Barbados based Fintechs on the MOVE

The advancement in technology has given rise to Fintech companies. These companies are utilising technology to innovate in order to deliver financial services once the preserve of traditional operators. Although an underdeveloped sector in Barbados we have a company or two leading the way. In a previous blog – Excellent News BUT …! Barbados Underground highlighted the success of GIFTS and IPAY.

Last week Reuter reported Nigeria will partner with local Fintech BITT Inc “in its bid to launch its own cryptocurrency, the “eNaira”- see Nigeria to partner with Bitt Inc to launch ‘eNaira’ digital currency. The blogmaster recalls BITT Inc was also selected by the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union to develop a digital cash solution.

We also learned last week the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced 15 finalists for the global competition to develop retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) solutions (Global CBDC Challenge). Again BITT Inc is one of the companies from leading Fintechs shortlisted, we wish them well – see MAS Announces 15 finalists for the Global CBDC Challenge; over 300 submissions from 50 countries received.

The majority of Barbadians do not fully understand the importance of forging new avenues to help to diversify export earnings for the country, we must refresh our tired economic model. We talk a good talk but we lack the intelligence to appreciate what is involved given global competitiveness. We often criticize the government but in this instance the Mottley administration should be commended because in 2018 a regulatory sand box to facilitate companies like BITT Inc was launched and the fruit of that effort maybe is now being realised.

What needs to happen and quickly, is for local education planners to fuse the early success of BITT Inc, GIFTS and IPAY by connecting to national strategic activities to nurture possibilities in a sector that has passed the nascent stage. Is this the task of the newly formed Idamay Denny Education Reform Unit? We wish the new Chief Education Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw success, the future of this and future generations depend on a productive tenure.

In related news, the effort to explore non traditional avenues in trade and services was confirmed last week with the news of Barbados’ first High Commissioner to Kenya -see Barbados’ First High Commissioner To Kenya Accredited and Gabriel Abed who took up a similar post in the UAE -see Foreign Affairs Ministry Appoints New Mission Heads. Coincidentally Mr. Abed is well placed to be a champion of the local budding fintech industry, he was the founder of BITT Inc and is recognized globally as an authority on the subject of digital currencies.

In the interest of Barbados governments finding new strategies to ensure we are able to support our people, the blogmaster wishes all the players success. Although the pandemic has added to a challenging global marketplace Barbados cannot retreat or surrender from the task at hand. Life continues and we must find ways to eat and pay our bills.

203 thoughts on “Barbados based Fintechs on the MOVE

  1. “Was there any investigation as to whether the houses could have been sourced from Africa ?”

    i posted a video last week on sturdy environmental friendly plastic houses being built in Ghana, the same one she is FEEDING HER LIES TO…the houses can be seen SHOWCASED in Germany..but she is looking to China for housing solutions when creatives are doing what they do best in Africa…am sure she won’t want to pay them for it just as the treat the Black population in Barbados, but she gotta pay China though… let her run with that….everyone is now seeing her for what she is…as Owen Arthur said…

    i am African…blessed with ALL THE WEALTH bestowed on Africa…i do not need to go to Africa to extact any of it…i don’t need RACISTS to invest in my ANCESTRAL LAND…i can use Afrika’s wealth to create wealth IN AFRIKA..

    ….from the very beginning it was clear that these DANGEROUS JUDASES intend to use the continent to fund and MAINTAIN Slave societies in the Caribbean at Black/African people’s EXPENSE to impress RACISTS…and leave the people and islands in the same condition while they TIEF EVERYTHING and enrich minority criminals….just as they have for the last 40 plus years…

    .AFRIKA SHOULD SHUT THEM DOWN….and don’t allow these wretches to continue the SLAVE SOCIETY SYSTEM against Afrikan descendants off the back of Afrika’s wealth.

    William i will repost that video in a minute…

    • The video shows a cottage industry that is unable to satisfy domestic demand far less export. We must offer realistic positions. Also the project is to build plastic bricks and not houses that are prefab.

  2. That is not the only people creating housing on the continent, some are more ESTABLISHED this is a start up LIKE BITT INC…now thinking they can SCAM THE CONTINENT….

  3. Welcome William…

    if Mia had researched alternate housing solutions on the continent SHE WOULD FIND IT…but she went with who she wanted, never even thought of Afrika..

