People do Things for a Reason

Submitted Paula Sealy

Political people do political things for a reason Especially during the silly season
Teachers your shepherd was all bout Wildey
Your president … canvassing daily

No Bee … but busy all through the Pine
On Saturdays as early as nine
Wikie in Lascelles Terrace is base
But he will learn to know his place

Not too long before he retires
Since he’s a public servant and lighting fires
While he is planning to upset the lioness
It is Rastaman Grant he has actually to bes’

He could stop down below Regent Hill
Breeze out by Chop and chill
Cause he is not the candidate
Those are just the FACTS – straight

Now Miss Verla you see
This is my one and only plea
Tell teacher man for me
These licks won’t be nothing easy

And since the shepherd has a family
Before he is in a political cemetery
Tell him he has as much chance
As egg at rockstone dance

54 thoughts on “People do Things for a Reason

  1. Branch chief in running

    By Maria Bradshaw

    The Christ Church West constituency has been abuzz with rumours that Dr William Fondleroy Duguid may be joining the growing list of Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidates pulling out of the next General Election.
    Residents told the Weekend Nation
    that for the past few weeks the rumour had intensified, as president of the constituency branch, Dr Lisa Jaggernauth, was seen out in the field canvassing.
    Reliable sources also told this newspaper that the branch was considering Jaggernauth and Ryan Forde, son of Sir Henry Forde who held the coveted seat during the 1980s and 1990s, as viable replacements in the constituency, which is considered a BLP stronghold.
    When contacted Duguid, the Minister of Housing and a dentist by profession, did not deny or admit the allegation.
    Asked if he was stepping down, he replied: “If it were true, I could not tell you before I tell my branch or discuss it with my leader.”
    Three of the victorious candidates from the BLP’s 30-0 sweep of the 2018 General Election have so far announced that they will not be returning. MP for The City of Bridgetown, Jeffrey Bostic made the announcement on September 30. St Philip West MP John King confirmed the news on October 17 and Ronald Toppin, the long-standing St Michael North representative, announced only on Wednesday that he was not running again.
    If Duguid steps down, it would be the second time in his political career that he has bowed out of elective politics.
    He won the seat comfortably in 2003 and 2008 before relocating to Canada with his family and relinquishing to his colleague and fellow dentist Dr Maria Agard.
    However, in 2015 after Agard was expelled by the party, Duguid reappeared, saying his constituents had bombarded him to return.
    No surprise
    Despite his loyalty being called into question on his return, he sailed home in the 2018 General Election, garnering 3 505 votes, beating his rival Verla De Peiza (759 votes), now leader of the Democratic Labour Party, in every box.
    A BLP source said Duguid’s possible exit would not be a surprise to the party since he had revealed when he returned that he would only serve one more term.
    A resident, however, said they were shocked to hear that Duguid might not be back.
    “Ms Jaggernauth was in the area canvassing last weekend with a small group of people. I had never seen her but she introduced herself. She said that she had worked her way up the ladder and that she lived in Simmons Land and she was a possible replacement for Mr Duguid.
    “I was quite surprised. It drew my mind back to the time when Mr Duguid had left to reside in Canada with his family. I was shocked then when he turned up at my door just in time to replace Maria Agard.”
    Pointing out that this was the first time he had “laid eyes on Jaggernauth”, the resident said she had previously left a flyer at his home when he was not there.
    When contacted yesterday, Jaggernauth, a lecturer in social work at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, confirmed that she had been canvassing.
    “Yes, I am out there and I am interested in the seat but I can’t say any more at this point,” she said, adding that the response from constituents had been encouraging,” she said.
    “I have been doing community work in Christ Church West for more than 30 years. I have a long history in the area and that is why people have encouraged me to contest the seat.”
    Jaggernauth had proposed Duguid as the candidate for the last election.

    Source: Nation

  2. Preemptive move by Jaggernauth ?

    ” Reliable sources also told this newspaper that the branch was considering Jaggernauth and Ryan Forde, son of Sir Henry Forde “

  3. To.quote Bush Tea
    Brass bowls dropping like flies
    It must have been miserable walking around with the Number 30 on your back

  4. Four down. Does this provide an opportunity for ‘new’ candidates.
    How safe is safe?
    Is it the party or is it the candidate?

  5. TheOGazertsOctober 29, 2021 12:37 PM

    Four down. Does this provide an opportunity for ‘new’ candidates.
    How safe is safe?
    Is it the party or is it the candidate?

