Cost of Living Matter (2) – A Time to Remain Unborn

Some ‘insane’ Barbadians are asking the question again – is the standard of living we have become accustomed tosustainable. Is it sensible for us `a net importer and purchaser of foreign currency to promote and implement policies that guarantee we must BORROW billions in foreign and local dollars to fund the short fall not covered from taxes collected in the case of domestic and foreign earnings?

Many years ago, ironically at the tail end of the last economic boom which Barbados never recovered, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur warned Barbadians about dark clouds on the horizon and the urgent need to make adjustments. To be expected we continued to engage in immature partisan political ranting as the walls of our society cracked are now tumbling around us.

We are a tiny island with zilch natural resources having to depend mainly on the fickle invisible export of tourism to generate foreign exchange to pay for our conspicuous consumption habits. We continue to build oversized homes, purchase fossil burning expensive SUVs, travel to distant lands to fulfil manufactured aspirations , aspire to study at elite universities, select exotic foods from supermarket shelves, the benefits sold to us on foreign cable beamed into our homes 24/7. To any sensible and educated person the dinosauric economic model could not and does not sustain the level of expenditure we have to incur. There is a good reason why Barbados’ economy has been described as open and susceptible to what economists fondly refer to as exogenous shocks.

On top of the obvious challenge of managing a minuscule 6-8 billion dollar economy largely dependent on a fickle tourism product, there is sufficient evidence – see Auditor General Reports outlining a litany of public sector malfeasance (private sector is always complicit) AND corruption to conclude we make a challenging situation more difficult. With revelations coming out of the arrest of former government minister Donville Inniss et al, there is evidence a culture exist that feeds corrupt behaviour. Although not a unique circumstance to Barbados, Barbadians must hold ourselves accountable for the kind of country we want to build for our children.

Many in this space lived through the 2007/8 global crisis and the oil crisis of the 70s. It is evident from the experiences of the two episodes we have not learned enough to commit to implementing resilient ‘fit for purpose’ policies. WE have allowed ourselves to buy into the ‘good life’ of consumption fuelled by an economy built on beach ground. Even in the face of the obvious, we have to listen daily to bull pucky discussions designed to take us no where. Unfortunately with the multiplicity of agendas to satisfy, with social media a ready purveyor of the inane the blame culture has taken deep root.

It is 2022, according to establishment analysts were are on the precipice of another global recession, one that should it occur given our fragile open economy will again wreak havoc on the lives of Barbadians, decimating a debt ridden middleclass and moving the poverty line north. Our visionless leaders combined with a level of disengagement from Barbadians – who the blogmaster has always contended ceded entitlements under our democracy to the political class – will have to suffer again for it until we learn to do better. The reference to a people getting governments they deserve has been recorded countless times in this space.

To the immediate matter at hand summarised in the article shared by a BU family member:

Rising food prices are changing the way we eat and shop

Emily Peck Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; Chart: Thomas Oide/Axios Visuals

Skyrocketing food prices in the U.S. are changing the way Americans eat and grocery shop — they’re buying more store brands, and less costly meat and produce. Some are now just making do with less.

  • Meanwhile, food manufacturers continue to “shrinkflate” — putting less potato chips or cereal in the bags and boxes that we buy.

Why it matters: This is inflation hitting home, contributing to the overall bummed-out mood of the nation.

  • Once upon a time, grocery shopping mainly fell to women, but these days 92% of adults do it. That means most everyone’s noticed rising food prices — and many have adjusted in ways both minor and potentially devastating.

Driving the news: The cost of “food at home” is up 11.9% from last year, the largest increase since April 1979, according to the scorching hot inflation numbers released Friday. Nearly every category of food the government tracks saw accelerating price growth. The most inflationary categories, as highlighted in a note from JPMorgan on Friday:

  • Egg prices up 32% year over year, thanks in part to a January bird flu outbreak that killed about 6% of commercial egg-laying chickens, as Axios’ Hope King explained last month.
  • Fats and oils were next on the list at 16.9%, partly due to the war in Ukraine, followed by poultry (16.6%) and milk (15.9%).

Unusual trend: The increases in prices for food at home are outpacing food-away-from-home, which is up *only* 7.4%.

  • This is “historically unusual,”JP Morgan notes. The growth differential is the widest since 1974, they said.

State of play: For a good snapshot of how rising food prices are changing behavior, we checked the most recent Beige Book — where the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks report on economic conditions in their area (h/t Planet Money’s Indicator podcast on this one):

Read full article

451 thoughts on “Cost of Living Matter (2) – A Time to Remain Unborn

  1. A human walks into a bar and informs the bartender he is reading a book about Evolution.
    The bartender asks would you recommend it.
    The human says “Yes, it is not great in the beginning, but it does get better and better”
    Boom Boom, its the way I tell ’em

  2. There is much more to that article, you will see it when i publish…the nerve on these beasts..

  3. When overcome with fear, even atheists will make up Gods to pray to, but I assure you their prayers will go unanswered.
    Plat the game, that’s how you survive.

  4. Enuff

    The Miller is right. Stop picking on the woman. Been going on toooooo long.

    You seemed to be a woman beater. Enough, why don’t you pick on your big.woman who is man enough to cut yuh tail?😄

  5. @ Enuff June 17, 2022 4:20 PM

    There is absolutely no difference between you the red bag carrying boy and the Salemite, right!

