William Duguid Agreed Politicians Laughing at ‘WE’

It is no secret the blogmaster fell in love with late Prime Minister David Thompson’s sweet mouth. He seemed earnest about his public spiritedness, especially addressing the introduction of integrity and freedom of information laws. He ran a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) campaign based on a promise to attack corruption in public life. He led the DLP to victory in 2008 and although he fell sick and eventually died in 2010, there was an expectation among the electorate the DLP would have and should have delivered on the promise to enact transparency legislation. A manifesto is a social contract and should mean something to HONOURABLE men and women?

Again in the build up to the 2018 general election the Mia Mottley led Barbados Labour Party (BLP) promised to introduce transparency legislation. The public should recall the dramatics associated with the failed attempt to pass the Integrity in Public Life Bill in 2020 by the Upper House in its final session. In its final session. The incumbent government is in its second term in 2023 and there is little mention of prioritizing that failed Bill or other supporting pieces of transparency laws for that matter. 

Very few maybe aware there was a failed attempt by a Tom Adams led government to enact similar legislation in the 70s. After half a century of the duopoly (BLP/DLP) promising to enact integrity legislation, it must be obvious neither party is serious about delivering on what must be labeled an empty promise or in bajan parlance – a barefoot lie. See BU’s blog with the title Integrity Legislation Will NOT be Implemented by the Political Class posted in 2017. There is a document with content attributed to Minster William Duguid confirming what the dots accumulated over 50 make obvious.

(I said that I naively hoped that DLP would really bring in integrity legislation, but it didn’t look promising). No, Thompson wont do that. He would have to make the same legislation for the courts, the police, the civil servants, etc. They wont agree to that. Even his own party wont agree to that. (I said that we have something like that up here, ethics and all that, but that I guess humans will have corruption whatever is done). Well, some.

William Duguid caught out in an email exchange discovered in a court discovery process during the Kingsland Estate court case (those unfamiliar can search BU archives) which has been ongoing for decades…- 5/27/2008

What does it say about educated Barbadians that the duopoly (BLP/DLP) could be so emboldened to put us on fair promise for over 50 years?

33 thoughts on “William Duguid Agreed Politicians Laughing at ‘WE’

  1. Fool us once – shame on you
    Fool is twice – shame on us
    Fool us three times – we are regular brass bowls
    BUT… Bajan Brass bowls can also take a fourth….

    The VERY fact that someone like Duguid could be a ‘senior’ political leader bout here confirms our advanced brassbowlery.

    Damn place is cursed!!!

  2. Bushman…don’t know what they are complaining about after proudly enabling dirty lying corrupt politicians in crimes against themselves for decades. Cussing people for traitor politicians. Voting religiously for thieves who are firmly attached at the hip to their fellow thieving sidekick minority partners, whose only ambition is to rob the treasury vat and pension fund..Trying to lure and bully conscious people to conform to and be part of their cursed and blighted slavemindedness.

    They deserve to be laughed at, not a fella i know feel any sympathy for any of them.

    If they only knew what is really going down as told in the last 24 hours, they would worry much more. Wont hold my breath tho. If they only knew *********** but dah is dem bidness. They worked overtime to reach this place. It’s all on them.

    And as i have told others, i will not be sharing anymore crucial lifesaving information. I now have much better things to do with my time. Which is much more liberating. I will watch the show from a safe distance and of course write about it.

  3. Only politicians laffing at we? Who fool you? What do you expect when the powers that be have systematically broken down, destroyed and vilified our Christian traditions that our forefathers have held dear? Where has our pride and industry gone? We have become a society of lazy, gee tuh muh, so-called university educated whinos. We don’t know what it means to stand on our own two feet irregardless of the consequences just like Adams, Barrow, Sandiford and Arthur did. Now, if we want a handout, we must comply with what the UN says or else! Those fellows would tell the UN now as they did back then where to get off. All of our national assets save maybe the GAIA have been sold by these blooming educated fools.
    I remember long before the term “climate change” was coined, we had Solar Dynamics. A firm foundation was laid for the generations to follow to build upon. But no, the idiots have destroyed and /or sold everything that we worked for and sacrificed, and sitting down waiting for reparations for atrocities forced on their forefathers which they have never experienced. We have become a society that is driving and looking in the rearview mirror. Life was made too easy for this lazy generation who love nothing but themselves.

  4. I note the Blogmaster is switching to comedy for the new year 😂😂
    Is White Oaks still on the monthly retainer payroll?

  5. “A manifesto is a social contract”, more jokes.
    A thin addition with no spine to adorn a bookshelf?

