Another Dark Day for Labour – NTSH

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Labour marched with capital to bring a government to its knees.

Labour accepted 18% less of a salary increase after a government changed.

Labour sat with a Government to publicly criticise a sister union.

Labour sat by while rights were trampled, employees went to the great beyond and disadvantageous policies continued to be rammed down the throats of the masses.

Labour sits silent, while injustices are meted out even amidst the voices and cries of others.

A whole press conference with backup to save face for ANOTHER badly rolled out policy and justified concerns of nurses.

When labour, capital and the government become one and the same, the people have no choice but to suffer.

God’s blessings on the Davids, Caswells and Douglas Trotmans of this world.

Will the real leaders please stand up?

Prime Minister’s Press Conference (Dec. 15, 2021)

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  1. Franklyn flogged

    Nurses to lose pay over strike called by his union
    LABOUR UNIONS, the private sector and Government stood united yesterday against head of the Unity Workers’ Union, Senator Caswell Franklyn, for spearheading a nurses’ strike at a time when Barbados is facing a pandemic.
    He was described as callous regarding the impact the current industrial action was having on patient care.
    The first person to take Franklyn to task was a visibly upset Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, who addressed the situation at length during a press briefing following the conclusion of the Social Partnership meeting at the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex,
    Wildey, St Michael.
    She strongly condemned the strike action as a breach of industrial relations protocols and best practices.
    The Prime Minister’s condemnation was shared by the Barbados Private Sector Association, the Barbados Workers’ Union, the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), the Barbados Nurses Association and the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados, all of whom publicly distanced their organisations from the strike.
    Mottley said the actions of the Opposition Senator appeared politically motivated and argued that Franklyn was in essence calling a strike over the safe zones, when the set of measures had not yet been implemented.
    She also announced that Government had taken the decision to dock the pay of nurses who participated in the Unity Workers’ Union-led strike for the days they withheld their labour.
    Close to 50 nurses are expected to be affected by the decision, as the Prime Minister disclosed that the letters indicating the salary deduction had already been dispatched.
    “Long before I became Prime Minister of this country, the Public Service Act of Barbados was passed. The Public Service Act at the second schedule has something called the
    code of conduct and ethics, which is part of the law. There are certain basic rules in law: the word ‘may’ is discretionary and the word ‘shall’ is mandatory. At Clause 20 of the second schedule of that act, it makes it clear that a person who has withdrawn their labour for strike shall not receive that remuneration,” Mottley said.
    She added: “The director of finance will tell you that it is mandatory. Similarly, there were some persons who didn’t indicate that they were on strike, but they just didn’t turn up, they didn’t call, they didn’t give an excuse or anything. Similarly, at Clause 15, the power to be able to deal with them through remuneration is there.”
    Reading the letter dispatched by Franklyn to put Government on notice of the impending strike action on the safe zones, Mottley contended that industrial action was resorted to first instead of last, as industrial relations protocols dictate.
    The Prime Minister said she met with the Barbados Nurses’ Association, as well as NUPW, and several matters, including Unity Workers’ Union’s list of demands, were ironed out. Among these was the long-standing issue of hazard pay.
    She said her administration was fully prepared to continue to work with the nurses to ensure that they received what they needed for the job, even though it may not come all at once.
    “In my view, the Opposition Senator, along with other forces of opposition, clearly want to bring some level of disruption to this country on the eve of Christmas because they feel that we are in the silly season. Now, if this is wrong, then come out and negotiate in good faith and deal with people in good faith. What you have here is a strike taking place for the last 11 days or so, in circumstances where the event that was to cause the strike has not happened,” Mottley said.
    She added: “I have never seen such madness in my life. I ask, how does a country that is regarded as one of the most mature countries in the world finds itself facing a dilemma where families in Barbados are worried sick that their father, mother, sister or brother, might not get the appropriate nursing attention in medical facilities because there is this big divide between the Government
    of Barbados and Senator Franklyn’s union? The people we are talking about are ordinary Barbadians who have no choice.”
    CTUSAB general secretary Dennis De Peiza, who was also seated at the head table, described the strike as irresponsible.
    “We are not in the business of casting judgement on another registered trade union. However, we are very mindful of the fact that under good industrial relations, we should observe practice, procedure and process and where those are breached, we would have to raise our voice against any actions or behaviours that are not in keeping with these principles.
    “I think it is important in this particular episode to voice our dismay that we are in the middle of a global pandemic and where the lives of people are at stake and as a labour organisation we ought to show a higher sense of responsibility,” he said.
    NUPW president Kimberley Agard said her union, which represents the majority of the nurses, had not authorised any strike action and was in negotiation with the Government over the concerns of the nurses. Similar sentiments were expressed by the president of the Barbados Nurses’ Association, Valarie Francis.

    Source: Nation

  2. Good timing.

    More health workers to get hazard pay

    MORE HEALTH CARE WORKERS will be receiving hazard pay.
    General secretary of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) Wayne Walrond made the announcement yesterday after meeting with officials of the Ministry of Public Service on Tuesday.
    Ancillary, administrative, technical, paramedical, physiotherapist, nursing assistants, registered nurses, doctors and consultants can qualify for the COVID-19 hazard allowance.
    “The NUPW informs that it has successfully negotiated the payment of a COVID-19 hazard allowance for workers in the public health care sector. After meeting with the Ministry of Public Service on Tuesday, December 14, this union confirms that all workers that are eligible according to the agreed criteria will be paid the COVID-19 hazard allowance,” a statement from the NUPW said.
    The statement was released just before Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and Ministry of Health officials spoke at a press conference at the gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex in Wildey St Michael, about several issues, including the hazard allowance.
    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Queen Elizabeth Hospital staff have been receiving hazard pay, and Mottley said that since outbreaks this year at the Psychiatric Hospital and Geriatric Hospital, staff members at the latter facilities were also receiving the additional compensation.
    The announcement also came as some members of the Unity Workers Union continued industrial action over numerous issues, including training, allocation of personal protective equipment salary scales and hazard pay. (TG)

