BLP Win 30-0, Again

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in a surprising result won all 30 seats again in a snap election called 18 months before constitutionally due by Mia Mottley.

In the coming weeks there will be robust debate about how our democracy optimally serves Barbadians with a muted dissenting voice. One may argue a healthy democracy requires a strident dissenting voice. Barbados is traveling an uncharted path given the 2018 and 2022 general election results and BELOW 50% turnout (anecdotal). In the coming weeks our attention will turn to government’s management of COVID 19, the economy, the health of political opposition and a few other key issues.

Whither the political opposition?

The blogmaster congratulates the BLP on the win and offers the advice – to whom much is given, much is expected.


  • No comment. My chair remains comfortable.


  • This result is the norm in a dictarionship.


  • Critical Analyzer

    Hopefully the DLP will listen and hear this time around after this repeat 30-0 because they did not listen after the last one.

    DLP need to part ways with all the former MPs, completely rebuild the party and get their candidates for the next elections selected and start canvassing from now or they will get another 30-0 next time again.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Miller why any of “… Sonia B, Kerrie or Hinkson for the role of another ‘red’ Judas?[…] What about Thorne or even Rowe?” particularly !!!

    Are we back to a contrived oppo again … why are any of them suited to such a role compared to any others! … We are again in dangerous territory!

    @David, in as much as another 30-love was contemplated it is yet a dark day for Bim that in 2 election cycles the DLP could convince no one that not even one candidate was a viable opposition MP … this is very bad.

    The party with that dynamic man who mirrored our desires so well and who took us boldly to Independence is now a relic of abject nothingness… the starboy who took over EWB legacy but sold his party and nation for $3.3 million pieces of bronze … oh dear, oh dear.

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain [riches] but lose his own soul [and eventually suffer his party to such ignominious bashings]”

    2.But more importantly what now and where does this leave MAM … considering all the issues of dissension rumored she has completely sweep EVERYTHING from before her. All her chess pieces are as she wants them!

    I see it through very dark lens in this way: … consider if Trump, despite ALL the contraventions to the rule of law he authored had still won with no opposition at all then OMG we would be uneasy, restless and deeply concerned about a difficult future!!!

    We better be ready here similarly!


  • . NorthernObserver

    The DLP is nothing without the L. They lost the L. It was the binder which kept the D and the P together. Now you may appreciate why the D party supporters were so upset with “the March”. Labour officially crossed the street (floor).
    I expect @Tron to be announcing the State funeral details soon.


  • Somethings doesn’t make sense
    Once again the poor sat back and let the rich kick them down the road


  • Let the excuses start


  • @ de pedantic DribblerJanuary 20, 2022 2:26 AM
    @Miller why any of “… Sonia B, Kerrie or Hinkson for the role of another ‘red’ Judas?[…] What about Thorne or even Rowe?” particularly !!!

    Are we back to a contrived oppo again … why are any of them suited to such a role compared to any others! … We are again in dangerous territory!

    If not any of the above as possible candidate, who then would you recommend to follow in Atherley’s footsteps?

    As it stands the system of governance (parliamentary democracy) requires the functioning of a Leader of the Opposition (LoO) as stated in the ‘governing’ Constitution.

    What are the options, dear dpD?

    The president of the new republic doing the honours?

    Or are you envisioning a veritable one-party state of George Orwellian design?

    As far as it is known the following has not been removed from the ‘adapted’ Constitution of the new republic:

    Sec. 74. (1) There shall be a Leader of the Opposition, who shall be appointed by the Governor-General (read President) by instrument under the Public Seal.

    (2) Whenever the Governor-General (read President) has occasion to appoint a Leader of the Opposition he shall appoint the member of the House of Assembly who, in his judgment, is best able to command the support of a majority of those members who do not support the Government, or if there is no such person, the member of that House who, in his judgment, commands the support of the largest single group of such members who are prepared to support one leader:


  • It’s too simplistic to apportion blame on the DLP and by extension their leader, who I believe should be applauded for the hard effort she has put in over the last two years.

    We have a press that has been effectively muted by this government. We have seen on BU, a fraction prior to her first election victory, a sustain campaign to silence debate on this platform and to suppress discussion on every front from immigration, worker’s right, the national health service, the inequities faced by Barbados majority population and the rest,

    Imagine if Putin obtained a similar result in Russia.

    We are now going to see our “elected” PM go into full overdrive. Her wallet is empty so she will just have to act out what she is instructed to do. Never mind, at least we are a Republic in name only.


  • All I will say at this time, is that the good people of Barbados have spoken and the elected the govt. they wanted. My question is did they get the government they deserved ?


  • I figured they would have engineered a 27-3 victory.

    They are back in the same position with no opposition, no ability to get a senate and can’t end up with a parliament.

    … and this tie, there is no Reverent Joe.

    I actually respect Reverent Joe for the hari kari he committed.

    He moved out of his constituency and went to one he was bound to lose.

    Who is going to be new Reverent Joe and will Caswell fall in line again?


  • A few days ago our maximus leader commented how she will introduce a new nationality bill which will make it possible for those on the welcome stamp to become citizens of this country. She also added that this will include members of their extended family.

    With a 30 nil victory Barbadian voters do not appear too concerned with this possibility.


