A Time for Choosing

The following was submitted to traditional media and Barbados Underground by Khaleel – David, Blogmaster

Like most Barbadians, I have not been tempted to engage with the debacle surrounding the statue of Lord Nelson. Many of us realize that, instead, now is the time to look toward meaningful change for people and address burning problems in this country. 

The inequitable distribution of economic power and social privilege is chief among theseWe must together discuss how we might solve that. How can government accelerate its manifesto commitment for a Sovereign Wealth Fund,  to assist in creating generational wealth for Barbadians? How can this Government can expand and institutionalise its existing policy of reserving a certain portion of work done on behalf of government to small enterprises, such as small contractors, artisans and joiners, to ensure economic opportunity for there persons. How can the credit union movement finally reach its goal of a credit union bank to be able to more fulsomely secure the financial interests of its members, most of whom are “ordinary Bajans”? How can we get another push in housing and land to ensure that the most disadvantaged have the opportunity to own their homes? How can we go about reforming education, beyond engineering a new transition from primary to secondary? How can we build upon recently started programmes in robotics as well as increase focus in technical and vocational areas to maximize the economic and indeed personal potential of our nation’s students? How does Barbados lead the charge regionally as we boldly step into the knowledge-based economy? How can we develop competitive advantage in this respect? Can we combine a renewed push in agriculture through the incentivisation of farming for young people with a drive towards leading the region in AgriTech, and do so in a way which brings on board the marginalized, through the creation of educational opportunity? How do we reconfigure our tourism product to be more nimble in these perilous times while also ensuring that the industry remains a source of wealth creation for “ordinary individuals”? How do we ensure we achieve these and more to create economic opportunity as well as social aggrandizement, and in so doing hopefully lessen the allure of organized criminal activity? How do we go about fixing families and communities to solve the same? How do we set about a comprehensive programme for the reintegration of ex-convicts into society, not only to reduce recidivism but also to ensure we don’t waste the potential of those individuals? How do we ensure that each and every one of us walk the talk of fundamental change in our own private lives, rather than simply clamoring for others or for institutions to change? Most pressingly, how do we move forward in the uncertain post-COVID environment?

These are all questions in desperate need of discussion. All of that is not only about economic survival. It is about the continued viability of the “Idea of Barbados” as posited by Ralph Gonsalves. In concluding his treatise on the subject he wisely counselled, “we must have faith that the idea of Barbados will endure, but faith is made complete or perfect with deeds.” We should use our collective energies to complete that faith and to perfect the Idea of Barbados. Let us not squander this moment by paralyzing the country in needless division. To mix the speeches of two American presidents, now is the time for choosing, for our rendezvous with destiny awaits.


  • Donna, Theo, Miller, Piece, TSLN…it’s obvioius that the two trash governments knew about these international human rights Articles updated a mere 4 years ago…and despite them knowing with their stinking selves, they still allowed and enabled the pracitce of racism, apartheid and disenfranchisement of the Black majority to fill their own pockets and that of the dirty minorities and then some uneducated joker is coming on here to give me lip…well good luck….the human rights document still got 68 pages to go…so bring it on..


  • Piece the Prophet

    @ Koochie Koo

    When you coming back to your article?

    Note de ole man and Prophet did not say vomit!

    In time Koochie Koo de Prophet expects dat you WILL BE SILENCED because, already in your questions, de ole man sees anarchy in your tone and timbre.

    Dis is the thing about “vision” and Prophecy, readers here see absence of paragraphs, form that assaults the grammatical sensibilities, and for the most part BLP ideology.

    But de ole man and Prophet sees the underlying statements, the unmasked questions and the maturity that is beyond your years!

    When the Sage Annunaki asked you the questions you failed to ask, when Sargeant the NCO also connified your remarks, when others sought to guide you on the path of tempering your queries with the flavour of true debate, YOU DID NOT RESPOND!

    And de ole man knows why you cannot respond!

    It is not out of incapacity BUT OUT OF FEAR!

    To even broach such fair and just questioning THAT WOULD KILL YOUR POLITICAL ASPIRATIONS FOREVER!

    Because at 16 in would mean that in the Mugabe Constellation, there would be another “star” seeking to be a Northern Star!

    You CANNOT DO THAT Baby Koochie Koo.

    So you allow all us we to come to your single blog and wuk up in verbal frenzy while you remain “quiet” and watch your count.

    Similar to how de ole man wind you up pun Senator Caswell Franklyn’s blog and watched his count.


    You learning well man chile

    But in the same way Ronnie Yearwood, a man whose speech and gravitas exceeds your own, in similarfashion how he was seen as a threat baby Koochie Koo, and was sidelined, I PIECE THE PROPHET, SPEAK THIS INTO BEING today.