    If Mia had her way she probably would go oversees to pick her choice of new candidates
    But then again putting any thing pass what she can’t do is not smart

  6. Sham/scam/scandke brewing

    From BarbadosToday
    “I would like there to be a commission of inquiry into the operations of the National Housing Corporation and the Ministry of Housing because some of the statements that I am hearing coming out from the minister [Dr William Duguid] and the ministry do not square with my knowledge,” he told the Senate.

    But the Opposition Senator remained mum on the specific details while insisting on a judicial review of the housing ministry.

    Senator Franklyn said: “The information that was given to me to settle that dispute does not accord to what the minister says, because of the information that I got I can say to you that someone has misled the minister. We need an investigation, and I mean a judicial inquiry, not a departmental inquiry because they don’t go anywhere, into the operations of the National Housing Corporation.”

  7. TheOGazertsOctober 29, 2021 1:09 PM

    Not a praying man, but will start praying that the Good Lord protects Caswell
    As long as he stays away from.late night dominoes
    He might be alright
    Better yet stick to.walking Snow

  8. Another man overboard on the ghost ship blp
    Captain missing looks like mutiny on the high seas
    Turbalant waters tide too high
    Good news for the opposing candidates as Depezia reels in fresh face amidst the roaring ocean
    Ronnie Yearwood a bright and shining light for the Dlp
    He gets my vote

  9. A wasted 30-0 what an accomplishment four men jump ship or push over board
    The koolaid ain’t working no more
    A govt having a mandate but couldn’t keep the ship on course
    What a thing doah

    Party names three for poll; PdP says people showing interest
    The political temperature in Barbados is rising as parties get into a war of words over candidates.
    While the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is saying farewell to some of its Members of Parliament, the Democratic Labour Party is slowly revealing its slate of challengers in preparation for the next General Election, which is constitutionally due in 2023.
    Yesterday, Democratic Labour Party (DLP) president Verla De Peiza announced three additional candidates and the Leader of the Opposition People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP), Bishop Joseph Atherley said “people are registering an interest in being candidates”.
    Will not be the last
    Speaking on the last two departures from elective politics in the ruling BLP, Atherley said St Michael North MP Ronald Toppin’s exit will not be the last, adding that he was not surprised by the Minister of International Business and Industry’s announcement on Wednesday. He also said he was not taken aback by speculation that Christ Church West MP and Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance Dr William Duguid might be bowing out.
    However, he said he did not think Toppin, who served with him in the Owen Arthur Administration, was pushed from the seat he held for 27 years.
    “I don’t think Mr Toppin is the kind of man you can easily push, as in the case with one or two other decisions that you’ve heard so far, or which may be pending, or that you’re hearing mentioned. I don’t think that’s the case with Mr Toppin.
    “I think this is a genuine exit made with mature consideration and appropriate time to allow for a successor he hopes that can carry on . . . . He would not have confided in me that he was going to take the step for political reasons, but there’s sufficient indication.
    The PdP leader also said: “I would not be surprised if there is movement in Christ Church West. There are other seats which are being talked of, perhaps away from the public ear – St Thomas, St James North and St Michael East. So, I don’t expect Mr Toppin’s will be the last exit.”
    Meanwhile, in announcing candidates Rennette Dimmott (Christ Church West Central), Dr Ronnie Yearwood (St James South), and Kevin Miller (St Michael South) and expressing confidence in their abilities to win, De Peiza took a swipe at the leadership of Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and her former Christ Church West opponent, whom she battled at the polls and lost.
    “I’ve long considered Minister Duguid a political barometer. He tends to lie low whenever the political storms gather. Recent events suggest this may
    well be the case. The steady march away from Ms Mottley speaks volumes about her leadership. These are times best suited to rational minds that demonstrate grace under fire. Her most recent decisions and outbursts show otherwise.
    “The Democratic Labour Party very methodically has chosen its candidates for each constituency whose fresh perspectives are already being heard. Mr B. Ricardo Harrison in St Michael North and Mr Andrew Cave in Christ Church West for instance, both of whom are spokespersons for the party,” said De Peiza.
    On Wednesday night, while speaking at the party’s St Michael North branch meeting, Mottley gave a stinging rebuke of De Peiza and the DLP’s criticisms about the management of the country and “about who we running, and who we ain’t running and who running away from being in this Government”.
    “ . . . If you are going to talk about who’s running and who is not running, then you perhaps need to put up a mirror and look at yourself and understand that you have now delivered the greatest condemnation of your leadership to this country.
    “When last have you heard Chris Sinckler talking wid dem? Let’s get real! And we get to the point now where people are speaking for the sake of speaking because they feel that they can have a microphone and that they can do all of this.
    “I ain’t got no problem wid it but tell me what you run. Tell me what you ever run or manage. And for those who say one minute you say shut down, next minute you say open up, next minute you say shut down. Hello. There is no playbook, but we are going to do right by the people and we’re going to do it ‘cause we understand that this country is more than COVID.
    “COVID has hurt us deeply, but Barbados is not only COVID. We have to do more because if we want to be able to earn on a consistent basis,” the Prime Minister said.

