Open for Business – Barbados Development Plan

The following note was received from the civic minded Peter Lawrence Thompson with the link to a 122 page Barbados Development Plan pitched to potential investors to transform and modernize Barbados while maintaining those things that make it special. Given the robust discussion about Hyatt Hotel, Blue Horizon and other development initiatives across, the document serves as a good resource.

Many have asked to see the official development plan that provides the context for the proposed Hyatt branded development on Bay Street. The linked document is from Barbados Tourism Investment Inc., not from the planning office, but it clearly has the PM’s endorsement so I believe we can treat it as an official plan for Bridgetown development.

Relevant Link

Barbados Development Plan


  • Any so-called friend I had who voted for Boris, plse erase my telephone number from your book. I do not want to speak to you any more.


  • Anything and everything that has suck are the lies Mia told the people for ten years
    Lie1 putting money in peoples pocket
    Lie 2 removing the levy tax well we see how that has worked in favour of a few
    Lie3 A covenant of hope we all see how that has ended in a covenant of hopelessness and forgotten
    Lie4Alleviating water woes well that had bajans heading back to the good ole days of stan pipes
    Lie5 stamping out corruption well that too has become as stagnated as a dirty pond
    Lie 6 reduce the foreclosures another grand illusion
    Lie 7 bring the level of crime and violence down well one doesnt have to look to far to know that was figment of Mia imagination
    Lie8 put the youth back to work OH.i will give her a pass on this she didnt say when. Lol
    Lie 9 Stop placing unbearable taxes on the citizens Well that never even got off the ground.
    Lie 10.will put people back to work but the opposite happened
    So Lorenzo Bro i went fishing and reeled in some fish for you to chomp on
    Bon appetite


  • @ Hal

    Don’t take it heart he is Trump brother by a different mother. Lol

    Guess Brexit back on the front burner now.


  • Dear BU Readers
    Stop letting Hal Austin mislead you. He does not know what he is talking about. How could the development of commercial property make Warrens redundant? What conflict between City of London and Canary Wharf does he speak of? In fact, do the City of London, parts of Westminster etc not form part of London’s Central Activities Zone in concert with Canary Wharf offices, entertainment, hotel and retail uses prioritised? Y’all need to read!🤣🤣🤣


  • @ all uh wunna here.

    i tried posting this yesterday but…

    I wonder ef wunna does look at dese fly by night ideas of Mugabe Mottley and she Regeneration Fallacies

    So leh de ole man explain dis to wunna simply HOW AN INVESTOR SEES BARBADOS

    1.Barbados is a cuntry that has had half as many downgrades AS IT HAS HAD MURDERS.

    2.IT HAS DEFAULTED ON external debt to the tune of millions of dollars easily 1/2 billion has scalped its local population of 20% of their bond holdings

    4.It therefore shows THAT IT WILL NOT HONOUR ITS DEBT COMMITMENTS is in the arms of the IMF a state which few recover from is a corrupt government and it’s current leader has been in government for 20 years. During which time things that she touched Failed e.g EDUTECH

    7.She changes the laws and the Constitution on the drop of a hat.

    8.She forgives her family, father $1 million in taxes

    9.she in 18 months into a recovery plan which is not working

    10.and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, BARBADOS IS A ONE HORSE ECONOMY where Tourism is responsible for 40 % of GDP

    in a country of 166 square miles and 53 murders, shy$e problems, corruption, constitutional changes, and a one pony economy WOULD I BE RH RIGHT IN MY MIND to come and sink billions of dollars into this shy$e??

    What is my RH ROI? when am I going get back my money?

    Do I like Mugabe pooch so RH bad?



  • @ John A

    That Boris victory makes me feel sick in the stomach. But it is not surprising. All those working class northerners, including ex miners, are so driven by the idea of foreigners telling them what they do they prefer to elect a charlatan, a snake oil charmer, as prime minister.
    Boris has been so successful he has wiped out the Brexit party and put paid to Farage. Tells you something.

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  • We have a UK election blog. No need to prolong the discussion here.


  • The cheek of Mia to believe she will get away with any of this, an article by Tennyson Joseph…highlights the total shite against the Black population that she actually believes she will get away with in these times..