    Mugabe Amin Mottley has seen you and is watching you and your communications are being monitored.

    All of them!

    Commander Theophillus Gazerts has indicated to you that you have been accorded our respect for your prowess

    But Donna is giving you wise counsel so that you do not get carried away with the usual DLP/BLP braggadocia and belligerence but incorporate respect (not the one that is respect for your elders but the one that is respect to all comers)

    I, de Prophet will tarry here in the mountains a little while longer AND WATCH!

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  • Piece the Prophet

    Your assistance please Honourable Blogmaster


  • SUCK ON THAT…parasites and pretenders…


  • Kootchie Koo…got the title of the artice DEAD ON..

    So is everyone watching the play, the government knew WELL enuff what Article X was ..at least ah got them becoming well versed in the human rights of the Black majority…and they knew only an act of the Divine could stop me from posting that Article X today…but the Divine is on MY SIDE, not on the side of TRAITORS…so they got their slimy racist parasite minority to JUMP OUT warbling about visiting equal this and racial that like someone need the permission of minorities to dismantle their vile racist asses ….first time in the HISTORY OF BARBADOS they came out talking about addressing THEIR OWN RACIST PRACTICES AND THEFTS AGAINST THE MAJORITY POPULATION cause THEY KNOW they have been committing crimes against the Black majority for decades, the treacherous government made sure to to show them the HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENT…they got the nerve to think they are in control now, uhhh, uhhh…..but they can talk all kinda shite, none of them can reverse this train…lowlifes…we got this, watch muh nuh….

    they are going to read the whole 68 page human rights document AND EVERY ARTICLE they have been hiding and learn it chapter and verse, just like every BLACK PERSON ON THE EARTH….slavemaster bloodline at play, i do nothing half way

    the useless illiterate shitehound thinks he wants a civil war with me, nothing wrong with thinking.


  • If he is 16 should he be busy preparing for exams?

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  • Kootchie Koo will never learn this in school, but he should focus on the exams….now that the island is BEING TURNED on its head…some of what he is learning in school minus the mis-education could come in handy later.


  • “TORONTO — A single farm in Windsor-Essex, Ont. has been linked to 175 new cases of COVID-19 in the province, reigniting concerns about the rapid spread of the virus among temporary foreign workers.

    Ontario reported 257 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, 177 of which were confirmed by the Windsor-Essex public health unit following targeted testing of migrant farm workers over the weekend.”



  • @ David,

    Watch the video in the above news report and note the the ” huts ” some farm workers live in.

    @ Peace the Prophet. Glad you are still around. I am still a coward too frighten to say what I think so I will let others comment on the abuse and exploitation of farm workers.


  • Yeah…that one Mia had Justin’s family jewels right in the palm of her hands, just like Lawson does , and before she use her skills and powers of persuasion in convincing him to make things better for farm workers from Barbados and the Caribbean as CARICOM FRAUD CHAIR……, like i would and like she loves to mouth off at the Black population who elected her…hear her…we want you to open Canada’s borders to let Bajan Canadians travel…welll guess what happened, Justin lost his bid to sit on the UN Secretary Council and kept his borders shut…just like i would have, since the dummy claiming to Barbados’ leader, obviously don’t know what’s important for her people, just like her government give the minoirity racists, thieves and parasites the human rights document, same document that was created and designed to PROTECT HER PEOPLE….and which BOTH GOVERNMENTS IGNORED…did not tell the population about any of their international human rights as evident by the 68 pages in my possession, but with their sell out selves told the thieving minorities to whom none of it applies…because not only are they NOT indigenous to the African Continent and the Americas like we are, but they were never enslaved in this era, neither are they an exploited people, they are common class thieves…

    .and got the nerve to believe that the slave society would remain intact so they can all continue to use the Black population’s tax dollars and pension money to enrich themselves annualyl, both governments did that….so do you believe she cares anything about Black farm workers being mistreated, exploited and abused in Canada or anywhere else…i made that same comment here about her or the other idiots ,can’t remember, in appealing to Justin to change that racist practice…none of it has even registered in any of their minds in the Barbados parliament…and when i tell them off they complain..


  • WURA, girl ” … the times they are a-changing”!

    There is no turning back now!


  • @Hants

    The vulnerable will always be exploited. The farm in question had no protocols to manage the workers. It is not the workers fault.


  • Hants,

    These workers are considered expendable EVERYWHERE.

    As I said at the beginning of this COVID crisis – this is an opportunity for a reset. The veil has been swept aside and all the ugliness is on display. The false narratives are being exposed. Those who tell them are on the run.



    Now the world is receptive to our stories. They will no longer deny our credibility.


