Your Immune system F*#ked Up?

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

The pandemic is still with us, taking lives daily. Not new news eh? Well I guess you know that influenza season is also upon us. The confusion we all exhibit trying to verify which symptoms belongs to a set virus is obvious. The fear we have concerning infectious disease’s influence upon our very survival and quality of life lingers. The World Health Organization passes onto us a mass of statistics that when considered can be overwhelming. 17 million people die of infectious disease each year, 46,000 people per day. Other diseases threaten us. HIV/AIDS killed 1.6 million people in 2014, pneumonia killed 1.1 million children under the age of 5. Malaria killed 627,000 while Rabies killed 55,000 people. 

America has a numbered system typically showing the disease and number of citizens killed. Quite the system. Monkeypox has been identified over 14,000 times, while polio has returned from history to strike once again. Even China, with its massive healthcare response system has to deal with cases of Langya henipavirus, a RNA Virus that spreads through  animal populations. We interact, raise and eat animals, often being infected with that same virus. What we know as ordinary influenza is a massive scourge to the global population, striking in mass events throughout the world, killing as many as a million people at one outbreak.

Science has not found a cure for this menace but there are protocols available to assist you from acquiring it, or at least fighting it off should you contract it. We often think that healthy people should  not be as susceptible to illness like influenza. Our parents told us “a health body and mind is all you need”.

Many doctors also believed this to be true. Eat well, receiving all your needed nutrients, and exercise too. Questions have risen however practically dispelling this accepted myth. 

1. What is the true definition of a nutritious meal? 

2. If infections, toxins and pathogens rob the body of nutrients creating chaos with a persons metabolism, robbing the immune system of its power to heal, what to do?

3. Each of us is different, our bodies metabolize differently and have different needs. Can science find a universally acceptable plan of nutrition?

4. Do supplements and vitamin regimes have a place within this search for wholeness?

Selenium has a certain importance within the scientific community. A unique amino acid, the rate limiting component for biosynthesis of seleno-proteins important for anti-oxidant, immune, coagulation and genetic functions for humans and also very important to viruses. If adequate seleno-proteins are present viral genomes can stabilize, minimizing pathogenic mutations. In low selenium environments benign  viruses can mutate into pathogenic strains, which can make even health people ill.

Vitamin C and D are essential elements within a persons health regime. What makes these most effective is the size of the dose and the frequency of its administration. A doctors recommendations is called for here. Over or under dosing with these or other supplements can be dangerous. “Doctor, doctor, give me the news, which should I take or use”?

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) have been associated with n the faster healing of peptic ulcers and decrease death rates  from stomach bleeds. This alternative tool has its side effects however, acting as a substitute for the bodies immune systems ability to heal.  The immune system is responsible for the bodies functions, food digestion and cell creation. Tools like PPI can alter functions, have the body release unwanted enzymes , halt or change the creation of Killer T Cells, and possible have the body stop absorbing needed items such as magnesium. 

Through further studies, we can investigate which supplements, natural foods are best fitted to our health regime. As always, ask your doctor for advice.

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  1. While colonizing the Americas in the 1700s, officers from Britain enacted biological warfare by intentionally gifting blankets infected with smallpox to Indigenous Americans. Though historians debate if the method even worked, it’s a revolting act immortalized in the diaries of those who pulled it off.

    “Smallpox Champion”
    “History rears up to spit in your face.”

  2. @ David
    Patience is the greatest of virtues.
    Bushie can wait for the brass to catch up…. It won’t be long anyway.

    What is TRULY amazing is the extent to which basic wisdom has disappeared – to the extent that even when up to our very necks in ‘doo doo’, it seems that we are immune to the smell.

    Once upon a time, our primary- school- educated parents would have detected that some SERIOUS shiite HAD to be wrong for us to be seeing so much chaos, failure, mis-steps and downright idiocy at the local, school, national, regional and global levels.
    THEY would have questioned the status quo… and even rioted.

