We are being poisoned with our processed, high sugar, nutrient poor foods

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In this recent video Russel Brand explores with US food activist Calley Means the disastrous declining state of US citizens’ health which Calley relates to a diet that is increasingly taken over by highly processed food devoid of nutritional value and high in sugar while both children and adults both get less physical activity in their daily lives than their ancestors did.  Calley explains that the declining health of its citizenry is making the US a nation in decline with an increasingly uncompetitive, out of shape workforce suffering an overabundance of non-communicable, degenerative diseases, and falling fertility rates along with increasing psychological and psychiatric problems and skyrocketing medical costs. 

As degenerative diseases increase, Pharma increases its own profits as pharmaceutical drug sales climb in parallel with the increases in poor-diet induced, non-communicable diseases among the population.   Calley claims US teenagers,  showing symptoms of degenerative diseases forming in their bodies from eating a poor diet are like gold mines for Pharma, as throughout their lifespan Pharma can sell them the drugs they need to deal with the diseases they develop as they age. 

These US health problems also apply in increasing rates to other industrialized and less developed countries including Barbados, as increasingly we see other countries like Barbados adopting an American, fast-food lifestyle and increasing numbers of underactive and overweight children in our schools and on the streets.

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  1. There are no differences between the American poison diet and that of Barbados.

    Recall, those who here will kill for bonavis and rice, macaroni pie; no-added-sugar fruits like mangoes; starches like yams, sweet potatoes, casava, foods which are the same as sugar when converted, nuff meat which the body stores as fat but metabolizes as sugar; grains like wild rice, quinoa, millet, barley, amaranth, farro etc.

    OSA said he liked his sweet food, like above, pun intended. But early death, metabolic syndrome diseases for years, warehousing in an almshouse, self-imposed multiple dismemberments, prolonged pain and suffering, a ward of big pharma for life, are only a few of the wages of sweet “mout” Bajans.

    Barbados the amputation capital of the world. Starvation is far better than the constant triggering of an insulin response leading to insulin resistance.

  2. These days it seems that we have to rely on comedians, like Russel Brand in this case, to bring to the surface and broadcast the deeper, underlying issues facing our modern societies, i.e. that our vaunted “democracies” are operated more like oligopolies where extremely rich and powerful interests exert a controlling interest over economics/finance, the political process, and mainstream media messaging.

    The US is not a democracy but an oligarchy, study concludes
    “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence,”


    Could be that this unacknowledged role of comedians goes back to the old days when it was alleged that the court jesters could get away with telling a truth (in the form of a joke) that if spoken out loud by other less privelidged court members might have caused the unfortunate person to be banished from the court, or perhaps if the king was in a bad mood, to get his head removed from the neck.

    As the late comedian George Carlin put it: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”
    (Warning, this George Carlin video contains swearing)

    Another comedian these days who has stepped up to the plate in the USA to broadcast to his growing internet and live audiences points of view that powerful and wealthy establishment interests would prefer to keep under wraps from the Joe and Jane Public “riff-raff” is Jimmy Dore, e.g.:

    Hunter Biden’s Laptop Authenticated Despite Media Cover-Up (Jimmy Dore explains):

    • Weaponise Black economics
      Consumer organisations needed in region and Africa
      By Lenrod Nzulu Baraka

