Farewell Your Majesty

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth, I was uncertain how to publicly respond. I believe all Barbadians are similarly uncertain. Many who dared express sentiments of mourning on social media were rudely set upon by persons accusing them of supporting colonialism. Then the Government’s most revered Cultural Ambassador wrote the song, “Good Riddance to Rubbish” in direct reference to Her Majesty.

Less than one year ago, the Queen was the respected Head of State of Independent Barbados. All our elected representatives and appointed senators swore before God, on the damnation of their eternal souls, to be faithful to the Queen. Then we were informed that they had removed the Queen from being our Head of State, and we must all fall in line. This article attempts to make sense of the current uncertainty.


On 15th September 2020 in our Parliament, the Government stated that Barbados would “become a Republic by the time we celebrate our 55th Anniversary of Independence.” [1] The Queen’s response was immediate. She stated that becoming a Republic was “a matter for the government and people of Barbados”. [2]
The Government then immediately informed the international news media, that Barbadians had given their consent for Barbados to become a Republic in the 2018 General election, stating: “we certainly campaigned on it in the manifesto”. [3]


If this were true, then the Republic of Barbados would be founded on the sure foundation of the will of the Government and the consent of the public. However, all Barbadians know, and the Attorney General of Barbados has specifically acknowledged [4], that none of the political parties that participated in the 2018 General Election campaigned on Republicanism.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is no mention of any plan to make Barbados a Republic in the BLP’s 2018 general Election Manifesto, 2016 Covenant of Hope, or 2013 general Election Manifesto. However, it is mentioned in their 2008 Election Manifesto, with their sacred promise of a public referendum.


The international media ignored these facts. Foreign Policy reported: “Mottley, who has campaigned on republicanism, won a landslide victory in 2018 elections when her party won all 30 seats in the House of Assembly.” [5]. iNews UK reported: “She campaigned on republicanism, ahead of her landslide victory in 2018 elections.” [6]. Even the prestigious National Geographic reported: “Charismatic and outspoken, Mottley campaigned on republicanism to become the nation’s first female leader in 2018.” [7].

Instead of the promised referendum, we were subject to a campaign to get Barbadians to hate the Queen. Parliamentarians questioned her benefit to Barbados. The University of the West Indies accused her of racial hatred. Our established media mainly published the views of those who disparaged her. Rather than test their campaign with the promised and expected referendum, Barbadians who questioned the rush to republicanism were targeted with invective.


Since we were forced into a republic that was built on a foundation of fiction, how should we respond to the Queen’s passing? Each person should count the cost and decide for themselves. Private mourning is a personal decision. Public mourning in this new republic should be done carefully.

Those who have been convinced that the Queen is their great oppressor and the root cause of their economic and emotional problems, will celebrate as if it were the death of the wicked. Those who were not persuaded by the recent negative campaign will mark their respect, but should expect ridicule.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

[1] The Governor-General’s throne speech in the Barbados Parliament on 15th September 2020.
[2] The Guardian UK, Patrick Wintour (Diplomatic Editor), 16 September 2020.
[3] Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Phil Williams (Chief Foreign Correspondent), 17 September 2020.
[4] High Court Claim No. CIV 867 of 2021. Paragraph 42.l
[5] Foreign Policy, Stéphanie Fillion (United Nations based foreign affairs reporter), 28 June 2021.
[6] iNews UK, Michael Day (Chief Foreign Commentator), 26 November 2021.
[7] National Geographic, Jacqueline Charles (Pulitzer Prize finalist, 2018 Maria Moors Cabot Prize winner), 22 November 2021.

156 thoughts on “Farewell Your Majesty

  1. Less than one year ago, the Queen was the respected Head of State of Independent Barbados. All our elected representatives and appointed senators swore before God, on the damnation of their eternal souls, to be faithful to the Queen. Then we were informed that they had removed the Queen from being our Head of State, and we must all fall in line

    But, She was Dead in a Year
    “The Queen is Dead.. Long Live the King”

    New 🇬🇧 anthem
    “God save our gracious King..”

  2. I really enjoyed watching some of the coverage over the last 12 or so days.

    No question about it, the Brits know how to put together a pageant, after all it isn’t as though this is the first time they are burying a monarch.

    I enjoyed watching the clips of the young Queen from the time when she was a Princess and listening to her words.

    She has led a life of service and dedication as she was raised to do and done so happily as evidenced by her constant beaming smile.

    The millions who poured out their love and gratitude way surpass any of the very few niggardly hate filled voices that were raised against her.

    I think the period cast in stark contrast the difference between love and hatred, something we need to be reminded of every day.

  3. I won’t say I like everything Britain has done but can’t imagine disrespecting this occasion.

    Here are snapshots of her life.

    Check the smile!!

  4. 1533 Elizabeth I –
    2022 Elizabeth II
    Period incorporates GP and UK’s Crimes to Humankind
    Slavery, Colonialism, Global Capitalism, Institutional White Supremacy Racism, Hate and Prejudice

    Perhaps King Charles III will be a new vibration a new sensation for the next generation to address all of their crimes of robbery with aggravation

    The Emancipation Of My Soul

  5. David

    This written, a die hard monarchist who only temporarily relented after republic was a fait accompli.

    That ilk, is the centre of Bajan conciousness. For a house nigger like Grenville will never know the recently dead as a prime participant in the overthrowing of a duly elected government in Australia or Grenada for that matter.

    Grenville, the well off house nigger can not possibly consider that bitch as the criminal behind Britain’s dirty war against the maw maw in Kenya. A war which was amongst the most brutal ever. Atrocities included, but were not limited to, the castration of Kenyan freedom fighters.

    Kenya, the country in which she reportedly climbed a tree as a princess and came down as a queen of Whiteness in our world.