    Source: Nation

  11. Teachers ‘lack resources’ to teach online
    Teachers and students lack the resources to undertake online education in Barbados.
    Inadequate resources, increased cost to teachers working from home, including Internet service, computers and the need to retrofit homes with ergonomic chairs were among the concerns raised during the 25th Annual Memorial John Cumberbatch Lecture by University of the West Indies (UWI) political scientist Dr Ronnie Yearwood.
    “Where are the resources for teachers?” enquired teacher Abigail Trotman during the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) webinar on Wednesday.
    “Basic curriculum is missing. Why was it not there?” asked Trotman. “A lot of the training really does not relate to what you have to do during the day,” she remarked.
    Speaking on the memorial lecture’s theme Putting Teachers At The Heart Of Education Recovery, Yearwood called for a radical approach to education reform where the teacher, not Government or the Ministry of Education, would be the change agents in a decentralised model.
    Talk of reform
    “All the talk of education reform and not having teachers on board, you are not going anywhere,” the educator said. “Any improvement in our education system can only be implemented by teachers,” he said.
    The decentralised model would include teachers on boards of management and the boards being more involved in management of schools.
    He acknowledged that boards of management had legal authority but not in practice.
    Responding to concerns by participating teachers of inadequate support, Yearwood said: “Teachers have to make noise to get computers. Too many teachers have to pull their pockets to buy new computers.
    “It is rubbish if teachers
    do not have access to computers. Some teachers do not have access to WiFi and the Internet. Why (are there) no allowances for grants for teachers?” Yearwood asked.
    One teacher said she was required to reach robotics “without the opportunity to practice”.
    Teachers were faced with strained salaries, the UWI educator and lawyer said.
    “We have to find money for teachers,” Yearwood added. “We have to find ways to reward teachers; if not monetarily, in other ways.”
    Yearwood said the late John Cumberbatch, who headed the Barbados Union of Teachers, engaged in radical education actions. The educator suggested that the BUT become more radical in the approach to reforms. The union needs to “make more noise”, he said.
    Cumberbatch wanted the Common Entrance Examination abolished and had called for zoning.
    However, Yearwood said abandoning the 11-Plus exam would not be a panacea.
    He called for reform that addressed inequality in the education system and for students to be awarded beyond the traditional scholarship categories. (HH)

    Source: Nation

  12. CXC to assess all SBAs

    The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) will continue to moderate school-based assessments (SBAs) from all examination centres instead of selecting a few.
    That’s the word from CXC registrar and chief executive officer Dr Wayne Wesley, who said yesterday that from now no school would go unmoderated.
    “That exercise would have caused us to demonstrate, our teachers to pay more attention to their SBAs and how SBAs are graded and submitted because now all SBAs, all centres, would be looked at,” he said.
    “I want to say that this year, as we continue the expanded moderation process for SBAs, which involves moderation of teacher-awarded marks across all centres, and subject examinations that when we look at the SBA performance for candidates in the secondary sitting indicated a marked improvement in a number of the subjects – and this is for St Vincent,” he said.
    The subjects, which include CAPE Digital Media for St Vincent, Unit 1, CAPE Computer Science Unit 1 & 2 and CSEC Information Technology, showed an improvement over previous years, he said.
    “This suggests that the teachers of those subjects took advantage of the feedback provided and it is reflected in the improved performance from the moderation exercise accepting those grades going forward. I must commend teachers in those areas,” he said to applause.
    Wesley was speaking during the ceremony to officially release results from what he called an “unprecedented second examinations session” in July and August to accommodate the students of St Vincent and the Grenadines as well as candidates in Barbados, Dominica and St Lucia who faced challenges from the passage of Hurricane Elsa.
    Students wrote Caribbean
    Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE), Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence. The results were available yesterday evening.
    The registrar said several people were still asking questions about the moderated exercise.
    “Quality is important in ensuring that whatever grade is being awarded to the student is reflective of the student’s actual performance. And the moderation exercise, in this regard, is ensuring that we provide the kind of oversight that will ensure we can attest to the quality of the student’s performance,” he said.
    Wesley added that he spoke with St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Minister of Education and National Reconciliation Curtis King. Among the matters discussed were how to advance education, and cooperation and collaboration “in advancing the progressive assessment” of CXC candidates in ensuring that within the education sector we allow for the continuous . . . evaluation of candidates so that we are always in a position to determine where they are and how they could best guide their future path”.
    “We should no longer be affected by a disruption of the magnitude of a pandemic anymore because we should take the lessons learnt now to rebuild a system that is sustainable and can withstand the challenges of the future,” he added. (GBM)

