And a Time To Rest


Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

During the COVID-19 press briefings, the Government refused to divulge any information on where positive cases had contracted the virus. We were not allowed to know the village, district or parish. We were not allowed to know whether they visited a business, or the type of business.

The reason for this secrecy, was to avoid any type of stigma and discrimination. We were to accept that: Barbados was one country, we were all in this together, and there was no room for division during this COVID-19 crisis.

Last Sunday (17 May 2020), the Government decided to throw one organisation to the wolves of social media. The Government claimed that three members of a small Church, in Bridgetown, with a membership of about 30, had tested positive. Well, that excluded the large Anglican, Methodist and Moravian churches in Bridgetown.

As if that were not enough, the Government threw fuel on the fire by publicly speculating that they were not sure, but that they were trying to find out whether members of that church were meeting during the lockdown.

To put the final nail in the coffin, the Government directed that this church was ordered closed until further notice.

On Tuesday 19 May 2020, the Government revealed that they had tested 27 members of the 28-member church, and four persons were positive. Our Acting Chief Medical Officer admitted that there was no evidence to support the allegation, that members of the church had met during the lock-down.

Why allow this irresponsible public speculation? Why did the Government make the reckless public allegation in the first place, that we now know was dangerous fake news?

Has the Government changed the way it reports on positive cases? Is this new protocol to be retroactive? Are we to expect the Government to now publicise the type, size and location of establishments that the other positive cases were in contact, or is this new exposure to only target churches?

The Other Shoe.

Just when we thought that things could not get any worse, they dropped the other shoe. The Government exposed the actual name of the next positive case. What would possess them to do that? What about the stigma that they were so insistent of avoiding?

Why also reveal that the lady tested positive for COVID-19, but was allowed to delay the mandatory isolation that the rest of us must endure, to see her ailing mother?

What about those Government skits, where people were pleading to see their elderly parents, but were denied for the greater good of all Barbadians? They must have known that everyone would see the blatant double standard.

Why throw the lady under the bus, to be ravaged by the wolves of social media? Does the Government think that their new strategy of exposing individuals, will encourage people who think that they may have the virus, from coming forward? Do they think that this new strategy will encourage persons to cooperate with those doing contact tracing?

To be charitable, it seems that the current set of persons managing this crisis are now exhausted. They are consistently making lunatic level mistakes, that cannot be rationally explained.

Further, their mistakes have consequences that can harm us all. Their recent actions are foreseen to force positive cases both underground, and from cooperating with those doing contact tracing.

Solutions Barbados suggests that the current managers be given a two-week vacation, to rest. They can then resume their duties recharged, for the benefit of us all.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

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  1. “Why allow this irresponsible public speculation? Why did the Government make the reckless public allegation in the first place, that we now know was dangerous fake news?”

    was that on Nationnews…well, well.

    “throw the lady under the bus, to be ravaged by the wolves of social media?”

    didn’t even know social media had wolves…

  2. Glad you mentioned this cause I am confused about the law governing the 14 day isolation. I thought this was mandatory at a government run institution. Is that the case for all or can one also isolate voluntarily at ones residence?

    I only ask in case other bajans with money like the last covid case want to fly in on private jet, what the process is.

    Anyone know what the position is on this as of today?

    • Were we told the ports are open to cargo only? Is this a case Liz’s diplomatic status permitting her an exception? If that is the case who was the other person on the private plane?

  3. The president is contemptuous of her Cabinet, parliament, and the people of Barbados. She believes she can do as she pleases. And she does, and get s away with it.
    Her Cabinet colleagues do not object; the weak media do not object; and the social media are cronies. There will be a price to pay. That is why we badly need people like @Mariposa.

  4. Did she unknowingly expose her mother to this plague in her fragile state. Sometimes in these situations just because you have certain access that the average citizen don’t, it’s safer and practical not to use it.

  5. @David, are u speculating, adding fuel to the fire or being a ‘good lawyer’ with known questions re your :

    “Were we told the ports are open to cargo only? Is this a case Liz’s diplomatic status permitting her an exception? If that is the case who was the other person on the private plane?”

    Not making excuses for Ms Thompson but…

    1) Weren’t we also getting private villa guests coming in on jets and being allowed to self isolate at their villa!

    2)Doesn’t ‘diplomatic status’ always carry with it certain privileges not allowed the average citizen!

    So the lady travelled on a private jet (which was never banned as far as I am aware)… came in, followed testing protocols and while wearing the required mask as a precaution went to her family home to see her sick relative … hours later her test were registered positive…. And she then went into a govt mandated lockdown!

    But by her actions prior to lockdown a) she has possibly infected her grievously ill mother recklessly; she has also possibly deliberately and recklessly exposed her sister or other family members who now can possibly infect to whomever else they interface…

    In short she was possibly a perfectly bad example of what the govt is trying to do… OR she did NONE of that because she was careful, wore a mask and otherwise practicized sensible social distancing and other sanitation protocols.

    Status brings with it certain options… Ms Thompson’s entire trip to see her mother was premissed on that status… The average Bajan does NOT have a private jet to get into the island so this new debate making the rounds is moot, in my view.

    If… Adam or Mary Averagebaje did have the means and desire to make such a flight but were forced to 14 day quarantine immediately whereas Ms Thompson didn’t, then we would have a rousing case ‘that’s not fair’ and could lambaste govt.

    But oh yes, what about passenger N… who tested negative … You are right… are they in isolation/quarantine for the 14 day period to affirm that they are in fact absolutely negative…. Or did they also have a sick mum to visit!

    Re Mr Phillip’s screed … One can only say that the govt was practical re exposing Ms Thompson’s name. It would have been a bigger ‘scandal’ had they NOT disclosed and allowed the rumor mill to ‘savage’ the admin on social media.

    He can’t be that naive not to understand that!

  6. “1) Weren’t we also getting private villa guests coming in on jets and being allowed to self isolate at their villa!”

    not only private villa guests, but anyone not considered the average citizen is allowed to self isolate at home and they are more often than not super spreaders like Liz, asymptomatic and appear healthy, it has come to light that these can have the virus in their systems for over 3 weeks, although an exact timeline has not been pinned down yet because it keeps evolving, the longest i heard about 2 months ago was 42 days someone still tested positive.

    in my opinion the government is still trying to keep a status quo of shite people in place at the expense of the majority population and will eventually cause and OUTBREAK they cannot control… wonder Malleliue came out gushing about Villa tourism, they better keep their plague infected backsides in their own country..

  7. If you have guidelines in place they should be for ALL arrivals. Whether it is Liz Thompson or Miss Brathwaite from Jose Hill, the same rules must apply for the sake of ALL Barbarians.

    Either you have mandatory isolation for all or you don’t and open the doors and play Russian Roulette with the lives of the Bajan Public. Also for the record we regular bajans have been locked up for 6 weeks, if you all are going to break the rules now and discard the sacrifices that 275,000 have made for the benefit of 1 well please let us know.

  8. @ de pedantic Dribbler May 20, 2020 3:05 PM

    We all know how it is with women and their mothers. Women act irrationally in this respect, half brain dead and incapable of clear thinking.

