Conspiratorial Amnesia: How Political Atheism, Subliminal Indoctrination & Plausible Denial Syndrome Creates One Inevitable Outcome

Submitted by Terence M. Blackett

“Pigs can’t fly? Have you been to the airport lately?” ~ Gerald Celente

In the aftermath of September 8, 2022, the world was gripped by the medieval spectacle of British, monarchical, imperial tradition at its most theatrical. The world’s spectator gallery was techno-swamped with a Spartanesque, swashbuckling, mind-bending circus of protuberant pageantry; a panoptic parade of crimson, carmine colors – a puppetry of such Shakespearean drama that commentators suggested not even Steven Spielberg could dramatize what we all saw. Such was the artifice of [9] centuries of vainglorious vanity and voluminousness, bedevilled by the power of skewed oral history, the apostate, divine right of kings and now, cinematography – used as a rite of passage and a form of emotional and rational pillage – levelled at more than [4] billion gullible souls, around the world. Now, that the theatrical curtain has fallen upon the epiloguous end-time pages of Elizabethan history, having swerved into posthumous bibliographical perdition (given “we bring nothing into this world and we surely take nothing out”) – so is the pusillanimous nature of men, who refuse to challenge the current orthodoxy as entrenched neuroplasticity remains etched in the minds and hearts of docile men. If ever, few men ask when will change come!

Britain, like the rest of the Western world is now on the brink of a civilization abyss. Cosmic Karma as poetic payback, for all its prostitutionary profligacy & probity it has poured out upon the canvas of a blood-soaked earth. We live as if there are no consequences for actions and oftentimes those unintended consequences funnel down to generations who believe they are innocent of the blood of others. Those of us, who posit any other narrative, outside of the conventional, accepted mainstream discourse, are attacked, vilified and/or most often labelled “Conspiracy Theorists” or at worst – crazy. Fortunately, what was once theory has now become fact!

Most, who suffer the malady of ongoing selective amnesia, are now the victims of what I term “conspiratorial amnesia” – a form of subliminal programming (a label yet to be defined) given the proto-lexicon within sociological and psychological hubris & praxis. This definition is exploratory for a number of reasons. Its historical harbingers and the endless omens that have been left in its wake, are unhinged, unheeded warnings – alerting us all that if ‘Humans’ do not radically change course NOW (we are all likely to fall off the edge of the earth) – a posthumous reference to the Enlightenment mariners who sailed off with Christopher Columbus, hoping not to venture too far West! For this reason, the exploration of what was once conspiracy, finds it relevance in the crumbling monuments of past and present continuous history.

Let us begin.

Sociologist Carl Popper’s book: “The Conspiracy Theory of Society” (2006) suggest that “Only when conspiracy theoreticians come into power does it become like a theory which accounts for things which actually happen… the social theorist should recognize that the persistence of institutions and collectives creates a problem to be solved in terms of an analysis of individual social actions and their unintended social consequences, as well as their intended ones.” In a juxtaposed citation, David Coady in his book: “Conspiracy Theories” (2006) also suggests that “most philosophers have either ignored or dismissed the topic due to their irrationality, but today, many philosophers are delving into the subject to find inherent flaws or to see whether they deserve the irrationality label placed upon them…

This discourse does not seek such empiricism. The facts speak for themselves. The multipolarity of truth today is daunting enough without the need for seminal semantics and the insalubrious rumblings of who spins what!

We live in a world of mass, macro-scale machinations, and this was evidenced by BBC Future, in an article entitled – “Is the world overpopulated” positing this existentialist philosophical, piece of humanist theology, when read through the contextual neo-Malthusian globalist lens, (clearly suggest an obvious agenda being pushed). When one observes the chorus of vibrato sopranos, whose screeching vocals echo a lingering, decibelic, octave which reverberates this maddening clamour of ‘climate change disasters’, ecological meltdown, global warming, food scarcity, disappearing rivers & bodies of water, man-made pollution, soil erosion & desertification and the growing list that appears longer than the conga-line at carnival – you wonder. So while the chorus line cries wolf due to the cosmic connivance and collusion surrounding anthropogenesis – most in the ochlocratic orchestra refuse to explore both sides of the argument, with those who control the mainstream media narrative, bellowing and howling the loudest, resulting in a one-sided conspiratorial discourse.

What is remarkably sapient in the BBC piece, is this salient allusion to the Biblical Flood as cited in Genesis 6 – 9, where (from the 14th paragraph, under the heading “An Ancient Concern”) – paleoanthropological evidence supported by 400 geological clay tablets were unearthed by archaeologists from the University of Baghdad, in the ancient city of Sippar. These tablets had been laid, according to the article, in a scholarly tomb for over 3,500 years; placed there by the same Babylonians hands (possible Scribe), that had probably written them or archived them for future posterity. However, [4] of the tablets with other fragments ratifies the Biblical story of the “GREAT FLOOD” of Genesis. The Babylonian lexicography and/or language used then can be deciphered to some degree using Apocryphal epistemological writings; however, that is not the genus of this disquisition, here and now.

What focuses the mind is not only the historical amnesia of so-called scientific scholars but also the conspiratorial form of amnesia so patently virulent today, in almost facet of life. The BBC piece uses this ancient story as a pretext and justification, to prop up their subliminal argument against population growth, by using the globalist forceps of Malthusian Eugenics to invasively excise from the womb of humanity, what The Creator God had proscribed when He said: “Increase and multiply and fill the whole earth!” (Gen 1:28)

In the almost 6,000 year span of human history, based on “Creation Science” – the morphology of births, marriages & deaths remain sacrosanct. The conveyor belt of life moves both men, women & lesser created mortal beings (animals et al) along a timeline continuum of life & death, in an almost theatrical remonstrance, as was cited in the Shakespearean drama: “As You Like It”: where, “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being [7] ages…” We live and then we die – yet most are fundamentally in denial of their own feeble mortality and what will be our physical/mental/emotional/spiritual condition at the moment of departure.

