Support Our Nurses

The following is posted to support our striking nurses who have been treated unfairly by their employer (government) for too many years. Thanks to Tee White for the poster.


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  1. @ WURA
    My issue is not really with this dead people thing. As I have stated before, both as a candidate; having managed a campaign and in a professional capacity, I have found the process quite professional as far as the EBC is concerned.
    My major concern is the disenfranchisement of over, according to some people, 5000 voters and how this could lead to rigging by any party. And I stress ANY party. As I have opined elsewhere on BU, if the results breed a high level of disaffection, it could lead to widespread social and political unrest. I further stated , that I hoped this does not happen.
    It is very unfortunate that politicians who “overreached” (Joseph Nation Newspaper) have thrown a country into this unnecessary situation. I honestly believe that the ECB was thrown a dangerous curve ball and now people are finding it very convenient to blame an entity , that has overseen several elections and have never been brought into such a melee.

  2. I should, but this is so good I cannot leave it alone.

    πŸ˜€I am very much opposed to “deceased relatives being coerced to come out and vote”.

    Leave my grandparents and my dad alone. Let them RIP. No coercion.πŸ˜€

    Forgive me.

  3. You cannot make this up…..
    I have been told that the Nashun newspaper sent out a reporter to interview folks who were dead and voted after their death. The reporter indicated that he was only able to find two interviewees.

    • There is a reason the list is made public, there is a reason political parties have the list to support canvassing. There is a reason electors officers go out and investigate names on the list of errors are brought to their attention. Cleaning the electoral list is a never ending process.

  4. Breaking news
    When asked why were the dead were allowed to vote and those suffering from Covid not allowed to do so, a high ranking ECB official stated that “death was not contagious or infectious.”

    A 3rd party supporter pointed out ‘that one should keep a distance from a person who died from Covid’. In that case said the official “anyone dying before 2020 will not be allowed to vote”.

  5. Father forgive me…. I think my election attention span was less than the time allotted to call the election..
    Out of the election business.

  6. “My major concern is the disenfranchisement of over, according to some people, 5000 voters and how this could lead to rigging by any party.”

    as i said on another thread….the deceased voters which they were informed were deceased AND REFUSED TO REMOVE from the voters list…is the least of the problems, although LAST ELECTION…it was said that dead people voted, but at that time i took it with a pinch of salt……..they certainly were on the list for nearly or more than 2 DECADES and could have and we would have KNOWN NOTHING if this dump of voters name in cyberspace did not happen…….the EBC workers would not even know when dead people vote, if done properly and they are very expert and competent at excelling at the CORRUPT and NOTHING ELSE…….those deceased should have BEEN REMOVED YEARS AGO, particularly when relatives NOTIFIED them that they were no longer alive…….and weren’t …WHY NOT?

    …..easy to double vote as the young lady said her ID was attached to TWO DIFFERENT NAMES…..was hearing about this happening for some time….and i did notice on the voters list that the names….a LOT OF THEM looked SKETCHY, also commented on it at the time……let’s see how this plays out…..5-7,000 voters banned, no problem, just DOUBLE UP…

    RA would never give the POWER TO A BALD HEAD SLAVE…the IGNORANT should shut up, the slaveminded have NO POWER…they are so useless they now make no sense…

  7. The wicked yardfowls would be happy to do something like that….for free or for their usual rum, corned beef, biscuits, or a 50 dollar bill….double vote would be nothing for them, they already have no scruples or morals..

  8. @David, you are a man steeped in dbase management and operational issues. So help me here…

    I can understand how a deceased voter is NOT purged from an electoral list … simply caused by lazy administrative handling.

    However, if we are identified from birth to death by our unique nat-reg# I am at a lost why any properly vetted list can contain “two invitations to vote in the polls under two different names – her maiden name and her married name – with two different electoral numbers.:

    If that’s TRUE then that’s crazy. I never knew they issued a new nat-reg# when a woman got married.

    Why would that happen!

