Education is No Sport

Submitted by Paula Sealy

This committee has been given a mandate for the next six months to work assiduously to bring the policy on persons with disabilities so that we can also approve the legislation. We have a draft legislation now that over the next six months it is to be fine-tuned to get the legislation right,” Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Kirk Humphrey said.

This was a public statement of the direction of the committee to investigate the needs of the disabled community. What direction guides the Education Reform Unit headed by Dr. Idamay Denny?

What is the mandate of the unit?

Is there a timeline for a green paper to be prepared for discussion with the general public?

The committee led by MP Hinkson has objectives that were already shared with the public. It is almost three years since we were told the 11+ will be abolished as part of the education reform.

What has the Ministry of Education been doing since then?

Making sport?

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  1. We have to start first by defining what disability is, because there are two types of disabilities: Physical and intellectual.

  2. Now I am wondering if the Minister is formulating this committee, to implement legislation to protect the rights of the mental and physical disable, or is he look to address the material needs of the Speacial Needs Community?

  3. Ho, ho, ho here we go again, another NEW COMMITTEE, same old same old. Expend taxpayers money, engage some political advisers for big $, generate a report and case CLOSED. Wily has heard about 100’s of these various investigative committees and most if not all result in a lot of back slapping but No Action.

  4. Committee: a group of persons who can do nothing, getting together to decide nothing can be done. Enjoy the ride.

    • Committees serve a purpose for bringing qualified/competent individuals together to bring focus on the task at hand. The problem may not always be the committee but if recommendations are efficiently handled arising from workings of the committee.

  5. @David
    You forgot to cross out two words. I should read:

    Committees serve a purpose for bringing qualified/competent individuals together to bring focus on the task at hand. The problem may not always be the committee but if recommendations are efficiently handled arising from workings of the committee.

  6. The committee has to be cognizant of the fact that they are those who are profoundly disabled, and this will require a different approach from those who are mildly disabled, and the emerging intellectual disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorder has from mild to severe behavioral challenges, and this will require a specific kind of care for those persons entering the learning environment.

  7. Now my question is, is the committee presenting its findings from the point of view of social justice for the disabled, or is it look at it from the standpoint
    of the allocation resources to this vulnerable population?


    From BT
    “Friday was the third straight day that approximately 150 students, including those preparing for this year’s Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination, were unable to attend classes.”

    My thoughts
    Next step: Having kicked CXC around, they will now target the ‘screaming tests’. Call for the ‘screaming’ or screening test to be delayed …
    But it will not work.

  9. TheO,

    Boy you head hard doh! What is it with you and delayed tests?

    The Common Entrance was delayed before due to the pandemic’s disruption of classes over SEVERAL MONTHS, NOT DAYS. These were SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

    On another note, kindly remind your rabbit that our country has a population of approximately two hundred and eighty Therefore we have over two hundred and seventy-nine thousand people who do not enter churches and behave as was described in the video. His favorite white supremacist people would have taken a Dylan Roof special to the event and, quite likely, no-one would have lived to tell the tale or post a video.


  10. McConney touts education reform
    Educational reform will lead to a more relevant curricula, says Minister of Education Kay McConney.
    On Wednesday during the virtual closing ceremony of a Teacher Training on Digital Education and Distance Learning Pedagogies in the Caribbean, the minister pointed out that educational reform is inclusive of curricular reform with new, exciting and more relevant structures that facilitate effective learning environments.
    “So I look forward to your [teachers] same level of vigour and commitment as my Government progresses on our quest to restructure, reform, energise and realise higher levels of efficiency and returns in our educational system,” she told the 78 graduates.
    The nine-month programme was a collaboration between the local Ministry of Education and Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Education, facilitated by Tampere University of Applied Sciences and funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
    During a recorded address McConney said to achieve more gains in education, more collaborations with organisations such as IDB were necessary.
    “Collaborative initiatives with the Inter-American Development Bank and other agencies will support our drive for excellence in all of our endeavours. So it is imperative that our development gains in education over the years are sustained as we evolve to meet the changing demands of our
    citizens in Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean,” McConney said.
    Meanwhile, Chief of Education at the IDB, Mercedes Mateo Diaz, said the agency was pleased to assist with the educational development, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic impact.
    “Emergency response to COVID-19 pandemic required teachers to use distance learning modalities, but despite the investment made in technology and Internet connectivity in the last decade, education systems in the region were not prepared.
    “So we believe that supporting and investing in the creation of opportunities for teachers in Latin American and the Caribbean through the creation of strategic alliances with key actors can make a difference, so we are happy to see an example of this today,” Mateo Diaz said.

    Source: Nation

  11. I am doubtful if you could find a stronger supporter of having funding to help our youth in obtaining a good education.

    Remember the famous Barbados saying “EDUTECH me once, shame on me; EDUTECH me twice, shame on me”.

    Avoid recurring scams. My advice is “At this time don’t do it”. The education landscape of Barbados is littered with the bones of many failed schemes. Before securing the loan let’s get rid of the rats who will leave us with just bones.

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