Thus, in the vanguard of this ginormous dilemma we call life, (with all its foibles, idiosyncrasies & eccentricities), the world in 2022 finds itself in a truly ominous place. Is it a conspiracy of doom to say that on the eve of what will be another catastrophic Hurricane/Typhoon/Winter/Fuel/Financial/Crisis season that we are ill-prepared for the fallout – given that we are governed by men who have no answers? And, is there a lingering possibility of “NUCLEAR WAR in this decade or even within a few short months?

One of the best examples of our current impasse can be found in this highly recommended film “Planet of the Humans” by Jeff Gibbs (2020) produced & marketed by Michael Moore that shows the giant scam of dirty fossil fuels – not to mention, former Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis points out Europe’s electricity market scam of the century; issues around rare earth mineral mining, and the burning of forests, (wood/timber) for fuel (i.e. electricity), as a form of sustainable biomass. Moreover, as the Eastern Bloc powers (#Putin #Xi et al) throw a monkey wrench & spanner into the “Globalists Old/New World Order Agenda plans, the antithesis raises the ominous, looming spectacle of [3] billion souls dead due to (M<A>D): MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION in part, if not in whole, to nuclear fallout becoming a reality for the so-called enlightened “DENIERS”, whose palpable amnesia engages a worldview based on some evolutionary construct; a film which is bleak, if not downright suicidal in nature, as most will not be able to see beyond such human and ecological degradation, devastation & destruction (when it all comes crashing down).

So how did we get here? Let’s examine the conspiracy theories that are fast become conspiracy history and now conspiracy FACTS!

In order to qualify and quantify the historical factors, it must be accepted that poLIEtical atheism has been at the heart of the assassination of conspiracy theory. Here’s why! In a Huffington Post piece aptly labelled: “Political Atheism: The Last Taboo” published in the New Republic (1996) – Wendy Kaminer suggests that “Atheists generate about as much sympathy as paedophiles. But, while paedophilia may at least be characterized as a disease, atheism is a choice, a wilful rejection of beliefs to which vast majorities of people cling.” Whether you agree or not – Ms. Kaminer is undoubtedly a stranger to truth as both conditions are “CHOICES” made! Richard Dawkins levels in and went on to disagree, stating that “atheism is not a ‘choice’. For me, the only choice is whether to be open about my atheism or pretend to believe in a deity for which there is not a scintilla of evidence.” Dawkins somehow gets lost in translation, embroiled with his own febrile myopic mess, given his “ANTI-GOD” milieu and the fact that political atheism transcends the vagaries of whether Agnus Dei is really the conversation to be had, given the axis of what political atheism entails.

A simplistic rendering of what political atheism posits, suggest that so-called intelligent, sophisticated, well-informed individuals dissent violently on the notion of determinate political ideologies – kicking them to the curb and into the long grass! They believe that they are sufficiently evolved to the point where they cannot trust any government, based on the fairy tales and power dynamics they peddle; by those who are meant to be our public servants. Hence political atheists see globalists and other world leaders as the scum of the earth – LIARS, SOCIOPATHS, NARCISSISTS, & CRIMINALS who are “GREEDY” for wealth, largesse and socio-political control, as cited in the above one minute video by billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel.

With political atheism having flown the cuckoo’s nest – enter what is called ‘subliminal indoctrination’ which is the forerunner of what is termed ‘Plausible Denial Syndrome’. This moral breach left the gate wide open for so-called well-informed “Humans” to even deny that conspiracy theory has become conspiracy fact over a long historical timeline – again proving that it is difficult to teach an “old dog new tricks”. Intellectual rigour, theoretical analysis and exploratory engagement are replaced by a quick sugar rush or as some are calling a dopamine fix! This is the damage that has been caused even by so-called intellectuals with the alphabet soup in front and behind their names.

This Machiavellian, esoteric hypocrisy runs deep. As seen, one of the areas where conspiratorial amnesia has become truly subterranean is over the issue of fossil fuels. Al Gore and his gaggle of lying profiteers (who used the climate agenda) to push the “Green Lobby”, with Francis Bergoglio on side in this climate crusade, to save a planet that is not only on its knees, but has basically run out bandwidth, road, scope & longevity. As a result, the so-called masters of the universe, like Google Alphabet is now spinning out this secretive space age company called “Aalyria” which is meant to be a little-known, hyper-speed telecom project, that possibly will mirror CERN in Switzerland and rival Elon Musk’s StarLink project (more Jesuit theatre) to move us away from the coming woes that is set to plague the whole world. More bread and circus for gazing gallery!

There is one outcome that emanates from all this conspiratorial intrigue – collapse & complete fragmentation. Most of what we are experiencing today was written in stone long ago, (one cannot forget the now demolished (#GoergiaGuideStones) and the conspiratorial nexus involved, but the axis of evil reaches back through time to Albert Pike Letter to Mazzini and The Illuminati Plan for 3 World Wars, dated August 15, 1871. Then, there is the THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION which some deniers have tried to discredit and debunk but cannot as the issue will not go away – just as every war, assassination & social upheaval has been manufactured by the Soldiers of the Society of Jesus AKA #TheJesuits!

Earth’s rabbit-hole has become a wormhole of malevolent theatre! As we watched last week, 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), we heard several speeches by certain world leaders like the ad Interim PM of the Republic of Mali, Abdoulaye Maiga who called France’s President Emmanuel Macron GOV “an evil, criminal Junta” given that as the African Union Ambassador Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao in the speech that got her fired was based on the “tyranny of France’s leaders since colonial times, who now take out of Africa $500 billion” – then re-lend the said money to African countries at % interest rates – a conspiracy of silence deafens – not voiced nowhere in mainstream media (a MUST SEE VT)! The PM of Barbados, in her UN speech also laid down a challenge to world leaders seeing what is emanating between East & West – as she clearly sees that the handwriting is on the wall not just for Russia/Ukraine hostilities but for Africa, Syria et al.

