All Baloney!

The recent uptick in conversation about the awarding of government contracts to construct houses in Barbados has caused many tongues to wag. A quick search of the web easily found articles of which they are many many many more criticising the relationships between the government of Barbados and Mark Maloney of Preconco fame.

  1. Is this just more politics as usual?
  2. Is this a case that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown?
  3. Is it true despite all the rubbing shoulders, conversation and consultations that the more things change the more they remain the same?
  4. Can we now officially declare that 6 is half dozen and duopoly politics from a homogeneous political class is real?

All Maloney!

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  • A bread – jail time
    A few sheep – $1500
    Land, steal $K – free pass
    Know the fines then do the crimes


  • Two comments that stuck in my mind…

    (1) We were discussing how rotten baloney suddenly tasting sweet?

    (2) No more distractions! We were discussing how rotten baloney suddenly tasting sweet?

    That my friends is good bowling. The slow ball gently turning towards the wicket. Batsmen hiding in the pavilion.


  • “Yusuf Ismuail Koya, from King’s Street,”

    this is a FIRST…. ya never see these same CRIMINALS’ names in the newspapers when they are outright stealing small houses and land from the POOREST in these same depressed communities, leaving them and their families homeless, driving them into further poverty and a life of crime just to survive…they are not even arrested…..and all protected by the honorable Slaves and the judiciary…….and it gets even uglier than that…


  • Yes Theo…the same FRAUDS in gowns jumping in the newspapers that they are all about protesting apartheid in Palestine are doing the SAME to the Black population in Barbados slowly but surely and PROTECTED by the honorable Slaves…they all should be in PRISON..

    when the racism and apartheid are against the Black population no one protests about the human rights abuses or the push into poverty..and no one elected by the people cares…..and that’s why i won’t follow any of these hypocrites…..or their little negros in the parliament.

    the PEOPLE NEED TO OPEN THEIR DAMN MOUTHS….at them and not at each other.


  • @William Duguid

    35 years and still waiting for NHC house

    It has been a long wait for Orlando Morris to get a house and it seems it will take a little while longer for him to own one.
    Morris said he had placed an application with the National Housing Corporation (NHC) 35 years ago to own one of its units and he was still awaiting a call.
    Morris, a retired Transport Board bus driver, said he needs a home desperately for him and his family as the one he has been renting for the past 15 years could collapse at any time.
    He said he went to the NHC on Tuesday and was told he would have to speak to the Minister of Housing.
    Here, Morris showing the application letter dated April 14, 1986, which he said was proof of how long he was waiting to get a house from the NHC.

    The place Orlando Harcourt Morris calls home could fall in on him and his family at any moment.
    He called in the Weekend Nation on Wednesday to see his living conditions, while lamenting he has been waiting on the National Housing Corporation (NHC) for the past 35 years to help him get a house.
    He has been renting the three-bedroom, two-bathroom, wall and wooden structure in Hart’s Gap, Christ Church, for the last 15 years.
    “I live here with my girlfriend and her autistic son, who I consider as my very own. I called you here because I wanted to show you the bad conditions we live in . . . and hopefully the process for me to get a house from NHC would go faster,” he said.
    “The house was not always in this condition but over the years it deteriorated. The landlord lives overseas but a woman collects the money on his behalf. I told her on many occasions that the house badly needs repairs.”
    The ceiling in a bedroom is collapsing as well as that in one of the bathrooms. Parts of the house are termiteinfested, while some floorboards are rotting and shift when stepped on.
    In the kitchen, a sheet of plywood covers a gaping hole in front of the sink, and the roof at the back of the house leaks.
    Not flushing
    Morris said the toilets in both bathrooms were not flushing properly and he had to catch water to flush them. A bath was no longer operational.
    “This house is not fit for our 11-year-old son to live in, and what has me really upset is that the woman who collects the rent visited here and we showed her the conditions. When the landlord came in three years ago, he visited the house and said he was not repairing or selling the house, so since then I stopped paying rent.”
    The retired Transport Board bus driver said the rent was $600 a month, excluding utilities.
    “I am hoping that we get something from NHC and soon. I went there up to yesterday (Tuesday) and was told I would have to wait on the minister.”
    Morris showed an application signed by then NHC manager E. Corbin Jr on April 4, 1986. He said it was proof that he had followed the necessary procedures to acquire housing from the state agency. When contacted, parliamentary representative for Christ Church West, Dr William Duguid, who is also the Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance, said: “The previous administration gave away 3 000 housing units of which the NHC no longer has control. We are working on a new programme to empower Barbadians by building houses in a joint venture and we hope to be soon rolling out that project.”
    Duguid said he could not go into details about the programme at this time, but it was similar to the Home Ownership Providing Energy (HOPE) initiative. (SB)

    Source: Nation


  • Some well known names on this Water Committee.