    After all it takes one liar to know another scamming liar.

    Not even a smidgen of light can pass between the two of you ‘lying’ in the same cocoon of duplicity!

    But we shall leave you to “BAJE” for he certainly has your ‘pimper’s number.

    Which skyscraper building is that again we can locate you in on our next trip to Manhattan?

    Or should we just imagine it all like some big ‘Enuff’ mirage and take a trip up or down Roebuck Street to meet you on your island of fantasy?

    PS: The “verbose” miller is so pleased to ‘see’ that you can still read his contributions in order to appreciate the truth.

    At least you get to ‘learn’ a lot about your lying scamming self right, red bag man?

  6. Enuff

    The Miller is right. Stop picking on the woman. Been going on toooooo long.

    You seemed to be a woman beater. Enough, why don’t you pick on your big.woman who is man enough to cut yuh tail?😄😅

  7. @ Hants June 17, 2022 4:36 PM
    @ Miller,
    Leading supermarkets in Toronto selling Sugar Cane. 3 ft long piece for CAD $1.99 ( product of Costa rica }
    There are also juice bars and street vendors selling the juice.

    Absolutely nothing ‘bad’ about sugar cane in its natural or even ‘semi-refined’ state!

    Sugar only becomes a problem to human health when it is overly refined.

    Natural cane juice and molasses have great health benefits when taken in moderation and is a quick source of energy for the human body in the tropics or semi-tropics.

    Natural Sugarcane juice is one of the best refreshing drinks (full of energy) any hardworking man or woman can ever consume.

    So too is mauby without the refined sugar but ‘sweetened’ with a little Bajan syrup.

    Have you ever tasted tamarinds soaked in Bajan-made syrup?

    The Miller and Hill families made a living shipping tamarinds and syrup to Canada.

  8. @ WARU
    Ignore them. The family jewels will be all sold and they can’t say a word. Imagine over one billion given to the sugar industry , in the last fifteen years, and just so an announcement that we dun wid dat. Those “ fields and hills beyond recall are not our very own “
    A mockery of the national anthem.
    Let them bray. They are a shameless lot, a pack of comedians.
    Look for more sales of national assets. A A drowning man will clutch at a stray.
    Fire go bun dem………….ignore them.

  9. The only scammers i see on BU are those HIDING behind anonymous monikers and demonizing people THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW, all for politicians. …primarily BECAUSE THEY LOST A CASE that was NEVER THEIRS TO WIN…..

    …and LOST EVERYTHING ELSE when all their corruption got exposed in the INTERNATIONAL ARENA and not even by me…………..but even worse……THEY CAN’T turn me into a FOWL or a POLITICAL PIMP…..

    they can’t stand that i have 2 websites and magazines NONE OF WHICH THEY CAN CONTROL as they control BU…

    CAN’T STAND that am such a nice woman and have not put any more out there that can lock them away for 100 YEARS…but keep pushing…and see how nice can turn to nasty…

    so if wunnah want to keep going there…BRING IT ON…

    Pacha…there was always a lot going on in the background that i never speak about…

  10. @ Miller,

    tamarinds soaked in syrup from the factory was one of the staples of my childhood in Barbados. lol

  11. ” Imagine over one billion given to the sugar industry , in the last fifteen years, and just so an announcement that we dun wid dat. Those “ fields and hills beyond recall are not our very own “”

    ah got an article about them and that in my next Kush Quarterly issue…all of that got them beside themselves, cause they KNOW..IT’S COMING…

    …they only “done wid dat” because they got caught trying to jump start slavery sugar plantation and Beckles told them to plant food instead, but if they think because they WALKED IT BACK hurriedly FEARING THE BACKLASH…and ..that the damage was not already done…they can read my article…

    AND…dey cahn stop nutten;

    “Readers from Barbados, as well as expats, are welcome to call in to BajanVibesRadio tomorrow, Saturday, at 0900 Eastern and Atlantic Times, or 1400 hrs BST, for our lecture on how victims of land fraud can obtain not only justice, but compensation for their loss. There will be call-ins allowed, and you are encouraged to reach out to tell your story.

    We will be discussing actual solutions, so tune in online atl

  12. Imagine i got injured…..12 YEARS LATER am still trying to heal…and 10 out of those 12 years was spent FIGHTING THESE DEMONS IN A CORRUPT COURT….do you know how many people told me they will try to kill me if i try to win MY CASE….

    Do yall have any idea what it takes to fight these CRIMINALS and WIN…

    i left people with personal injury cases from 12-32 years old still moving through the system….so imagine how many years they TORMENT AFRIKAN PEOPLE for their basic human rights…and there have always been accusations of them KILLING PEOPLE SO THEY DO NOT GET COMPENSATED…

    so if that mangy little nimble ridden fowl knows what’s good for him he would carry his fowl ass and go hook up with someone else of his ilk and intellect…, because am not the person he wants to meet in a dark alley when no one else is around…

  13. “Is there anything left to be sold providing re-enslavement is not an option. As chattel”

    they are telling themselves they will get away with it….desperate to reenslave their own people to look good on the world stage……but…..they would more than likely GO TO PRISON FIRST….ALL OF THEM…

    and that little scam their criminal minorities tried and GOT BLOCKED on the continent……got them sending out their fowls to attack because they know they can get away with it on BU….until I UPEND THEM…