    The Ambassador has endangered not only herself, but also her relatives, the flight crew, the ground staff and the embassy staff. By her actions, she has clearly demonstrated that she lacks the clear judgement necessary to serve as an ambassador. It is time for Mia Mottley to recall her from her post so that she can focus exclusively on her mother.

    Instead, our beloved leader should appoint Senator C.F. as our new ambassador so that we can finally get rid of him.

  9. “if you all are going to break the rules now and discard the sacrifices that 275,000 have made for the benefit of 1 well please let us know.”

    they never stopped breaking the rules, people have known all along that the shitehounds they consider better than their own people have been in and out of the island as they please more than likely carrying around the plague and spreading to it who knows who and not have to isolate in a government facility..

    …if there is any community spread we will soon be seeing the blowback.

    we were just watching the situation and saying nothing, but up comes Liz all loaded.

  10. “The Ambassador has endangered not only herself, but also her relatives, the flight crew.”

    it’s said she wore a mask on the flight and the people who were there with her tested negative, you need to also go after those who approved the flight while knowing that NY is a hotspot and will be for some time to come.

  11. We can show exceptional compassion for Ms. Thompson and her mother.

    Let us hope that those charged with protecting Bajans from covid 19 will make sure that Ms. Thompson is ” isolated “>

    Wonder if she was also tested in New York before she boarded the plane.

    Also hope that contact tracing is done in New York.

  12. @ Iso TALIBAN aka Bedroom Police

    A very good item here that will garner much Anti Mugabe sentiment

    You are to be congratulated on scouring the airwaves and finding subject matter like this!

    Without a doubt Mugabe has put the lives of ALL BAJANS AT RISK by importing the Ambassador and permitting her access to other bajans in this manner.

    But de ole man is made to understand dat, AS AN AMBASSADOR, she has diplomatic immunity do Covid-19 is not going do she nuffin!

    De same body who know Tron, ye olde Sexton, and does give he all he material for Barbados Underground, tell me so

  13. Please tell me that this story is false. How could one individual be so irresponsible. She is living in a country that is riddled with Covid-19, yet was, somehow, allowed by the authorities to enter the country and put at risk the lives of her countrymen and women who have had to endure heavy sacrifices over the last six weeks.

    This story should not surprise us as it confirms what we already know: there are two Barbados – one that serves the elite and the other that keeps the plebs in their place. This story is a total disgrace.

    The populations of both the UK and The States have high infection rates and should not be allowed into Barbados for a considerable length of time

  14. @ WURA-War-on-U May 20, 2020 4:20 PM

    A mask offers only relative, not absolute protection for others. For example, it may happen that a person has to take the mask off for a short time because of coughing, reaches for the mouth and then spreads spit on objects.

    By the way, every child knows that every inhabitant of New York is a potential host of viruses. New York is now a third world country in an epidemic zone. I would only feel safe in China, South Korea and Taiwan. The West is defeated, Asia has won. The white supremacy of the Anglo-Americans has finally been broken. Any white who today has English as his mother tongue is only a second-class citizen compared to the Asians in Far East. The latter are more discipled, work harder and focus on the common good rather than selfish self-interest.

  15. “she has diplomatic immunity do Covid-19 is not going do she nuffin!”

    ah hope they also told him that as a super spreader she will infect and kill off a bunch of people….but that would be among the black elite…..lawd….

  16. “Any white who today has English as his mother tongue is only a second-class citizen compared to the Asians in Far East. ”

    oh, am impressed, i would be even more impressed if many on here, on the island at large and across the Caribbean have a couple foreign languages under their belts too or…..trop tard.

  17. Am here wondering what kind of leaders these are, they can’t even lead themselves….and obviously from what we have seen so far can’t manage the economy without taxpayer paid help either… what are they being paid by taxpayers for when they are only catering to a certain class….. of a-holes…at the average citizens’ expense.

    the electorate has to do some serious thinking, they fund everything…

  18. The woman is away from Barbados and here mother doing work in the interest of Barbados and bajans.

    I believe the health officials, knowing the problems in NY, would have taken every precaution to protect all in Barbados.

    If it was Rihanna or Obadela , as ambassadors of Barbados, I would have expected officials to do the same – even though it is their choice to live overseas.

  19. “A young man has been at the Government Isolation “Detention” Facility for 69 days, was never sick other than a mild fever one day and he’s still testing positive.

    Anyone who has had yearly flu shots like what my Dad would have given our family every year, could potentially test positive for the Coronavirus as there are other strains of Coronavirus in the vaccines or flu shots.

    I was made aware that others there are also asymptomatic and have not presented with fever or breathing issues, were never sick (but tested positive) and are still being held there after two months. It is absolutely ridiculous!

    Perhaps keeping people in isolation months after they have recovered from the illness is not necessary, even though they may still test positive.”


    “Yes most people said they are not infectious anymore but they don’t have another test in Barbados to prove different…

    I know some people over there are actually about to lose it especially the ones who are having the same problem than my Son Yes is crazy Yes he only had a mild fever one day that is it ….I know is very hard I am keeping praying that I hope this nightmare is over for us! We are trying very hard to have patience but I guess is only so much we can have! I had surrender I give to God hands!…I am very scared to be honest. We had try to keep positive As we can’t do anything about it But hopefully soon something has to happen. Not one is going to want to report they are sick if they hear our story. Yes my son feels he is jail for doing nothing wrong… It is indeed a very difficult situation And has create a ugly stigma.

    The mental battle for this people is worse than the disease! I had seen who is with my son that has began to be self-harming!! It actually very sad! And when the government is charge of your family you have nothing to say. I don’t blame the nurses or doctors are they are doing their job and what they are told. Actually, the doctors have been very nice but I blame the protocol that Barbados has put in place for this. Isolation at home in one things but isolation away from your family is different and very hurtful.

    I know but God is always with me! I am praying and hoping soon God will heal him ! I honestly I have not much strength left What I have I have to give to my son ! I have to work with then and just hope for the best! I decide to pray for the government and for each of the doctors! I honestly just wish this to end for my family soon! This has taken an emotional journey on me! I can only pray God will help us soon! I know he will…

    He is 69 days So soon it has to be out He is been dealing with it extremely well and has been a support for many people there! He had a job to do for God and every one adores him there! But I know he can’t wait now to be his term to come home! So I am praying soon! In Jesus name! I know God will give him his miracle soon.


    “Of course something is wrong! From day one. I know of the boy. They test him every other minute and he is alternating between negative / positive, but you need 2 negative in order to be release. I wonder if these tests which I assume are a “gift” from PAHO/WHO – China are not faulty!

    Mia now is shining in all her splendor after Amanpour interview and being called by Tadros during a WHO media briefing.

    Plus last night I was told about the Barbadians returning from the Canada farming programme they were also put at Paragon, others on the flight who didn’t want to go to Paragon are at Sugar Cane Club @ US$ 120 + taxes x night.

    At their own charge, the government is not picking up the tab.

    But private planes flying in and bringing villa owners to quarantine in the comfort of their home? As they say different strokes x different folks.

    Now either you take everyone at Paragon or don’t let anyone in.


