Screenshot 2019-12-15 at 16.56.19Chairman of the Barbados Port Authority Lisa Cummins and Minister responsible Kirk Humphrey have had a lot to say about the haphazardly implemented upgrade to the ASYCUDA World system – the acronym translates to Automated Systems for Customs Data a computerized system designed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to administer a country’s customs.  Although they have assuaged  public concerns something still stinks in Denmark.

A consequence of the poor implementation by government- if we accept public comment- is that the release of inbound shipments have been delayed for weeks, some say months since ASYCUDA went live in September 2018. The blogmaster has not posted on this issue before because of  the lack of information about what is a technical issue.

We have had cursory commentary on BU about why would the government not run the old system in parallel. So far we have not been made aware of anyone or agency being held accountability for the foul up. What cannot be disputed is that the haphazard implementation of ASYCUDA has had a negative financial impact for the country.

It was brought to the attention of the blogmaster by a BU family member that by clicking on the ASYCUDA link- and dare click on “Upload e-manifest” under the “ONLINE SERVICES” menu on the top-left side of the window. You’ll be greeted with a “404 — The requested page was not found.” message. To the blogmaster’s simple way of thinking, if the link is suppose to work it should not generate an error. The obvious question pops up – was change management done by our high paid officials?


Hoping the BU intelligentsia weighs in on the matter.



120 thoughts on “ASYCUDA Foul up

  1. David don’t get me started on this. With 400 plus containers to draw as of Friday and all the sheds full of cargo and people shipments outside the bonds, this was a major frig up by those involved. Don’t worry with all the talk from government about ” the implementation is going smoothly” ask any truck driver or customs broker how it really going.

    Why the hell wasn’t this program implemented say in May, instead of a month from the peak load season. Both businesses and the state will lose millions this Christmas as a result and I defy any of them involved to come here and challenge anything I have said cause I talking first hand here!

    • @John A

      According to Humphrey and Cummins the containers maybe piled up but the agents/brokers have not entered the entries in ASYCUDA to facilitate release of the documents.

  2. Asycuyda foul up? Surely you jest! The Gov’t whisperer “Enuff” was here recently saying the patient was out of intensive care and well on the road to recovery.

    Yikes and at Xmas

  3. You have a corrupt, incompetent government, there is not much else to say, do not look for better, it never happens with corrupt governments.

  4. @ David.

    Let me tell you of my personal experience going to pay the duty on shipments.

    First my payment of a single warrant took 15 minutes. The old system would of taken 2! Why 15 you may ask well here is why. You remember when FLOW first introduced their TV how a movie would ice up or as we say “stick”, well that’s what the system was doing. The young lady working the system was amazing though. She kept her cool and was pleasant. I asked her how often this happens and her reply was way too regular. Now along with the ” sticking” we also have the outright ” crashes” that occur when the system goes down all together. Watching it my take is that the problem lies in the fact that the processors can’t handle the load for what ever reason.

    What government needs to do is come out And tell the people the truth on this, but that will not happen because of 2 little words “financial liability.” Christmas eve is the 24th and no amount of excuses can shift that date. The uncleared goods will simply have to sit in the clients warehouses then till next year. So who will foot the lost of revenue and finance cost you think? Yes that’s right the consumer, cause government already saying “em ain’t we fault”.

    • @John A

      The chairman told you that the agents not entering the information in ASYCUDA has resulted in the pile up of containers and because of their generousity in waiving storage fees it has resulted in revenue foregone. Give the people a break.

      Quid pro quo.

  5. Fish seller never say dem fish stale yet!

    He could say what he been told i telling you what I witness personally.

    Let me ask you a question. You feel certified brokers would not of trained on this system? You think brokers handling major company cargo would risk screwing up an entry? David behave yourself do!

    I got a friend that been importing for 30 years and when he went after the system was brought online to pay his duty, he was told he doesn’t exist as an importer. Why they don’t tell you how they lost a major file with nuff of the importers data too!

    Look don’t vexify me this evening! Lol

    • @John A

      It is accepted there were major challenges with ASYCUDA was first implemented but what is that current status is the more important question. Also to what degree has the backlog re entries entered been responded to by Customs. Why is the link on the website mentioned heee not working?

  6. @ david.

    I told you over 400 containers in the port and all the warehouses full of people stock that need clearing. What more evidence you need of how things are NOW as we speak.

  7. GP December 15, 2019 6:54 PM

    ASYCUDA?; but WE SHOULDA, but none of we COULDA?, so dog dead and nobody wuh any KINDA common sense WOULDA do this at this time of year.

    Dog dead; beak break; peter paying for paul, and the end-user will be paying for all.