In conclusion, make no mistake, the sophistry and inveiglement of globalists has reached such planDEMIC proportions that all that’s left as a “Final Solution” are for one rogue actor to light the match that will send everything we have ever held dear, up in smoke. Some on the right and on the left of the aisle believe we still have time to steer another course.

Frankly, that is a pipe dream!

Semper Fidelis

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  1. … a puppetry of such Shakespearean drama ……….

    Wow! And yet William Shakespeare was deeply involved in the most epical drama of all.

    A drama, which to this day, continues to make puppets of many.

    A puppetry which transcends the Elizabethean age so bemoaned.

    Such a drama is so profound that even its actors can no longer make claim to what is real.

    As a result confusion reigns majestically as desperate attemps are made to exit the web

    But even Shakespeare was prevented from making claim to this his masterpiece.

    However in the dead of night he was able to sneak in his WS so that the “,men of the square” could centre such a drama.

    That that he himself claimed manhood.

  2. Talk as we wish about Charlie and his angels.

    A lesson could be learnt for his treatment of the Chinese representative at the recent funeral.

    Only the Chinese and American reps were allowed their state’s limousines..

    ALL other ‘world leaders’ were crowded in coaches🤪

    Charlie seems to know who he should expect to butter his absence of bread.

  3. “ALL other ‘world leaders’ were crowded in coaches🤪”

    still the talk of the town, so insignificant they were herded like cattle in blacked-out coaches so no one could identify who was inside,,,,am sure that footage is one that has since been deleted, so that no record exists….

    as Gabby asked in his poem, “what the hell were they doing there? meaning Afrika’s leadership.

  4. @ Terence
    In conclusion, make no mistake, the sophistry and inveiglement of globalists has reached such planDEMIC proportions that all that’s left as a “Final Solution” are for one rogue actor to light the match that will send everything we have ever held dear, up in smoke. Some on the right and on the left of the aisle believe we still have time to steer another course.
    In OTHER words, our donkey is grass!!

    But even Dompey must be able to see this inevitability now.
    Of course the eternally optimistic blog master is still confident that someone can steer another course…

    • @Bush Tea

      Being optimistic is the best mindset to have even in the worse situations.

      Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come.

      Haruki Murakami

  5. “Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come.” — Haruki Murakami

    Not me
    why bother
    why worry

    The Mayan prophecies system of calendars used in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and in many modern communities in the Guatemalan highlands, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, doom and gloom of cataclysmic event came and went in 2012 (on or around 21 December 2012) and it was not the end of the world or significant transformative event, it was just the end of the prophecies

    If you believe the world ending is imminent you may as well have a shower before you meet your maker if that is your belief of after life, but you are more likely to die of natural or unnatural causes first

    Fools are waiting for another Jesus to come back again, but Holy Spirit of Jesus and all the other enlightened masters are already here and can live in you if you want to live good the way you should and reject all evil people


  6. ⏰ Time
    Some say Blacks slave descendants are fortunate to be in West as they would be starving in Africa, but there is enough for everybody’s needs but enough for people’s greed.
    The West are greedy and want it all and killed, looted and raped Mama Africa and they rob and gone.
    Blacks people being enlightened or “woke” is new war to whites

  7. Actually,
    Bushie deeply admires and respects your optimism Boss…
    If the facts were not so compelling to the contrary,
    the Bushman would be one of your disciples…

  8. Bushman…as i said on another thread…..3/4 of the information needed DOES NOT MAKE IT TO BU…..none of my doing, and i don’t even want to know all the why, although i do have a pretty good idea given the EVIDENCE left….

    but hold on to your convictions, don’t let anyone deter you….especially when they are NOT privy to 3/4 of the information that they should.

  9. Information has always been out there
    people need to be at Focus 12
    where awareness is expanding more and more
    far beyond the limits of your physical body
    where consciousness is expanding
    far far beyond the limits of physical matter reality

    you are now in focus 12
    the state of expanded awareness
    relax and feel calm and secure
    and comfortable in Focus 12
    the 12 state

    Say in your mind
    say to yourself

    I am more than my physical body
    because I am more than physical matter
    I can receive that which is greater than the physical world

    Therefore in these exercises
    I deeply desire
    to expand
    to experience
    to know
    to understand
    to control
    to use
    such greater energies
    and energy systems
    as may be beneficial
    and constructive
    to me
    and those who follow me

    also during these exercises
    I deeply desire
    the help and cooperation
    the assistance
    the understanding
    of those individuals
    who’s wisdom
    and experience
    are equal
    or greater
    than mine own

    I ask their guidance
    and protection
    from any influence
    or any source
    that might provide me
    with less than my stated desires

    Say in your mind
    and say to the farthest areas
    of your perception

    I open this channel of communication
    only to those
    who’s knowledge
    and experience
    are equal
    or greater
    than mine own

    I restrict
    such contact and communication
    to constructive purpose
    and reject all others

    I open such channels
    only when I so consciously desire
    at all other times
    it will remain closed

  10. Pacha…the question is, how long will the Caricom misleaders prolong this facade BEFORE they and their backward followers/supporters have to face the INEVITABLE…

    keep your eyes on CAR…interesting developments.

  11. Great things are happening….didn’t expect to see certain things this soon….but for ……RA!!!

    William… is noted and becoming even more defined….that commonsense….IS NOT COMMON…..there is definitely a DEFICIT…


    the amount by which something, especially a sum of money, is too small.”

