Call for Supermarket Workers to Multitask

Submitted by William Skinner

Prominent supermarket owner, Mr. Andrew Bynoe, has said that employees in that sector, must be multi-tasked, as we navigate, the challenges emerging from COVID. He contends that cashiers must be prepared to render services that will necessitate, them moving from their stations at the cash register.

Mr. Bynoe is, suggesting that Barbadian workers, in the retail sector, perform like their counterparts, in other markets, whose job description includes cleaning the stores- including lavatories, taking the customers’ groceries to their cars, returning the carts to the store from the carpark and other more physical duties.

He is therefore promoting a change, in our working culture, which could lead to reduced staff, and more profits for the owners, but no improvement to the workers, who would work harder without the guarantee of improved benefits. A worker could be at the register one day and then be a janitor the next.

Workers unions should be quick, to point out to those who control this sector, that they should not expect, such changes to terms of employment, without long denied improvements for their members.

Mr. Bynoe should know that multi-tasking cannot be considered in isolation from multi-benefits. These workers need: safer workplaces; continuous training skills to have upward mobility; health insurance; assistance with improving their education and profit sharing in the business along with job security.

Under the guise of COVID, employers may seek to further exploit workers, who historically, have been treated as insignificant to national progress. Retail sector workers will be a prime target.

Workers unions in this sector, should remind Mr. Bynoe and others, that asking workers to multi-task without offering multi- benefits, is not an attractive proposition.

Unions beware. Workers unite.

Listen to Andrew Bynoe’s call from 3min 49 sec of the VOB audio file.

186 thoughts on “Call for Supermarket Workers to Multitask

  1. @ Sargeant

    I have a whole different take on what Mr. Bynoe said but we are in the alarmist game so bells will be rung.“

    I have made it very clear that the purpose of the piece was never to expose anything about Mr. Bynoe’s business practices or how he treats his employees.
    I also made it clear that I know nothing of his business practices or how he treats his staff.
    I merely heard what Mr. Bynoe said, and I being involved in unions and industrial relations for several decades, thought a group such as this will find my take on it interesting.
    If alarming others about anything that I honestly feel could be discussed , as it relates to workers rights , I am happy to plead guilty as an alarmist.
    I have been called worst and expect more to come.
    The struggle is not even half way over.

  2. @W Skinner
    Mr. Bynoe is, suggesting that Barbadian workers, in the retail sector, perform like their counterparts, in other markets, whose job description includes cleaning the stores- including lavatories, taking the customers’ groceries to their cars, returning the carts to the store from the carpark and other more physical duties
    Please note that I never called you any names, it is commendable to be concerned about workers and their plight; however, you wrote the above, how should one interpret it?

  3. @ Lawson

    “Dirt farmer before I can comment on things a butcher may have got out of a toilet. I need to know what clod really is.”


    Your blanket of DIRT Sir…👮‍♂️

  4. “The struggle is not even half way over.”

    oh but we know how to handle it…we can take the war to them where before it was all but impossible…..they can rest assured they do not want that war coming to them…

    that is how REAL EMPLOYERS look after their employees when they can afford it….when they appreciate what they do to keep their doors open..

    but not the pretenders and frauds who only want to make MILLIONS off their employee’s backs and BOAST in the newspapers about the millions in profits they make while paying STARVATION WAGES to people…

    but the detractors will NEVER want to address that or any of the other exploitive behaviors from these greedy business people….all they want to do is put them high up on pedestals so they can continue their exploitation of the masses while they ADMIRE THEM..

    no one got the time to wait for these people to begin their exploitation POST-COVID, then the same naysayers will get on a blog hollering “cuddear…but he shouldn’t treat them so bad” and will still find a way to blame the victims…….all without lifting a finger to expose the labor thieves…they have been stealing the labor of employees on the island FOR DECADES ..

    and that’s only when the other crooks are not stealing their tax dollars and pension money…

    .how many people have written about these violations on BU…we can name them all on one hand..

    ….still waiting for a blog on that one..

  5. In this environment there should BE NO TALK PERIOD of employees multitasking coming from any employer…unless they are PAID for EVERY JOB DESCRIPTION…words have meanings…and we all know what MULTITASKING MEANS…at least we should..

    when i multitask, is drifting between writing and a host of other things, if i had a boss, he/she would have to pay me for EVERY ONE of them separately.

    …in a slave society setting like Barbados that word should never be used by known exploiters in relation to the employees they UNDERPAY..