  4. I am quite sure i posted that EVERY DAY creatives come up with a design, a product , an INVENTION for every occasion…Afrika is not 166 miles square…there are 55 countries…with TENS OF MILLIONS, some carry HUNDREDS of millions of people……some countries have as many as 88 ISLANDS….think BIG…and ya will understand what kind of output ya get from creatives on a daily basis..

  5. @ WURA
    There are some who will try to convince
    others that there are no prefab houses in Africa or no construction industry in Africa.
    They still see Africa as one huge underdeveloped part of the world. This attitude , if it prevails, will defeat current efforts to foster closer ties.

  6. Kenya is witnessing a huge construction boom. One such development is Tatu City which is an ongoing project to the North Of Nairobi. If truth be told David we in Barbados lack the vision to conceive such schemes. We are relatively backwards. Too much of our development involves the selling off, of plantation land into small building plots. That is no way to develop a country not in 2021!

  7. William Skinner
    Dont just make a statement of denial blithely. Tell us a single supporter of your fanciful idea of a One Caribbean Nation who has a record of centering this notion within a Afrikan philosophical construction.

  8. William…when these Judas governments want to terrorize Black/African people, they send out investigators to watch their homes and families, they interfere in ya every day life, if they could get away with it….they research all ya business…they BLOCK any progress especially if ya are a creative and they WANT TO TIEF WHAT YA CREATE..they tap ya phones and listen to all ya conversations and see text messages…

    .let the fcukers do their own research to find WHO in Afrika has what they are looking for, they got the resources…and if they don’t let them get it from the criminal minority racists that they allowed to TIEF BILLIONS from the Black population.., about a year ago I saw a company who had something going in Afrika , but i will be DAMNED if i would go look for it for them, especially NOT after all those LIES they told the AU yesterday…

    AND….not after they wickedly set up the Bitt Inc scam to ROB AFRIKA…..and Afrikan descendants can’t move..

    besides, am sure they already contracted with China…Afrika was NEVER on their mind.s…

  9. “They still see Africa as one huge underdeveloped part of the world.”

    they ALL now view OUR CONTINENT as a place to ROB to maintain Slave societies in the Caribbean and prop up their COLLAPSED finanial system of THIEVERY…

  10. And William…ya know jut like the government HATE seeing the African population with anything, ROB THEM OF EVERYTHING..and REFUSE to pay them for what is theirs, people are suffering today because they cannot get their pensions, severance or salaries from government and RACIST hoteliers…they will carry that same hateful mentality to Africa and in their usual uppity, fake superior way act like the builders are too Black to get PAID for their work..

    .we know the traitors can’t pull that with China, so let them go with them..

    i will NEVER put Afrikans through these colonial pretend white skin black mask, black face FRAUDS….

  11. WURA is right about one thing. The Barbadian minority groups of which she speaks need to be kept out of Africa. They have nothing good in mind for them and will only seek to exploit.

    Our relationship needs to be one of reuniting with family. Mutually beneficial. Not exploitative. The Bajan minorities don’t do mutually beneficial.

  12. Personally i would HANG all of them, starting with the Bitt Inc crowd…but they could not do it without the parliament VIPERS who have no respect for Africa, OR OUR ANCESTORS, even LESS for us and are now using African descendants as leverage to implant racist minority criminals on our ANCESTRAL LANDS…to STEAL WHAT THEY CAN…..that is the HEIGHT OF DISRESPECT both to us and to Nigeria that they TARGETED..

    that is how ARROGANT they are, if ya planning to rob an African country…Nigeria is NOT the first choice…now they know..they can go trying any of the others and see where it pray they don’t meet a mentality like mine..

  13. Waru
    This information does not help our shared case. However, we must be loyal to at least a version of truth.

    You have been speaking about our homeland as if, for example, it’s devoid of the minority supremacist cleavages which characterizes Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean

    Loyalty to truth therefore requires us to state emphatically that these same social structures are no less visible as witnessed by this writer in each one of over two dozen countries we’ve visited on the Afrikan continent.,worked in, lived in, passed through, go back to. Etc.

    Indeed, the presence of.the Lebanese, the Syrians, the Chinese, the Indians, the Europeans and other foreigners today represent no less a burden to Afrikans at home than they do to Bajans in the main. Of course, such structures bring with them complexities which are ably understood by you.

