Submitted by Pachamama

We write at a time when the Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility, Eastre, was worshiped through sexual debauchery and as symbolized by the rabbit, as the sacred animal, and the egg, as the symbol of life, by Europeans. Combined with the notion that an unholy Eucharist (Eucharistos), separately developed, where the Greek Ptolemies in celebration of their conquest of Kemet ate human flesh and drank human blood, are now combined to form part of the intellectual framework currently under-girding what some now call Western civilization even as a nuclear holocaust becomes more and more unavoidable by the day. These barbarous acts were to be centralized but the logic of a Jubilee represents no historical memory.

But Barbados and the other countries of the Global South could be destined for an enforced jubilee after decades of un-repayable, odious and forever mounting debts; being satraps in empire’s re-recycling of a growing mountain of debt; a degenerative subservience to the IMF, the World Bank and other ‘multilateral” institutions which act as proxies for American empire. These will end when real financial sovereignty is restored to all national currencies within an equitable international arrangement. This is what the Eurasian planned New World Order will mean for us. This is what the Biden propaganda about democracies verses autocracies, as missive, aimed to foreshadow while keeping financial imperialism in place by sleight of hand.

For millennia the countries of the global south have been firmly located under the jackboot of one form or another of domination by imperialist forces from the north Atlantic and North America countries. NATO’s war on the Russian Federation will come to represents a watershed in the history of mankind. For it will have succeeded in unleashing a set of centrifugal forces which shall not be denied.

We have long known that the sanctions wars, the kinetic wars, the cold wars, the hybrid wars, the proxy wars, the propaganda wars, the diplomatic wars, the humanitarian wars, the wars to steal the resources of nations, the trade wars – the sanctions wars which are just as deadly, if not more, than hot wars, and the currency wars were only possible because of the inordinate power given one country to print useless paper and under the threat of force demand that world nations use it as the leading international medium of exchange, store of value.

The New World Order birthed in Eurasia will end this. And yes, lots of people have previously spoken about some ‘new world order’. These three word mean different things to different people. George Bush, the elder, saw it as a continuation of American dominance through the neo-liberal project beginning in 1980 (circa). Fukuyama, postulated in terms of an end of history as the USSR dissolved and a uni-polar world emerged, he was wrong. More recent American political figures interpreted this as the capture of the twenty first century for continued White domination, exceptionalism.

Yet today, the Russian Federation, and its Eurasian allies, are mounting an invincible challenge to the dominance of Atlanticist forces. And in the same way the collapse of the USSR opened up countries of the Global South to further exploitation within a uni-polarity, the Russian Federation has now unreservedly embarked upon a project which has the potential to create seismic changes within the dead-ended, debt-ridden, faith-based Western economic architecture as slavishly followed by most of the countries of the Global South. Tectonic shifts or nuclear war are afoot.

The big brains in the Kremlin have spent decades planning for these eventuality, along with their Eurasians partners. Some of which have long been opposed to neo-liberalism and the exploitative nature of unbridled capitalism, more generally. Of course, there are significant outliers. Like Barbados, the Kremlin, similar to most of the world’s central banking establishments, are still largely peopled by those who genuflect to the faith-based economic doctrine of the West – the IMF, the World Bank – even as its generalized systemic failure becomes more and more obvious. Chinese institutions too, except the military, are thoroughly infiltrated by the intelligence agencies of Atlanticist countries – USA, EU, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Vladimir Putin, was never a one-man show, as the propaganda in the West will have us believe. Even in the current war with NATO in Ukraine he’s currently contending with a range of forces from within. These include his senior military generals who are arguing that a more forceful application of violence should be applied, should have been applied. Or Russian public opinion, which in their 80 percentile support the war in Ukraine, but are now demanding the same as the generals, as evidenced by letters to Putin and other forms of critical support.