  6. @ Sargeant
    If one is familiar with retail store/ supermarkets in other countries, that is exactly what they do. If Mr. Bynoe is saying that he wants his cashiers to multi task, I am suggesting and I honestly believe that is his intension. And I said it !. I stand by that. If you consider that alarmist , you are within your rights.
    We will wait and see how his multi tasking goes.
    Furthermore, the object of the piece, was not that he will expect his staff to multi-task but what multi-benefits , we can expect them to get.
    For example after they master all the multi tasking skills and they work in his supermarkets for five years or more , will they have shares; progressive bonus plans, subsidized health insurance coverage etc
    But conveniently, and as expected , that part of my piece seems to have generally escaped comment or interest.

  7. @ Sargeant,

    I shop at Metro,Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart and Freshco.

    I have never seen Female employees collecting shopping carts outside the store.

    Some cashiers will also stock shelves but that is as much as I have seen with my own eyes in Canada.

  8. @Skinner, I agree with you that the convo need not focus on specifically how Bynoe runs his operations or whether you were quoting him directly in order to explore worker compensation and terms of works BUUTT…. ..your piece setup its own self inflicted problems…

    With social media, good sir: things are often taken literally when they need not be … unless u are pellucidly clear (and even then too 🤣)

    But simply repeated what u speak about is neither new or even controversial. As your friend suggested … such multitask practices were basic requirements for a long time now… and people have been pissed for just as long.

    So it seems most folk commenting have never operated or managed any business or if they did then they are simply being disengenuosly asinine:

    When staff call-out sick on any given day what does one do to complete tasks (other than the specialist areas like butcher etc) ??. .. its NECESSARY to have other employees MULTITASK with part of their shift on project B and part back at project A, not so!

    You either have a cashier or whomever is available go and check to see that the bathrooms are in order or u close them down if they aren’t up to speed and the manager or no one else refuses to execute!

    A business is an all-in proposition … everyone benefits when operations percolate well … and everyone play their part as needed …

    And yes, when everyone is remunerated as best as possible ! … That’s the struggle NOT what task an ENTRY level employee may be asked to do!

    Why this is being framed (by Bynoe) as a pandemic induced issue is beyond me, fah real. It must be the water!🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. @Skinner … Oh dear, once again I am late … I see that what I spoke to that u addressed .

    On that issue of shares etc … remember u said u don’t know the man’s business practices so maybe he is already long down that path.

    Either way that’s a very troublesome issue … vitally important really but very problematic.

    Remember not many of our companies trade publicly so easy enough to talk about share options but how do u monetize it effectively and easily in the future!

    Anyhow that’s incidental to ur key point that staff need to be taken care of … absolutely agree. A modern practical method is a transferable pension plan.

    Anyhow I gone.

  10. @Hants, re “I have never seen Female employees collecting shopping carts outside the store.”

    What… designating that to men only … how absolutely sexist … I am appalled … in that lovely progressive home away from home! They should be picketed! 🤣🙈

  11. Self employment boom

    ” Layne also spoke about an influx of “hundreds” of new small-scale egg farmers during the COVID-19 pandemic, presumably because of economic hardship.”

    “We have a lot of small people who are impacting the market. They won’t get sales in the supermarket, but they are selling to small bakeries and homes, so they would carry their crate of eggs for $18 or $17 and they have been doing well with that. So the demand for eggs is still there, but it’s being met by a lot of small farmers,” said Layne.

  12. @ Hants
    I don’t live in Canada. I can take this same phone right now and go to any of three major supermarket chains , within 15 mins from where I live , and film female workers doing exactly what I said with the shopping carts.
    I can also tell you , that around an hour or so from closing time, they close down some registers and the same employees are cleaning the store including toilets.
    I currently live in the United States.
    Perhaps in Canada it is not done.

  13. Females do collect shopping carts…take them out too, on the island that’s how they earn a little more on their starvation salaries…through tips…some of us make sure to give them a little something extra because we know their situations under greedy management.

    in Canada most things are becoming self service, so there may be no need for anyone to collect carts…

    ‘We will wait and see how his multi tasking goes.”

    even after 9 years, a lot of people don’t realize that most of these business people and their anti-worker shenanigans to boast and brag about millionaire status….are well known to people like myself who have done TONS OF RESEARCH, since no one was free with information…they can keep it all to themselves now though, not needed….so attempting to hide and downplay workers’ rights crimes committed will be met with total exposure..

    why wait until the “multitasking” turns into SLAVERY to say anything….the dude has a track record and they WILL ALL USE COVID AS AN EXCUSE to violate workers rights…

    problem i noticed is they love to admire these violators too much, call them big. rich and important, while ignoring their crimes and them nothing changes for workers trapped in low salaries….