    We are happy to trust the ‘system’ controlled by Gates, Fauci, WHO and CDC…. and to survive off their loans.

    Good luck when the inevitable truth reveals itself shortly…

    • @Bush Tea

      The majority of people look for leadership and the system as constituents nurture people to be compliant with the system’ as you call it.

    • @Bush Tea

      Some are speaking out to ask questions. Covid 19 as reported took out the vulnerable (elderly) and those with serious preexisting conditions – refer to ongoing Mottley inquest. It was reported the Delta and earlier covid variants were too virulent to ignore.

  3. Toni Jones’ affirmation music is a powerful tool that encourages self-love …
    … African proverb: “A snake hisses louder when it’s about to die.”
    That’s a great analogy for the resistance that shows up when you’re shedding old identities.

    Me VS Every Me “Affirmations Of Self Love”

  4. Smallpox Champion on December 17, 2022 at 9:39 AM said:
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    While colonizing the Americas in the 1700s, officers from Britain enacted biological warfare by intentionally gifting blankets infected with smallpox to Indigenous Americans.


    Indigenous Americans introduced tobacco to the Brits and wiped out 10 times as many of them as any smallpox could have.

    BTW, it was a Quaker doctor also in the 1700’s, who introduced vaccinations to Russia, another reason to love those Quakers.

    In time even the Indigenous Americans came to accept vaccinations.

  5. @John
    Same question?
    No GP. Is he still in circulation?

    I hate when older guys/gals just disappear. Worrying about the great ac.

  6. “Once upon a time, our primary- school- educated parents would have detected that some SERIOUS shiite HAD to be wrong for us to be seeing so much chaos, failure, mis-steps and downright idiocy at the local, school, national, regional and global levels.
    THEY would have questioned the status quo… and even rioted.”

    Now ya got a bunch of political expert clowns, a bunch of religious expert nutjob clowns, all claiming to be graduates with paper degree mill certification, and none of them int know one shite about reality, they are so blinded by fairytales and fantasies.

    Evabody talking about and laughing at dem since the information is now everywhere, for those interested. Couldn’t make any of this up not even if we tried

    “Wrong”…does not begin to describe. I will let the experts handle it., leave it in their hands and watch the free show.

    • Omicron virus hitting China hard
      BEIJING/SHANGHAI – Hearses bearing the dead lined the driveway to a designated COVID-19 crematorium in the Chinese capital yesterday while workers at the city’s dozen funeral homes were busier than normal, days after China reversed tight pandemic restrictions.
      In recent days in Beijing the spread of the highly transmissible Omicron variant has hit services from catering to parcel deliveries. Funeral homes and crematoriums across the city of 22 million are also struggling to keep up with demand as more workers and drivers testing positive for coronavirus call in sick.
      China is yet to officially report any COVID deaths since December 7 when the country abruptly ended many key tenets of its zero-COVID policy that had been championed by President Xi Jinping, following unprecedented public protests against the protocol.
      A US-based research institute said this week that the country could see an explosion of cases and over a million people in China could die of COVID in 2023. A sharp surge in deaths would test authorities’ efforts to move China away from endless testing, lockdowns and heavy travel restrictions, and realign with a world that has largely reopened to live with the disease.
      Yesterday, a Reuters journalist saw about 30 stationary hearses stopped in the driveway leading to the Dongjiao funeral home, a COVIDdesignated crematorium in Beijing.
      Parked among them were an ambulance and a wagon with a sheet-wrapped corpse in the open trunk that was later picked up by workers in hazmat suits and moved to a preparatory room to await cremation. Three of the numerous chimneys billowed smoked continuously.
      A few metres away from the crematorium, in a funeral parlour, the Reuters journalist saw about 20 yellow body bags containing corpses on the floor. Reuters could not immediately establish if the deaths were due to COVID-19.
      The parking security operator and the owner of an urn shop at the funeral home building, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters the number of deaths was above average in this period and was more when compared to the period before lifting of most pandemic curbs on December 7.