    Source: Nation

  3. Strike hits polyclinic
    STRIKE ACTION by nurses intensified yesterday as most of the nursing staff of the Edgar Cochrane Polyclinic in Wildey, St Michael did not show up for work.
    During a telephone interview, one nurse, who requested anonymity, said the action was in solidarity with fellow nurses as well as to protest their own conditions. She said only four nurses had stayed home but that represented the majority of nursing staff at the polyclinic.
    “We are standing in solidarity with our colleagues against the authorities trying to implement safe zones without consultation with us. We also have our own grievances at Edgar Cochrane, such as not having enough resources – gloves, blood collection bottles, gauze.
    “Enough is enough. Imagine having to tell a patient they have to buy their own catheter bag; some of our patients can barely afford the bus fare to get to us,” she said, adding she was a member of Unity Workers Union and general secretary, Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn, had been informed.
    The nurse said it was common practice to have to ask patients to come back another day and to ask other polyclinics and the hospital for supplies.
    “We are not only standing up for ourselves, but for the patients too. If we are not heard and taken seriously, we will have to take things up a notch,” she said.
    The strike action is mainly being spearheaded by Unity Workers Union. Late yesterday, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley held a media conference in the Wildey Gymnasium, St Michael, where the issue was one of the major points of discussion.
    Mottley took a turn in Franklyn, saying he was
    behaving like a “political maverick” who was only instigating unfounded strike action because it was the perceived “silly season”.
    At the news conference, the National Union of Public Workers, the Barbados Nurses’ Association, the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners, the Barbados Private Sector Association, the Barbados Workers’ Union and the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Association of Barbados all distanced themselves from the strike action.

    Source: Nation

  4. “The Public Service Act at the second schedule has something called the
    code of conduct and ethics, which is part of the law.”

    have any of these politicians EVER OBSERVED the code of conduct and ethics IN THE PARLIAMENT,,…in the JUDICIARY….in the PUBLIC SERVICE….etc,,

  5. A question for the commenters before we go off on a tangent.

    Is the Senator wrong for calling out his nurses? As a labour practitioner is he bound by accepted conventions? Are the grievances he reported in the media enough to support his action to call out his nurses? His perspective seems to be one that the issues have been outstanding for a long time.

    It seems clear to the blogmaster the establishment has closed ranks against the independent Senator.

  6. @David

    Closed ranks indeed

    When a teacher’s union downed tools for a similar matter back in 2012 there was no hew and cry.

    When a major union threatened the same over less there was no hew and cry

    When a then Opposition Leader marched and protested and asked workers to wear white and asked bosses to give workers time off there was no hew and cry

    If Caswell is negotiating with X person and X person fails to respond then does it give the PM the right to jump in with a big stick and all the ducks in a row quacking behind her???

    Are these the same unions that have been complaining about the Social Partnership not working???

    Clearly there must be some supper being given away.

    Lord come for ya world.

  7. “A question for the commenters before we go off on a tangent.
    Is the Senator wrong for calling out him nurses? As a labour practitioner is he bound by accepted conventions?”

    the haves will usually win
    but occasionally the have nots will prevail

    If you plan to fly to the moon and you are out by a couple of degrees you will miss it by many miles
    the point is sometimes you make decisions to take a course of action that does not yield the desired results
    but you made your choice and should not beat yourself up about it when it goes tits up
    although winners in life are intuitive

    The senator seems to play up to the crowd posturing with an anti-government stance which is why he loses in his positions of negotiations

    unfortunately unions are becoming less powerful and relevant by the policies of the powers that be
    and socialism needs to push back against capitalism who play dirty to win using every dirty trick in book of hook and crook
    an example is the right wing propaganda on internet by racist warmongering by NWO Governments such as USA UK and allies like Australia

    Dark Myth Equation Visitation

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  9. Other platforms are outlining ALL THE TIMES that the workers were called out to STRIKE….pre 2018 election…all the underhanded, sleight of hand anti-code of conduct and ethics MISCHIEF that were used to achieve results…

  10. If its Thursday someone is on strike in Bim. Strikes are a way of life in Bim, someone is always threatening to walk out or actually walking out for real or perceived wrongs. Usually, the Unions come to the strikers’ defense and a rep from the Union(s) and Management get together to hash things out before a small fire becomes a conflagration. However, this time I suspects it is different everyone with a pulse knows that Caswell has been a thorn in the Gov’ts hide way beyond the usual critics because he has a pulpit and he uses it to his advantage. One issue that comes to mind is the embarrassing faux pas of the two Deputy Commissioners of Police by the Gov’t. The Gov’t is so skittish of Caswell that they “forgot” to invite him to the swearing ceremony post Republic.

    The Gov’t is seizing the opportunity to disembowel Caswell in its reaction to the strike by the nurses, if the nurses have to eat crow and return to work because their pay has been withheld due to the strike other members of his Union will lose faith in his ability to represent them and may go back into the arms of the pro Gov’t Unions leaving Caswell as a Shepherd without a flock and what better way to show who is boss in the new Republic.

  11. Dark Day For Labour


    Did they ask for more like all good negotiators do,

    At least 20% above the acceptable value?

    Realizing they would need to barter to get what was required,  

    Kept resisting the contra proposals before negotiations expired?


    Did they acquire an amount just short of what they needed?

    Asking for more and getting this might mean they succeeded.

    You must not judge a negotiation until you investigate,


    For 82 cents on the dollar could be an acceptable rate.

    One who needs 100 dollars could ask for 120,

    Receiving 18% less will give you $98.4 in local currency.


    Less than 2% of what you realistically needed;

    At that rate, once better than where you were, may mean negotiations succeeded.   

    But with the cost of living rising to all-time highs,

    Our gas and diesel bills shooting local produce to the skies.

    Unemployment at its worse and you can’t get a cup of sugar from your neighbor,

    Receiving anything less than what you need is another Dark Day For Labour.

    By Khaidji 

  12. Nothing new here. This had to come sooner or later. Senator Franklyn has not only embarrassed the other unions by consistently showing that they were not representing their workers; he has embarrassed the government on several legal arguments and positions by exposing to the public where they had erred.
    I have seen this movie before. Back in the 70s the BUT went on strike against the then government and called on the BWU for solidarity. Sir Frank Walcott told the BUT that small fish can’t swim with sharks.
    For several weeks the CTSUB , has been complaining that they were not being invited to Social Partnership meetings but now they upfront going after Caswell,
    Furthermore why was the information of a statement purportedly made by Franklyn to somebody else brought into the public domain. When did hearsay become s leaders weapon?
    Finally why not deem Caswell’s approach outside of established norms rather than say the motive is political. That in itself is making the issue political.
    Nobody plants okra and reaps corn.

  13. @David, re “It seems clear to the blogmaster the establishment has closed ranks against the independent Senator.”

    It would be shockingly schoolboyish if the senator has not gamed out his union’s strategy to include this and stronger sanctions to his strikers and have a plan to diminish impact.

    A strike is always a slippery slope so ideally his union coffers are financially solid.

    Unity has always been an ‘outlier’ union just as Franklyn has been the outlier voice of dissent whether wayward (as some see him) or reasonable but he has prevailed this far in his career due to his skill, legal knowledge and ‘arrogance’.

