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Welcome Stamp: good idea but not Elixir

Submitted by Richard Petko These pages have been inundated with comments concerning the Welcome Stamp (WS). I don’t wish to disparage the concept (with all respect to PLT), but the notion that Barbados can earn new amounts of foreign exchange from it or transition to a long-stay tourism/work model as opposed to regular tourism model are completely unrealistic. The first

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Grenville Phillips Speaks – Welcome Stamp

The Government has implemented a welcome stamp program, where visitors can work from Barbados for up to one year.  They can also apply for an extension. This is one program that was well conceptualised, well designed, and well implemented.  The main beneficiaries are property owners, businesses, and the Government. This should be an exemplar for all Government plans.  Its opposite

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Barbados Welcome Stamp a ‘Hit’

There can be no reasonable doubt that the 12 month Barbados Welcome Stamp initiative has brought the destination an almost unparalleled level of media and public awareness and kudos to all those involved in its conception and ongoing content enhancement. Amongst, the latest exposure is the planned Lion Television Scotland 60 minute documentary, which in their words, will ‘follow adventurous

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