      Black people at the lowest level of the economic ladder are in caught smack dab in the centre of an existential crisis that is threatening to drive poor people the world over well below the poverty line and possibly into abject destitution. This comes at a time when the super-rich globally are racking in astronomical profits adding to the already lopsided distribution of global wealth.
      As the pandemic recedes and evolves into an endemic, the dislocations and disruptions caused by the pandemic have only served to widen the gap between the haves and the have nots. Wealthy countries that could afford to write stimulus cheques for their citizens and business communities gave billions to the rich.
      In his book Adrift, Scott Galloway, professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, stated that the US gave $50 billion of tax payers’ money to the airline industry in the aftermath of the COVID 19 crisis. This, of course, came after the trillions of dollars that were poured into the ailing financial institutions after the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
      Campaign contributions
      The wealthy around the world have a well-greased lobbying system that virtually guarantees the passage of laws that are favourable to the interest of the super wealthy. In the Caribbean and Africa, campaign contributions to political parties and politicians (covertly or otherwise) pretty much achieves the same outcome. This, by the way, is one of the principal reasons why the same group of people profit handsomely irrespective of who wins the government.
      Rising inflation rates globally are also contributing to pauperisation of those at the lowest level of the socioeconomic ladder. Greedy merchants with consciences seared with hot irons engage in price gouging to accrue for themselves the highest possible profit margins while the real income of the poor plumets. Shrinkflation is also noticeable on supermarket shelves as consumers are forced to pay more for less of items. Simply put while the weight and size of items are decreasing the cost just keeps rising.
      Governments in the Caribbean and Africa with a finger on the pulse of the global financial trends understand that they have to work overtime to stabilise inflation. Increasing interest rates by central banks is the standard economic tool used by economists to control inflation. Unfortunately, hikes in the interest rates only help to exacerbate the plight of the poor.
      The price of borrowing increases accompanied by a decrease in the money supply. Unemployment increases as businesses are forced to lay-off staff due to fall-offs in economic activity.
      New price increases
      The exigencies of the times demand that consumers start being more proactive and reactive to new price increases and changes in business policies and practices that hurt consumers. Consumer organisations modelled after workers unions are badly needed in the Caribbean and Africa to combat the wallet and purse assaults being launched by the merchant class in both regions.
      Companies and businesses engaging in price gouging need to be confronted and made to feel the power of the masses of consumers.
      Well-orchestrated protests against businesses that are acting unethically and against the interest
      of consumers simply to net high profits can act as catalysts to bring the management of these businesses to the negotiating table. As in the case of unions, wellfunded and well supported consumer organisations can bring businesses to their knees if management continues to be oblivious to the just demands of consumers
      Credit unions
      On the individual level people of African ancestry have had a torrid time dealing with financial institutions that answer to management structures dominated by melanin deficient ethnic groups and others not overly sympathetic to the cause of people of African ancestry. If your bank is not working for you move your money to another bank. If you think the banking system sucks, move your money to the credit unions. If your credits unions are giving you a raw deal agitate for a change in the management of the credit union of which you are a member.
      While I am on the subject of weaponising Black economics it would be remiss of me not to remind us that people of African ancestry need to up our game at all levels in the economic cycle. We already have the expertise that is needed in banking, insurance, international trade, and international finance. We should be well in advance of where we are in all these fields. Mastering all the vital components of building a viable economic system is a prerequisite for Black people bouncing Black wealth around within the confines of Black communities.
      Lenrod Nzulu Baraka is the founder of Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Teaching Centre and the author of The Rebirth Of Black Civilization: Making Africa And The Caribbean Great Again.

      Source: Nation

  3. Pachamama on April 1, 2023 at 3:50 PM said:
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    There are no differences between the American poison diet and that of Barbados.


    Who are the happiest people in America?

    The Amish!!

    Tied with the 400 richest people.

    Eat and live healthy too!!

    They typically have 6-7 children per family and their population doubles every 20 years.


  4. If you are converting stored fat into sugar, I think it means that you are in need of ENERGY.

    Unless everything I learnt has been turned on its head, glucose and fructose are where we get ENERGY. So, if we are alive and kicking, it is because some part of WHATEVER WE HAVE EATEN has arrived at the SUGAR STAGE.

    The problem therefore, seems to be a problem of HOW MUCH, more so than WHAT we eat.

    Of course, there are interactions and relationships between nutritional elements and our body that make it more complex than that. But Basic Nutrition for Laypersons (or dummies) amounts to variety and moderation.

    We are not only the amputation capital of the world. We are also in the running for centenarian city. Ninety year olds are also in abundance. Many of them are in relatively good condition, considering their advanced age.

    Most members of my family lived long and prospered on the traditional Bajan diet. Their suffering was relatively short. Deterioration and death is, of course, inevitable. We can only postpone it.

    P.S. OSA was known for more POISONOUS daily dietary choices than “sweet food” He also loved to wash it down “well”.

    The tale of his liver’s travails were on full facial display. I did not need knowledge of his nickname to conclude that there was an “Alleyne” in his life, near and dear to his heart.

    If I had to select a suspect to blame for his “early” exit, it wouldn’t be pudding and souse pun a Saturday.

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