Pandemic and Prices


Submitted by Wayne Cadogan

Good Morning David, I know that it has been a  while I haven’t submitted anything, but I thought that I should make a contribution and this short article was not a bad topic to start. If it is possible to be printed in any form to get the message out, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

price gouging

Someone sent me this receipt last night on WhatsApp and I thought that I should share it with the public. This is highway robbery, price gouging, stealing from the poor. This is one of the reasons that Barbados needs to have a strong consumer protection agency to fight for and protect the vulnerable from being taken advantage of by some of these unscrupulous business establishments of the poor who are the ones that usually feel the brunt of such exploitation. Barbadians need to boycott these businesses that infringe on the laws and taking advantage of the less fortunate. What is really amusing is the fact that they say ” Thanks, come again”.


Wake up Barbadians.

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