Difficult Conversations – An Open Letter to the unVaxxed – Part 2

Submitted by Grenville Phillips

Dear unVaxxed Barbadians:

Not too long ago, all Barbadians comprised the unVaxxed. In that state, we fought COVID-19 together. Then some of us got the injection and the enemy became you, the unVaxxed.

Enemy is an accurate descriptor. Caring Barbadians began advocating depriving their unVaxxed neighbours from earning a living, which would force them into bankruptcy and homelessness. How is this possible? A review of their social media activity documents a striking change of attitude.


When the injections first became available, the Vaxxed proudly posted the type of injections they received. Based entirely on their consistent posts and ‘likes’, those who took the mRNA and DNA types appeared to be far more likely to support the most oppressive measures after approximately two months.

One of the most oppressive measures supported, was denying the unVaxxed from receiving medical care. This evident degeneration of so much of their humanity, based entirely on their social media activity, was alarming.


Evidence based discussions were impossible. Contrary evidence became inconvenient annoyances that had to be ignored for the greater ‘good’ of getting all Barbadians injected – nothing else seemed to matter.

Despite the accepted scientific fact that both the Vaxxed and the unVaxxed carry the same viral load, and are equally capable of getting and spreading COVID-19, the unVaxxed alone must be severely punished in this absurd world. Since this illogical attitude towards the unVaxxed does not appear to be wearing off, my recommendations to help you survive follow.


Purchase a bottle of 1,000 mg of Vitamin C for the next 100 days – that would be 100 tablets. Purchase a second bottle for the next 100 days and maintain that extra supply.

Take one 1,000 mg tablet each day. If you ever get sick, then take two or three tablets each day for as long as you are sick. If Vitamin C becomes scarce, then order some from a reputable health-type store in the US, like GNC. With your immune system boosted, keep following the sanitary protocols that appear to have worked in Barbados.


Solutions Barbados’ policy was that every house that had a large fruit-bearing tree would not pay land-tax. Had this been done in 2018, no-one in Barbados need be hungry today. Further, the abundant fruit would have replaced unhealthy processed foods, leading to a healthier population ready for any corona variant. If you have not already done so, plant at least one fruit bearing tree.

Solutions Barbados’ policy was to mandate utility companies giving a free subsistence amount of water and electricity each month. The bands above that would be increased so that there was no loss to the utility company. This was not done. Therefore, vulnerable families unnecessarily leaked money from land-tax and utility bills. Families should decide whether they wish to continue choosing unnecessary hardship.


You need to start earning money outside of Barbados. Solutions Barbados’s policy was to train every household, through a 6-week workshop on CBC, on starting home-based businesses to make money. Had this been done, people would have automated their businesses by now to at least pay for their normal monthly expenses.

Barbados currently enjoys an exceptionally generous double taxation agreement with the US. It is like having the economic benefits of being a US citizen without living there. Rather than be influenced by paid political operatives to remain in a hand-to-mouth, paycheque-to-paycheque, and house-poor poverty, make it your business to attend the next free workshop – the date of which will be advertised in these weekly articles.


Should a new variant arrive that incapacitates the Vaxxed and unVaxxed alike, you will likely be blamed – and targeted for new punishments. Therefore, finish your course well. Every day presents a new opportunity to: care and love more, be a kinder and more helpful human being, point persons to the light, and help those who stumbled or lost their way.

Every day is also an opportunity to forgive. The response to the inhumanity of others is to lovingly forgive them from your heart – they simply know not what they do. Jesus explained that we will be forgiven to the same extent that we forgive others. If you forgive everyone entirely, as if the offenses against you never happened, then you are ready to meet Our Creator.


Let me address any Vaxxed who may be reading this. If you disagree with the persecution of the unVaxxed, then write a most convincing message to your future self, and schedule it to be automatically sent to you every month.

To those who actively support policies to force the unVaxxed into bankruptcy and poverty, and deny them medical care, let me write something that I sincerely hope will shock you back to reality – even if for a moment. I love you – from my heart I do. But if taking the injection will make me like you, then I would rather die with my humanity intact.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

Same Script Different Cast

Submitted by Black Bear
The Covid19 Vaccine and The Slave Code Cast – Featuring Barbados

August 2021, 400+ years since the first Africans arrived in the Caribbean as enslaved men and women and nothing has changed! Absolutely nothing! Were I to superimpose the slavery period on this modern-day covid19 era it would indeed fit like a glove; the very same script is now being played out by a different cast.

Lights, cameras, action!

Black regional governments of Afro Caribbean descent aided and abetted by black trade union leaders CTSUAB, NUPW, BWU and BUT have now graced the stage and repeating well-scripted verses to entice and incentivize their countrymen and women to their possible demise – a mandatory experimental covid19 shot. Rounding up other trusting black people and negotiating their sale with the colonizers is the theme of this scene. It’s a brilliant reenactment of the 17th-century transatlantic slave trade. Transactions on the Ivory Coast of Africa? No, not this time. These transactions are being conducted in the halls of parliaments, institutions and organizations across the Caribbean region by our very own. This time they are selling their constituents not for trinkets nor pieces of glass but for money, recognition and hopefully inclusion into the inner circles of their white puppeteers. Just as the Europeans could not have gained access to our ancestors without the support of the treacherous Negros of the past, these new black sell-outs (just as gullible and malleable as their ancestors) are performing the same role and creating the pathway to our enslavement and unwittingly their own. Same script different cast.

