Troubling Issues about the Exit of UTT President

The Editor,

The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) needs to come clean with its staff, students, and general public about the terms of exit, among other things, of its outgoing President, Iraqi Sarim Al Zubaidy.

On Friday, 7 February, Board Chairman, Professor Julien, released a memorandum that Sarim Al Zubaidy was no longer in active service from Wednesday 5th February, as President of UTT. He has proceeded on leave.


Yet, people report Al Zubaidy sightings on campus last week Thursday and Friday. We were told before that he was proceeding on leave from February 25th. Finally, some staff are telling colleagues that they have “must attend” meetings withal Zubaidy to “say goodbye.” What is going on?

If he is no longer in active service, why are staff being forced to meet him? Where did he get all of this vacation in order to be paid till March 31st? Those of us who have been at UTT a long time, know that Al Zubaidy was frequently out of the country so he took his vacation annually along with a lot of paid leave, some say, and no other past UTT President has ever had a whole set of appointments to “say goodbye.”

Why these mandatory meetings? For the Photo ops?

He has a Linkedin profile filled with UTT Photo ops. He has posted on Linkedin speeches, such as his address printed in the graduation booklet, that he neither wrote nor delivered, but for which he got congratulations. Are we paying him to stack his Linkedin account with photos of himself surrounded by staff on every campus?

We need some information, UTT. There are too many troubling things about this man. He is the President MOST linked with UTT, because of months, if not years, of captioned photos in advertisements featuring him.

You would swear he, and not Professor Kenneth Julien, was the founding Presiden of UTT.


Disgruntled UTT staff member

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