  • How is a Parliament to be formed?

    Who is the leader of the opposition?


  • Critical Analyzer

    @angela cox January 20, 2022 3:08 AM

    You must be one of those DLP Ostriches with their head buried in the sand since the 2018 defeat.

    The DLP got zero seats again because they proved they learnt nothing from the previous 30-0 defeat. How can they prove anything when they
    1) Bring back Lowe, Sealy, Lashley and Estwick to run again. The party should have been blocked them from running and let them operate in the background on the campaign trail.
    2) Bring Freundel on a public stage for the first time since 2018 to make a speech that is not an apology speech to show they understood why they got the 30-0 the first time.

    I hope they put Ryan Walters in the senate seat Mia give them cause he seemed to be the only DLP candidate front and center on the campaign trail years ago but if I know the DLP ostriches, they will put somebody like Estwick or Lashley in there.


  • What a monumental cock up?

    It will expose the legitimacy of the “Parliament” from last time as the Bees seek to concoct another leader of the opposition.

    If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable.

    What a way to get their comeuppance?


  • New elections calling next week?


  • @ David
    What was the turnout?


  • @CA

    Dr. Ronnie Yearwood is also a good selection.


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    Was wondering why only Loopnews was carrying results.

    hearing voter turnout was low.

    “With a 30 nil victory Barbadian voters do not appear too concerned with this possibility.”

    resigned to their go nowhere fate.

    don’t like to discuss those nuisances, but DLP should not have shown those old faces and should have changed their name while they were at it..

    TLSN…more book titles coming up….lol.


  • @angela cox January 20, 2022 3:08 AM “Somethings doesn’t make sense
    Once again the poor sat back and let the rich kick them down the road.”

    Methinks that it is that it is your beloved DP which has been kicked down the road.

    Too many DLP Parliamentarians did not support Verla, and if former Parliamentarians did not show their confidence in Verla, are you surprised that the people showed no confidence either?. To tell the truth Verla deserved to be treated better by the MEN of the DLP. The misogyny is killing that party. Sometime I wonder if the DLP men were really born of WOMAN. And Freundel talking about a glorious decade did not help matters at all, at all.

    Sorry Fruendel is no Erroll Barrow. He is no Erskine Sandiford either.


  • After TWO 30 loves and the comments by some DLP supporters!


  • @Enuff January 20, 2022 1:54 AM “No comment. My chair remains comfortable.”

    I hope that you are not a fat salaried seat warmer?


  • @David “…in a surprising result…”

    Why are you surprised???


  • @TLSN January 20, 2022 2:07 AM “This result is the norm in a dictarionship.”

    How so?

    I went out to vote yesterday.

    No coercion at all.

    And “no” I am not afraid of Mia, nor Lucille, nor Verla.


  • The blogmaster like many wanted to believe the DLP had done enough to be competitive in a couple constituencies. We will never know but the decision for Freundel Stuart first to speak and then his disconnected message was indescribable and possibly did untold damage. The other was Verla to lead. She is perceived as a light weight, Bajans are in love with ‘alpha’ types as leader.

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  • @Critical Analyzer January 20, 2022 2:18 AM “Hopefully the DLP will listen and hear this time around after this repeat 30-0 because they did not listen after the last one. DLP need to part ways with all the former MPs, completely rebuild the party and get their candidates for the next elections selected and start canvassing from now.”



  • @Mia Mottley

    Do we need a 26 member cabinet?


  • Remember last 30-0, IMF CALLED IN, BONDS WORTHLESS, act. Just waiting for the new SHOE To drop.


  • @de pedantic Dribbler January 20, 2022 2:26 AM ” the starboy who took over EWB legacy but sold his party and nation for $3.3 million pieces of bronze … oh dear, oh dear.”

    And still end up as a young duppy. How did the 3.3 help him?


    I neva believed in the “star boy”

    The DLP shoulda kept Clyde Mascoll.


  • The DLP presented a few fresh candidates like Ronnie Yearwood, Ryan Walters, Kemar Stuart. A few from the other parties as well. In all cases the electorate rejected them for marginal BLP candidates. What does the behaviour of voters signal?


  • The BLP betta serve the people who put them there. Because as sure as the people put them in, the people can take them out.

    Hope that they don’t begin behaving like a bunch of entitled r@ssh0les


  • @TLSN January 20, 2022 3:33 AM “DLP and by extension their leader, who I believe should be applauded for the hard effort she has put in over the last two years.”

    Verla put in the effort. She did not have the support of the party’s “heavy rollers” and this is unfortunate


  • Unfortunate for Verla.
    Unfortunate for the DLP.
    Unfortunate for Barbadians.

    Too many of the DLP MEN seem stuck somewhere in the 1950’s


  • @TLSN January 20, 2022 3:33 AM “… a sustain campaign to silence debate on this platform…”

    Where? where? where?

    I lookin’, but I int see na silencing on BU

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  • Oh dear I was so tired. Worked so hard yesterday including walking half an hour each way to and from my polling station.

    I took my radio to bed with me, but promptly fell asleep and slept through the whole results thingy, until work woke me up at 3:30


  • The BLP won 30-0 again with a team that included Layne, McConney, Springer, Ishmael. What does this say? A word to the DLP leadership should be enough.