  20. Come on people!

    The Trinis that could afford it didn’t go to paragon then why should bajan who can afford to pay the hotel have to go to paragon?

    And if people can afford to pay a hotel for quarantine then why cant the rich folks not quarantine in their own home so long as their are not positive?

    not promoting class but it is what it is…. if you are positive the you go into isolation

  21. As far as was made public Ms. Thompson as AMBASSADOR would grant her immunity to certain procedures especially from the NY \ USA point of things i.e. she would have some of the privileges of at least a MP….Also she was ONLY allowed IN to be by her dying Mother’s bedside. She is also now in isolation but more than likely she would have gone into 14 day isolation even if she tested negative. HOWEVER just because she has diplomatic immunity doesn’t mean she was immune to the basic anti COVID-19 rituals of hand sanitizing, mask wearing etc. people are giving the impression that she just strolled in from her (PRIVATE JET) flight, hugged and kissed everybody along the way, touched up every surface and coughed, sneezed and breathed on every person or thing she came in contact with.
    The most pertinent thing though is how easy an asymptomatic carrier COULD spread COVID-19 (or any virus for that matter). This is what will cause problems especially with the easing of lockdowns everywhere. The easing of lockdowns is giving people the false sense of security that the world is SAFER where in truth the threat is just the same as when this crisis started. The anti-COVID-19 measures may slowdown the spread drastically but until a TRUE vaccine is found the threat isn’t going away.

  22. I personally don’t see nothing wrong with Liz coming back to see her mum on what sounds to me like her death bed.

    With all this foolish COVID paranoia being perpetuated by people that should know better, it is great to see some seem to be getting back some sort of commonsense to allow the visit. COVID is not the boogeyman. Fear and Stupidity is the real boogeyman.

    What I really want to know is how many other persons coming into the country after the curfew period also tested positive. I have a feeling Liz is not the first one and I wonder if those persons testing positive on entry or entry quarantine are the reason for the sporadic new cases.

  23. @ David May 20, 2020 6:49 PM

    Send her back to New York City. Either she resumes office or she has to resign. She cannot stay in Barbados until next year and get paid.

    As ambassador, she must not leave her office for private business during such a crisis. She set a very bad example. Country first, personal emotions second. In Italy, relatives are not allowed to go to the funeral and they are only allowed to visit the cemetery after months. Disease control has top priority! The ambassador should take an example from this.

  24. @David May 20, 2020 6:49 PM

    She is in isolation, not quarantine. She will only get released after two negative tests so if she is lucky and had it for a while before getting on the plane, she might not have long to go before being released.

    The 14 day quarantine is only for those who test negative on entry since the incubation period from time of infection is usually 7-14 days in most cases.

  25. @David Usually the body will clear itself of the virus but after the 14 days she would be tested and kept in isolation if still positive. The 14 day isolation is for people who come from overseas or who have tested positive.

  26. @Tron you really think that if the Italian Ambassador to the UN, the President or even Prime Minister of Italy would be denied seeing their relatives at their death beds especially old relatives? Really?

  27. @ Disgusting Lies and Propaganda TV May 20, 2020 7:31 PM

    What planet do you live on? We have around 40 percent unemployment in Barbados, and it’s rising, people can no longer pay their mortgages, the state bankruptcy is inevitable. Many people will die because of this economic crisis. Completely without the virus in their bodies.


    Not your VIP problems and your VIP flight. I hope you at least paid for the flight yourself.

  28. Apparently somebody has cabin fever!!!! I live in a world where COVID-19 is an all too present REALITY and EVERY economy in the world from the USA to Tuvalu from Saudi Arabia to China is feeling the effects and has to react to it

  29. @DAvid

    You see this is where the problems start. Wunna want to lock up and fine common bajans for breaking the curfew in order to protect us from Covid you claim, but you then allow an infected person to go on to risk infecting others based on who she is. Tell the apologist don’t even open the mouth on this one, as it’s a blatant case of one rule for some and another for others.

    I hope if wunna hold a poor bajan at 8.03Pm you don’t charge he for breaking no dam curfew. So typical of how we do things.

  30. Stupes

    Tell the bajan (rich or poor) that want to be out at 803pm to have a good reason / seek permission first before going donwn the foolish road!

  31. The reality is that even though some people want to believe that the world is a utopia it is not, some people have more privileges than others, even in communist countries, that is how it is, people accept it, people are motivated by it. Also if hypothetically and conversely the Governor General or even former PM Stuart was on their death bed due to Covid-19 and had asked see at least one of his relatives for the last time would they be denied that opportunity? I’m sure it would be allowed even if the relative accepted that they must go into quarantine for 14 days after the visit. I’m sure that those who died of Covid-19 in Barbados were not denied visits from their relatives.

  32. Who are the others that she put at risk?

    They took a sick sailor off of one of the ships. I assume he is not bajan. How many is he putting at risk? Where is the out cry?

    I have every confidence the those in charge would have put everything in place to protection the population the same they would have done in Liz case.

  33. So we should rewrite our laws as a matter of urgency then and have one rule for the haves and another for the have nots?

    Let’s see how should we do it? Ok we could do it by who knows who. Or maybe by relatives or blood lines. Then again we could use net worth, so the wealthy would basically have no rules at all. Then again wasn’t that what we complained about under the last party, with people like Maloney doing as they wished. Remember how poor people had their houses push down, but even with a cease order from TCP another man kept buolding his cement bond and was untouchable. Then we locked up a few fellows for corn beef theft etc, but as of today Leroy Parris walks around smiling while many policy holders had to look for second jobs.

    Say what you like about the USA but no one is untouchable. Even presidents are not above the law. What a bunch of hypocrites some of us are when it comes to party loyalty. Then we sit and wonder why the ZR driver and motorcycle rider feel they can do as they like. Why some men can bring in a car duty free for a hotel that doesn’t exist and another commoner got to pay through their nose to own one.

    If law is to be respected it must be applied to ALL and not some. The loyalist can sit here and try and justify what occurred, but ask yourself when this is done for a loyalist what message is sent to John Public. Plus wunna let somebody come from one of the hottest spots in the USA and just walk in simple so. Wunna couldn’t of pick somewhere like Idaho instead? After all up there got more potatoes than people.

    Anyhow i going leave it to the loyalist to try and justify their view, I going and wash my face masks for tomorrow.LOL

  34. @David May 20, 2020 1:56 PM “Were we told the ports are open to cargo only? Is this a case Liz’s diplomatic status permitting her an exception? If that is the case who was the other person on the private plane?

    David, diplomats have no diplomatic status, diplomatic immunity, nor diplomatic privileges when they are in their OWN country.

    So Liz is a diplomat at the UN. In Barbados she is just another of many Barbados government high level officials with zero special status. Same as the Permanent Secretary living down your gap.

  35. @de pedantic Dribbler May 20, 2020 3:05 PM “But oh yes, what about passenger N… who tested negative … You are right… are they in isolation/quarantine for the 14 day period to affirm that they are in fact absolutely negative…. Or did they also have a sick mum to visit!”

    Passenger N was likely airline staff and once tested negative went back to the U.S.A. with the pilot, and on to another evacuation job.

