explosive with everything on a knife’s edge … a crew of Wagner operatives or those sponsored by them making similar mischief in Kyiv or other western cities will most likely push this war to the worst possible conclusions.

    Talk of Putin’s possible demise may be the only saving grace.

    • Dribbler
      You are so hopeless that it is REALLY funny…

      What is difficult to understand about REAL Black people having VERY different perspectives about the terrorism of Western albinos, who have been DOCUMENTED to have used institutionalized terror SPECIFICALLY against black people for the last 4 Centuries now….
      …and the Eastern and Middle Eastern albinos who have only a LIMITED history of such targeted racist terror, and who in fact, supported the Black fight against apartheid when your ‘heroes’ were persisting to the very end…? ( …as they continue even now – albeit in the most sinister methods?)

      Did you think that, like you, all other Blacks worship YOUR heroes ….and dream of merging into their ‘world’?

      A “Putin’s possible demise” may well reveal a MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE Russian leader. One who remembers the various military incursions into Russia – resulting in casualties in the millions… and who UNLIKE lukewarm Blacks, and all-out brass bowls, actually LEARN LESSONS from history – and take proactive steps to defy the repeat of such failures….

    • @Bush Tea

      Dee Word is one of those fine Bajans who must have assimilated to north American culture having run from Barbados to chase the American dream LOL.

    • You may be quite right @BushGriot re my hopelessness and are surely accurate to at least 50% re a Putin successor but I am much less convinced on the other stuff.

      I was never deeply impressed with Eastern (read as USSR/Russian) embracing negros (to use that 60s term) … Both US n USSR were always self serving massa types.

      So I , like the racistly bent Churchill, believed that Democracy was the best of the worst forms of governance.

      I smile now as I can still recall vigorous ‘chats’ in 2nd through 5th forms disavowing Castro’s earlier embrace of communist mantra which led – as u know quite well – to near warfare.

      Let’s be clear to you and @David that I simply saw that geopolitical chess play for what it was … I fully accepted his revolt against the US massa forces as I was NEVER transfixed by any American exceptionalism … but when some of my class mates painted it in their ‘sweet’ chatter of awesomess I told them that was BS.

      I would suggest I have been more right than wrong: ABSOLUTE authoritarian rule of the other side is just lucifer called beelzebug!

      BTW the brothers who went to Moscow and other cities from the 50’s onwards are now well rooted family men … can you tell the blog how ‘wonderful’ their mulatto families (again using old terms) flourished WITHOUT racism there!

      My brother I am a realist … if u accept Eastern mindsets then more power to u… I’ll suffer with this ‘devil’, tho!


    • Dribs,
      Your line of argument is predictably mainstream.

      “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

      The guns that made the ANC and other anti apartheid groups RELEVANT, were kalashnikovs from Russia, and the tactics and moral support was characterized by CUBANS flying to Africa to lend logistical support.
      …add two and two and see what you get..

      NO DAMN body likes Black people –

      It is the price we are paying for turning our backs on the CREATOR, and lusting instead after albino-centric brassbowlery.

      EVERYONE else can see what POTENTIAL we possess – except our own blinded BB eyes…

      Which African country did Russia invade and exploit its people for 4 HUNDRED years? … or China?
      Only CUBA did that …and THEN, was to help defeat the BB albino invaders – and Havana is paying the price even now….

      You should REALLY declare your interests in these debates….

    • @Bush Tea

      You are always singing the praises of the credit union movement on here. How come Capita had to recruit outside of Barbados in your favourite next door territory?

  6. “It’s very difficult to understand the condemnation – rightly so – of US or UK state sponsored terrorism but find passionate solace for the similarly sponsored violence by Putin!”