    @Skinner, I believe we are safe … yes Bajans could “breed a high level of disaffection” if they perceive that politicians are playing games with the election process but we do not have the ‘multi ethnic’ cultural elements as say in US or UK or Canada even ; or the overtly ‘contrived’ tribalism of a Jamaica or a Guyana that would result in “widespread social and political unrest.”

    We gotta watch this carefully fah sure but as the lady said … nah unrest and political violence bout heh!

  9. That was plain stupidity and mouthing off because their limited intellect does not allow them any more leeway…

    …..the people on the island are not known for civil unrest…it took Clement Payne to show them that they were still Slaves, mistreated and unpaid before they even moved in 1937- 85 YEARS AGO and only because the poverty was so bad, and the minorities so greedy it was killing the Black population…….these are the most colonized and beaten down people in the Caribbean…so social unrest is a figment of the imagination of the ignorant…

    now Trinidad or Jamaica, or St. Vincent, St. Lucia etc…ya can’t carry none of that to those independent minded people….I think it was Guadeloupe just late last year….BURNT DOWN EVERY MINORITY BUSINESS ON THE ISLAND….there are too many cowards in Barbados who would never do that even if they are STARVING TO DEATH…they would tell ya how British they are first…

    although, i have been reading some things lately and we should never say never…the young people have had it up to here with being sold out by traitors…

  10. The more conscious and enlightened among us saw the replay for years, millions and billions are at stake in the 21st century to TIEF….instead of the 100,000 here and their back in 1937 which was a fortune back then…

    the Afrikan descended population has once again been DRIVEN INTO POVERTY and that was BEFORE covid…during covid, before Elsa…and now it’s an irreversible MESS…and the local and foreign minorities are GREEDIER THAN EVER…and the parliament rats more TREACHEROUS THAN EVER……so the population will be the one to pay socially and financially because of the TRAITORS…as has HAPPENED BEFORE…it’s an UNBROKEN CYCLE…

    have the nurses been paid yet, the lying manufacturers got taxpayer’s money though….the REPLAY…

  11. William…in the Clement Payne era…civil unrest was the way to go…we even see the HYPOCRITES whose ancestors were more than likely responsibile for his deportation…pretending they are hailing him as a hero and giving him awards and a bust i think was unveiled…..but still as determined to keep the dirty anti-black status quo in place…and POVERTY, OPPRESSION and SUPPRESSION in Black lives…..

    since this is a different era those like myself who understand this current set up, would more advocate for the people TO REMOVE THEMSELVES from the wicked system…..many have already, many are now making that journey….a much different scenario because this is what the times calls for and HIGHLY achieveable…

    .so the little ignoramus acting like if Stokely Carmichael, Martin Luther and Malcolm X came into the island and tried to teach them about their Afrikan ancestry, which in the 70s brought a sharp ” not bout hey” from the SLAVES….can sit the hell down…

  12. @AOPC2021
    All jokes aside …
    I applaud you for your determination in telling us these uncomfortable truths.
    Keep up the effort.

  13. Theo…the mature people will understand and act accordingly….the juveniles will get all up in their feelings and jump out hollering liar…but it changes nothing…and if they want ANYTHING TO CHANGE AT ALL …they gotta face reality..

    ..a lot of people from the island already understand their situation and are ACTING to make those changes to SAVE THEIR CHILDREN GRANDCHILDREN and FUTURE GENERATIONS…those who don’t want to wont….that’s on them…they maybe can afford to go around and around in circles for another 100 years, it’s a personal choice..

    but the minorities and the traitors are LOOKING OUT FOR THEMSELVES and ALWAYS WILL…….so the naysayers are ON THEIR OWN..either way..

  14. Donna January 15, 2022 9:21 AM #: “There is no room for a balanced view on BU or anywhere else, it seems.”

    @ Donna

    You are correct.

    Unlike those ‘BU regulars’ who seem to believe we should approach every discussion with the SAME line of ARGUMENTS, I prefer to express my views on political issues BASED to SPECIFIC topic being discussed at the time.
    By doing so, if any evidence I present to substantiate my points favour one political party or the other, leading them to accuse me of being an ‘operative,’ ‘foot soldier’ or ‘BDLP apologists,’ then, so be it… hell with them. I simply DON’T CARE.