    William…i saw where Caswell is warning that recruiters in US are actively seeking to pick up all the nurses off the island, they don;t even have the numbers needed…The nurses should leave..better salary, another way to showcase their skills while learning new things…a win win…..let the arrogant scramble and import nurses whom they CANNOT REFUSE TO PAY…or they will get NO NURSES AT ALL…

  14. William

    As i understand it we both live In GA
    I have never seen the practicesxthat u have mentioned. And if the cashiers are cleaning the bathrooms at the end ofcthe day they are probably being paid to do that
    It probably a part of their job deskription for the closing shift

    Like hants i never seen a cashier deadline with Carts ar walking anyone to their cars

    • In the news clip all we heard was Bynoe opining that Covid-19 has shown the importance of job flexibility in the workplace. It is something that makes sense, how it is executed if implemented will have to be done observing laws and practices. Instead we have the usual suspects off and running with spurious arguments.

  15. William…ya should check out the article written by Garth Patterson on the other thread…it’s too sweet to even comment on;;….🤣🤣🤣

  16. @ John 2
    Call Publix or Kroger and ask if they employees clean bathrooms or deal with carts.
    Arrange with David and we could meet. I have nothing to hide ,You seem to know me. I don’t like foolish arguments. I don’t know why the hell I will say something like that that I can’t prove.
    If @ John 2 is serious and willing to exchange emails, you have my permission to give him mine. However only contact me if he gives you his first. Or you can contact me and I will give you my phone number.
    @ John 2, 2 I already told @ Hants that I don’t live in Canada. Do you live in Canada or Georgia ? I will meet you ,identify myself although I am pretty sure you know me,
    But I take it very seriously when I put my name to things,
    Respectfully Sir, if you cannot or will not accept my offer as a gentleman to meet. I will not respond to you any further in this thread.
    You like playing games. I have no doubt that you probably know
    me my wife and the cars I drive and where I live .
    If you have lived here long enough and you have shopped at Kroger and or Publix at some point in time you would have seen this activity. But, you are playing games.
    And I am dead serious,
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  17. @ WURA
    I read it in the Nation ,but respectfully my sister, I am seriously done with that discussion. I will instruct @ David to give you my email address.

  18. @ WURA
    Well , I do not know why he went public with that ! When last have heard anybody defending the nurses. 90 % want the nurses to return to their jobs because they want a political victory.
    It’s all about them and their political masters. I guess most of them can pay Bayview anywhere between 1200 and up per day.
    The whole thing is to break Franklyn. They don’t give a damn about the nurses.
    But that is great leadership.

  19. Some people have a problem with words and just because a business person whom they admire VOICES THEM….does not mean THAT YOU SHOULD NOT RESEARCH THE MEANING..

    “flexible” just like multitasking ARE NOT WORDS that should be used by those who UNDERPAY and EXPLOIT STAFF…


    capable of bending easily without breaking:”

    able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances or conditions:
    “flexible forms of retirement”

    “(of a person) ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances:”

  20. William…i suspect he saw a way to negotiate better outcomes on both ends for the nurses…the recruiters contacted him directly it seems, there is a serious nursing shortage around the world right now, he is giving swollen heads a chance to do right by the nurses…personally, i would not bother…let the nurses leave and realize livable wages where they will be better appreciated…and actally have benefits worth talking about…for them and their families…

    in trying to break Caswell, they opened new avenues of hope and better for the nurses, everything they touch turns into a cockup for them, but they and their supporters cannot see it…none of them can see how everything is FALLING APART.

    multitasking requires PERFORMING SEVERAL JOBS…like a computer at THE SAME TIME.., that is why some say multitasking does not exist, no one can perform several jobs effectively or efficiently, one has to come in second etc.

  21. Blogmaster…ya lips are going to stay in that permanent position…and ya done know that Angela would love that so she can laugh at ya…

    No problem William, he has my email….

    or works just fine.