    Those are layered on top of underlying ethic, regional, linguistic political and religious fault lines..

  14. The Prime Minister of St Vincent went off message but gave a nuance and a very profound speech like an old school professor.

    Waru has been sharing her discomfort surrounding the influence of minority groups within Barbados and their possible influence on any future role they may play in the merging of Africa and her overseas African diaspora. When I saw the presence of an Indian representing Guyana, I confess to being uncomfortable. I believe the representative from Belize was also of similar extraction.

    Pachamama has alluded to the profound presence of minority groups on the African continent and the potential dangers that poses. Witness the recent execution of our fellow black Africans by certain minority groups. If the continent of Africa and her African diaspora are serious at becoming one they have to take it literally as a rediscovery and a reunion between family members tied by the bloodline of their African ancestry prior to the intervention of Arabs, Europeans and the introduction of Indians who came as indentured servants. For this reunion to have any meaning and significance we have to accept that those minority groups who live amongst us should not be invited to the ultimate table. If we are true to ourselves, our history and our ancestors we are duty bound not to screw up this reunion. Bob Marley sung Africa unite, he was referring to his black-skinned brothers from out of Africa and not the Syrian man or the Indian man.

    Globally the Indian man and the Syria man can reconnect to his roots in India or Syria. We as black people from the diaspora can and should reconnect with Africa free of other ethnic Barbadians who may be hoping to capitalise on potential economic opportunities in Africa. Let us not forget that throughout our recent history all of these ethnic groups have marginalised us and had their knees firmly placed on our necks. I say enough.

  15. Pacha..
    Fully understood..
    None of this is peculiar..but i have a serious problem with these evil bitches SETTING up and robbing OUR ANCESTRAL LANDS then claiming they are REPRESENTING US on the continent and acted like if Nigeria does not know what scams looked like given who MIA SENT… After them and their racist criminal friends rob OUR COUSINS..where does that leave us. Mia already DELIBERATELY DROVE the Black population DEEPER into generational poverty….i saw this play to REENSLAVE the Black population on the island while using them to rape the continent from the time she hid information about Africa from them…don’t lose the thread of the end game…the population is being played….and they know it and am sure will do something about it come 2023.

    And then there is this…
    “What de RH tho. Wunna please tell me that someone gine get lock to RH up for this fuckery at BWA. The construction cost for the south coast waste water treatment plant gone past Barbados $250 MILLION dollars. Before MINISTER ABRAHAMS and CHAIRMAN WORREL met the Chinese in Dubai the cost was only Barbados $40 MILLION dollars. How de RH a project can go up 500% after a meeting, wunna ain’t got no mercy on bajans, is rape rape rape all the RH time so???”

  16. @ David
    Always happy to “ hush”
    and exalt your brilliance. Carry on smartly.
    @ Pacha
    You are quite capable of doing your own research my Brother. Carry on smartly.

  17. “I believe the representative from Belize was also of similar extraction.”

    Suriname totally regrets putting an indian as pm or president or whatever he is, at the first opportunity his corrupt ass will be gone….the descendants of indentured servants should NEVER preside over majority Black countries…they are poisoned and stained with racism and criminality…

    Pacha…am sure you heard me on here chanting since last year that i do not want any YOKED and OWNED house negros representing or speaking for me on MY CONTINENT…on MY ANCESTRAL LANDS…i have EVERY RIGHT NOT TO… is very clear that they are only allowed to do two things, look for new slave masters and SELL OUT…they have no other use, you heard me call them a waste of space, energy and oxygen more than once….because it’s really clear where all of this is leading….

    Mia is particularly VICIOUS and DANGEROUS as Owen said….and her intent is to KEEP THE BLACK POPULATION ENSLAVED for as long as she can….but the people are on to her…i have EVERY confidence she will be REMOVED from Black lives, don’t like politicians, never did, never will …they are all political terrorists/animals when they have been colonized and indoctrinated as brutally as these beasts have…

  18. William….people are not going to pay attention until their grandchildren have to work for minority criminals for another 3 generations…they may not live to see it, but that is where all of this is going…..the population better start making plans and remove themselves completely from around parliament nigas…if they are going to participate at all….make sure is just to VOTE THEM ALL OUT EACH AND EVERY TIME…

    “Pachamama has alluded to the profound presence of minority groups on the African continent and the potential dangers that poses. Witness the recent execution of our fellow black Africans by certain minority groups.”