    I voted THREE (3) TIMES in my life. I was too young to vote in 1981 and could not vote in 1986 or 1991 because I wasn’t registered. Having registered and receiving my national registration number, I voted in 1999, 2008 and 2018.
    I’ll ADMIT that, similarly to several other people, I voted for change in 2018. And, now I’m DISAPPOINTED.
    Over the years, the representation by BLP and DLP candidates for the constituency in which I reside, in my opinion, has been EXTREMELY POOR. The incumbent representative has not demonstrated any deviation from that trend and I believe he will lose next week.
    What I can say is, near ‘election time’ the constituency is always ‘a hive of activity,’ because money and gifts of flat screen and smart TVs, iPads, mobile phones, tablets, alcoholic beverages, payment of utility bills and in the case of the incumbent, jobs, are freely given away in exchange for votes.
    And, on election day, money not only ‘FLOWS,’ it ‘TALKS’ too.

    My motto……….. ‘BEWARE of strangers BEARING gifts.’ So, yuh see, I really don’t care who believe I’m a BLP apologist.

    However, as I previously ‘said,’ the problem is certain individuals in this forum always seek to control the narrative, set the agenda and formulate the rules of engagement for us to follow. And, “anyone who does not buy into their nonsense is branded, by their standards as ‘apologists.’

    To be objective and balanced means cussing the duopoly and EMBRACE the ‘third parties.’ To discuss the nurses’ plight in terms other than cussing the

    It’s amusing that, retrieving information from the archives is a “waste of time,” yet, they can retrieve documents from 1991 or talk about research or refer to what they wrote 4, 5 or 9 years ago. But, then again, perhaps ‘archives’ is defined differently according to who uses the term.

    Donna, I hope you also observed that, despite their silly, childish, snide remarks, you always know WHO they’re REFERRING to. But, would retreat when confronted, while denying they were referring to the particular individual specifically.

  15. angela coxJanuary 15, 2022 10:14 AM #: “Another timely piece of irrelevance that does not speak to the issue at hand. U go Artax.”


    angela coxJanuary 15, 2022 11:27 AM

    “Woman dead 21 years on voters’ list; EBC vows to clean up – by Emmanuel Joseph January 15, 2022.”

    If the substantive topic is “Support our nurses,” as you are implying, then, “Another timely piece of irrelevance that does speak to the issue at hand?”

    You go girl.

  16. Truths shite! The woman is a proven liar!

    A “mature” LIAR!


    A gaslighter looking to prove herself superior and nothing more.

    Delusional and in need of treatment.

  17. Artax,

    It is indeed a pity. BU is becoming very boring because of it.

    I, like you, do not care what these people think of me but no real discussion is possible here any longer.

    I no longer enjoy interacting nor do I learn anything of value here.

    Just “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

    I find myself doing more scrolling than reading.

  18. Donna January 16, 2022 2:20 PM


    Ironically, I’ve been ‘thinking exactly the same thing.’

    BU is becoming EXTREMELY BORING and the possibility of having rational, fair and balanced discussions on the issues, as you correctly ‘said,’ no longer exists.

    Similarly, “I no longer enjoy interacting nor do I learn anything of value here.”

    Let me give you an example. Some people seem to believe there is a contest on BU to determine who would win the ‘grand prize’ for posting the MOST contributions to each thread.
    When some contributors aren’t posting several YouTube videos that do not bear any significance or relevance to the substantive topic, other self obsessed individuals believe BU ‘IS ALL ABOUT THEM,’ as they DOMINATE the forum and use it for the specific purpose of PROMOTING themselves, by reminding us how many years they’ve been on BU and it is ONLY them who educate and uplift the blog….. AND, advertise their website, books and magazines.
    They also post a multiplicity of contributions with ‘samey, samey’ comments, some of which are filled with a ‘tirade’ of personal abuse………. throughout the entire day, even long after discussion on the particular thread ended, as though they’re having a ‘psychotic meltdown.’

    “Just sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    As such, “I find myself doing more scrolling than reading.”