    And they believe all of that is ok, they believe people will just sit back and rock back like their useless yardfowls and allow this to take place without exposing it….i would not go anywhere near Africa with that gang of crooks because the intent is very clear, would not want my name called in any association with any of them for WHEN it all goes COCKUP…

    …..i can find Africa on my own thanks very much…hope they all get fed to crocodiles…although crocodiles might just refuse that eat toxic bunch…

    “Just like “cannabis legalisation”, the aim is to take the grass roots soul out of Pan-Africanism, while maintaining official links that can advance the economic interests of the old business elites, who today seem to be the beneficiaries of the longstanding political projects of the black poor.

    This summarises the state-of-play of the black struggle today, and also simultaneously, signals its next steps.”


  • @ Pieces.

    Don’t let this bother you too much. As I said Owen Arthur made a similar presentation 20 years ago with pretty pictures and thing. It was then called The Pierhead Development Project. I also think about 10 years before Owen’s another project was shown similar for all to see as well. Who knows maybe 20 years from now someone else may present us with more glossy pictures and pipe dreams.

    If we spent 10 percent of what we spend on Tourism dreams on our agricultural sector instead, maybe that would be a better move. Stop and ask yourself how many additional tourist would have to come to Barbados to equal the amount saved by cutting our food import bill in half?

    Then again I guess pictures of vegetable fields and green houses would not be as attractive as shiny buildings and pipe dreams.


  • They all think no one can see what they are REALLY DOING……the cheek on them

    may we keep reminding them that they are not enuff racists and thieves in the minority business community to REELECT ANY OF THEM to the parliament..


  • @John A

    We keep knocking tourism. Let us make the next step in the debate. What are the alternatives? Almost all the small islands in the Caribbean go to the tourism well for obvious reasons. Since the demise of sugar cane, cotton and tobacco and the movement from agrarian to services we have not identified alternatives to generate the economic growth activity needed to sustain an expected standard of living.


  • “Almost all the small islands in the Caribbean go to the tourism well for obvious reasons.”

    the only reason we can see is that they are all so INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT…

    …so consumed by their shite titles

    so lacking in creativity and genius abilities…that it is the best they can do…depend, depend, depend…

    …all of them display the same attributes….always needing someone who is not Black to tell them what to do…in palace negro style..

    tourism should be a side hustle only…but ya breed the same lack lustre and intelligence lacking politician over and over with no end in sight.

    Where is Pacha to really tell them about themselves..


  • @David

    I will give you two other viable options. Agriculture and solar energy.

    Cut our food and oil import bill in half and see what our FX saving would be yearly. Then calculate based on the average spend how many additionAl tourist we would have to attract to equate the same value in FX.

    I am not against having tourism too but every dam investment does not have to be in it. Now that Boris is in Brexit will be on the front burner now too? So there is no better time to diversify.


  • @John A

    Explain how we can add to GDP by mobilizing agriculture in a Barbados scenario given our transition to services- our infrastructure and people is not fit for purpose. It would call for seismic re-engineering if physical and HR. It is easy to drop cliches. Which small island state can we use as a best practice.

    The solar has been started and the opportune there to be more aggressive with implementation.


  • @ David,
    Barbados had a very successful slave economy. You argue that tourism is the only game in town. How about combining tourism and slavery together?


  • Where has the blogmaster posted what you have suggested?


  • @David

    The problem we as a people have is that we don’t understand that a USD saved on import has the same value reserve wise as a USD earned In tourism.

    First thing that must be done is we need to do a study on the value spent in FX on food that can be grown locally. Once that is done we then work towards trying to reduce that value yearly over say a 5 year period. Government needs to come in then and ease the duties on other inputs on the sector based on their goal.

    Look around at the agricultural base in other islands close to us and see of what I speak. If you are ever in St Lucia on a Saturday go to the Castries market and see how tourism and agriculture meet. On a Saturday morning in the tourist season you would swear you at. Market in the UK.


  • David
    December 13, 2019 9:58 AM

    @John A
    Explain how we can add to GDP by mobilizing agriculture in a Barbados scenario given our transition to services- our infrastructure and people is not fit for purpose. It would call for seismic re-engineering if physical and HR. It is easy to drop cliches. Which small island state can we use as a best practice.


    Drive around and look at the bush.

    It breeds rats!!

    Tie agriculture, history and tourism together.

    It is not hard.

    Besides, it might improve not only our physical health but also our mental health.

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  • Come. Lets hear about Kenya and these backyard deals Mia is signing
    Where is the transparency
    What is the purpose of having Parliament when all it takes is for Mia to hide behind closed doors and sign papers of agreement
    This all gonna end in tears
    Barrow words still signs true Barbadians what mirror image do u want of yourself


  • @ John A,

    Agriculture and Solar. Lots of opportunity.

