Is this Attempted Murder by Strangulation?

Submitted by Nathan J Green

I do not think there is a police officer anywhere in the world today who does not know the dangers of death in making or attempting to arrest by strangulation hold.

In international law, police stranglehold and chokehold strangulation has recently been identified as one of the most lethal forms of violence: unconsciousness may occur within seconds and death –

-within minutes. When violence perpetrators choke (strangle) their victims, not only is this felonious assault, but it may be an attempted homicide. Strangulation is an ultimate form of power and control, where the batterer can demonstrate control over the victim’s next breath; having devastated psychological effects or a potentially fatal outcome.

Please watch the video. The recipient had to be treated at the hospital.

Sober and conscious victims of strangulation will first feel terror and severe pain. If strangulation persists, unconsciousness will follow. Although, before lapsing into unconsciousness, a strangulation victim will usually resist violently, it is an uncontrollable natural reaction to struggle violently, it cannot be said to be resisting arrest. The illegal hold often producing injuries of their neck to claw off the assailant, and frequently also producing damage on the face or hands of their assailant. These defensive injuries may not be present if the victim is physically or chemically restrained before the assault. In addition, victims may lose consciousness by any one or all of the following methods: blocking of the carotid arteries in the neck (depriving the brain of oxygen), blocking of the jugular veins (preventing deoxygenated blood from exiting the brain), and closing off the airway, making breathing impossible.

Very little pressure on both the carotid arteries and veins for ten seconds is necessary to cause unconsciousness. However, if the pressure is immediately released, consciousness will be regained within ten seconds. To completely close off the trachea (windpipe), three times as much pressure (33 lbs.) is required. Brain death will occur in 4 to 5 minutes if strangulation persists.

Be aware that strangulation may cause the following symptoms and consequences: difficulty breathing, raspy, hoarse or loss of voice, coughing, difficulty swallowing, drooling, nausea, vomiting, changes in behaviour, hallucinations, headaches, light headiness, dizziness, urination or defecation, miscarriage, swollen tongue, or lips. These symptoms may be an early indication of an internal injury such as swelling, bleeding, fractured larynx (“voice box”) or hyoid bone, seizures, pulmonary oedema (lungs filled with fluid) or death within 36 hours due to progressive internal injuries and complications. On the other hand, it is possible to survive the assault, regain consciousness, refuse medical treatment, and then die later from undiagnosed or unsuspected fatal injury.

Victims should look for injuries on their face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, neck, head, scalp, chest, and shoulders, including redness, scratches or abrasions, fingernail impressions in the skin, deep fingernail claw marks, ligature marks (“rope burns”), thumbprint-shaped bruises, blood-red eyes, pinpoint red spots called “petechiae” or blue fingernails. All these injuries change in appearance over time after the assault. Some injuries, like redness, may persist for only a few minutes. Others, like petechiae, persist for days. Observing the changes in these signs over time can significantly determine the nature and scope of internal damage produced during the assault and lend credibility to witness accounts of the force and duration of the assault. In addition, documentation by photographs sequentially for days after the assault is beneficial in establishing a journal of physical evidence.

Those assaulted may be able to have a case against their perpetrator heard in the international court if they can establish that they cannot receive proper justice in their own country.

So, if a police officer knows that and still decides to arrest someone by applying strangulation, they must be guilty of attempted murder. There can be no excuse in saying, Oh! I did not know that because, as a police officer, you should know that.

According to the US and the World media reports [it was even well reported in SVG], George Floyd lost consciousness after a Minneapolis police officer placed him in a chokehold. He later died. I know that you the reader knows that, everyone knows that. If the Vincentian police officer did not know, he should be fired from the force for being grossly ignorant and stupid.

In Saint Vincent, there is far too much police brutality with little care if a person lives or dies at their hands. I suggest that when these police officers conduct themselves so: they be named and shamed in the public media. We give their full names and addresses and tell the public who they are and where they live. What police station they are attached to, along with rank and number. Post their photos in public media and be sure to post everything on Facebook. That I believe will stop this kind of behaviour.