    A queen, surrounded by the stolen bounty from an empire of peoples of colour. We should not expect a self hating nigger like Grenville to have any compassion for these who should have been he.

    For such sick fuckers closeness to Whiteness and distance from self is now well within the DNA. Like father like son. It’s therefore unsurprising that the son of what Barrow called the corporate undertaker have always been well aligned to the plunderes.

    A coward, who at the height of this mass hysteria to which much of the world was expected to spontaneously break out in tears as though they really knew this old bitch, was afraid to defend what is so dear to him.

    Of course, the atrocities to which this dead bitch has loaded over and was an inheritor of could fill the internet.

    May she forever burn in hell!

  6. Jesus of Lubeck Slave Ships New World Order

    the 500 years of QE1 to QE2 is responsible for most of the current world problems today

    Original Badman Pirate Gunman Gangster Patriots War Song Lyrics
    Rule Britannia, Britannia, rule the waves Britons never, never, shall be slaves
    Rule Britannia, Britannia, rule the waves Britons never, never, shall be slaves

    Cry 4 U
    (Sheryl’s Authentic Love Festival Mix)
    (Sheryl’s Master Of Style Piano Mix)
    (Sheryl’s Lovely Drum Mix)


  7. “For such sick fuckers closeness to Whiteness and distance from self is now well within the DNA. Like father like son. It’s therefore unsurprising that the son of what Barrow called the corporate undertaker have always been well aligned to the plunderes.”

    any an d everyone with a modicum of decency and respect for ancestry are so over these laughingstock Slaves..

  8. Read the article. Thought I would’ve seen a reference made to ‘insurance.’

    Perhaps the policy lasped at the death of QEH II?

    To be honest, I am neither happy nor sad that she died.
    The announcement of her death came to me similarly to any occasion the ‘next door’ neighbour’s radio is loudly tuned to CBC 94.7 FM, and I hear the ‘Admiral’ read the death announcements of people I don’t know.

    However, I felt some sadness when Yasser Arafat died mysteriously.
    Some may disagree, but his fight against Isreal, while struggling internally
    with various political organisations and factions of the PLO, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command; Palestinian Liberation Front; Palestinian Liberation Front – Abu Abbas Faction; Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine…… for the liberation of Palestinians is commendable.

    And, Nelson Mandela, whose struggle against the evil apartheid system in South Africa, his subsequent imprisonment for 27 years…… to becoming the country’s first Black president in 1994, is note worthy.

  9. For people to get so worked up over something as natural as death makes no sense to me.

    Enjoy (or not) the pageantry and respect and move on.

  10. I could understand it if her death was in some way unnatural, but it wasn’t.

    We all got to go somehow, somewhere and sometime and like us when we get to go, it isn’t going to matter a bit to her what is said about her, good or bad.

    She lived her life and did her duty.

    She is in God’s hands now.

    It will however matter to us what we say and do because it will affect our minds and our ability to be function as human beings.

  11. Information Mix
    For all the Christian Bible Reading Book of Revelations Revelation End Times
    Amateur Prophets Conspiracy Theorists amongst us
    Y’all all know who you are
    (Seek Medical Advice)

    A Random Youtube selection related to Thread’s Subject Matter

    Is King Charles III a Globalist Antichrist? A False King? Dr. Taylor Marshall Podcast

    I have not watched this video or support the views contained in it

    Apocalypticism is the religious belief that the end of the world is imminent, even within one’s own lifetime.

  12. Thanks
    I was searching in my mind for the word ‘insurance’. Let me get this right …
    We lost our insurance
    Then de poem
    Boy we in trouble

  13. Defender of the Faith was a title bestowed on Henry VIII when he was a Roman Catholic.

    The Pope himself bestowed the title.

    Was the Faith the Roman Catholic faith or the Christian Faith?

    Charles now claims he is Defender of the Faiths, plural.

    It is kind of complicated, yet it could be very simple depending on what he actually means.

    We will see as time progresses.

    Predictions are his reign will be short.

    I like Princess Charlotte to be a future monarch, she just looks like she knows her own mind and I am partial to Queens having witnessed Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

    …. but we got to wait 20 or so years to see if that happens.


  14. You SOB’s enjoying freedom of speech to talk crap about the Queen. Were it not for her there would be no hospital, no police force, no Parliament in Barbados; you would be still living in your thatched shacks and eating one another. The African monarchy sold your forefathers to the British; rounded them up and packed them in crates like flipping monkeys and sold them to the British. Backward idiots! But what do you expect from black people? “Black” is synonymous to “ignorance”

  15. Verona Michelle
    And you are the quintessential slave still. Black as midnight but too love yuh White masters.

    Who presumes that any of us is in Barbados.

    That alone suggests the Black cunt you are and has always been.

  16. Well one thing I saw on CNN is that the queen meant alot to her people for whatever reasons they had.

    Can you imagine a Bajan wating in a line for 11 hours to pay respect to their leader who was lying in state? Got to tell you I wasn’t going in no eleven hour waiting line unless it was for a life saving operation! lol

  17. Pacha…i just had to drop some truisms in certain circles…..people just have NO CLUE about the realities of a great portion of all of this……..they are still in shock….i told them they are complicit in much of it, especially going forward..

    .spent too many centuries BARELY SURVIVING in other people’s fake/make believe world of fantasies and fairytales….and now not sure of anything..

    looking good.

  18. RE: “Were it not for her there would be no hospital, no police force, no Parliament in Barbados;”

    Elizabeth was born on Wednesday, April 21, 1926, acceded to the throne on Wednesday, February 6, 1952 and her coronation took place on Tuesday, June 2, 1953 in Westminster Abbey.

    (1). The Barbados General Hospital opened on Monday, July 1, 1844.

    (2). The Barbados Parliament was established on Sunday, June 26, 1639.