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    I noticed at one meeting, via video, the same tactic employed by the thing in St. Vincent to stay in power over 20 years was adopted and being used on vulnerable minds who know no better…..even mentioned it, that sleazy way of convincing them that they can’t live happily unless they elect these underminers, it’s evil the way these people are played like violins but that’s the ugly side used in desperation to keep people and their minds trapped indefinitely..

    they can only take that slick talk and $300 needed dollars to the weakest to win anything…yes, we heard all about that too..


  • No my head is not buried in the sand
    The blp.won with a 40percent voter turn out
    So where were the other 60perecent
    The results therfore indicates that the majority of voters being those of the blp went out to vote
    Where were the voters who complained about the cost of living and all.other social.and economic problems like the rise in crime
    It is blatantly clear that the leadership of the dlp.could not have won favour with the majority of dlp.voters who stay at home
    On the question of new faces the dlp.had more new faces than old but could not deliver
    Sometimes people can prove themselves to be their own enemy
    MIA would continue to do the bidding of the rich while the poor would be enamored with symbols pain and suffering
    Hope no one steps up.from the dlp to form an opposition
    Let Barbados continue on a path of having a one term govt
    The people like it so


  • @African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved January 20, 2022 5:25 AM ”

    What $300? Somebody mussee got mine.

    Passed my MP on my way to the polls yesterday, said “morning” and went long ’bout my business. Not scared of the MP either. MP didn’t offer any money, no flat screen TV either. Should I go back today to get my Grantleys or TV or whatever?


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    They always bypass you because they know you will get on BU and call them out for trying to buy your vote……lol

    they know who they have been suffering for the last 3 years and know they will say nothing, just take the money and go vote…remember the Dons are still in play and these people live around the Dons 24/7…

    those areas are malicously KEPT DEPRESSED for more than one reason.


  • @angela cox January 20, 2022 5:41 AM “So where were the other 60 perecent?”

    You tell us.

    And yesterday was such a beautiful day too. I walked 20 minutes to my polling station and did not even break out a sweat even though I left home at 9:30.

    Granted some voters did not turn out because of extreme caution about Covid. But if the DLP voters had supported their candidates and turned out in their numbers the BLP could NOT have EARNED 30 seats. Couldn’t happen.

    The DLP voters should have turned out. Most polling stations are within easy walking distance even for the elderly. People wait outside in the fresh air. The windows and doors of the poling stations are wide open. There was a nice breeze blowing which helped to disperse germs. I went to the ATM and the supermarket on Monday and truthfully I felt significantly safer in the breezy open polling station than in the ENCLOSED air conditioned cubes which are the ATM’s and the supermarkets.

    So you are correct

    Where were the DLP voters?

    Honestly, they disappoint me.


  • First of all, congratulations to our Supreme Leader Mia Mottley and her outstanding team for their grandiose victory!

    Any parliamentary seat for the opposition would have been nothing but obvious electoral fraud. Barbados remains and is the only democratic, free country in the world with a one-party democracy wit unity of powers. That is because the people, the leader, the party and the nation are one.

    I advise all BU commentators to temper their derogatory verdicts on our Supreme Leader. She is the greatest political genius of modern times. No one else can match her. Like Queen Elizabeth I of England, she is married to the nation. She is the mother of the nation. She is the high priestess of our Goddess Bim. She has defied volcanic ash, hurricanes, national bankruptcy, Corona and many other great dangers. No other Head of State in the history of Barbados ever had to conquer so many dangers in such a short time.

    What is clear, in any case, is that after our Supreme Leader is confirmed by the will of the people, the big clean-up must begin. In the next few days, I will send the public a list of enemies of the state who must be permanently neutralised.

    Supreme Leader command, Hyatt is coming!

    Tron, year 1 NR, year 4 SL.


  • Lucille’s “I ‘fraid Mia” thingy didn’t wuk at all, at all, at all.


  • So were the elections free and fair?

    My experience is that the elections were free and fair.

    Does a 30-0 make me a bit nervous?

    Yes it does. And not because I ‘fraid Mia. I ‘fraid HUMANITY,


  • @Tron January 20, 2022 6:00 AM “I advise all BU commentators to temper their derogatory verdicts”

    What derogatory verdicts you talking ’bout?


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    They can’t exactly get away with anything now, without violation of human rights being exposed to the world, even corruption will be iffy and harder to pull off, no one is going to give them any breathing room, nor advice for that matter…let’s see how they start off.

    They are even more vulnerable now than previously, any strong arm tactics will be BRUTALLY exposed…


  • @Tron January 20, 2022 6:00 AM ” She has defied volcanic ash, hurricanes, national bankruptcy, Corona…”

    Tell us.

    Did she slay any dragons???


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan January 20, 2022 6:18 AM

    Not yet. However, she has fought in the Senate against the outspoken senator, a treacherous force whose destructive will far exceeds volcanic ash, firestorms and the plague! It is long overdue that the people proclaim our Supreme Leader a national saint and erect a monument for her in front of Parliament. Where once Grand Admiral Nelson was. She has long ceased to be a simple national heroine of our hearts.

    I sincerely hope that our Supreme Leader will not allow a bishop to play the opposition again. What we really need is national unity, and unconditional obedience to implement the will of our Supreme Leader. The Senate must finally approve the Integrity and Transparency Bill! Otherwise, the outraged people might storm this undemocratic institution from slave-owning times.