      Word of advice as National Vaccination Programme ends
      By Carlos Atwell
      The National Vaccination Programme has reached its end but one of its coordinators is assuring Barbadians vaccinations will continue and is advising them to come forward.
      Additionally, Dr Elizabeth Ferdinand, in giving a synopsis of the two “hectic” years of the programme, revealed they had done well but had still fallen a bit short of national expectations.
      “We received our first doses of AstraZeneca in February 2021 and we began injecting persons, which continued at a high pace until December or so that year when it gradually began to tail off into 2022. We managed to fully vaccinate roughly 57.5 per cent of the total population with 61 to 62 per cent of people receiving a first dose.
      “Overall we’ve done fairly well, though not excellently, as we were hoping to have [more than] 70 per cent fully vaccinated but we managed almost 60 per cent so I’m reasonably happy with that,” she told the Sunday Sun.
      Ferdinand also wished to caution Barbadians not to drop their guard. She said now was not the time to get complacent, despite the relaxing of the protocols which has seen mask wearing, hand sanitising and physical distancing become largely optional.
      “There is an increase of cases in Europe and Asia so we must be observant and vigilant with our surveillance and our daily hygiene. Even though the country has opened up, we need to still protect ourselves by using masks where necessary, trying to keep up social distancing and washing our hands as frequently as possible. So Bajans, don’t rest, keep your eyes and ears open and be proactive,” she said.
      Last week, Chief Medical Officer The Most Honourable Dr Kenneth George alerted the public of the continuing spread of COVID-19 as well as influenza H3N2, urging people to take personal responsibility by employing preventative measures, adding since people were not getting tested as frequently as before, they might not have a true picture of the number of cases circulating.
      “We are indeed facing a doublewhammy because we have COVID and we also have the flu circulating, which has increased steeply within the last two months,” adding it was not his intention to dampen the Christmas spirit.
      Ferdinand said the programme had its “ups and downs” with one down being the failure of the initial appointment system. From there, she said they gradually phased in everyone, starting with health care workers, until only children under age five were left.
      Speaking at headquarters
      She was speaking at the programme’s headquarters at No. 2 Harbour Road Industrial Park, St Michael, as the programme ended.
      She is still urging Barbadians to protect themselves from the effects of COVID-19 through vaccination.
      “Vaccinations will continue, although we’ve closed down here. We are still operating out of the polyclinics and the Ministry of Health is taking over the administration from our offices,” she said.
      The retired doctor said the island was currently out of both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, but noted more should be sourced shortly.
      “We are [officially] closing down, and all our volunteers are stopping. The buses are out of commission and most of our equipment has already been moved. It’s just a few volunteers left who will be leaving today (last Friday),” she said, adding another Government entity was taking over downstairs while the Barbados Defence Force would continue operating upstairs as the programme members were only “scotching”.
      Like Ferdinand, former head of the now defunct COVID-19 Monitoring Unit, deputy chief environmental health officer Ronald Chapman, urged the public to take personal responsibility for their health by wearing masks, physical distancing, sanitising and washing their hands. He reminded people mask wearing was still mandatory on public transport and in schools, geriatric hospitals, nursing homes and at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

      Source: Nation

  7. I am wondering how many Barbadians died because of Covid-19 information from BU’s
    BARBADOS Awareness and Response To External Sources; Halting Invading and Threatening Endemic (BARE;SHITE) diseases (now COVID-19) Team

    Will the team accept any responsibility?

  8. 66 years old, 0 Covid vaccinations and 0 flu shots.

    May possibly have had COVID or flu or both in February 2019 but don’t know and don’t want to know.

    So far so good.

  9. The selfish herd theory states that individuals within a population attempt to reduce their predation risk by putting other conspecifics between themselves and predators. A key element in the theory is the domain of danger, the area of ground in which every point is nearer to a particular individual than to any other individual. Such antipredator behavior inevitably results in aggregations. The theory was proposed by W. D. Hamilton in 1971 to explain the gregarious behavior of a variety of animals. It contrasted the popular hypothesis that evolution of such social behavior was based on mutual benefits to the population.