Sergey Glazyez has been a leading geo-economic thinker and is currently with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). He has just been speaking about what a New World (economic) Order will look like. And with the permission of readers, we wish to summarize his thinking. Readers will see that the entirety of the pronouncements by President Putin and Russian government officials so far, including Western-minded Russian Central Bank (RCB) governor, Elvira Nabiullina, are now saying precisely what Glazyez and others have long been writing/speaking about. Readers can expect to arrive at a deeper understanding about why countries like India, China, Venezuela, Turkey and others, are not likely to oppose Russia and soon China as the neo-cons in Washington, in violations of all previous agreements, are today sending a high level delegation to the Chinese province of Taiwan, as explicitly determined by Beijing as a matter of the violation of its national sovereignty. America is now acting as if seeking to engage both Russia and China at once in a two-front war. A two-front war which cannot be won by the West. And with the stakes this high the gravest of consequences cannot be excluded from serious consideration. The West’s desperation now demands it to fight, tooth and nail, to reassert a fast waning global financial hegemony. We are in a world of trouble. Instead of jubilee it may very well be nuclear holocaust. Either way, White domination is history.

The main features of the New World Order as proposed by the Eurasian Bloc will Include:

1) A synthetic trading currency based on an index of the national currencies of all member states – a currency basket.

2) Underlying the currency basket will be the supplementation by twenty (20) exchange-traded commodities.

3) This expanded basket has been modeled mathematically and has shown resilience and stability. It benefits from the critical combination of central planning ideas and market economy principles.

4) It relies on state control of monetary and physical infrastructure and entrepreneurship development.

5) Promotes the increased common well-being of all citizens

Within the First Stage

6) The use of national currencies or gold to settle international accounts – given that there will be a reference to the USD at this stage. This is happening now.

Within the Second Stage

7) New pricing mechanisms un-anchored by the USD – will likely lead to increased overhead in the beginning.

8) More attractive pricing for goods and services than in un-anchored currencies like the USD, Yen, Euro and Pound.

9) That the Chinese yuan cannot replace un-anchored currencies because of its in-convertibility and the restricted access to the Chinese capital markets.

10) A given that gold bullion as the price reference is limited by inconvenience of use in settlement of transactions.

Within the Third Stage

11) The creation of a new digital payment currency as founded through an international agreement and based on transparency, fairness, goodwill and efficiency.

12) This digital currency is to be issued by a pool of currency reserves of BRICS countries in the beginning, with other countries able to join.

13) Digital units could be weighted proportionately to the GDP of each country which becomes a member; on purchasing power parity; share of international trade; the population size of the member countries. Small island states may need to add a different set of metrics.

14) The digital currency basket may contain an index of prices of exchange traded commodities – gold, precious metals, industrial metals, hydrocarbons, grains, sugar, water, other natural resources.

15) To be exclusively used in cross-border payments. Based on a predetermined formula.

16) The creation of international resource reserves to provide backing making it more resilient.

17) Participating countries will use national currencies for credit creation, the financing of national investments, industrial development and sovereign wealth reserves.

18) Capital account cross-border flows governed by national currency laws.

Glazyez argues that the transition to the New World Order, as proposed by the Eurasian Bloc, is likely to be associated with:

1) Mass refusal to honour odious obligations in USD, Yen, Euros and Sterling – to service such loans so issued. Similarly to how the reserves of Libya, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan and Russia as issued in these currencies, and held in Western banks, were stolen.

2) No obligations under the old system will be considered for participation in the new. This critical to the countries of the Global South.

3) All countries of the Global South can be full participants regardless of debt levels under the old system.

4) The nationalization of extractive industries will represent no disruption to full participation.

5) Should countries reserve a portion of their natural resources to back the new monetary unit their relative weighting within the currency basket increases, raises their level of reserves, credit capacity.

6) Bilateral swap lines to provide adequate funding for co-investments, trade finance.

7) A payments and settlements system in national currencies.

We have tried to capture the thinking of a significant personage behind the financial economics of the New World Order. We cannot say that this is a complete picture. Maybe this can start to help to explain why the economic war of 6000 sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation by NATO members have so boomeranged. Indeed, Russia is currently the most sanctioned country in the history of mankind.

