Important Message for CEO of LIAT – It is Christmas for Crissakes!!!

Submitted by Hotelier Adrian Loveridge

———- Original Message ———-
From: andrew oneill <>
To: “
Date: December 23, 2019 at 8:57 AM
Subject: Liat problem

My Loveridge, dear sir I am a huge fan of your column.  I recently had a problem with Liat and am not sure what to do.
My mother in law in visiting for Ukraine she has a Ukrainian biometric passport.  She needs a visa to enter St Lucia.  The passport
is good for the EU short stay.  She arrived on Condor through Germany.  She can enter France without a visa.
I booked a week at Club Med FDF and was looking very forward to this.  I booked air travel through Liat.  The girl at the check in
said a visa was required to enter FDF.  I anticipated and eventuality and had documentation showing a visa was not required.
The lady called her supervisor who gleefully said to deny boarding.  My wife and mother in law were left behind and I went ahead.
The  authorities in FDF confirmed a visa wasn’t required and told that to Liat in FDF who passed the information to Liat BGI.  My wife was
still at the desk and the Liat people said she could catch the next flight 3 days later and offered no apology in fact they seemed to be
happy my wife was a shaky upset person on the verge of tears.
I got them on an Air Antilles flight 4 hours later at a cost of $509 Euros.  I lost the better part of a day in worry.
I know you are an expert in Travel and  Tourism and have seen your fair share to problems bigger than this.  I averted complete
disaster but I am not sure how to proceed to get compensation and a apology.
Kind regards,
Andrew O’Neill



  • Typical LIAT………. famous for extremely poor customer service, especially from those people employed by the company LIAT subcontracts to provide services.


  • @Artax

    “famous for extremely poor customer service”

    Being Very Generous, Wily would have said NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. LIAT just following the standard Caribbean philosophy, KMA(KISS MY ASS)


  • @ Andrew O’Neilly

    €509 is Us$ 563 roughly.

    You are being gentlemanly about this.

    For €506 I would hire a freelancer and run a month long campaign AGAINST LIAT where I would feature my ticket, soundcloud of her conversations, followup conversations by phone with customer support, video of Liat Staff talking to my mother and a whole set of psychographic warfare AGAINST THAT ENTITY.

    You feeling me?

    I would be the Terror that Howls in their Night for that €506

    You need to understand something.

    These Caribbean islands are Banana Republics AND DO NOT HAVE ANY STANDARDS!

    For us, putting you and you muddah through this type of suffering makes us into men and women OF POWER!

    And, unless you and other customers, who pay for a service, understand this, you will continue to suffer like this!

    Do have a wonderful Christmas

    Normally de ole man would have coloured my language but … the season


  • Oh I think that you also need to mention the full cost of this expense Mr. O’Neilly

    Your mother did not stay in the Streets for the two days, she had to pay for accommodation, she also ate, and took taxis to and from the airport

    De ole man gine offer a “let me fight your campaign service in 2020!



  • piece has it it right when he says coloured his language, Exactly color may have been the issue and I am assuming that the ladies are white as I dated a Ukrainian myself. ……, if it was air Canada and something of this sort had happened to a black person the howls of racism would be heard to Canada and back. the airline would apologize up and down and come to some agreement whether they were right or wrong..For gods sake they paid a Frenchman in ottawa compensation because he was given sprite instead of 7up and and on another occasion his seatbelt didn’t have lift …written in French. so if that asshole can get 27000 you would think a real case deserves to be righted..


  • Although LIAT is famous for poor customer service or in some cases, as Wily suggested, “no customer service,” this may be a simple case of ignorance.

    Since all Caribbean “French islands” are “overseas departments of France,” visa requirements applicable to France would be likewise applicable to these islands. I’m sure LIAT employees in PTP and FDF would know citizens of which country require visa to enter French controlled territories.

    I’m assuming if the passenger check-in agent was a LIAT employee, he/she should have known about visa requirements, or, if in doubt, contacted his/her colleagues in Martinique for verification.

    LIAT usually outsources their passenger services to Caribbean Aircraft Handling. I suspect it was personnel from CAH that dealt with this situation…… and handled it terribly.


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