  22. William…this is Pacha on one of his last posts before he took time out….but no one listens…

    “PachamamaNovember 30, 2021 4:11 PM

    No. Those make you chumps for exploitation. Is best to be circumspect in all things. Only the elements of spirit can so inform, properly guide, not intellect”

    these are HAUNTING WORDS…

  23. Here is Bynoe the businessman sharing another opinion.

    Overhaul duty structure

    The intended initiative by Government to cap freight costs to pre-COVID levels, thereby reducing the duty value of goods, is welcomed.
    The less duty paid on goods creates a lesser landed cost, thereby reducing the retail price to consumers. However, I suggest that there needs to be an overall overhaul of the duty structure.
    One needs to rethink the rationale behind the structure of customs duties. An enterprising reform of duty can create economic activity in many areas. For example, reducing the duty on boats and pleasure craft could attract rich boat owners to locate in Barbados. There are spin-off benefits to this.
    The main benefit would be the creation of a yachting industry.
    Foreign exchange
    I believe customs duty used as a tool can also redirect the use of foreign exchange towards quality merchandise.
    This could result in a net saving of foreign exchange. For example, consider the amount of cheap stuff that is constantly imported that quickly becomes rubbish and is replaced by the same to continue the cycle. By using customs duty in a strategic way, consumption can be shifted away from trash to the long-lasting and more meaningful quality products.

    – Andrew Bynoe

  24. William.
    I do not know squat about beside what is published here on BU. Neither do i wish to know u, ur wife or ur car
    And i Care not if You reply to me on this thread or not or any other thread for that matter

    You stated ur observations and i stated mine. Why am i Platini the fool and u are not?

    I frequent kroger – i repeat. I have never seen a casheir ( mostly females) dealing with carts or bathrooms

    I See men packing up theccarts from parking lots at kroger , walmart and the caribbean store that i go to. Never once a cashier.

    Everyone push their own cart from thecstores to their cars and are dedicated places to leave the carts to be packed up

  25. My two cents,
    All I know of the people packing carts is that they are packing carts at the time I see them. I have no idea of what they are doing before I see them or after I leave.

    At big stores like Walmart, some workers have machines that assist in collecting and parking carts.

  26. Typo Sunday
    All I know of the people parking carts is that they are parking carts at the time I see them. I have no idea of what they are doing before I see them or after I leave.

  27. These dishonest contributors are so bent on proving me wrong that they want to come here pretending that cashiers , baggers, front office workers do not carry groceries to your car and retrieve carts from the parking lot.
    They want to imply that I am saying a cashier will ring them up and then carry their groceries to the car. Pure BS.
    What I am saying is that cashiers at major chains also carry groceries to cars, clean lavatories and so on . Even front office clerks do it.
    You go into work and there is a schedule, although you are employed as a cashier, you can be scheduled to bag that day, carry customer groceries to their cars, retrieve carts from the car park; pack shelves; assist in the deli, assist in the bakery. In other words multi tasking literally means they can be asked to do anything.
    One can go this evening and see somebody working the register as a cashier ; toward closing time some registers would be closed and those same cashiers are off to clean the toilets,pack shelves , clean the store including the toilets retrieve carts etc
    I have seen managers at major chains doing all these chores.
    Anybody with retail working experience in America knows that what they tell you on an interview is often bull shit, especially in retail. Nobody has ever seen anybody in these chains who are actual janitors.
    Another nasty trick they play is this: you are working the register; you make a mistake with your money; you are taken off the register and placed on bagging duty , cleaning duty and toilet cleaning duties for a period , they think is needed . In the meantime, they play they retraining you.
    Sometimes we all need to use false names and try to discredit people.
    Read the damn article again. I am not casting any aspersions on Mr,Bynoe but rest assured they are going the American way.
    The same clown knows that Georgia is a right to work state . These people have no respect for workers and if you are black you are always near somewhere close to the Sharks guts.
    I am going to go further and if say that if anybody out there is involved in trade unions and fighting for retail workers rights, do not allow the employers to get away with this crap.
    It is not our working culture. Make sure that when they employ your members , the job description is tight very tight.
    And as to that clown who comes here saying that if cashiers and or non management staff at the major chains get paid for toilet duties ; he knows nothing and I mean absolutely nothing about how retail workers are treated in America.
    It’s a known fact that retail workers are generally and violently exploited in this country.
    Talk about working at those large clothing stores. Go in the stores before closing time or just stand up outside ; and you will see the same clerk who just sold you a pair of shoes pushing a blasted vacuum cleaner and dealing with trash. Bet yuh life her job description never says janitor, it probably says clerk. But she pushing a frigging vacuum cleaner and dealing with trash. The same clerk when she sell you the dress ringing you up and then cleaning the store on evenings.
    But wunnuh come here trying to discredit me , simply because I am saying to Bynoe who Black; the Cheffette group; Cave shepherd the white ones;and all of them don’t use COVID to exploit the workers. We cannot let them copy this American structure, they will work our asses off and then discard us. They do it now.
    All I am saying is simple multi task multi benefits. You want me to be Jack of all trades; I need some benefits.
    It’s WAR !!!!! No frigging peace for you shameless lot.
    And I ain’t gone and I ain’t done.