    (3). The Barbados Police Force was formed in 1835.

    So, contrary to your belief, a hospital, police force and Parliament EXISTED in Barbados LONG BEFORE Elizabeth was born…… and became queen.

    RE: “….you would be still living in your thatched shacks and eating one another.”

    A silly comment.

  19. @David, u haven’t given us some fresh blog space to pontificate, bloviate and hyperventilate … yes lots of hot air … on the Russian War and things are reaching another ‘end days’ moment. So hot air release is needed before we may all go up in ‘hot air’! 🤦🏾‍♂️😢

    Bad jokes make life tolerable but this is also serious stuff:

    “Citing NATO expansion towards Russia’s borders, Putin said the West was plotting to destroy his country, engaging in “nuclear blackmail” by allegedly discussing the potential use of nuclear weapons against Moscow, and accused the United States, the European Union and Britain of encouraging Ukraine to push military operations into Russia itself.”

    Let’s not repeat all the previous who started what … suffice this dangerous man has mobilized another 3/4 of million Russian men and women (give or take) to validate his grievous error to start this war.

    Putin is absolutely correct that “Russian soldiers were effectively facing the full force of the “collective West” which has been supplying Kyiv’s forces with advanced weapons, training and intelligence” so his call to arms is unquestionably given patriot credence … BUT …. he brought his nation here unnecessarily!

    The West will not blink and neither will he so it’s left to his Duma critics and others within Russian to halt this progress to WWIII … by all means necessary!

    Those therein need to ask themselves a fundamental number of questions: _one of which is- would Swedan and Finland be now 100% ready to join NATO if there was no Ukraine invasion!; so what was the point of invading Ukraine to stop NATO encroachment to Russia’s borders and the EXACT opposite happened.

    That’s failure …… Unless of course turmoil to start a selective nuclear war from which only the super powers and super elites would survive with their super sealed bunkers, super nuclear subs and super outer space modules all of which can sustain life for months after a nuclear action … was always the intention !

    If the latter then … we the little non-supers are doomed!

  20. Maybe this why they call it Soul music..
    The Soul of the Black in chains in Slavery of the past, is the same Soul as the Black in Freedom and is the same Soul as the Black who could not pass living in Racist Lands of the Western Hemisphere today and past.

    Raise Me Up

    reggae music spoke to the youths with songs like Slave Driver, Concrete Jungle by The Wailers
    Dennis Brown with Revolution,

    Frontline by Lincoln Granulated Sugar Booga Minott

  21. William……note that these are complicit and have ALWAYS BEEN in their own demise, so expect nothing more and no better…….stand clear and give them the floor, dont want to change a thing…

    .they still believe the “good slaves” act will get them brownie points and a place …right where they are and can go no further….ot progress…

    they love being amusement for others,,,,the clown act road show…hence no more useful information should ever again be wasted on them…

    there are places where it’s better understood and acted upon, time to eliminate the stragglers and just watch. identify and point them out as an example for the younger generation to NEVER follow…

    others have taken certain events very seriously, these think it’s some or one of their numerous decades old pappyshows…

  22. Verona Michael,
    I don’t usually cast aspersions, but you are as dumb as a rock and stupid as a stone. Because something is named after that dead woman does NOT mean she had anything to do with them. Certainly not paid a penny towards any.

  23. A good example of why racism will not die. The worst racist on BU has never spewed that level of venom/hatred.

    Thank God for the queen, she stopped cannibalism in Barbados.

  24. William…if nothing else we have certainly learned our lesson…..

    am just happy where i am right now doing everything in my power to fight sleep…lol

    we did the best we could, had quite a few successes and can’t ask for more than that.

  25. “she stopped cannibalism in Barbados.”

    yet they still cannabalize each other…..they tend to get things ass backwards as indoctrinated.

  26. When ya in certain company and you know certain people are reading, you at least try to be a little more polite and don’t let THE SLAVE IN YOU SHINE. BRIGHTLY….i should charge the Slaves for this am so damn exhausted and they just had to choose today to ACT THE SLAVE.

    Mending Fences After Lifetimes of Separation

    “When you take away a person or people’s ability to connect with their own history, to their own past, you limit their ability to influence their own future. Few other people had their consciousness colonised like the peoples of Africa did. Both those brought to the West and those left on the continent suffered an enslavement of the mind on a scale and to a depth that has not been seen before nor since. So wide and deep is this process that it has lasted for centuries and continues to send ripples throughout the world today. It is the determination of African peoples globally to make a new song out of the rhythm of history that leads us further and further out of bondage.” Franz Fanon -The Wretched of the Earth

    By Yolande Grant
    Historically, misguided practices of ensnaring each other into a world of revolving enslavement over thousands of years as a venture for status, prestige, free labor, and punishment reached the point of no return when engaging alien euro types on the continent of Afrika, and that career endeavor eventually took an unexpected turn: a people who justifiably understand that one must fight for survival, respect it at all times, and never take it for granted. A valuable instruction taught, when a desperate and financially suffering group who place a higher-than-normal value on their collective lives, saw and were cognizant enough to take the opportunity freely offered to advance into becoming world superpowers using a multitude of copied ruthless methods they witnessed first-hand performed on Afrikans by tribal leadership, at the expense of humanism. Unfortunately, those who enslaved and later sold their people were also caught up in the new world order of betrayal and kidnappings beginning in the 14th time frame. A vicious cycle resulted in the closing of the circle and misappropriation of all that was available. While relegating bloodlines left behind to losing everything they were blessed with to dwell in a life of never-ending misery, need and dependency in its place. A two-fold collage of horror for both the kidnapped brought across the seas and the millions left on the continent stuck in a nightmare of enslavement and bondage for which they are yet to fully recover and reclaim our wealth, resources, and ancestral lands: and presents as a centuries-long lesson learned in not repeating the internal enslaving of our people at any time. Which leaves an opening for opportunists to efficiently fill the void, for a longer length of terror. While utilizing such easy exploits as their trademark to power consolidation, carried forward into the future. All ongoing disrespect for Afrikan human rights, preservation of life and liberty comes with a price tag.