    He is now atop the most impressive, visible and perilous perch of his career and battling an equally skillful, knowledgeable and very arrogant PM in the most glorious moment of her career … a bet of a winner is anyone’s guess.


  14. Tapestry From An Asteroid

    In UK Government wanted to hold GP’s to account with fines and punishment for effectively working part-time with less than half their time in their surgery practice, not seeing patients for years and longer waiting lists for those who needed care, but the threat of Doctors going on strike made Government reverse their policy.

    It seems Doctors have more sway with threats of action than nurses who are ignored when they strike.
    I think there is also a rule that Doctors / Senior Doctors cannot strike with nurses.

    But, it is standard practice that strikers will not get paid for their action / time not in work.

  15. The Barbados Liberal Party is doing exactly what the IMF wants: privatisation, deregulation, flexibilisation.

    We live in the age of global capitalism and cannot consider rebellious trade unionists like the outspoken senator. For more than half a century, unions and lazy workers have exploited business owners in Barbados. Thank God that’s over now! The best thing would be to deprive unvaccinated employees of all rights.

  16. I am watching the video, and the first thing which comes to my mind, is the similarity between the labour action and the Republic. If you wish something done, you don’t ‘discuss it’, you act. Who gives a shit about convention or laws, these are abused and ignored as the situation dictates. Seems the ‘long standing issues’ will come to the surface soon. Guessing “pay” is high on that list?

    • Is this a case of the prime minister adopting a play from the Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan playbook? Never let an opportunity go begging.

  17. David bu i have often stated on here that Senator Franklyn is is a publcity hound.Just observe him .Whenever he sees the cameras he just tries to be as controversial as possible.Check his recent behaviour in the senate with now President Ms Mason.Now in the height of a health pandemic he calls out nurses to strike.How much more irresponsible can one get?I hope Senator Franklyn or none of his relatives or friends are struck down by covid as they might need the ssme nurses assistance.Whereas some of the problems spoken about have been around for some time rome was not built in a day.The old people had the fllowing sayings too far east is west and foolishness ain’ t sense.Pick sense from those sayings as i too believe this is fuelled by politics.

  18. David bu i have often stated on here that Senator Franklyn is is a publcity hound.Just observe him .Whenever he sees the cameras he just tries to be as controversial





  19. Some people are wondering which is worse.

    “Prime Minister Mottley surprise and angry at Unity Workers Union Strike Actions and accused Mr Caswell Frankly of using elderly persons to acheive his objective. PM do you remember the following:- 1. The use of children in your political meetings to address party followers and condemn the DLP.
    2. Do you remember the use of children, teachers and parents and the Teachers Union headed by Mary Redman to block Collymore Rock and protest the building of the Best-dos Santos Lab that was critical to the Health Industry of Barbados. What would have happened to the people of Barbados amidst this corona virus if we did not have such a facility. Thanks to John Boyce, Dr David Estwick, the former Prime Minister Stuart and his cabinet for having the foresight to construct such a facility your charges of stealing money and corruption di with support of the BWU and NUPW at the time.
    Do you remember going to Oistins with support of the BWU and members of the BHTA and keeping meetings of raw sewage flowing in the streets supported by pictures of Barbadians and tourist alike having to walk through the sewage knowing it was false and negatively impact the tourism sector.
    3. Do you remember the strike at Portvale Sugar Factory along with sugar industry workrers at the start of the sugar crop despite the economic challenges the country was facing. In fact the number of work stoppages and late start to the industry resulted in a large number of acerage of canes left in the ground that could have been save had it not for the actions of BWU and supported by you.
    Madam PM the list can go on, so dont be angry, you plant the tree, water and seen it to maturity and now dont want to eat the fruit but want to blame Caswell for the bitter taste. Like Adam and Eve in the garden this time dont blame God, blame the Creator because you remove God and the old people always say”Be careful what you pray for.” GIMMA THE VOTE AND WATCH MA.”

  20. Well, I don’t know where I stand. A strong supporter of Caswell, but wondering if now is a good time for a strike.

    This Covid thing still scared me. We need our healthcare workers on the job.

  21. When the same Franklyn was on BU correctly kicking the then government in the ass he was not a publicity seeker He was one of the very first on BU to correctly declare the then government the worst we have ever had and the Bees were singing his praises .
    Now they want to destroy him.
    Damn shameless hypocrites.

  22. Skinner trust to put a spin on this serious issue.Are you saying that Mr Frankly is right to call for nurses to strike at this critical time yes or no? Do not come with no red herrings about being critical of the last government.The majority of bajans were slso critical of the last government the worst in the country, s history.That is a known fact.This action by Mr Franklyn is iiresponsible period.I gone.

  23. It’s all politicks.

    Richie would probably done the samething if he was PM and had to deal with the same situation

    Politics is politics is politics

    I don’t agree that the other organizations were need in a press conference to slap down caswell.
    But considering that he alway trying to pull down the other unions probably to get more member to cross to unity then he have to tek what he get

    Nurses should be essential services and not be allowed to strike
    And especially not in the middle of a pandemic


  24. @ Lorenzo
    You or nobody on this blog can question what I said. Caswell is the same Caswell he was when he was correctly going after the previous administration. He is not an attention/ publicity seeker.
    And to you directly: If he was doing and supporting everything this administration wanted you would have no frigging problem with him. You never had a problem with him before.
    Saying that he is wrong or right on this issue is understood. Different people will have different opinions .But we on this blog know the man is no fly by night attention seeker. Full stop.
    Blasted shameless hypocrites.
    I done wid dis. Pure BS.

  25. The voluntary Slaves are shameless, maybe if governments would pay the nurses on time, there would be no shortage, if some strike they would be others to fall in until the situation is resolved…but both governments have a nasty habit of withholding pay from nurses and police…

    the government pimps/Slaves will always be an embarrassment to the island.

  26. halfassed, vote begging leaders ALWAYS forget that it’s the TAXES derived from the salaries of these people nurses, police etc that PAY GOVERNMENT MINISTERS….they never remember until it’s time to BEG FOR VOTES AGAIN……heads probably filled with too much shit from speeding up and down the world stage..

    “An insult to the intelligence of the Barbadian people.”

    This is how Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley is responding to Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley’s assertion that the recent strike action by nurses, spearheaded by the Senator Caswell Franklyn-led Unity Workers’ Union, was being bolstered by opposition forces.

    Atherley told the Weekend Nation that as the man who appointed Franklyn a senator to tackle Opposition matters on labour in the Senate, he felt as if he was directly in the firing line of Mottley’s comments.

    He also accused the Prime Minister of double standards, arguing that by going into details about what her administration had done for the nurses, she was guilty of the very thing of which Franklyn stood accused.