  8. Wait on it and while you doing that phone Santa and tell him we got a few issues and if he could postpone Xmas to January 25th just for this year here in Bim.

  9. @John A

    Santa here responding to your request

    I’ll give you 13 days till Jan. 7 so you could celebrate with the Orthodox Christians, after that you could celebrate with ‘We gathering”.

  10. @John A: “Let me tell you of my personal experience going to pay the duty on shipments.

    Let me please share my recent experience…

    I designed two two-layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for a Rasberry Pi sensor project I’m working on. I sent the Gerber files off to a company in China, which produced five (5#) of each of the two (2#) boards in 24 hours (+/- 0.01 mm accuracy). $9.80 USD for ten boards. I paid ~$48 USD for the DHL shipping because I wanted them “in hand” quickly — the “atoms” traveled halfway around the world in three days.

    And then the atoms entered Barbados. And everything stopped…

    “Did voice” with DHL, and they were very apologetic. They explained that “there’s something broken at customs”, and they couldn’t release the shipment. Finally, after calling daily to find out what could be done, a DHL manager said “OK, because this package is of such low value, we’ve been allowed by Customs to release your package. It will be in your hands this afternoon.

    And it was. Unfortunately, because of this issue, I haven’t been able to order the “bill of materials” to populate the boards. So while I have the circuit implemented on a “breadboard”, I can’t solder up a prototype to ensure my design is correct.

    To put on the table, I do software for a living.

    Anyone serious about a software upgrade does testing, and extensive “change management” when a new mission critical system is deployed. Will it handle one transaction a second? Will it handle one hundred? Can we run in parallel until we’re sure the new system is working?

    I would argue that Barbados cannot afford these kinds of (easily mitigated) mistakes.

  11. Duppy dust at work
    Nothing in barbados gonna work
    How many issues all gone bad has been discussed here in less than a week
    Now a double drowning and word to effect says that many beaches that have high volume of sea bathers have no life guard
    To clarify media says that the bodies were pull to shore by individuals walking along the beach
    A govt that promised efficiency cant even have life guards on duty on barbados beaches to save lives

  12. Where are all the graduates in computer science from Cave Hill? Where are those that were given National Development Scholarships to do Management Information Systems? Did anyone attend training courses in ASYCUDA? Did they go on training attachment at other Customs Dept in a country using the system.? Don’t we have a whole ministry devoted to digitising GoB processes? Enuff where is the DELIVERY?

    • @Vincent

      The Comptroller of Customs comes highly recommended having worked with the system in other jurisdictions.

  13. Can some body tell Mia to stop planting trees here and abroad and try planting some life guards along barbados shorline
    Life guards saves lives with an immediate response

  14. @ David BU
    ASYCUDA may not be a computerised system i.e a system that uses Machine Intelligence to improve on a manual system. It may just be an attempt that robotises a manual system. Then there is the problem of low power processors and telecommunication systems. Are these up to scratch? Just thinking loudly. Not aiming to be a BRIMBLER.

    • @Vincent

      As far as this blogmaster is aware it was an upgrade. The former government as it did with most things in the ten years did not upgrade. This government did a poor job of project managing the upgrade.

  15. @David: “The Comptroller of Customs comes highly recommended having worked with the system in other jurisdictions.

    The question then becomes, why didn’t things go well here?

  16. @ David BU

    It is not the Party in office that manages the area of implementation and upgrades. It is the technocrats. Please avoid politicization of the issue. It is this hands on approach of politicians that magnifies the problem.

  17. @Vincent
    I would be surprised if Com.Sci. graduates from Cave Hill were involved at any decision making level regarding the implementation of ASYCUDA. Don’t you know we always think its better to bring in ‘experts’ for ‘away’???

  18. @ Vincent

    From my experiences doing business there the delays are coming in the processing side. The sticking and crashes have nothing to do with brokers entering the wrong information as some would want us believe.

  19. “Enuff where is the DELIVERY?”


    “The Comptroller of Customs comes highly recommended having worked with the system in other jurisdictions.”

    i can bet my last dollar, that they worked with the system in other jurisdictions….under someone else who was giving them direction and they had to follow orders…… to do things on their own, they are lost at sea and all consumed by shite titles…the games they play in Barbados, they cannot play in Canada…

  20. @ Chris.

    Yes the delays have penalised nearly every business on the island for sure. The courier companies didn’t escape either. FED EX and others have shipments piled up in their bonds for clearance. While customs struggle to clear goods, more goods are coming in faster than those here are being cleared. The situation will therefore intensify further as the last lap draws closer. The only thing as I understand it being cleared on permission is perishable goods. Other than that wait you turn and don’t complain!