    The next time this happens because of weak management, there will be no avenues for recourse or reclamation. Needless to say, we are faced with a far-reaching and long-term ongoing battle: as survivalists never want to willingly relinquish what is not theirs, judging from ongoing attempts and demands for the complete return of all ancient artifacts, their only focus is obtaining more with each given chance and by any means necessary. The keepers of the status quo will use reckless dialogue and a plethora of lengthy excuses to rationalize why they should not return what they do not own. Including that they were not the genocidal maniacs of the day, nor alive back then, and are not responsible. While ably living off the proceeds and continuing the degradation of Afrikans worldwide to maintain the façade. The memories of our brave ancestors were mostly mysteriously wiped ensuring there was no ability to fight back or reconnect. New systems were put in place as the only world everyone from both sides of the divide knew or wanted. The only difference in shared experiences lay in our cousins on the continent retaining access to ancient cultures and languages. Although there was an infusion of added mass cultural genocide that took precedence, but not on the scale of our ancestors taken from Indigenous lands. In the diaspora, ancestral languages were banned, cultures stripped and anyone who showed the smallest sign of genetic memory or powerful ancestry brutalized removed from the earth. The evil act of beating whiteness and mis-education into Afrikans commenced at an escalated and protracted rate that lasted well into the 20th century. Radically leveling up from physical tyranny to additional mental atrocities.

    With the offensive effects still visible and catastrophically disabling across continents today. On that note, there should be no mistake who is responsible and brazenly display confidence that they have some right to benefit financially. While claiming plausible deniability.

    The mounting challenges and dangers arising over lifespans come directly from hardcore disciples of indoctrination wedded generationally to neocolonialism: having become the willing participants and obstacles within the Afrikan family and on a steady course to extinguishing many gains with their undying, incalculable obsession to please and revive a dying establishment in exchange for self-gain, duplicity, world recognition and ranking. The same treachery that saw our ancestors mercilessly butchered, is on a fast track for reduplication. With no consideration given to the plight of Afrikans confined in this quicksand, once the disloyal are firmly ensconced in slave master parliaments to freely deliver self-styled manipulation, intimidation, and pauperization in exchange for the anticipated 30 pieces of silver. As collaborators, they have a shared responsibility and also owe a debt of reparations to Afrikan descents, as others who are equally guilty.

    African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

  27. Hope the Slaves now understand that as they were MENTALLY ENSLAVED after chattel slavery ….so TOO THOSE ON THE CONTINENT WERE and STILL ARE… our cousins SUFFERED TREMENDOUSLY and still are………they did not escape, ours were just MUCH MORE BRUTAL…..and VICIOUS….but the damage IS THE SAME…

    all because of WEAK LEADERSHIP…

    ..wuh did they not JUST send young people TO UK and EUROPE from Barbados recently to be STRAWBERRY SLAVES….so how is that any different….and these joker leaders and their imps in black face claim to be civilized…

  28. You You I bet you won’t make the same mistake again..
    You You I bet you won’t make the same mistake again..
    You You I bet you won’t make the same mistake again..
    You You I bet you won’t make the same mistake again..
    In The Loop, My First Mistake Chi-Lites Danny Krivit Edit

    Jolly Old Brits 🇬🇧 🏴‍☠️ in domination competition with Europeans
    fucked up Africa Americas Australasia Asia real bad

  29. Instead of the promised referendum, we were subject to a campaign to get Barbadians to hate the Queen.



  30. Artax September 21, 2022 1:04 PM

    And who/whom to you suppose was fully IN COMMAND when these facilities were created, Hummmmmm. Sure was not the 30-0 Republic that now exists.

    The uneducated and illiterate are always looking for someone other than themselves to BLAME, the story continues.

  31. well, if nothing else the media is already planning…

    “What Will Happen When King Charles Dies?”

  32. The evil minded criminals refuse to STOP TELLING LIES…

    “Britain Was Not the First Country to Abolish Chattel Slavery No Matter How Many Times Royal Defenders Say It
    Alyssa Shotwell – Yesterday 18:09
    In an effort to clean up the legacy of Queen Elizabeth and her family, among many royalists (and those more sympathetic to those in power than everyday people), there’s been a persistent myth reaffirming itself in public discourse. This is the absolutely incorrect belief that Britain was the first country to abolish chattel slavery. The latest manifestation of this line of defense has reached a new audience as columnist Hilary Fordwich went on Don Lemon’s show on CNN to repeat this lie to million more people.

    That includes a number of right-wing sites that are saying Lemon was “schooled” and a number of other verbs, where I think a more accurate description for Lemon would be “stunned someone would be this ignorant.”

    The first country to make slavery illegal was the newly formed country of Haiti in 1793—a full forty years before Britain. This didn’t come from European benevolence and a come-to-Jesus moment, as the British and others tried to frame it. Instead, freedom came from the beginning of what would be an over-decade-long fight for independence from France. The Haitian Revolution set in motion a series of moves toward abolition that began on that island (solidified in 1804) but reverberated across the Caribbean colonies and their European “mother” countries.”

  33. John…is another one who loves nothing better than to REGURGITATE THAT OUTRIGHT LIE……very ignorant….

    did i not tell yall that ignorance keeps driving wunna….

  34. the LIES have grown VERY LONG LEGS and walking about…..the truth got them good.