    ..i remember one approaching me about 3 years ago telling me i should play solitaire, well that MF croaked about 2 or 3 months later so i hope he is playing solitaire where he is, the tiefing crook…

  14. If ever Barbados needs an oppostion voice it is now
    Today Dr. Ronnie Yearwood in the Astor B Watts afternoon lecture provided the whole of Barbados with solutions for the Barbados economy

  15. “You seemed to be a woman beater. Enough, why don’t you pick on your big.woman who is man enough to cut yuh tail?”

    but we know the ones who attack women….men would do the same things on BU but it’s the women who get attacked by these anonymous cowards…

    thing is, they can’t even go one on one with me….not even in my present condition…there are tons of people WOULD WARN THEM…they would be carried out on stretchers….i don’t take prisoners and only gotta smell ya stench of bad intent…and ya gone….so let them continue playing, until one day…

    but fowl enuff is doing the dirty work of politicians…the eternal errand boy…doubt he is being paid for it given certain information i have…

  16. AC

    This is not the historical moment for children, speaking politically.

    To presume that your puerile misleadership class member could have any facile five point plan to rescue Barbados or Mars requires a level of magical thinking best associated with religion.

    The DLP is dead. Let the dead bury the dead!

  17. Pacha
    Well tell de Salemite rest me. You ain’t see a setta de coven always out fuh me? Milluh, the insufferable William Skinnuh, confused Theo and 3degree. Once they come for me I will nyam dem raw wid salt. BU is but comedy for me, not a soapbox to grandstand Salemite the Mighty Warner is still a scam and scammer. Ah lie?🤣🤣

  18. Btw Pachaman
    There was a time when I thought your were dead also
    Maybe u ought to make good use of those words and apply them to yourself

  19. @ Pacha
    “We destroyed Bushie and Terrance this week about their eponymous Yeshua.”
    Bushie is ‘shocked’ that you would so blatantly misrepresent the truth to the Miller, when it can so easily be checked that, when the bushman applied the ‘grig’ in your donkey, (in place of the old whacker dat get tek way..) you hightailed from the thread, exclaiming that you were ‘done did dat…’

    A reminder…
    The only two issues are…
    1 – Is there a Creator?
    2 – What is that Creator’s Intent?

    Whenever you are ready to resume, Bushie awaits…

  20. Further, the notion of 5-point or 10-point or any number of points is a jaded tradition located within the American cultural setting.

    They were designed for a society of simpletons for whom titular leaderships presumed ‘reading and writing’ had to be done for them.

    A,B,C. Is the Bajan population now to relive the American mediocre experience of a man clearly out of depth?

    It’s wholly impossible to reduce our current perilous conditions to any 5-point plan as delivered by an uninspiring voice which is unconvincing that all the complexities are thusly considered.

  21. Bushie

    We thought we could hide and put some lashes in yuh tail. But like the all seeing one yuh got Muh😵

    Let The Miller make the judgement nuh. Or you want to be judge, jury and executioner🥵

  22. Dr. Ronnie Obama Yearwood not expecting support from a Pach-ah -manure so u can save your comments for those with whom u engaged here on BU
    Dr. Yearwood is an educated person however he can relate with the needs of the most forgotten in this country those whose backs are being pressed against a wall of poverty daily

  23. Enuff

    Yuh got to stop cussing the woman man! Not dealing wid anybody else now. One at a time please.

    A man of your ilk should be able yuh teh some licks without committing to this unending cycle.

    This is years now. Enough is Enuff!

  24. AC

    Ok, very well. But your once Great party seems to be no more than a pressure group with the inbreeding able to accommodate only the truest, most fervent, of believers.

    Political parties, like any other organisms, die. Sometimes slowly, sometimes suddenly. We fear the former awaits. Can’t you hear the political undertakers making the coffin.,

  25. AC

    The original Obama was a shite hound

    And this one ain’t no Obama. Much worse!

    Any bet yuh get another 0 -30😨

  26. ” Business mogul Ralph Williams and President of the Energy Store Clinton Belle have partnered to build entirely solar powered homes.

    Speaking at the Valley Resource Centre, the Valley in St George, Williams disclosed details of a design for a house that can be powered entirely from the sun. “

  27. @Patches
    Don’t expect nothing better coming out yuh mouth
    You cuss God so Far. Ronnie Yearwood would be no exception
    Fact being you have yet to say any anything of substance that can reignite the Barbados economy
    One can bet your daily salvo would be predicatble

  28. So.what 30 – 0
    What has that result done to help.the Bajan household 0
    Here is another 0 to think about and that 0 is defined by pain and suffering

  29. Dr. Ronnie Obama Yearwood
    Mia is yet to present one
    The IMF showed up of Barbados doors to remind Barbados the whole world is suffering
    How is that for good news

  30. AC
    We have long been. It requires the dismantlement of the current internation financial architecture along with the cancellation of all debts.

    To us these are the only set of circumstances within which a rescue of the Bajan economy can be approached.

    Of course, charlatans lacking courage will otherwise seek to mislead the blind.

    Yell him Pacha say that.

