Putin’s Choice. Your Choice?

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Every Super Power that exists and existed previously is obligated to pursue certain obligations to itself and its people. 

  1. A nation needs to be either allied to another nation supplier or have its own supply of essential products such as fuel, food. The necessities.
  2. Every national government pursues and nurtures an  ability to unite its people. Unity is far better than chaos.
  3. Most national administrations study future developments, the possibilities of what could and would happen that can effect their nation. 
  4. Self sufficiency in all things has often been the milestone of national governments.National Governments are obligated to nurture their youth, and ensure future generations are well educated, creative and ambitious.
  5. When in doubt, all national governments will support every endeavour to make the nation more successful, and greater then the previous administration.6. A Leader, no matter the political stripe, will work towards leaving their mark on their nations politics and history.

President Putin is presently playing the same cards that every so called democracy in existence has played. How did America become such a power house economically and militarily? By annexing, conquering and buying their land masses. Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium to name a few were colonial powers that raped the African, Latin American, Asian and Caribbean continents. India still feels the effects of British Colonialism to this very day. India’s move towards Religious Fascism today is directly influenced by British political management, playing one race or religion against the other. If the people are not united, they will certainly fall. Distorting and manipulating a peoples national quest allows nationalist elites to rule the day.

President Putin’s adventure has not been a failure as so many wish you to think. Like so many other super powers before him, Putin is taking his nations vast riches and capabilities and throwing them against the wall, hoping that something will stick. Once a great powerful empire, Russia’s fear of those that surround and threatens Russia continues to effect policy, even if it is an illusion. If your nation has become the majority supplier of all energy to the EU, why not inject political adventure into the equation? America does it all the time, as do other super powers. Russia’s economic engine needs a reason to modernise and grow. Simple capitalistic greed is not enough. Pride in the nations accomplishments, its conquests, its power must be quenched. The Ukraine belonged to the Russian soviet federation,as too the Imperial Russian Empire.Then western forces assisted elites within the Ukraine to force separation from Russia.  If Hawaii decided on its own accord to declare independence from America, what do you think mainland America would do? Who is this war good for? The super powers armament industry and suppliers, that’s who. Billions sent to Ukraine to fight off Russian aggression. And will Ukrainians return to a democratic government once this war is over? A process of rebuilding can be an oppressive moment in a nations life.

Perhaps not. And will the Ukraine have to pay back all those weapons? The weapons are not free. Loans that will hang over the Ukrainian People for generations to come. The economic and political speed bumps these people will have to endure maybe unachievable. All this time the super powers and their allies show up for photo ops, gathering to bad mouth the Russian leader, who they had no problem dealing with a year ago. The world claims Putin is illegally claiming 4 regions of the Ukraine. If you know anything about history, you’d know what National Governments have put their people through. War, lots of war. The invention of modern slavery came from the imaginations of Portuguese and Spanish entrepreneurs. The British perfected it in the Caribbean. The super powers polluted their own land masses through uncontrolled capitalism, and when their fellow citizens complain, so these fellows established their toxic manufacturing plans and processes in third world nations. 

I guess all I am saying is the “free world” is calling one of their best natural recourse suppliers names, all because President Putin did not follow the rules. What is good for the goose is good for the gander right? The wealthy get wealthier, the rest of humanity suffers now and in times to come. Now I am not a promoter for Putin or anything Russian. My family came from Hungary, who experienced Soviet Russian aggression, and every time I hear someone talking in Russian I go on guard unintentionally. I am suspicious of anything Russian, except for their food, most filling:)

Super Powers play high and mighty with each other, and the lowly citizen suffers. How long must this be allowed to happen? History repeats itself as a time honoured process. 

189 thoughts on “Putin’s Choice. Your Choice?

  1. You have no understanding of the forces ar work beyond the misguidances of popular media.

    And to torture those who do with reading this foolishness is unwarranted. You should have the real imperialists add this to their torture protocols at Abu Graib.

    Permit us to deal with just a few points points. For this here rendering has no resemblance to the forces at work, far less criticality.

    You, like the media whores in the West, characterize Russia’s just war against NATO in Ukraine as some Western form of imperial exspansionism..A cheap shot!

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Russia has already been the largest country on earth.

    Her military response is purely a defensive action after pleading for an end to this 2014 war on the people of the Donbass. BTW. nearly 100 percent of all the people in the conflict zones in Ukraine are Russians. Did idiots like you even know this?

    Previously. on the collaspe of the USSR. the West had many times promised that NATO forces will “not move an inch” closer to Russia’s border. Since 1991 NATO has expanded from 14 countries to 30. Surrounding Russia on all sides with nuclear weapons capable of reaching major cities in Russia in less than 10 minutes.

    You seem to know nothing about the long history which got us to this point. Indeed. your puerile offering tells us that not even the uncritical historical narratives have been approached. We dear not burden you with the academic literature. The historiography which will embue s knowing of Russian culture. Knowing your enemy!

    Far less recent developments as Russia has made yeoman efforts to avoid military action.

    And like your Western media presstitutes you keep talking about President Putin as if The Russian Federation is some kind of one-man elected dictatorship like the satraps in Europe who are. on the alter of American White supremacist dictation, committing national suicide.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with Western style colonialism. And if you insist. Well, you’ll have to explain Minsk One and Minsk Two. Or the Maidan Coup engineered the CIA, Victoria Nuland, John McCain et al. Tell us why as recently has late 2021. The Russian Federation approached the American and NATO about a common security treaty in Europe.

    You have to tell us how that squares with the deep-rooted. racist, hatred by the West for Russia. going back centuries.

    That Russia, one of the few major countries, not to have been involved directly in the Transatlantic Holocaust of Afrikan peoples, the colonialism accompanying it, the neocolonism which followed, nor the neoliberalism currently impose, to be accused by these weak-minded, infantile ramblings of yours represents the epitome of ignorance.