    Source: Nation

  13. Verla talks and talks and PM Mottley ignores her. Two years out and nobody knows what the lady stands for–philosophy, ideas, plans? Meanwhile the government keeps doing what it promised in its manifesto. Ronnie running for the DLP is as surprising as Toppin not running again.

    • @Enuff

      The BLP rejected a good man who appears to bring something to the table if you examine his body of work. If he is able to win over Husbands he has a chance to vie for the leadership of the DLP. Interesting times ahead.

  14. Manufacturers and retailers of school uniforms in Barbados have welcomed a proposal by the Mia Mottley administration for Government to step in and buy 70 per cent of their stock in light of them having no sales this year as schools are kept online.
    More baffled bull
    How is this possible when govt struggling to pay NIS and other social programs
    Read where the Poverty Fund was place in suspension

    Click the link to read the full story in our epaper edition:

  15. Nice, that is the way to do it. Make them run after you. Highlight possible fault lines.
    Don’t become the subject.
    Enjoy the day.. and measure your success by the number of attacks

  16. RE Manufacturers and retailers of school uniforms in Barbados have welcomed a proposal by the Mia Mottley administration for Government to step in and buy 70 per cent of their stock in light of them having no sales this year as schools are kept online.
    More baffled bull
    How is this possible when govt struggling to pay NIS and other social programs
    Read where the Poverty Fund was place in suspension



  17. “Measure your success by the number of attacks” and I would add, FROM BLP YARDFOWLS.

    Many of us “attack” when she is talking BAFFLING (and not baffled) bullshit and we cannot take it anymore.

    If the DLP stands firm against redeploying the Tainted Ones of the Lost Decade, and acquire quality candidates with ideas like Dr. Ronnie Yearwood, it stands a chance of regaining a reasonable number of seats. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) Verla may not be among them.

    Then the “political nightwatchman” may have served her purpose. Nothing to sneeze at.

  18. Just a thought – if properly stored, the school uniforms will not spoil by the time face to face classes resume. At that time most of the funds may be recovered by Government. They could be made available at the schools.

    P.S. I have a few pieces of my son’s nursery school clothes in excellent condition even after being worn. Sixteen years old and could still be sold at a jumble sale.

  19. “How is this possible when govt struggling to pay NIS and other social programs. Read where the Poverty Fund was place in suspension.”

    It is possible because of the work White Oak, the other consultants and ministers have been doing from day one. The same ones you cuss daily. Just as they have already paid off $1.878B in arrears of the $1.9B left by the DLP government. Remember even tax returns were owed and reverse tax credits slashed? What your government couldn’t achieve in 10years, this one has bypass in half the time.

    When did NIS payments become part of central government’s cash till though?