  12. COMMON SENSE tells me that it was for SECURITY REASONS!



  13. Pacha…i don’t know who did what, definitely know that the Poles have a serious hatred for Russia, read some of the why in the last couple months…

    .but now a “former polish defense minister Radek Sikorski is saying “Thank you, USA and has attributed to the US the potential sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2, which carry natural gas from Russia to Germany.”

    now US already said in some comment i saw somewhere that they did not do it, the dude in Ukraine said Russia did it themselves….

    so in all the confusion…it’s best to take a pinch of salt at every news story regarding whatever happened.. ..and that’s why i stay out of politics….lol

  14. “They are all at loss. ”

    they all better up their game.

    the ones who have no resources are at a distinct disadvantage…

  15. 😘 Kisses
    What is a Bajan trait?
    Is it talking poo poo for years and then crowing that when something happens you were right and said something would happen when you were only copying others higher wisdom
    Wisdom is silent and mellow like a buddha in meditation or a dreadlock rasta who is stoned immaculate on the boom weed called Kiki

  16. Barbadians are so slow and full of empty talk..
    .. it has taken them over 4 years to grow some legal herb
    .. nuff committees planning and mass debate
    .. but not a single bud sample to test or sell on the market
    Jamaicans run tings

  17. Waru
    That was our intuition. Of course, these kinds of sabotage projects are well within the range of what the CIA has done, continues to do.

    And history is replete. The Gulf of Tonkin is “exhibit A”. Of course, there are many more. The WMD in Iraq is another – exhibit B”

    Currently, the evidence and circumstantial evidence point to America. Joe Biden himself, even demented, promised such.

    Only, the very pedantic, fascists, White apologists and self hating niggers would presume that The Russian Federation would bomb its own pipelines in these circumstances.

    Qui Bono? America’s aims in this war include keeping Russia out, Germany down and America in, still. This has always been their aims.

    Russia is out. American oil and gas interests are in and Germany as an industrial powerhouse cannot now lead a European Union to challenge America’s dominance based on financial capitalism which cares not about where things are produced.

    Don’t be misled. In geopolitics America has long seen the EU as a potential rival. Second only to China, or a Eurasian Bloc of countries.

    In toto. These people are seeking to knock out both the EU, by making them dependent of US fossil fuels, and the Russians with one blow – the proxis war in Ukraine.

    This is the bigger picture!

  18. Question: Is Russia still winning the war?

    300,000 Russians say, “NO!”

    The call for kicking and screaming backup men does not suggest that MSNBC, CNN and all the channels I sit in my armchair and watch were spewing pure propaganda.

    A good thing I did not waste the plane fare to see for myself.

    Let’s see if a long cold winter in Europe will hand Putin the victory on the battlefield!

    Who would have thought it eould come to this?


  19. “Only, the very pedantic, fascists, White apologists and self hating niggers would presume that The Russian Federation would bomb its own pipelines in these circumstances.”

    definitely a bigg picture…..don’t see anyone wanting the EXPENSE of repairing such a large pipeline by bombing it themselves..

    oh there is lots happening, that ghostly looking white woman in control of Eu had the goddamn nerve to tell Afrika that they need the oil but when they tief it with their freezing asses, Afrika can’t sell it…..could you believe the arrogance of these now broke ass beasts……

    well CAR was having none of it and told the clown where to get off…

  20. “Russia is out. American oil and gas interests are in and Germany as an industrial powerhouse cannot now lead a European Union to challenge America’s dominance based on financial capitalism which cares not about where things are produced.”

    you need to read between the lines deeper for the end game
    using Hegelian dialectic philosophy interpretive method in which the contradiction between a proposition (thesis) and its antithesis is resolved at a higher level of truth (synthesis)
    “Hegelian dialectic, or problem, reaction, solution. This method basically involves fabricating or intensify a problem, offering a draconian solution, then settling for a “compromise” that nevertheless furthers the intended goal.”

    the b-line bass line bottom line now is
    USA UK and Europe want full total complete control of Russia’s Oil by hook and crook
    and will make out they are the good guys coming to the world’s rescue

    they starved Germany with sanctions and pretended they were saving jews when they were saving and serving their own power and purpose

  21. @Donna, your remarks about ‘managing security’ are exactly what MI5 would have been deeply concerned about and that assessment surely drove the transportion methods they directed.

    That funeral was probably one of the most aggressively secured events ever … in so far as the extensive level of precautions taken.

    Of course these intel folks have to handle high security HoG gatherings often but this event particularly with the war in Ukraine as an additional source of angst
    was the terrorists’ dream come true as a moment for a spectacular statement.

    That is ended without any incident is fantastic… for all concerned!

    If we consider the level of disinformation being made now about this sabatogue of the Nord pipeline where the US or allied agents are suggested as the protagonists when it could be just as practical (more so really) that the Russians could be the sabatouers then imagine what we would have faced if even the slightest incident of sabatogue took place at the funeral.

    Let’s be thankful that it was only a fussilade of words that attacked Elizabeth at her final event.

    No one need try to defend any of the heinous acts committed by US agents in their attempts to expand their brand of imperial leadership …they have done many despicable things.

    However, to prostitute oneself before the Russian bear is even more heinous … they are worst.🤣😎

    Why only mention the Bay of Tonkin incident !🤦🏾‍♂️ … go for any of the other flase flags ops across time!

    What of the Russian ‘pretend local soldiers’ who were in fact Russian ‘satraps’ that set the stage so deceptively for the Crimea ‘war annexation’!

    Or what about the many lives on MA flight 17 … so callously downed over Eastern Ukraine again during that Crimea ‘war’. Another of these terrible tragic false flag actions by the ‘ever loving Russians’!

    The ledgers are quite detailed for the East and West … so whatever fancy forensic accounting analysis bloggers want now presented then so be it!