A country like Iran has had less than 4000 sanctions over 40 years, for example. These are only possible because of the financial imperialism of the Atlanticists. While some here would like to believe that economic sanctions are better that kinetic war, people who study these issues professionally, like Scott Ritter, suggest the reverse.

This writer cannot be completely sure that this project will enable the Global South in resetting the paradigm, achieving a more just world, reversing the inequity of Africa, for example, the richest continent on Earth while African peoples everywhere are the poorest.

The forces against which we contend are mighty, well-entrenched and determined that Whiteness must rule the world forever. On the other hand, the Russian Federation has no way back from its decoupling, absent a successful regime change in Moscow, in China. For the West to now back down and agree to Russia’s terms is unlikely, even via an international agreement with this, the leading purveyor of evil in our world, because this is a liar which has broken every treaty, agreement, promise, its ever made. for the Russians no longer trust this Great Satan.

This battle for real economic freedom for the peoples of the earth, total annihilation maybe far more likely than the continuation of life on our knees. This is the only calculus White people and their criminal leaderships are most likely to understand.

Lastly, we call on the Barbados government, and particularly Mia Mugabe Mottley, to convene a group of experts to study these geo-economic developments – not the regular ‘shareholders’, they are not known to have an aptitude for such matters. Those experts will report within 90 days as to what this New World Order may mean for Barbados and how the country could best respond, even if as a mere though experiment.

We have no illusions given the conservative nature of the country, its institutions, its people, thought leaders. Both scenarios, economic freedom from USD hegemony and perdition, may very well end up being a waste of time even as the ‘correlation of forces’ seem destined to escalate to the discharge of nuclear weapons. And even if one is used either in the South China Sea, in the Black Sea region, or a Western capital, all bets are off.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    And @David, that’s EXACTLY the point … it’s all a freaking public relations play … a really BAD one actually. That THREAT that you mention became a sad joke sometime when we reached the 10th nuclear warhead or thereabouts.

    STOP and actually consider the reality … based lets say on that old movie ‘War Games’ with that precursor to Artificial intel ‘Hal’ …. ‘do you wanna play Dr. Falken’.

    So the final game begins and the US goes to Defcon 1 after a missile launch from Russia … let’s assume there is NO red-phone coms from or to Russia to allay that this is an error; nor Russia does NOT self-destruct that missile BEFORE it enters US airspace…. @David do YOU really believe it will take the 1,000 or even the 50th missile to end civilization????

    First up any and ALL of those 14 Trident subs (20 nukes each brother) will likely receive final orders @David: you will NOT know where those bombs will be coming from wherever they are deep in the ocean …. and ALL the stealth bombers in hanger will be scrambled IMMEDIATELY and their pilots given destinations for their nuclear payloads !

    David do you SERIOUSLY believe this freaking latest play-toy makes one IOTA of freaking deterrent difference to all that. FAH REAL!

    Oh and the fundamental perspective: Hiroshima/Nagasaki were 15-20 kiloton bombs…. @David the current payload of these monsters is around 9000 kilotons … so again, are we seriously taking Putin SERIOUSLY that this makes one damn bit of difference to all that.

    But heh, his boast made the headlines right. Hopefully it should get the Frenchies to realize they certainly can’t vote for a person like La Penn who supports this man who is running around bragging about using his latest weapon of world destruction!


  • How does MAD work
    What me Worry? Alfred E. Neuman (Mad Comics)
    Total Nuclear Weapons
    Mutual assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender

    Here are the 10 countries with the most nuclear weapons:
    Russia (6,257)
    United States (5,550)
    China (350)
    France (290)
    United Kingdom (225)
    Pakistan (165)
    India (156)
    Israel (90)
    North Korea (50)

    6,257 active 1,458 available 3,039 retired 1,760
    United States
    5,550 active 1,389 available 2,361 retired 1,800


  • What is good about this war
    and the wars for last 30 years
    is they prove wars are stupid

    but white warmongers love their wars
    like their racism in politics
    they are the only scams left

    peace and equality would be too simple
    for illuminati grey lizards bloodlines


  • @Dee Word

    This article gives a sense of the challenge Russia is facing in the short term as it reconfigures how it does business in a global space.

