Bequia, Island in the Clouds, and Bitcoin

Submitted by Nathan J Green

Hello and Happy New Year to all my followers and friends. I am currently researching a book on

If any of you have information on scams regarding any form of cryptocurrency, would you be kind enough to drop me a line and tell me about your experience? I will, of course, not use your name or identify you unless you expressly wish me to; you will remain anonymous.

Have any of you been scammed on or in any matter regarding Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency? And in particular, on the island of Bequia?

News stories have said that Bitcoin is accepted on Bequia as payment for everyday essentials and at restaurants, cinemas, and cafes. The cinemas are listed as plural, but to my knowledge, there is not even one cinema on Bequia; please correct me if I am wrong. Also, please tell me about your experiences.

The name hailed as the leading light for Bitcoin payment for property on Bequia, and the leader of an organization or group known as ‘One-Bequia’ is described as a ‘Property Mogul’ Storm Gonsalves. [According to the dictionary, a real estate or property mogul is an entrepreneur who has built a massive real estate empire by actively or passively investing in real estate. Real estate moguls are among the wealthiest billionaires in the world who own hundreds of commercial & residential properties]

I was informed by something I read about becoming a property mogul. They said these qualities help:

1/ Find out which way everyone looks and looks the other way [I am unsure what that means].
2/ Have an influential daddy.

There were other qualities which I will not list for now.

Storm Gonsalves happens to be one of the sons of the island’s prime minister Dr Ralph Everard
Gonsalves. Storm’s mother, the PM’s wife, Eloise Gonsalves [nee Harris], also appears to be involved in some way, listed as an interior designer for the One Bequia project.

I remember Eloise also had the interior design role at the beginning of what turned out to be the
crooked businessman Dave Ames and his Harlequin enterprise ‘Buccament Bay Resort’ on Saint Vincent Island. She did the internal design and supplied furnishings and fittings for the show villas. Some said her fee was massive; I do not know about that, and I have not discussed it with her. Later it was all ripped out and replaced with Chinese stuff; Ames told me he hated it, but he had terrible taste. Mrs Gonsalves also travelled to a UK investment conference meeting Dave Ames and the Harlequin developers for a super high-powered Buccament sales conference in Watford, England. She spoke on how excellent Saint Vincent and the Buccament investment was. Unfortunately, just about everyone who invested their money at Buccament lost it.

Nothing much new about that. Everything written in the above paragraph is previously in the public domain and has been published several times elsewhere. But I will remind you about that.

Bequia is one of the islands that make up the group of islands forming the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Not for one moment am I insinuating, implying, or expressing facts or opinions that Storm Gonsalves or his daddy or mummy has done or is doing anything whatsoever illegal or improper regarding Bequia, Bitcoin, or any other matter. As far as I know, they have done nothing wrong and are good people.

Last year a Bequia news item was headed ‘This small Caribbean paradise is set to become the
world’s first fully Bitcoin-enabled community’. Unfortunately, that appears to be untrue because
several other islands worldwide make precisely the same claim.

I tried to look at another island claiming to be the world’s crypto island However, the website link warned that it was an unsafe website, and after further investigation, I got the message that the Hosting Provider had disconnected the domain.

So, I had a look at this cryptocurrency industry information website and found this

They give the project a safety of investment score of 16 % out of 100% possible score.
I am not interested in or asking about the overall involvement of the Gonsalves family in Bitcoin or the ‘One Bequia’ project. The project and the information written here are just some surplus
background information included to inform.

What I am investigating are cryptocurrencies and fraud. Has anyone got information about crypto fraud on the island of Bequia?

Has anyone lost money through Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on Bequia?
Thank you

[Please let us keep politics out of this and relate to the facts in this article. This article is the sole
responsibility of the named writer and not the publisher who publishes the piece as freedom of
speech as protected by the constitution and in the belief, it is truthful and correct]

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  1. Scammers all. Can’t wait for the small island fintech frauds and liars to all get their just desserts.

  2. Lol…minions and small island help gotta wait on the outside looking in until they are called.

  3. I saw a Virgin ad in the papes today that said
    “Come to Barbados to find your Rhythm”
    Well I think I’m losing my mind, this time
    This time I’m losing my mind, that’s right
    Said I think I’m losing my mind, this time
    This time, I’m losing my mind

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