  • Oh dear! I was between sleep and wake and awoke to the news that Lorenzo has died in a fit of ecstasy!

    So…30:0, yes, but how bad was the beating really? What were the constituency numbers?

    Oh dear!

    I see my sista simpleton has held Fort Logic while I slept.

    And Critical Analyzer again showed that his/her blindness is a confined to one blind spot.

    Freundel Stuart magically caused any potential DLP seats to disappear with his magic word – GLORIOUS!

    With that word he conjured up vivid memories of despair. Tired feet again felt the distress of bus stand and bus stop blues. Mothers again felt the fear of young ones on the roads at seven o’ clock p.m., their frustration with the mad scramble to finish homework and housework and the weary awakening at four o’ clock to begin the uphill battle all over again.

    The sickening stink of street sewage returned to their nostrils. Their stomachs rebelled and churned nauseatingly in remembrance.

    Memories of returning home to front doors rendered unwelcoming by weeks old revoltingly reeking overflowing refuse.

    And those who presided over the torture had the gall to present themselves for further payment from the public purse!

    Thanks to Froon the overwhelming stench of Cahill Corruption was rekindled and could not be ignored.

    The rage returned! Thirty lashes in DEM asses!

    Clean house or die, DLP!

    BLP, take note!


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    btw…those living in the diaspora are just as wary of the whole charade as those who understand the dynamics and living on the island…but the platforms are endless for distribution of news…everywhere….this is not a win but a TEST.

    hope they don’t have regrets later when they erronously believe “they got this” and not the people who put them there.


  • @Donna

    How could the DLP have miscalculated a situation that was obvious to many?


  • Critical Analyzer

    @David January 20, 2022 4:57 AM

    @Mia Mottley

    Do we need a 26 member cabinet?

    It is time to completely do away with the all powerful cabinet ministers and let them focus on serving the constituency they were elected to represent. They were not elected to be unqualified CEOs of any ministry.

    1) Replace each of them with Ministerial boards consisting of multiple sitting MPs, the Permanent Secretary, an employee union representative(shop steward) and one independent business association representative.

    2) The former minister role would now be the chairman of the Ministerial Board with the same powers and responsibility of current board chairmans.

    3) The 30 MPs can decide on a non-MP Attorney General.

    Hopefully under this new Republic, we, the people will be able to elect our President and Attorney General instead of the Prime Minister being the one with that distinction.


  • @ David January 20, 2022 6:59 AM

    Our BU commentators, who were last in Barbados before 2008, are also struck with blindness.

    We must not forget that tourism is recovering and people are back in work – while the BAMP president and the opposition wanted to kill tourism with an ultra-hard permanent lockdown instead of vaccinating like our beloved government.


  • The BU Echo Chamber need to get out more so they can check out the real situation.
    Barbados is an insignificant country in the White World, but can be a significant player in the African Diaspora where #BLACKLIVESMATTER and Afrofuturism combines science-fiction, history and fantasy to connect those from the black diaspora with their forgotten African ancestry. Up! Up! Up!


  • @CA

    Reform to our governance framework a must. If there is a leader well placed than predecessors, it is Mottley to play a transformative role.


  • @ 555dubstreet January 20, 2022 7:17 AM

    Just a little light! Far from it! Our former colonial ruler Britain is sinking into anarchy and chaos.

    We are at the forefront of freedom and democracy. Where chaos and corona anarchy currently reign in the white-run states, our island is the symbol of security, order and stability. Everything that international investors value.


  • Critical Analyzer

    @Donna January 20, 2022 6:55 AM

    I thought I was the only one who experienced those awful memories of leaving home at 5am for a 8-4:30 job only to get home many nights after 11pm when first I heard the 4 idiots running again and bigger idiot Fruendel, on a stage talking about glorious times. Glad to know I was not the only one having that nightmare dream.

    Fruendel on the stage talking about ‘Glorious decade’ reminds me of President Biden telling the whole world what the US would settle for in the Ukraine/Russia saga. Thankfully, Putin and the rest of world leaders know he not really calling the shots and will hopefully ignore his major political gaff during yesterday’s 1 year anniversary press conference.


  • Mia is Super Bad
    Pure Gangster


  • “Everything that international investors value.”

    Bajans need to lose 500 years of brainwashing

    and go back to their roots


  • @TLSN

    Champagne Remy Martin🥃🍾

    This result is the norm in a dictarionship


    In some folks house 🏡 de Madam wears de pants and you are told “SIT YOUR ASS DOWN BOY!!!!”

    🎶 🎼 🎵 🎷


  • Who Calling📞 ?


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    “Barbados is an insignificant country in the White World, but can be a significant player in the African Diaspora where #BLACKLIVESMATTER and Afrofuturism combines science-fiction, history and fantasy to connect those from the black diaspora with their forgotten African ancestry. Up! Up! Up!”

    You just called the test…she missed the boat the first time, let’s see if she redeems herself WITHOUT the minority cockups….don’t know about the fantasy, our ancestral history is way too real for that…but no one wants colonial agents to be heading anything or leading Afrikan minded people anywhere, they are way too disrespectful to US and our ANCESTORS….WE GOT THIS……but .they are welcome to stay on the periphery AND DO THE JOBS THAT THEY ARE PAID TO DO…

    “watch me nuh” is firmly in place, noticed that they did not use it as a catch phrase this time around.