    According to Barbados Today “the Auditor General Report…highlighted instances of misappropriation of funds from the” poverty fund. “In that report – 2007 to 2018 – the Auditor General disclosed that there had been disbursements from the fund that seemed not to readily fit the alleviation of poverty such as disbursements for mortgage arrears, a marriage seminar and sponsorship of shows.” Who was the government forbthe majority of that period?🤭

  20. Enuff

    According to Barbados Today “the Auditor General Report…highlighted instances of misappropriation of funds from the” poverty fund. “In that report – 2007 to 2018 – the Auditor General disclosed that there had been disbursements from the fund that seemed not to readily fit the alleviation of poverty such as disbursements for mortgage arrears, a marriage seminar and sponsorship of shows.” Who was the government forbthe majority of that period?🤭

    Fair enough
    But why hasn’t the Fund been put back in its proper place

    The Fund has been suspended going into three years
    It is only a few months that retailers been complaining about the large supplies of uniforms
    It didn’t take govt much time to roll out a plan to buy 70percent of the stock
    Almost three years and govt cannot find a plan of resolutions to restore the much needed Poverty Fund to help the poor and most vulnerable

  21. “Constituents tired of the old politics” says the man who wanted to run for the other party 3 years ago in the same constituency and whose debut as a candidate is a photo op giving out tablets. SMFH.

  22. EnuffOctober 30, 2021 8:54 PM

    “Constituents tired of the old politics” says the man who wanted to run for the other party 3 years ago in the same constituency and whose debut as a candidate is a photo op giving out tablets. SMFH


    He gets my vote

    Why u so early jumping up and down
    Instead u should be worried on how PM taking the taxpayers money and feeding the belly of the rich
    In less than a week she gives millions away
    The German guy and now to the big fat cats called business people
    Meanwhile the small business man still begging with cup in hand to have a space in those 2×4 huts I. Fairchild Street market
    Almost two years and still not finished

  23. Group: Still issues with CXC results

    An external independent regulator of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) is still necessary.
    That is according to spokesperson and Coordinator of the Group of Concerned Parents and the Caribbean Coalition for Exam Redress Paula-Anne Moore and Student Advocate Khaleel Kothdiwala in a statement yesterday as they continued to speak against discrepancies in some of the 2020 and 2021 examination results.
    They said approximately 98 per cent, of the 2020 “erroneous” Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) grades were still unchanged.
    They also said there were significant numbers ungraded and absent results in Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies, Pure Mathematics Unit 1 at CAPE and that errors in the Exams for CSEC Mathematics and other Mathematics CAPE subjects were found.
    “We have long called for external independent regulation of CXC, similar to the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL)’s relationship to Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The current regional CXC governance structure is not ‘fit for purpose’ “The 2020 and 2021 CXC Exam experiences have shown us that there is a need for transformational leadership and change of the national and regional management of public education, inclusive of the governance of CXC. It seems the culture of CXC management is that things will never change. Therefore, the one per cent of the public who can seek other exam bodies will and the rest of us will take the gamble that our children will get the grades they deserve from CXC, who cannot be
    challenged because they are a regional body,” the statement said.
    OFQUAL is a nonministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England.
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, CXC removed the extensive Paper 2 and students were only required to submit school based assessments (SBAs) and sit the multiple choice Paper 1. However, after those results were released, it sparked controversy and led to a series of protests and an investigation.
    In June the High Court judge struck down a claim by students who were seeking judicial review of the process of the 2020 CXC exams and the format for this year’s exams, and ruled that the regional exams body had immunity from legal action.
    CXC, however, reverted to their old format but Moore and Kothdiwala pointed out that all still was not well. They urged CARICOM and Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) to do more to protect the students.

    Source: Nation

  24. Remember saying that govt should put money in the people’s hand to help stimulate the economy
    The criticism was one of asking where would govt get the money from
    Now lo and behold in the twinkling of an eye govt finds money not the PM money but taxpayers money to buy a whopping 70 percent of big businesses school supplies
    How can this be happening
    Who gave govt such a permission to use tax payers money as govt sees fit
    Where is the transparency
    Was this gawd awful decision debated in the house of Parliament
    Meanwhile the small business person is asked to hold strain

