Media Sell out? – Is the Express an Objective Newspaper?


Submitted by Dr Kumar Mahabir

Open letter to Express editor

Dear Editor-in-Chief Ms. Omatie Lutchman Lyder,


As a newspaper which claims to be “national,” the Express should be truthful and objective in its coverage of national events in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T).

Readers have been observing that you have practically never published any news on the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s (UTT) restructuring exercise (downsizing) and its treatment (retrenchment) of employees (lecturers).

The Express chose not report on the recent news that a UTT Professor was prevented from entering the graduation ceremony on Thursday. See

The newspaper also refused to carry the news that UTT confessed that it did not complete a restructuring report before it retrenched 59 lecturers on May 11, 2018. See

FOIA investigations by social activist Devant Maharaj, through attorney Chelsea Stewart, revealed that the Express has been receiving the most advertising revenue from UTT over and above that of the two other dailies, the Guardian and the Newsday.

 Between September 2017 and August 2018, the Express cashed TT$1,253,763 in advertising revenue from UTT.  The Guardian received $701,283 and Newsday got $846,601.

The Express cashed the most money (45%) from UTT compared to the Newsday (30%) and the Guardian (25%). The Express collected almost half of UTT’s budget spent on the three daily newspapers.

Last Sunday (November 18, 2018), the Express was rewarded with a whopping EIGHT (8) pages of advertisements highlighting UTT’s graduation – eight full pages in full colour!!! The total advertising revenue for one day for one edition only was about $72,000. This excessive abuse of taxpayers’ money is being spent by UTT’s President Sarim Al Zubaidy mainly to promote himself in many of the photos!! The Guardian and Newsday received not a single page of advertisement from UTT last Sunday.

Based on the foregoing data, the Express is clearly favourable to one of its big corporate clients by not reporting the turbulence that is taking place within the walls of the only national university in T&T.

The Newsday and Guardian should be highly commended and patronised for reporting news on UTT from May 11, 2018 when 59 lecturers were retrenched. See, for example

A series of placard protests followed in front of UTT’s O’Meara and Valsayn campuses, the Ministry of Education, the Office of the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister’s Residence & Diplomatic Centre – none of which was covered by the Express.

Florens Focke, Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi and Stefan Ruenzi of the University of Mannheim in Germany published a relevant research paper in 2015 entitled “A Friendly Turn: Advertising Bias in the News Media.”

They wrote: “Independence of the news press is one of the pillars of a functioning democracy. Ideally, newspapers and other media outlets should report truthfully and objectively about news items of interest to their readers, thus allowing them to make rational and unbiased decisions based on the information reported.”

The Express editor seems to be clearly sacrificing important news items of interest in order to please a big corporate client. Readers must now ask, “For whom else is the Express sacrificing objectivity for a million dollars?”


Dr Kumar Mahabir, Retrenched Assistant Professor

University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)


  • @Donna November 28, 2018 11:21 AM “There is a doctor in Barbados whose MO is the unnecessary Cesarean section. ”

    Are you sure that those ladies are not too posh to push?

    There is not every woman who is a gorilliphant who can through a labour lasting more than 24 hours.

    Are you sure that some of the ladies having hysterectomies don’t believe that a hysterectomy is an “easy” solution for the “messiness” of menstrual periods?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Dr. GP

    What Donna said about that doctor is true.

    He and another fellow in Belleville have a fabrication plan where, even if you go in for a fingernail problem they want to give you a hysterectomy or a shunt for perfectly functioning hearts

    And the fellow with the hysterectomy, so much want money, he does forget and even offers that to men!!

    My cure for these cases is to record them on your cell phones and publish it to sound cloud

    Let people know that they are no longer secure in telling lies

    It works miracles…




    HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT HIS MO is the unnecessary Cesarean section OR THAT HE DOES unnecessary hysterectomIES followed by hormone replacement therapy..
    WHEN ARE Cesarean sectionS necessary?
    WHAT ARE THE INDICATIONS FOR .Cesarean sectionS ?

    HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT breast cancer followed soon after ONE OF HIS CASES OF unnecessary hysterectomy followed by hormone replacement therapy
    WHAT ARE THE INDICATIONS FOR THE USE OF hormone replacement therapy..



  • This idiot got sacked and thinks that is the most important news event in the world. I am amazed he does not curl up in his box and wither away. I will bet anything he has as PhD in something silly like cultural studies or economics or sociology.


  • Anyone you do not agree with is an idiot. The man has a right to protest if he and colleagues are of the view there was an injustice meted out. From his writings he is not railing against being retrenched as the issue. You should take five minutes and read to inform your comments on the issue. In fact Barbadians can do well to take a page from his book.

    You may have the last word.


  • @ David
    To a carpenter, everything boils down to either a hammer or a saw.
    To an idiot…..


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