  21. Please note that implementation began in August and was expected to take a few weeks.

    “So the good news of sorts reported by Ms. Tannis was that Barbados Port Inc. will be waiving port storage fees on a case-by-case basis going back to Aug 24 “where such fees have been occasioned by the Asycuda World software transition.”

    Read this piece by Wanda Downes to get real background information.

    “Inadequate infrastructure (which I don’t anticipate being a major issue here in Barbados).

    Lack of adequate training of both internal and external users.

    Many declarations being placed on query hold.

    Some software problems, which had to be handled by the providers UNCTAD.

    Resistance to change.”

    The cost of implementation was estimated at $700,00 BDS. By my reckoning this system has been implement about four times now.. What is the final cost.?

  22. They confuse the hell out of me with doub lespeak.

    “ASYCUDA World as a system has not been an issue for most of the cargo challenges that the Bridgetown Port Inc. has been dealing with. Instead, it is the process of uploading the information that has containers backed up in the Port. Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey said he did not want people to take away that ASYCUDA World was the reason for everything being wrong at the Port.”

    Has not been an issue
    Was ‘not’ the reason for everything being wrong

  23. Is it true that instead of Xmas music piping through the offices of the various Ministries this offering is on most of the day?

    They are substituting “Mia” for Baby

  24. @WURA-WAR-on-U: “…under someone else who was giving them direction and they had to follow orders…… to do things on their own, they are lost at sea…

    There is more than a little bit of truth there. Some fear taking advice. This is worldwide; it’s known as the “not invented here” problem.

    I know I sometimes come across as a Panglossian, but I really do believe the future could be really (really) good (and cool).

    There’s a lot of really strong “talent” here in Barbados.

    Use it! 🙂

  25. @VC
    It is not the Party in office that manages the area of implementation and upgrades. It is the technocrats. Please avoid politicization of the issue.
    It becomes political when the Minister touts its application during one of the Press Conferences chaired by the PM. Remember when they had to give account of what was going on at their Ministries and the Minister spoke about the implementation of ASYCUDA WORLD? (Never mind asking Ministers to explain what is going on in their Depts in a public forum is so much junior management BS).

    However, I will follow the learned Atty. General’s advice “Now is not the time to point fingers”

  26. @David

    The PC I referred to was chaired by the PM back in September, however 3 months on ASYCUDA is still plagued with “teething” problems.

  27. De ole man gine remain silent.

    When the PdP gets their act together, Senator Franklyn OR HIS PROXY WILL SEND OUT A PR MESSAGE that will detail where all the problems at the port lie!

    If the PdP wants to be seen as the party keeping Mugabe’s regime on their toes

  28. RE De ole man gine remain silent.



    YOU REALLY THINK THE PDPwants to be seen as the party keeping Mugabe’s regime on their toes?


    Some people don’t like you when you are correct. Others do.

    And as the Dr. in that situation, wasn’t it your job to be correct?

  30. We keep talking about efficiency
    However a focus and concern should be placed on the fast and rising deaths that are ocurring at barbados beaches because of drowning
    A concern which has limited the hours on which life guards are available
    It seems that govt in its haste to pay debt found it fit and appropriate to cut hours or in some cases not place life guards at some beaches
    A country that depends on tourist as an economic life saver cannot take such a huge chance in appeasing a few at the high cost of people’s life
    Yesterday drowning of mother and son is just another example of a worsening situation when efficiency has gone wrong
    Some one ought to send a message to Mia telling her instead of planting trees she ought to be planting lifeguards along barbados shore line in order to save lives

  31. Story after story on these drowning say the same
    People walking the beach tries to save the lives of these people seen in difficult situations while bathing
    What a dam shame
    Efficiency what! people losing their lives because of a govt who has lost its way and throws in the towel to save a few fat cats living at the top

  32. Don’t get Wily started, putting technology, ASYCUDA system, in the hands of IDOITS and you can expect to get what you got. Barbados management across the board expects technology to be a miracle PROBLEM SOLVER, when in reality its only a TOOL, being implimented by a bunch of TOOLS.


  33. @ GP,


    I was, recently, chastised by our friend Waru – quite rightly – for suggesting that we should be recolonised.

    When I see how Barbados functions it saddens me. We have an inferior and dysfunctional leadership who are incapable of doing right.

    Satan has taken the wheel in Barbados. Bush Tea was correct in his assessment of a country that has a flag that is rich in Satanic symbolism. .

  34. A beautiful morning to all, wherever you are.

    Can a person separate the two in situation like these> We know the difference, but is it the connections, nepotism, selection of party faithfuls or even ‘outright corruption’ that gives us a bunch of incompetents?