  31. Agree that he old play book has no value
    But until something new takes foothold no sense in spitting golf balls into the atmosphere cause they all fall down anyway
    I applaud Dr. Yearwood for seeking to find solutions for the Barbadian
    Anything else less that what he has said he would have been consider a failure
    Also by his coming clean it forces govt to dig it’s heals in the ground
    There is no turning back going into the past
    Dr. Ronnie Yearwood has a big task ahead with all the support he is getting he would perform admirably to save Barbados from itself

  32. AC
    Dream on!
    If you can’t look into his face and see vacuousness or are so committed to party in a way where critical thinking is suspended. Well, mind gone, party gone, all gone.

  33. LOL @ Pacha
    Wait Boss… You ask Enuff to stop abusing ac …and you take up the baton yourself?
    Be warned that Bushie holds the patent for ‘ac-abuse’ here on BU.
    The Bushman was just biding time with Enuff to give him enuff rope to get in a good noose….
    Wunna probably figured by now that ac is ‘abuse-proof’…. Dat woman is a special piece of work hear??!!
    Bushie almost burn out the whacker on her a few years back yuh!!… it was like cutting flint with nylon.. LOL

    When you hear her refer to ‘the ole bore hog’…. that is our special code…. it is ac’s interpretation of the bushman at wok… LOL

  34. @enuff
    Is there a rule that you must link some names together?



  35. @ Pacha
    A critical reading of some of their apologists on BU suggest that their minds have already been bought. The next sale will be their bodies .
    The real family jewels of any country is its people. They , or should I say we, will be sold into economic slavery.
    The sale is well it’s way.

  36. Patchy

    I do not look in his face I listened to his message and his message underscores the plight and suffering of the Bajan people and need for resolution
    Mia has done little to resolve such problems outside handing out food hampers
    Yet She has found many ways and reasons to respond to big business calls for help even those that are not affiliated with the day to day happenings in Barbados
    Big cruise ruin the coral reefs and govt has yet to ask them for compensation
    Corporate big business cries about losses in school supplies and govt respond was quick to accessing some of the cost
    Those things are not right when govt been asking the people to tighten their belts then govt takes for granted as a right to spend the taxpayers money at free will

  37. Ask self was the IMF chief deserving of a party at taxpayers expense
    What was the need for lavish spend be put out for such a visit a visit why had to do with debt repayment
    The irrational and erratic knee jerk response by govt to insignificance make for wonder what are the govt properties

  38. An editorial in today’s Nation newspaper about potholes in Barbados:
    “ By way of reference , America has an estimated 60 million potholes, 15 million of them in California. Many of them in New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Connecticut and Hawaii.”
    Yesterday some Bajan was changing tyres, getting his steering fixed and replacing shocks because he was driving via Hawaii on his way from St. Lucy to Bridgetown.
    To save gas, he travelled via : New York, California, Massachusetts, Ohio and Connecticut.
    Something must be in the brown water he made his tea with that morning because common sense should have told him, he could have easily avoided the 60 million potholes in America and drive straight into Bridgetown from St.Lucy!
    Oh well………..

  39. “The real family jewels of any country is its people. They , or should I say we, will be sold into economic slavery.”

    When the original African children were first put on ships, they were told they had been selected to go to a Summer Camp in Americas where they would be given vocational training in Hospitality or learn various job skills and craft trades, but they never left these Camps again.

  40. During the ten year in the wilderness
    Mia held the position as the Minister of Gab
    She knew how to remove all the wrongs done to the poor and correct with many many rights
    Now at the eleventh hour another committee is being paid at tax payers expense to investigate what all know is happening to the Barbadian household struggling to make ends meet
    That committee cost can be used to help struggling barbadians
    Barbados has ended up.with a govt of committees overhead expenditure at ridiculous cost
    Mia cares

  41. “They , or should I say we, will be sold into economic slavery.”

    already sold, ya int see the world stage runner sucking up to everybody….check their bank accounts…i am keeping an eye on Afrika….they are trying a ting there, but so far no takers….they just don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but were i Afrikan people in Barbados…i would be looking out for a REVERSE SLAVE TRADE, already spoken about on other forums…


    that’s how they are all inbred, brother is cousin to mother is half brother of father, is great aunt to grandmother, is uncle to sister, is brother and husband to grandmother….a dirty bloodline..

    “You ain’t see a setta de coven always out fuh me?”

    the inbred sickness coming from the errand boy….always feel everyone out to get them…and they are the ones come on BU with their SCAMS each and every time to promote tiefing minorities to rob their people…the williams’ black boy…always attacking those fighting down the corruption….but ya got a lot of ROPE over the years for a MASS HANGING…won’t have it any other way…

    fowl enuff…not only am i very, very busy, but am also on bed rest and ya still int want nutten wit me….and off course in the eyes of the corrupt i will always be the “scammer” cause they still don’t know WHAT HIT THEM…MURDAHHH!!..they thought the supreme court was their SACRED DWELLING and none could penetrate……the shallow minds of bad omen negros…

  42. and…the intelligent don’t let anyone bribe them WITH THEIR OWN MONEY….

    William…these are on their way DOWN and OUT…so they will clutch at anything….as soon as they CLUTCH…I GRAB…let the MFs DROWN…now they are dealing with the RIGHT PEOPLE…after 90 YEARS..

  43. I don’t bother with ac. Ms.Cox just bats, blindly as it is, for her party and she’s seldom personal. The Salemite on the other hand is a scam and scammer, and delights in being malicious towards others. Who else comes on BU and accuses another of trying to harm them? Or says x, denies saying it then try to ascribe it to another?Salemite needs help and I am not here to coddle. Y’all can lick who wunna like not me.