  6. I read Ingrid Innes will be back (is this the delayed 4th attempt?) in Cdn court March 8th re: extradition to the US.
    Duguid’s parliamentary interjection years ago towards the former member of SJS reminded me, of this ongoing comedy.

  7. A Conscious song that calls out to the ancestors and deals with issues dating back over four hundred years to the present day.
    What is Your name
    Kunta Kinte, “the African,” is a character in the 1976 novel Roots. He was born in 1750, enslaved and taken to America. He was a member of the highly respected Kinte clan of the Mandinka people of the Gambia. A warrior who was educated, clever, skilled, strong, resilient and proud, he was a young man of immense courage that empower him when he was captured by slavers. Kunta never accepted the name and religion given to him by his slave master and he never gave up on his dream of returning to his homeland and he challenged other enslaved people to fight for their freedom.

  8. Northern…not a fella int finding the reparations scam funny. They are saying straight up that they want back all the land that was stolen from them over the last 100 years, ripped off from their ancestors and their beneficiaries. They want back all the billions stolen from them over the decades by parliament criminals and their sidekicks….that is their reparatory justice they want from fraud politicians. That’s what they are saying.

    Not that the document will make it to BU but it is floating around in certain circles exactly why they are really chasing down slave master spawn for paper money. Not a dime in reparations is slated to go into the hands of Afrikan descents. Hilary was telling the truth. It is all itemized down to the last million. The scam. The fraud.

  9. “It is no secret the blogmaster fell in love with late Prime Minister David Thompson’s sweet mouth. He seemed earnest about his public spiritedness, especially addressing the introduction of integrity and freedom of information laws. He ran a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) campaign based on a promise to attack corruption in public life.”

    @ David

    Prosperous new year to you and the ‘BU family.’

    I found your above comments to be rather interesting…… and funny at the same time.

    During election campaigns, politicians mount their political platforms to talk about ‘INTEGRITY,’ while making SLY INNUENDOES about their opponents.

    I remember when Thompson threatened to publicly expose, at a political meeting, the ‘secret deal’ he alleged Owen Arthur made with the IMF, which was subsequently ‘exposed’ to be untrue.

    Thompson “promised to attack corruption in public life,” but sought to justify using CLICO’s private jet to travel through the Caribbean to conduct government business, by criticizing LIAT.
    Ironically, he was the PM of the island that held majority share-holdings in the airline.

  10. Miller..i didnt forget to send you a French blurb of Kush, but last October issue sent for translation because i just dont have the time to do any professional translations, the service allows me to know that they gender neutral the characters in my content. So of course i went…fine, dont need your gender changing services, not why i hired you, my money, my decision MFs…the nerve…only just hired a local french translator today. I was so pissed it took me that long to engage a new one.

    Bushman do you believe that dangerous society reducing psycho shit has reached to this.

    No one except the fool fowls and slaves can say they didn’t know about the below.

    “Peter Schiff Warns Of ‘Crypto Extinction’

    There is no value in cryptocurrencies and investors should sell their digital assets before they become worthless, prominent crypto-sceptic Peter Schiff has suggested.

    As economists sound the alarm over a so-called “crypto winter” amid the massive drop in the value of digital coins after the collapse of the FTX exchange, Schiff insists that this is not an accurate term to describe the situation.

    “This is not a #crypto winter. That implies spring is coming. This is also not a crypto ice age, as even that came to an end after a couple of million years,” the CEO and chief global strategist at Euro Pacific Capital wrote on Twitter. “This is crypto extinction.” 

  11. Bushman…i hope these colonial politics lovers int sitting waiting for crooked politicians who themselves are sitting waiting on massa…while massa…well let’s just say, massa got much better things to do…lol

    While they are at it they better add the name Rouse, a popular slave master name in Barbados, just like Cumberbatch ..to the still short list of The Let’s Sue Massa Show. A whole article turned up on that and none other than super wealthy Edward Norton, a favorite in movies is a direct descendant. All the slave master names currently in US came from UK..they are easy to find and their slave owning records are intact. Many changed their names but they still cant hide.

  12. Stand as One
    Dub as One
    Black Legacy Records
    Feeling Thoughts Actions manifestations have to remove blockages and freely flow
    Reparations is the humanisation process remedy for the dehumanisation of black people with false perceptions tarring a whole group projecting onto them and not looking at people as individuals (which is whites excuse for the crimes they commit)
    It is akin to war crimes truth and reconciliation tribunals or the Truth and Reconciliation Commission court-like restorative justice body assembled in South Africa in 1996 after the end of apartheid.
    The back to Africa movement mindset to get in touch with ancestors is valid, but so is the out of Africa movement where there was a biblical exodus of ancestors aka movement of Jah people, and black people have the right to live anywhere and everywhere without colour bar

  13. Only politicians laffing at we? Who fool you? What do you expect when the powers that be have systematically broken down, destroyed and vilified our Christian traditions that our forefathers have held dear?