  27. btw…everyone should be concerned by the way these morally deficient hypocrites and frauds are grooming small children so they can copycat what they see coming from other jurisdictions…… remember they are and have always been FOLLOWERS not real leaders and don’t have and never will, an original thought or CREATION….coming from their empty skulls.

    a line should be drawn at children being used for local political and international gain..

  28. Waru the mad woman this is the same Rev Atherley thst won a sest under the Bees in 2018 but crossed when i believe he did not get a ministry speaking of double standards? You are a real jackass in truth..It is clear Rev Atherley has no control over the in my view loose canon Senator Franklyn..Where else are nurses on strike duting this pandemic? I gone.

  29. see…ya dumbness has no end….nurses and DOCTORS HAVE WALKED OFF THE JOB IN OTHER JURISDICTIONS…but how would you know that when ya have difficulty understanding basic things…

    i don’t get involved in politics and who got a seat under who……i leave that for goverment pimps/Slaves to figure out and GRIPE ABOUT…cause yall are capable of very little else..

  30. Though I am concerned about the effects of the industrial action at this time, I remain somewhat buoyed by the way citizens are forcing Government to respect them and consider their positions.

    Time for a reset in attitude.

    Either citizens are equal partners in this republic endeavour or they are children, irresponsible and unable to further the cause.

    They cannot be both.

    Put away the big stick, Mia!

  31. last warning, before you little government imps and pimps jump out to attack people like me…EDUCATE yourselves first or ASK whoever is prompting and ENCOURAGING you to educate you…….you are an embarrassment who seem not to have the capability to feel embarrassed..

  32. Tee hee! Rant, rant, rant! Rave, rave, rave! Spew, spew, spew!

    Answer The Cuntry Cunt’s question!

    Don’t come with some shite about my irrelevance!

    Why has it become necessary for the guillotine to be resurrected in France?

    Did they not already have their revolution?

  33. The outspoken senator is public enemy no. 1.

    Time for our Supreme Leader to silence him … There should be an ambassadorial post that suits the senator or something else to bring him in line.

  34. ” “This country can’t take any more of people telling us one thing and doing a next thing. This country cannot take any more of our workers having to fight for their rights and everywhere a different set of workers are threatening to strike, because of how badly they are being treated by this government,” Mottley told the cheering crowd. (RSM) Barbados Advocate
    Mia Mottley addressing supporters on the east Coast Road prior to Elections in 2018.

  35. So the letter docking the nurses pay was signed by the PS Janet Philips.

    The same Janet Philips who signed off on Maloney’s million dollar venture without the knowledge of her Minister?

    Can we confirm who directed her to dock the pay?

    Was the Minister of Health aware?

    WAs the Chief Medical Officer aware?

    Was the Chief Personnel Officer involved? The same Personnel Officer that refuses to respond to Caswell???

    Will Mary Redman’s strikers ever have their pay docked? Didn’t Pedro and his group get back their money from the government? Has NUPW under Akanni ever had their pay docked? Is BWU even recognised as an actual workers’ representative any more? Didn’t the current PM encourage advocacy and activism when unjust practices are dashed upon our heads??

    And we wonder why young workers don’t give a shit about the trade union movement anymore???

    Lord come for ya world.

    Just observing

  36. William…..i dont get why these politicians believe that it’s EVERYONE HAS SHORT MEMORIES…am beginning to believe what we have heard for YEARS is true about the tampering wih the water supplty….how else would they be SO CONFIDENT that no one will remember the lies they tell and the wicked actions they take along with the deceit they use to get their own way and then do the same vicious unconscionable corrupt things they accuse the other corrupt government of…how is this EVEN POSSIBLE tha they either believe that everyone is too stupid to understand…there must be a credible explanation for all of this…

    Why don’t the irrelevant ask Pacha about le guillotine and their concerns,..the comment was addressed to him..

  37. “Ironically, 24 hours after the PM accused Senator Franklyn of playing politics, general secretary of the Barbados Labour Party Senator The Most Honourable Dr Jerome Walcott issued a challenge to the Opposition and the DLP to state their positions on the ongoing national issue.

    He said: “The Barbados Labour Party is therefore moved to call on Bishop Atherley as we are indeed calling on the current president of the Democratic Labour Party Verla DePeiza to break their silence on this matter and let the public of Barbados understand where they stand on this most unfortunate situation.”

    This begs the question: is it politics or not? Indeed, what is in question is whether Senator Caswell followed established industrial procedures. The two sides strongly differ and hence the political lines have been drawn.

    The grievances of nurses are well known to every administration that has governed over the past 30 years. The pandemic has compounded these issues as well. Political grandstanding on either side of the aisle is not the answer. Level heads must prevail and a return to the negotiating table is in the country’s best interest.

    And therein lies the role of social partnership, rather than members lining up to distance themselves from one side in the dispute, now is the time to persuade the disputing parties to drop their axes and talk.

    Senator Franklyn, who no doubt is well versed in industrial relations, must put the interests of his members first and sit down with the Government, put all genuine issues on the table and set realistic timelines to settle these long-standing issues that cannot be resolved in one or two round of talks. This country needs its nurses at this critical time.

    Equally, the Government must recognise that its decision to dock the pay of the frontline workers, though grounded in legislation, is a harsh move for worn out nurses who have delivered yeoman service, especially over the last 20 months. The action which will only fuel tempers and further angst should therefore be withdrawn in the spirit of good negotiations. The issues need to be resolved.

    Enough then of the politics, the drama and the blame game.

    The country is watching and waiting for a speedy resolution.”

    Barbados Today Editorial (today) Friday 17th December 2021

    In times of crisis leaders move from politics to statesmanship. I have said on numerous occasions that the region lacks leaders who can inspire. I have witnessed and have been a part of many industrial disputes that the Labour ministers and others sat and discussed the issues. After a number of meetings , Prime Ministers stepped in and calmed the waters and a state of normalcy returned. We now have a situation that opposition parties are being asked to side with government and other trade unions are currying government favour. It will weakened the movement and by extension the labour relations fabric of the country; opening the door for the further exploitation of the workers.

  38. @ WURA
    That’s why on this BU when I read the back and forth between the Dees and the Bees, I call it the pot calling the kettle black. Propagandists, Obstructionists, Apologists Hypocrites.
    Note that we were told that the country will get a full report on what transpired with the breakdown at the airport when a passenger went through with a loaded gun.
    Today I read that a worker with 20 years experience with the security firm has been fired and Miami has dropped charges against the gentleman. However, the public has not been given any official report as promised.

    • @William

      You will have supporters of political [parties defending positions. Republicans/Democrats – Labour/Tories etc. What is your point?