  36. @Tron May 20, 2020 4:09 PM “We all know how it is with women and their mothers.”

    Yup. We love our dear mummies real real bad.

    i too would have borrowed $20,000 to pay a private jet come see my sick mummy, and happily spend the next 10 years paying it back.

    I don’t consider genuine love of mum to be a sign of brain deadness, or irrationallity nor nutjin’ so.

    In any event isn’t genuine love not always irrational?

  37. Which law was broken?

    Allowing a woman the privilege of seeing her sick 95 yrs old mother, which may be the final time, as one or both of them can pass away from their ailments? FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE!

    Some of us can be so heartless – maybe they were never close to their parents or ever had any kids.

  38. I say all this to say that i still don’t believe the official story.

    The officials can say what they feel like.

    But there is nothing in the Constitution or law, or common practice or common sense which says that I have to believe officialdom.

    In this instance, NOPE i don’t believe the official story.

  39. @Critical Analyzer May 20, 2020 6:40 PM “COVID is not the boogeyman. Fear and Stupidity is the real boogeyman.”

    My response:

    4,995,712 sick people

    328,095 DEAD bodies

    I hope that you don’t join that great number anytime soon.

  40. @Freedom Crier May 20, 2020 6:04 PM ““A young man has been at the Government Isolation “Detention” Facility for 69 days, was never sick other than a mild fever one day and he’s still testing positive.”

    So if the young man had marries a woman and moved to Australia would his mummy still be belly aching?

    At one point in my life I didn’t see my parents for years. I was an adult living my life. They were adults living their lives.

    None of us suffered any harm.

  41. @David, we are all entitled to our opinions but not our own FACTS! One set of facts MUST apply!

    When you state emphatically that “Especially if the person is coming from rh New York” you are trying to impose your own facts, bro.

    NY has over 8 MILLION people … Of that just under 200,000 are cov19 positive officially… so let’s add another 200K for asymptomatic and non-test positives … what”s that percentage! Still around 5%.

    It is therefore RIDICULOUS to infer that lots of people (or most) from “rh New York” are likely to be positive or asymptomatic!

    Now obviously the fact is that Ms Thompson MUST be handled properly within protocols … we have to operate and live life WITH covid…. It’s NOT going anywhere soon!

    I accept that Thompson was shown special privilege … And as noted with certain status comes the privilege…

    What I don’t accept is that the same govt who so admirably and sensibly handled that group of Trinis would now undo all that careful effort and management nous to simply accommodate ONE Bajan… That makes NO SENSE.

    So ideally we can stop all the opining from the lip and get some FACTS.

    1.Why would she STUPIDLY and SELFISHLY further endanger her sick mum and relatives… Isn’t it fair to presume she took precautions?

    2..Why would the Bajan govt allow the flight crew, to endanger the ground staff and thus all Bajans?

    3.If she is asymptomatic how could she be knowingly endangering the embassy staff… assuming they were still going to an office daily and NOT practicing proper protocols at the UN!

    4.How does one conflate the arrest of a curfew breaker and those heavy-handed sanctions used with the arrival and special treatment given to an ambassador… YES, it smacks of entitlement but good heavens that’s what Ambassadors get.. fuss as much as we like but they do get treated specially!

    But that’s BESIDES the point.

    Did Thompson put the lives of Bajans at a risk of major covid relapse?

    If so, how did she do that if she went directly to test area , then to her home?

    Can’t ALL person in contact with her BE TRACED?

    Is she not now, and one assumes, the flight crew and the other passenger under isolation/quarantine while in Bdos (or on their way back to NYC re flight crew).

    The only question or concern that seems logical to me is to affirm that the govt of Bdos did NOT pay for that charter flight for the ambassador’s personal venture….

    I CANNOT conceive that we will suffer any spread of covid exposure from this as that would make this govt to be absolute idiots and that they have not shown themselves to be … yet!

    • @Dee Word

      After reading your usual prolix the blogmaster will be brief. New York is described as a COVID hot spot by Americans. The majority of indexed cases registered by Barbados originated in New York. At this time the blogmaster has zero tolerance for the needs of one over the many. How many stories have we heard from family in the same NY barred from being with love ones in their last moments?

  42. Disgusting Lies and Propaganda TV (DLPTV) you opt to politicize a pathetic mistake, so have others. It is foolhardy to defend what took place no matter your political stripe.

    Police arrested twenty nine for gathering at a strip club during curfew. They face thousands of dollars in fines maybe time in Dodds.

    Wherever you are on political divide the reported actions of that group were condemned.
    People know gatherings risk spreading a killer virus travelling at speed of Oba packing a Terminator death blow.

    Covid isn’t to be trifled with neither does it respect colour, station, race religion surely not politics. Arriving at GAIA from a covid hot bed is a real and present danger to lives.

    The apparent blunders in the Ambassador affair lead neutrals to a conclusion of double standards.

    Your mother is the most precious woman in the world.
    Having said that many with close relatives morbidly ill were denied visits and travel because of government policy to stay at home to curb spread of covid.

    Everybody was stunned to learn not only the Ambassador had flown from NY covid ground zero, but tested positive at GAIA.

    It begs the question would the public have known she was here if she had not tested positive?

    In addition to that she visited with her mom. Btw commenters expressed wish her mom celebrates century milestone to be honored in GG’s presence.

    It is not propaganda or disgusting lies to question why the Ambassador was permitted to fly to Bridgetown from NY of all places.
    It is not propaganda to question the wisdom of such action.

    After government drilled into public’s head that strict regulations save lives why apparent flex in rules? Government’s directives in the main are followed with good old time Bajan discipline.

    Apart from the most rabid of yard roosters eyebrows were raised and questions incoming on this affair.
    Rushing into the underground accusatory with limp red herrings to prop up your political conspiracies is futile.

    The episode started wrong and ended badly lets hope not tragically

    Learn from the debacle,move on. The country prays infections taper off and end.

    This isn’t a blame game its ordinary people asking decision makers to play by the rules like everyone else.
    We supposedly are all equal under the law. There’s nothing disgusting about that.

  43. At one point my parents’ didn’t see their eldest kid for more than 14 years.

    Two of my grandma’s sons migrated to Trinidad during world war 2. She never saw them again. She died 24 years after world war 2 ended.

  44. If liz paid for the trip that is ok by me but if she is in NY on official Barbados business why would it be wrong for the government to pay for the trip?

  45. @de pedantic Dribbler May 20, 2020 10:55 PM “that’s what Ambassadors get.. fuss as much as we like but they do get treated specially!”

    An Ambassador only becomes an Ambassador when they have arrived at their diplomatic post and their credentials have been accepted by the receiving country or international entity such as the U.N., Before that time the person is a nomine, or an Ambassador designate.

    So while in Barbados Ms. Thompson is not an ambassador.

    It may seem like a technicality, but for verification please read the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

    Liken it to the difference between being engaged and being married.

    Who is willing to say that marriage is just a technicality?

    or to bring it closer to home is like the difference between being Commissioner of Police, and being Acting Commissioner of Police.