    “To be very clear, Haiti’s liberation alone wasn’t even the sole reason for Britain and others to take action. Several uprisings by enslaved people and advocacy by abolitionists pressured Britain to finally take some sort of action—first in outlawing the importing and transporting of enslaved people at the turn of the century (like the U.S. and others), and decades later abolishing slavery … kinda. Still, before then, Mexico Spain, Chile, and more countries abolished it first.”

  35. LIAR, LIAR pants on fire…..we know that slaves played A CENTRAL ROLE in slavery abolition….John should be ashamed.

    “It is, however, part of a long tradition of the British authorities playing down their central role in the transatlantic slave trade, while claiming credit for ending slavery. It was not Britain but slaves themselves and radicals in Europe who began the struggle against enslavement.”

  36. See William………….am trying my best to mend fences because after discussing this with an author it was clear that someone had to take the lead, only published Kush Quarterly yesterday to start the process, and before i can get some sleep….OUT JUMPS THE SLAVES to BURN DOWN ALL THE BRIDGES…

    that is some gratitude for ya..,,,they are self-destructive to their core..

  37. The lady schooling the dumbest man on TV is actually wrong, but it does not affect her point,

    It wasn’t William Wilberforce who started the abolitionist movement, it was the Quakers long before Wilberforce was even born.

    Wilberforce became an evangelical Christian and also was an MP.

    He was prevailed upon by Lady Middleton to speak on behalf of the Clapham Sect. in Parliament against the slave trade.

    Ultimately. he and Clarkson would become involved in the abolition of slavery.

    It would really be wonderful if the future Queen of England. Kate Middleton turns out to be her descendant!!

    That would be priceless!!!


    Of course, as we all know after being schooled by me, the early Middleton family in Barbados was Quaker and was here in the 17th century before moving to the Colony of Virginia if memory serves me right.

    Middleton’s Mount or the Mount Plantation in St. George was owned by the Middleton family in the 17th century.

    Middleton, Sylvester and Walrond bought Shelter Island in New York from which they supplied their plantations in Barbados, Constant, the Mount and Guinea with lumber, fish and other staples.

    Thomas Rous was in the mix too and he owned Halton.

    His son John married the daughter of Margaret Fell who after her husband Judge Fell died, married George Fox.

  38. I don’t hear anybody disputing fellow black Africans catching their own brethren and selling to the slave traders.

    I ran from history hard at school so can one of the commenters always talking about slavery give me the real real story about the situation.

  39. “Captured far from the African coast when he was a boy of 11, Olaudah Equiano was sold into slavery, later acquired his freedom, and, in 1789, wrote his widely-read autobiography, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African.

    The youngest son of a village leader, Equiano was born among the Ibo people in the kingdom of Benin, along the Niger River. He was “the greatest favourite with [his] mother.” His family expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a chief, an elder, a judge. Slavery was an intregal part of the Ibo culture, as it was with many other African peoples. His family owned slaves, but there was also a continual threat of being abducted, of becoming someone else’s slave. This is what happened, one day, while Equiano and his sister were at home alone.

    Two men and a woman captured the children. Several days later Equiano and his sister were separated. Equiano continued to travel farther and farther from home, day after day, month after month, exchanging masters along the way. Equiano’s early experiences as a slave were not all disagreeable; some families treated Equiano almost as a part of the family. The kind treatment, however, was about to end.

    About six or seven months after being abducted, Equiano was brought to the coast, where he first encountered a slave ship and white men.”

  40. Britain was not the first country to abolish slavery.

    France did it shortly after the revolution in 1789.

    In 1793/4 it abolished slavery in all of its colonies, including St. Domingue.

    However, it reinstituted it in 1801/2 and did not finally abolish it until 1848, after Britain.

  41. Wily Coyote September 21, 2022 4:47 PM #: “And who/whom to you suppose was fully IN COMMAND when these facilities were created.”

    Certainly NOT Queen Elizabeth II, as the lady seems to be suggesting.

  42. Colonial insults amid celebration

    Brits’ imperalist gloating pricks anti-royalist consciousness
    THE EVENTS AND POMP surrounding the death and burial of the late monarch of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, has served to reinforce, rather than to soften, the negative perceptions of the institution of the royal family by the formerly colonised world.
    Whether by accident, racial hegemonic arrogance and insensitivity, or deliberate political design, there were aspects of the celebration of the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II that were meant to reinforce the “subordination” of the former colonised world to British global power.
    As such celebrations were interlaced with colonial insults, they cannot be separated from the “soft power” associated with the ideological aspects of imperialism.
    It was one thing for the British to bury its head of state and to praise her according to their own logic, but there was nothing “innocent”, “accidental” or “normal” when that burial crossed the boundary into universal claims about “greatness”, the “embodiment of universal principles of public service and sacrifice” and statements about dignity and “humility” for someone whose life was significant only for the privileges of the accident of birth of occupying an “office” that was made great only by corresponding centurieslong immiseration of millions of people across the globe.
    The late Jamaican philosopher, Charles Mills, has informed us that a hegemonic power is always able to perpetuate itself by making universal claims for its own “particular” realities while dismissing other peoples’ specific world views as “particularistic”
    In speaking of Elizabeth II, one BBC talking head went as far as suggesting that “it was almost as if she was ordained by God”.
    The Roman Catholic pope, mostly of European origin, is accepted as the “vicar of Christ on Earth”, but it is ridiculous to claim that Haile Selassie is “Christ in his kingly character”.
    ‘Founding fathers’
    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both slave owners, are celebrated as the “founding fathers” of American democracy. John Locke, administrator of the greatest slave trading enterprise ever created by man, is championed as a theorist of liberal democracy.
    To overcome colonial hegemons, Mills instructs that we should remember that the “magisterial voice from heaven is always a mere broadcast from Earth”, and he suggests that we should confront their “particulars” with “particulars” of our own.
    It is this psycho-philosophical manoeuvre which allowed me to survive the imperial media version of the life of the monarch who oppressed me and my foreparents.
    However, given our status as independent states, we are also responsible for facilitating the intended insults. It’s interesting to consider why the United States, which itself engaged in an anti-monarchical war for independence, has been wallowing in royalist euphoria. Clearly, European superiority, even in royalist garb, supersedes democratic modernist pretensions.
    The good news is that by going overboard with their imperialist gloating, they have pricked anti-colonial consciousness.
    It is time to shake off the last vestiges of colonialism.