  • It is time to turn soundbites into reality
    People always talking about the Youth
    So now build a better Barbados for the Youth


  • Critical Analyzer

    @David January 20, 2022 7:21 AM

    Agreed but it will never truly happen because almost no one gives up true power freely.

    This 30-0 and disenfranchisement of the COVID affected was a demonstration of one of those PM superpowers that would not have happened under a fixed election term which I believe should be fixed to the month of October every 5 years.

    A pity neither the DLP, nor 3rd parties brought a proper challenge on constitutional grounds when the EBC and COVID unit got together to announce they will prevent COVID isolated from voting in person without an alternative voting arrangement.


  • Some of us will cry, some will laugh but life goes on.

    As a joke, I provided a turnout percentage that was less than 50%. I do not remember the number but this low turnout makes me wonder if my psychic abilities are real.


  • Now we need “them” to put in “their” weed laws, so Natty Dreads can challenge them on Spiritual Grounds and plant seeds for Big Ganja Trees to freely grow for personal usage across the Little Island.


  • @ David January 20, 2022 6:59 AM
    How could the DLP have miscalculated a situation that was obvious to many?

    In the absence of any genuine Opposition elected to Parliament, it seems as if the BU family will have to be the voice of the unofficial Opposition with you, Blogmaster, as its leader even if only for the sake of democracy.

    We can expect those opportunistic members of the DLP (like Sealy, Lashley and Estwick after such a second rout) to retreat to their political bunkers once again; but this time, hopefully, for good.

    The same way a new Leader of the Opposition will have to be chosen from among the elected red-dictatorship, why not the untainted Ryan and Ronnie (R&R) for the Senate with either as the next leader of the (R for reborn) DLP to rise like a phoenix for the next round of musical chairs in the duopoly game which could be even sooner than you think.

    Democracy is the most vulnerable form of governance and must be constantly nurtured to prevent decay.

    In politics we should always heed the warnings containing in that famous quote:

    ‘Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

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  • @Miller

    Did you listen to a feisty contribution from Dr. Kristina Hinds in her role as analyst last night? She made the simple point the people as the guardians of democracy must not be afraid to use public protest action as an option to make sure the dissenting voice resonates with this all powerful government. The haste traditional talking heads tried to shut her down was interesting to note.

    The upcoming period will be an interesting one for many reasons.


  • The message from above is the area in which the People of Barbados are well lacking in is Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, which does not cost a thing to implement a new regime of daily practice, except for some Time and Effort and more important the Will and Willingness to do it.


  • One negative comment. Applies to both parties.

    With less than 50% turnout, the 2022 election can be described as the battle of the yardfowls. Those who refuse to participate may one day regret their actions.


  • “the 2022 election can be described as the battle of the yardfowls”

    was this the final battle
    or is it the first of many
    more that will come

    does it feel like a demonic throne
    the beginning of end of the world
    or were people tripping on Bible

    is this end of the beginning
    or the beginning of the end

    or is it the end of a chapter
    and the start of next chapter
    in this story in this thing called life


  • “We can expect those opportunistic members of the DLP (like Sealy, Lashley and Estwick after such a second rout) to retreat to their political bunkers once again; but this time, hopefully, for good.”

    In 2018, the DLP team disappeared like thieves in the night. On the whole they maintained their silence until the 2022 elections; then as if by magic some reappeared taking about the ‘golden years’.

    ‘Verla’ should not retreat to her bunker until the next election, but should make an effort to keep herself and her party relevant and vise in upcoming elections.


  • @Tron January 20, 2022 6:37 AM “…the people proclaim our Supreme Leader a national saint and erect a monument for her in front of Parliament.”

    Let us hold off the monument thing for the time being ok?

    I am willing to wait 50 years for the monument. After 50 years I am cool.


  • Your comment is an inaccurate assessment of what occurred.


  • David,

    I bet a few of them knew but could do nothing about it.

    This is a sad situation but we the people wanted to send a message. I think we have sent the best message we had the power to send.

    The message was meant for BOTH parties.

    Hopefully the message has been received by BOTH parties in the manner we intended.

    Low turnout should signal that Barbadians still have serious reservations about the BLP. They should see this as a rejection of the DLP rather than a total embrace of the BLP.


  • TheOGazertsJanuary 20, 2022 8:24 AM

    One negative comment. Applies to both parties.

    With less than 50% turnout, the 2022 election can be described as the battle of the yardfowls. Those who refuse to participate may one day regret their actions

    The most sensible comment
    Not farfetched to belive that the many dlp supporters who did not turn out intentionally sabotage the dlp hopes of winning mean-spirited carry overs from the division which erupted when Guy Hewitt entered the racec
    Politics end game is to win by any means necessary


  • 555,

    If we have any sense, we should be getting our bodies ready for marching in protest and our minds fit to follow the twists and turns of the bumpy governance road that lies ahead.

    We the people have no choice but to prepare ourselves to be the Opposition!

    Not opposing for opposing’s sake though!

    I do like your idea of becoming important in the Afrikan reconnection.

    After all, this is where the separation began!