    Russia neither started this war nor wanted it. Indeed, it is the West and the USA in particular which has an economy based on militarism. is a country believing that White supremacy must rule the world forever as believed ordained by their stinking god.

    Your name, if not a moniker. sounds Islsmic. If this is true, your panties are exposed in such a twisted narration when the same people Russia is fighting against are those who have been conducting illegal wars in the Middle East and the Islamic world for hundreds of years.

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    Wake Up!


    Indigenous Americans, who include Alaska Natives, Canadian First Nations, and Native Americans, descend from humans who crossed an ancient land bridge connecting Siberia in Russia to Alaska tens of thousands of years ago. Most researchers think Native American roots lie in Asia.

  3. “The eternal racism “of the 500 years” against Indigenous Peoples is the basic cause for which all of the revolutions and counter-revolutions, all of the different types of government, of the left, the right, dictatorships, and democracies have not recognized the linguistic rights of Indigenous peoples” – Demetrio Cojtí Cuxil

    “Our struggles are inherently intertwined with those of the Black Community. The Indigenous Peoples Movement views all members of the Black community and all Black people as Indigenous People. Africa experienced the same horrific colonization at the hands of European settlers as many Native tribes of North and South America. The United States after all was created upon land stolen from Native Americans and the backs of a people stolen from their lands. Statistically, the two groups most likely to be killed at the hands of police in the United States are Black and Native Americans. We cannot stand idly, we must unite against our common oppressor” (Indigenous Peoples Movement, 2020).

    Gypsy Woman


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  5. “And to torture those who do with reading this foolishness is unwarranted. You should have the real imperialists add this to their torture protocols at Abu Graib.”

    i don’t read a lot of BU anymore because the reality sunk in that it’s merely filling ya head with utter, for some, irreversible shit….because we are so heavily impacted by current world events, the effort is made to strike a balance, by me anyway, and a few others…..the misdirection will only serve to further confuse people while we are definitely in a state of war. Imagine now certain information has to be kept away because of the ugly destructive mindsets that have been isolated and identified. The lies are clearly mind-boggling, but there is belief that it’s WELL DESERVED…..there is a price to pay for TREACHERY.

    ” Most researchers think Native American roots lie in Asia.”

    there is evidence they did cross one of the straits….they are not indigenous to these regions prior to that crossing.

  6. Pacha…people are asking, are they setting up some euro countries for death and or massive suffering? am a firm believer in the rule, if you do NOT hold all the cards, don’t do anything reckless….but that’s just me.

    ‘China Calls Nord Stream Situation “Tragic Clamity

    The situation regarding Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines is tragic.

    The Nord Stream pipeline is the main artery for energy transportation in Europe, providing vital gas supplies to 23 European countries.

    A physical disruption of the pipeline, as a result of the leaks, has exacerbated the energy supply shortages in Europe.”

    is this a reemergence of eugenics from the likes of the criminal demon Madison Grant learned from the super demon Gaston, cousin to Darwin..

    “As a eugenicist, Grant was the author of The Passing of the Great Race (1916), a work espousing scientific racism, and played an active role in crafting strong immigration restriction and anti-miscegenation laws in the United States”

    are we never going to get rid of the evil ideologies of these dead criminals OFF OUR EARTH….

  7. Did i not say some time ago that DEAD PEOPLE CONTROL THEIR EVIL DOINGS FROM THE GRAVE…

    ..they only need the living to PERPETRATE IT…

  8. Documentary film Ukraine on Fire explores Ukrainian history mostly from WWII (when some northern Ukrainians, endorsing Nazi ideology, participated and fought alongside the German army against the USSR) up to the US sponsored Maidan Coup of 2014. It provides background information to help understand the origins of the ethnic conflicts between the majority Russian speakers in the south and eastern regions and the rest of Ukraine.

    From the YouTube description:

    Aug 19, 2021 Ukraine. Across its eastern border is Russia and to its west-Europe. For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea. 2014’s Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media. But was it? “Ukraine on Fire” by Igor Lopatonok provides a historical perspective for the deep divisions in the region which lead to the 2004 Orange Revolution, 2014 uprisings, and the violent overthrow of democratically elected Yanukovych. Covered by Western media as a people’s revolution, it was in fact a coup d’état scripted and staged by nationalist groups and the U.S. State Department. Investigative journalist Robert Parry reveals how U.S.-funded political NGOs and media companies have emerged since the 80s replacing the CIA in promoting America’s geopolitical agenda abroad.

    Note that you can only view the film on the YouTube website itself. To view the video on YouTube, you will first have to click through a warning that the contents might be disturbing to some.


    • Many see the conflict in this region through a filtered lens. It is a complex matter and one that will not be solved from modern day thinking.

  9. Waru
    We’ll bet that you could not find the full Putin recent speech on YouTube

    What you’ll find are excerpts manicured by presstitutes.

    To find it you’ll have to go to Rumble, or Rokfin or Odysee. Thorefore, one of the main protagonists cannot be allowed to speak without the misdirection of media whores.

    Like you this writer pays them no mind. Assumes everything said by them is a lie, unless proven otherwise.

    In addition, he doesn’t speak English so for Western audiences that’s a negative. As if there’s something special about this slaver’s language.

    We have no evidence to arrive at such a conclusion although such project have been severally considered.

    Not even sure such masterplanning such be credited them.

    The image gotten is that of a set of rats seeking safety as the titanic sinks

  10. They really made a bad move…can’t roll it back now, too late…and must live with the consequences.

    In saying that, i see on other platforms some life-saving information being shared locally. It was a welcome sight.

  11. @David

    The “DEPTH” of this issue needs drilling down on…

    Putin is “CORRECT” to withhold “GAS” from the #EuropeanUnion given the so-called “CRIPPLING SANCTION” which has done nothing but make him & his oligarchs even richer!!!