  28. Our job going forward is to POLICE these business people, they will not use pre or post Covid movements to exploit Black people as they are accustomed……..that party is over, everyone will be on the lookout for them to expose them all..

    William…they brought this constitutional crisis on all by themselves, needed no help from anyone….warned them about the republic constitution repeatedly and the fact that they cannot have an effective republic without one., but of course they had their ulterior motives, none of which are good for the majority population, or they would not now be a laughing stock…with the colonial constitution GIVING THEM LICKS…just as they deserve…lol

    that is what happens when you DO NOT HAVE A FULL UNDERSTANDING of a document created by someone else….they warble on about it, but have no clue of its significance…maybe they should have read my book after all….although am still so happy they did not or we may not be here now with all this entertainment..

  29. “but rest assured they are going the American way.”

    they will go the American way WITHOUT paying the same salaries and benefits…and keep the same colonial stinginess…they are fooling NO ONE..


    as we all know, when they get caught exploiting workers in the US…they have to PAY THEM OUT…everyone takes their pound of flesh for the INFRINGEMENT of worker’s right……..which never happens in the 2×3 slave society…so yes, they MUST BE POLICED by citizens.

  30. Why are u esting ur nickers all the time?

    Maybe u should gi back and read carefully

    I repeat i have never seen what u reported u have seen

    I Can report i have seen what theo have seen with the machine to assist In moving the carts from the parking lots back to the stores

    I Can report i have seen what hants have seen

    I have never seen cashiers walking a customer to the car.

    Here i Barbados i have seen bag pockets walking the customer to the car

    Where i live In GA i do not see what You report You see

    If that kind of thing happens where You live the obviously we dont live close to each others. Now keep In eating ur knickers

  31. @J2
    It is not unimaginable to have someone pressed into a task so that ‘we can get out of here’

    Was leaving, but for the record.. My psychic powers have limitations.

    I do not know what I have not seen.
    I do not know what happened before I got there or after I left.

  32. “The whole thing is to break Franklyn. They don’t give a damn about the nurses.
    But that is great leadership.”

    this breaking people comes directly from SLAVERY…and they refuse to let it go….last person that claimed that am a hard nut to crack and they can’t break me is UNDER THE GROUND…..

    that is all they live for, while ignoring their health…and end up with strokes and heart attacks…

    working overtime to break people and reduce them into thinking shallow, negative and useless like them, is another go nowhere pursuit they love to indulge in., why in the 21st century they are still FIXATED with breaking Black people…i find it disrespectful and insulting to our ancestors who were mentally and physically broken…

    ,…like everything else they do…they live to insult our ancestor’s torment, torture and other experience..

    don’t see them trying it on anyone one else, they won’t have the nerve or balls…

    .ya even get it here on BU….

  33. Theo i understood u the first time

    I did not go into what happen before or after i ONLY refererede to ur seeing the machine that assist ,

    U saw it and I Saw it

    I have never seen the other things i Said earlier

  34. Since you’ve obviously decided to hide let me asked you this :where did I write that cashiers walk customers to the car ? I said that cashiers also : clean labs; retrieve shopping carts; carry groceries to your car etc. In other words , if Bynoe wants his cashiers to multi task that they will do as their counterparts do here in America.
    How can you interpret that to mean that a cashier who just rang you up will then just do walk you to your car? You know full well another associate will do that at that time. However that same cashier may be doing bagging duties the next day and takim folks to their car.,That is what multi tasking means
    What I am saying is clear : they also do other duties
    You also said that if they clean lavatories it is probably in their job description or they get paid for it. Wrong again. The job description often says : “and some cleaning.”Therefore believe it if not you will be asked to clean the toilet and if you go in the break room of those places you see that those who are closing will have to clean the toilets.
    You talk about going to Kroger often and not seeing women retrieving carts. Just send me the address of that Kroger.
    My piece is clear , I stand by what I say. You are either making sport or there skinning your teet believing you have me mad as hell. No. I am not mad. But for you to imply that I said that you get ring up and the cash turns around and takes you to your car is pure nonsense and you know that’s not what I said or meant.