  • @Donna

    It saddens the blogmaster no end Barbados finds itself in a situation where there is no opposition in parliament. There is a reason why parliament recognizes the LoO. This is how the Westminster system we do. It try hard enough to model was designed. What has occurred in the last two elections must give sensible Barbadians reason to pause. How have we gotten to this point of dysfunction in our system of government? Why are we not attracting quality citizens to serve in the political sphere? So many questions Donna.

    Citizens (including social media commenters and so-called influencers must up their game. The opportunity to debate a new republic constitution should be seen as an opportunity by the citizenry to step up.


  • Explore

    Everything in the universe is within you.
    Ask all from yourself

    You got this.

    Follow your breath.

    This session is KEY for the MOVE Journey.

    Each day, a set up for the next.

    Remember, the process is the candy.

    Thank you for moving with me, in this way, during this time.

    I truly believe that through our regular exploration together we can find healing and create meaningful change inside ourselves and out in our communities.

    No doubt you are getting stronger and more curious as we move along.

    Let’s keep going.


    Things are going to get tough
    Bajans are too fat
    and need to lose weight


  • With less than 50% turnout, the 2022 election can be described as the battle of the yardfowls. Those who refuse to participate may one day regret their actions.






  • Who is the leader of the opposition?

    If there isn’t one then can’t get no parliament.

    Best thing to do is Whatsapp the Queen and beg her send down a Governor to form a caretaker Government.

    Ms. Mockley in real potter.

    Can’t form a Government.

    Reverent Joe got she mek up!!


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    But did yall not go FAKE republic with Elizabeth’s dusted off colonial constitution, still no republic constitution…..ya dumped Elizabeth, can’t call on her now..


  • @Donna

    If you read some of the comments so far should support the point about the unwillingness of some to focus on the root issues. If you focus on the symptoms of a sickness we know the inevitable result.


  • Check this link from 2018

    Pedro Welch also worth reading.

    “One matter that has seemingly not gained popular currency but that still concerns me however is whether a House of Parliament that is inadequately constituted is competent to pass any legislation. This is in reference to the Senate that passed the recent Constitution (Amendment) Act even though it did not comprise the number of members required by the Constitution to be regarded as the Upper Chamber in section 36(1). I commented on this earlier and wondered whether I was not caviling on the ninth part of a hair, but a discussion with a senior counsel last week confirmed to my mind that much might have been effected in the name of constitutional governance in recent weeks that required deeper and more careful thought.”


  • Second BLP wipeout

    By Antoinette Connell
    Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley was returned to power this morning in a stunning thrashing of all opposers and in a repeat of the 30-0 Barbados Labour Party (BLP) victory of 2018.
    On a day of low voting yesterday, Mottley had sounded a clarion call urging supporters to vote before they ended up with an unintended Government. She had just completed her voting at the Eden Lodge Primary School around 12:45 p.m. when she made the appeal, which appeared to have worked to some extent.
    Political analysts deemed it, on the surface, a low turnout, and hours after the second electoral wipe out, Mottley addressed hundreds of rejoicing supporters decked in red at the BLP’s Roebuck Street, St Michael headquarters.
    “We stand today on the 20th of January confident that the people of this nation have spoken with one voice decisively, unanimously and clearly.
    “We want to thank the people of Barbados for the confidence they continue to repose in us to lead this country first to safety and then to prosperity,” said a raspy-voiced Mottley following three weeks of campaigning.
    She announced that Dale Marshall, Attorney General prior to the calling of elections, would be reappointed and Santia Bradshaw would continue as Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly. The Cabinet, she said, would be announced in full on Monday.
    To be sworn in
    She and Marshall are expected to be sworn in this morning at State House by President The Most Honourable Dame Sandra Mason, following the first election since Barbados became a republic.
    The last two years, Mottley admitted, were not easy as the country had spent more time under the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and the BLP was conscious that there was “much to be done”.
    The Prime Minister said there were many things that must now be on the front burner and that was why the election was called ahead of its time.
    “We could have stayed on for another 18 months and drawn salaries and done just enough to keep us going, but we understood that it would not be enough to keep this country safe or build a platform for prosperity. So we took the risk and we came to you the people,” she said.
    Her St Michael North East seat was the first declared at 11:48 p.m., after which most others started to fall to the BLP much to the dismay of supporters of its main rival, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).
    Hope of the 67-yearold DLP securing any seats disappeared when it was clear that the former stronghold of the party, St John, was going to Charles Griffith for a second time.
    And while initially DLP president Verla De Peiza – who switched from Christ Church West to the former party fortress of St Lucy – appeared to cling to the northern constituency, eventually it slipped from her grasp as Peter Phillips surged to win again – 2 693 votes to 1 688.
    As the DLP fought for its political life, hope then rested with former powerhouses in St Philip – Queen’s Counsel Michael Lashley in the North and Dr David Estwick in the West – who both held on
    in the cliffhangers of the night but were eventually overtaken and lost by two of the narrowest victories in the poll to Dr Sonia Browne and former minister Kay McConney, respectively.
    Unlike three-and-ahalf years ago when, in creating history, Mottley, the country’s first female Prime Minister, fielded 20 new candidates, this time there were four. One of them, Chris Gibbs, replaced Bishop Joseph Atherley in St Michael West. Atherley, who exited the BLP one week after the 2018 election win to become Opposition Leader, eventually formed a political party and then, at the call of this election, formed an alliance.
    Among the casualties, Atherley polled among the highest of the new parties, with 267 votes for the Alliance Party for Progress in St Michael Central, but still surrendered the lone parliamentary seat the party briefly had in St Michael West.
    The election had been fought on a platform of leadership and the issue of democracy being at stake after Mottley announced elections on December 27 saying the country was divided.
    She said she wanted it to recalibrate behind one party and one single leader. She has been contesting elections since 1991, winning her seat seven out of eight times.