    What amuses me is the fact the same people who have posted comments using several different pseudonyms and fictitious names, are now criticizing ‘anonymous bloggers,’ simply because they’re now using a name that, based on their ‘track record,’ we don’t know if it’s genuine or not.

    But, what the heck, I don’t share any personal, casual or professional relationship with anyone on BU.

    Perhaps the time has come for ‘Artaxerxes’ to retire.

    • @Artax @Donna

      Your comments are noted. The blog was developed on self censorship. Of late we have a few who operate on the mistaken belief it is their view only which matter. A selfish and narrow position. Increasingly the blogmaster has been reluctantly intervening. If this is what it will take so be it.

  19. rκœ₯ or rΛ€ rΛ€w /ˈɾiːʕuw/; π’Š‘π’€€ ri-a or π’Š‘π’…€ri-ia


    Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Elect of God

  20. Two uh wanna Artax and Dknna sound like wanna been eating too much sour grapes
    Wanna problem.lies wid wanna self
    Both having egos the size of Gibraltar too big to fit in small spaces
    Good riddance

  21. @ angela cox January 16, 2022 6:37 PM

    ‘There yuh go.’

    Galileo Galilei said, “I never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.”


  22. I repeat…should i find ANY OF THE USEFUL things i posted on the blog ANYWHERE plagiarized…IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ON BU…i know my work and i know plagiarists very well….YOU WILL BE FOUND…

    because all of this is about that…but the real world DOES NOT TOLERATE or ENABLE ANY OF IT…

  23. BU is a small group and it’s THEIR RIGHT………not all are anal…….my book has been marketed to continents.. still selling digitially and i have a list of orders for hard copies to fill in the months ahead…..never begged anyone to buy anything from me, was sharing information and some of it at my own expense…..and it would be delusional for them to think otherwise…

    …..the same things i have said on BU for years are in the book, with additional things i never said, so they have a rough idea of the content anyway..,,the second book is another matter all together, still have a HUGE MARKET to play in…and getting requests to market in other areas, can easily push out another 10 titles…nothing to stop me, all the tools are available..

    I am just giving a LAST WARNING to the potential plagiarists who have become so obsessed, they are making themselves look hysterical AND PEOPLE ARE QUESTIONING IT, but not my problem, it in no way reflects on me…. i came on the blog to achieve something….mission accomplished…………,,if they want to take it personally, look at how much i care….not at all..

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  25. There are ways to do it, have to be a little aggressive but it works..

  26. Wuhlaus! First laugh fuh de day. Thanks!

    As you told the whole blog just a few days ago when it suited your purpose, I have not read your book. I have no intention of reading your book. Judging from the lack of response to your extracts, nobody else here has been so enticed.

    And I do recall Pacha had questions as to whether he had already seen your much touted book cover on a book in his library.

    Once when he spoke of “the centre not being able to hold” you responded “I see you have been diligently reading my book”. His reply was non-committal. Since then I have seen that term in another publication online.

    Donald Trump always accuses people of doing exactly the things that he is doing.

    This is a symptom of a mental disorder much discussed in the last six years. You share many others on the checklist.

    Perhaps you yourself are the plagiarist!

    Ms. Marple is picking up clues at regular intervals.

  27. On the contrary, Angela Cox, I have a very healthy ego, one that knows that there are many many superior minds to mine but not so many as THINK they are superior.

    Yours is not one of them, bird brain!

    Or YARD FOWL, if you prefer.

  28. Pacha actually understood what i meant….and you don’t….wrong interpretation….i told him that long before my book was published, we were speaking about something quite different, about the center not holding, way above your head……..another fail….

    Pacha asked me if the PHOTO was around before…and i said yes, my book COVER is UNIQUE….the photo, even i saw it before as i told the person who designed the cover and he reminded me in what capacity and where i saw it, that is why i was able to answer Pacha about the origins and remind him as well……….WRONG intrepretation again…now i see why he left…..reaching, reaching and CANNOT GET ANYWHERE..

    you will never find out if Pacha ever read it…..don’t want my book anywhere near you and oh, i removed that shite you thought was impressive….and i only thought was funny and needed to get a feel. Theo’s remains because his poem has substance…

  29. If someone calls me a C**NT multiple times, even on an anonymous blog i would hardly refer to anything they say in any capacity…..especially when i DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT..