  44. “and delights in being malicious towards others. Who else comes on BU and accuses another of trying to harm them?”

    after YEARS and YEARS of promoting CORRUPTION on BU…ya finally hit a BRICK WALL…ya can’t go any further….

    …wuh yuh tink our ancestors were asleep….no they weren’t….they just needed to wait for the right time to get you sellout animals…

    yall PRETENDING NOT TO KNOW the many THOUSANDS of people ya harmed in 9 DECADES….it’s spoken about all the time….but ya ran out of Afrikan people to tief from and ruin, bound to happen after 90 YEARS, so now EVERYONE is in ya crosshairs….problem for you…..THEY ALL KNOW IT…..ya got PREEMPTED….deal with it……

    when you read my 2nd book ya will understand WHY….ya don’t have to…BUT OTHERS WILL…it’s really for them anyway, warn them all about you crooks……the diaspora is ablaze, they are dealing with you…diaspora style..

  45. *they said it was for the WHOLESALE THEFT of an estate then valued at BILLION DOLLARS from an elderly citizen…

    apparently yall don’t know when to stop….ya don’t know when YOU HAVE LOST…..ya don’t have any human traits…

  46. since ya are in the inner circle….can you tell us if it’s true that a 285 MILLION DOLLAR bank account originally STOLEN and belonging to a now deceased individual was handed over to his widow recently……

    ..not the same owners, but.part of the Arawak lands, plantations, and another billion dollars in bank account SCAMMING MAYBE…

    keep calling me scammer and WATCH AND WEEP as i put EVERYONE of yall scams out there for public consumption…

  47. “not only am i very, very busy, but am also on bed rest”

    Chilling like Dylan

    This 18 minute yoga nidra has no background sound or music and aids in deep relaxation through the effortless guided meditation called yogic sleep. It’s a meditation technique called yoga nidra which you lay down and listen, an effortless deep relaxation arises from the guidance. This short and effective 20 min yoga nidra is lead by Ally Boothroyd of Sarovara Yoga. This meditation is designed to untangle and reduce stress and anxiety and calm the nerves over time.

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  48. “Go get help!”:

    help is coming for yall…don’t worry…it’s on its way…ya won’t be able to PRETEND ANYMORE when it arrives…

  49. TheO

    Ur June 16th

    I wish u had posted it on the blog with the cheerleaders . I can not keep up with all of BU – some of us are not retired yet

    By the way you should go go into business polishing cars

  50. TheO

    Barbados today carried a more accurate description of our tourism prospects.The silence of the cheerleaders is deafening.


    The highlighted is where you and u pal is missing the point . THis is SUMMER outlook ONLY that the lady is talking about

    HISTORICALLY / before crop over summer month were non tourism months
    That’s why crop over was developed/ comercialized to sort of bridge the gap between the end of one tourist season to the start of the next

    The cheerleaders are not out on that article because the cheerleader know/ expect the summer to be a slow period ( and this summer should be the slowest post-covid)

    Tô take summer PROJECTIONS and throw a frigging 55% ( uptick??). Rebound is intectually dishonest

    55%. airport arrivals ( cruise ship arrivals not added). And this is in less than one 6-9 months travel open back up and restrictions still in place

    Uptick vs rebound
    Summer projections vs actually statics

    • Increase in fuel has increased airfares significantly to certain destinations, unfortunately Barbados is one of them. It is the reason why bookings to Barbados especially from Europe have declined significantly.

  51. 555…nothing works better than yogic exercises..

  52. William…don’t mind them…the RIGHT GENERATION turned up for them at the right.

    …they don’t have the ability or the KNOWLEDGE to see these things, too BLINDED by PAPER and SELLING OUT..

  53. ‘Government neglect’
    By Randy Bennett
    The Mia Mottley-led administration has been lambasted for its poor response to the rising cost of living on the island.
    In fact, president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Dr Ronnie Yearwood has accused Government of choosing to do nothing to help Barbadians in their time of need.
    Dr Yearwood, who criticized Government for blaming the ongoing war in Ukraine “for everything”, also poured cold water on its recent initiative to assist 1000 families as part of a new social programme targeting impoverished households, describing it as a “headline-grabbing” initiative.
    Speaking at the first Astor B Watt Lunchtime Lecture Series for 2022 entitled, Tackling the Cost of Living: Crisis: The DLP’s Perspective at the party’s George Street headquarters this afternoon, Dr Yearwood put forward five suggestions which he said could give Barbadians an ease in these trying economic times.
    He advised Government to trim its large staff of consultants and streamline jobs in the public service; remove the one per cent levy on persons earning $6250 a month; expand the VAT-free basket of goods; remove the excise tax on fuel by 40 cents per litre and to offer relief to pensioners.
    He had previously called on Government to bring forward the reverse tax credit of $1300 for people earning below $25, 000 per annum.
    “All of us are being asked to change our budget, eat gravy without chicken.
    Well Government should look at its budget and consulting staff and the appointment it seems, of a double civil service. Do we need a Director of Protocol in the Prime Minister’s Office and a Director of Protocol in the Foreign Affairs Office as well? “Just like household budgets a Government budget also needs to respond to changing circumstances. So yes Dr Greenidge and the Government, it is all about choices. You are choosing not to do anything to help Barbadians” Dr Yearwood said to rapturous applause.
    He argued that the one per cent levy was a “retroactive tax” that should never have been imposed on Barbadians as it “attacked the middle class”.
    “It is the epitome of wickedness…”
    Dr Yearwood contended.
    In asking Government to increase the VATfree basket of goods, the president insisted that the concession should no longer simply apply to basic items.
    According to him, any ease on fuel prices would be a huge relief for Barbadians.
    “This cut would provide relief to customers directly in their pockets given energy costs are attached to everything from everyday living to manufacturing. This would provide a general ease across the board for all Barbadians. I can hear the howls in the corridors of the Ministry of Finance but I am not here to fight for the Ministry of Finance, I am here to fight for the people of Barbados,” he emphasized.
    Additionally, the DLP president pointed out that pensioners were in need of more assistance and he suggested that a tax credit be given to businesses that provide a VAT-free day monthly for shopping to pensioners alone.
    Dr Yearwood said the time had come for a change in Government’s approach.
    He said “new politics” were needed that put people first and foremost.
    “There needs to be a change in our approach. What we face at the moment can only be addressed as a party and a country by changing. It is about new politics. We as a country must demand a change in approach, a change where our people are placed at the heart of the economic and social constructs of this country…This is not about the DLP. This is about all Barbadians,” Dr Yearwood said.