  35. So…… you’re now blaming “government” for “the fast and rising deaths that are occurring at Barbados beaches because of drowning?”

    Talk about “exaggerations?????” You guys at George Street are becoming desperate looking for things to criticize.

    One would never believe this is coming from the same individual who DEFENDED the laying-off of LIFE GUARDS, during the previous DLP administration’s retrenchment program.

  36. Bush Tea was correct in his assessment of a country that has a flag that is rich in Satanic symbolism. .



  37. @GP,

    Bush Tea may have been wrong on many occasions. But on this point he was right. This is irrefutable. Take a good look at our national flag.

  38. Yes it becomes an exaggeration when lives are being lost when govt measures on efficiency cost lives at the expense of a few
    The conclusion that sea-goers making attempt to save drowning victims at the risk of losing theirs because no life guards are present is at least appalling and at worst scandalous
    How can this be happening during the peak of tourist season
    Yet Mia says she cares

  39. @Hal

    “Is this the result of incompetence or corruption?”

    Wily suspects it’s INCOMPETENCE as the system is in fairly wide use in other jurisdictions and was developed and provided FREE by a U.N. Agency.

    • @Wily

      What we have here with the poor upgrade to the ASYCUDA system is mismanagement. You call it incompetence. Not every situation is the same. Therefore no need for wholesale labeling. They took a short cut and got burned.

  40. @ Wily

    We are a nation in serious denial. INCOMPETENCE is our major problem, not corruption or political nepotism. This is but the attest of years of widespread Barbadianisation of jobs, in many cases, square pegs in round holes all with paper qualifications.

  41. RE: “Yes it becomes an exaggeration when lives are being lost when govt measures on efficiency cost lives at the expense of a few.”

    What the hell does this nonsense mean?

    Perhaps you should focus your attention on the topic.

  42. “When I see how Barbados functions it saddens me. We have an inferior and dysfunctional leadership who are incapable of doing right”


    There is a terrible leadership vacuum. Whether by design, evolution or political interference the two types of worker who advance in our Civil Service are either the conformist or the politico. Independent thinkers and innovators are identified as troublemakers and difficult to work with, they are marginalised or forced out. Conformists and politicos cannot lead.

    The leadership vacuum is why we now have a know nothing minister (Humphrey) and a figurehead chairwoman (Cummins) giving lip service rather than showing leadership.
    For a blunder of this magnitude a leader would resign, instead they blame the customs brokers. Their fate will be decided by Ms. Mottley

  43. David BU

    This situation with the new ASYCUDA program isn’t anything new in the public sector.

    I’m sure you remember there were “teething problems” when NIS implemented its new IT system.

    How about the technical problems people experienced with the registration process and filing their income tax returns when the BRA introduced its new tax administration system, TAMIS, after several months of advertising its introduction? Also, people could not file income tax returns for partnerships. The BRA had to extend the deadline for filing as well as its closing time to 7 p.m. to accommodate last-minute applicants. And at that time Manager Communications and PR, Carolyn Williams-Gayle, said the Authority was working with the system developer to rectify the issue.

    Prior to TAMIS, we had a situation where government was paying an individual in excess of $10,000 per month for over a year, to work on a tax system for the then Inland Revenue Department.

    From my experience, the Ministers under whose portfolios these SOEs fall, contract the services of their friends who happen to be in the information technology business. The Boards approve the contract, which, more often than not, are “too big” for contracted person to handle.

    So, we could identify the incompetence…….. however, if the contracted parties “grease the Minister’s or the board Chairman’s hands,” which, as is said allegedly happens, then it’s corruption also.

  44. Mottley is the Moe
    Moe as in more suffering for the people
    Moe as in breaking up the democracy at the people expense to appease a few
    Moe as in blowing smoke in the air to blind the populace
    Moe as in promising efficiency and delivering inefficiency
    Moe as in a truckload of empty promises

  45. In 2018 we were promised change
    Instead got nothing
    Nothing has changed now the measly mout blp foot soldiers have become silent with high expectations all should follow the leader in haste to their deaths
    Hell no not me

    • @Artax

      You are on the ball, add the sweet deal given to a political friend to implement smart National ID cards. The blogmaster understands all of the smart cards and equipment have to be dumped. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers dollars.

  46. John2
    Why dont u tell Mottley that people lives matter
    Her business abroad would not add up to a hill of beans
    More smoke and mirrors that is all
    When word gets across social media that tourist lives are at risk because lack of life guards or one tourist death at drowning cause family members to go legally ballistic then all would pay attention

  47. Hi David:

    We are supposed to believe that the reason why my goods were delayed for an extremely long time, is because of the utter incompetence of DHL and FedEx in entering information in the computer system?

