A Bit More about Bitt.com

The Barbados based fintech Bitt.com continues to lead the way in an emerging business. Sadly there is an embarrassing ignorance about what Bitt is doing in the region. The following video is meant to continue the conversation about the value companies like Bitt.com bring to the table.

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  1. @ David
    “Further comments attacking the reputation without proof to the blogmaster will be deleted.”

    Amazing. I wonder what Chris Sinckler would say to that. The pages of BU carried some nasty features on him.
    I warned the blogmaster not to encourage his dogs to suck his neighbours eggs because the dogs would eventually suck his.
    BTW Ms. Mottley’s character was also viciously attacked.
    This must be a “ come to Jesus moment”. David, now washed in the blood of the lamb.
    Oh what a difference a year makes. Heather Cole must be trembling in her boots!!!!

    Duopoly Rules.

    • You need to take some time and read why the release. It is to improve the security of the paper note. The pilot with Bitt.com to reiterate is to create a virtual EC note. Eventually some of you will get it.

  2. “Dear Loyal Customer,

    After years of serving you, the Bitt Exchange will cease ALL operations at 4:00 pm on August 29th, 2019. Since you will no longer be able to sell or buy Bitcoin via this Exchange, we ask that you close your account with us before that time and date.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 1(246) 537-8324 or email support@bitt.com. Alternatively, you may visit our Wildey headquarters between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, from Monday to Friday.

    We thank you for your business and support throughout the years, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

    Best regards,
    The Bitt Management Team

    Our mailing address is:
    2nd Floor, Mahogany Court, Wildey Business Park, Wildey, St. Michael

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    Bitt · Mahogany Court, Wildey Business Park, · Bridgetown BB14006 · Barbados”

  3. @blogmaster
    I missed your June 1 comment. “Eventually some of you will get it”.

    Sorry, but I don’t want any of it

    However, it seem as if you have decided to stop educating us about Bitt, Are you still a champion or did Bitt’s bitter bite caught you in the behind? 🙂

    Did you trade in your Bitt-coins? 🙂

    • Have you heard of a single complaint from anyone not able to close their account?

      Do you know if all similar bitcoin exchanges from around the world have been forced to close?

      Is Facebook LIBRA a scam?

      Some of you let you agendas to blind you. When you have evidence share with the blogmaster. Until then ask your questions to ensure there is a nice bow on your comments.

      Here is something to help you chew your cud.


  4. Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    You gine kill the Director of Disinformation?

    Observe how quietly his financial savoir disappeared into the night

    But he wants to hide it deep

  5. Chewing, chewing
    I don’t want to get into anything personall so I am “Asking for a friend”

    My Dearest Theo,

    The post by the blogmaster has provided more questions than answers, Can you follow-up on these questions.

    From above, it appears that Gabriel Abed (GA) will be duplicating most of what Bitt is doing (a mobile wallet for the Caribbean region “fully focused on digital assets” and will keep on working on the bitcoin exchange. Does this signal a falling out of the partners?

    Since GA is still working on the mobile wallet, is mMoney dead but not announced? Is mMoney now Bitts dead trojan horse as they try to develop other products?

    Is it possible that GA has most of the programming team? Will the death of mMoney the next announcement?

    Theo, I don’t like when you mention the name Rawdon Adams

    Welldon Barrow

    A Barrow?? Do you thinkl?? Nah

  6. Here waiting on a bit more…

    Meanwhile., it looks as if Rawdon and company is ahead of the curve
    👍Rawdon 👍

    The blogmaster asked the question “Is Facebook LIBRA a scam?” which I thought was not worthy or a reply?

    I conducted a poll and discovered that 5,367,800 people knew of Facebook and 27 (counting the blogmaster 5 times) knew of Bitt.

    How can you equate Facebook and Bitt ? (Asking for a friend… Inquiring minds want to know)

    It reminded me of when discussing a problem in Barbados some will point to the USA… You may have the last word..

    • We are discussing a technology that supports digital currency. Can you point the blog to evidence which supports your accusation that Bitt.com is a scam outfit?

  7. My investigative technology team made use of the power of technology and concluded that is necessary to comment on the accusatory and inaccurate last word

    Ctrl-F “scam” – 0 mentions
    Ctrl-F “TheOG” – 0 mentions of scam
    Ctrl-F “Bitt” – several mentions but no mention of scam
    The above claim is baseless.
    The blogmaster may have already sold his Bitt-coins but is still in a hero worship and protective mode.

    Meanwhile, I will continue to warn my fellow citizens to enter all financial transactions with eyes wide open. Nobody gets in the dance for free. Always do your research. We will always urge caution – in or out of the sandbox.

  8. Would suggest that Bitt reviews its page and make certain that all acronyms are explained.
    I went to one page and saw DLT and SDG, In my area of expertise DLT is dose limiting toxicity.
    They should not assume thgat these acronyms are easily understood by all.

    Hire a student and let him/her go through and ensure acronyms are all explained as they occur.

  9. https://barbadostoday.bb/2019/07/20/regulators-and-cryptocurrencies-a-lost-cause/

    Is there a report?

    Seriously, I want to see some of that report. The days of just issuing a press report are done. For all we know, it could just be a piece of blank paper in some folder…

    I cannot accept “We examined Bitt in our sandbox and they passed the test”. If that is all we are going to get, I could have examined them in my sandbox (for a lot cheaper price) and give you a similar report (perhaps, an even better report).

    “The TheOGazerts group of companies after applying over a dozen stress tests to Bitt’s product has concluded that Bitt can now move to the market places . The TheOGazerts group of companies developed and examined three stress-test scenarios – “baseline,” “adverse” and “severely adverse” – and projects a firm’s balance sheet, risk-weighted assets (RWA), net income, resulting post-stress capital levels and regulatory capital ratios, among other factors under each one. Bitt Passed with flying colors>

    Note that our test duplicates and may even exceed those of the Federal Reserve of the USA”.

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