    Chicken pens and greenhouses Aquaculture and fish farming. Use solar powered electricity for lighting, pumps etc.


  • Thanks Hants, this is a good conversation. How does the government get the private sector to run with it, to invest in it.


  • Activist deactivated ?

    ” he is satisfied that the correct procedure is now being followed.”


  • He is on government payroll Hants.


  • @ David,

    I expect the private sector will create modern Agri-businesses in the near future.

    With the new 15 to 25 storey hotels coming on stream expect to see more farms spring up.

    Was surprised to read that a former Minister owns a farm in St.Lucy.


  • @Hants

    The Sandals coming promised integration agritourism. Are we there yet?.


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I really dont understand you!

    You said and I quote

    “… David December 13, 2019 9:28 AM

    @John A

    We keep knocking tourism. Let us make the next step in the debate. What are the alternatives?…”

    John A spoke about import substitution or imports that are fit for purpose e.g. RE vehicles to replace fuel I

    But de ole man has been promoting niche IT WHICH, WHILE NEEDED, has never come to fruition CAUSE SUCCESSIVE POWERS DAT BE, ent know one RH about

    How can a nation be led out of a 53 year journey BY VISIONLESS LEADERS?

    Were you going to let your 2 year old child drive your SUV Land Rover?


  • “How does the government get the private sector to run with it, to invest in it.”

    The private sector (and government) is run by accountants, all they understand is numbers and to them retail and distribution, construction/property management and tourism are sure bets.

    Accountants do not invest in startups, but families do. If government wants to see investment and innovation in new areas, encourage more families to come together pool resources and invest.

    The minorities in Barbados understand this, the majority on the other hand want office jobs and NIS pensions because since independence they have been fed that as the key to a secure life.


  • Unknown to many of us , our country is currently embroiled in a quiet but intense struggle with itself. What we do know is that we will either survive the next decade or so and move to a more enlightened leadership that clearly defines national goals or end up as Hal says in tears with a failed state.
    That is our stark reality. A half century of a promised date with our fate and destiny is almost upon us.
    Will we be a concrete jungle dependent on iron birds or can we truly craft our destiny and become firm craftsmen of our fate ?
    The struggle within.


  • @Hants

    My point exactly, we see FX as being only achieved if we earn it in tourism, we never see it as a USD saved is a USD earned. Even those we elect have blinkers on when it comes to this issue.

    Let’s say our food import bill was $500 million and our fuel imports another $500 million so for discussion thAt’s a billion. If we could save $500 million of this between the 2 of them, how many tourist with an average spend of $120 a night is this worth?

    It just amazing why we can’t spend a small amount on other FX savers as we do on Tourism.


  • “How can a nation be led out of a 53 year journey BY VISIONLESS LEADERS?”

    that’s it right there…

    leaders with no vision..never had…or Barrow/Adames/whomever et al would have seen this coming WITHIN THE LAST 50 YEARS…

    low intelligence…they believe that being intelligent is having a law degree…deluded

    if they had intelligence they would never need million dollar consultants on top of their salaries to get any and everything done…they have no clue what the word intelligence means…

    and because we have reached the age of enlightenment and information…it has NEVER BEEN MORE GLARING what a useless bunch of misfits and not fit for purpose who are mere VOTE BEGGERS..looking for titles and to get into the parliament to pretend to be what they cannot ever achieve.


  • Mascoll say that growth is on the horizon next year
    My question to him is time and date
    The folly of all this congratulations is the silent movement of musical chairs along with smoke and mirrors engagement to fool the people


  • Mariposa, sweet-heart….. don’t mind Piece the Legend……… you dun know you is my friend…….

    ……. but, come on, yuh khan blame these guys fuh “jumping up and hollering fuh murder” after another credit rating UPGRADE.

    Wuh after all……. I’m sure you remember there was a time not too long ago when, after 23 consecutive credit rating DOWNGRADES, Sinckler, Froon and you were singing the song “There’s light at the end of the tunnel,”……. while reminding Barbadians for nine years “that growth (was) on the horizon next year.”

    And our “question to wunnuh (was also) time and date.”

    Hahahahahaha…………..It’s amazing how the roles played by the political yard-fowls change with a change in the political administration.