    Since DHL and FedEx are not objecting to this accusation on their competence, then either it is true, or they are intimidated into silence.

    What could intimidate these two well known companies, to accept the tarnishing of their business reputations with accusations of gross incompetence?

  48. David BU

    Customs Brokers were provided with training on how to use the new ASYCUDA system.

    I know of a situation where the then Acting Director and the Board of a SOE thought computerisation of the entity’s operations meant purchasing $33,000 in obsolete IMB computers and associated peripherals, for which they had to pay an extra $15,000 for memory and setting up the LAN for interconnection within the office.

    These types of things continue to occur under both political administrations.

    You would never believe government has an under-utilized Data Processing Department, whose mandate is:

    “To be the Primary source of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions for Government, through the efficient and innovative use of Technology and the provision of an environment through which information technology is monitored and the ICT activities of agencies coordinated.”

  49. What conclusions can be drawn from this?

    “The Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) is a computerized system designed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to administer a country’s customs. In 2004 there were more than 50 operational projects with expenditures exceeding US$7 million. It is the largest technical cooperation programme of the UNCTAD, covering over 80 countries and 4 regional projects.”

  50. Hell yes i will go legally ballistic if one of my family members die because of govt inefficiency
    Don’t tell me nothing about warnings in paper either
    That would not settle the problem

  51. Somebody tell govt to put up flags and warning signs along barbados beaches.This is tourist season and not all are accustomed to our beaches
    But don’t mind me i am a who would jump in the sea wid muh eyes close
    Then blame govt
    Go figure hard heads

  52. @ Wily E Coyote

    Of all the comments here yours, the comments on the efficacy of the Data Processing Department AND THAT ON THE EFFICACY OF THE MINISTER(s) have summarized the crux of that matter

    You said and I quote

    “…Wily suspects it’s INCOMPETENCE as the system is in fairly wide use in other jurisdictions and was developed and provided FREE by a U.N. Agency…”

    De ole man going go south to come north

    The One World system and “mark” of the beast has been long in the making and has had its problems long before Asycida World but wunna ent know bout Asycuda Plus Plus.

    A more technically competent team, RATHER THAN FUNCTIONARIES AT THE SO CALLED DATA PROCESSING DEPARTMENT, and commensurate incompetent ministers, would have been capable of giving some coding insight about the issue being experienced.

    For example a Chris Halsall would have, as part of his preemptive evaluation of the upgrade, have run the software for 6 months, IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE OLDER SOFTWARE, because he recognised that FULL IMPLEMENTATION, was not an option.

    So now our asses are at the point of what was not a legacy issue with the older software, incompetents and basic functionaries ARE OUT OF THEIR FVUCKING DEPTH!

    Now here be de ole man showing how competent proactive evaluation WOULD HAVE DETERMINED THE POSSIBLE ISSUES WITH ASYCUDA WORLD!!

    I know dat de Minister of Disinformation gine be vex and “flamed” with me but…

    “…JAVA Release (JAVA 8 update 161 – released January 16, 2018), is not compatible with ASYCUDA. If update is applied the application will experience login issues or the message “Network error, server not found” will be displayed.

    If you updated your system with the new release (JAVA 8 update 161) kindly uninstall and reinstall JAVA 8 update 151. You can retrieve the JAVA 8 update 151 files from the following link:

    If you have not effected JAVA Release (JAVA 8 update 161), when prompted to do so please select LATER from the Java Update Pop-Up that appears…”

    When you send in little boys to do men’s work this will happen.

    Data Processing should have a Rass**le machine in their office with multiple instances of working conditions for the Acycuda ++ & World that recreate working conditions and preemptively display what will happen during any RH upgrade of NIS or customs upgrades

    But that is a product OF REAL VISION NOT WASTE FOOPERY!!!

  53. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here

    This topic WILL ATTRACT BRIMLERS who need to Shut the Fvuck Up and move onto their areas where they might be able to contribute.

  54. Sargeant
    I am no government whisperer!! It seems y’all have a problem with me not jumping on your bandwagon; but there’s no need to tell lies on me either.

    • @enuff

      You want it stated for the record the project started with the DLP? At the time of the change of government Alister was the acting PS but the BLP people must have had some last minute say.

  55. The part we must also focus on is the lost of revenue to both the businesses and the state at this critical time.

    Government can not collect a cent in duty or vat on the 400 odd containers in the port until such time as the system provides the clearance documents, which the importer then takes to customs and pays the duty etc with.