  • Donna girl…everything is on full display…

    ah know things are financially difficult, but ah could still run a bet, so anyone want to wager $1000 that the Mia BLP BLACK fowls and BLACK hangerson knew nothing about these Articles of human rights designed to ALSO FREE THEM from colonial programming and mental slavery and being little FOWLS to politicians and ministers….ah rolling in dough…lol

    and which BOTH GOVERNMENTS IGNORED…did not tell the BLACK population about any of their international human rights as evident by the 68 pages in my possession, but with their sell out selves told the thieving minorities to whom none of it applies…because not only are they NOT indigenous to the African Continent and the Americas like we are, but they were never enslaved in this era, neither are they an exploited people, they are common class thieves…


  • Even Plantation Rum dropping the name

    Meanwhile back on Broad Street Nelson proudly looks down on his people



  • He shall be removed!


  • NorthernObserver

    I recommend they change the name to Bullah Rums, for freedom of sexual orientation is one of the hallmarks of the Caribbean as displayed by mount GAY.


  • @ David who wrote ” The vulnerable will always be exploited.”

    Right minded persons will do what they can to expose and prevent the exploitation of the vulnerable.

    Thanks to cell phone cameras people can collect ” evidence “.


  • Donna…..ah think Theo might be too stunned to even react to some retarded nobody coming on here trying to convince us that things are so much better under colonial rule, with the idiot seeing himself as the colonial…ah bet ya they did not even include the cousins in the Palace in that equation..none of them, not the black faces and definitely not the minority parasites…because it benefits THEM ONLY and NOT the people…and too, they are quite delusional and live in LaLa Land.

    …this is some serious evil shit that must be removed from the island or just chase their asses off…that is something i have been hoping to see for decades….


  • @NO
    Where I grew up there was a family in the neighbourhood whose surname was Gay but Jamaica may claim Trade mark violation in the renaming of any Rum with a title (Bullah), as it has Bulla cakes. BTW you can pick them up at any West Indian store.

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  • And they admittted to the practice of racism against the majority population and financial inequality aka tiefing and exploiting too…

    the fowls would say…context….so how many different context does anyone know exists to put this into…ha…

    wuh they certainly could never be so brazen as to blame the majority population for practicing racism and exploitation, robbing the treasury and pension fund…against themselves….unless the plan is to blame it all on the black faces in the parliament…which would work for me quite well too…guilt by association, conspiracy, collusion.. .and the list is shaping up real good..

    they have done such a wonderful job, they must all be proud…why not take a bow..


  • Well according to this video, the racist supporters of nelson and the house negros LOSE…..the trash statue comes down, i saw the dude showing a newspaper article with Comissiong and the private sector dude who confessed to practice of racism and thefts from the people…..we shall see


  • @ Piece the Prophet June 30, 2020 4:41 AM

    Piece You Old Prophet!

    You interpret the article as hidden rebellion, although the author is obviously a neutral observer like me. LOL. He has what it takes to rule the brasswols as Prime Minister one day.

    Remember how illoyal Enuff and Lorenzo sometimes behave on BU 😉 Lorenzo once did NOT put our Most Honourable Prime Minister on number 1 in the ranking of the best Prime Ministers of all time.

    p.s. How is OSA feeling after Mia broke his little toy?


  • Well…none of it is going away…oppression, racism, apartheid, thefts of estates….what have this government NOT DONE TO THE PEOPLE…what crimes have they NOT COMMITTED AGAINST THE PEOPLE with the help of these same wicked minorites is a much easier question to ask can, no one can see what any of them have done to improve the people’s lives significantly…other than trying to demean and degrade those whom they have the power given to them by the people, but they instead use it to victimize..


  • Definitely a time for CHOOSING//

    The Indigenous African, which includes the African descended in the Caribbean, has the inalienable right to their AFRICAN ANCESTRAL CULTURE. No government or state is entitled to violate those human rights, any such action is a direct violation of international law.

    ▼Article XIII. Right to cultural identity and integrity 1. 2. Indigenous peoples have the right to their own cultural identity and integrity and to their cultural heritage, whether tangible or intangible, including historic and ancestral heritage; and to the protection, preservation, maintenance, and development of that cultural heritage for their collective continuity and that of their members and so as to transmit that heritage to future generations. States shall provide redress through effective mechanisms, which may include restitution, developed in conjunction with indigenous peoples, with respect to their cultural, intellectual, religious, and spiritual property taken without their free, prior, and informed consent or in violation of their laws, traditions, and customs.


  • Human Rights of the African Descended Under International Law.

    WURA-War-on-UJuly 1, 2020 5:50 AM

    Cultural, undeniable rights of the African descended in Caribbean and across the Diaspora under international law.