  46. @David the ports are not completely closed or not the 33 Trinidadians would not be allowed to return home. Only today 330 people left Barbados to return to UK via British Airways. AFAIK Barbadians can return here but are automatically subject to a 14 day quarantine

    @ John A to use Bajan parlance you sound so foolish….Using the example of the Emergency Management Directive (EMD) which is LAW, it states that no one can be outside their premises between 8PM and 5PM EXCEPT essential workers…you know who makes up essential workers??? the gas station worker, the merchandiser that packs shelves, the lowly security guard….Is that a law that supporting two Barbados???? Is it not a law that state what one set of persons can do and what another set are allow to do? is that division based on race, class or wealth??? It allows “privileges” to one set of people and denies it to another set. You know in this case the irony is that the EMD was created to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but does it mean that essential workers can’t spread COVID-19?. Even in parliament don’t MPs have parliamentary privilege???. Privileges vary for different people…it doesn’t mean that they were intended to divide or destabilize a society.

  47. @Donks, Gripe and Josh describe the mistake exactly???

    @Cudear at the risk of sounding condescending, an Ambassadorship isn’t exactly given to the “average” person you know, that person is usually one that has achieved some sort of “status” before the appointment i.e. being a former, MP, senator, lawyer, professor. .the immunity is not total in the host country and loses it in the home country. Miss Thompson was allowed to RETURN to her home country. She would have gone into quarantine\isolation irregardless of if she tested positive for Covid-19.

  48. Cuh dear. Ms.Thompson clearly came in to be at her (as reported) severely ill mothers bedside. Have some kind of heart.

    She likely disclosed her name willingly, for transparency. That is honourable.

    Just like the transparency that Dr.Waldron is attempting to show, publicly asking for help for the QEH.

    The reported attempt to admonish him is despicable, laughable and contemptuous of all citizens.

    The authorities do not own the QEH, the public does. What gives anyone the right to try to hinder full disclosure of events there?

    Everyone already knows that it is and has been a mess for the last twenty years. Especially the A&E. Guh dey and sit for twelve hours, some in pain? Stupse.

    Now that a doctor is apparently at his wits end and trying to assist, he gets admonished? Oh, GROW UP people.

    Think this is primary school? Stupse.

    Management is like commonsense. Not all have it.

    Well done Dr.Waldron. Bravo!!!

  49. As for the church thing, the government did not release any specific name. They named an institution, because it clearly flouted the lockdown rules and thereby exposed the population. This is why they were highlighted and rightly so.

    ”But cuh deay, dem is part ah a church. Dem din mean tuh spread it”. Stupse.

    Again, grow up people and accept some responsibility for your actions.

  50. @DIW
    you on fire today.
    Tell me tho, how long does it take to get test results from a Covid test in Barbados?
    Now draw us a timeline.

  51. The post is a good one. The authorities are reacting as I have predicted. Hiding data from the public is so embedded in the psyche of Barbadian governing elites that, it has become par for the course. The citizenry should be made aware of where the hot spots are. In Jamaica, the public was made aware of the hotspot and government acted decisively and quarantined the entire area. In my article of February 2020 on the BU, I wondered about the logistical capability of Barbados being able to handle community spread. It appears that that nightmare has now come. I haven’t of late been following the news locally, but from this article by GP the second, it appears that there is almost daily an increase in the numbers of those detected with the infection. This is no surprise as there has been increased testing, which has shown that there is widespread infiltration of the virus at the community level. This outcome is the result of mistakes made between 15-22 of March 2020 when persons suspected of being asymptomatic were allowed to mingle freely among the populace (the only mitigating fact was the lack of testing kits). The ex-minister being allowed entry is an example of slackness of the highest order. One factor that I am wondering about is the source of payment for the use of the private jet. Government should declare that it has not used tax payers money to pay for the flight.

  52. “Just like the transparency that Dr.Waldron is attempting to show, publicly asking for help for the QEH.

    The reported attempt to admonish him is despicable, laughable and contemptuous of all citizens.”

    another big scandal there, the doctors need to CLOSE RANKS on this, they are out there RISKING THEIR LIVES…to save people, and some clown with a new title and on a power trip during such dangerous times, is seeking to DISRUPT the flow of frontline workers, the idiot herself may end up being treated by them, after all it’s a plague…

    contract or not, this shite government and their taxpayer paid pimp should not be allowed to get away with riding ROUGH SHOD over any doctor trying to save lives while the incompetent government who cares nothing about the people who they deem beneath them, yes the same people who elected them, and whom they are working overtime to EXPOSE ALL TO DEATH, during a plague..

    ..and actually got a bunch of selfish, wicked clowns with villas and access to private jets in and out of Barbados and also those who are staying at hotels, yes, they let in some of them too…loosing a plague bomb on the people, i thought those hotels were shut down, one or two are advertising specials outside for next month i think, but one already stated they had infections earlier that was taken care of…

    from ya hear Kerrie the Fool talking about a safe place to rest and recover from the plague about 2 months ago, we knew it was just a matter of time before they fcuked things up and they certainly delivered..

    no one can trust this government… we have always known….they probably could not find a consultant to hire at taxpayer’s expense to tell them how to do that one…steupppss.

  53. How many young BLACK men and women got time in prison or heavy fines they cannot pay for breaking curfew? and someone should believe some fowl trying to clean up another government COCKUP that is filled with such danger to the people… is somehow credible…look get off the blog with ya misinformation and lies, you are the one spreading propaganda…

    …. some goat with an ambassador title, who is PAID A SALARY BY TAXPAYERS……and don’t have the commonsense to know that she was being reckless….and fools on here still trying to big her up, she is a WALKING FULLY LOADED PLAGUE CARRIER at this time, titles and achievements mean absolutely nothing if she ends up creating a one woman hotspot, like that lawyer did in New Rochelle, NY MONTHS AGO…..he infected, killed and nearly wiped out most of the jewish population in that area….but he is still alive..

    they had to send in new fowls for this thread, Kahleel could not handle this one, too hot….and Kerrie out there trying to convince everyone how tightly they have now locked down the ports, now that LOADED Liz came in…

  54. Liz’s special request

    Bostic responds to public criticism of Thompson’s visit


    AMBASSADOR ELIZABETH THOMPSON was allowed to return home from New York after making a special request to Government on humanitarian grounds.

    This was revealed to the

    DAILY NATION by Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic yesterday.

    He said the decision to allow Thompson to fly in and be at her mother Pauline Thompson’s bedside, was a move away from the recognised protocol but was granted because it was an “extenuating circumstance”.

    Bostic’s explanation followed public criticism about Thompson’s name being released to the public as a COVID-19 patient, from the epicentre of the outbreak in the United States, along with questions about whether ordinary Barbadians could seek similar special access to return home.


    “That decision to make her name public was as a result of a request from Ambassador Thompson. She felt it necessary to let family, friends and her staff back in New York be aware of her condition under the circumstances. Any Barbadian can come home if they want. No one has to make a request. They will not be denied entry, but public health protocols will be followed,” he said.

    “Ambassador Thompson is an official representative of the country and Government therefore granted her request to come home to see her ailing mother because it was considered an extenuating circumstance. An official request was placed by Ambassador Thompson to the Ministry of Health and it was granted.”