  22. But Hegel was a racist
    Now how is that circle squared?

    to beat a racist you have to know the mind of a racist
    which was the point of my joint

    people eventually become like their worst enemies
    UK USA EU are biggest Warmongering New Nazis nowadays

    when I speak more it floods you all with too many signals
    so I will chill a lilltle while with some music


    Deep Assignment
    Homework for thinkers
    what comes first
    or wars

    check out and consider
    taking Africa 500 years ago
    or Middle East 20 years ago

    was it bigger better guns and drones first
    and then war
    or the other way around

    WMDs and Technology are big industry for triumvirate of USA UK Israel
    after WW2 and formation of colony of White Jews in Palestine British Captured Land territory

  23. speaking of, that photo with the descents of the original Afrikan Judeans from Jerusalem look too sweet on the front page of Kush Quarterly for January..

  24. DPD,

    If you were in any doubt, the fact that “you couldn’t see who was inside the vehicles” should have fixed it.

    Now common sense would have asked why they made sure you could not see who was inside the vehicles. And common sense would have answered – so that you could not pick your target.

    But fanciful (and “intelligent”) brains turned the protection of world leaders into an insult.

    Man, I am so tired of the bullshit!

  25. For clarity and accuracy … Flight MA17 was shot down during the Donbas conflict, of course and NOT during the Crimea war which took place years prior as the ‘first step’ of the current massive buildup on a path to this grave failure!

    ANY deployment of nuclear armaments as indeed this request for reinforcements to the once mighty war machine of the Russian Federation is a clear indication of FAILURE.

    No strong man leader has ever responded to such a comeuppance without HARSH retaliation. We have seen Putin’s wrath on his inner circle and generals … one hopes his Duma or advisors can temper any further outbursts on a grander scale!

    I gone.

  26. Pacha @ William……….BU is getting better and better.

    nothing to complain or argue about…

    unlike me, stuck with the drudgery of preparing one site for coders…

  27. While awaiting for the catch up in the time lag of higher heightened hindsight anticipation reflection contemplation meditation.. to reach a breakthrough epiphany in the thinking of the minds

    Instead of making threats to go nuclear last week Vlad should have nuked London Town the week before on 19 September 2022 to remove heads of state invited to mourn the passing of an alleged illuminati gray lizard with bloodlines to all false leaders in the club of vip

    Perhaps Putin and West are working in cahoots to gaslight world plebeians in the greatest con show on earth called the New World Order Odour

  28. @BUSH TEA – “In OTHER words, our donkey is grass”!!!

    Boss man, have you ever seen such a convergence of climatic world events on such an apocalyptic scale as you are seeing today?

    Since the new UKGOV so-called MINI-BUDGET, the Pound Sterling has crashed as the Bank of England had to intervene today to buy up GILT (DEBT) Bonds, as everybody is blaming the “THE BLACK FALL GUY” (Britain’s newest Chancellor of the Exchequer)…

    The bull’s eye is clearly on his back, as the new Prime Minister hardly get a mention!!!

    Did not the same thing happen with #BarakOBOMBER??? How much money was given to the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE? And what about “SAME-SEX-LEGISLATION”: was he not the postmodern NIMROD* who would push down the walls of righteousness by establishing “SPIRITUAL SODOM”???

    But we must understand the historicity of such shenanigans given the Black Man is nothing more than a “HOUSE NEGRO” & an “UNCLE TOM” for those who wield power behind the scenes…

    My Bermudan adopted Mum once told me: “A BLACK MAN STARTED CIVILIZATION & A BLACK MAN WILL END IT…”

    Just before the #PlanDEMIC, the market value of UK Pension Funds reached almost £10.2 TRILLION* at the end of 2019, while gross assets excluding “DERIVATIVES” was £12.4 trillion. Gross assets excluding derivatives of private sector DC schemes… NOTICE: no one even knows the true value of the derivatives market as was seen in 2008!!!

    UK debt to GDP is heading to 150%!!! So the country is broke as the BOE prints money out of thin air!!!

    No wonder Mario Bergoglio called in all the global outstanding balances from every corner of the planet expecting a 30th September SHOCK (whatever that is)…

    The UK Nation’s Credit Card means that each “HUMAN” in Britain has a compounded DEBT liability of over £100K, (man, woman, boy & girl) possibly for the next couple of generations (if life last)!!!

    Is that sustainable???

    In 2008, the “MARKET CRASH” hit #NewYork’s LEHMAN BROS et al – this time it will be LONDON’s turn to crash the world market – so the 2nd GLOBAL HEIST (in broad daylight) can take place as the “BILLIONAIRE CLASS” can be bailed out to the tune of TRILLIONS OF Dollars/Pounds/Euros etc!!!

    Let’s remember, they did not make enough during COVID19 – so the 2nd phase is in operation…

    The final & 3rd crash will be “FULL-FLEDGED WAR” (#WW3) and complete decimation of everything we have “EVER” known or held dear!!!



    • @TB

      Boss man, have you ever seen such a convergence of climatic world events on such an apocalyptic scale as you are seeing today?

      You are suggesting from part of your comment quoted Bush Tea's life spawns several epochs?

  29. @David

    Have you ever seen a GOV Budget anywhere in the world in your lifetime that has caused a “GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN and/or a “MARKET CRASH”???

    $85 BILLION was wiped off the Indian Stock Market a few days ago – all because of the BLACK BOY* doing his master’s bidding in 11 Downing Street…

  30. “My Bermudan adopted Mum once told me: “A BLACK MAN STARTED CIVILIZATION & A BLACK MAN WILL END IT…””

    how prophetic with all the narratives now sharing…..across continents…

  31. @David

    “Is the ‘BLACK BOY’ comment warranted?”

    Probably NOT* but I guess it depends on your mindset…

    Labour Party MP Rupa Huq was suspended yesterday (during Party Conference Season) after calling Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng ‘SUPERFICIALLY’ black & is now she’s being called a “RACIST”…

    I asked the “WOKE BRIGADE” if it no longer feasible for a “BLACK PERSON” to call-OUT another “BLACK PERSON” & what is “RACIST” about that given the social construction of “RACE”???