      PS. The PM advised she requested a full report on the incident, does it mean it will be made public?

  39. This attack on the striking nurses by the government and employers association is not surprising. It shows once again that for all its pretty talk, this BLP government is fundamentally anti-working class. When the hotel workers had to take matters into their own hands to try to get their severance pay, they were lectured by the government that fighting for their rights is “not who we are”. So no surprises there. What, however, is really disgusting is the actions of the other union leaders who made common cause with the government and the employers and joined in attacking the nurses. They have obviously forgotten the basics of trade unionism that workers support each other, not stab each other in the back to please the government and the employers. No doubt some of them are eyeing a political career in the BLP. The mebers of these unions really need to raise their voice and get rid of these treacherous leaders.

  40. The other trade unions were getting a public tongue licking from franklyn from the time they accepted the 5%

    U can’t plant corn and reap tomatoes

  41. @ David
    You are the one who has pushed accountability and transparency. Did you accurately read what William Skinner, a citizen of Barbados wrote on the issues ?
    When the name of my country has reached local and international press, I expect some kind of official position as to how the matter was resolved. This can easily be done on five minutes without disclosing any national security secrets. I as a citizen should not have to depend on : BU, Nationnews or Barbados Today.
    Why can’t you comprehend such a simple point.
    You were in the forefront of calling for Freedom of information legislation, I have dozens of comments made by you on the question of transparency and accountability. I am doing the same.

  42. I always thought this Dr Walcott was an asshole. He calls upon POLITICIANS to ask whether this is political or not? What the france does he think they will reply? An accounting opinion? A religious opinion?
    If he wishes a response of merit why doesn’t he call on someone whose specialises in labour relations?
    Without saying much, at least publicly, Sen Franklyn has them running ragged.
    Let um run. He has there where he wants them.
    Now if only the other medical staff would show sympathy support, we have a conundrum.
    Did those former landowners who got Bonds have some choice? Did they vote for that? Was that in some manifesto? Was that convention?
    Fuck em. The only way you get change is to force issues.
    Let the people pick…an increase in pay for the nurses or another month of White Oak retainers?

  43. “Today I read that a worker with 20 years experience with the security firm has been fired”

    they always find a fall guy for something they allowed to happen daily for decades, as long as they know the person, whom they deem somebody while everyone else who pay their salaries are a nobody, they are free to do as they like including boarding a plane with a loaded gun..

    .don’t hold ya breath for any report, ya can guarantee it will end up like the last one where an international agency did an investigation…one government claimed they left the report on the PMs. desk, the other government SWORE they never saw it and of course none of them thought of CONTACTING the investigating agency to get a copy and present to the public who PAY THEIR SALARIE, that little never once entered their corroded minds or the equation…..

    “That’s why on this BU when I read the back and forth between the Dees and the Bees, I call it the pot calling the kettle black. Propagandists, Obstructionists, Apologists Hypocrites.”

    grown people making themselves look like immature fools, 3/4 of the time they have no clue what they are talking about..because they hardly ever read anything worthwhile and know nothing about what happens in other jurisdictions…….stuck on their 2×3..and want to haul everyone into their lack of knowledge world with them…no wonder they are being called 14 and 15 year olds…

  44. WS

    After that that outright lie and then the attack on David after he corrected you , if I were you I would stop calling people hypocrite and talk about the kettle and pot

    Just saying

  45. “When the hotel workers had to take matters into their own hands to try to get their severance pay, they were lectured by the government that fighting for their rights is “not who we are”.

    as long as the people remember that WICKED COMMENT next election…workers are ENTITLED to fight for workers rights…..these want to keep them RESTRAINED IN EMANCIPATION MODE – financial and social CAPTIVITY…..the workers have to BREAK FREE from these wannbe slave masters and their NASTY AGENDAS…..and it’s time to investigate WHO THEY ARE TAKING MONEY FROM TO CONTINUE these anti-Black Afrikan crimes…

    telling workers..”don’t say nutten, it will make the island look bad” WHILE THEY AND THEIR CHILDREN STARVE….and debt collectors run them down for payment of debts…and the hoteliers who ROBBED THEM of their salaries and benefits boast about being millionaires while ya people suffer for food and basics…IS CRIMINAL……workers in Barbados have to put an end to this form of SLAVERY, OPPRESSION and DISCRIMINATION…only they can do it, because it’s obvious that while they beg these same people for votes: as long as they make it into the parliament…the same people are NO LONGER THEIR PRIORTY.. but the thieves and racists are….this is a NEW beginning, time to put AN END TO ALL OF THAT..

    btw…all of this is heavily outlined in my book.

  46. I can give ya stories about what transpired at the airport before any dirty slave driver security companies became a thing on the island….of course they would not have cleaned it up but DOUBLED DOWN……they have not cleaned up anything else…

  47. @ John 2
    Please reference the “ out right lie”
    For your information , I have been called a RH, JA and many other things.
    FYI , Nobody prescribes or proscribes what I write.
    I have never refused to retract any inaccuracies. Prove the lie and I will retract it.

  48. “Lives are literally being put at risk, and putting the lives of ordinary Barbadians citizens who depend on all of us to maintain a stable and well-functioned healthcare system, on a platform of personal and political idolism, is utterly unacceptable, and distinctly un-Barbadian,” Dr Walcott said”.

    see that shite talk, these are the same ones who remained silent when the hoteliers ROBBED the workers…they did not defend the workers, cared NOTHING about their wellbeing, but sucking a salary every month, did not say a word but expected them to suffer in silence while having families to feed, and no food to give them and no money to pay bills because these frauds got the thieves as first class citizens…..their lives were put at risk, the women were put at risk of being raped because they had no way to feed themselves and their families…..

    …..DO NOT ELECT THESE TYPES OF FRAUDS…throw them out of the parliament…that’s the best gift the people can give themselves come 2023…

  49. @ John 2
    I guess you did not read the basted lie when I was accused of being “ complicit” with some group of “ overseas” Bajans, who painted Barbados as the “ worst “ country on earth.
    But you choose to come here telling me what to write. Like I said prove or produce the lie and I will immediately retract it.

  50. AND…i noticed they are now showcasing the younger minorities who are taking over from the older gneration of minority thieves….that’s another generation who is fully expecting to LIVE OFF BLACK LIVES for another 3 or 4 generations, there is no telling what level of CRIMES they will commit against the people and island, since the island’s laws do not apply to these criminals;………the people need to PUT AN END TO THAT….don’t mind the shite talk….the Black population is being SET UP again, by those they elected…

  51. “Prove the lie and I will retract it.”

    ya actually paying attention to these imps, let them go digging in the archives….some of their own best LIES CAN BE FOUND THERE….the last clowns who went digging for my lies while i was busy building SOMETHING POSITIVE………..still look like FOOLS and i ain’t retracting shit, give them some work to do since they are so DAMN IDLE……🤣🤣

  52. Frank,

    True dat! That is all I have been saying. All we the people need to do is challenge and demand our due. We must make these people uncomfortable but…..