    African leaders have to do something about these murderous minorities, i would start hanging them…they are only going to get worse, they should not even be on the continent to begin with…they have their own homelands…

    ..the audacity of these syrian and indian fcukers in Barbados, and around the Caribbean, who sell guns to KILL BLACK PEOPLE and poison the society with drugs since th 1970s …STEAL BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the economy, am sure the white cockroaches are just hiding in the corner to see which way the wind blows so they too can start swarming……given immunity to go on OUR CONTINENT to RAPE it.. by these black face treasonous beasts in the parliament is a little much…

    all of them need ropes around their necks and swinging from telephone poles..

  19. We note that the Caribbean can’t keep little puddle jumper Liat in the air, too much corruption and bad management not to mention all the criminals they had on the board of directors…this is going into the second year since the pilots CANNOT GET PAID their severance…but there is Mia trying to REEL IN Ghana into some scam she set up about some airline being subsidized from Ghana to Barbados…Ghana needs to RUN, NOT WALK, NOT LOOK BACK…in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION…

    LIAT is not the first airline to fold due to a con and it won’t be the last…

    I suspect they are already in the process of selling Afrika to the highest bidder….Afrikan leaders will not even know their countries have been sold….THEY BETTER KEEP THEIR EYES OPEN and watch, with a magnifying glass these dangerous negros in the Caribbean…

  20. Just heard some good news, apparently the Afghans are going to be housed in Guyana, i can’t think of a better place, since the indians CANNOT SAY NO…

  21. William Skinner
    This is emblematic of you. You act without verifiable facts while giving the impression that because a moment requires a contradictory statement in denunciation such recklessness is necessary.

    William Skinner has never been interested in matters extra regional. You have spent most of your years here decrying those of us who dared to recognize that this little pond in the Caribbean Sea cannot, does not and will never be able to exist in a vacuum.

    Skinner has many times stated here that he has no interest in Trump or American issues or about the Middle East that his central focus was Caribbean. You go and do yuh own research as well, retrieve your own comments because that is going to be the next reliable refuse for scoundrels.

    All of a sudden this same William Skinner has emerged as an international affairs or Afrikan affairs expert. We accept that you will now rejoin by telling us you are no expert, no doyen. Mere small talk without substance. Ignoring a statement written in jest.

    Our truth is that the recent history of. the English speaking Caribbean in relationship to integration was and still is predicated on the misnomer that there can be a Caribbean civilizational project in and of itself. And as much as this writer respects Lamming, Best, James and all the elders making contributions we can never be bound by their thinking alone. At some point this generation must have its own mind, so does the next. Afrikan philosophy requires that the next generation is always better than the last one.

    Those who have made that case never centered Afrika. And they don’t to this very day. Theirs is built the weak foundation that a Caribbeanness should be not unlike the totality of the entities, or state actors, in the region with dominant British cultural constructs. This is a truism which those whose dated words you parrot must face sooner or later.

    Enough said. We will now desist from comments likening Skinner to the quintessential Bajan. A national personality which has always hated or felt deeply disconnected from Afrika and Afrikan peoples over there. This and this alone is the central reason. your One Caribbean project has constantly failed and will do so again.

  22. The deliberate under reporting of real news by our media houses is a national disgrace. I believe that a fair percentage of non-black businesses on the island are not what they seem. Some of them appear to have a heavy influence on this government at the detriment of the majority population.

    Is there a correlation in the upsurge of corruption and crime since our neighbours from Trinidad started to run our economy? Has our local media been forbidden to investigate such claims? As a people we do not assist ourselves by repeating the mantra: “hear no evil see no evil speak no evil”.