    As we know the “CITIZENS” are the ones who suffers!!!

    This “ISSUES” is about “ENERGY” given what #SecRice said since 2104 & #AmeriKKKa has done everything in her power to curtail “RUSSIAN ENERGY OLIGOPOLY”…

    So while the whole world is focused on Russia/Ukraine debacle – no “REAL EYES” are on what is going on in “PALESTIANIAN WATERS”…

    SEE: https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/lebanons-hezbollah-warns-israel-against-drilling-in-disputed-maritime-border-area-2021-10

    Also: https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/gas-extraction-at-disputed-karish-field-set-to-begin-in-weeks-energean-says/

    As we all know, “BRITAIN” has its hands all over this (given the fact that she has perpetrated so “EVIL” since the days of “ARTHUR PENDRAGON” that wherever “WICKEDNESS” exist & exploitation is to be had – she is right in the forefront!!!

    This is the company looking to do all the “GAS EXPLORATION” as a pivot from Russian gas/energy:


    Although this piece ask the question as to whether Putin’s choice remains the choice of the world – TIME WILL TELL as the world is on tenterhooks where anything can happen in a blink…


  12. @David

    Yes indeed, the “KICKBACK” has to come from the public sphere because EU poLIEticians have their agenda as they know they cannot “CANCEL” Putin (for he is too powerful)!!!

    Added to all the fracas is the fact that Putin is not afraid to use a “TACTICAL NUKE” if cornered which is “MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION” however you look at it – and with #IRAN itched 4 a fight & #DRK Kim Jung Un waiting to scratch the West’s itch with a “NUKE” down their “You Know What”… (what a Russian cocktail).. And let’s not forget China, who simply wants to be the “RICHEST” & “MOST POWERFUL” nation on earth, with the “LARGEST POPULATION” to boot; makes for a dream prospect for Xi Xingping… The layering on this cake is too much to unpack at this time!!!

  13. @David

    “It is all too complicated for a lowly Blogmaster…”

    Your self-deprecation is amusing to say the least…

    You are “BLESSED” with a “BANDWIDTH” of knowledge on more subject matter than most at Cave Hill Uni Campus…

    For to have kept this BLOG* alive for well over a decade is no small feat & to have “RUMBLED” with the biggest & brightest say a lot about your “REFEREEING” skills!!!

    I say no more…

  14. A few weeks ago it was Russia pelting dickie in crouch
    now dickie getting pelt in Russia butt its all kind of excuses and history lessons.

  15. John 2,

    Lawd! Lookah how your stupid ass gone an’ trouble trouble!


    Weeeeeeeeeeeee know that Russia’s butt is getting kicked because Putin is calling up 300,ooo reluctant recruits for “cannon fodder”, some of whom have no military experience. The long line of fleeing vehicles can be seen from space.

    But maybe the freezing winter will stop the flow of artillery from all but the USA thereby handing Putin the victory.

  16. John 2

    Russia has made about four tactical withdrawals since this war begun. This is normal in war.

    The first was around the Kiev conurbation. The second, Snake Island, and now Liman. None of these was of any strategic value.

    The recent Liman withdrawal was of only 500 soldiers, who were in danger of NATO encirclement, to more defendable positions,

    The best available war dead figures demonstrate the stark differences in military strategies. NATO has thus far lost 110,000 mainly Ukrainian soldiers and Russia 6,000 plus militia of the Donbass.

    To these we must add casualties. That number is generally three times those dead. The fourth tactical withdrawal was similar and from a place whose name slips us.

    During the recent NATO counter offensive of the last weeks estimates of 20,000 of their soldiers were killed while Russia continued to make advances on several fronts with marginal gains in others.

    Big deckie is still being driven. But neophytes like you must know that war does not go in a straight line. It’s non- linear! There are always ebbs and flows. Soldiers require rest and new deployments must happen. Etc

    The big deckey of 300,000 fresh Russian troops plus the untying of the hands of the Russians, from a SMO to a more total-war scenario is certain to prevent the likes of you from wondering where the deckie is.

    BTW, Russia could call-up up to 25 million men. The standing army is up to 3 million.

    For you it maybe better seeking the comfort of CNN, MSNBC.

    However this revolution will NOT be televised.

    Before we go. We’re sure some idiot will anachronistically rejoin by claiming that NATO is not a belligerent. Preemptively we assert that the Ukrainian army has been long destroyed.

    All the Western sponsored soldiers on the battlefield were trained to NATO standards. All their equipment is NATO’s. They include a growing number of mercenaries from NATO countries. Their advisors are sitting in NATO command centers. All their satellite and intelligence come from NATO command centers. All their equipment comes from NATO countries. Ukraine’s army is dead. Russia has long been fighting NATO. For these reasons nuclear war, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, has gotten more likely. Therein lies the biggest deckie of all!

  17. The best available war dead figures demonstrate the stark differences in military strategies. NATO has thus far lost 110,000 mainly Ukrainian soldiers and Russia 6,000 plus militia of the Donbass.

    None are so blind as he who cannot see. Putin must have supplied those numbers to you personally.

  18. “Ukraine’s army is dead. Russia has long been fighting NATO.”

    This is the type of indoctrinaire narrative that would make Vlad Putin proud of his KGB type acolytes: his teachings are being perfectly delivered!😎

    If we RECALL that this special military operation was expected to last a few months and 1) All the previous Ukraine Eastern states annexed to Russia were to come under their complete control and 2) Ukraine in general would be de-Nazified, then it is indeed some real hard deckie from some where that 6 months later the great Russian bear is conscripting large numbers of young men and again threatening nuclear war !

    Shocking even!

    Less than a year ago Russia was pumping so much gas into Europe that the state entity Gazprom booked $1 billion per month … that’s BILLION…. yet these smart acolytes would have us believe that it’s to Putin advantage to have THAT revenue stream ended… welllll … because India and China will pick up the slack!