    ….we don’t need any guillotine!

    Reform not revolution is all we need!

  53. @ WURA
    Comedians! Now that the shit hitting the fan, they want to castigate people for telling the truth.
    They never put Barbados first. They put their parties and political leaders interests above everybody else. They were warned time and time again that the Duopoly will systematically undermine national development. They were warned since the late 60s to hold these parties to their word. They decided to prop them up at all costs. Now they want independent thinkers to look the other way and give them a pass.
    The people are waking up. And they can’t handle it.
    The political cannibals will eventually eat each other.
    Never encourage your dog to suck your Neighbour’s eggs. When your neighbor no longer has eggs; your own dog will suck yours.
    You can’t fight corruption and good governance half way.
    A pack of : Propagandists Apologists, Obstructionists, hypocrites.

  54. Note that we were told that the country will get a full report on what transpired with the breakdown at the airport when a passenger went through with a loaded gun.
    Today I read that a worker with 20 years experience with the security firm has been fired and Miami has dropped charges against the gentleman. However, the public has not been given any official report as promised.


    Who told or promised us a full report?
    Where / when?

    Provide ur prove and i will withdraw my LIE Statement

  55. “The people are waking up. And they can’t handle it.”

    we can take photos and make videos of their new misery…they thought they had it all covered, take bribes to undermine the population while their thieving fraud bribers do as they like and pretend to give the people who are deliberately marginalized charity…they are subhuman…and all of them should be in jail…

    it is very clear that neither governmnet want to see the Black population RISING out of this emanicipation, oppression and discrimination mode….the people have to CLAP BACK AT THEM IN A BIG and MEANINGFUL WAY… was made more evident when they disrespectfully sent their fraud minorities to our continent while ignoring the calls from the Afrikan Presidents that it’s the DESCENDANTS OF THE ENSLAVED should be the ones going, those who are interested…..problem for these small island jokers…they HAVE NO CLUE what they are doing and think disrespecting and insulting Afrikan descents will get them somewhere….WRONG…all they are intent to do is position the population into a corner so minorities can live of them and their children….that’s their only goal because there is something in it for them…

  56. John 2,

    William and I may clash but I don’t think he deliberately lies. If found to be mistaken, he would correct it.

    Now is the time for a reset in Barbados. It is high time for power to be seized by the people.

    It is going to be messy and costly but it is necessary. We cannot continue with the BDLP dance. It is past its expiry date.

    Politicians must be made to understand from whom their power derives.

    Forward into the new republic!

  57. Funny Enuff….now the continent knows exactly who they are….because of what they tried to pull…they did that themselves, they JUST CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES they just had to show up their wicked anti-black ways….give them half a chance and not only will they wrap up Afrika and hand it over to these minority criminals, but they will make sure the Afrikan population on the island get NOTHING OUT OF IT….except the crumbs from their inheritance……but they ran into a BRICK WALL. that they NEVER EVEN KNEW EXISTED…so they either fly straight now or that wall is NOT MOVING…

    they wasted endless time with the republic foolishness, believing that as long as there is a half way republic, everyone will just fall in line…..and the shite talk will start…….well you know you have to be a patriot and do as i say, because i gave ya a republic,.i did something for you, you owe me…….

    a republic which is not even real……….SHITE TALK…..sleight of hand BACKFIRED…

  58. The people are wide awake and are taking NO MORE of the small island small minded, self absorbed, selfish crap from political jokes…and they have every right not to and they are LOUD about it…they have had enuff. They realize that they are being set up so that criminals can live off them while they and their children are criminalized, robbed daily and treated as 2nd class citizens. It was bound to reach this point after half century. RoB. Won’t hold my breath but let’s see if they pull back from this minorites come first shite AKA their bribes come first.




  59. William…how many YEARS have i been telling the people TO MOVE AWAY from this toxic system and the politicians THAT CANNOT BE TRUSTED, who are more than happy to see the Black population TRAPPED and in permanent CAPTIVITY as long as there are bribes involved…………they are now seeing for themselves what we, you, Pacha, Miller, Bushman etc and many others for DECADES have been warning them about……what ya are reading above is tame compared to how the people really feel and posting it everywhere..

    this cannot continue…

  60. @ John 2 @David
    The matter was going to be investigated. That was the promise made. Now, in all seriousness is it unreasonable for a citizen to expect the findings of a promised investigation to be reported to the public. Where is the “lie” ?
    Has the public been given any report on the promised investigation. Yet the public is reading in the press that action has been taken. I said: ” ” However the public has not been given any official report as promised.
    Was an investigation promised? Have you seen a report from any official source?
    Perhaps I should have written : the public has not been given any report on the investigation that was promised and yet we are reading about a worker being held accountable .
    Now to the substance of the matter: You can correctly argue that I should have used the word investigation instead of report. and I am prepared to accept that. There is no evidence that I deliberately or intentionally attempted an “outright lie”. I simply used a word in the wrong place .An investigation was promised and there is no official report but a worker has been dismissed. The full findings of the promised investigation should be made public rather than the public depending on BU, Barbados today or the Nation newspaper.
    Now, I pride myself on integrity when it comes to public debate. I am therefore accepting that both you and @David are correct when you said no “report” was promised. However I will not accept or admit to promoting any “outright” lie since no ” official” report has been given on the investigation.
    Conclusion; As promised, i have politely accepted both you and @David position. I admit that I should have said investigation was promised and not report.
    Finally I do enjoy mature discussion. Thank you for drawing that error to my attention.

  61. @ Theo
    It’s one thing to be accused of making an error. It’s quite another when you’re accused of telling an “ outright” lie.
    A lie and an error are not synonymous.

  62. That’s why i told him ignore the IMP….all of us knew this..

    i would give them all the lies they want….let them go DIGGING in the archives cause they got nothing better to do..let the lies CHOKE THEM..all investigations COME WITH REPORTS…so it was a public matter why would the people who pay their salaries not get a report…steupps…

    now ya see why i take NONE OF THEM SERIOUSLY…especially the LIARS ON BU who love to call others liars…

  63. William…they would know it’s an error and still call it a lie…they are STUPID LIKE THAT…acting like 7 year olds…apparently my lies have now bored them or…….they showed up themselves so much…especially when they thought they had a good piece of meat and were posting shite from the archives EVERY DAY…….but since i launched….they lost interest OR have finally come to terms with HOW DUMB THEY ARE…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @William

      You are aware this breach maybe an issue shrouded in the need for national security and other protocols to be observed?