  25. Jogging De Peiza’s memory

    By Ezra Alleyne
    I wrote last week of contemporary history, but the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) camp did not get the point. If they did, the statement ascribed to their leader Verla De Peiza would not have been made.
    Last week, too, Minister Ronald Toppin said he was not running in the next election, following on John King’s announcement, which was preceded by Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic’s similar decision.
    In jumps the DLP leader with both feet in an issue which was not an issue but which had concealed openings that might ensnare an unwary leader who should have allowed another person, like Bishop Joseph Atherley, to make the ground on which she could later run.
    But no, listen to Miss De Peiza’s reaction: “The steady march away from Ms Mia Amor Mottley speaks volumes about her leadership. These times are best suited to rational minds that demonstrate grace under fire. Her most recent decisions and outbursts show otherwise.”
    That comment allows her opponents to recall and remind that the party which suffered grievously from parliamentary defections in modern times is not the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), but rather the DLP, which De Peiza now leads.
    It was the redoubtable Dr Richie Haynes who famously declared on the floor of the House of Assembly in a challenge to his then leader that “24 minus 1 equals 20”. Thereafter three other DLP MPs followed Dr Haynes and deserted Erskine Sandiford, now Sir Lloyd.
    Haynes formed the National Democratic Party with three other members of the DLP in Parliament.
    That was a more than a steady march, which later became a thorn in the side of the domestic arrangements of the DLP . . . and it was not the end!
    If you know your contemporary history, you do not open any can which contains a “wash pan” of worms, especially when you can smell the leather of an election like a night watchman smells the leather of a new-ball bouncer passing just under his nose – when it is well aimed.
    The DLP public relations unit, if it has one, cannot be working.
    Here is another worm. The noconfidence motion brought by the BLP saw another five MPs in the 1991-1994 Parliament march away, on the basis of conscience, from their leader Sir Lloyd.
    I cannot understand why the DLP, said to be gearing up for elections, would provide opportunities for refertilising old ground at this stage – and to their disadvantage. It does not make sense,
    not when you know your contemporary history!
    There are two other things for mention here. Not only was the statement by Miss De Peiza wrong, but it had the unintended result that it killed the other piece of DLP news that another three candidates had been announced.
    In political PR, you do not allow your good news to be mangled by other news which may becloud it. You save it for another day. So they ended up with two DLP sourced statements – competing against each other for the headlines on the same day. Own goal, or worse!
    No wonder political scientists Peter Wickham and Dr Christina Hinds do not see the DLP winning the next election at this stage.
    Political refreshing
    Mind you, the mature statement of the Leader of the Opposition tells another story because he understands the dynamic of political refreshing of the team. Just ask Gline Clarke, who had spent 26 years on the front line. Toppin, after 27 years in politics, is bowing out to give the party time to groom a successor. Good and smooth succession planning.
    There is no whiff or semblance in the BLP of the “Eager Eleven” – real or imagined.
    Meanwhile, our Prime Minister gives a mic-dropping speech at the United Nations calling for vaccine equity; she meets with United States Vice-President Kamla Harris on COP26 and related issues; talks with Yennick Gleman, the executive head of the Green Climate Fund; and announces on returning home that Avinash Persaud will set up funding for a “Green Bank” devoted to sustainable projects.
    She then heads off to Glasgow to be an influencer for the big causes of small states and a substantial voice on their behalf at COP26, while some DLP supporters back home engage in the trivial pursuit of imaginary politics.
    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney at law and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    Source: Nation

  26. Ok.Ezra you score political points
    However the timing of these falling blp brass bowls is significant as it ties itself to a historical 30-0 win and to a vote of confidence handed to present govt which is now unravelling
    What one is seeing is the unmasking of the realities of what is taking place in the party
    Given that at present time unlike under Sandy there was economic turmoil and the populace was upset
    Given that during that period there was a boisterous and more calls for change
    One does not see the same happening that should give cause for so many of the govt MP’s to jump ship
    Hence Verla response would have given a spark of energy to shine the spotlight on cracks within govt and the populace to gaze with eyes wide open on cracks which govt might have rather prefer to stay close and populace looking at those cracks as lack of confidence against govt a govt unable to keep it’s cabinet together
    Needless to say it makes for fertile political ground on the playground of politics
    Most likely the rum shop politics of the day would be centred around local politics and not Mia on world stage speaking on global warming

  27. Gazzerts let me simplyfy it for you.When you in sa glass house you should never throw stones.All of what Mr Alleyne has ststed actually happened not imagined during previous dem administrations.As a dem you along with Ms Depeiza and AC should know your history before putting your foot in your mouth.The political nightwatchmsn sbould think before she speaks simple.As a matter of fact i seem to remember this same Ms Depeiza losing a nomination convincingly to Mr Abed but still being forced on the Christ Church West constituents by i believe then PM Mr Stuart and their hierachy.So much for democracy from the dems..All bajans ain,t got short memories .I gone.