    How de badword does ANY nuclear activity – limited or otherwise – facilitate business as usual … this is utter MADNESS.

    The most likely outcome here is that Putin’s grave errors result in his removal from power …

    All his opponents know that there is no middle ground … he must be removed like Beria (another former KGB strongman) or like former Yelstin Deputy Nemstov … that’s how they roll in big bear country. Vlad Putin has lived by the sword and must go the way of the sword … just as his acolytes advocate here regularly.🤦🏾‍♂️

    He, Czar Putin, has probably killed and imprisoned more of his OWN Russian politicians, agents and elite actors via assassinations than the CIA, MI6 and all other intel agencies combined, surely!

    He has stolen more of Russia’s wealth along with his henchmen oligarchs in the last 20 years than Elizabeth and all the other western robber baron colonial slavers/industrialists pilfered across generations … yet he is acclaimed by supposed acolytes of the common man … what a freaking lark!

    He is a mighty adversary and is managing this end game very, very well … even as he managed the war very, very poorly. Thus he may yet have the last laugh.

    Let’s all pray there are men and women of fortitude in Russia who cherish their powerful history and have no desire to bring the desolation of a nuke induced wasteland to their impressively rich homeland and the world!

  19. Pach

    Good alternate advertising for the alternate job Putin / trump alternate Press secretary

    Name the fronts that Russia made advances in in the last 3 weeks. And how far they advanced.
    Or you talking about the advances towards russia borders ?

  20. Well, you will only see the truth once the people in Western media cannot tell lies anymore.

    Do your own research, we have no interest in convincing you. What we would like is that nuclear weapons be allowed to do their work. For White supremacy, which people like you support, we have determined, can only so come to an end. Horay!!!!!

    Several places. Bukhmuk. The center of Donetsk where NATO troops still control the industrial center. Others.

    Lastly, during the Afghanistan war every year for 20 years the generals will go to Capitol Hill and testify how they were winning that war tooo. Just a grif!

    You may have the last word.

  21. He, Czar Putin, has probably killed and imprisoned more of his OWN Russian politicians, agents and elite actors via assassinations than the CIA, MI6 and all other intel agencies combined, surely!


  22. Pasha.

    Listen to urself and see who pushing propaganda

    Ukraine advance many miles / cities. – Russia tactical withdrew – it the ebbs and flow of war

    How many miles / mm russia advance in bukhmuk or the other unnamed of several fronts ?

    When ussr advancing they pelting dickie – no Ukrainian / NATO tactical withdrawal

    Issa ain’t the only one that got the « bomb »

  23. It’s nice to see the Slaves are still as clueless as ever about EVERYTHING……easier for their masters to dispose of them…

  24. “The BRICS countries are working on establishing a new reserve currency to better serve their economic interests”

    just saw this Pacha…

  25. The Art of Narrative
    The Art of War

    UK and EU were hurting bad when their sanctions affected their own economy real bad
    so now they are saying “they are winning” like Charlie Sheen

    Moon Shadow (Joe ‘Joaquin’ Claussell Remix)

  26. It was pretty obvious that the Warmongers of the West was building up for War with China
    but were gazumped instead

    Moon Light (Kyodai Rework)

  27. Waru
    They’ve realized that time is not their friend.

    So deh hitting out in all directions.

    A colour revolution attempt in Iran.

    Waiting to see if there”‘ll be a military coup in Brazil.

    Don’t fool yourself this shit is coming down the road real fast.

    Pipeline explosions

    We may go to sleep one night and wake with a brave new world.

  28. @John2, your very subtle ‘misuse’ of USSR actually says it ALL about this Putin madness … the disintegration of that powerful block (as they perceived it really) is the fuel that drives Vlad Putin and acolytes.

    That the man Gorbachev who is vilified in many places across the Russian federation for that ‘Glasnost betrayal’ was so unceremoniously dismissed by Czar Putin at his ‘pauper’s’ funeral tells a story…. an amazing one of power, greed, ego and deception.

    The blogger likes to fool us with the weary punditry of a western subterfuge where NATO deceptively encroached to Russia’s borders post that Gorbachev pact …

    That beggars that we must all believe that either Gorbachev was a Manchurian spook who sold out his nation or that Russia has not dramatically prospered in the years since.

    It also begs world audiences to accept that the nation whose leaders (like Molotov/Stalin) outsmarted the Germans at a crucial juncture of WWII were so derelict of sense and foresight that they ALLOWED NATO nations to make fools of them.

    This nonsensical BS has been around for many years and the fact that sensible people perpetuate the absurdities to validate and support their ideologies is bald stupidity.

    Vlad Putin is a megalomaniac who intends to control mother Russia until his last days on earth … the problem of course is that he resolutely appears to be determined that millions of others join him on that journey.

    Such is well represented in historical accounts – Custer, Napoleon to name two. But surely most us never expected to be facing our own suicidal charge to this nuclear battle field from an egotical warrior determined to show us how GREAT he is … NOT!

    This is real and serious danger!

  29. I am somewhat comforted that our Supreme Leader took the right side right at the beginning of the war. Once Russia has surrendered unconditionally, we may hope for a reward, such as oil from Siberian deposits, which will then be under US administration.

  30. I get angry when USA and UK go off to illegal war like they have since Y2k non-stop
    Now the shoe is on the other foot and the tables have turned and the goalposts and moved and they are being fucked rough without a safe word or Vaseline

    Toribio – Esa Montana se Movera (Joaquin Joe Claussell’s Teenage Music Remix)

  31. “We may go to sleep one night and wake with a brave new world.”

    once there are no slaves in it am happy, if i could remove them myself i would….these are not victims, they are tools and vehicles of their own destruction….who need no prompting whatsoever.

  32. Waru

    As far as it’s architecture is concerned, things are moving much faster than envisioned.