    Rupa Huq maybe ASIAN* but in Britain, she is BLACK regardless of how straight her hair is!!!

    Would the same thing have occurred if Kwasi was in #AmeriKKKa and was called an #UncleTOM???

    Sorry BRUV* but I am no respecter of persons!!!

  32. that was extremely nasty of her, and she still has not gotten what she really deserves, jealousy and envy drive fools to expose themselves…

  33. “Rupa Huq maybe ASIAN* but in Britain, she is BLACK regardless of how straight her hair is!!!”

    the jealousy consumed will never accept blackness…..even when all the lice attracting hair falls out….they don’t accept blackness in their poverty ridden state, so imagine when they are on a white world stage.

    …it was unprovoked and vindictive, but that’s how the jealous mind works..

  34. Pacha…well those theories seem to be showing evidence of some kind…..with the opening of a gas network “carrying gas from the Norwegian shelf to Poland via Denmark…coinciding with the “Nord Stream pipelines potentially out of commission forever” and revelations that the act was deliberate..

    we gotta wait and see who confesses…although there is information that a confession was made in February before the war…

    .and of course Prince Donald jumped in to say Biden did it….oh….,,,tiring, why would anyone want to immerse themselves in politics….it’s a lifetime hellhole…..sorry, shithole…

  35. Pacha…could you believe this cave beast named Dennis Meadows got the absolute arrogant nerve…to claim on video no less that the “world’s population need culling downward from 7 billion to 1 or 2 billion…and he hopes that it is quiet, peaceful and civil and violence won’t have to be used”…….and it seems that it’s something already in progress….according to some, or starting soon, according to others…….

    look at the cave beast here…..i watched this video in two languages…

    “Dennis Lynn Meadows [1] (born June 7, 1942) is an American scientist and Emeritus Professor of Systems Management, and former director of the Institute for Policy and Social Science Research”

    these new arrival cave beasts are getting way ahead of themselves…they are incapable of creating our earth or its people…who gives them the right to spread their noxious poisons and decide when, where and how 5 billion people should sit quietly and die……we know the slaves won’t mind, so they are welcome to kill them first as a trial run…

  36. Waru
    Under the colour of law we give the West to much respect.
    Currently, America is still stealing Syrian oil everyday.
    Legalities mean nothing to them, unless their interests are served.

    These are the same people who brought the Barbados Family Association to Barbados during the 1960s and imposed population controls on us. The eugenesists!

    Now this government is saying that we have a population deficit of 80,000.. But nobody dares connect these two things. Further, bulling and wicking as establishment family formations mek sense to us. Talking bout importing people.

    A country has no right to exist. One day coming soon.

  37. “Currently, America is still stealing Syrian oil everyday.”

    i heard, apparently they want reparations for that they say.

    leave them, evabody got an agenda…i got one too…..i want the slaves gone, they take up too much oxygen and contribute absolutely NOTHING to Afrikan progress….not to mention they are Afrikan people’s biggest and greatest ENEMIES, more dangerous than racists, eugenicists and genocidal maniacs combined…..

    plus, the depopulators says they don’t really need them anymore they got AI, and part human modules, at least that’s what Schwab said in one of his videos…..we know what to expect from them, they don’t waver, nor do they pretend and then stab you, or try to, in ya back…they just take ya out as they say they will…..unlike what these stinking little Slaves do.

  38. BTW, when the EDL or BDL or whatever comes for Black people in the UK they’ll start with that stiff-shouldered Kwasi. Kwarteng.

    That nigger seems intent on destroying their already failing economy trying to be Margaret Thatcher redux.

    Somebody should get him some yoga lessons.

  39. Waru

    Oh jesus christ!

    The Baltics, Poland, American and other countries have withdrawn their citizens from Russia.

    Clearly, this is an ominous sign in the wake of America’s terrorist attack on the Russian pipelines.

    This is ominous and can only be interpreted in the gravest way possible.

    Only yesterday the resident pedantic asshole here presumed to minimize this incident. And now it indeed may be representative of a gross upping of the ante.

  40. If #PensionsFundsSpeculators think that they are out of the woods because the BoE stepped in & QE £65 BILLION in GUILDS to ease the casino gambling – the “REAL RHINO” in the room is with interest rates shooting up to over 6% & the mortgage market seeing the “MIDDLE-CLASS” crushed, wiped out & the UKGOV* unable to “BAIL-OUT” anyone except the “BILLIONAIRE CLASS”… End-Result: GLOBAL MARKET COLLAPSE & IMPLOSION affecting every nation on earth (including good ‘ole BARBADOS)… REASON: #DERIVATIVES to the tune of over $200 TRILLION

  41. “The Baltics, Poland, American and other countries have withdrawn their citizens from Russia.”

    saw this morning they were telling them to leave..

    “This is ominous and can only be interpreted in the gravest way possible.”

    and happening in real time too….i pay very little attention to the shit most people post on here……they won’t see anything until it’s RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM….by then, it will be too late…

    UK is indeed unraveling….

    thing is weeeee have known all about these things for at least 3 YEARS….while the Slaves were waiting for the next massa to decide what to do with their miserable useless lives….WELL THEY HAVE….hope they like it…i just want to see these useless asses gone before they do more damage to Afrikan lives…

  42. Pacha…i have warned those in UK for years, since they are deep within bowels of the beast….they will have to figure things out.

    Terrance…this is what happens when ya don’t heed warnings…

  43. 🌍 Magnificent a.k.a Magno – Yu Heard Formula: C₂₁H₃₀O₂ IUPAC ID: (−)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-trimethyl- 3-pentyl-6a,7,8,10a-tetrahydro- 6H-benzo[c]chromen-1-ol [[[ONE LOVE ONE WORLD ♡ ♥ 💕 ❤ 😘 🌍]]] on said:

    “I asked the “WOKE BRIGADE” if it no longer feasible for a “BLACK PERSON” to call-OUT another “BLACK PERSON” & what is “RACIST” about that given the social construction of “RACE”???”