  23. “Our truth is that the recent history of. the English speaking Caribbean in relationship to integration was and still is predicated on the misnomer that there can be a Caribbean civilizational project in and of itself.”

    unfortunately, it’s too idealistic to come to fruition….the Caribbean was BUILT ON THE RANCID FOUNDATIONS OF OUR ANCESTORS ENSLAVEMENT…..the foundations are still very much there, kept alive by backward CORRUPT governments….that is all the Caribbean will ever be…there can be no civilization outside of the civilization of slave societies, especially not with the same main framework surrounding everything. still in plain sight….to remove that stench, since it serves corrupt governments so well and they will never willingly leave it……the African descended population will have to remove themselves…THEN IT WILL ALL COLLAPSE…..completely and finally…it is dependent on the presence of AFRICANS…

    the current partial collapse is due primarily to corruption, thefts etc….combined with covid, ash fall, hurricane..etc…but if Black populations say …enough….and remove themselves by the hundreds of thousands and stop being sentimental with bullshit, it’s a slave system, that is all it will ever be, these are islands, atolls that can be found in every corner of the earth….get over it…MOVE ON………everything will COME CRASHING DOWN…criminals, racists, thieves, wild animals on two legs, all whites, indians and syrians..are attracted to African people to commit crimes against them…to live off them, to survive off them…they are leaches..moochers, spongers….LEAVE them high and dry AND THE FCUKERS WILL STARVE…as they deserve….if they don’t run back to their countries, they will die…..

    …the indigenous first peoples will have to RECLAIM what is rightfully theirs and those bottomfeeding indians have to haul their asses back to southeast asia, the criminal syrians have to haul theirs back to middle east or whichever hole they crawled out of……to end the 400 year old foulness….these two groups of parasites with the disgusting local and foreign whites.. are hellbent on keeping a bondage system alive AGAINT African populations with the help of their house nigas..because it serves them all so well financially.

    there is no hope of anything good coming out of that arrangement..

    Pacha…it will take me for these bitches… i will have them STARVING AND RUNNING for their lives IN NO TIME FLAT..

    All those fly by night scams that have NOTHING substantial or valuable backing them have to crash and burn, just like the scamsters operating them..

  24. Imagine the Bitt Inc frauds were hot and sweaty carrying their scam to the continent…a day late and a dollar short…just like the Bitcon they were running …..that was the same thing….backed by a corrupt government, felt all powerful and confident in their criminaility……..but Afrika needs to KICK THEM OUT…after they set up the wallet or whatever they are doing…make them persona non grata on the continent…they are TOO DANGEROUS..

  25. @ Pacha
    I have never declared myself an authority on African BU or anywhere else.
    You have no faith in the Caribbean, that means you have nothing positive to say about Afro Caribbean people.
    I am not here to present credentials to you or anybody else.
    So, as always , carry on smartly .

  26. am repeating for emphasis only…

    the African descended population will have to remove themselves…THEN IT WILL ALL COLLAPSE…..completely and finally…the SURVIVAL of the slave system is HEAVILY dependent on the presence of AFRIKANS…no Afrikans, no slave/bondage system…cause no one else is going to allow these indian, syrian, white and niga parasites to enslave them or put them in bondage..

  27. William Skinner

    Must we all be required to accept yours as articles of faith. How is that doctrinal basic be such a prerequisite. Should we all join the choir and sign the hallelujah chorus as mandated by you and your cadres.

    Are your indefensible arguments not your life’s credentials. And don’t you present them all the time with a relentlessness.

    At the end of the day this writer is no less willing to interrogate people and countries outside of the region than inside and with ruthless efficiency.

    You on the other hand would prefer us to soft peddle within your barley field and buy into a thought “police-ism” of failed ideas and jaded narrations.

    Our flag is red! Our country is the future! As they shall remain.

  28. @ Pacha
    You are very erudite but you seem impervious to opinions other than yours.
    You cannot come to terms with your own Caribbean civilization. You are judging it from a narrow global perspective which when stripped of the sophistry is Eurocentric in nature.
    We who are pushing for a New Caribbean Nation will not be deterred by by those who believe we are some global backwater.
    Viva the Caribbean !!!!!

  29. Strange how so many people who basically want the same thing can be so adversarial.

    What do we want – we want the downfall of white supremacy and other anti-black constructs. We want Africa for Africans. We want the Afro-Caribbean people to unite with each other with Africa at the centre of its being. We want to rid ourselves of exploitation by the parasites who have claimed our homeland for themselves. We want to reap the ALL the fruits of our labour. We want to reclaim our lands and our resources to be used for our own benefit and not those of other races whose sole purpose in life seems to be to keep us underfoot.

    It seems though that their divide and rule strategy is still paying huge dividends.