New age African Caribbean people are now being delivered to the white business class on a platter by the black political class. “You cannot work on this plantation without a vaccine”, declares off-white slave owner Edward Clarke. These actors, local white business owners, play the same role as their ancestors before them – the slave ship captains and their murderous crews. These are folks who have been practicing for this performance all their adult lives and finally the curtains are raised and they will stop at nothing, genocide even. They have sold their souls to the devil. In the same way millions of Africans were transported across the Atlantic and delivered to the plantation owners in the West Indies, it is the same way that their descendants are now being placed at the disposal of the white-controlled WHO, UN Agencies etc. for use in ‘science’. You just cannot make this stuff up. Same script different cast.

Not to be outdone, the house Negros in their award-winning performance are castigating and reprimanding the resistant blacks while singing the praises of their masters and their ‘benevolent ‘ gifting of covid19 vaccines. Expertly cast for these roles because of their past performances, they have now become the enforcers of the new medical apartheid slave code.

Remember Stephen in Django? Well black medical professionals,totally dense black journalists and cheaply bought black radio disc jockeys, black government apologists, black idiotic comedians, black vapid social media personalities, black Human Resources managers (this group is legendary) and black representatives of tourism organizations are all starring as modern-day Stephens. They are all people of Afro Caribbean descent and their performances are rich. Many of these actors received their formal training in House Negroism in Crumpton Street, Bridgetown; phenomenal performances in scenes already filled with effective cameos and an ensemble cast working at the top of their game. It is more powerful still because they have finally been granted the kind of roles they have been worthy of for so long. This group mainly performs for an audience of one – the local slave-trader-in-chief. Best supporting role goes to apologist Redman! Same Script Different Cast.

The cast of the modern-day type 1 field slaves is extremely intelligent, brave and astute. They are not in any mood for the deceit because unlike their house cousins who eat at the feet of their masters, the field Negros are now able to identify and spot their enemy from a distance. From the bloodline of Bussa, these actors are prepared to fight for their freedom and that of their children and grandchildren to come. May God save us all if this line of defense ever crumbles. The self-loathing house Negros keep getting in the way of the fight as they advocate for the demise of the rebellious blacks by way of alienation, unemployment, vaccine passes and social exclusion. One overzealous and totally compromised Barbadian house Negro, in his weekly call-in program audition, seemed to have gotten confused with the history of the Maroons, bolted onto the stage as if on cue and shouted: “ banish the rastas to the hills”. Epic! The Willie Lynch theory is proven! After the freedom protest scene was played out by the field Negros on the streets of Bridgetown, we saw how local black media and clowns, all starring in the house Negro role (these are the master’s favourite tools) emerged to ridicule and scandalize their brothers and sisters who are on the frontline fighting for freedom. And the award goes to Eric Lewis for his brilliant performance! One extremely talented actress giving all of herself to her house negress role got her script totally mixed up and likened one leading field Negro to MalcomX. Same Script Different Cast.

Also standing in full view of the cameras are the type 2 and 3 field slaves. Like their ancestors on the yesteryear plantations of rural Barbados, St Kitts, St Vincent, Jamaica they too are paralyzed by fear and are squarely in the clutches of the stupid house Negros. These other field Negros have perfected their role on social media pleading with and trying to coerce type 1 field Negros to submit and take the jab for the good of all mankind. So serious about their roles they even encircled their faces with a ‘ I Have Had My Covid19 vaccine Stamp’. These folks have now defined themselves by the damn vaccine…they refer to it ‘my vaccine’. This movie is just off the fucking chart. The type 2 field slave true to his ancestral nature is confused, torn and delusional. He still doesn’t understand the end game. There is no returning to normal! Starring in this role is our favourite come-a-long pretend black pan Africanists and others whose stage names are Denny, Prescod and Olutoye who circle Bussa every Emancipation Day. Now type 3 field slave is terrified and has the role of the old mute Negro. He has no speaking parts for he has no courage and cannot be trusted. This role is being played by the Church leaders. Same script different cast.

The stage is set! Regional black-led development agencies are in full Oscar mode, engaging in extraordinary tactics and behaviours to persuade, coerce and force black people to take a drug that is still in its experimental stage. CARPHA and PAHO provide the film with its bruising heart and its most horrifying tragedy. In this scene they are the enforcers as were the chief house slaves of the day. Same script different cast.