    Tennyson Joseph is a political scientist at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, specialising in regional affairs.

    Source: Nation

  43. The fraud is only successful in perpetration if you ACCEPT a FAKE WORLD that is thousands of years REMOVED FROM REALITY……

    ..if intelligent people REJECT IT, IT HAS NO POWER OVER THEM…..but if ya want to be the perpetual good slave…..well good luck…

    stop enabling and condoning the perpetration of a FRAUD and centuries old CON GAME…kill its power.

    Weeeeee who do not reside in a WORLD OF IGNORANCE have long moved on from the old debilitating narratives to more useful pursuits………….FREEDOM IS EUPHORIC..

    and the Slaves cannot sabotage any of it, even if they knew what was really happening.

    Pacha @William @TLSN …..they deserve to remain in THE DARK until they can FIND THE LIGHT ON THEIR OWN………..not a fella int leading them out of that…..they deserve to REMAIN STUCK with the Judases..

    many of us have put in TOO MUCH WORK…..right now i look like a raccoon with two black eyes…….to let airheads slow down this train.

  44. Wily Coyote’s comments forced me to re-read some of the contributions to this thread, to verify if I was ‘tripping.’

    Ms. Michael posted the following comments:
    September 21, 2022 11:49 AM #: “You SOB’s enjoying freedom of speech to talk crap about the QUEEN.
    WERE IT NOT FOR HER, THERE WOULD BE NO hospital, no police force, no Parliament in Barbados; you would be still living in your thatched shacks and eating one another.”

    Ms. Michael’s contribution was PELLUCID and DID NOT leave any CONFUSION about whom she was referring to.
    That the SUBJECT of her COMMENTS, was Queen Elizabeth II.

    And, that’s the REASON WHY I MENTIONED the hospital, police force and Parliament EXISTED LONG BEFORE Elizabeth was BORN and BECAME Queen.

    Wily Coyote ‘asked,’ “And who/whom to you suppose was fully IN COMMAND when these facilities were created…?”

    Obviously, the BRITISH “was fully IN COMMAND when these facilities were created.”

    So, YES, I agree…… “Sure was not the 30-0 Republic that now exists.”

    But, also bear in mind, Queen Elizabeth II WAS NOT “fully IN COMMAND,” EITHER.

    RE: “The uneducated and illiterate are always looking for someone other than themselves to BLAME, the story continues.”

    Although the above comments ‘harrowed me with much fear and wonder,’ based on the usual style of its author’s contributions and the underlying ‘doctrine of  racialism’ therein, I wasn’t SURPRISED by them or that he ‘liked’ Ms. Michael’s contribution.

    I’ve noticed these guys ‘hit and run.’ So too have Donna and ‘The O Guy.’

    He is essentially AGREEING that, if it weren’t for them (the white man), Black people would still be living in “our thatched shacks,” practicing cannibalism (and perhaps using clicks).
    That rather than thank the white man, we continue to blame him for our situation and not ourselves, because we’re “uneducated and illiterate.”

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    On a subtle level
    My spirit has been lifted

    (Crackazat Rework)


  46. Musical instrument: 🎻 🪕 🎺 🎷 🪗 🥁
    Music ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ 🎼 🎵 🎶

    ‘Spiritual Warfare’

  47. So……we are entrenched in our idea that there was nothing going on in Africa besides cannibalism.

    And we are entrenched in our belief that Africa, if left to its own devises, would not have “developed” on its own more suitable path.

    In short, Africans have no capacity to evolve. They are mere beasts who needed the white man to “civilise” them.

    Verona has obviously only read the books prescribed by the white man and has NO IDEA about Africa at that time at all.

    She does not even read the books written by white men who told about the Brtish society and its backwardness back in those days.

    She knows not how they did not take baths because they thought it would kill them, did not brush their teeth, threw their night shit through the windows and onto the streets of London and she OBVIOUSLY does not know that the “cure” for many diseases was “to bleed” the patient to death.

    These things I read in books written by the British.

    The Africans had their bush medicine.

    I suggest that she read her some “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” by Walter Rodney to assist her in her ignorance.

    But even more urgently, she should acquaint herself with some books about how “developed” and “civilised” the British were back in the day.

    Brainwashed to the max!

    And all this goes too for what I have long believed to be a red racist who predictably jumped out to “inform” the blog that though Elizabeth was not in charge, her ancestors were.

    And, like Richard Hoad, I bet he believes that they should still be.

    But….as much as we belly ache about our black leaders, we KNOW that when the British left Barbados, our living conditions were WORSE than they are now.

    My problem with our black leaders is that WE SHOULD BE EVEN BETTER OFF. And we would be…… if their brains were not suffering from the remnants of the British brainwashing as sung about in Gabby’s brilliant calypso “West Indian Politician”.

    But….. to replace them with them with the likes of Grenville Phillips II would have been far worse!

    Thankfully, MOST BAJANS realised that and soundly rejected him.

    Not even Windrush could convince him that the British don’t have any morals, feel no indebtedness or responsibility to us, not to those who built their country through slavery, not to those who answered their call and helped to REBUILD their country after the devastation of WW II.