    The basic principle governing selfish herd theory is that in aggregations, predation risk is greatest on the periphery and decreases toward the center. More dominant animals within the population are proposed to obtain low-risk central positions, whereas subordinate animals are forced into higher risk positions. The hypothesis has been used to explain why populations at higher predation risk often form larger, more compact groups. It may also explain why these aggregations are often sorted by phenotypic characteristics such as strength.

  10. TheOGazerts on December 18, 2022 at 7:33 PM said:
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    I am wondering how many Barbadians died because of Covid-19 information from BU’s


    I would be inclined to bet that Pastor Jippy Doyle never heard of BU before he died of COVID!!

  11. Every person I know who decided not to get any vaccinations was in their 60’s and did so on their own.

    One guy was convinced it would kill him even before the side effects became known.

    None knew of BU.

  12. What is the science behind white peoples biased propaganda.

    I became sceptical of everything in media since Iraq I in 1990.

    Covid is problems are primarily about breathing function and China and India are advanced in breath work with Qigong and Pranayama.

  13. “66 years old..”

    I find this difficult to believe as this geezer’s mindset and thinking is so regressive that I would have said he was well over 76..

    Martin Luther King wasn’t just the conductor of the black civil rights movement, he created a model that other movements across the world have replicated. He’s one of our superheroes because he showed us all what was possible when we stand united…when we’re in tune.

    Poem by Amir Sulaiman

    Listen to “Black Superhero” ft. Killa Mike, BJ the Chicago Kid and Big K.R.I.T.:

  14. In order to raise funds for the cause the leader of Barbados is announcing a tranche of limited edition NFT superhero cards
    Black Superhero
    Yeah (up in the sky)
    (It’s a bird, it’s a plane)
    Hmm, sound like
    Some superhero shit
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    You can label me a huey p
    Made a martyr outta martin, outta Malcolm, out a nigga
    I refuse to let these dirty devils make my gullah beggar
    Fuck a hero see oh I will go make heed oh for my people
    Give me liberty or death that is my credo not my ego
    Dressed in a tuxedo, enter party, altar ego
    Killed your need of it, gazebo, did it for the people
    Love what motivated, I did not do it for hatred
    But I truly hate the devil I cannot debate or fake it
    I was asked a question and I asked about it hard
    If I was facing death then I could ask one thing of God
    I would ask for every nigga to be free here and abroad
    And to be rightfully celebrated as a child of God
    And to be rightfully celebrated as a child of God (as a child of God)

    • George: Can’t say if lives lost due to vaccine
      BARBADOS HAS RECORDED nine deaths that may be linked to COVID-19 vaccination, but they still cannot be ruled as being caused by it.
      This was disclosed by Chief Medical Officer, The Most Honourable Dr Kenneth George, who said yesterday during a press conference that his office had completed investigations to determine the role the jab may have played in the deaths. He said aspects of the report may not be made public as to do so will disclose sensitive medical information of some people.
      “Remember that when you speak about vaccinations and deaths, it is a causality mechanism. It is extremely difficult to say a vaccine caused a death but in
      public health we do an additive approach to see if all of the variables point in that direction. I don’t want it to be said loosely that vaccines cause deaths because there are other issues along the way that we take into consideration before we can arrive at that.
      I think we have a total of nine deaths in proximity to taking the vaccine. In each individual case we have gone through the process to understand the role of the vaccine in that death,” George said.
      Last month former Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley called for a release of the findings of the reports of the Adverse Events Surveillance Committee, stressing that the public had been kept in the dark
      regarding the results.
      However, George said that with new vaccinations slowing down significantly, there has not been many new reports of adverse effects.
      “We have come to the public on at least three occasions on outcomes after vaccines. Vaccination levels are very low so the levels of new people reporting disease or side effects are very very small. We have maintained a database and we have also in that database put the details of how the investigations proceeded,” he said.

      Source: Nation

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