Journey to Nowhere

Some of us have been following the Danny Fenster story, a US journalist sentenced to 11 years in prison by the Myanmar government for alleged breaches to immigration and terrorism laws. Thankfully the latest news is that Fenster was released and should be back in the USA soon.

The blogmaster hesitates to use the word empathetic to hint at being able to understand the challenges of a Western journalist staying true to the mandate of the fourth estate working in a country like Myanmar. It must take unswerving commitment and dedication to the cause – ‘truth to power’.

Why the musings from a lowly blogmaster this day? We live in a world where every cause has a strident defender. It takes a special person with the courage to do what is right; to have the courage of their convictions. How do we as sensible people dispassionately negotiate win win positions where personal positions or narrow interest can accommodate the interest of the collective? After all, a quality whole is the sum of its parts.

How will we be able to nurture a wholesome society operating under an outmoded adversarial political system?

How is our system of parliamentary government relevant if checks and balances in the name of committees of parliament e.g. Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Committee of Privilege etc serve roles in the breach only?

How will we improve our governance system if Auditor General reports are routinely ignored by policymakers and lawmakers?

How can we defend that we live in a ‘free’ country if the justice system is systemically compromised by violating its role that “justice delayed is justice denied’? This includes key actors of the Barbados Bar Association and Disciplinary Committee who are officers of the Court.

Where is the will to stamp out growing lawlessness manifested on our roads by motorists, PSV sector etc? A sector by all accounts shrouded in an uncomplimentary sub culture.

More importantly, where is the will of the citizenry to demonstrate that we are an intelligent and educated people by understanding the importance of holding public officials accountable?

A prominent Barbadian is reputed to have said that one day Bajans will wake up and be unable to recognize the Barbados we live in. What will it take for Barbadians to stay true to the ideals of what is Barbados. 

Our failure to educate citizens to think in a way that nurture a philosophical outlook has led us to where we are presently in a quagmire. We seem to be a people satisfied with meandering to an unknown destination fast. Unaware of the purpose of our existence because of a willingness to remain untethered to a philosophical mooring.

Are we there yet Bajans?


  • Theo…many of us are working around the COCOON of IGNORANCE to end this evil, decades old nightmare of realness that too many have experienced generationally…we are getting there, and with PLT finally understanding the magnitude and DANGER posed to current and future generations by the CORRUPT in the parliament and parasitic minority communities….i feel more confident that it will all be TAKEN DOWN and the useless parliament negros dispensed with….the PEOPLE have spoken loud and clear on other forums and they are ready to RID THEMSELVES of these black hating CRIMINALS…

    “Take off your rose coloured glasses. Barbados today is much better than the Barbados of 1971… and the Barbados of 1971 was much better than the Barbados of 1921. However in 2021 we are still called to make Barbados much better than it is.”

    there has ALWAYS BEEN a silent struggle to BEAT BACK the wicked haunted parliament and VICIOUS minority CONTAGION…we are MUCH STRONGER than our forebears were because many of us are ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGE….not available before….so are better equipped TO END IT…

    every big plot they come up with is LACED with FRAUD and ALWAYS works AGAINST the majority…never devised to benefit but to force the populaton into more subjugation, poverty and disenfranchisement to promote and support a consortium of small time criminals…

    in their haste to promote their fraud and pretend they are number one this and that and leaders in this and that…they are now the WORLD’S LAUGHING STOCK….this weakens them SIGNIFICANTLY…and being reduced to fintech EMPLOYEES in Nigeria was the cream on the cake…..after the parliament traitors opened the door to allow them to pump up their stock of FRAUD and got EXPOSED right along with them……while believing it would reduce the population further and promote them more…..BIG FAIL…i totally enjoyed that one..

    Vive l’Afrique….free from anti-Afrikan criminals from Barbados.