  35. The good news is… their mad heat to BREAK Caswell like a Slave…..they BROKE THEMSELVES…like the Slaves they are….slaves to colonial politics, slaves to colonial religion, slaves to colonial education, slaves to maintaining the colonial status quo…

    ….kept telling them that Karma and RETRIBUTION are BOTH on the move….they did not believe that either…

    but neither are done with them….

  36. You go into work and there is a schedule, although you are employed as a cashier, you can be scheduled to bag that day, carry customer groceries to their cars, retrieve carts from the car park; pack shelves; assist in the deli, assist in the bakery. In other words multi tasking literally means they can be asked to do anything.
    One can go this evening and see somebody working the register as a cashier ; toward closing time some registers would be closed and those same cashiers are off to clean the toilets,pack shelves , clean the store including the toilets retrieve carts etc



  37. @ WURA
    These “ slaves” simply do not care. And we are collectively allowing them to get away with it!
    You are going to tell me, that 28 Black MPs, in the midst of a pandemic, could not tell the PM, they could not support her with that election sham. They do not care about their own brothers and sisters catching COVID.
    Don’t you see , that they fid not even care about themselves catching COVID and at least 3 or 4 of them became infected.
    Imagine I read on BU that it was a “ beautiful “ day to vote. The sun was out and shining.
    Did you not hear our PM say that we are responsible for our own protection after she had over ten thousand of her loyal supporters and fans like sand on the beach in the esplanade. Do you really think she cares?
    That was out of the handbook of Mr. Donald Trump. He had his supporters doing the exact thing.
    The damn thing along with that one kept bu her twin the DLP in Independence Square were super spreaders.
    Don’t you see the damn numbers going up every day. Didn’t you hear the people from UWI say that the numbers are greatly misleading. Didn’t you them say that if we are told that the numbers are 500 to multiply it by 3 and that will be closer to reality.
    So this morning , when the radio said that 12000 people are in home isolation my limited arithmetic informed me that out of a population of about 300 000 we have somewhere in the vicinity of 40 000 at home.
    Now William Skinner, will wait until some brilliant person come here and tell me that 2000 000 are at home in my “ neck of the woods”

  38. I repeat
    I have seen the Bagger In Barbados walk people to their cars

    Where i shop i have never seen a casheir. / Bagger take anyone to their cars

    If u dont use the self check lanes u go to a casheir who usuall bag ur groceries. – sometime they May be a Bagger to do that.

    The shoppers are the ones who push the carts to the car In the parking lot and pack them into the car. When they are finished with the carts there are dedicated areas In the parking lots to leave the carts- although some people leave them all over the parking lot

    It is very difficult for me to remember seen a male cashier. This is usual at least one person dedicated to going through the parking lot and pick up the carts and return then to the store to be used buy incoming customers
    From my observations they are usually men and do not work In the shopping areas of the store if the have other duties beside picking up the carts
    But not even the guy pickung up the cart have i seen walking anyone / groceries to their cars

    G’et this In ur head. If it happens where u shop. And if it happens where i shop – i have never seen it. And if it used to happen that often i Think i would have seen it by now

  39. Some time i even see handicap people with the carts either behind or infrobt their schooter/ machine they are riding inside of the store shopping and outside unloading with no assistance for any store worker

    I do believe that if they ask for help someone from the store Wood assist them as much as needed

  40. “You are going to tell me, that 28 Black MPs, in the midst of a pandemic, could not tell the PM,”

    Bushman reinforced it this morning, right and wrong does not make up any of their equation……we know as long as it’s someone they like doing the heinous act…..they don’t care,

    if it’s someone they hate, they shout it from the rooftops, that’s when they get all self-righteous and HYPOCRITICAL…until ya expose them to the world…

    in the above case….these greedy MPs are sucking on taxpayers along with consultants, get to do very little, so WILL AGREE TO ANYTHING to keep the free salary flowing….opportunitic LOWLIFES..