    Source: Nation


  • @ John January 20, 2022 8:47 AM
    “Who is the leader of the opposition?”

    And who is going to be appointed as the new AG?

    That ‘selection’ should give you a fair idea who will be appointed to the post of the LoO


  • Citizens will have to be on lookout, says Hinds

    The citizens will now have to become the Opposition, suggests political scientist Dr Kristina Hinds.
    As Democratic Labour Party candidates fell again and again to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) last night leaving the country with no formal opposition for the second time in three-and-a-half years following a general election, Hinds made the observation.
    “I have a concern about opposition. If no seats are won by the Democratic Labour Party, then I think that we as citizens will have to be very diligent and active,” she said during a Starcom Network Inc and NationNews sponsored coverage of the elections.
    The panel also included retired journalist David Ellis, moderator Barry Wilkinson, attorney Sade Jemmott, political scientist Peter Wickham and Robert “Bobby” Morris, former MP and CARICOM ambassador.
    Hinds pointed out that winning an election with a low voter turn-out meant the ruling party had the majority of the minority.
    “When you do win an election with a low voter turn-out, again I believe you have to be very careful and attuned to the population
    in general because if it is that less than 50 per cent of registered electors turn up for the vote, it means you have the majority of the minority.
    “So there are many people out there whose voices are not represented in this vote and and the Government has to be very careful with how it treads so power has to be managed very carefully,” she warned.
    Initial reports are that the voter turn-out had been low but there was no official word on how much of the population voted in the 19 poll that gave the BLP all 30 seats in back-to-back elections. ( AC)

    Source: Nation


  • Critical,

    I have a good imagination and a spirit of empathy. I did not experience the daily bus stand blues myself, though my son did refuse to abandon his bus buddies who had his back to travel by any transportation I would have sent on particularly bad days. So I experienced the worry and frustration of his hours on the road.

    A few dangerous fights and one visit to the police station arose from the lack of school buses as he was forced to defend himself from would be bad boy students of other schools. And one stupid policeman threatened to beat him to a pulp if he resisted his sudden and unwarranted grasp.

    And then the mad woman had to risk being arrested herself at the Oistins Police Station because Donna doan play dat.

    While I was contemplating whether to vote or not to vote, the same taxi man I sometimes called on to transport my son brought him home from the vet and informed me that he was off to vote for Lashes.

    So……I decided to cancel his “x”. No more Lashes for me!


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    Don’t know about yall, but ya better keep ya eyes WIDE OPEN and GLUED on what is happening next, always look under, around, between and through every crevice….cause ya never know what is hiding and lurking…

    many concerns have been raised privately for the lat 3 weeks..



    De Peiza concedes; concern over low voter turnout
    President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Verla De Peiza says her party will again have to regroup and find a way to get Barbadians back on their side.
    Her comments came in the early hours of today, when it was clear the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) had again secured a resounding 30-0 win at the polls in yesterday’s General Election.
    De Peiza, who took over presidency of the mass-based party after a similar embarrassing scoreline in 2018, accepted defeat and congratulated the BLP administration, but said she remained concerned about the low voter turn-out.
    The president suffered her third defeat at the polls, this time losing in St Lucy to the incumbent candidate Peter Phillips.
    De Peiza made her concession speech at an almost empty George Street auditorium, the DLP headquarters in Belleville, St Michael, where the mood was expectedly subdued.
    “The Democratic Labour Party will concede, as we must. Our only concern is that the turnout continues to be depressed, and I do believe we have to take a serious look at that going forward as to how we reclaim the confidence of our people in the process of democracy,” she told reporters when the BLP’s runaway victory was clear.
    “As far as the party is concerned, we will regroup, not tonight, but sometime in the future, and will communicate with you what we are doing.”
    De Peiza was not at the Daryll Jordan Secondary School in St Lucy last night in the lead-up to the final results, but the writing was on the wall for her failure in the parish where she grew up.
    Her fellow northerner, community practitioner Phillips, easily won back the seat. Supporters were celebrating even before
    he was officially declared the winner.
    He finished with 2 693 votes compared to De Peiza’s 1 688. The third candidate, Wayne Griffith of the Alliance Party for Progress, earned 124 votes. (BA)

    Source: Nation


  • Dale Marshall was reappointed.


  • Now there is no Shadow Government and no Shadow Cabinet, Barbados can try the African Village Tribal thing, where each designated seat has Councils of Elders and Local Communities Meetings that can interact with each Member of Parliament that was voted to represent them.


  • The ISO Taliban, the red bishop and the crazed Ms Armstrong have done their duty as moles of our Supreme Leader to dismantle the opposition. Time for them to retire to private life and cash the pay cheque.