    Secondly the importer can not sell the goods once the peak Christmas period is past, especially if they are seasonal items specific to Christmas. So items like toys, decorations, drapery and practically everything else thAt is in the port, represents a lost opportunity to the importer to sell the items.

    Some will say tough for the merchants, but you will be wrong if you think that’s where it ends. Government also will be a major revenue loser too and this is why. The 17.5% vat that is collected from the customer can only be collected if the said customer buys the item. Also that final VAT portion at the final consumer is the largest single tax that government will receive on that item. The reason simply is that is has the retail mark up in it prior to the final VAT being applied.

    Will we ever be told how many millions the state and business will lose on this nonesence? Probably not. Don’t worry though it will show up in next year’s estimates under “shortfall” , at which time guess who will have to top up the state’s cheque book? Yes us the taxpayers who else!

  56. @Piece the Legend: “JAVA Release (JAVA 8 update 161 – released January 16, 2018), is not compatible with ASYCUDA

    Hmmm… I have no insider knowledge, but this wouldn’t explain the 404 error seen. A “404” means the server was not able to find the file which it needs to run to present the page to the user — this is a misconfiguration. What your quoted language suggests would instead happen if this was really the problem is a “500 — Internal Server Error” would be seen.

    Besides all of this, one wouldn’t (or, at least, shouldn’t) apply such an update to a “live” system without first extensively testing on a staging server, to ensure everything is sane.

    Software isn’t really all that hard. But, as someone said above, it’s just a tool, not a panacea.

  57. David
    I din even know it started with the DLP, so no I don’t want you to lay blame on the previous administration to politicise the matter. I always thought the person in charge was the former ASYCUDA Consultant with UNCTAD who was involved with setting it up across the world. Now I am hearing incompetent, Barbadianisation etc etc. The government whisperer, according to Sargeant, just asking.

    • @Enuff

      UNCTAD owns the system but local people had to be empowered to influence the project plan, it affects us.

  58. @ Chris Halsall

    You said & I quote

    “…Besides all of this, one wouldn’t (or, at least, shouldn’t) apply such an update to a “live” system without first extensively testing on a staging server, to ensure everything is sane…”

    This is my point exactly.

    I first encountered Asycuda in 1991 in another incarnation.

    Even at that time virtualization of working environments ALWAYS ACCOMPANIED REAL WORLD IMPLEMENTATIONS.

    I used the wrong verb, I should have said preceded implementations

    Any idiot knows this BUT WE GOT A VAUNTED DATA PROCESSING DEPARTMENT with a big up mission statement so our ass*s are cool!

    And this is why our chvunts are where we are

    Take a look at this big RH newspaper article and tell me, if your next door neighbour tell you the property opposite your house got open well, why your ass out there at 11 oclock in the night looking to pick donks !!!


    This is national espionage Halsall!!

    This is like the Stuxnet Virus equivalent on the Economy of Barbados and like John A carefully details, this completely has extended across government, to VAT collections, merchant sales, customer markets, seasonal purchases


    This HAS TO BE A DLP ORCHESTRATED TACTICAL MOVE cause anything else means we bajans Stoopid as Fvuck!!!

  59. RE Cut the Minister some slack, he is a LSE and Harvard graduate. SO WUH?




  60. Again de ole man will take this topic into the political spectrum BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT THAT OUR SO CALLED OPPOSITION DO THEIR RH JOB!

    And let me show what dem is not doing there job of Shadow Ministries.

    “…On March 27th, 2019 the Bangladesh Finance Minister announced a successful hacking attempt on ASYCUDA World.

    Based on the news report, it appears that due to weak security protocols, external hackers were able to penetrate ASYCUDA World and override decisions made by Customs in the system to allow for the release and clearance of over 30 inter-modal containers into the country…”

    This begs the RH question what is the PdP government in waiting doing since, AFTER THIS INCIDENT HAPPENED IN MARCH, 9months ago, where de badword is the Technical team of the PdP?

    And why has the Leader of the Opposition not weighed in on this WITH HIS SHADOW MINISTER speaking out load about this issue?

    Wunna unnerstand what de ole man is saying here?

    If I, a man who lef school at 11 can come here and discuss these topics in this way, WHY IS THE PDP SILENT?

    Unless it is that Mugabe is deciding what Reverend Joseph Atherley IS TO SAY RIGHT?

  61. De ole man is focused

    My point here IS COMPETENCIES AND SHOWING SUCH COMPETENCIES through displaying preparedness ALL THE TIME.

    ALL LIKE NOW, BAJANS SHOULD KNOW WHO THE RH PDP SHADOW MINISTER IS FOR ICT ISSUES, and he or she should be out there talking bout what needs to be done.