    CIA say China wants to spy on everyone
    They say the yellows want to abuse Internet Technology
    These pasty whites have no shame in their game
    to quote a right wing white trash trope
    these hypocrites cannot see the irony

    War, children, it’s just a shot away
    It’s just a shot away

    Rape, murder!
    It’s just a shot away

    I tell you love, sister, it’s just a kiss away
    It’s just a kiss away
    It’s just a kiss away
    It’s just a kiss away
    It’s just a kiss away
    Kiss away, kiss away

  7. Very serious times…hopefully the La La Land-ers are taking serious note…saw a clip where the young lady alledgedly admitted to handing over the figurine that killed the journalist.

    When ya doing dirty work for others, it comes woith lifechanging’s an understatement to say she looks rightfully scared..

    “Arrest Warrant Issued for Woman Allegedly Behind St. Petersburg Bombing

    🇷🇺 police on Monday have released information on 26-year-old Daria Trepova – who is reported to be behind the murder of blogger Vladlen Tatarsky.

    She is said to have handed Tatarsky a statue before leaving the cafe, moments before the blast occurred.”

  8. Waru

    These people are getting more and more desperate as the White supremacist time of Pisces comes to an end.

    We have posited that White people will never relinquish power in this world as a cyclical process. What else should be expected when you brainwash them and others about some god giving dominion over earth to Whitey.

    The Russians just arrested a Wall Street Journal “journalist” as cover for spying. A NOC.That Tatarsky, a real journalist, is assassinated in such a fashion is not new. Remember, Dugin?

    Porgorgin, the leader of Wagner, which is an integral part of the Russian military, has just announced that central Bukhmut has been captured.

    This means the imminent total collapse of the entire Ukranian 70 kilometer front line in the Donbass. There are no prepared more westward defenses to which they could fall back, given the big, deep, muddy created by snowfall.

    Western denialism about the importance of Bukhmut stares into the face of battlefield realities.

    So we sould expect greater forms of desperation. This is not about doctors and nurses quitting. Indeed, it’s about the complete annihilation of the Ukranian-NATO forces. The beginning of the end of White supremacy.

    And Whitey cannot contemplate such a total defeat but he shall be brought to heel.

  9. “Middle Eastern albinos who have only a LIMITED history of such targeted racist terror, and who in fact, supported the Black fight against apartheid when your ‘heroes’ were persisting to the very end…?”

    Nelson Mandela the main leader against would disagree with the above fallacy
    Gaddafi and PLO’s Arafat were strong supporters and allies of ANC in the fight against Apartheid

    During the 60’s civil rights fights to end segregation the white trope was “Integration is Communism”
    This is the same mindset of the ‘populism’ ism schism division of today by Brits and their colonies of USA and Australia

    • LOL
      “who the blogmaster should ban, he first makes mad as shiite..”

      ha ha ha
      no sweat kikerts…

    • You may have misread but it still bordered on the fallacious 😎

      @BushGriot you phrase it sweetly -as is your skillset – that the Eastern folks (and here we can include China et al) only have a ‘limited’ history of damnable ‘terrorism’ against us Afros suggesting that the longer term devil is worst!

      Balderhdash brother. 1) Now we can IMPACT and CHANGE the system after long ‘sufferation’ so … it’s perversely nonsensical to go with a new master and have to start from scratch again! ….. 2) That embrace was PURELY strategic. In their OWN nations all of Khrushchev, Brezhnev et al did NOT embrace opponents or political foes with such grace…
      So please let’s get REAL!

      I gone.

  10. Everyone should just sit back, relax and welcome in the Age of Aquarius.

    Pacha…despite all the blindly selfish historical needs and wants, there is much work to do…either that or face insurmountable and irreversible problems, so they may as well suck it up and dump the false pride they shackled themselves to…either way, am so happy politicians have absolutely NO POWER to lead this charge…this one is too over their heads and outside their skillsets, a whole new level out of their one needs them…and they have no clue anyways …lol

  11. I do not know what you are talking about but you have been misreading what the geezer said for ages.

    It pleases me to see your level of comprehension is improving.