    Back then, the BEES were criticizing those credit rating DOWNGRADES……. and now you’re criticizing the UPGRADES.


  • “Unknown to many of us , our country is currently embroiled in a quiet but intense struggle with itself.”

    A bit puzzled – what do you mean?


  • @ Mariposa

    The world is on the verge of a recession. Is Barbados going to buck the trend, punch above its weight, or is it more hocus pocus?


  • @ Charles Skeete

    We don’t seem to know where want to go from here. A disconnect is broadening between the governed and those who govern.
    I mean those who are in authority. The decision makers. So please see government as a collective and not a straight party interpretation.


  • @ William

    Our political leaders have lost their way. They came in expecting business as usual, but the world has changed. Has the DLP got a view on anything?


  • They are more than likely trying to COVER THEIR ASSES…and SHIFT all those OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNTS they have that can be still so easily traced..don’t think they are concerned about the welfare of the Bajan people more than they are concerned WITH KEEPING THIER CORRUPT ASSES OUT OF PRISON.

    anything else will distract them from covering up crimes.


  • @ Hal
    Twins have the same DNA.


  • ” Abrahams said ‘concentrated efforts’, involving a lot of meetings, negotiations and behind the scenes work by staff within the Ministry and the board of the BWA, as well as the external debt negotiators for the Government of Barbados, White Oaks, went in to finalising the deal.”


  • De PM soun sweet doh !


  • @ Mr William Skinner

    You is a boss!!!

    “…@ Hal

    Twins have the same DNA…”

    Single liner!

    Unfortunately de ole man ent went school like wunna fellers so I does try to impress wid my copy and paste from de internet


  • Hal
    Mascoll said that barbados would be punching above its weight next year



    well they did say Barbados is open for business…as long as the Kenyans know about the minority thieves who sit on every board to rob Bajans blind…it’s all good….just remember those minority thieves and they are extremely RACIST…government encouraged racism…

    ….because it is mindboggling that she would invite African businesses to Barbados and still has not DISMANTLED THE RACISM AND APARTHEID…against the Black population……so when her vile little masters practice their racism against these Africans what will she do, ah hope she knows that these will not be docile bajans to take shite from those stink little lice infested thieves.

    “PM Mottley, who invited the Kenyan delegation, said having Kenyan financial firms operating in Barbados will act as an anchor for Kenyan businesses that can then use the country as a hub to trade in the wider Caribbean Community (CARICOM) region.

    “When Kenyan banks and financial institutions get a foothold in Barbados and the Caribbean, Kenyan businesses will have familiar faces to deal with,” said PM Mottley.”


  • Things that Black people should know BUT DON’T…MELANIN…what makes your skin have it’s everlasting tone, your Black skin…has been in demand FOR YEARS…and being sold up and down the earth….why do you think so many Black people are missing outside of human trafficking…IT’S BIG, BIG BUSINESS, so if yall want to remain UNAWARE …that’s on you…it is only the slave minded do not know what their own blackness is worth and will get ROBBED AS USUAL..


  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has promised to tackle corruption, acknowledging that it is a widespread problem in Kenya. The country is ranked 144th out of 180 nations by Transparency International in its annual corruption index.

    Many Kenyans are skeptical of the pledges by the president, who in 2015 declared corruption a national security threat and promised to investigate all customs and revenue officers. That vetting has not yet taken place. Very few prominent people charged with corruption have been convicted.

    In March 2015 Kenyatta fired five ministers over graft allegations, but only one is facing charges in court. One became Kenyatta’s agent in the 2017 election, another is a governor and Kenyatta appointed another to head a government department, and the last one was Kenyatta’s nomimee to the Judicial Service Commission


  • Don’t tell me yall never heard of this because i have known about it for years…ya let ya useless, sleazy leaders miseducate you to think that all ya were good for is voting and being robbed by minority basura along with ya tiefing leaders/lawyers etc….well don’t wait until these filth as you know them start SELLING YOUR MELANIN to understand what is really going on in the real world…keep minding Mia and all those other sell out negros and see what will happen next..

    the only people who do not know how special their BLACK SKIN IS …IS BLACK PEOPLE.


  • Interesting sounds like birds of feathers

    Land Administration
    There is a very high risk of corruption in Kenya’s land administration. Kenyans report a high likelihood of bribery demands in meetings with land service officials, and corrupt practices reportedly occur in almost 20% of all interactions (TI Kenya, 2014). Companies should be aware that possession of a land title does not guarantee property ownership, making land-grabbing and seizures by powerful elite common as a result of pervasive corruption and impunity (BTI 2016). Fake land title deeds are frequently used and disappearances of title deeds from the Registrar’s office are common; houses built on illegaly acquired property are often demolished without prior notice (BTI 2016).