    The PdP HAS TO SHOW ITS FACE and display its ability to solve these problems.

    Where are the PdP podcasts?


    Where is its Innovation matrices?

    Wunna feeling me yet?

    (I wonder how Dearest SSS is doing?)

  62. Well wunna figure how to get the barrels out the port yet
    This issue has only took a foothold on BU because Mcgufgie business is being f..ked
    Other than that no one would give two wukups
    Listen to the silence that is deafening when the mother and son drowns at a beach when the authorities in charge of placing warning signs of dangers along with life guards at the beach were incompetent in doing their job
    In any case the issue has taken to social media where millions would read the story

    • @enuff

      What some of us need to understand is why the project team did not run in parallel. And how will accountability be enforced to send a message. We are tired of the PR fluff statements from sweet talking government officials.

    • The man managing the project as enuff alluded worked with ASYCUDA in other implementations, this is why the blogmaster is onside that this was mismanagement. Many of the players are qualified, have the experience and skill sets. The ASYCUDA having not been upgraded for many years someone took a bad decision to ignore basic implementation protocol.

  63. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I respectfully suggest that you (and your cadre) ARE NOT TIRED ENOUGH!

    let me explain what de ole man is “seeing” here.

    This ASYCUDA WORLD Fiasco is a situation where the inefficiencies of the system are entrenched and have metamorphosed into a malignant cancer THAT THE MUGABE REGIME CANNOT EASILY REMOVE!

    The Port REPRESENTS A WORLD TO ITSELF where mere mortals CANNOT SEE IN its mysteries euphemism for the graft by which civil servants become millionaires overnight!

    This is even under the watchful eyes of the Auditor General and deals with a penumbra where the normal human dare not look!

    So Asycuda World is just the tip of a nefarious system where there is never an inventory taking to reconcile what is claimed to have entered the country WITH WHAT IS ACTUALLY IN THE PORT!

    And all these people who constitute the working parts of ASYCUDA WORLD live in a part of the ecosystem THST THE REGIME WANTS TO POPULATE!

    So, in an effort to FVUCK up the records even more SO THAT THE INVENTORY TAKING can be claimed to be faulty, this crisis was manufactured by players in the system WHO HAVE GROWN FAT OVER THE YEARS!

    De ole man does move to a completely different drum whose source IS NOT MAN MADE!

    This is “purposed system failure” to hide inventory LIKE 7 TRANSPORT BOARD BUSES BEING MISSING!

    Dont get misled peeple and sheeple!


    A bunch of corrupt, incompetent idiots, just sucking, sucking on taxpayers compliments of Mia..the very first thing we said, run a parallel backup of the current system, it is IT, shit goes sideways on the regular, any dummy knows you do not just jump in, especially when you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING…….101 for DUMMIES.

  65. A piece of foolish question fuh wunna financial geniuses.

    What is the salary of the man OR TEAM OF INDIVIDUALS who effed up this port system?

    What is the total value attributed to each day that the Barbados Port has been imperative?

    Will anyone be held accountable for this cost and loss?

    Will the man be named?

    What a RH stoopid question to ask and think it would even get an answer in this Banana Republic of Barbados!!!

  66. Jamaica has problems with implementing the AYSCUDA system. In fact a number of other countries had issues with the upgrade/implementation.

    “a bad decision to ignore basic implementation protocol” is a fancy phrase for incompetence.

    Given his familiarity with other implementations he should have been aware of the problems that other encounter and design a smoother introduction.

    Or is it the case of the child saying his Father works at the hospital and we assume his father is a doctor. There are many other roles at a hospital./

    Let’s bell the cat and stop the word play.

  67. A hearty morning to all of Barbados.
    Visionary/Leader 🙂 Hope all is well in your are of the world

    In situations like this”heads should roll”. Stop giving people three and four bites of the apple.

    Here a slogan for Barbadians to adopt.
    Two bites and it ain’t right get outta my sight.
    Implement AYSCUDA not screw muh

    Here is a question I asked:
    The cost of implementation was estimated at $700,000 BDS. By my reckoning this system has been implement about four times now.. What is the final cost.?

    Others are interested in the cost of losses at the Port,

  68. @David.

    Every aspect of this experience speaks to incompetence starting with when they chose to implement the system.

    Why couldn’t this system of been implemented in frbruary 2020 say? No the implemented it weeks before the peak business period and as a result both the state and businesses must now lose millions as a result. You mean even the reality that container loads start to increase from October didn’t dawn on not one of the geniuses involved in the decision making process?

    As the old people used to say “what start wrong end wrong.”