    Bostic said the chance to see her 95-year-old mother was Thompson’s only reason for returning and public health officials made sure no one was placed at risk of infection. She was wearing a mask from the moment she got off the plane and also practised physical distancing while visiting her mother, he said.

    Thompson, Barbados Ambassador to the United Nations and a former minister of health in a previous Owen Arthur-led administration, arrived on Monday from New York, the epicentre of COVID-19.

    Bostic, who said her return was at no financial cost to the Government, could not say if she was tested prior to arrival.

    A release from Government on Tuesday stated Thompson was tested for COVID-19 when she arrived and those results came back positive. It added she felt fine and remained asymptomatic.

    The ambassador is now in quarantine at Government’s main isolation facility at Harrison Point, St Lucy.

    The release noted that Thompson’s mother was gravely ill and suffering from a heart condition not related to COVID-19. It added that given the gravity of the mother’s condition, the ambassador was allowed to go to her bedside but had no contact with members of that household.

    Bostic defended the decision to allow Thompson to see her mother and the way in which it was facilitated.

    “We agreed for the ambassador to be tested and that she would immediately go in self-quarantine until the results came back, and that was done. That’s why as soon as the results came back, the ambassador was immediately taken into isolation,” he said.

    The DAILY NATION has also been reliably informed that the pilot of the private plane on which Thompson arrived, and one other unidentified passenger, have also been quarantined.

    Government’s on Tuesday had stated that other passenger was also tested but did not have the virus.

  55. TLSN…their business as usual since they got elected looks suspiciously like cockups, nothing is going right, they are so wicked and to make it even worse, look how they are all exposed with their for once ONLY truthful explanation that Liz did not use government funds cause according to people close to the family she is a multimillionaire as we have been saying for YEARS…all of them are wealthy at the people’s expense…

    the people and island ARE DEAD BROKE thanks to them and their thefts and corruption…but ALL OF THEM ARE MILLIONAIRES…and can afford private jets, but Mia is running hither, tither and yon begging and borrowing…

    so you have multimillionaires infesting DBLP…

    and they want the international community, the EU to overlook that clear corruption..

  56. From the submission by GP11
    Why throw the lady under the bus, to be ravaged by the wolves of social media?
    Do you think that the Gov’t had a choice? Do you remember which island you live on? If that information was not released it would surely be on social media before the bed sheets had been warmed, in any event the Ambassador is a public figure and public figures who test positive for the virus have been identified all over the world a quick jolt of my memory reveals Prince Charles, Boris Johnson and Sophie G-Trudeau I am sure they are many more.

    As to stigma Bajans ought to relax, the days of “leper” is long gone, the facility in St. Lucy is not a new Lazaretto, many people who test positive have returned to life as normal.

  57. @WURA WOOOOOWWW sooooo much pented up vile!!!!! so much misplaced energy!!!!!!!!! WOOOOWWW……you can use all that vigor and help create the People’s Utopian Republic of Barbados!!!!!!! A place where sitting members of parliament ARE obliged to resign after being found guilty in a COURT of cahing way senior citizens money!!!!!! a place where sitting prime ministers would be jailed for fraudulently taking money out of a collapsing insurance company and giving it to their ‘bigup” buddies under the guise of legal fees!!!!!!!

    in all seriousness Dr. Waldron himself would have had to know that disciplinary action was coming..if he didn’t he would be VERY naive…a “whistleblower” always have to weight the risk of being fired for the sake of divulging info and plying their case in the “court of public opinion”. The QEH could be sympathetic to the Dr’s concerns, and they are, but any institution that has an employment contract between employee and employer and the employee breaches it are well within their right to discipline the employee for BREACH OF PROTOCOL. It doesn’t automatically mean that the employee will be fired but more than likely thy will be.

  58. To be charitable, it seems that the current set of persons managing this crisis are now exhausted. They are consistently making lunatic level mistakes, that cannot be rationally explained.


    There is no COVID-19 crisis in Barbados!!

    How can anyone managing a non-event be exhausted?

    No demand for ICU beds and so far 7 deaths.

    27,000 plus test kits and so far 90 cases found.

    If I remember right, the CZAR had predicted the “crisis” to cause 100 deaths and still the number of actual cases is yet to reach this milestone..

    We don’t have an at risk population and the virus is not as contagious as at first believed.

    We haven’t had any large gatherings even though the powers that be had planned to make it so.

    We didn’t even need any help from Rihanna.

    A storm in a teacup.

  59. @David, your brevity is appreciated… Unlike u, my friend, I came of age at a time when the stuff I write here would never have been considered long or prolix but alas I presume in a world of 140 character expert views anything beyond that is a lengthy essay of prolix!

    But your opinion still does NOT comport to facts brother.
    We all agree this is an example of privileged status in society but there is NOTHING about the episode to affirm your opinion of a whimsical usurping of “one over the many” re cov19. NOTHING.

    @Northern, that’s what privilege offers… a supposed delay in process … So wha timeline u asking for! … WHY leave NY to come see mum if u know you gotta wait for a test result that could surely scuper the visit before it starts … So one has to build-in a ‘defendible’ delay into that timeline … Not so!

    In standard parlance it’s CMA(ss) by the admin and according to Bostic’s verbiage they did that well.

    @SimpleS, cuddear you are misrepresenting the facts …
    An ambassador absolutely has privileges and status in his/her home country … Your citing of the presentation of certification etc is quite odd as an example and has no bearing here .. so I’ll avoid THAT except to say this… This stuff can get serious real fast with your so called technicalities …

    And please NOTE home country status and privilege is NOT about immunity from legal jeapordy … just simply about being a big-shot and enjoying those perks of elitism!

    @John2, yours is interesting but not acceptable. If you are on govt posting externally then you certainly are entitled to get leave to return home.

    I don’t work in the services but I will presume their conditions of services sets the procedures for # of return trips paid by govt during the overseas posting.

    I cannot conceive however that any of those trips would be allowed and paid for via a private charter unless it’s war (curtailing commercial flights) or some other such extenuating situation !

    Is cov19 and a singular visit to a sick mum your determination of such a situation… really !!!

  60. @NO

    Tell me tho, how long does it take to get test results from a Covid test in Barbados?
    Now draw us a timeline
    Hey are you dabbling in conspiracy theories? Is this what I think you are implying? Inquiring minds want to know.
    Test one day, results back the following day, could the results have been a foregone conclusion based on………

    Somebody will ban you from BU…..


  61. “you can use all that vigor and help create the People’s Utopian Republic of Barbados!!!!!!!”

    why would i want to do that, when i can just rack back and MAKE MONEY off all alyuh stupidity during the next 3 years……Ka-Ching…the sound of me cashing in…..and am sure alyuh aint done yet…

    bettig is easy money…nontaxable..

  62. @WARU May 21, 2020 4:23 AM

    “How many young BLACK men and women got time in prison or heavy fines they cannot pay for breaking curfew? …

    ….she is a WALKING FULLY LOADED PLAGUE CARRIER at this time, titles and achievements mean absolutely nothing if she ends up creating a one woman hotspot”

    This is unadulterated piffle.