    In addition, property rights protections are inadequately enforced (GCR 2016-2017). Registering property in Kenya takes around the same time as the regional average, but it requires 9 steps compared to an average of 6 steps elsewhere in the region (DB 2017).


  • De ole man got to finally admit what I did hoping was not true.


    Look why de ole man saying so

    “…“When Kenyan banks and financial institutions get a foothold in Barbados and the Caribbean, Kenyan businesses will have familiar faces to deal with,” said PM Mottley….”

    What de FVUCK!


    “…Trump Will Deny Immigrant Visas to Those Who Can’t Pay for Health Care … burdens of allowing immigrants into the United States. … have to meet certain financial requirements. …”

    So what is de ole man saying?

    De people have a general idea where I going but de RH Sheeple lost like chvunt!!!

    So I gine BREK it down fuh wunna.

    De RH government BREK as chvunt so, if dem bring 50,000 voters heah, who de RH gine support dem if dem get sick…not de BREK ass QEH!

    Now me second point fuh de peeple and the sheeple.

    For wunna people who ent RH know bout de Immigration Practices for Residency wunna ass got to go through medicals BEFORE YOU GET RESIDENCY IN AMERICA.

    “…If you complete your medical examination after your visa interview, processing of your immigrant visa case will be delayed until the U.S. Embassy or Consulate has received your medical examination results. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their medical exams prior to their visa interviews…”

    So why de ole man mentioning dis while talking bout Mugabe same faces RH?

    Well maybe wunna chvunt will understand what Mia chvunt exposing we Rasshole to with this poorly thought out plan

    “…Kenya has the joint third-largest HIV epidemic in the world (alongside Tanzania) with 1.6 million people living with HIV in 2018. In the same year, 25,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses…”

    I expect that many will come to attack de ole man BUT I GINE AXE WUNNA DIS.

    Is it my black 5ft 2 inch ass dat mekking dese wholesale relocation offers to Kenya and Ghana?

    Ahhhh wunna stop drinking de RH coolaid and start thinking right?

    Suddenly wunna start recognizing that this carte blanche refugee rather 700,000 immigrants issue Carrie’s with it some major immigration issues right!

    Now wunna understand what these open shores policies entail IF A SMART ASS KENYAN OR GHANAIAN PRESIDENT SAYS “why export our country’s brightest WHEN WE CAN SEND THEM OUR DREDGES!”

    So now this puts in context WHY THE PdP has no RH choice than to DEMAND THAT MUGABE make this a national debate where every RH bout her CBI program is transparent.

    “What sweeten goalie mout mout does burn he in he bam bam”


  • Mariposa are you saying that Kenya will be right at home in


  • What has me is that these ALWAYS…pretended they were so above Africans…and here they are…identical twins…yep…DNA cannot hide..


  • Waru waruDecember 13, 2019 10:22 PM

    Mariposa are you saying that Kenya will be right at home in

    Sounds real close for comfort and plenty similarities too


  • You see Mia when in opposition run around with all kinds of paper to say past govt was shady
    Now look where she has taken her shades..window curtains blinds and all to Africa a place where nothing is done outside the shady walls of corrupt govts
    She signs agreements left and right without an inkling of transparency
    However having the backbone of a toothless opposition and media Mia can do as she darn pleases
    Watch in the next few months Africa going to sending all theit rift raft to barbados
    Remeber how Mia Comissiong and some other rubber neck PM’s talk big about letting Haitians enter the country without proper vetting
    Well this shi.t agreement going end up the same way
    Cause Kenya going used Barbados to get rid of their rift raft and not a god dam thing Mia can do to stop it
    All this talk about going back home will end in nothingness for barbados


  • “Kenya has the joint third-largest HIV epidemic in the world (alongside Tanzania) with 1.6 million people living with HIV in 2018. In the same year, 25,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses…”

    and the fool just took the country back 200 years by legalizing polygamy…they are now in backward motion…just like Barbados, cause the people who thought they were divorced in Barbados for the last how many years, went and remarried and everything, only just found out that they are not only still married, but never divorced…easy way to set up a polygamous and backward society.