    The Awakening

    The “woke” brigade have been told it is racist to call racists racist
    as anti-racism against white racism is racist against whites
    and calling brexiters and trumpers racist pigs is racist against swine

    the saying is in the Belly of the Beast
    or behind enemy lines
    but black Chancellor is under manners
    sleeping with the enemy
    who caught some jungle fever
    so he can’t say boo against white racists
    as his wifey won’t let him

    He works for Truss who works for her lobbyists who want low tax
    He don’t work for black people he works for rich bastards interests only

  44. @Pacha brother why don’t u get the first available flight to Moscow … both you and the doc have this penchant for cussing people when they disagree with ya’all’s superior intellectual posts.

    But why do intellectuals need to cuss know nothing assholes or morons truly confounds me 😇🤦🏾‍♂️!

    OBVIOUSLY the US committed this terrorist attack so according to you Mr Putin would have all right to act decisively … and just as CLEARLY US agents have also been killing Putin’s oligarchs, allies and other high ranking elites and this action is the tipping feather… Steeupse!

    We defer to Mr Putin’s and your wisdom and ‘clearly opaque‘ thinking in these matters.!

    You have great insight into the Kremlin’s expectations and surely are correct about the subterfuge of these western countries prodding Putin towards nuclear war . He must now act powerfully to destroy the imperialist devils.

    So get over to your welcoming Moscow bunker brother … time is short!

    Leave us assholes to bray stupidly !

  45. It is not a “CONSPIRACY” to see that #ElizabethII death was a gargantuan sign that the “HANDWRITING” was on the wall!!! What happens NOW* in Britain is sure to affect the whole world – unless, you are a #Benthamite and accept that #StupidityOnStilts is a postmodern virtue!!! Everybody looked at Sri Lanka & cerebrally deduced that it could “NEVER” happen to them (especially our “BLUE EYED” pundits) who somehow believe that you can continue to “BORROW” in order that Peter can pay Paul (ad infinitum) given the levers of “PRINTING USELESS PLASTIC PAPER OUT OF THIN AIR”… Is that economic competence given the levels of “TOXIC DEBT” in the beleaguered system we call capitalist market economics? All that needed, is for a tiny needle prick to this ginormous pimple will sees swelling up for the pus ooze out and affect every nation on earth… What happens when the “BOTTOMLESS PIT OF IMAGINERY MONEY” can no longer be drained to it dregs? Yet somehow folks think you are an “ALARMIST” & “DOOMSDAY PROPHET” when you state the obvious…

  46. Finally, #COVIDSEASONISHERE!!! The “Conspiratorial Machine” is being ratcheted up as #MSM goes on the offense to get folks like me “JABBED” into oblivion to prop the “WAR EFFORT” of “MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX”… Is no one paying attention to the “RESEARCH” or are we so “MORALLY BANKRUPT” that it’s nigh impossible 2 “PAY ATTENTION” and is this only for folks (like your humble servant) who refuse to miss a beat of this ear-numbing drum?

  47. “Yet somehow folks think you are an “ALARMIST” & “DOOMSDAY PROPHET” when you state the obvious…”

    no more reason to alarm them….just want their useless asses away from this world and it appears their manufacturers/owners don’t seem to want or need any uneducated, but well schooled fools around them anymore either…………,

    don’t want my great great grands meeting any colonial Slave bloodlines from this timeline in the future at all, at all…

  48. Coolio DEAD* (so much for the Gangsta’s Paradise) whether it is on the streets or boardroom or within the bowels of hell… DEATH* is REAL* & yea bruh, “It a heartbeat away” but most choose to be live on planet DENIAL refusing to deal or come to grips with the issue of mortality… We never learn!!!

  49. Pacha…what do you think about this…..based on what they alleged as a promise by Biden on Feb 7, 2022 before the war.

    ” Fast forward to September, and the Nord Stream 2 has been mysteriously damaged, seemingly by an act of sabotage. Now Moscow is demanding a thorough investigation into the incident, while the EU has warned that “any deliberate disruption of active European energy infrastructure is unacceptable and will lead to the possible strongest response,”

    some believe that Eu is now only waking up to the fact dat dem in sumbody crosshairs….lol…

  50. Coolie may be dead but he sure was COOL while he lived.

    Not many people could improve a Stevie Wonder song but HE did it!

    It still gives me goosebumps to hear him capture EVERYTHING that gansta life is.

    Makes me cry everytime.

    We must do better by our young men! Nobody deserves to be trapped in that lifestyle.

    And yes, I do believe that they are trapped. Not everyone is smart enough or strong enough to escape poverty and hopelessness unscathed.

  51. “some believe that Eu is now only waking up to the fact dat dem in sumbody crosshairs”

    apparently they found another leak and calling it sabotage…Swedish coast guard claim….”two in Sweden’s exclusive economic zone and two in the Danish exclusive zone.”..instead of the reported three there are four, being reported..

  52. Pacha…just saw Afrikan youths marching telling EU to HANDS OFF THEIR OIL….don’t know who the hell gave these beasts entitlements to anything belonging to Afrikans.

  53. I’ve been saying this on BU for years
    blah blah blah
    blah blah

    Pastime Paradise / [Edit]
    They’ve been spending most their lives
    Living in a pastime paradise
    They’ve been spending most their lives
    Living in a pastime paradise
    They’ve been wasting most their time
    Glorifying days long gone behind
    They’ve been wasting most their days
    In remembrance of ignorance oldest praise

    Of race relations
    Confirmation to the evils of the world

    Tell me, who of them will come to be?
    How many of them are you and me?
    Of race relations
    Of revelation
    World salvation
    Confirmation to the peace of the world

    Let’s start living our lives
    Living for the future paradise
    Praise to our lives
    Living for the future paradise
    Shame to anyone’s lives
    Living in the pastime paradise

  54. no one leaves their Slaves around as any living testiment, especially when they are so USELESS…and are now merely LOOSE ENDS…

  55. Waru
    May get worse than the pipelines real fast.

    Turns out that in addition to the Americans, the Poles, ethic Slavs with the deepest hatreds of Russians, are seeking to be the gas hegemons through a pipeline coming from a Nordic country.

