Remove Kothdiwala from Commission

Submitted by D.Douglas Smith

A concerned group of citizens, as well as myself, continue to be shocked by the public comments of one Khaleel Kothdiwala, the individual who the prime minister tried to appoint to the senate, even though the constitution did not allow it.

Most recently he has hitched himself to the debacle at the ministry of education with the outrageous survey conducted in the schools. He claims to be a youth advocate, so how could he seek to defend the disgraceful survey? How can he be a youth advocate, while at the same time being totally blinded by his loyalty to the ruling regime? Who gave him that title? How could his judgement be so poor that he can support this terrible survey?

He has used his column in one of the local newspapers to peddle propaganda on behalf of the regime. He has defended the activities at Four Seasons raised by the Auditor-General, he voiced support for the regime’s agenda of debt, debt and more debt, and he has called for the interests of tourists to be put ahead of local people, while wanting locals to keep wearing their masks like good servants. Check his columns and you will notice a clear dislike for the majority of Barbadians and a complete blind loyalty to the regime and his hatred for the DLP and the other opposition.

Therefore, how can Barbadians feel comfortable that he is sitting on the committee to review the constitution? What are his qualifications to sit on that committee anyway? He has shown that his first interest is the regime, so how will the public feel that their concerns will be taken seriously by this young man, if those concerns do not line up with his regime’s agenda? What will happen to information collected by the committee? The Prime Minister must explain to the country why Kothdiwala is there, among other people who are generally well-qualified. What was the purpose of putting him there?

We demand that Kothdiwala be removed with immediate effect from the constitutional reform commission, in the interest of fairness. We call on Barbadians to boycott the commission until Kothdiwala is removed. They are asking the public to email them recommendations, we ask Barbadians to refrain from doing that until he is removed. If they ever get around to townhall meetings, we call on Barbadians to refuse to attend those events. He cannot stay.

The public demands that Kothdiwala must go!

On behalf of concerned Barbadians,

D. Douglas Smith

138 thoughts on “Remove Kothdiwala from Commission

  1. David
    The outcome of the Thorne Commission, one would sensibly conclude, will be incorporated into the new constitution ent?

  2. Read this and stopped..
    18.1 The Commission is of the view that each People’s Assembly should have
    an office of its own located in the Assembly area. Thus, we are envisaging
    twenty-one (21) offices across the landscape of Barbados.

    18.2 It will be necessary to incur very modest and reasonable expenditure in
    setting up such offices. Thus, we recommend that we first look at the many
    Government-owned Community Centres and Resource Centres that are to be
    found right across the eleven parishes of Barbados. Where adequate space is
    available in the existing Community Centres and Resource Centres such
    space should be utilized to install a People’s Assembly Office.”

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  4. So the question now becomes – what has Krystal Howell said since her appointment to the committee. We’ve had an Auditor General’s report since, I believe.

  5. Oh buzz off, Flash! You don’t see when The Messenger goes after people and tells lies on them. You are so one-eyed that it is sickening.

    The End.

  6. @ David
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  7. Unfortunately, we are a people so tied up within our own little spaces that we don’t want to seriously deal with the multiplicity of problems/issues that have been confronting us for at least four decades.
    There are some who say that we have come a long way and they have a problem with those who say we have not come far enough. And therein lies the problem.
    Then there is hypocrisy within the political culture. For example : when the cost of living was rising under the Dems, the Bees took to the street and marched against the NSRL. Nobody asked what marching against the NSRL would solve; nobody said it was making food prices a political issue- we were just marching against high food prices.
    Today, after the blunders and ambushing of our very young children with what was a deceptive and invasive survey, we are hearing from the Bees, that calling for marches and criticizing the administration, is using the children for political purposes.
    The self appointed guardians of what is reasonable and sensible apparently do not see the hypocrisy in these positions.
    Their major task is to get rid of those who expose their pitiful shenanigans that cannot stand up to serious scrutiny.
    Children being wronged is a far greater reason to march than high food prices.
    But, why worry , that’s “ who” we are. Comrade Austin used to call it “ the Bajan condition “ and he was eventually banished and that brought tremendous glee to some.
    I don’t know if it’s a condition but for sure that’s “ who” we are.
    And it matters not if we go or went to Queens College, Harrison College, St .Leonard’s, Princess Margaret, the Modern or the Federal.
    More to come

  8. Going to put this here, because here is just as good as any other place

    The one thing that I have never been able to get my head around is the crime statistics for St. Lucy. I left there years ago and so you may argue that it was a different time and with different people, but each alarming bit of St Lucy news catches me by surprise.