    • It is amazing the extent to which some of your open your eyes every morning to scour the internet for any news to fuel a doomsday agenda. History from start times is replete with dastardly acts, plagues/pestilences etc.

    • Incase you weren’t aware, various “feeds” will adjust to what you like. Scouring isn’t required. It’s automatic.

  12. I was going to say that the religious minded doomsday revelations thinking is negative self fulfilling revelations

    proper spirituality is about the power of positive thinking and self realisation that God and Universe is within each and every one


  13. Appears lawsuits are kickstarting and will be ongoing for many, many yesrs to come. What a mess to be part of..

    “Peter Todd, consultant solicitor with Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd told the i Newspaper: “According to the MHRA, in the UK up to 23 November, 2022, there had been 445 reports of major blood clots (thrombosis) with concurrent low platelets (thrombocytopenia) reported after AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, including, tragically, 81 deaths.

    “These include strokes, heart attacks, amputations and other major life-changing injuries. This is an unusually large number of very serious injuries to have been caused by a vaccine.

    “We expect to be able to establish in court that these clots were likely caused by the vaccine.”

  14. William….reaping exactly what they sowed, while writing my book for me….lol

  15. It’s unknown to this writer why a slave master would want to tell people what to think, how to think, as long as his narrow level of awareness is not violated.

    This writer has long contended that central to what makes a Bajan is a condition which neither doctors nor nurses have a remedy. Its dictatorial impulse. Or a bunch uh keys mentality.

    There is never an abiding critique of a stinking bible, or a dirty religion, which is replete from genesis to revelations with violence of all kinds. Talk about doomsday. Armageddon anyone?

    There is never a serious questioning to an American empire which has hardly spent a full year of its reign without killing people, especially peoples of color, in genocidal wars. Threatening doomsdays in order to instill fear.

    There will never be a narrative which suggests that the West constantly plans doomsday scenarios, every rasssoul day! Indeed, when offered a chance to disinvent nuclear weapons these were the people who said no. Such is their love for doom and gloom, not happy talk, poppycock!

    It should not be remembered that tens of thousands of nuclear weapons remain on hair trigger alert every day. That things are always malfunctioning.

    That this market-based economy model so much preferred was never free, never fair. That capitalism deploys such fears of doomsday scenarios as an indispensable means of keeping the system in place.

    Such doomsday scenarios include the dethroning of the USD. But we are not to rasssoul think bout dat. How can it be known how plans are to be best made if all worst case events are not considered? These are the same people who otherwise complain that an education does not help economy. If you want peace, prepare for doomsday wars. If you want your much loved anti-economy consider all variables.

    Maybe the Americans, who spend trillions, looking at the widest ranges of doomsday scenarios, including aliens visitations, should be rendered such puerile advice.

  16. It’s estsblished that something is not right, decidely unnatural.

    “This writer has long contended that central to what makes a Bajan is a condition which neither doctors nor nurses have a remedy. Its dictatorial impulse. Or a bunch uh keys mentality.”

  17. America will defeat itself
    they are their own weakest link

    cue some edited lyrics
    [D would get the hump with full song]

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    (Yeah, so we did a song)

  18. There are near doomsday scenarios which nobody or serious agency in the country would have a clue about, far less save lives.

    Let’s ignore the emergency management and the regional one.

    We’re talking about a tidal wave, or series thereof. And with the underwater volcanoes or earthquake fault lines nearby somebody serious should be worrying about this every waken moment.

    We would venture that if Barbados was struct by a category five hurricane and 90 percent of the houses was destroyed there would be no internal answers for this doomsday scenario, near term.

    In our organization the people paid vastly more than the rest are those who burden themselves with the problems largest in magnitude and the solutions to such.

    The kind of thinking which presupposes that god is a Bajan, that no serious planning is required until a few days before a hurricane, or other doomsday event, is characteristic of a quiet but looming doomsday towards extinction which reminds us of the proverbial boiling frog.