    • @John A

      What would be interesting is to read the project meeting notes around the implementation of the launch date of September 1 to ascertain if it was moved and by whom.

  69. If as reported implementation of ASYCUDA has proved difficult in other countries wouldn’t it have been prudent for those responsible for the application to check with those other places to see what challenges they encountered and what they did to overcome them? Don’t we want to learn from others mistakes or do we rush headlong and make our own?

    Looka, I once worked for a company and on one occasion it made a software update that bombed and affected clients nation -wide. Within 24 hours a decision was made to back out of that update and restore the previous one until they sorted out all the kinks. In Barbados they ploughed on and now its too late but it exposes another area that we are deficient in- CRISIS MANAGEMENT.

    @Enuff Don’t tell me that you are upset about being called a “Government whisperer” that was said with all admiration and respect.

    Merry Xmas

    • @Sargeant

      The man who Comptroller participated in some of those implements, check what other countries what!?!@&$

  70. @David

    And part of the criteria that the Gov’t used to appoint him was based on his leading a team in the successful implementation of ASYCUDA in……..

    Is that what you are trying to tell me?

    Forgive me but I’m skeptical, this was a collaborative effort

  71. Since I started using computers for work 34 years ago the words CRASH, BACK UP, TEST, ALTERNATIVE have been critical to me keeping my job and during a period of self employment, making sure that I did not have to make excuses to Clients and sub-contractors.

    The people implementing ASYCUDA acted as if they were installing Microsoft office or Photoshop.


  73. @David

    I would think the final decision for implementation would of lied with the minister. To be fair to the minister though he would of been guided by the head of the implementation department. Either way both should of know better than to implement such changes so close to the peak load period.

    You see government don’t have to worry because any income short falls will be passed onto us by increased taxation. The problem for the businesses is revenue lost in the peak period can not be recovered.

  74. @David

    “They took a short cut and got burned.”

    INCOMPETENT TOOLS, do not using the word “TOOLS” as generally they are useful items, however when applied to politicians the word TOOLS reflects MENTAL REALITY.

  75. What we are learning everyday but failing to accept , is the simple fact that a slow start is better than a poor start.
    We have a multiplicity of poor starts to solving problems. We seem rudderless; six decades ago, little boys playing understood how to build toy trucks , rollers and gutter perks, with more precision and better planning than what we are observing and have observed from the Duopoly.
    Hal calls it the Barbadian condition; I call it pure crap.

  76. Being able to evaluate yourself IS A SKILL.

    To look at your strengths and weaknesses and say “I am not suited for ‘x’ because….” IS NOT WHAT PEOPLE IN GENERAL, NOR BAJANS, IN PARTICULAR, can do competently!

    So I get a job because of longevity BUT I’M AN INCOMPETENT WORKER!

    It comes with higher pay, more responsibilities AND A GREATER SCOPE OF WORKS and while the latter two are way outside my capacity, I FUDGE THROUGH.

    But you, the general public DO NOT SEE THIS because it has been inbuilt into the Public Service for years THE BROTHERHOOD OF INCOMPETENCE


    The only was it can be changed is to dismantle the system and rebuild it based on deliverables.

    Your pay, in certain jobs MUST BE based on your ability to meet certain targets.


  77. I love how we take a razor and try to fine the separation between corruption, mismanagement and incompetence.
    Like I always said a nation of wordsmiths/
    Run for your Thesauri,,,

    As ISCREWYAH shows, definitely not doers

  78. Corruption(corruption, nepotism, yard fowl selection, etc.) give us the square pegs in round holes.
    The square pegs in round holes gives us mismanagement and incompetence (use your Thesaurus here)
    The combination of mismanagement/incompetence/corruption gives us more square pegs in round holes
    A vicious and nasty cycle.

  79. Add this to the list of foul-ups…

    I wonder how our two parties determine who to get in bed with. Do they do a smell test and select the most repugnant smell?

    “What actually happened to Black Argentineans is so disturbing and inhumane, it would be shocking that it wasn’t being taught in classrooms if the world wasn’t so inherently racist. It is widely reported that president of Argentina from 1868 to 1874, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, undertook a ‘covert genocide’ that wiped out the Afro-Argentinean population to the point that by 1875, there were so little Black people left in Argentina that the government didn’t even bother registering African-descendants in the national census.”

    In the day of Google and with a claimed 99.7 literacy rate, I d beginning to think that comprehension is a problem> But then again you are so comfortable being second class citizens in your own country a little erasing might wake you up…..

  80. Is the AYSCUDA story over?
    All is well in the harbor?
    I can go there and get my stuff?
    My gifts for Lorenzo and Enuff?

    Seriously, all issues at the port are now resolved?

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