    Russian economy enters difficult period of transformation: Central bank


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Pacha…it’s started, the coming months will be crucial…


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, there was a time that leaders tried desperately to stay put of the politics of their big name neighbors. Well in a not to obvious way anyhow , but now WOW! I was struck by this comment in one of the online news sites:

    “European leaders are following the election closely, and with concern. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa called on voters not to back Le Pen while stopping short of explicitly endorsing Macron, in a joint column published in several newspapers on Thursday.

    They went on to add: ‘The choice is between the incumbent who values “democracy, sovereignty, freedom and the rule of law” and a nationalist who sides with autocratic rulers like Vladimir Putin who has awakened “memories of Europe’s darkest times,” they said.’

    That is truly very WOW stuff … the stakes in Europe are massively HIGH!

    La Penn looks likely to lose but if things go lop-sided and she wins then as I said before ‘woe betide us all’. Frankly even if she loses but gets a sizable slice of the vote (a la Trump) her impact on Macron’s policy agenda will also be massive and as a Putin ‘whisperer’ she will be quite destabilizing.

    We can only but buckle up tightly for all that’s going to happen in upcoming months… especially the US mids!



  • @Dee Word

    The issue is also a fight between left/centrist and right.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    BTW re your “This article gives a sense of the challenge Russia is facing in the short term as it reconfigures how it does business in a global space.”

    Absolutely it does. From what I have read over these last few weeks I would bluntly say that Russia is f*****d. It’s amazing to consider that Putin has broken his country to achieve supposed leverage over the western hegemony he condemns. He may indeed get his non-US ‘BRICS’ interchange settlements systems accepted by more nations and too shift the $$ as the only peg for oil and gas purchases but in the mid and long term it appears his nation will pay a very heavy price (particularly on the international front). Short term as in now he is definitely like his “Kursk” nuclear sub back in 2000: sinking fast into the depth of the ocean with friends around but not a fella can ‘get through’ to save you.

    The Kursk story ended very tragically for the crew but was not the larger catastrophe it could have been had the nuclear war heads exploded. Let’s hope this saga ends somewhat like that!



  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Some of you need to stay up to date with the news…..EU softened their stance as it relates to gas purchases in rubles..


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved


    UK allowed the payments for Russia gas…temporarily…not EU yet,,


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    TLSN…they hooked a really big fish, former President of Honduras….lawd…the amount of cocaine and money laundering would scare ya…lol..


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    And there we go…yall listening to a lot of erroneous news…noticed that for some time…

    “⚡️European Commission allows payment for Russian gas in rubles under certain conditions – Reuters”


  • Critical Analyzer

    It is woefully apparent how little most commenters grasp of what is really going on in the Russian Ukraine situation.

    When it comes to international relations, we and our PM need to stay on the kiddie side of the pool (i.e. in the Caribbean) where we can stand up in and keep far from the Big People side (i.e. the World) where we are sure to drown because we can’t swim, thread water nor stand up.

    The lessons of COVID pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War we keep refusing to learn is that we must be able to produce locally enough food to feed ourselves with as little imports as possible, balance our budget, stop borrowing people money to live a lifestyle we can’t afford and keep out of big country affairs that have nothing to do with us.

    Now Russia has clearly shown their card for all to see, the winners and losers are as follows
    1) Winner: Russia never wanted Ukraine, too big a country to occupy and control. They wanted and got easier access to the sea off Ukraine and put a huge wrench in the NATO expansion into Ukraine plan.
    2) Winner: Zelensky is going to keep his presidency and a reduced Ukraine because he got to bloody Russia’s nose at the cost of his people’s lives.
    3) Winner: US got rid of old weapons before they expired and gained intelligence on Russian war strategy
    4) Winner: US military industrial complex can make billions in research and resupply contracts.
    5) Loser: US has cut their own throat. Their days as world’s reserve currency and the sole trading currency for international transactions were numbered when they sanctioned Russia from the SWIFT banking system.
    6) Winner: China got to see possibilities of how the world would react if they were to annex Taiwan.
    7 Loser: People of Ukraine, they were used as pawns and cannon fodder by the politicians of the world.