  • Vive l’Afrique….free from anti-Afrikan minority criminals from Barbados.AND the Caribbean..

    all they are ever interested in are GET RICH QUICK schemes and scams…at the EXPENSE of Black people……nothing else, that’s why the island will ALWAYS be borrowing, frauds every time want to build from the top down… will NEVER WORK…will always GO NOWHERE…

    didn’t even realize that an injunction was being sought…..well it is a FAKE REPUBLIC….so anything is possible. what was eye opening is the SCAM they were attempting to run on Afrikans with the republic fraud…an end was put to that evil shit immediately…..they STILL DON’T GET IT….most would, but not everyone WILL SIT DOWN QUIETLY and allow them to get away with and SPREAD THEIR CRIMINALITY, lies, deceit….corruption and WICKEDNESS…and the social and cultural POISON that leaks from the island/parliament cannot be allowed in certain areas of the continent AT ANY TIME….they can keep that in UAE, that’s where it belongs.

    “With a court challenge still looming over Government’s move to transition Barbados to a republic by monthend, Attorney General Dale Marshall has revealed that on Monday his office submitted the state’s response to the injunction being sought by Grenville Phillips II.

    He also disclosed that with just two weeks to go before the transition, it is unlikely there will be an actual court hearing, and that the presiding judge will render a decision based on the submissions, which are expected to be wrapped up today when Phillips submits his rebuttal.

    “This is not going to be done by a hearing because of the urgency of it. Instead, it is going to be done based on parties’ submissions. Both parties are going to make their submission, the judge is going to look over them and make a decision, hopefully very soon,” Marshall explained”


  • I wonder what the Bible says about teet skinnin.

    I know the verse, “Jesus wept.” I cannot remember if “Jesus laughed”.

    Anyway… I figure if He did not want me to skin my teet, He should not have given me teet and a sense of humour.

    Oh shite, wuh He gih muh sex organs, a sex drive (sssshhhh women are not supposed to admit that) and no wiles to catch me a husband (or one worth keeping,at least) lol

    How cruel can one God be?

    But even if I could catch me such a rarity, having been divorced by my husband (lol) I cannot remarry.

    Still no Foo Ping for me!

    I’m beginning to think He does not like women.

    This MANmade God is very unreasonable.

    It is a good thing I am a creative, a writer skilled at rewording the writings of others! This new Bible shall be my greatest creation since my compilation of WURA’s BU posts.

    I shall make me a God in my own image. It is a good thing I have practice in “demaling”. Ask my ex-husband how much respect was shown to his two balls and a stick thinking! Somehow I preferred to rely on my own brain.

    My new God will allow me to use all the parts SHE gave me without being subject to the whims and fancies of man.

    I like my new God-in-a-bòok idea. I shall make Her female-friendly laws retroactive to cover all my past “sins”.

    Damn! I think it’s been done already. Femininist theology, I think it’s called.

    Anyway, I have no need of storybooks anymore. God is in my head and in my understanding.

    While the blogmaster’s away, the fools will play.

    Of course, he may delete it all in a few minutes.

    Let us pray!


  • repeat for clarity:

    what was eye opening is the SCAM they were attempting to run on Afrikans with the republic fraud…an end was put to that evil shit immediately…..they STILL DON’T GET IT….most would, but not everyone WILL SIT DOWN QUIETLY and allow them to get away with and SPREAD THEIR CRIMINALITY, lies, deceit….corruption and WICKEDNESS…and the social and cultural POISON that leaks from the island/parliament cannot be allowed in certain areas of the continent AT ANY TIME….

    that one rocked them, they never thought anyone was watching THAT CLOSELY, because they don’t care about, nor do they understand the connection….but they will try again, bigger eyes are watching now….

    Pacha…you will not believe the lengths to which these FRAUDS are stretching themselves.


  • “It appears that an early ignoramus made an error in his calculations, the mark of the beast is not 666 but is actually 555”

    As a born again which means I read up my bible here is the verse that slaves should know to know your place in the race of human

    Ephesians 6:5-8 Paul states, “Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ”


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    Excerpt from my book.

    “Instead of the virulent form of socially engineered classism that was introduced and superimposed on weakened melanated minds. An appalling derivative of venomous racism and mental slavery with all that scenario evokes became culturized and normalized in each new life. Both remain the well-oiled engines that drives each other and no separation is needed to its collective function as it remains the premise that violations of Black human rights are built upon. The vital history is still not instructed, even in these perilous times. Had there existed less cowardly, more competent leadership, we would see the startling contrast. Sadly, none of the politicians appear to carry the mental agility or requisite level of intelligence to institute a positive community evolution leading to a restructuring, outside of depicting themselves as colonial help on gluttony-inspired, skillfully managed modern-day plantations they control with advertised pride. It is the furthest extent to their effectiveness.”

    Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved.


  • #BLACKLIVESMATTER post George Floyd shifted the prejudiced mindset where whites thought blacks should not be doing same jobs as them or living in same places as them or having relationships with them

    Scum like Trump GP and John have been noted for what they truly are


  • A great day to all.

    In silly talk about the Bible it is inevitable that at some stage 666 would become 999, 888, 777, … 111. Not a believer one way or the other; just a slight lean. Have a great day


  • White guilt is now dealing with microaggression in their diversity training
    some blacks and browns have imitated whites with their cutting humour
    some but not all (sombunall)

    some scum like GP and John parroted All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter
    and antifa and marxist tropes fro their white heroes who are the real zeroes


  • at least the WORLD’S NO. 1 LAUGHING STOCKS… have a whole book written about them, they finally found the fame for which they have searched for DECADES…..that ALWAYS eluded them until now, when they overreached….


  • Learn up the Bible with
    Reggae Psalms

    The stone that the builders refused will become the head corner stone

    Some interpreted this verse as Slave Tribe of Israel or Jesus who were refused
    Rasta interpreted this as the African Diaspora of the Black Jews in Babylon Land


  • My Cup Runneth Over
    Album by The Wailers and U-Roy
    A Lee Perry Production Something


  • Let me stop playing the fool for a few seconds.

    This has bothered me for a bit. If there is an ‘exchange’, I want it to be a good one. I do not need any help, so to other bloggers “Please, no piggybacking or ganging-up to support some other cause”.

    Most of the stories that catch my interest are about injustices or of some type of fraud.

    I do not make these stories up. I take them from one of the newspapers. If these stories depict Barbados in a bad light, then I am not to blame as I am just commenting on a reported story.

    If blame is to be assigned then there are two levels before it gets to me… the criminal and the newspaper.

    Please state your opposition more clearly as it seem to be an attempt to suppress the truth.


  • I see that a few more are awake. My hope of having a conversation has been abandoned.

    Since I fear any response will be hijacked, I will go back to being the fool.


  • JOKE OF THE YEAR = metaverse embassies…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    and am not the only one laughing.


  • Williams, uh see that you wide awake and out looking to pick fights and pelt some big rocks from the sidelines. Lol.

    Wait Wiĺliams, when was the last time you had a conversation wid anybody except yuh self? Man when you ready you duz crack a lotta corny jokes and talk nuff nuff shite.

    I like that name Williams real bad.

    Have a great day.


  • TheO,

    I am assuming you were wishing to have a conversation with me.

    So… let me attempt to explain, hopefully without input from others whose intentions I find to be questionable.

    Let us return to our latest squirmish!

    The truth is that a returnee was criminally relieved of her life savings in Barbados. The truth is that another returnee was criminally relieved of the contents of her house.

    True, these terrible things do happen in Barbados. It is good to be aware.

    What is a distortion of the truth is that you need to fear returning since you are more than likely to suffer the same fate. It is not nearly so bad that you should see yourself as “prey”.

    It is actually far more likely that you won’t suffer that fate once you take precautions befitting your financial position, same as I do.

    If you have something worth stealing, protect it. Secure your home and your person appropriately. Be aware.

    No need for excessive fear at all. Just common sense.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I hear the Court of Appeal got caught short today adjudicating on a matter in which all of the litigants on one side are deceased.

    It seems as though it has been doing it for a while.

    The QC for the deceased parties on instruction from the deceased insisted the other side produce an affidavit to show the parties instructing him are deceased.

    So the other side read the death notice out of the Nation. ​

    You can’t make up this stuff.

    Been going on for a while in the Kingsland matter.

    Attorneys at Law are now offering their services to the dead.


  • … been going on for a while.