    yeah…heard a few got infected, they are lucky it was not Delta…

    “Did you not hear our PM say that we are responsible for our own protection ”

    yeah that was telling them, if ya dah dumb to believe and follow me, ya deserve to get real sick or die and it’s your fault too…she was right…i repeat, they are all lucky it was not Delta….then it would be a simple case of natural selection…purging the shit from among us…

    i don’t know where the health dude getting his numbers….if 12,000 people are in home quarantine… are their ENTIRE FAMILIES…x 3 or more…which is at least 36,000 -40,00 dependent on family size, they too love to fool themselves, and the people are fool enuff to believe them..

    ya done know the …must show where it’s happening elsewhere brigade… cannot help themselves…lol

  41. William…noticed they are wearing themselves out on the interpretation of the constitution….glad to see they got that much energy to waste…directed mine elsewhere…where it would do the most good…

    it’s all about conserving positive energy these days..

  42. People are being warned again….across cyberspace…..about this fake metaverse…

    but that is their problem if they don’t listen..

  43. Miller you asked me why I come to barbados, and I have to say the pace of life, seeing people get dressed to the nines emerging from a chattel house dressed in their sunday finest to go to church harkens back to an older time. Then somehow you alluded to the size of bajan manhood for the fat northern ladies that come down and I have been trying to somehow put these two views together .. Well here goes ……what is twelve inches long and hangs between a young mans legs…….dirt farmers tie.

  44. basing it on personal experience….

    one household may have up to 10 or 12 people, if 1-3 people are infected…the whole cricket team is in home isolation….they must be counted…..of course those numbers will vary per houseld…so some wiggle room is called for…

  45. China got a whole robot force out for the 2022 olympics, cooking cleaning, serving….the whole nine yards…the world has moved to a whole new level…’s very impressive…

  46. Am sure others are just as impressed with that robot force working their chores and if ya think that is impressive….ya have not seen yet or heard about the robot soldiers…already deployed in certain places…

  47. Long ago and far away I briefly [about 6 weeks] worked as a cashier in a women’s clothing store. I was not required to vaccum, mop or to clean toilets. I was required to ring up sales and to help customers choose fashionable garments. My recollection is that the store which was in a mall mall did not even have its own toilet. There were just multiple huge banks of toilets in several places in the mall that were used by everybody who used the mall, customers and staff alike and that industrial cleaning companies kept all of the common spaces including the toilets clean.

    • Why has the conversation about flexibility in job design reached cleaning toilets and Bynoe did not state this is what I’m his mind? He spoke generally to being able to create mobile jobs.


  48. @WARU Febuary 6 at 6:27 am “William…i saw where Caswell is warning that recruiters in US are actively seeking to pick up all the nurses off the island…the nurses should leave.”

    I take it that you don’t have elderly parents our other vulnerable relatives who live here.

    Reminding you, the American recruiters, and Caswell that we Bajans gave birth to these nurses. We bore labour pains for them. We safely nurtured them through infancy. We taught them to safely cross the streets. We taught them to read and write. We nurtured them through secondary school and college. We fed, clothed and sheltered them. We paid for their recreations and entertainment. We spiritually nurtured them. We paid for their education from nursery to tertiary. We now nurture their children while they work shift work. We do this for little or no pay. We do this because we love them. Right now we are supervising their children’s online education. We are providing their children with hot healthy lunches. Heck oftentimes we ever grown the organic food ourselves. Where will they find a free or cheap child care provider in the great white north? How long are they prepared to be separated from their own children? Months? Years? Until their children are adults and completed alienated from them?

    We are their parents.
    We are their siblings.
    We are their spouses
    We are their children.

  49. @ Cuhdear
    I don’t know exactly how you framed your post.
    However, allow me to say that nothing you have said above justifies them being exploited, ignored and treated like sweat shop workers.
    We ought to tell our PM that it takes a leader with a remarkably kind heart to treat the nurses so well. We know for sure she cares about them.
    BTW, all of what you have written above of what we do for the nurses is absolutely correct. We did or do it for the PM too and she has been blessed with receiving a pay cheque every month/ pay period for the last 28 years . My faulty arithmetic says that amounts to 336 months. And when she retires from that august chamber her pension will not be missed a single month .
    I am certain you ,Caswell and I know that.

  50. @William Skinner February 6, 2022 10:40 AM “Imagine I read on BU that it was a “ beautiful “ day to vote. The sun was out and shining.”

    Yup. I wrote that.

    And I repeat that it was a beautiful day. Cool and windy as is typical for this time of year.