    This makes us our own worst enemies.

  30. Yes..the divide and rule is still working to perfection….but it’s the descendants of the ENSLAVED who ascended to parliaments through VOTE BEGGING now perpetrating….and SETTING UP these crimes AGAINST Black/Afrikan peoples….we definitely have to KNOW who our enemies are in these modern times and act accordingly…

    on another note:

    Sorry for the teen girl, an indian child, in Guyana that apparently went into a coma after a vaccine shot, just saw the video it’s known to happen, it’s a risk…but that prompted the men to come out bawling that since taking the vaccine their penises are not working and they are NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT….

    and they are VERY EXPLICIT…some are ashamed to talk but others are so pissed (sorry) they said they just don’t care…..apparently again, they don’t mind the vaccine killing them, but NOT THEIR PENIS…

    hope the BU dudes who took the vaccine are not hiding that information from us…hope they will tell us the truth, hope to see a Blog about that…

  31. That nonsense about divide and rule is just that. Nonsense.

    William Skinner and this writer were always destined to have intellectual or conceptual disagreements. And there are well known reasons for this. One centrally.

    The ignorance about this canard of divide and rule has no relevant to our arguments.

    We are certain that there is nobody trying to either divide or rule either Skinner or this writer.

    That both minds have superseded dated notions of an invisible mind control by White people. We both know that they have no such real power.

    If this canard were true those who so posit must tell us is the White Devil dividing and ruling when both Skinner and this writer challenge the existence of the White god?

    This divide and rule nonsense seems to some a disease only strong men arguing are susceptible to.

    An infantile understanding of phenomena.

  32. Wish the intellectually unskilled in parliaments will understand that they ARE AMATEURS..always will be …and stop while they have some presumption of being ahead…this one THEY WILL NEVER WIN…you CANNOT go up against ANCESTORS…you will be CRUSHED beyond recognition…

    stop testing it..

  33. Intellectual differences that seem to breed something other than intellectual disagreement.

    Your problem is that you have delusions of superiority.

    Your writing tells the tale.

    Insufferable conceit!

  34. “and they are VERY EXPLICIT…some are ashamed to talk but others are so pissed (sorry) they said they just don’t care…..apparently again, they don’t mind the vaccine killing them, but NOT THEIR PENIS…”

    Trust me to get distracted by foolishness. I suspect that if it is not working after, then it was not working before.

  35. “I suspect that if it is not working after, then it was not working before.”

    i suspect as with all the other adverse’s impacting some and not others…luck of the draw…

  36. Eulogy to Old Barbados
    (Not to be read until 1st December 2021 by the New Republic of Barbados)

    I AM
    Yoga Teaching Trainings
    PowerThoughts Meditation Club

    I AM Affirmations: Spiritual Abundance, Prosperity & Success |

    I AM Affirmations ➤ Unstoppable Courage & Inner Power |

    Barbados is an island in the Sun in the Caribbean
    although we say “Carried us away against our free will”

    Afro Bajans hail from Mamma Africa mother of mankind
    formerly known in Kemetic History as Alkebulan “garden of Eden”

    Alkebulan is where it all began
    with a drumbeat to the sound of the drum

    Africa is Tribal Land
    where enemies fought
    and sold prisoners of war
    and children of tribal enemies
    to the European Slave traders
    in exchange for junk trinkets like
    glass beads, cowrie shells, manilla
    or value added manufactured products
    like alcohol tobacco ammunition and guns
    spoils of the anglo-american global capitalist system
    funded by the colonial plantation Atlantic Slave Trade Triangle

    Peoples of Brand New Republic of Barbados
    are primarily African slave descendants
    who lost their original identity and culture
    and do not know their tribal ancestors are
    but are all one family and one tribe called Bajan tribe

    but we should all bear in mind that life in the universe
    all living beings are part of one global family on earth

    I digress..
    Everything starts from Scratch
    Scratch invented the dub beat
    with heavy heavy drum and bass

    Bob Marley wanted Scratch to produce his music for bigger exposure
    so Scratch asked him to sing for him
    And, Bob sang
    “My cup runneth over
    I don’t know what to do”

    and Scratch replied
    “Yes indeed, your cup do runneth over”