  54. After DLP presidency Dr. Ronnie Yearwood Barbados influencer on world stage opens mouth to speak about who how when and where the poor people drowning in poverty would get govt help

  55. Ac poor you trying to light some fire under Dr Yearwood who has been like Ms Depeiza before him uninspiring.He is looking at another 30 to 0 if he does not up his game in my view.The regular overseas dems better return to the country to help him before the next elections.Persons like you, and the brasstacks brigade hogging up the show everyfsy tslking shite like Alvin, Ms Decided, Mr P, Rawle, Strakers, Mr Young and Mr Bascombe aka gearbox are doing more damage to the dems tjan anything else.A word to the wise is sufficient.I gone.

  56. Skinner
    Yes, maybe the sale is complete but public knowledge is elusive.

    Yuh back at that again. How come yuh could tek buff links from your big woman and none from one not so big here.

    This DLP-BLP mental confinement with be the death of home and country. Have you not outgrown that little sandbox yet?

    That was not the point of departure.

    It was at a stage where both you and Terrance failed to provide academic or scientific proof that there is a single iota of evidence that somebody called Yeshua lived on this earth.

    Indeed, acting as both combatant and referee, after an hour waiting for such, you sought to alter the trajectory of the discussion by questioning the nature of our question.

    Then of course Terrance seemingly unaware what the academic or scientific standards of proof were offered some foolishness which was very disappointing to say the least.

    Ours was a jovial jibe. Yours is an attempt, not unlike those persuaded by lies, for the construction of myths to suit preferred narratives.

    Readers can refer to the last contribution by Terrance a few threads below for the first hand, original, documentary evidence proving these point.

    This is the level of evidence Bushie has to produce. All of your shiiite talk will not remove this mandatory requirement. So please!

    On the issue of UAPs or UFOs we now have verified evidence. And we agree. Why the brassbowl can we not have a similar threshold to verify your extraordinary claim that there was a human being called Jesus Christ on this earth, or Mars.

  57. Lorenzo why speaking about the realities happening in the bajan households bother you so much
    Instead of throwing pot shots and temper tantrums why don’t u dispute what is being said with sound evidence of what being said is not true

  58. “Enuff
    Yuh back at that again. How come yuh could tek buff links from your big woman and none from one not so big here.”

    cause if he keep at it and CERTAIN THINGS COME OUT….”his big woman” will KICK HIS SKINNY LITTLE ASS AROUND LIKE A FOOTBALL….mercilessly for allowing it to happen…….so between a big woman and a small woman….there is not a whole lot of choice…

  59. @ David

    Yearwood isn’t proposing anything NEW.

    From economists, political scientists, members of special interest groups, contributors to social media platforms, former DLP president DePeiza, Lynette Eastmond, Joseph Atherley, Grenville Phillips II, aspiring politicians…… to the ‘average man and woman on the streets,’ criticised the size of Mottley’s Cabinet and the number of consultants, almost immediately after she announced them, following the May 24, 2018 and January 19, 2022 general elections…….and have been calling on her to reduce the number since then.

    The 1% levy on persons earning $6,250 per month was also heavily criticised. But, I can’t understand how its removal would help poor people.
    Perhaps Yearwood could offer further explanations.

    From the inception of VAT in 1998, the DLP and BLP while in Opposition, have asked and promised to expand the ‘basket of goods,’ only to reneged on their promises after ‘taking up the reins of government.’

    “Remove the excise tax on fuel by 40 cents per litre and to offer relief to pensioners,” has also been previously suggested.

    “Calling on Government to bring forward the reverse tax credit of $1300 for people earning below $25,000 per annum,” also requires further explanation, especially when one takes into consideration that the DEMS reduced the reverse tax credit to $650 during the recession.
    How does he plan to finance $1,300 to be paid to an increase in the number of persons who would become eligible?

    • @Artax

      The idea is to post a blog on Yearwood and DLP since January but to be fair he just landed and he has a lot of work to do.