    Seems like a plan.

    The real news does not make the news. American senior officials have been using back channels to communicate threats to the Russians should battlefield nukes be used in Ukraine.

    How stupid? First the Russians made no such threats. But the Americans always have. However, in response to Putin’s reminder that should Russia be threatened it will use all means in defence, his words were twisted to make them mean something else.

    Secondly, these fools in the White House, State Department, seem to be under the “delusion” that when Russia determines that NATO and particularly America are what they have been all along, combatants, the delivery of nuclear warhead shall not be aimed at Ukrainian territory but those in Washington, New York, London and other Western capitals.

    History may well show that the terrorism on Nord Stream 1 & 2 as causus beli. That history could not be considered until 100 million years hence after the evolution of other more sentient beings.

  56. Neo-liberalism. has created proto-fascism!

    Elected dictatorships, like Barbados, are heading in the same direction of travel

  57. “The real news does not make the news. ”

    tell me bout it, am seeing some stuff and going WHAAATTTT????

    “the delivery of nuclear warhead shall not be aimed at Ukrainian territory but those in Washington, New York, London and other Western capitals.”

    i have no clue what everyone is going to get out of playing chicken except their asses nuked and then it’s ALL OVER for everyone, but maybe that’s what they want..

  58. “has created proto-fascism! Elected dictatorships, like Barbados, are heading in the same direction of travel”

    those little wannabe idiots better keep their asses real quiet, cause no one with any intelligence has the appetite or patience for or with any of them….if they only knew they would sit their stupid asses down and stay there.

  59. All uh these assholes in governments everywhere.
    One Liz Truss. That the UK conservative couldn’t look into her face and see an ass is amazing.
    Maybe such an ass was intended for a purpose.
    That purpose was to sink the economy while wearing Margaret Thatcher’s old clothes.
    After a mini budget just a week ago 65 billion pounds had to be printed to stabilize said pound.
    Maybe the well healed wanted this. All gangsters.

  60. “Maybe the well healed wanted this. All gangsters.”

    my instincts have always been right, politics, politicians, religion and their religious nutjobs are, have always been and will always be BAD NEWS…for huemans and our earth…….no one should get involved with either of them or their practitioners..

  61. Pacha……just watched a video where seismologists suggested that the apparent sabotage of Nordstream was not done by Putin or US, earthquakes but by a small G7 country withing the Eu because they are all about to COLLAPSE, with 3 submarines and torpedoes….and called a terrorist act.

    Not hard to deduct who the culprit is with their centuires of an extremely ugly reputation.

    ..i take it EU already knows who did it…hence their statement yesterday..

    The situation has already escalated so watch out for blowback, which given the info, is in progress…..we are definitely NOT getting any real news and won’t unless you know where to look…..but, it was confirmed that US lost the petro dollar. Lots more information popping out,

  62. or earthquakes but by a small G7 country within the EU because they are all about to COLLAPSE, and this country has 3 submarines and torpedoes….and called a terrorist act.

    were i them, given their size compared to others, i would watch my ass closely…how do you kick off a world war, and destroyed the pipeline that feeds the countries you will now need to protect you….good going…nice one…now evabody know you did it….lol.

  63. Waru

    None of the European satraps could conduct such an act of war without the say so of empire.

    Given, that the fairly sensible people in the Pentagon wouldn’t but the US has informal ways of acting. Ways which leave them out of the loop.

    Then there is all the other circumstantial evidence.

  64. “None of the European satraps could conduct such an act of war without the say so of empire.”

    that i understand, they are a group who don’t really operate without the knowledge of each other…..but given the fallout now seen as inevitable, it was a bad move. but apparently made much sense to them…

  65. Pacha…..i did hear that an F-16 sold to one of the euro countries saw the attack, apparently there is some kinda of footage available.

  66. Pacha…if ya see the bullshit some jack hole named Steven Erlanger, the name alone should give us pause, from the NYT wrote and then it was described where i saw it as “Eat, Sleep, Offend – “Delete: NYT Rolls Black UK Democracy in India”

    it was VERY, VERY OFFENSIVE…these ignorant arrogant racists are once again getting ahead of themselves…

  67. These are some extremely dangerous and nasty people who believe that their campaign to spread more lies and misinformation while rewriting PREVIOUS LIES AND MISINFORMATION is something that others are looking forward to ACCEPT.

    “Steven Erlanger

    Steven Erlanger is the chief diplomatic correspondent in Europe for The New York Times, a position he assumed in 2017. He is based in Brussels. Erlanger was previously the bureau chief in London, from 2013 to 2017; in Paris, from 2008 to 2013; in Jerusalem, from 2004 to 2008; in Berlin, from 2001 to 2002; in Prague, from 1999 to 2001; in Moscow, from 1994 to 1996; and in Bangkok, Thailand, from 1988 to 1991.”

  68. ““Delete: NYT Rolls Back UK Democracy in India”

    now we know why the news will no longer be accurate….look who is starting the WHOLESALE LIES…

    had not for the BACKLASH that scared the shit outta this racist and NYT…they would have gotten away with it too.

    It’s a good thing we know certain things…damn…..this is beyond evil.

  69. Wuhloss Pacha………the Dutch went showing disrespect and flexing their colonial muscles in Nicaragua and Daniel Ortega, i didn;t even know he was still around, kicked them to hell out….lol…some arrogant heifer….ya know they have no manners already…

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