    Private, public sector committee to tackle problems
    Government has established a National Advisory Committee on Water.
    The 20-member committee is being chaired by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and will advise Government on matters related to water.
    The committee was established on May 25 and falls under the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources.
    When contacted, Charles Griffith, Minister in the Ministry of Water Resources, told the Sunday Sun the committee was a private/public committee.
    He said the ministry wanted to ensure “that we have those people who have the background in dealing with water issues come together”.
    He explained: “The committee revolves around looking at the augmentation programme that the BWA [Barbados Water Authority] is putting in place to ensure that we have best practices and that we have a speedy solution to the numerous water issues that we have across the country.”
    Over the years there have been numerous water problems in Barbados, ranging from acute shortages of water supply in parishes such as St Joseph, St John and St Andrew, as well as complaints of brownish water and outages in St Lucy and St Peter.
    The complaints continue to this day with residents crying out about shortages and outages.
    These situations have resulted in prolonged public outcry, which saw Government recently making a decision to import water from some of its CARICOM neighbours.
    There have also been several breakdowns at pumping stations.
    Sources said the committee, which is made up of senior Government officials, prominent businessmen and people involved in water production and water technology, has been tasked with advising Government on matters related to water distribution and infrastructure.
    Their appointment noted: “Barbados has been designated as one of the most water-scarce countries in the hemisphere. This reality, coupled with the current water problems being experienced by citizens, has resulted in a decision being taken to establish a National Advisory Committee on Water to advise Government on matters related to water distribution and the related infrastructure.”
    Members of the committee include Dr Clyde Mascoll, special adviser to Government; Dr Hugh Sealy and Juanita Thorington-Powlett, advisers to the Prime Minister; Mark Maloney, Coverley Housing Concepts SRL; Bjorn Bjerkhamn, Water Technology System Inc.; David Staples, Ionics Barbados Ltd; Anthony DaSilva, Innotech; and BWA’s general manager Keithroy Halliday.


  • Another Commitee
    Where in.Tarnation. is govt finding money these committee
    People elected a govt to form a cabinet handle these problems
    Now everyday a committee for this a committee for that
    OSA must be rolling in his grave shouting out I told u so
    Govt payroll on Committes must be closer to National debt
    The financial cost on the public purse for these Committee should be told
    This is not a joke


  • All baloney!


  • How many Bajans needed to screwin a light bulb ? 1 to screw in the bulb, 1 to hold the ladder and 18 to discuss the intricacies of the task.

    ok I just writing shiite so doan mine me. I can’t even write propa engalish.


  • “35 years and still waiting for NHC house”

    Very rough for me to comment on this. I don’t want to appear insensitive and I am familiar with ‘There for the grace of god’ goes me

    35 years is a long time to wait on government (I censored my comment).


  • Many heads make light work.

    Did you notice that despite the many heads and many hands a few key names keep appearing no matter which pie is being served.

    Little island, Mark Maloney and Co.


  • “Over the years there have been numerous water problems in Barbados, ranging from acute shortages of water supply in parishes such as St Joseph, St John and St Andrew, as well as complaints of brownish water and outages in St Lucy and St Peter.”

    St Lucy has acute shortages of water, brownish water and outages.

    Notice (1) the water problems are described by constituency and (2) the problems are described by different bits and pieces for various constituencies.

    We need to define and address an island-wide problem.


  • Rotten Baloney too sweet!


  • Sold! Harlequin creditors to be paid

    THE PARTIALLY-BUILT Harlequin Boutique Hotel, which has stood as an eyesore on Hastings Main Road, Christ Church, since 2013, is no more.
    The property, which was part of the failed Harlequin hotels being built by disgraced British developer David Ames, was demolished on Monday by its new owners, Preconco Ltd, whose founder and executive chairman is developer Mark Maloney.
    Dr Grenville Phillips, trustee in the bankruptcy of the company, told the DAILY NATION that the property had been sold to a local entity for more than $5 million and the trustees were now trying to determine payment to creditors.
    “Having sold the property we are now going through and quantifying the claims of creditors to see which creditors are to be paid and in particular, what amount on the dollar they are likely to receive,” he said.
    He stressed that Ames would not receive “one penny”.
    A DAILY NATION check of the information to claimants which was provided by the trustee on May 25 that the property was sold to Preconco for $5 611 998.
    The report noted: “The trustee to update claimants that the sale property has now been completed. property was sold for $5 611 998, proceeds of $4 985 481 after taxes, legal fees.
    “The sale of the property was finalised May 2021 to a nominee of Preconco (Preconco), an entity that held an contract to acquire the property at market value as detailed in the previous reports to creditors and updates After seeking an independent valuation reviewing another private offer, the negotiated a gross sale price of $5.61 with Preconco, representing a positive outcome for creditors, and avoided significant costs and delays in the not the was 25 revealed Preconco trustee is pleased sale of the completed. The 998, with net taxes, levies and finalised in Preconco Limited an option at fair previous to claimants. valuation and the trustee 5.61 million positive avoided the the marketing of the asset. Furthermore, as part of the sales agreement, Preconco agreed to waive their secured interest in the estate and prove entirely as an unsecured creditor, thus increasing the recovery for all unsecured creditors.”
    According to the report, $42 023 810 is to be paid out to 40 creditors, 13 of which are Barbadian companies and individuals, including the Barbados Revenue Authority, which will receive over $700 000 in unpaid taxes.
    The other uncompleted Barbados property at The Merricks Resort, Merricks, St Philip, which was also being developed by Harlequin, is in the hands of bankruptcy trustees at KPMG.
    The last report given in 2019 indicated that an offer had been made to purchase the 70-acre property and “completion of the sales of Merricks is expected to occur in January 2020”.
    Meanwhile, Ames, chairman of Harlequin Group of Companies, is facing three fraud charges in the United Kingdom.

    Source: Nation News


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