  60. @J2
    Your description of the content of the article is correct.
    I found this to be a next good article. Summary: We have just one horse and we have to ride it.
    Honest, I am beginning to like this lady.
    “It is an industry in which we have a natural competitive advantage and we are going to be very hard-pressed to find a quick replacement for it. The question would then need to be asked, ‘Why would you get rid of something you’re good at?’ The challenge therefore becomes how can we make tourism stronger, more responsive and more relevant.”

  61. “We project a healthy 2022 for Barbados in terms of our estimated seat capacity with a projected total of 846,413. We expect that the United States will continue to be our biggest producer with 279,714; followed by the United Kingdom with a seat capacity of 258,106,” Minister Cummins said.”

  62. Pacha…i hope he can finally APPRECIATE his situation….

    either one works for me……just knowing that he receives a beating from “his big woman” is satisfaction enuff..

  63. ““It is an industry in which we have a natural competitive advantage and we are going to be very hard-pressed to find a quick replacement for it. ”

    these are people who are UNABLE/INCAPABLE of walking and CHEWING GUM AT THE SAME TIME…

    i read the article yesterday or day before, total RUBBISH…..won’t bother to enlighten them, it will be just another waste of time, they may want to however look at other countries who are intellectually EQUIPPED to have more than one SUCCESSFUL, sometimes 5-10, industries going at the same time

  64. THeO

    Ur last article……… I have been expressing the same view here on BU since covid when most were saying tourism is dead

  65. Artax

    How does he plan to finance $1,300 to be paid to an increase in the number of persons who would become eligible?

    He did explain how such can be accomplished in the discussion held with other notable economist
    Unfortunately the media did not highlight his explanations in full detail
    u can go on the dlp website to view the full details via the economic forum held recently

  66. Pacha…i don’t get why these always have to BE SPOON FED….positive realities, but are so adept at the negative and backward…

  67. @ Pacha
    We can meet on the original post at sundown… name your weapon…! :!

    However, you should know that Bushie has been in town too LONG, to be lured into that popular game called “Send the fool further’.
    That ONLY works with brass bowls – so count Bushie OUT. 🙂
    As explained, it is not even possible to ‘prove’ that you Pacha exists, far less for Bushie to be drawn into an exercise on a Blog to provide you with some shiite proof that Jesus did millennia ago…
    For all that we REALLY KNOW, this WHOLE shiite LIFE could be a ‘dream’ from which we will all awake someday to find a COMPLETELY different reality…

    “Tell me not in mournful numbers
    life is but an empty dream
    For the soul is dead that slumbers
    and things are no what they seem…”

    1 -Is there a CREATOR (even if it is just a dream that was created…)?
    2 -What is that Creators INTENT?

    Everything else = FLUFF.

  68. David

    What work? We should already know where this is going for the dlp and this empty suit.

    No amount of wilful ignorance or wishful thinking can alter this cultural trend.

  69. Bushie
    We can meet under any set of circumstances. We shall be appropriately armed!

    But again you seek to change the point. In doing so, you continue to ask another question/s instead of focussing on that one which we should have easier access to answers and will conclusively prove the other one constantly being raised as a diversion.

    A question which this writer has previously answered.

    We can also suggest that that fool comment can be more appropriately applied to you and as described above

    A descent into the esoteric seems inconsistent to the boosts of you and those enveloped in irrational uncertainties about heaven and hell etc.

    We see your constant obfuscations as disingenuous attempts to avoid fundamental truisms for the continuation of falsehoods as central to mindset.

    Please permit us to disengage at this point.

  70. Religions and praying serve a positive purpose regardless of whether it is real or not,
    such as setting intentions, vows, sankalpas, resolve,
    rules to be followed, meditations for gratitude,
    blessing for luck in exams, business, sports, wars
    you already are who you need to be to fulfill your life’s dharma.
    All you need to do is focus your mind, connect to your most heartfelt desires, and channel the divine energy within.

  71. Who sampled Who

    Diaraby Nene
    Oumou Sangaré

    MOOD 4 EVA
    Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Childish Gambino, Oumou Sangare

  72. @ David.

    Yes besides what some are saying the summer season will be very slow. You have no cruise ship traffick and the hotels are already crying about bookings.

    Thing is though any politician or faithfuls for that matter, that talking about how good this winter will be need to ask themselves based on what FACTS AND DATA? No one can sit here today and say if or when the market will crash, how far it will fall, how high inflation will go, how weak sterling will get, how much more the war will affect commodity prices etc etc. It is well and good to try and blow feel good smoke up our tails, but it is based on nothing factual.

    If any have been following the financial reports on BBC news over the past few weeks you will see how they are fighting the inflation war. It would also show how those who were interviewed said if they take a holiday it will be close to home, as they really can’t afford the financial exposure with all the uncertainty. You would also of seen how airlines have been canceling flights and revising services as well.

    The UK traveller will have to face higher airfares and with a weak pound all destinations based in USD is going to be a challenge for them. Add to that the amount inflation will remove from their liquidity and travel in 2022 is going to be a challenge for many.

    But as tourism is the owner word our leaders know besides throwing around the words “economic diversification” for many years, then what you expect.

  73. David
    Yes. But when we are whare we are. And the same kind of idiocy confronts, even then? Should not try something thinking, radically different.