    Scratch gave reggay to the world
    via Bob Marley reggae and dub music

    As Rasta would say
    One Heart
    One Destiny
    One Love

    Barbajans finally now have free minds
    but still need to learn to know themselves
    to become the bestest versions of themselves
    that they can truly be like they were meant to be
    which is a daily practise and life long journey over many lifetimes

    So be all that you can be
    In Jah Army
    Know your Roots
    to be grounded like a big tree
    Know you Culture
    to know where you stand strong
    Know your Destiny
    and be like the Branches and Leaves
    all over the Diaspora on Planet Earth

    God Speed
    Republic of Barbados

  37. Aquarian Age Informational Advancements in Cocky Technology

    “How to Do PC Muscle Exercises”


    If you wants to be Iron like a Lion in Zion
    Iron Lion Zion
    In this time
    You have to be
    Strong like a Lion
    and Gentle as a Lamb
    and Clean in Hands
    and Pure in Heart
    Like a lilly white Turtle Dove

    Be like
    His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I,
    Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah,
    King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Elect of God

  38. Yeah Theo…men have been pulling that from the beginning of time….oh, it can’t get up, let’s see if it will get up with you…and viola… if it’s really happening now not a fella will believe them…

  39. @ Donna
    I consider @Pacha a comrade. Our disagreements have been robust but they are nothing more than that.
    Those who follow our sparing on BU would be quite aware that we have deep philosophical differences over approaches to Caribbean development. They will not expand to anything else.
    He and I were exposed to some of the most progressive and radical thinkers that Barbados had to offer.
    They have left and continue to have an unshakable influence on how we think.
    As he correctly stated we were destined to clash intellectually from time to time.
    BTW @Pacha like Comrade Austin are brothers in the struggle. We may not always agree but we remain United in our quest to better the existence of our people.
    No divide and rule here. We defeated that colonial strategy decades ago. Our early exposure to some of the greatest black thinkers throughout the region helped us to destroy that almost in our infancy.

  40. September 9, 2021 11:37 AM

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    911 is a joke
    Everyday they don’t never come correct
    You can ask my man right here with the broken neck
    He’s a witness to the job never bein’ done
    He would’ve been in full effect

    911 Is A Joke

    Can’t Truss It

  41. William Skinner,

    Didn’t think it was coming from your end.

    But happy to hear there is no bad feeling!

    After all, it is clear that we want basically the same things but have different views on how it can be accomplished.

  42. Can anyone remember if Mia bothered to tell the AU what quality of nvestors Barbados and the Caribbean attract to those shores…the most famous one yet is Allen Sanford…they even gave him a Shitehood…125 YEARS..give or take, in a US prison for that fraud Ponzi scheme he cooked up, they all SUCKED UP to him so much in Antigua that some of them ended up EXTRADITED and CHARGED TOO…

    then there was the Harlequin scam which ended up in the Serious Frauds Office in UK…both Barbados and the THING in St. Vincent hosted that one…i think both the father and son or one or the other served time for that FRAUD….

    there is the perrenial garden variety crook in Barbados bioh local and foreign protected by government…some of them are now posioning the continent …

    and the UAE…..which is fine, birds of a feather..

    all ya can expect from investors promoted by small island Judases are:

    FRAUDS – who are always on someone’s watch list WORLDWIDE
    and all round criminals..they have not upgraded from any of that in 55 YEARS….they breeze into the country…run ip millions of dollars in debt even when they get concessions….and are helped to escape from their responsibilites..

    They always:

    REFUSE TO pay into the NIS (national insurance) but manage to STEAL FROM THE PENSION FUND.
    Steal employees salaries
    REFUSE to pay benefits or severance..
    mistreat Black employees

    RACISM is a daily staple in Black lives and don’t care how you tell the LIARS in the parliament to end it, they refuse and WILL NEVER, not as long as it benefits them financially.

    and that is what they are offering OUR ANCESTRAL LAND…

  43. William…the audacity and ARROGANCE of parlament frauds have finaly reached its ZENITH.

    don’t know who advised them that they were going to get away with any of this WITHOIUT BEING PULVERIZED….NONSTOP…. and they got a ton of TAXPAYER PAID advisers SUCKING on taxpayers for the last 3 YEARS…so that IGNORANCE could only have come from them…

    but they will LEARN that our ANCESTRAL LANDS ARE OFF LIMITS…and if they refuse to RESPECT THAT…this will be taken to the NEXT LEVEL…

  44. Guyanese gone NUCLEAR…they are withholding their money and coming together as ONE…

    come on Barbados…the writing is on the wall…stop allowing these THIEVING GOVERNMENTS to DISRESPECT our AFRICAN HERITAGE,, OUR ANCESTORS, OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS..
    but ya can see the corrupt all dressed up as though they are muslims and can respect everyone except Black people who LOOK JUST LIKE THEM..