    In the first instance, seeking to draw a connection between curfew breakers and Amb. Thompson is revealing. Where is the connection between persons willfully breaking the law and endangering our populace and a lady being granted humanitarian leave to return to the island while following every single one of the rigorous protocols? It is truly revealing of what DLP TV spoke about at 9.13 AM

    In the second instance, characterising the Amb. following all necessary protocols while here as her being “a walking plague carrier” cannot even be described as hyperbole because at least hyperbole is even marginally grounded in reality.

    Fully expected WARU.

    Bostic’s statement today makes this entire discussion moot. It is fully expected that persons would seek to milk this. It was “humanitarian” leave. Protocols were followed. She endangered no one. She was tested. Self-quaratined until results came back. When they did, she is now lodged at an isolation facility. Just as all other 89 cases have been. There is no perfection in life. Looking for it is truly futile.

  63. @ Sargeant,

    ” In a statement, the Ministry of Health said the “asymptomatic” ambassador tested positive a day after she arrived home from the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, becoming the 89th coronavirus patient.”

    Just beyond your imagination. lol

  64. What could be important is that persons who had recent close contact with Ambassador Elizabeth Thompson in New York are tested for Covid 19.

    Barbados seems to be doing an effective job testing and contact tracing.

  65. @Sarge
    implied?? conspiracy?
    @Hants posed a question related to testing.
    I merely sought @DIW to help us with the sequential timeline. His response seems to discount/ignore the possibility of testing in NY prior to departure.
    Like Hants, I went to Kolij but I really ent that bright. But I know @DIW is a bright fella.

  66. NO

    It was a private flight / she probably left in a hurry and as far as I know airport/airlines are not doing testing on passengers as yet.


    Agreed. at that time I surely wasn’t thinking about the cost of the private flight.

    I was thinking more that it could have been budget for as part of or total allowance.

    changed my view to she should pay for the flight.

    • The minister’s statement featured in the Nation confirmed the cost of her trip was not at government.

  67. LOLLL @Northern re “I merely sought @DIW to help us with the sequential timeline. His response seems to discount/ignore the possibility of testing in NY prior to departure.[…] Like Hants, I went to Kolij but I really ent that bright. But I know @DIW is a bright fella.”

    Not me and wanna Kolig boys … I am a standpipe fella.. had a brother, few cousins and ting so that went school wid you boys (probably played soccer and hockey wid yah too)… I am merely an inquisitive fella on natural justice and reason … so if that qualifies as ‘bright’ then yah got me!

    But, anyhow yah see that statement about ” [he] seems to discount/ignore the possibility of testing in NY prior to departure” I did a USS Eisenhower on that one… a SLOWWW and necessary deliberate veering away from controversy. It was IGNORE … because to consider that scenario in the slightest would take us into the ‘dark-net world’ of deliberate, calculated subterfuge by Thompson/Mottley’s admin … and I am NOT gong there!

  68. @NO

    Wunnah Kolig fellows real bright and I admit to overlooking “Hants” query which is a very compelling question to ask which makes the following relevant

    “could the results have been a foregone conclusion based on (prior knowledge)………?”

  69. We aren trying to show empathy for Ms. Thompson and we could revisit the topic later…maybe.

    This is not as much about the Ambassador as it is about those in charge making a concerted effort to help those people in New York and Barbados who were exposed to her.

  70. @Sarge
    see @Hants is a very skilled race car driver. He accelerates swiftly, gets aggressive, but is very careful when cornering. No need to take out himself or a competitor, patience is a virtue. His primary concern is for those in the stands. He’ll try again to pass…..maybe

  71. “In the second instance, characterising the Amb. following all necessary protocols while here as her being “a walking plague carrier” cannot even be described as hyperbole because at least hyperbole is even marginally grounded in reality.”

    why don’t you go hug and kiss her and guarantee you will more than likely go meet your maker…..i dare you…

  72. David
    Isn’t and hasn’t the protocol been for a while now that:

    “All travellers arriving in Barbados will be placed in a Barbadian government quarantine facility for 14 days.”

    What privilege was afforded to Liz besides seeing her gravely ill mum?

  73. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You requoted the and I quote

    “…Bostic, who said her return was at no financial cost to the Government, could not say if she was tested prior to arrival…”

    Wunna can believe this Rs**hole but not de ole man. Could not say if she was tested prior to arrival?

    Wunna really gots to read more dough “…Crew members with high-risk exposures to COVID-19 may also need to be excluded from work until no longer at risk for becoming infectious. A person is considered high-risk if exposed to a sick household member or intimate partner, or providing care in a household to a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19…”

    But I gine show wunna dat Bostic is a RH liar.

    “…All aircraft, including those operated for private and commercial purposes, are governed by 14 CFR 91 – General Operating and Flight Rules. 14 CFR 119 specifies additional regulations that govern certain types of aircraft and operations.

    All pilots are subject to strict medical requirements. If an aircraft has to divert due to a mechanical problem, it must be reported to the FAA if being operated commercially. We can most assuredly believe that these pilots will have to file a report when they get back to the US and will be subject to more RH quarantine.

    We also know that ALL RH Passengers must be screened and must be checked against government maintained no-fly lists for commercial flights.”

    So here you have 4 RH issues that have to be addressed (a) FAA regulations, (b) Covid Medical Issues for all passengers on that plane (c) the possible issue of the Ambassador not declaring to the American Authorities her Covid Status prior to embarking and most egregiously (d) the procedures that the Barbados Government is practicing with exemptions for its Diplomatic Staff, and WHICH SUBVERT AMERICAN RULES & REGULATIONS.


    Now that newspaper article continues

    “…A release from Government on Tuesday stated Thompson was tested for COVID-19 when she arrived and those results came back positive. It added she felt fine and remained asymptomatic…”

    So it is either that she developed the Covid while aboard the plane of the she had it before embarking which means “that she did not give one shy$e who got um, cause she had um”

  74. So the excuse is she went to see her gravely ill mother suffering from Covid 19 then? Lord this gets better by the day.

    Ok so she left NY feeling perfect and by the time she land here she had covid. Well that is simple she catch it in the people plane! Let we carry court the plane people then.

    Wunna ever hear the saying ” it is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than open you mouth and remove all doubt.”

    I think it is better for some of the defender’s to shut dem mout now, unless the plan is to give LAFF IT OFF material for the next show.

  75. @ Piece the Prophet May 21, 2020 2:24 PM

    I think the Minister is right. The visit to the sick justifies the danger to innocent bystanders, of course. Is not the life of a 95-year-old mother of an ambassador worth more than the lives of a few insignificant Barbadian subjects who could die of COVID19?

    In your insolence you overlook that equality does not mean ABSOLUTE equality. An ambassador should not be measured by normal standards. Our government must clearly demonstrate this difference to the people. I would urge that in the next few days we take tough action against lawbreakers at the lockdown: throw them into prison for even the slightest offence.

  76. According to the last link by Piece, citizens and residents of Barbados are subjected to Home quarantine

    So what is the issue here????