    • Pacha…
      Do you REALLY expect this level of thought from a people who are not even capable of occupying a BRAND NEW building costing million$ in St Thomas?
      Shiite man!!! like a TRUE Parro, we have been PURELY focussed on borrowing, and begging for our next meal.

      Plan for the future?
      and prepare for the storm?
      Don’t mek joke. Even a rainy day brings every shiite bout here to a halt…
      besides…the big shots bout here are all foreigners, who can just pack up and leave in the event of a disaster. So why would they waste resources on planning for such eventualities..?

      …and the politicians have their stash in Canada in case of emergency (Miami is too risky now ..)

  19. Yolanda Grant wrote:‘Peter Todd, consultant solicitor with Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd told the i Newspaper: “According to the MHRA, in the UK up to 23 November, 2022, there had been 445 reports of major blood clots (thrombosis) with concurrent low platelets (thrombocytopenia) reported after AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, including, tragically, 81 deaths.’

    Check link below for a Canadian funeral director/embalmer testifying as to the unnatural blood clots she and other embalmers started to notice in cadavers after the allegedly safe and effective jaberwacky started to be widely distributed across the length and breadth of Canada..

    Similar testimony from a UK Funeal home owner here:

  20. Latest plans from the psycopathic lunatic, mad scientists at Big-Pharma now working closely with their psycopathic, lunatic partners at Big-Ag and with the cooperation of psycopathic lunatic politicians who see no problem with this new approach to vaccine distribution: Let’s just put the vaccines into the food supply.

    So you will eat your Phama/government mandated vaccine or you will starve, This seems to be the move designed to counter vaccine resistance on the part of anyone silly enough to believe in the sanctity of the hippocratic oath or the Nuremberg Convention’s requirement that informed consent from the patient before any medical procedure can be administered is absolutely mandatory.

    Eat Your Vaccines: mRNA Gene Therapy Is Coming to the Food Supply THIS MONTH
    April 3, 2023 • by The Vigilant Fox
    They’ve given up on a needle in every arm. Now they’re coming for what you eat.
    “I’ve got documents from the NIH – from 2002 – talking about integrating vaccines into foods,” announced attorney Tom Renz in an eye-opening interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf. “They’ve been working on integrating these [vaccines] into our food supply. They’ve been working on it for at least two decades.”


    • GM
      Stop looking for rationality….
      The more you dig, the clearer it will become that some SERIOUS EVIL forces are running things bout here.

      The battle is NOT against flesh and blood…
      The focus now is on death and destruction like never before.

      What an epoch to be alive…

  21. @ David
    “How come Capita had to recruit outside of Barbados in your favourite next door territory?”
    Sorry Boss…. no idea about any such matter.
    But no surprise would be elicited from the bushman.

    If our BB Government routinely bypasses our UWI ‘graduates’ in favor of outsiders to control our assets, what would you expect the brass bowls in credit unions to do?
    You think it is only Bushie that can smell BS?

    Shiite man, we even got chucky people from ‘Rastaland’ to manage our Big Cave, while passing MILLION$ each year down a small ‘cave on a Hilary’ …to produce clerks and ‘pollsters’ to beg the new massa for a little pick…

    The only thing that would SHOCK Bushie now, is if ANY Bajan organisation displays a modicum of ‘pride and industry’ by doing SOME shiite that actually makes sense…

    …and yes…
    There was a bit of hope in the credit union to make a difference, but brass bowls can only be brass bowls.
    Water CANNOT be extracted from stone.