    People are getting jittery. Important people.

  33. @David, re “Why would Russia sabotage its pipelines when it could just shut off the supply? …”

    That’s a ridiculous assessment by that person. By all means question all the narratives about the sabotage but don’t make disingenuous, stupid remarks.

    The pipeline was effectively closed with no gas being delivered to anyone and it was possibly going to be in that ‘mothball state’ for the foreseeable future … so if one flips the question then: why would the US NEED to sabotage that ‘dead project’ and give Putin any sympathetic appeal???

    Wouldn’t the nation with a nearly $1B/month deficit on their pipeline projects including this Nord system be keen on getting some attention for some ‘special operational insurance cover’!

    We DO NOT know who acted but to suggest that the Kremlin is not a prime suspect is absolutely ABSURD!

  34. “People are getting jittery. Important people.”

    were i in the same position and realized OOPS!! i would definitely get jittery too..

    it’s amazing with all the news around to pick from, fools are still spouting and allowing everyone to know THAT THEY KNOW NOTHING…..and will be helpless when it all goes to hell…

    how easy it was to level up to working on them overtime and speeding up global plans, when they know nothing and spouting it as a reminder to everyone, every day….giving ambitious minds exactly what they need to proceed.

  35. @ de pedantic Dribbler

    you seem to believe the American truism that
    America Good ✔️
    Russia Bad ❌

    You may as well say you also believe
    negroes are stupid
    whites are superior
    used for segregation and apartheid

    woman are innocent
    men are criminals
    used in divorce courts family law

    black youths are criminals
    white youths are assets to lead nations and businesses

    Pseudo science of white statistics and “proven” facts is wack is all I can say

    Little’ Louie Vega – Back In The Box Mix 1

    Little’ Louie Vega – Back In The Box Mix 2

  36. Just focusing on the first two sentences.
    Both are capable of great evil.
    There’s no good guy and bad guy.
    Just two guys who will do what they want to do.
    What some are doing is buying one side’s propaganda.

  37. ‘On the horns of a dilemma’!

    This is how Scott Ritter is describing the military-strategic position today.

    Any anybody knowing anything about Greek military history would understand this perilous state of affairs.

    So while the full range of cunts watching American propaganda media are walking away with heads full of ignorance, Novorussia has already upped the ante.

    In simplest terms, Novorussia has got two big deckies deep within their Pedantic crotch.

    Others may prefer to ponder – between the devil and the deep blue sea😃

    Ritter argues persuasively, that on the one hand NATO wants to avoid a direct conflict with Novorussia which the incorporation of the Donbass and so on will mean.

    And on the other, an humiliating defeat as Novorussia now considers the suppliers and supply chains of weapons as co-belligerents.

    People so ignorant as to presume that a military organization, NATO, which could not defeat Syria, Libya, Iraq, and men on horseback in Afghanistan could beat a real army with massive industrial might, was always so fanciful.

  38. SO….who supplied YOU with YOUR information? How do YOU know what is to be believed, Fear but certainly not FAIRplay? Have you joined the frequent flier fearless club and been to see for yourself?

    This “cunt” has no favourite in the amazingly extended “Special Operation”. I watch on dispassionately from my armchair as one-eyed ideologues froth at the mouth, touting robotic military experts programmed to tell “nothing but the truth”.

    And some powerless Polly parrot squawks her dreams of pecking “slaves” to death.

    Too bad that ole parrot cannot fly!

    Ah….if wishes were only horses!


    Where is the clown emoji man? Release the clown emojis!


    Strategic retreats? Now, why would they even be necessary so far into this “special operation”? So many strategic retreats!

    Wasn’t Kyiv supposed to have been taken months ago?

    Weeeeeeee need no further information than this – war not done. War still go on. Putin is recruiting more troops. Putin is “strategically retreating” left, right and centre.

    Probably waiting for European winter woes to kick in and fracture Nato’s resolve to arm.

    No matter what, an extremist will see he wishes to see. That is the pure ideologue’s handicap. Black and white sight.

    The cunt slave watches in technicolour.


    The Russian Prince of War
    Had a hundred thousand men
    He matched them up to the gates of Kyiv
    And he marched them down again.

    And when they were up they were up
    And when they were down they were down
    And when they were only half way up they were neither up nor down.

    Seems they marching around and around!

    Around and around they go, and where they’ll stop, NOBODY KNOWS!

  39. “anybody knowing anything about Greek military history would understand this perilous state of affairs.”

    they don’t even know THEIR OWN HISTORY of ancient military preparedness, you expect them to know indepth greek military history, outside of the mythology = OUTRIGHT LIES read in some book, they all love to regurgitate and spout at people in an attempt to impress…

  40. Global Bass in your face
    You people aka pussies
    are always talking about revolution
    I could start a revolution for fun
    and fuck up all of you

    La Revolución (Eureka The Butcher Remix)

    One, Day Revolution (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

  41. “I could start a revolution for fun
    and fuck up all of you”

    except that the revolution is in FULL FORCE….and will NOT be publicized…..

    don’t know how you missed it…

  42. Unbelievable that we are RIGHT THERE…..for quite some time now….and no one can see it except for certain people….won’t believe it if i did not see it for myself…

    this is definitely one for writers, the ages and the history books..

    but we have been reading for years that new age revolutions will not be televised.

  43. Waru
    They don’t call it military science for nothing. Everything is measurable for military scientists.
    The few sensible people remaining in the Pentagon were already seeking to avoid this.
    In war, foreknowledge is the most valuable asset – Sun Tzu.
    And the correlation of forces is clear.