The directors have even cast the indentured servants who like their ancestors are stuck in the middle. In the film, this set is not rich nor white enough to be considered valuable to their white-supremacist cousins in faraway lands. Neither are they trusted by blacks because they have spent the last 100 years trying to convince themselves of their own superiority and trying their hardest to create their local version of apartheid (well at least in Barbados). They too are squarely in the bull’s eye of their old colonial master cousin as were their direct ancestors – they too are collateral damage. Same script different cast.

The producers, directors and the screen writers operate remotely from far away in Europe, Asia and North America. The architects of the new models of the slave economy. Just like European aristocracies and monarchies of the past who divided up Africa, created, controlled and sustained the trans-Atlantic slave trade, we have the real covid19 powerhouses carefully hidden behind the cameras. These include wealthy global philanthropists, the big pharmaceutical companies, the big tech companies supported by CNN. They are capitalists with one agenda and that is the attainment of wealth and absolute power by any means necessary. Psychopaths who have absolutely no empathy for people of colour and are privileged to have the little house Negros of the region running around at their bequest. In the same way that King Leopold and his tyrannical and utterly cruel allies divided up Africa for their own gain and in their wake left 40 million Africans dead, physically sick and dismembered and emotionally and mentally broken bruised and divided………The playwright is an absolute genius. Same script different cast.

Indeed the next scene is that of full-scale medical apartheid and unless the sleeping lions awake from their slumber, history WILL repeat itself. Alas, the final scene will NOT be one in which any black man, woman or child will be cast in a leading role, least of all the prized house Negros, because white supremacists destroy their tools when they are done with them. It will be the final curtain.

It’s just a tale of same script different cast.

Gonsalves Struck in the Head, Who Next?

The report coming out of St. Vincent that a citizen felt emboldened to pelt an object at Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves and in the process endanger his life and destabilize the country is reprehensible. We may have contrary political views but it does not mean we should disregard the fact Gonsalves’s Unity Labour Party (ULP) is a democratically elected government. What example are we setting for our children? Increasingly in the Caribbean we are witnessing behaviours associated with TV scenes depicting public disturbances from over in away. Another example of our small open societies in the Caribbean susceptible to external influences. The English speaking Caribbean has earned a reputation through the years as an area of peace (comparatively speaking) with Grenada the outlier. What happened in St. Vincent this week is an ominous sign for the region given we are battling similar issues. The lyrics of the great calypso Caribbean Man penned in 1979 should serve as a reminder.

One race (de Caribbean man)
From de same place (de Caribbean man)
Dat make de same trip (de Caribbean man)
On de same ship (de Caribbean man)
So we must push one common intention
Is for a better life in de region
For we woman, and we children
Dat must be de ambition of de Caribbean man
De Caribbean man, de Caribbean man

Songwriter: Sawandi Cassell

The world is struggling to protect citizens during the pandemic. It is reported over 4 million people have died since the outbreak of Covid 19. The virus has had the effect of stalling the global economy and in the process crippled Small Island Developing States (SIDs) like St. Vincent, Barbados and others. Before the pandemic our economic and social landscape was under stress. As developed and undeveloped countries respond to outbreak after outbreak of Covid 19, public health policy to fight the virus has not earned the trust of some members of the public. The issue has escalated to a point where the rights of individuals are challenging government’s obligation to enforce an effective national health policy. Members of the medical fraternity are divided, governments have been administering different approaches, individuals are conflicted on the best options to take to fight Covid 19. Unfortunately the matter has been politicised and the voice of the scientists have been trivialized. There will always be those who are anti this and anti that- this has been the case from time immemorial.

To ask for calm at a time various interest groups (including political parties) prefer to engage in rambunctious behaviour will be a struggle. One suspects it will get worse before it gets better. Many of our islands support service economies and will be directly impacted based on our ability to curb Covid 19 infections and in the process prevent failed state status. How long can our governments continue to pay the salaries of bloated public service employees. How long will private sector companies draw down on reserves and declining rate of returns on equity? Is the proverbial crap is about to hit the fan?

The Barbados government is currently working on a legal document to consider mandatory vaccinations that was promised to key stakeholders yesterday. Yesterday CNN in the USA fired 3 unvaccinated employees who entered the workplace violating policy. Buckle up!

The blogmaster thought the following read a useful exercise, a break from the vitriol.

Mandatory vaccination, including for COVID-19, can be ethically justified if the threat to public health is grave, the confidence in safety and effectiveness is high, the expected utility of mandatory vaccination is greater than the alternatives, and the penalties or costs for non-compliance are proportionate. I describe an algorithm for justified mandatory vaccination. Penalties or costs could include withholding of benefits, imposition of fines, provision of community service or loss of freedoms. I argue that under conditions of risk or perceived risk of a novel vaccination, a system of payment for risk in vaccination may be superior. I defend a payment model against various objections, including that it constitutes coercion and undermines solidarity. I argue that payment can be in cash or in kind, and opportunity for altruistic vaccinations can be preserved by offering people who have been vaccinated the opportunity to donate any cash payment back to the health service.

Read full text: Good reasons to vaccinate: mandatory or payment for risk?