    Indigenous people have the right to recognition
    and respect for all their ways of life, cosmovisions,
    spirituality, uses, customs, norms, traditions, forms
    of social, economic, and political organization;
    forms of transmission of knowledge, institutions,
    practices, beliefs, values, dress, and languages,
    recognizing their inter-relationship as established in
    this Declaration.


  • Just to reiterate:

    Committee on the Location of the nelson statue dated OVER 20 YEARS AGO…..

    Based on the history of its commissioning and erection, the nelson statue should be considered to be part OF THE PUBLIC PROPERTY of Barbados…and TREATED AS SUCH….(meaning, owned by the PEOPLE OF BARBADOS, the majority population who fund evertything….that excerpt says nothing about private ownership in it.)


  • These are the statues you immoralize…the oppressed, enslaved, murdered, raped….you do not immoralize statues and symbols of racism and slavery..

    …only racists and the STILL embarrassingly mentally enslaved would dare commit such an abomination and disrespect for centuries against their ancestors…

    …idolizing evil dead criminals who played the biggest roles in hating and murdering their ancestors…

    Surinamese people are much more conscious, they kept their indigenous African traditions…customs…practices…the statue of their enslaved hero can be found on FB.

    “wreath laying this morning at the statue of kwakoe
    Kwakoe means Wednesday in the ritual Kromanti language of Maroons of Suriname. … Thus, the name also refers to Wednesday, July 1, 1863, the day that slavery was abolished in Paramaribo, Suriname. Thus, the name Kwakoe symbolizes the rebirth of the liberated slave on that historic Wednesday.

    in order not to confuse the spelling, kwakoe is in Dutch and kwaku is English. I can’t change the name because it happened in a Dutch speaking country.”


  • Only the brainless who are not even related to these abominations want to keep them up on pedestals, for the last 3 years the descedants of the images on these statues wanted them taken down. I believe it was this same one here and others asked that they be removed..


    “Another Robert Lee says it’s time for Confederates to surrender to the Union again.

    The Rev. Robert E. Lee IV, the great-great-great grand-nephew of Civil War general Robert E. Lee, told ABC News that statues of rebel leader like his late uncle are worshiped like “idols of white supremacy and racism” and they need to go.”


  • Yesterday the Caricom governments hoist a Caricom flag to symbolize their intention to move forward together. So….. they do undertand symbols and their relevance.


  • Donna…some of these Black Caribbean leaders are still to learn that the symbols they promote, worship and put on pedestals in their minds, should be about their own ancestors, their struggles, their victories for freedom, their own likeness and not the cursed, racist slave masters and their sympathizers…but these don’t care a whole lot about their African ancestors, they prefer to pretend and are more comfortable worshipping slave master abominations.


  • Those small island nobody racists in Barbados and their house negros in the parliament need to take a listen to this, because i don’t know who the hell they think they are..


  • What;s good for the goose is good for the gander…Selassie from the house of Tafari a royal bloodline stretching back thousands of years to millenia…long before europe figured anything out….the only African country to not be colonized because they were the original slave empire…

    Ethiopia…many can still trace their bloodlines to that empire….am sure no one even asked in this era exactly what Selassies statue was doing in London….and those who know will not shed a tear..

    “A statue of former Ethiopian leader Haile Selassie has been destroyed in a south west London park.

    The incident in Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon, which is being investigated by police, was carried out on Tuesday evening by a group of around 100 people, according to an eyewitness.

    It appears to be linked to unrest in Ethiopia sparked after Hachalu Hundessa, a famous singer cherished by people of the country’s.. too much controversy.. (was murdered).”


  • Well Done!

    Nelson Statue To Find A New Home
    by Paula Harper-Grant | Jul 24, 2020 | Top Stories

    The Lord Nelson Statue in Bridgetown. (Stock Photo)Nelson is to be moved!

    Minister with responsibility for Culture, John King, made this announcement today, explaining that the Cabinet had agreed to the relocation of the statue of Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson from National Heroes Square in Bridgetown.

    He further clarified that this decision was made in light of the fact that substantial consultations were carried out about two decades ago by the National Heroes Square and Development Committee as well as the Committee of National Reconciliation, which both recommended that the statue should be relocated.

    The Cabinet has also agreed that there should be further public consultations with respect to the identification of a location for the statue, taking into account existing recommendations.

    It is intended that the removal and determination of a new location for the statue would take place during the Season of Emancipation, which ends on August 23.

    In this regard, submissions are invited from the public on possible sites for the relocation of the monument, which should be emailed to MCCS@barbados.gov.bb. The closing date for submissions is Wednesday, August 5.



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