  44. La Revolución

    We detected some issues
    If you found mistakes, please help us by correcting them.
    Lyrics for La Revolución (feat. Ismael Miranda) by Orchestra Harlow

    Que es lo que pasa
    Con este mundo
    La gente vive con miedo

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    Siempre se pasan peleando
    Ay, sin ninguna razón

    Por eso es que con mi canto
    Hoy yo hago un llamamiento
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    Tenemos que dar las manos
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    people live in fear

    and in revolution

    black and white
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    That’s why with my song
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    we have to shake hands
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    The revolution, my brother
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    Let’s end the revolution

  45. “In war, foreknowledge is the most valuable asset – Sun Tzu.”

    at least the dudes and dudettes at the Pentagon who can see the disaster are up-to-date…

    these missed the revolution by 5 years, missed the planning period, missed the start and would likely miss the ending…5 years behind there is absolutely no chances of catching up now…they don’t need to anyway, look good right where they are while everyone else MOVES FORWARD……

  46. Ask any real true blacks and they will tell you that the top secret information message essence is in the music


    Goin’ to See My Baby (Edit)

  47. Pacha……….these can never wrap it around their heads that there is now only ONE FATE for SLAVES…..return to their OWNERS….their SLAVEMASTERS…..for permanent DISPOSAL..

  48. and we need to reiterate…there is information shared widely EVERYWHERE even on restrictive but well known platforms like FB and Instagram etc….that they are NOT SEEING ON BU…

  49. The biggest threat is classified Code Black by “intelligence”
    what I know experientially
    is energy moves up and down the spine
    Yoga (Asana)
    7 Movements of the Spine Flow Yoga

  50. Waru

    Certainly those are the terms in which Vladimir Putin and the establishment in The Russian Federation have so casted this conflict.

    And they are right about this on all counts.

    Most of the Global South are with them. But we should expect the accommodationists, the woke-ist, the not so sophisticated niggers, those who believe that they are part of the Western construction, those harkening to the idea that White people must rule forever, to be the tapestry of oppositional forces determined to maintain this financialized slave system.

  51. @Dub5, that’s an amazing assessment. I do not … to quote you: ****”seem to believe the American truism that … America Good ✔️ … Russia Bad ❌”****

    Absolutely not. Like you I read, digest and interpret the information available to me in order to form practical and rational opinions . Thus I KNOW that Putin is Bad … as I KNOW that Biden is less bad and surely not pure of heart! ….The men and women who govern and governed mother Russia are no more or less inherently bad than those in the USA …

    But on this particular Ukraine matter although the narratives from both sides are steeped in self-serving BS undoubtedly Vlad Putin’s is driven from the so called ‘ID … deep in his primitive psychosis’…. He IS BAD!

    I challenge you to tell me how this man can be ‘good’ when he initiates in 2022 a territorial war steeped in long held historical border and ethnic struggles that propels the world towards nuclear oblivion?

    How ‘good’ is he that 6 months on from his pretensive claims of being hounded and oppressed by NATO ‘imperialist might’ and despite the howls and demands for ‘rapprochement’ from many in his DUMA and across his nation he simply ASSASSINATES senior critics/oligarchs/generals and arrests Russians by the thousands.

    Do tell me what is ‘good’ about oppressing your people yet proclaiming how benign and supportive you are … are you not informed enough to know that this movie has played in a downtown Moscow or suburban Lenigrad cineplex many times before!!! … was it good when Stalin or Khrushchev used similiar ‘us against them’ tropes to drive populist appeal and then massacre many of their countrymen when opinions shifted to a different realization … it wasn’t good in US when Bull Connor did his thing or the many times before or since then when others stoked “us against them” …. it ain’t good now either…. but this time we are on the brink of a terminal war ….

    … yet we are debating the BS dynamic of Spy vrs Spy MADNESS…. really!!!

    (@David if this is duplicated then please delete one. Gracias)

  52. Pacha…just saw a little excerpt, where there is a possibility the Nord Stream pipelince “can be restored”

    wonder who is plotting to blow it up again if that becomes a reality……..lol

  53. for all the Don Juans AND Rudolph Valentinos……

    “syphilis outbreak in Europe,”

  54. Donna October 3, 2022 7:16 AM #: “And some powerless Polly parrot squawks her dreams of pecking “slaves” to death.”


    I’ll invite you to read the first BU ‘discussion’ about the Russia/Ukraine war and you’ll realize “Polly 🦜 Parrot” CRITICISED Russia for invading Ukraine.

    It was only AFTER a particular individual was found to be supporting Putin, that ‘Polly’s’ POSITION on the war CHANGED.

    Now ‘Polly’ wants to give the IMPRESSION she is PRIVY to information that was supposedly PURPOSELY hidden from the public.

    The SAME ‘HIDDEN information’ she’s attempting to CONVINCE us that’s BEING SHARED on social media platforms other than BU.

  55. Waru

    Have seen those reports from Gasprom but am however doubtful.

    Of which there’s no doubt is that a price shall be paid for this direct attack in Russian Federation national interests.

    We kid you not!

    And those of Germany toooooo. But as you know we’ll the Germans are lap dogs for empire.

  56. “Have seen those reports from Gasprom but am however doubtful.”

    they are not one hundred 100% sure…i guess they will try, but at this time it’s really more important to IDENTIFY without a doubt exactly who did it….it’s not like they need the pipeline.

  57. Rise Up (Acapella Mix) ✊ ✊🏽 ✊🏿

    A tribute to the spirit of the Ukrainian people
    Over a dark futuristic techno-scape created by Alexander Technique, Roland Clark sounds the call to action, the call to unity, the call for freedom, rise up!
    Voice & Lyrics by Roland Clark
    Music by Alexander Technique

  58. @Donna… we are all ‘cuntes’ or ‘cunni’ when we believe a different ‘propaganda’ … the verbal abuse is akin to the real hostility Vlad Putin acts to his critics … clearly these folks take extreme prejudice to opponents!🤦‍♂️

    “So while the full range of cunts watching American propaganda media are walking away with heads full of ignorance, Novorussia has already upped the ante.