    • Expedite SOEs process
      Such heavy reliance on Government is unsustainable, especially given the heavy demands on the public purse for other critical areas such as health, education and welfare.
      QUESTIONS, AND CRITICISMS, about Government’s approach to the reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are not going away. The issue is one which caught the attention as the 2022-2023 financial year ended last Friday.
      When the House of Assembly met on that day, as well as last week Tuesday, there were millions of dollars in supplementaries approved. This is financing that Government did not budget for in its Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for 2022-2023.
      The four supplementaries approved by members of the Lower House again illustrated how much some SOEs, including those that are in the commercial category are relying on funding from Central Government. For example, based on the related resolutions published on Parliament’s website, nearly $7 million was approved to cover salaries for the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation for the month of March, as well as for back pay and outstanding increments for staff.
      That was not all. Some $5.7 million was voted to cover wages, utilities, fuel, and insurance at the Transport Board, while the National Housing Corporation will receive $3 million in supplementary monies to meet its operational expenses.
      The approval of this additional funding for these statutory bodies in the final week of the last financial year partly illustrates why some economists, other professionals, members of the private sector and average citizens, continue to voice concern about the reform of SOEs and the need for more information on the process.
      When she presented Government’s latest Budgetary Proposals on March 14, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mia Amor Mottley told the Lower House that SOEs were created for the purpose of more efficient and effective delivery of critically important public services, but instead have grown to represent the opposite of this mandate.
      She reported that for the financial year ended March 2022, commercial SOEs generated losses of $402 million before Government subsidies of $383 million.
      For the corresponding period in the previous year, losses of $470 million were incurred before Government subsidies of $325 million.
      Such heavy reliance on Government is unsustainable, especially given the heavy demands on the public purse for other critical areas such as health, education and welfare. The Prime Minister said during the Budget presentation that the SOEs would be revamped to give Government and the public greater value for money.
      There have been suggestions by others that this could entail some divestment to the private sector, and workers at some of the corporations.
      There is a human element to all of this and no one is, or should be, advocating for people to lose their jobs. Mottley and Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn both indicated that the process was a complex one involving trade unions, and this is understandable. Balancing cost cutting with improved service delivery is also vital.
      It is accepted that the process will take time, but given continued worries about the financial performance of SOEs, including their liquidity, solvency, and profitability, and their big dependence on taxpayer’s money to function, Barbados cannot afford for the exercise to be protracted.

      Nation Newspaper Editorial

  22. They are modeling well made beds, may as well lay in them…

    All these wasted decades…and for what…beg, borrow depend….and repeat.

    Looking good, dont change a thing.


    We located the most hard-hitting professional journalist digging into who is imposing this bizarre agenda on us. Jennifer Bilek is a lifelong feminist, alarmed by men who don the mask of womanhood and then demand that all of society affirm this “identity.”

    People are free to do what they like with their own bodies and time, but asking—nay, forcing—everyone else to ignore biological reality is another matter.

    Jennifer Bilek blows the whistle in her hard-hitting investigative pieces that can be found at:


    We contacted her and got this in-depth interview that gets to the bottom of WHO IS BEHIND ALL THIS?

  24. Pacha…getting some education on the Restrict Act.

    not a fan of crypto since i dont believe that one person or a group of people should have total control over people finances, that can crash and burn at any time and for the flimsiest of reasons….look how well that is working out, total chaos…

  25. Greenie
    This whole wokeist agenda shows how humans could largely be made to accept any unreality.

    And we have a number of well- healed assholes well vested in trying to deny the very nature of things.

    Respectability has come to mean acceptance of the equality of a man with big balls in a g-string, declaring womanhood, competing against real women and this injustice is applauded by a world worthy of destruction.

    Of course, we are not to speak in apocalyptic terms for this false respectability requires jenuflection to bullers.

  26. LBGTQWEIRD is the ultimate confirmation that “quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat”…
    This applied not only the nasty bullers and wickers, but also to the lame brass bowls who they are able to get to accept the perversion of nature.

    It is NOT however, that God destroys societies BECAUSE they become sexual perverts. It is really that such societies on the self imposed path to destruction, inevitably exhibits this (and many other) forms of complete madness – or brassbowlery….

    Those with eyes to see, and who heed the warning signs are lucky indeed….

  27. Bushie
    Dey now insisting on human -animal “unions” be normalized.

    Some uh dum even want to marry dogs, pets.

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