  • Will not go down the AIDS/HIV alley as it is not necessary.

    The corruption alley contains enough food for fodder.


  • Guess what, it will only get worse, no matter how many lies the government and that fake professor tells…don’t care how they twist their mouths with lies….they can’t hide…..their GREAT ROBBERY of the people will follow them for YEARS TO COME…

    YOU don’t ROB a small vulnerable island of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS..over many decades…AND EXPECT RECOVERY..

    “The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) is predicting that Barbados will record the lowest growth in the Caribbean of zero per cent this year before rising to 1.3 per cent next year.

    In its preliminary overview of the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean for 2019, the UN agency said the region’s economies were experiencing a slowdown topping off six consecutive years of “low growth”.

    It said the slowdown in domestic demand was being accompanied by low external aggregate demand and more fragile international financial markets.

    “This context is compounded by growing social demands and pressure to reduce inequality and increase social inclusion,” the commission said.”


  • Usn’t this the same 4 Seasons scam with the same fake professor and the same minority thieves…lol..wuh the famous and notorious Enuff..

    let’s see how many more investors they can poach after this clear DAYLIGHT ROBBERY by minority crooks…she was up in UK bigging up the same thieves for everyone to now Africa is the last resort…no investor who is not a crook would touch these with a thousand foot pole…in the western hemisphere….they have been blacklisted long time. But if they think they are robbing Africa…me thinks they got a real problem now..

    “Andrew Lloyd-Webber and his wife lost £6million after spending £20million on two luxury holiday homes in the Caribbean that were never built, a court heard today.

    Baron Lloyd-Webber, 71, and his wife Madeleine, 57, paid £8.4million up front for the two properties in Clearwater Bay on the west coast of Barbados in 2007.

    They boasted stunning panoramic views and would have had ample space for the whole family, their children and nannies.

    But after flying out to choose the plots and forking out as much as £20million for them, the developers were hit by the 2008 financial crash and they were never completed. They now ‘stand derelict’, the court was told.

    After a tax ruling today, when a judge ruled the couple will be allowed to off set their losses against future tax liabilities, the Lloyd-Webbers declared they had lost £6million as a result of their failed investment.

    Judge John Brooks told the tax tribunal in London the couple should be credited for the ‘real loss’ they suffered.

    Lloyd Webber, who is worth an estimated £820million, said they have never been able to recover any of the money they paid out for the homes.”


  • The developed countries of the world – China, US, UK – do business with African countries but the Caribbean where there is a justification because of our lineage/heritage should not.

    The attached link is a document prepared by Deloitte that shows a more realistic view of Kenya’s doing business face.

    Click to access DeloitteAfrica_Kenya_Country_Report_Africa_Nov2016.pdf


  • Not a fella said that Caribbean should not start the long awaited, OVERDUE bridge to Africa….what we are saying is…everyone should have their eyes WIDE OPEN…..remember it’s the Black majority…and the Black majority ONLY and generations of their offspring….WHO ARE ALWAYS ROBBED…

    you have black leaders…WHO ARE KNOWN THIEVES…

    you have a gaggle of minorities…WHO ARE KNOWN THIEVES…who have always lived off the backs of black people instead of finding the UK who Barbadoesed their ancestors…….AND LIVE OFF OF THEM…

    so what’s there not to be CAREFUL and CONCERNED ABOUT…..


  • Why is govt being allowed to sign deals without transparency and the opposition is silent
    Innotech and govt signs deal and Abrahams say the public would be told details when he is good and ready to tell
    Who the hell does this govt belive they are
    Dont this govt realized that this country is ruled by a process called democracy
    Seems as if this govt have made a decision to take the country on a path of dictatorship rather people like it or not


  • Here is what the Minister stated, note the highlighted part of the extract:

    I will likely issue a statement on the full details next week because I believe in transparency but I am very glad to put this all behind us. It now allows us to use all of the resources we have to address the issues we have before us,” said Abrahams.

    He explained that the deal will now enable the BWA to better serve its customers, as it gives the water company a clear idea of where it needs to invest in equipment.


  • Understanding the economic cost of corruption in Kenya
    Odongo Kodongo, University of the Witwatersrand
    June 19, 2018 3.56pm SAST
    Kenya is perceived as one of the world’s most corrupt countries. It ranked 143 out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s 2017 corruption perception index. The only African countries that scored worse – among them Somalia, South Sudan, Libya, Eritrea, Burundi, and Zimbabwe – were either politically unstable or in conflict.