    Amazing. Yes he knows how to up the ante, fah sure. This is THE man afterall who hopped from President to PM to President to PM back to President after autocratically directing constitutional changes to consolidate his tenure until his death. So to be hailed as a paragon of non-propaganda veracity and truth .. wow. Such fanaticism!

    “Ritter argues persuasively, that on the one hand NATO wants to avoid a direct conflict with Novorussia which the incorporation of the Donbass and so on will mean.”

    Scott Ritter also says: “We are, literally, on the eve of destruction. Now is the time for the kind of political maturity leaders rarely demonstrate.”

    “People so ignorant as to presume that a military organization, NATO, which could not defeat Syria, Libya, Iraq, and men on horseback in Afghanistan could beat a real army with massive industrial might, was always so fanciful.”

    It is distressing when one side apportions all the intellect to them selves and thus all others are ignorant … thus it is laughable that this “real army with massive industrial might” was the first to be RUN OUT of the same Afghanistan with tails tucked neatly by “men on horseback”…. even then those stallions were sharing big ‘deckies’ too, no doubt.

    How Goebbelesque as Putin said!😎

    No wonder then that this mighty Russian army which has spent 6 months to complete their three week ‘special operation’ is now engaged in a ‘war’ and tekking all this big D … it’s an acquired taste apparently!

    I gone.

  59. Pacha….the good news….finally we have those in OUR REALM…. who should, standing up and paying RAPT attention….and not a moment too soon…..we await the RISE of the warrior spirit…

  60. Roland Clark, Alexander Technique – Rise Up on Traxsource
    Rise Up (Dub)

    Rise Up (Club Mix)

    The Alexander Technique is a way to feel better, and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way… the way nature intended.

  61. Wake Up


    For the record
    Donna does not use the term cunt in the correct context and calls herself the C-word
    I was the first and original person to use the term on Bu
    Bajans were previously using the word Khunt
    but I tested the word Cunt as it went straight thru processing like SWIFT banking messaging systems

  62. Waru

    The warrior spirit would be good. But what we shall always and have always been up against is the slave mentality of most.

    They denigrate this radical revolutionary moment but should it succeed even those house slaves would be claiming paternity. Not much longer to wait.

    Like all the rest, there’s no determination to foresee future events or even recognize what’s happening currently, no moral agency.

  63. “The warrior spirit would be good. But what we shall always and have always been up against is the slave mentality of most.”

    people are only NOW realizing how DANGEROUS and THREATENING that Slave mentality is to Afrikan people….but at least they are not VERY AWARE OF IT…

    “They denigrate this radical revolutionary moment but should it succeed even those house slaves would be claiming paternity. Not much longer to wait.”

    give them one minute…as soon as they realize what is REALLY COMING AT THEM..

    .that’s why am happy we are YEARS AHEAD…

    they look good right where they are in the land of KNOW NOTHING…until their masters are ready for them…

  64. Dub,

    The word “cunt” has been part of Bajan vernacular “from the time I know myself”.

    I never used it until it was first applied to me about two years ago on BU.

    You are quite right that I use it incorrectly because I know you will agree that a cunt I am not.

    Hint: I am not a slave either.

    But….if a white man called me a nigger, I would laugh and say, “So what?”

    I care not for their opinions. They are worthless.

  65. D
    perhaps you should clarify you are a tight cunt not a slack cunt like a porn star who has made over 300o movies

    I also once said that in UK everyone calls each other cunts in the office orifice as there is fuck all else to do except to go outside and smoke tobacco

    Get Up (Everybody) (Parade Mix)

    Get Up (Everybody) (Darius Syrossian Remix

  66. But,
    David got offended and removed that comment
    Get Up Tonight (Original Mix)

    Fourth Avenue (Original Mix)

  67. Artax,

    Truly, I cannot remember. I was not in favour of the invasion either. I am almost always against war but I understand that war may sometimes be necessary, even though they usually only afford a temporary reprieve from whatever led to it.


    “The Intelligent One” has long been gleefully anticipating nuclear war. Willing to cut off his nose to spite his features. Apparently, he thinks human beings are a bane to Mother Earth and hold no special right to existence.

    I think, unless his umbilical cord was cut from Mother Earth, he is likely to be more akin to us human banes than she.

    He is like a suicide bomber without the promise of seventy virgins to reward him in heaven.

    Seems like he seeks oblivion, which is, of course, available to him at any time.

    I don’t know why he is so bad-minded as to want to take us with him.

    Mother Earth and I have few disagreements. She likes having me around because I appreciate her. Right now, I am enjoying the smell of her freshly cut grass and eating and drinking of the bounty she provides for me.

    I am sure that she has not made any complaint for me. Besides, she is quite capable of chastizing and even disposing of me without any help whatsoever.

    In the meantime, I love myself more than I hate the white man. My broad nose is quite fine, once it can wake up and smell the roses and cut grass along with the coffee.

    Warrior spirit indeed! Surely Putin wouldn’t refuse a man whose “deckie” is (allegedly) “still seeking the only heaven known to man”.

    I hear he is recruiting “deckie pelters” for Ukrainian sissy crutches.

    I want reports from the frontlines like from CNN, not from the armchairs or plane seats!

    Murdaaaaaaaaah! Bare warrior mouts in de rumshop!

  68. Kwasi Kwarteng

    No nigger like a house nigger!
    It’s amazing the slipping of “standards” in the West.
    That Kwarteng as Chacellor., would seek to bring back the trickle down economics of Margaret Thatcher from the dead where they have been for several decades.
    That he would give homage to Chamberlain, an arch imperialist
    That even his vacuous PM, Liz Truss,, had to back away from his fake economics within days of delivery
    Should tell, even this mindless nigger, that decency requires his resignation.