    They threw their children out of their jobs, out on the streets, kept their NHS contributions (decades worth) and refused a cancer riddled man treatment.

    Then they threw them out of the country, to a place where they had not lived since childhood and to which they had never contributed, for that country to care for them.

    There never was any “insurance”.

  48. Soundsystem Culture 🇯🇲
    In UK 🇬🇧 disgruntled bitter white folks were well vexed when black youths played loud music,
    but nowadays the white youths play loud black music too

    The Masters at Work Keep It Comin’ On
    (One Take Tito Mix)

    The Masters at Work Keep It Comin’ Now

  49. This morn, we find ourselves in a country in which appeals for republicanism had gathered pace.

    It’s nearly miraculous the noticeable change in tone once the new White king says words to the effect “ok if you want republicanism”.

    All of a sudden, a hush fell over the arena. The void being filled by nostalgia on the airwaves.

    Are there any Bajans willing to bet that knighthoods will NEVER be surrendered in this “new” republican constitutional set up?

    For there is a straight line between the poor ass Black people in this country, with an eponymous connection with the royals, and the pervasive feelings that such a dishonour from Whiteness is the highest that can be.

  50. Artax,

    For Wily Coyote, the “ignorant and uneducated” are those who do not swallow the white man’s script.

    Yes, the racists hit and run, leaving their droppings behind them to reinforce the narrative long embedded in the minds of weak black people like Verona.

    Only John sticks around, because he acknowledges some “black” blood and so thinks he can refute claims of racism.

  51. “Are there any Bajans willing to bet that knighthoods will NEVER be surrendered in this “new” republican constitutional set up?”

    the Slaves cannot live without their masters, they need them to perpetrate crimes against themselves and slave masters need them to keep the fraud and themselves alive.

    …not a good idea to get between either the Slaves or their masters, they need each other..

  52. Republic didn’t stop the show.


    09 23 32 44
    Days Hours Min Seconds

    Red Carpet Please..

  53. Pacha….no one wants that ginormus job to undo centuries of brain and mindwash, indoctrination…….or the lengthy timeline of lies and misinformation……..it’s best they all die out…it has been recognized it would take another 3 generations to get rid of it all…

    ..but some work will have to be put in to make sure the young incoming generations don’t fall prey to the utter shite that the Slaves and the politicians spew, or it will take even longer to get the curse and blight out of melanized lives..

  54. Your cud!!

    “…not a good idea to get between either the Slaves or their masters, they need each other..”


    Much to chew over..

  55. sorry…i know it sounds cold, but we were not responsible for any of the events that Afrikan generations got TRAPPED IN……just because of the EVIL MINDS of demons/subhumans….

  56. VM’s contribution is only deserving of a ‘hit and run’.

    I do not know how to classify it. Racist? Ignorant? Or both racist and ignorant.

    It has gone beyond anything that I saw here.

  57. Donna is on point in both her comments.

    These two paragraphs sums up VM’s post.
    “And we are entrenched in our belief that Africa, if left to its own devises, would not have “developed” on its own more suitable path.

    In short, Africans have no capacity to evolve. They are mere beasts who needed the white man to “civilise” them.”

  58. It was an OUTRIGHT EVIL COMMENT…..meant to demoralize Afrikan descents from an illiterate and ignorant nobody who may not even be of Afrikan descent……even worse if the idiot actually.is …

    so much proof of the lies and fraud perpetrated over centuries and the anonymous clown tried to .project it was some savior of Afrikans which is so easily DISPROVED with what is available out there..

    ….John and his sidekick slave not withstanding…..it’s difficult to believe that someone is that level of stupid…indoctrinated or not..

  59. I like how she demolishes the ‘insurance’ nonsense by using the mistreatment of the Windrush generation and their offsprings.

    The mind of the Black Bajan is complicated and confusing.

  60. TheOGazertsSeptember 22, 2022 12:52 PM

    Donna is on point in both her comments.

    These two paragraphs sums up VM’s post.
    “And we are entrenched in our belief that Africa, if left to its own devises, would not have “developed” on its own more suitable path.

    In short, Africans have no capacity to evolve. They are mere beasts who needed the white man to “civilise” them.”


    If Europeans and more specifically British had never gone to Africa the Trans Saharan slave trade there would have been only one market the African chiefs would have had to supply, the Arab Market.

    About 90% of those slaves in the consignment dispatched across the Sahara Desert chained and yoked together on a long and brutal march perished.

    The females all become concubines and bred with their masters to produce the soldiers used in the spread of Islam.

    The male slaves were castrated and received penectomies, 3 out of 4 bleeding to death and the African population so removed became Arab.

    Twice as many females traveled east but the males had no way of expressing their joy if they happened to survive the brutal march.

    Once the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade came into existence, the African chiefs had to supply two markets so one consignment of slaves had to go west.

    There was an equal ratio of the sexes in this consignment.

    Typically, 10% died in the Middle Passage.

    I know without spending much time thinking about it that my African ancestors breathed a sigh of relief and probably jumped for joy when they found themselves consigned by their chiefs to the west.

    This was especially true of my great great great great gandfathers who arrived in the New world with all their manly parts intact and at least one woman with whom to share their joy and build a family.

    Luckily the Europeans and more specifically the British, did get to Africa.,

    Even more fortunately, Quakers were present and ultimately saw to the abolition of both slaveries, East and West.