    It was windy. All windows and doors of the polling station were open.

    People waited outdoors. In my case in the shade of some lovely trees.

    Everybody wore masks.

    I saw hands being sanitized

    I was given a pencil which I had reason to believe was clean. After I used the pencil it was dropped in the dirty pencil box, sanitized and recycled. It is not that hard to sanitize a wooden pencil.

    I spent less than 3 minutes inside the polling station.

    There was one door for entry and another for exit in order to reduce face to face.

    All staff wore masks and face shields.

    I wore a mask and a face shield.

    I carried my own sanitizer as I have ALWAYS done since the pandemic began. I’ve never depended on anybody to remember the condom. I have never depended on anybody to provide the sanitizer. So no unintended pregnancy. No sexually transmitted diseases. No covid [so far]

    I was HERE. You were NOT. The voting was carried out safely.

    I did not get involved in the partying, hugging, kissing and celebrations of the campaign. I have never been a big partier and hugger anyhow. Why would anybody in this day and age hold the hands of or hug or kiss anybody outside of their own household?

    The pandemic is unlikely to end before August 17, 2023. If the PM had waited until that date the same people now complaining about the January 19, 2022 election wold be loudly complaining about the delay in elections and we would all hear talk about despots etc.

    I vote D when I think it is right. I vote B when I think it is right. I am not married to any party. I am not loyal to any party. I have NEVER been loyal to any party. I will NEVER be loyal to any party.

    I work. I vote. I pay my taxes. I look after my parents and my children. I’ve never asked for, been offered, nor accepted anything from any party. I expect nothing from any party. Whichever party is elected I expect them do the WORK that out labor and our taxes PAY them to do.

  51. @William Skinner February 8, 2022 6:49 AM “We know for sure she cares about them.”

    You may know this.

    I know no such thing.

    There may be people who expect love and care from politicians.

    I have NEVER had any such expectations. Why would I expect a politician to love me or to care for me? because they say so? Lol!. We look around us and we see parents who do not love their children We see adult children who do not love the parents who raised them.

    I expect the same from politicians as from any other worker.

    An honest day’s work, for an honest day’s pay.

  52. I am here to do an honest day’s work, for an honest day’s pay.

    I said this once to a “boss” and she was deeply offended. It seems that she expected some kinda love or loyalty. I am prepared to work hard and to work well. That’s it. My time and my skills have for always been for sale. But not my love or loyalty. Those are not market commodities.

  53. In any event the nurses are free to do do as they wish. Unlike WURU’s feelings, I don’t THIINK that the nurses are enslaved. If they wish to move to the USA or elsewhere they are free to leave today or as soon as they get the appropriate visa. But less we forget this strike began around the proposed “safe spaces” where government wanted health care professionals to be vaccinated or regularly tested. If the nurses decide to move to the USA/UK/CANADA or elsewhere they will HAVE TO BE VACCINATED, because the rich white countries don’t play. Will some people suffer if there is a mass exodus? Yes. Will I be one of the sufferers? Maybe. Might I die? Perhaps.

    My Little Johnnie who lives in the great white north and does NOT work in health care has been required to be covid tested twice per week since covid test kits became available, and this continues even though the vaccination rate in that place is about 90%. I love Little Johnnie very much but I will NOT contribute to the support of ANYBODY who refuses to be vaccinated or covid tested. I will NOT do this, not even for my own flesh and blood.

    As I wish my own child well, so I also wish the nurses well.

  54. I don’t believe in slogans/tag lines whether the slogan/tag line is

    Mia cares
    Drink Coca-Cola [haven’t drunk Coco Cola in more than 30 years}
    Just do it [never bought or wore a pair of Nikes, too expensive for my taste]
    A diamond is forever [even while a diamond may last forever at least 25% or marriages go to hell; and another 25% are from time to time at hell’s gate]

    • Protesting is an organ in a democracy to ensure dispossessed and marginalized opinions are heard. We should not demonized those voices. Educated citizens and elected leaders must listen and act in the interest of the whole.

  55. “I don’t THIINK that the nurses are enslaved.

    oh really, but you want them to go back to work WHEN THEY ARE STILL OWED, not being adequately PAID…and in inferior working conditions….ammm….that is MODERN DAY SLAVERY and you will not accept it for yourself so why wish it on them…

    listen to”@Cuddear That’s it. My time and my skills have for always been for sale. But not my love or loyalty. Those are not market commodities.”

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