  30. I am not the one gets on a blog pretending i don’t lie, so nothing is going to reflect on me, the blog is not mine..

  31. DonnaJanuary 17, 2022 2:27 PM

    On the contrary, Angela Cox, I have a very healthy ego, one that knows that there are many many superior minds to mine but not so many as THINK they are superior.
    Don’t fool yuhself the mirror u looking into might not be yours

  32. Franklyn to broaden action

    UNITY WORKERS’ UNION (UWU) has fired another shot across the bow, hoping that Government will finally meet it at the table.
    General secretary Caswell Franklyn said technicians at the Grantley Adams International Airport were ready to walk off the job in solidarity with the nurses who have been protesting for the past several weeks. He said should the technicians comply, it would affect air traffic as the technicians were responsible for controlling the flow of flights in and out of the airport, and their stance could have serious repercussions.
    β€œIf they don’t sit down with us, we will be asking our members at the airport to take action in support of the nurses.
    [Yesterday] some of them have actually taken action, so the airport is not up to strength in terms of the technicians because most of them called in sick (yesterday). If they don’t do something about it, we will ask all [to stay at home],” he reported.
    Yesterday, more than 100 nurses took to the streets in Bridgetown, marching from Cheapside to Golden Square Freedom Park, under the watchful eye of the police, where they staged a second protest, following one held on January 6. Nurses have been protesting poor working conditions, hazards in relation to the COVID-19 variants, among other issues. The strike is now into its seventh week.
    Franklyn recently said the action had started to take a toll on some of the nurses who had since returned to work.
    Many bystanders, including nurses who were not allowed in the actual march due to COVID-19 restrictions, stood in solidarity with the protesters, some very vocal on the treatment meted out by the current Government. Also seen standing in solidarity with the nurses were a number of General Election candidates.
    They were Marva Lashley-Todd of Alliance Party for Progress, and Independent Fallon Best –both running in The City; leader of the Bajan Free Party Alex Mitchell, and St Michael West Central’s David Roberts.
    Joined march
    Activists Winston Clarke, Frank β€œBongo Lights” Chase and Lumumba Batson also joined the march, as well as street character Ninja Man as the group moved across the Chamberlain Bridge.
    β€œI think it is particularly heartening when the nurses can stay out for this long. This is going into week seven, and probably the longest strike we have had in Barbados in my memory,” Franklyn said.
    He told reporters the Prime Minister had met with other unions which had agreed to the basic headings of the proposals UWU had submitted. He said the major concern was the livelihood of the nurses who had been fighting for years.
    β€œDon’t take my word for it. Take Colonel Bostic [Minister of Health The Most Honourable Jeffrey Bostic] who said that some of these issues were going on for more than a decade. He has been in office for three and a half years.
    The issues that were still pending for a decade are still there, so what did he do for the nurses? What did his Government do for the nurses?”
    Franklyn asked.
    He conceded the strike would only be effective when the nurses got their just due, but he believed the matter was slowly becoming about him and not the nurses.
    β€œIt is not effective yet because they are still out on strike. The hospital is in chaos. Last night they had very few people working. It is in chaos all like now, but the Government refuses to acknowledge the truth. They pretend that everything is okay, while people in the hospitals are not getting bathed daily, not getting their food on time . . . . I think this is about me now, this is not about the nurses anymore,” he said.
    Franklyn said he would not be swayed like other unions.
    β€œWhen this whole thing started I had about 60 nurses, I have over 180 now.
    It is telling you the nurses are satisfied with my representation and they are not satisfied with the representation they are getting from other unions. It will not get any better if those unions refuse to stand up for the people who are paying them,” he said. (RA)

    Source: Nation

  33. This thing could have been nipped in the bud with some respect shown by the PM.

    What to do when the union leader becomes the issue?

    I have no answer. My heart is just heavy.

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