    This poor showing shouldn’t come as a surprise. Kenya has been plagued by a long list of corruption scandals. One of the more infamous was the Goldenberg heist which occurred in the 1990s during then President Daniel Moi’s tenure. The government was found to have subsidised exports of gold far beyond standard arrangements by paying a company called Goldenberg International 35% more in Kenyan shillings than their foreign currency earnings.

    More recently, in 2014 millions of dollars were misappropriated from funds that were secured by the government through a Eurobond, which is an international loan that was secured from foreign investors. A second Eurobond was secured in 2018 and questions have been raised here as well.

    Yet, the looting of public coffers is more commonly reported in recent times and the amounts involved are growing. During May and June 2018, reports about grand corruption have dominated Kenyan news. This haemorrhaging of public funds will do enormous damage to the country’s already struggling economy.

    The scourge of corruption in Kenya must be urgently addressed otherwise it could be bring the economy to its knees. As things stand, Kenya is already struggling to pay its debts


  • @ WARU

    You said and I quote

    “…Not a fella said that Caribbean should not start the long awaited, OVERDUE bridge to Africa….what we are saying is…everyone should have their eyes WIDE OPEN…..remember it’s the Black majority…and the Black majority ONLY and generations of their offspring….WHO ARE ALWAYS ROBBED…”

    Commander Theophillus Gazerts observed, with his usual kindness, that going down the road de ole man was taking was not best.

    I, being a black man, 5ft 2 ins, understand the inherent health issue prototyping that I have introduced here into this mass importation of people that Mugabe Mottley is promoting!

    All de ole man is saying is this.

    De Chief Medical officer cant even close down Purity for a rat infestation!

    De Fire Department, Water Works nor Chief Labour officer cant administer Miss Ram Rat infested, mosquito breeding health risk buildings.

    Yet Mugabe importing 800 nurses from Ghana into Barbados and we are expected to believe that ALL OF THE PRELIMINARY REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCH A PROPOSAL will be rigorously observed BY THESE INCOMPETENTS?


    Furthermore I am suggesting that IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY TRANSPARENCY accountability is going to be one of the two casualties

    The other one is our health!

    Our political system needs to mature to the point where the government of Barbados actively includes the opposition and shadow ministers into the governance matrix

    But that would be a mature government WHICH BARBADOS IS NOT!!!


  • Listen when last has govt been transparent about anything having to do with the public
    What u David need to do is cast your mind back to May when govt default on the debt and public was only told after the deal was done also the sale of lands at Coverly
    Also the recent movement of dead bones
    Also the potential sale of barbados shares in Liat
    Also the early negotiations on the external debt
    Abrhams made a double speech ge first said the details would be released at another time
    Then as if having being corrected he later said next week
    This govt has engaged the people in a dangerous game of political smoke and mirrors this constant game one day would blow their faces

    Here is Abrahams first response to the Innotech agreement

    This afternoon, Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams told Barbados TODAY that a deal was finalized yesterday between the state-owned water company and the Anthony Da Silva-run Innotech.

    Abrahams revealed that the full details of the deal will be disclosed to the public at a later date. He further explained that the new look agreement included, water trucks, the community tanks and the lease arrangement for the building currently used as the BWA headquarters


  • @Mariposa

    One of the experiences of living in a cosmopolitan city like London, the most multi-cultural city in the world, is that it give you an opportunity to live in close proximity with other peoples.
    The interaction of Caribbean and African people is a very interesting one. Instead of living on some little island and making it up as they go along, maybe Barbadians may think it a good idea to speak to some of the returnees, especially those who have married Africans.


  • David shame on you for trying to prop up a corrupt govt and inviting barbados to lay in bed with them
    Is that the mirror image u want fir this 166sqmile
    Shame on you


  • Who wants to read or listen to your xenophobic flawed and muddied thinking?

    This article paints a more realistic picture of the challenges and history to Caribbean and African relationship/coexistence in the Britain.

    Ironically enough, the Windrush scandal has brought the British African and Caribbean communities together for the first time


  • @ Hal,

    Too late!!! Mia is in overdrive on her trip to Kenya. Her loose lips may provoke a surge of Kenyans wanting to take her words literally.