    If OSA were alive, I think even he would now pay homage to the genius of our Supreme Leader!

    Time for the fifth IMF programme. Let the pool party with champagne begin!

    Tron, year 1 NR


  • Too many of the BU cabal are like the DLP–tone deaf. 30-0 in wunna skin. Bajans are not buying into the conspiracies, lies and obslescent, unprogressive chatter.

    Liked by 1 person

  • In the words of Scripture: “O foolish Galatians (BAJANS), who has bewitched you, that you should not obey the truth…” (Galatians 3:1)

    Some thought that 2018 was classic “Mass Formation Dissonance” that had morphed into “Mass Formation Psychosis”, but now the 30 “FALSE PROPHETS OF BAAL” once again sit at “JEZEBEL’s TABLE” for another season (until the spirit of #ELIJAH* comes)…

    Barbados is now the classic amoral amphitheater for the study of this dangerous age-old experiment in spiritual blindness that leads to ONLY one place (Mass Anarchy)…

    For all those who think they are wise – TOTALITARIANISM is the ultimate harbinger of (MASS DESTRUCTION)!!!

    Stay tuned…


  • @enuff

    If you think that is what happened yesterday you are as tone deaf. If Mia was not around the BLP would probably be in a similar position. A quiet word should be sufficient.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    I would not call the 30-0 surprising if the electoral landscape as of January 2022 is fully understood . In 2018 the DLP was utterly destroyed in every seat winning only 2 electoral districts in all of Barbados. We are talking margins of 1000 votes in seats the BLP won with the smallest victories (Neil Rowe was the smallest with ~500 vote victory margin). To reverse that in just 3 years under normal circumstances would have been an uphill task. In my estimation it would have taken two general elections cycles (as a bare minimum) for the DLP to noticeably reverse MOST of those 2018 numbers.

    Then there are the realities of the first past the post system. Even if the DLP improved on their national vote they would have had to depend on individual candidates performing exceptionally well to reverse those 2018 stats. Another uphill task as the DLP fielded a lot of new candidates. To this end IN MY OPINION fielding SOME of the old candidates is not necessarily a bad decision considering that it was a snap election. Former cabinet ministers Lashley and Estwick are still considered strong candidates in their own right in relation to the BLP candidate but again the number of votes to reverse was too great.

    For the DLP, the basic strategy would have been to improve on the National vote into this and subsequent elections (into 2027-2028 and 2032-2033). I blame their horrible 2022 result squarely on the utterly abysmal Freundel Stuart administration as its left little for Ms Depeiza to build on in 3 years. That does not mean that Ms Depeiza is blameless. Simply making the decision to run in St Lucy was one of those mistakes. I think most anticipated that she would NOT have won regardless of whatever seat she ran in but simply it would have been a BETTER DECISION to stay in the constituency she ran in before. Not having a full slate of candidates by May 2021 ( 3 years after 2018, a midway point between elections) was another error. Ms Depeiza and the DLP simply did not have a TEAM ready( a sort of shadow govt) to pose as a viable front to Ms Mottley and to the BLP.

    For the BLP calling a snap election delivered the maximum impact as it it took full advantage of the DLPs lack of preparedness. Added to that, Ms Mottley’s leadership ability and her administration has been regarded as a vast improvement over the Stuart administration even though the term lasted only 3 1/2 years. In terms of political strategy and succession planning, the BLP was able to successfully replace MPs that decided not to run again ( including the aging ones whose many regard as coming to the end of their electoral lives). Those new candidates have at least 5 years to build on their national profile and” bring on more hurt” to the DLP.

    This 2022 election was equally is a resounding endorsement of the BLP and an outstanding rejection of the DLP. What I am gauging is that Barbadians are AT THIS POINT not TOO worried about not having an opposition. If this was so the DLP should have noticeably improved on their national vote. On the contrary, they still regard the DLP as unfit to the extent that they didn’t deserve even 1 seat.

    If I were to advised the DLP I would replace the leader ASAP with a person with more promising “leadership potential” but not to make any rash decisions in the constituencies (or in general). Those candidates have another 5 years to build their national profile. The DLP would have another 5 years to BUILD A TEAM to keep the DLP being a viable political party in the eyes of the masses

    Liked by 1 person

  • MillerJanuary 20, 2022 8:57 AM

    @ John January 20, 2022 8:47 AM
    “Who is the leader of the opposition?”

    And who is going to be appointed as the new AG?

    That ‘selection’ should give you a fair idea who will be appointed to the post of the LoO


    The LoO does not get appointed by Ms. Mockley.

    The LoO is appointed from among those members of the HOA who are elected and are in opposition to the Government to be formed.

    The LoO nominates a senator for the GG …. wait a minute, we still got a GG?

    Point is how will a Parliament be formed.

    Reverent Joe upset the apple cart.


  • @DLP&Lies

    You talking points supports the blogmaster’s point, we focus on first past the post, national swings etc. the question is – if many pundits agree that philosophically the DLP and BLP are the same what has led to two consecutive 30-0 drubbings. Why does the public in its wisdom see red and yellow as different? The blogmaster finds no joy in what happened last night. Just about 40% of those on the register voted. That should mean something if we are serious about managing a democracy that is relevant.


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