  45. All these Caribbean criminals in Black people PAID PARLIAMENTS can blame THEMSELVES for what happens next….how DARE YOU steal from our great grandparents, our grandparents, our parents AND US for OVER HALF CENTURY, left them in POVERTY and now plotting and planning to steal the African INHERITANCE of our children, grandchildren and great granchildren to appease racist minority criminals………THAT COMES WITH CONSEQUENCES…

  46. This is the quality of investors that Mia is inviting to our ancestral land to WREAK HAVOC…

    “WASHINGTON – R. Allen Stanford, the former board of directors chairman of Stanford International Bank (SIB), was sentenced today in Houston to a total of 110 years in prison for orchestrating a 20-year investment fraud scheme in which he misappropriated $7 billion from SIB to finance his personal businesses.”

    and it gets even worse from there because the ones in Barbados, the white, indian and syrian parasites sucking on Black lives for nearly 6 DECADES are even WORSE, they take, take, take, give nothing and act like they are doing Black/African people a favor and the dirty niga in the parliament actually tell ya that they are, while helping them steal billions of Black people’s money …and project that everyone should be grateful……..that is why i will REITERATE….they all want HANGING….

    sending these beasts to our continent to disrespect our heritage and steal what is NOT THEIRS.. is the LAST STRAW….

  47. A culmination of decades of corruption and brutal crimes committed against African descendants by wicked misleaders in colonial parliaments. This evil subhuman can’t claim anyone hit him with a rock this time…but still provoking situations.

  48. Mia Mottely you will REMOVE your team of THIEVES AND RACISTS off OUR SACRED ANCESTRAL LANDS and NEVER, EVER send in anymore or I will BRING DOWN WRATH, HELL AND DAMNATION ON YOU …until 2023….your choice….some of us never lost our connection to OUR MOTHERLAND no matter how much you bought and owned generational manufactured SAVAGES beat it, INJURED IT, RAPED IT out of us.


  49. The lady declares she has a “database of projects in Africa” yet could only provide a link to plastic bricks when the discussion is about the provision of pre-fab houses. Mind you the factory makes 25 bricks per hour.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Ignorance prejudice and hyperbole aside..

    There are muslims in Africa circa 446 million with 41% of the population being Muslim, accounting for 1/4 of the world’s Muslim population … There are Indians in Africa with more than three million people of Indian origin … and over 1 million Chinese workers currently live in Africa who are all part of the African cause taking Africa out of poverty

  51. Explosion in electronic payments powers start-up boom in Nigeria

    Down an alley off Kukawa Street in Lagos Island, across from a building abandoned mid-construction, Paulo Communications does a brisk trade. On an average day, dozens of customers walk past fried food and fresh fruit stands to visit his street-side shop and top up their mobile phones or pay their monthly satellite TV bills.

    The shop’s biggest business is mobile transactions. It completes dozens of withdrawals, deposits and payments for customers every day, using half a dozen different systems offered by telecommunications giants, big banks and the fintech companies that have made Lagos — Nigeria’s commercial capital — Africa’s hottest start-up scene, accounting for roughly a fifth of the continent’s total venture capital funding in 2020.

    There are at least 20 bank branches near here, but still they come to me,” says proprietor Paulo Umunnabuike, showing off an array of point-of-sale machines from each of the companies that he uses. “At the bank, you wait in line — here, it is much faster.”

    After years in which Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, led Africa’s tech revolution, momentum has shifted to west Africa and to Lagos, which has attracted more than $1bn in venture capital in the past two years from Silicon Valley, China and elsewhere. In 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic hit tech fundraising, Nigerian companies raised $307m in venture funding, a fifth of Africa’s total, according to Partech, a venture fund, in its annual report on technology in Africa. Nearly 40 per cent went to the fintech sector.

    Read full text:

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