    Was She not at Home after she arrived and intill she got a positive result and was the. placed in isolation?

    What Law or protocols were broken?

  77. A mandatory 14-day quarantine in a Government facility for allpersons entering Barbados

    Anyone arriving with a travel history from China, Iran, and South Korea are also subjected to a fourteen (14) day quarantine.

    Citizens and residents of Barbados will be subject to a home-quarantine.

    The Government of Barbados is conducting thermal screening at airports and seaports.

  78. One thing for sure, hope Liz said her goodbyes in NYC because she is NOT going back there any time soon…..when they have a shite title and elevate themselves in their minds to something not even recognizable as human anymore, and they get cut down to size, they should not even be noticed.

  79. As I see the location constrained chickens rush to support any policy of this administration, I can see why a scratch grain supplier can believe he could shoot a man in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York City and not lose any political support.

    The loyalty of location constrained chickens is admirable.

    An ambassadorship is primarily of value if the person is in a foreign land. Don’t confuse the right and priviliges of a person in their domicile as being related to their job overseas. As an example, a claim of diplomatic immunity if arrested in Barbados would be absurd. At present, she is nothing more than a well connected Bajan in Barbados

  80. ‘The minister’s statement featured in the Nation confirmed the cost of her trip was not at government’

    Confirmed? stated; said;; hinted; indicated; suggested….. different levels of confirmation, receipt

  81. “She endangered no one. ”

    your intelligence level is waning, it specifically said, I think Bostic, that the pilot and the person she traveled with are now isolated….so what nonsense are talking about she endangered no one, she ENDANGERED THE WHOLE DAMN ISLAND…that is what super spreaders do if they are allowed to run loose…

    so since she is so safe, why is she NOW QUARANTINED……and why don’t you go visit her and give me the results…steupppss…

    these dumb defenders need to shut up, they are only making her look worse, you want to do something for her….shut the hell up…

  82. WARU-WURA,

    Accept that amabassadors have lots of privileges here and abroad. I hope that she will retain her ambassadorial salary during her long stay in Barbados. The tax slaves owe it to her.

  83. Was Mia not running down to West Africa all hot and sweaty the other day with what was described as her bag of duppy dust, well things are looking up and if she wants to help Liz maybe she should pull out her little address book of phone numbers and give Africa a call..

    am sure the colonial minded negros have forgotten all about Africa by now, but, it’s still there…

    Apparently bribery did not work, Madagascar accused them of trying to bribe them, so now they are playing nice…as usual, they have no shame..

    “The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed it is considering Madagascar’s COVID Organics for a clinical observation process.

    This was made known by the President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina in a tweet on Wednesday.

    Rajoelina after a meeting with Director-General of WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, said WHO had congratulated Madagascar for the discovery of its COVID Organics, adding that it had accepted to support the clinical observation process in Africa

    Recall that the Rajoelina had over the weekend claimed that the WHO offered his country the sum of $20m as a bribe to poison COVID-19 alleged cure.

    He also stated that the only reason the rest of the world had refused to take the herbal cure seriously and with respect was because it came from Africa.”

  84. @ John2

    Please, we are encouraged to read WITH UNDERSTANDING!!!

    A careful read of the US Government website will show you that their website is dated

    In fact you will see that they reference 1 death in their comments so the US Embassy in Barbados has not updated the site

    Secondly the requirements there noted for the compulsory quarantine CLEARLY STATE THE GoB’s upgrade to compulsory QUARANTINE FOR 14 DAYS and not any self administered quarantine like what was afforded Liz Thompson

    Thirdly EVEN THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER, part of the BU BORG that is not, NOT THE MINISTER OF DISINFORMATION, commented in language, as colourful as that of de ole man, that New York is the RH EPICENTER OF THE CORONA VIRUS in the United States!

    And I would add that, given that the RH number of infected people in that state alone IS RH EQUAL TO THE POPULATION OF BARBADOS, it would be a RH Johnny (not you of course cause you name John2) or a RH Jeffrey (Bostic), to tek de RH chance to let a body come into Barbados and leh she go home and RH self quarantine till she test come back!

    I put it to you again that Liz knew that she was RH infected before she get back here

    No body who was previously the RH minister of Health, could be so RH stoopid as to tek a chance like dat

    By the way, have you been hearing the rumour about Mugabe i.e. that instead of a “procedure” that is was ****? caught on de **** dat she leh in de island

    But doan ask de ole man bout dat cause um is a state secret and, ole menses like me, is not supposed to know dese sorts of tings


  85. That is their busiess to continue getting robbed, she can’t get a dime of mine, I owe her nothing, i will give her free advice, only on humanitarian grounds, just to show that some of us regardless, never lose our humanity…

  86. @Tron
    I thought you wrote you were recommending Sen CF for that ambassador posting?
    I see from the printed media anybody who speaks and is not in an elected position, is now “outspoken”.

  87. @ NorthernObserver May 21, 2020 5:39 PM

    We can still appoint C.F. if the previous holder does not survive the epidemic. Wait two weeks and see.

    If this is not the case, a change of roles is a good idea: The senator to New York, the former ambassador to the COVID19 council as special envoy for pensioners.

  88. @ Tron ye olde Sexton,

    You are truly missing your calling Tron

    You does talk superlative, concentrated piffle!!!

    “…We can still appoint C.F. if the previous holder does not ……… Wait two weeks and see.

    If this is not the case, a change of roles is a good idea: The senator to New York, the former ambassador to the COVID19 council as special envoy for pensioners…”

    De ole man will not repeat any ill towards Liz cause already Man-Chile Koolaid Kid going round saying that we dissenters are promoting “Death to Mugabe”

    All a person has said is that she must not be allowed to get in the HoA a second time cause her first time has shown that she is a despot.

    But de boy “special” and has some “enlightened moments” dat de ole man thought only came with old age and the ubiquitous dementia.

    I still calling for you to be banned on the grounds of “Homicide by Laughter”

    You were always a jovial person in real life Tron.

    There is a part of your spirit that is gentle like the touch of a butterfly

  89. @ Piece the Prophet May 21, 2020 6:53 PM

    Oh You Great Legend, Our Prophet!

    Once again, you misunderstand me TOTALLY. OF COURSE I wish her a speedy recovery and a long life! And no new infections. – All my hollow words are but an echo of secret thoughts of power. On this stage I bluntly present things as the puppeteers actually think. Only children and the court jester may recite these secret sayings.

    However, the trouble with the senator has become excessive and very painful for our leader. The senator is mutating into the number one rebel in the state of Barbados. A one-man army, so to speak, replacing a hundred opposition members. A walking reminder against power.

    Solution: People who know too much and are dangerous are promoted to such high positions that they can’t do any more harm. That’s why we have so many incompetent managers at state companies and other entities. We therefore urgently need a suitable office for the senator, where he can no longer speak freely. Like Jeff 😉 (whereby I do not imply any incapacity in the sense mentioned here).

    How about a new embassy somewhere overseas where it’s nice? Paris, Berlin or Vienna, for instance? 🙂 Or president of a newly created Labour Court of Appeal? 🙂 As a judge, he must remain neutral. Like Jeff.

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