  28. LorenzoOctober 31, 2021 8:07 AM

    Gazzerts let me simplyfy it for you.When you in sa glass house you should never throw stones.All of what Mr Alleyne has ststed actually happened not imagined during previous dem administrations.
    But by the same reasoning all of what is happening in the govt Cabinet is real and not a figment of anyone’s imagination and should be gazed on with equal scrutiny as was done to the past dlp administration’s
    Don’t get it twisted a good spin maybe from Ezra
    However a spin which does not exempt present govt from the watching eyeballs and listening ears and gasping mouths of the public
    Run up and bowl again

  29. A bit of history:
    Dr. Clyde Mascoll, led the Democratic Labour Party into a general election. He lambasted all the economic policies of Owen Arthur. The same Mascoll brought a no confidence motion against the BLP government. When he lost the parliamentary leadership of the DLP, as opposition leader , he then joined the same BLP that he opposed and had brought a no confidence motion against. He went on to criticise everything his former party did and became a member of the same cabinet/government / party he had brought a no confidence motion against.He even contested a seat he won under the DLP for the BLP. Similar to what Artherley did; won under B switched to D.
    Today, Dr. Clyde Mascoll, is a consultant and prominent member of the BLP.
    The question: Would it be fair to conclude that Mascoll did all of that just to get a “ pick”.
    Looking at the political careers of : Kerry Simmons, Ralph Thorne, Hamilton Lashley, Rudi Grant, Trevor Prescod, David Commisiong and several others, who have been political grasshoppers should one conclude they are all just “ pick” seekers?
    When the NDP was euthanized, Rommel Marshall, Ian Gooding -Edghill and dozens of others, joined the BLP.
    Would it be fair to conclude that they were all just looking for a “ pick”
    Now recent political history:
    Mia Mottley became the leader of the opposition BLP. She was subsequently removed in what can be termed a palace coup and replaced by Owen Arthur.
    Question: Would it be fair to conclude that during that time she was leading the opposition, she was just a “ night watchman” .
    There is so much broken glass on the ground because so many of us who live in glass houses continue to throw stones.
    Shameless political miscreants.
    All that we are witnessing now is the decadent and opportunistic politics practiced by the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party. It will not move the country one inch forward.
    And the politically cunning Ezra Alleyne, is no doubt having great fun and must be very amused and no doubt is enjoying himself knowing that his columns are actually being taken as serious political commentary.

  30. @Lorenzo
    You must forgive me. I am not bogged down with details of B vs D party history and will compliment and defend Mia if she does well so I am not a true DLP.

    Perhaps ACLP is a better fit. AC Loyalists Party. That’s the horse that I am backing and she’s running only on BU.

    A word to Verla: BTW, AC has done more for the exile DLP than any other person. She has as good a chance as any.

  31. Correction
    Should read similarly to what Atherley did: win with B then switch , inventing PdP. My apologies.

  32. Skinner i knew you would jump out to defend.The true dem neutral to a t.Whereas Mr Mascoll did all of whst you said you have conviently left out the reason he did so.Let me refresh your dem memory.Mr Mascoll took up the shambles lefy by your golden boy Mr Thompson who ran away from a certain third straight defeat by Mr Arthur which would have ended any chance of him becoming PM and brought back the dems to some respectability.Then what happens in gearing up for elecyions in 2008 in jumps Mr Thompson aided anf abetted by the elders and some of Mr Mascoll,s colleagues and stab him in the nack.The opportunidt Mr Thompson scenting the possibility of victory is elected leader again.I do not know about yoy but i would be very angry at that state of affairs and would have done the same and left.Therefpre Skinner when telling a story tell the full story do not cherry pick your facts.I gone.

  33. @ Lorenzo
    I am defending nothing or no one. Is there anything in my post that is untrue or inaccurate ?
    All I have done is demonstrate that there is nothing new or earth shattering happening on the current political scene regarding candidates entrances and exits.
    I have no dog in this fight.
    Question to you again:
    Have I written anything here that is inaccurate or anything that did not occur?
    Question # 2
    What or whom did I defend or tried to defend ?
    It’s merely an accurate review of some political episodes.
    I have no dog in this fight my brother.

  34. Once last comment.
    For Lorenzo, you are either B or D. And it’s even simpler than that, if you aren’t B then you are D.

  35. My reading of these exits is that these oldsters know that they are too tired to handle the hard work that is to come. Except for John King, that is.

    Dum running from de wuk, not Mia!

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