  64. @ David
    I said in my post that a report can be given without making any security concerns public. This is done every day.

    • @William

      Let us give you another view of the matter from someone who maybe familiar how these matters are treated.

      The GAIA requested G4S to submit a report on the security breach – read how a traveler was able to embark a plane with a gun.

      G4S investigated the matter and it resulted in the G4S employee who manned the scanner being terminated. There maybe other changes not made public and may not because of the need to keep private.

      At the same time G4S has or will submit a report to government as requested which will have implications for if G4S’ contract is terminated and or not renewed.

      Once the ducks are lined up where the PM can speak to the matter without prejudicing the exercise, the prime minister will probably address the matter.

  65. William,

    Not a good feeling, is it William, being accused of lying on the blog?

    Not a good feeling being accused of stealing content on the blog either!

    Perhaps you have a better understanding now.

  66. Lives are at risk because the nurses have ALWAYS BEEN MISTREATED…ya remember the one who fell in the hospital nearly 40 years ago, remember how they made HER SUFFER until now she is totally disabled…they had this woman crawling around instead of making sure THAT SHE WAS COMPENSATED adequately so her life of pain could be made comfortable…they made sure she did not get the surgery until it was TOO LATE…

    lives are at risk, because the nurses don not get paid on time, many had to RUN FROM THE ISLAND….just to survive…


  67. @ David
    My contention is that as a citizen, I would prefer an official report from the government rather than other sources. If you’re are saying one will come. We can only wait and see.

    • @William

      Again you must take the time to read the comment. The government has no control over how/when info is released from G4S or in this case the employee who contracted Michael Lashley to submit a wrongful dismissal case to the ERT.

  68. …they made sure she did not get the surgery until it was TOO LATE……and may i add….that they grudgingly paid the money for the surgery about 38 YEARS LATER….when they knew it would be useless and the lady will be crippled…. i remembered how Adriel the AG acted like she was not human…..that’s the dangerous and wicked minds ya dealing with… she fell in the 70s on the hospital floor, that’s Barrow, Adams, Sandiford, and all the acting and other PMs, like St. John, Greaves, and the recent ones like Owen and Fruendel……none of them cared about this lady, she had to EXPOSE IT IN THE PAPERS…then the fraud lawyer she had kept acting like she was begging for one cared about her and am sure she took care of their relatives as a nurse and/or delivered their children…..and that is only one story of mistreatment by the wicked..

    the nurses have to care for themselves because it’s obvious they will not get any care from government..

  69. @ Hants December 17, 2021 3:09 PM
    Let us be real. The only person who can pull this back is Caswell Franklin. For there is no action that the Government has taken. He is reacting to an action that was not taken by the Government! If ever there was a case about jumping the gun, this is it! (Unquote).

    Don’t understand what is meant by the above statement extracted from the BT newspaper.

    What about the ‘striking’ nurses themselves? Are they mere automatons?

    Is Mr. Franklyn, the ‘elected’ dictator of unionism, holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to go on strike?

    Has Caswell politically brainwashed the striking nurses to such an extent that they are behaving, and strikingly so, like Pavlov’s bitches?

    Why not meet with the nurses sans Caswell, the ‘anointed’ maverick dog for a mafia bully, and hear what are their grievances even if ‘there are’ the same as those held by the other members registered with the NUPW, BWU or BRNA?

  70. And yes, TheO! Sometimes I use capitals. I write as hear it in my head. I also use ellipses.

    Don’t think I missed it!

  71. I gine tek further recommendations from certain people over in away with a grain of salt.

    Anyway, if it wasn’t obvious before it certainly is now. Mia seh she fire a Senator and Joe cud fire one too. After all the lotta long talk, dat iz de main ingredient.

    You dun seh de nurses ain’t gine get one blind cent for the time dat dem wuz off de job. At dis time uh de year, when people gots tuh buy ham and tings fuh duh children; you gine pull dah kinda stunt?
    Wuh you really expect tuh happen after dat?
    How many nurses on strike again?
    Stop playing to the gallery do!

    Mia clearly believes she’s the smartest person on the island and plebs like me so, can’t sus she out.

    • To dock the nurses pay is heavy handed. A caution could have been issued. An opportunity to give Caswell an out. Such a measure would not have been taken with the other unions. This is an opportunity to break Unity Workers Union.

  72. “What about the ‘striking’ nurses themselves? Are they mere automatons?”

    nigas with colonial titles have never considered them human and have treated them accordingly…..very badly, i would not take that type of treatment from anyone…

    none of this can be put on Caswell or the opposition…these nurses have had grievances for DECADES and BOTH cruel governments have POINTEDLY IGNORED THEM…..because they have always been so TAKEN UP with SELLING OUT…they have no time to deal with the mess that they are so expert at creating.

    now trying to put the blame on others, they planted the seed that they watered and grew to become a monster……..YA REAP WHAT YA SOW…..and they may want to stop trying to fine tune the narrative, it’s not going anywhere.

  73. And despite all that I can state that of all the comments made concerning this strike issue, the most telling blow was struck by the person who pointed out that our governments, including this one, do not play by the rules.

    They cannot pull out the rules book when it suits them.

    Time for Mia to put down her big stick and reason with grown up people.

    Long past time for self-examination!

  74. @ Donna
    I welcome and appreciate your comment on this matter. I have never accused you of being a liar. Far from; as you said we “ clash” from time to time but I can’t recall questioning your integrity. Neither can I recall supporting any such views regarding anything negative regarding your integrity.
    On the other hand, I am very quick to admit when I make an error because at the end of the day, it’s only a debate.
    This is not the first time, I was called a liar on BU.
    However, I thank you for your comments regarding why you don’t think I will lie just like that.
    BTW, I am as concerned now as I was when Stuart and company were running things. However, I have concluded that there seems to be a concerted effort to hold this administration far less accountable. The standard has been lowered and I suspect a very high price will be paid.
    I have also noted that you are making some very strong statements with your concerns
    As you wrote sometime ago, my ultimate mission is to get rid of both the Barbados and Democratic Labour Party. That will not change . However whenever I err , I will always admit it.
    BTW # 2. Believe it or not , I consider all the women on BU as sisters. It’s an old school thing fro back in the day.

  75. @David December 17, 2021 4:26 PM

    How heavy handed can it be when some of them was not getting paid cash but getting paid in promises before their pay got docked.

    Investigate how many nurses caught COVID and died or nearly died because of the nonsense they were and still getting for PPE.