  14. “HRL, which manages the 93-room multi-building Savannah Hotel, currently under a lease arrangement and the 67-room Blue Horizon Hotel, have so far failed to secure a buyer despite being on the market for several years.”
    I thought Blue Horizons had been sold?

  15. First, let me ditto David’s steupse. Then let me repeat that nobody in the international community is obligated to take seriously the requests of a government that fails to take seriously the need for integrity legislation. Integrity for thee but not for me is a bloody joke!

    How can you want to hold others accountable but you yourself don’t wish to be held accountable?????

    By the way, what is the status of the magic Chinese house project that was entered into because they were expected to go up like magic?

    The only thing that went up like magic was Duguid’s salary after he said the magic words,”Mo’ money! Mo’ money! Mo’ money!”

    It was “Open sesame” and Ali Baba raided the Treasury for senior minister pay!

  16. Donna
    It doesn’t really make any difference. For all the integrity, transparency and ethics rules/regulations require enforcement.
    It becomes a pappy show.
    They appoint (not elect) various persons (totally independent of course) to be a Commissioner of this or that. And whenever an infraction is claimed (usually by the Opposition or media) , they have an enquiry, investigation etc. They usually find no fault, but recommend changes to something(s) and round the mulberry bush one goes.
    It is a designed SOS.
    The biggest challenge is when someone is sacrificed for the “greater good”, they have to be found a job 😆.
    A few years back, in Canada, the PMs Chief of staff was sacrificed in a messy affair. He landed as a senior officer at the Eurasia group. Want to bet the current GoCda, preferably via some unknown agency of, doesn’t do business with Eurasia? Without which tie, the electorate cannot say their tax dollars are paying for the sacrifice. Likely well concealed within consulting related to some large contract.
    Chris S? Don’t forget he was public face of Clearwater Bay. The PMs economic advisor was involved, and we can only guess who benefitted from the multi million $ expense. Nuff nuff “bills” were paid.
    Where will DI land?

  17. @David, peace to you and entire BU denizens … why we don’t leff Davey alone tho … he is now long gone! 😎😂

    With the level of deception evident today … we can pluck many a reference quite easily, yes … lots of them got “sweet[er] mouth” too.

    And when you say that the pols are “laughing-at-we” I suspect you are being kind to us all … as you are not keen to say that we love being ‘conned’! 😎

    • @Dee Word

      Same to you and yours.

      To be honest, it has become tiring affair observing the people willing take sucker punch after sucker punch from clueless politicians.

  18. @ NO
    Everything that you say is true….. modest even…

    BUT there IS a GOD above.. and to the (soon coming) shock and amazement of both the wicked brass bowls, and less wicked unbelievers of your ilk, …there will be a price to pay.

    A HUGE price … with compounded interest.

    You may or may not recall in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, that the Boss offered a deal that if even 5 (FIVE) righteous brass bowls could be located, mercy could have been extended….

    Bout here nowadays, we would be hard pressed to find three…
    So it can’t be long now….

  19. Bushie
    I think they called it “Divinity” back in school days, and I never got past Genesis. So, at least, because it was within Genesis, I appreciate you are not referring to a form of buggery and a STD.
    But wasn’t it 10 righteous folk? Or does it change depending on which version of the book one reads.
    Anyhow, all of our time, is relatively short and unpredictable. So I will accept your outlook, whatever “can’t be long now” means.

  20. @ NO
    Touché !

    Bushie has a sneaky suspicion that you know more about this that you are letting on…. LOL
    Ten is right. Abraham was able to bargain with the Boss down from fifty to ten.

    But this was back in the days when a few men had common sense….unlike now.
    Nowadays, finding five would be like the original 50…perhaps 500.

    “Can’t be long now ” means – look around you with eyes wide open… LOL
    Our ass is already grass, it is just that many cannot even work THAT out … and won’t until the bitter end….

  21. January 5th. 2023

    “A 40-year-old female visitor from the United States was stabbed in the chest during an attempted robbery along Brownes Beach, St Michael in the area of the Bay Street Esplanade.”

  22. @Hants
    I have seen some speculating that investigations into the stabbing of the visitor will be fast and thorough. There is the insinuation that if it was a local, very little would be done.

    That’s what makes my blood boils.
    People admitting that they are second class citizens in their own country. People accepting and acknowledging and inferiority status.
    Accepting that in their own land, their lives has less values than that of a visitor.
    A police force that perpetuates different classes of citizenship.

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