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    REPEAT for the wannabes, i see them posting all types of crap, although Pacha put time and energy into pointing them in the right direction…which they ignored…and wandered straight into the deepest end….

    .even though there is more accurate, balanced news found elsewhere from credible sources….

    “It is woefully apparent how little most commenters grasp of what is really going on in the Russian Ukraine situation.
    When it comes to international relations, we and our PM need to stay on the kiddie side of the pool (i.e. in the Caribbean) where we can stand up in and keep far from the Big People side (i.e. the World) where we are sure to drown because we can’t swim, thread water nor stand up……………and keep out of big country affairs that have nothing to do with us.”


  • Sunday is almost here.
    Will be interesting to see how things turn out.


  • It’s Sunday…
    Prophetic, brilliant, visionary or just a call of the wrong side of a coin.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, a note from a NYT report related to the French elections but speaking broadly (and darkly) of global politics:

    “As many working-class voters have struggled with slow-growing incomes over recent decades — a result of globalization, automation and the decline of labor unions, among other forces — they have become fed up with traditional politicians.”

    Thus the author highlighted… “… the traditional parties of the center-right and center-left have collapsed across large parts of Europe” and also noted that “In the U.S., working-class frustration allowed Donald Trump to take over the Republican Party with a populist message, while Democrats have lost many working-class votes, partly because of the party’s social liberalism.

    In sum, divisive, tribal politics will continue to explode as issues are no longer grounded in centrist compromise but based of the very basic nativist view of ‘what’s in it for me and my children right now!

    After generations of exploitation the first world nation citizens are deeply pissed that denizens from the ‘shi** hole countries’ are too overtly invading their space.

    Clearly La Penn and Trump and Bolsanaro et al are leading populist movements that will take their countries and the world to the edge of massive civil strife… there is absolutely no way back from that precipice … just a matter of when.

    For France and US the upcoming parochial and congressional elections will be the next point on that dreaded time-line.


  • @Dee Word

    Partisan politics continue to destabilize the world. You should have noted republicans are in the front seat to regain congress in upcoming midterms. Also there is the change by Governor Desantis in Florida by removing two districts represented by blacks. The struggle is real.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    And alas in a simpleton way, all because ‘Joseph’ – aka he who came from outside and was of a certain color- actually became the leader the nation!

    What a ting eh.

    That bold face gerrymander ‘I am boss’ move by DeSantis and his ‘in ur face Disney’ slap down says it all.

    They will NOT backbdown and will cravenly enforce the will of their supporters!


  • How many of these oligarchs are here?


  • China may be up a creek.


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    We see everyone is trying their best to get along…commendable..

    “⚡️Ten European buyers have already opened special accounts with Gazprombank to pay in rubles – Bloomberg”


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Only crazy people wouldn’t while in the throes of winter and with another winter a mere 7 months ahead…madness…

    “EU nations to comply with Russia’s payment terms – reports

    Gas distributors in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia are considering opening accounts at Russia’s Gazprombank to convert their gas payments into rubles. (Financial Times)

    Gazprom said Wednesday it had completely halted gas flows to Bulgaria and Poland after the two countries failed to pay for April supplies in the Russian currency.

    According to the FT, negotiations between European buyers and Russian gas supplier Gazprom have intensified as payment deadlines approach.”


  • David
    Be careful. Poland is playing a game to retake part of Ukraine which was taken from it after world war one.

    The Poles like Brzenski are fucking devious bitches.

    The game. They forced the Russians to stop gas flowing directly to them by refusing to pay in rubles but continue to buy at higher prices Russian gas from Germany..

    The Poles were making a play to move into western Ukraine. Either with the support of NATO or otherwise. Did you not see Putin come out and warn of a lightening strike against any parties intervening in Ukraine, a few days ago., and shut down their wicked intentions.

    Nothing is ever what it appears to be in war.


  • David you ever liked a woman but she had such a violent man that the inclinations of your loins were dissuaded by fear. That bad man in these circumstances is Putin😁


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