    As a young man without any transportation, I walked everywhere and all I was scared of was the “heart man”; a person who attacked you, removed your heart and sold it to the devil. At that time, you would find me on the road very late after having an exciting game of checkers and dominos under a streetlight. For those of you who are slow …. I was good at both and would be called expert at the silly game of checkers.

    I was looking forward to having exciting game of checkers against “Lester”. this year. Lester was a great guy who came from elsewhere and established himself as a dominant player and villager. It was only last week that I heard that he passed on. Though vain, I would like to think this was due to his age and not a continuous fear of my impending arrival. My dear friend… Gone, but not forgotten.

    But I digress and travelled into the past; the ST lucy in my head may not be the St Lucy of 20222

  9. “we are hearing from the Bees, that calling for marches and criticizing the administration, is using the children for political purposes.”

    if you are calling for marches remotely in far away lands then it is probably political

  10. @Theo
    At that time, you would find me on the road very late after having an exciting game of checkers and dominos under a streetlight

    Checkers? Do you mean draughts? You sure you from St. Lucy? You sure you from Bim?

  11. If there is one thing that I have learned over the years is not to take myself and others too seriously.
    A second thing that I learnt was that if a path appears to be going nowhere, then abandon it as quickly as possible.

    Perhaps, I should have continued my journey when reading Thorne’s report, but this stopped me in my track “Thus, we are envisaging twenty-one (21) offices across the landscape of Barbados”,
    Thirty constituencies, 21 senators and now a next 21 official and probably staff. Instinctively, I know this will generate a lot of talk (we are good at that) but the eventual destination is a dead end.

    Stop fooling yourselves.
    You are not that big of an island?
    You do not need so many layers of ‘government”.
    They appeal to your vanity and then they “screw’ you.
    All folks are doing is finding jobs for themselves, their family and cronies.
    The great People’s Assembly will become a mirror image of B vs D.
    Stop it.
    There really is no need for Barbados to have layer upon layer of government,

    But this is a topic where some can wax prolix. We are men of words and not men of action.

  12. @Sarge
    Years of living in the US has changed me quite a bit.
    I still use the word football which I know is different from American football
    And would like to think I retained my Barbadian humor (which you may humour)
    But having spent more than half of my life here, some things are Americanized.

  13. I have no problem with marching on this issue or any other issue.

    This is a serious issue that cannot be allowed to end with a lame apology. There are still questions to be answered. An investigation should be conducted to answer all the questions harped upon by TheO. And the person or persons responsible should be fired. This was a serious breach of trust. I agree with John Roett that it cannot be repaired without accountability.

    I just got off the phone with my best friend saying exactly that.

    Every weekday morning, a young lady passes me in my garden and greets me so sweetly on her way to school. We exchange heartfelt pleasantries Then a young woman passes with her toddler who looks out for me to greet me and we share a laugh.

    These interactions lift my spirit. I find young voices to be music to my ears. And they look so beautiful too!

    I am and always have been for the young people. My happiest times all involve children.

    There is no politician who appeals to me as much as those two children who pass me on mornings. Not one of them makes me smile.

    So….don’t know where you see hypocrisy. Something is wrong with your eyes

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  15. K2’s position coincides completely with Tron’s and thus with the leader, the state and the party.

    I hope that K2 will soon be appointed Deputy Prime Minister, that is, the right hand of our Supreme Leader.

  16. “Check his columns and you will notice a clear dislike for the majority of Barbadians and a complete blind loyalty to the regime and his hatred for the DLP and the other opposition.”

    What is the problem??? I do that too.

    And our government is gradually taking up my proposals, for example in transforming the Westminister democracy into a new-order leader state, or in the proposed introduction of basic duties, or in criticising the lack of work ethics among civil servants.

    Actually, I should also sit on the Constitutional Commission.

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