    What these unions need to do whenever they strike is to take out an official notice in the paper stating all the grievances they are striking for.

    • @CA

      The big problem with the unions in Barbados is the level of infiltration by political operatives and the extent they follow political agendas. EXXEPT Caswell.

  76. Short memories. Caswell was a hard Bee. He had some financial struggles. A party operative gave him $400 and somehow got that on a political platform in the recent St.George North by-election. That was the first devious blow against Caswell.
    That’s how political cannibals operate. Caswell knows that they want to eat him alive.

    • The reference to a paltry $400.00 debt was made by PM Mottley not so? It was a low blow meant to obviously discredit Caswell. History will not record the revelation as one of her best moments.

  77. @David

    Caswell problem is he knows the laws too well for his own good.

    I have not seen anything official from his union stating all the problems they are fighting over, only vague anecdotal statements about pay, PPE and lack of medical supplies.

    He needs to get more detailed to garner more support from the public.

    • It was about time.

      DLP calls on Government to address nurses’ grievances
      Article by
      Barbados Today
      Published on
      December 17, 2021

      The Democratic Labour Party has broken its silence on the ongoing strike by nurses represented by the Unity Workers Union.

      The party’s spokesman on health, Andre Worrell said Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s intervention on the matter was “unfortunate” and has “thrown fuel on the fire when the matter needs to be quickly resolved.”

      The DLP is urging the government to work to quickly address the concerns of the nurses in good faith and show the nursing profession the level of respect it rightly deserves.

      Below is the full text of the statement:

      Respect the Nurses.

      The unfortunate intervention by the Prime Minister in the strike by the Unity Workers Union nurses has thrown fuel on the fire when the matter needs to be quickly resolved. The nurses striked over long-standing issues which were made even more perplexing as a result of the tremendous burden which the healthcare sector has been under as a result of the COVID surge. The safe zones and vaccine mandate may be the catalyst for the strike, however, more pressing issues are on the card. Instead of addressing these issues the Prime Minister focused on undermining the character of the striking workers and the lone Union which saw it fit to take a stand for the rights of workers in Barbados.

      The nurses made it clear that the vaccines alone will not make their work environment safe and that other long-standing issues needed to be addressed. Among these are the payment of Hazard pay and allocation of adequate PPE to nurses including those at the Polyclinics and not just the ones at the isolation centres. Other critical issues include the overall safety of the working environment as well as the cleanliness of the working environment with increasing incidents of bed bugs in the facilities. The nurses should be heard and negotiated with in a fair and cordial manner.

      The nurses are a critical part of the healthcare delivery in Barbados and the profession should be respected. As the country continues to be in a drawn out COVID surge any unnecessary strain on our health care professionals should be avoided.

      The Ministry of Health has completely compromised the implementation of the safe zones at the hospital. The number of memos and letters which have been circulating and latter withdrawn shows that this administration is out of its depth and struggling to get it right.

      From all accounts, the central part of the problem is that this administration is seeking to impose employer vaccine mandates disguised as so called “safe zones”. If that is their intention, they should be upfront with the workers and people of Barbados.

      The Democratic Labour Party urges the government to work quickly to address the concerns of the nurses in good faith and show the nursing profession the level of respect it rightly deserves.

      Andre Worrell

      DLP Spokes Person for Health, Water and Sanitation

  78. The time would appear ripe, to step up and contribute to Unity?
    Somebody at some point has to challenge any government. It is less the challenge itself, than how they respond.

    I am not impressed.

  79. The senator, his rebellious unionists and the notorious DLP have been terrorising businessmen and other employers for years.

    Time for the police to finally intervene and lock them up! We need an IMF compliant society and not a collection of rebels and slackers on our republican island.

  80. @David, 2 quickies…

    Re: “History will not record the revelation as one of her best moments.”

    That’s funny … I have never known revelations of that type on a raucous political platform to be other than ‘best moments’!

    They are meant to knock the ‘intestinal fortitude’ (as the comedians does say) out of the opponent; sow seeds of doubt about his/her character and basically catspraddle them ‘in the moment’.

    In that context, and really that’s all that mattered, it was absolutely one of her very ‘best moments’. This is the nastiness of POLITICS not about ethics in a court room or about morals and decency!

    And re “it’s about time”.

    The DLP appear very skittish … almost as if they have been neutered.

    One plus year on they should be bombarding this admin with a NEW team of bright, talented potential candidates … Sen Franklyn is a very careful guy (at this stage of his life, one surmises) so they could have been on board with that type statement eva since.

    We need a strong opposition so I do wish the party well as they regroup but they are missing many an opportunity to HAMMER the false steps by this admin … or is it that they were soooo bad that now they feel to ashamed to point fingers!

    I hope not.

    I gone.

  81. @William S

    I found it curious that “John2” accused you of lying about the affaire los Miami, if memory serves didn’t the PM say that she only heard of the incident the day before it was reported in the Press when her rep in Miami knew of it weeks before and was able to comment on the retraining of individuals post the arrest of the gun toting senior.

    Who de cat likes…….

  82. @ Tron
    you got the republic. Now you want a police state. You RH idiot the wearing of white, and the gift of the gab from your supreme leader will not stop KARMA from happening. Barbadian will understand what the saying “you live at your aunt” really means

  83. “Somebody at some point has to challenge any government. It is less the challenge itself, than how they respond.

    I am not impressed”

    hit the nail on the head.

    politicians lie to them hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually, rob them, sell them out, put them in debt….attempt to enslave them every opportunity they get, steal opportunites from their children grandchildren and great grands……. and they don’t once protest those evil lies….but they would hop on a blog and accuse people of lying….

  84. William,

    I say what I believe at all times. You are no liar and wish only the best for Barbados. At the same time, you do not think it the worst place to live.

    Our differences are minor. We want the same things for Barbados, the Caribbean and African people everywhere.


    William…i will also advise young people in Barbados and across the Caribbean to TAKE UP ACTIVISM….make your voice COUNT, let it be HEARD, i see in the villages and small communities they are fighting, injuring and killing each other, those negative energies need to be channeled in a positive direction.

    Saw some clips today where young men are beating women, young women beating each other, young men beating each other bloody and that was in Barbados.. the governments are FAILURES….these young people need an intervention to save their lives and that of the upcoming generations who are now mere babies..

  86. @ WURA
    The youth need better examples from the broader society and leadership at all levels. This is a regional problem. We should be busy changing models and innovation for the future rather than winning backward political wars.
    These leaders throughout the region are in constant campaign mode and politics is becoming like cults. Follow the leader right or wrong; drink the poisonous cool aid…………..

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