  74. Would be nice to see the radical, for a change, coming from the Afrikan mindset.

  75. Oh shite! That is all Yearwood could come up with?????!!!!!


    Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor,
    A rich man,
    A poor man,
    A beggar man,
    A tief!

    I too can recite nursery rhymes.

    His recitation brought that one to mind.

  76. Jamaicans have taken the lead in rejecting the new warped world order.

  77. Pacha….An Afrikan renaissance…..a resurgence and new interest in SELF-PRESERVATION…

  78. So ah wonder where this new warped world order rejection leaves Ms. Wannabe Head of the Caribbean…

    fowl enuff the insider may could give us the details….

  79. I have said it before you can live like an IMF lamb or die like a lion , take the treasury go to vegas play roulette and bet it all on your favorite color. El salvador has gambled on bit coin another sound strategy by the

  80. It’s not too difficult to understand why some on BU mock Yearwood and African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved. It helps them not to focus their limited mindset on the real issues affecting their country and the utter impotence of their leader. The limits of their ambition is clear to see. One can only pity these poor miserable sods.

  81. TLSN…let them mock away…am free as a bird and NOT TRAPPED LIKE THEM…that’s the big difference.

    am on the outside watching the zoo parade…

    People with REAL AFRIKAN MINDSETS JUST TOOK THE LEAD, and the movement is likely to SPREAD ALL ACROSS THE CARIBBEAN region and SPILL into the wider diaspora…….and they could not even see it coming, so where does that LEAVE THEM…..


  82. Afrikan minded people are already building empires, something they can’t fathom…let alone imagine and DEFINITELY don’t know how to make the FIRST STEPS TO START…they should feel sorry for themselves right about now..

    ..the REGION is moving right along and LEAVING THEM BEHIND…

  83. Pacha…here comes the transformation…..spreading throughout the Caribbean, a phenomenal time to be a witness…

    ….who gets left behind….that’s on them.


  84. Waru
    We are in deep shiiiite. It’s even a challenge to perceive the magnitude of our problems. Far less craft solutions.

    In circumstances where there are no low hanging fruit. A largely feckless population. A misleadership class centered on that class’s interests. And tectonic shifts rocking the earth but largely ignored by the political-,managerial elites.

    Any set of people who can’t look into Yearwood’s eyes and tell that he’s joker but still elevate him as an alternative to what is should worry all the rest of us.

  85. @Pachamama,

    We all know the members of the BU mottley crew. No pun intended.

    It’s impossible to shame these people as they have no sense of shame. The blogmaster has emboldened them over these last three-and-a-half years. This was the period when you, Bush Tea and Piece more or less took flight.

    The depressed state of the country goes unnoticed by that mob. There sole purpose is to deflect, bully and police this blog for their empress.

  86. TSLNnobody is on this blog more than Waru your tag team partner everyday 24 hours a day.I suppose you conveniently forgot that.Nobody talks more shite and hog the blog more than her.The point is no one who lives here takes Pacha, Waru, Bush Tea or Baje too seriously.That is your problem.We know that problems exist.We know these problems exist all over the world.We also know the hard work that Ms Mottley and the government continues to do.We also know the dems from 2008 under Mr Thompson till 2018 under Mr Stuart were mostly incompetent and most bajans do not wish to see them again in under 15 years minimum..Put that in ya pipe amd smoke it.No oversea dem can tell us who should lead us .Will not happen.Barbados has passed all of its IMF test to date tells us we are heading in the right direction instead of downgrade after downgrade.Therefore go take a flying leap with ypur advice.Most of us do not want it.I gone.

  87. Looking or not looking into Yearwood eyes does not take away the truthfulness of the realities that are staring all in the eyes
    What u are doing is using Yearwood to whip u most needed angst to help the blp footsoldiers
    Yearwood did not create these many years of problems
    His appearance now has help to shine more light of govt issues which are affecting Barbadian households a shinning light which is absolutely necessary as Barbados tilts further into a path of total control buy a one-sided govt

  88. Lorenzo.what u seem to be conveniently ignoring is a fact by which and how and why the bajanhouseholds are being downgraded to the level of below poverty
    Alright for you to spin and spin the word downgrade so as to.polish and make it shine like a badge of honor to hold and prop up in a pretense of govt success
    Alright fuh to to live in a make belive world
    However not Alright for u or govt to continue to ask of the people monthly weekly and yearly but when people ask for genuine help
    The people must wait

  89. Inquiring minds want to know how many committes has govt ushered in the three years and the total cost

  90. “The only scammers i see on BU are those HIDING behind anonymous monikers and demonizing people THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW……”

    I can’t believe the above comment was made by someone who previously posted anonymously to demonize people such as Peter Harris…… or accuse someone of making an unsuccessful attempt to sabotage their book and websites…….people they don’t even know.
    The same individual the brilliant one described as he/she/it…… copy and paste artist.

    I guess when they share similar philosophical and ideological similarities with others, those idiosyncrasies are purposely ignored.

  91. @ David

    Yes, I agree ‘Yearwood just landed and he has a lot of work to do.’
    But, I don’t believe this work includes regurgitating proposals that were made previously and presenting them as though they are new and innovative.

    But, it seems as though you’re trying to shield the goodly lecturer from criticism.
    I posted a contribution in response to a comment made by a particular individual, which you removed, even though it was not derogatory or vilified the gentleman.

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