  61. Pacha…in this day and age the 21st century…why is cousin Charles still asking countries with Afrikan populations if they want ANYTHING other than for the YOKE OF COLONIALISM and the dangerous corrupt… politicians who perpetrate those crimes and much, much more….TO BE REMOVED PERMANENTLY.

    ya would think that would be one of his priorities…seeing as he believes that slavery was so abbhorrent, horrible, terrible……without taking into acount that all the bells and whistles that accompanied that evil;….including the fraud of democracy…which is never beneficial to Afrikans are ALL EQUALLY HORRIBLE and should not be STILL IN HUEMAN LIVES..

    one would think he would be setting out on a path TO REMOVE IT ALL…to make amends to face that RECKONING…

  62. and of course John’s lies and misinformation/misdirection continues…

    ,,it’s a good thing all the proof is out there about WHO enslaved those who remained behind in Afrika, the horrible genocidal crimes and thefts committed…….and it was europeans did it, they are still there squatting and doing shite….

  63. “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind.” ― Marcus Mosiah Garvey

    Marcus Garvey saw it all PLAIN AS DAY…

    it;s only the Slaves who are totally blind to anything related to their future, health and wellbeing…

    Pacha… got one of two contributors for January’s Kush issue, both are very passionate about this, both extremely Afrikan conscious and not trained or brain-damaged by the colonial system…

  64. “Mind is your only ruler, sovereign.” – Marcus Mosiah Garvey

    for those who think this is a joke, it’s not, YOU ARE YOUR OWN RULER…your mind is sovereign…..

    that king queen shite is just that….in reality, not needed…

    ..keep following the arrogant and see what it gets ya…

  65. Waru
    Here listening to the Spanish translation of Mugabe at the UN.

    For a big woe-unto-man from such a small country she could keep some noise😄

  66. “For a big woe-unto-man from such a small country she could keep some noise😄”

    heard a clip a couple days ago before the house committee, pure grandstanding and stuttering…..fooling no one…nuff long EMPTY TALK…

    ..but the fowls and pimps too love that to talk about how sweet she sound, and their asses are still in several SLINGS…..they too love go nowhere talk.

  67. Artax’s comments, @ September 21, 2022 1:04 PM, reflect Hal’s words some time ago when he stated that after Barbados became independent it decided to rename some of their institutions in reference to their old colonial master. For example, the hospital was rebranded The Queen Elizabeth hospital. I believe a similar action was repeated with Mia when she bestowed on King Charles the third some knighthood. Barbados will never escape its colonial past.

    On a positive note, I was in a vehicle, yesterday, and the driver was very positive towards Mia. He pointed out that when she came into power, she cleaned up the streets. He was right, the streets are very clean with many weeds removed. Who can remember the conditions of the streets under the last regime?

    On a sour note, I saw the photos and names of nine students who have received scholarships. Check the names and the complexions of those nine bright young things and ask yourself this simple question “Whatever happened to Barbados 90% Afro Bajan population? Will there ever be room for them at the table?” (Page 4 of The Nation). And yet some of us argue that black Barbadians are not third-class citizens within their own country.

    On page 2 of the Advocate. Deloitte & Touche have failed to find a local to fill an advertised job role and are now looking for a non-national to fill the position. Over to you Artax.

  68. ““Whatever happened to Barbados 90% Afro Bajan population?”

    they are willfully cutting off the exhibition and scholarship awardees, even if they have to tief their grades to do it…they have excelled at that disenfranchisement for decades…check the number of students now querying the CXC results which many believe was DELIBERATE…..since parents had to fine 420 dollars by Sept 7th for the query…

    i remember the year 2010, there were around 60 scholars..total between the two awards, majority Afrikan, and jackass Jones had a FIT and declared it will never happen again……since then they have tried everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t…

  69. *since parents had to FIND 420 dollars by Sept 7th for the query…

  70. Black people get scholarships and exhibitions in Barbados ALL THE TIME!

    Fact is that I never put in the work to receive a scholarship or exhibition. I do not see how anybody else was to blame for that.

    There are many black people in Barbados who have all the advantages of any other race wrt education and they use them.

    I can give you a list of friends, family and acquaintances that won scholarships and exhibitions in Barbados.

    It is quite true that our educational system needs an overhaul, but this is not a part of that problem.

  71. correction……..*since parents had to FIND 420 dollars by October 7th for the query…@ $60 per subject.

  72. TLSN…they excel at screwing with grades……same 2010….after waiting 7 YEARS for a grade query , some who queried 7 years before got their real results of a full ride scholarship……..by then they had already gotten married and had children.

    …it’s a good thing the parents had the means to send them off to school in UK………and these were bajan whites…….who can show receipts…

  73. Pacha….reality is BEARING DOWN ON THEM……you warned them , the credit rating agencies warned them since 2006….IMF warned them….evabody and dey mama warned them, …..dah is dem business…they never wanted to stare reality in the face, now they have no choice but to….

    …i glad enuff for them and their RUN AWAY DEFICIT…

    “An international economic consultant is warning that Barbados and other Caribbean countries are at the tipping point of a serious debt crisis.

    “There is now a growing sense that the world needs another new global initiative on debt,” said Jwala Rambarran, a former Governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

    His sobering declaration was made yesterday during the virtual launch of a report entitled:”

  74. “but the fowls and pimps too love that to talk about how sweet she sound, and their asses are still in several SLINGS…..they too love go nowhere talk.”

    Pacha…looks like we now have to add additional SLINGS…unless debt forgiveness is in the forecast….i can only feel apprehension for the safety and health of the generationally oppressed and disenfranchised…

  75. Pacha…i saw that one recently, debt swap…,,

    .how is that going to pay down the debt or repay the running deficit they created……deficits go nowhere unless the gap/hole is closed…

  76. @WW&C
    “It’s a move that should free up about $50 million over the next 15 years –”
    Do the math.
    Knock Mottley as you wish, she is trying every angle they can muster to avoid “austerity”. While still dealing in apples and oranges, she isn’t afraid to upturn the odd apple or orange cart. Take whatever you can find, at the best rate possible. Not ideal, but better than most alternatives.
    @Artax, will be pleased to see the squatters at Bellevue we’re evicted

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