  • Identity Spirituality
    Older Cultures used to see aspects of God in woman, nature, sun etc
    but for last 500 years Christians see it in a blue eyed Jesus born in Palestine

    the one star bitch is going to hell in a handcart


  • Mumbling and Grumbling

    You tend to believe and say positive vibes about Barbados and it’s peoples
    Everyone else comes on the Underground to vent whine moan and groan
    You are not singing from the same hymn sheet as the rest of the choir


  • 555,

    I experience the positive every day. I also experience the negative. But not every day.

    Barbados is a place in which one can live quite happily, once one accepts that the struggle must continue, pretty much as it does almost everywhere else in the world.

    What happened here is that we rested on our laurels for a couple of decades. We assumed the struggle was over. And so we lost some ground. This happened because living conditions improved dramatically for most people and we were lulled into a false sense of security. We assumed the momentum would take us forward without further effort.

    While we rested, other forces were pushing.

    It is past time we start back pushing. It is not too late.



  • Greetings to al.
    I was looking for a conversation, but decided yo hold my peace

    The good thing about billing the estate of the deceased is that the deceased do not complain.
    It would be good to know how long this case was in the system

    I came to the conclusion that these things will not stop, until Bajans are not afraid of going to jail.
    The Old talk on BU and FB will not solve anything.


  • @ Donna
    “What happened here is that we rested on our laurels for a couple of decades. We assumed the struggle was over. And so we lost some ground. This happened because living conditions improved dramatically for most people and we were lulled into a false sense of security. We assumed the momentum would take us forward without further effort.

    While we rested, other forces were pushing.“

    Agree 100%. That’s the exact mistake the Black Americans made. They thought that after the turbulent 60s, they would have been okay. But, they now realise , that far from being okay, they now have to fight again for what they thought they had already won.
    Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.
    So they are now fighting both present and former atrocities.
    The struggle for Blacks everywhere continues.


  • As I have said before, one does not need to be unafraid to “make a jail”. One only has to skilfully plant the idea that one is unafraid to make a jail.

    Mad woman system. It works.


  • TheOGazertsNovember 19, 2021 10:19 AM

    The good thing about billing the estate of the deceased is that the deceased do not complain.
    It would be good to know how long this case was in the system



    I’m waiting to see if the press covers it.

    So far the press has broadcast a decision before it was in the hands of the living party with the dissenting opinion of one Justice of Appeal and every time there has been a date in the Court of Appeal it is covered.

    You should be able to figure out which case it is.

    It’s the one with the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar meeting which took place in 2010.


  • Here’s the question to be answered.

    If litigants are deceased and do not have personal representatives as per their wills how can three Justices of Appeal sit, hear submissions on their behalf from a QC and make a ruling?

    Says alot about the QC and the Justices, regardless of the actions of the defendant.

    My understanding, given what I have experienced is that proceedings cannot continue once a litigant dies.

    Normally, the executor/personal representative would continue the litigation or end it.

    The court can also appoint a suitable party for the purpose of the continuation of the case.


  • Grasshopper

    If you want to find out what else is going on between Philip Nicholls and Barry Gale, read his book(s).

    It might help you to understand the proceedings in the court


  • I see there are numerous ships stuck in the ice in the Arctic which has frozen a fortnight early.

    Scratch climate change.

    All the maguffis who went to Glasgow must be wondering how this is possible.


  • @WURA-War-on-U
    See what African governments are allowing at the expense of the lives and wellbeing of their people – As in the past, now and forever it seems.
    To see online videos of Africans paying people smugglers vast sums to abuse them in Libya and Morocco in the false hope of a better life in Europe. They don’t care how they are treated or if they die at sea in pursuit of their “DREAM”. Nigeria is supposed to be oil rich yet their citizens are part of the dream seekers who are dying at sea, languishing in refugee camps in Europe or working as paid slaves in Arab countries.

    If you are still in denial, that reminds me of a cartoon where a man’s girlfriend is in a wedding dress, arms linked to the husband outside the church and his reaction is “Rosie, please say it isn’t so”.


  • Remember when the yacht from Senegal showed up in Barbados in 2006 with all 11 dead on board?

    Africa has had its problems for years and they only seem to be getting worser.


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