  69. Pacha…someone is actually asking on another forum….i never even did that…..am sure they did it out of frustration…but they are wondering…

    “which Slaves ships their ancestors came from they are different to Jamaicans or any other folks in the Caribbean”

    i have some ideas, but it’s useless voicing them..

    are you familiar with the Nikon Z 7… what a challenge….but so worth it..

  70. Waru

    No, we’re not familiar

    Not certain either that the particular ship would make any difference either although the records are complete with the business documents of the enslaved products of Europe’s continuing war on Afrika.

  71. The corporations are still around, we still carry their names….that tells us everything…..we can figure out the rest…

    “No, we’re not familiar”

    pure genius developed that camera…gotta give them their props…both photos and movie friendly….just gotta learn everything now….800 page manual…lol

    a must-have for websites and a magazine..

  72. I just saw this and was about to post..

    “Jeffrey Sachs (Economist) Famous all over the world, esteemed economics professor Jeffrey Sachs has always shown signs of genius; he became a tenured Harvard University professor”

    Pacha…not sure if he is part of the Goldman Sachs behemoth family but he is pointing fingers…..and he is not just any old fool politician.

  73. Waru

    No he’s an academician, worked with UN.

    However, was also one
    of the IMF- World Bank persons dealing with the Russian economic implosion of the 1990s.

    At that time he was urging the Western governments to bail out Russia. Which they adamantly refused to do as they proceeded to loot a drunken Yelsin of Russia’s resources.

    On balance, he’s a bit of a critical voice who has done some good work with the Millennium Challenge. But some suggest that he’s come a bit late to the interrogation of capitalism

  74. fighting under those conditions must be horrible for both sides….

  75. @David, let’s be clear I do not challenge that the US could be responsible for the Nord explosion … I challenge the rush to judgement and the practical realities of such an action on their part!

    Being high up the political or global economic food chain does NOT make an opinion greater than a person like you or Artax or any other blogger here … BECAUSE none of us has EVIDENCE to validate our OPINION!

    We all use interpretative skills and experience which (unfortunately) is too often skewed by our ideological and political biases.

    I see greater upside for Russian false flag sabotage and greater DOWNSIDE for the US to act.

    I also see both sides playing stupid games to implicate the other… but this is obviously SERIOUS sh*** and the Spy vrs Spy nonsense MUST NOT be perpetuated by sensible pundits … it achieves nothing and gets us closer to annihilation!

    This propaganda BS plays to Putin’s and Washington’s neo-Fascists pumped up by the Carlsons of Fox, those on Breitbart and across the controlled Russian media!

    Tone down this stupidity and as the Ritter’s of this world plead : let statemanship breakout!

    Only idiots and their autocratic masters want nuclear war!

    I gone.

  76. Middle East Initiative (GMEI) and the ‘war on terrorism’
    The 1997 Project for a New American Century (PNAC) outlined a path for “continuous war” with terrorists somewhere or everywhere.

    Dance Donna Dance

  77. War is Good for releasing souls into the universe


    Definitions of witchcraft

    the practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells.
    “children and goods were believed to be vulnerable to the witchcraft of jealous neighbors”
    sorcery black magic the black arts the occult occultism wizardry witching necromancy voodooism voodoo hoodoo wonder-working divination Wicca white magic natural magic makutu rare:thaumaturgy theurgy the old religion witchery demonry diablerie sortilege

  78. Waru
    Been seeing reports since the Asian markets opened that Credit Swiss maybe in trouble.

    Hints at contagion. All la 2009

  79. Waru

    Gasprom now thinks that a part of the pipelines can be repaired quickly. You’re right, partly at least.

    Would not have expected that the American terrorists could not even be as good as the 9/11 job.

    Now the pedantic asshole would see this as part of some Russian plot. Can’t win for losing!

  80. Killing is a Buzz
    and sacrificial rituals is the climax of older religious services
    Nowadays you are not a proper leader until you go to War and draw First Blood
    Boots on ground is for the suckers

    War Boosts profit for Arms Industry
    channeling tax funds for MIC shareholders
    and making sales in foreign markets
    and is a good excuse to get rid of old bombs in storage

  81. LOL🤣 re “Now the pedantic asshole would see this as part of some Russian plot. Can’t win for losing!

    Gee, you are particularly astute when you need to be!

    Of course… I would also believe that if you can so effectively execute a 9-11 demolition; effectively take out the most wanted bin Laden in the heart of Pakistan; and rendition a President from Panama with aplomb that you should be able to buss-up some steel piping fixtures with ease, not so!

    So they say they can repair this easily … hmmmm!

    All that effort to send a demolition expert underwater Wagner … oh sorry Xi – black ops team deep into the ocean to cause a lil quick fix rupture. How very interesting!

    Anyhow, let’s applaud Russian original construction they KNEW the CIA would try this some day so they reinforced that pipeline like never before. PROPA

    All hail, Vlad.

  82. “Been seeing reports since the Asian markets opened that Credit Swiss maybe in trouble.”

    yes, saw it earlier and yes, apparently Gazprom made some progress, there is some undamaged link they are looking at….

    check this one out.

    “No more ties with France” Burkina Faso head steps down amid military coup.”

    “Meanwhile locals call for the gov’t to step away from France, and build stronger ties with countries like Russia and China”

    some kinda wind of change has taken hold…

  83. “Health experts say the UK is already at the start of a “devastating” new wave of Covid that could cripple a NHS that is already “on its knees” this winter after immunity-dodging Omicron cases shot up 14% in a week”

    Pacha…these people unleashed something on themselves that will be MERCILESS.

    Hants….hence the mask warning…

  84. Pacha……we gotta watch how things swing on the continent..

  85. “But some suggest that he’s come a bit late to the interrogation of capitalism”

    just had this same conversation with someone who has done this capitalist jaunt on the continent, in the Caribbean through familial holdings, including Barbados and in the diaspora…..they do need to take stock, and the interrogation of capitalism is very valid..

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