If the Minister in charge of the police fails in his duties in not reprimanding the police chief when his officers get out of control,

then we must do his job for him.

Let us start with the officer in the video who almost killed Mr Carlie John. Anyone who can identify him, please send me the details, everything you know about him –

11 thoughts on “Is this Attempted Murder by Strangulation?

  1. If anyone is being arrested by the police they should not resist cause you’re still going to be arrested and then charged for resisting…I don’t know why people call it a STRANGLEHOLD…I don’t think the police is trying to strangle anyone…It called a submission hold and once applied properly it’s a very humane way of subduing a person rather than beating them into submission….I’m just saying.

    • Always a fine line in these kinds of matters. In a climate of high distrust between government and agents with the public amplified by social media- expect escalating around these kinds of matters.

  2. PhillipSeptember 12, 2021 4:03 PM

    If anyone is being arrested by the police they should not resist cause you’re still going to be arrested and then charged for resisting…I don’t know why people call it a STRANGLEHOLD…I don’t think the police is trying to strangle anyone…It called a submission hold and once applied properly it’s a very humane way of subduing a person rather than beating them into submission….I’m just saying
    In the same manner of thinking I don’t think the rock that was thrown against the head of the PM of St.vincent should be called a rock.but should be called a peebles
    But that is only one person opinion

  3. “In the same manner of thinking I don’t think the rock that was thrown against the head of the PM of St. Vincent should be called a rock.but should be called a peebles.”


    Like it or not, the reality is……….. Phillip is CORRECT.

    And, it CANNOT be “in the same manner of thinking” as someone illegally assaulting Gonsalves, by throwing, whether you call it a ‘rock or pebble’ against his head………… and the police using a legal technique or as much force as is necessary, while attempting to restrain or subdue a suspect who is resisting being detained or arrested.

    Why???……….. They are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT issues.

    However, I would IMMEDIATELY AGREE if you ‘said’ such restraint maneuvers should be BANNED, because they’re dangerous.

  4. If some came from Mars and happened to read any of the weak weekly offerings from Nathan Jolly Green those Martians would rightly presume that SVG is the only place on planet Earth where forms of state sponsored violence is known to exist.

    The Martians will have no idea that Green is an imperial lackey trying to evoke a foreign intervention within his country, SVG.

    To the Martians this level of mindlessness would be quite difficult to comprehend. For as far as they are concerned and knowing the nature of Earthlings all measures are taken to avoid them getting anywhere near Mars..

    Not Jolly Green though! Every week acting as agent provocateur, maybe at the direction of wannabe CIA-backed NGOs, he is opening appealing to the socalled international community to interfere into the internal affairs of SVG.

    But the Martians would also know that this Nathan Jolly Green was not that smart for the regime change playbook can’t work this way.

  5. The shame is the evil brought to the readers in the form of spite against me by Pachamama, so spiteful she is willing to condone the police behaviour against this poor man. Now they have charged the mans wife with trying to stop the policeman from strangling her husband. Spite and malice is an unforgivable wickedness, your time Crapamama should be spent supporting the oppressed and victimised, not in trying to belittle and intimidate me. Drop the mantle of evil and shed the cloak of Satan.

    As for other comments about stranglehold being acceptable it is not. When one policeman try’s to arrest a man that is a pretty stupid thing to do, he was surrounded by watching police and three policemen could have easily restrained the accused. One of the charges against the man is he struggled and therefore resisted arrest. Struggling when being strangled can be an uncontrollable natural reaction by any human subjected to strangulation or choking. When a man is hung by rope before he dies he violently jerks about, that is a reaction of the body that take place without any thought input by the person., a natural uncontrollable reaction.

    Police bad, violent or dangerous behaviour cannot be condoned regardless of the circumstance’s.

    They have now brought several false charges against the man, and his wife, and other members of the public who tried to stop the strangling.

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