    “The Carribean is your second home Barbados Prime minister Mia Mottley tells Kenyans”


  • Hal come visit and live with are two worlds apart
    Mia signing agreements left and right with known corrupt govts.,
    Under barbados democratic process of good governance agreements must be given the full process of transparency in and by parlimentary debate before signed
    Now all the people arebeing told is Mia signing agreements left and right somewhere in Africa but very little is being said on what these agreements entails outside feel good snippets to appease and fool the people
    My mind cast back to when under OSA their was an agreement with Nigeria to buy Solar panels and none never made it to the island
    These African agreements would make Cahill look like a sunday school class


  • Wikipedia

    Barbadians have short memories

    Barbados–Nigeria relations
    Download PDF
    Barbadian–Nigerian relations are foreign relations between Barbados and Nigeria. Barbados and Nigeria formally established diplomatic relations on 24 April 1970.[1] Nigeria is accredited to Barbados from its embassy in Port of Spain, (Trinidad and Tobago). Currently the Barbadian Government does not have foreign accreditation for Nigeria, however the Nigerian Government has said that it was highly desirous of Barbados establishing an embassy directly to Nigeria.[2]

    Barbadian–Nigerian relations
    Map indicating locations of Barbados and Nigeria


    In 2006 the Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel of the Nigerian state of Ogun announced that Barbadians would be given free land if they wished to move to Nigeria.[3] Nigeria has pushed for more investment from Barbadian companies and investors and in 2008 for the establishment of direct flights between both nations.[4][5]

    In 2006 Barbadian solar company Aqua Sol Components Ltd. formed a 50-50 joint venture partnership with the Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom.[6] The partnership makes use of Barbados’ experience with solar energy given its high usage of solar hot water heaters across the island.[7] Through the venture, Akwa Ibom hopes to raise the level of solar usage in Nigeria. The deal was facilitated through Commission for Pan-African Affairs within the Barbados Prime Minister’s office


  • The following video has been bouncing about social media for several day. The ceremonial burial of soil/remains from Barbados.

    Spot on Mia!

    [video src="" /]


  • Spot on David for defending the indefensidble
    Wuh loss muh belly
    Mia has launched a new way of trading
    Teach me your corruption in exchange for duppyy bones
    David you are one shamless rat like the ones running around bridgetown


  • @TLNS

    For decades, British Caribbeans and British Africans have consistently looked down on one another for various reasons, which frankly, are unfounded.

    The Windrush scandal has cut through the heart of the British Caribbean community. It’s thrown up questions about racism, identity and history. Ironically, however, the Windrush scandal could be the very medicine the black British community needs to heal the divisions it has.
    Despite being a minority, there is an unspoken separation within the black community in the UK. Those of a Caribbean background and those of an African background. This separation could be seen lightheartedly, for example, in the evergreen debate of how do you say “plantain”. (Africans: “plan-tain”. Caribbeans: “plan-tin”.) But more seriously, it can be seen in the lasting effects of colonialism on the black diaspora and the desire for status among the two groups……..(Quote)


  • @vidionary
    It is amazing how everything is connected.

    One can only hope that in our quest for 1M population there are screens in place so that the island benefits from the newcomers.

    Without proper screening we may end up with a large segment that cannot pull their weight.

    However, I do not think we are trying to reach 1M. After enough loot is obtained from our ‘CBI’, the door will be closed on others.

    This new group is more creative in obtaining funds than the old group.


  • Even in school, many black Britons from an African background could tell you the never-ending teasing they endured by their Caribbean classmates about their traditional names. They, after all, fitted in among our Caucasian counterparts because they had English first and surnames. It was bad enough with our brown skin sticking out like a sore thumb without having, to them, an unpronounceable surname.

    For decades, whether in school, university, work or in neighbourhoods, British Caribbeans and British Africans have consistently looked down on one another for various reasons, which frankly, are unfounded.


  • No matter where the place is, there is always a slight rift between the ‘descendants of slaves’ and their African brothers .

    In the US it is even worse as we now have the African-American in the mix; some from each of the three groups often believe that they are better than the others.

    Agreements, by themselves will not remove these rifts


  • Let the journey begin.

    Ghana reaches out to descendants of slaves in ‘Year of Return’ campaign
    In the year that marks 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were forcibly taken abroad, Ghana – one of their key departure hubs on the continent – is calling their descendants home to visit, live, and invest.



  • @ Theo,

    I hear your point on CBI. There are so many high valued Africans living in Africa who possess worthless passports.

    It is not difficult to see the attraction of CBI for wealthy Africans.

    The President of Kenya is one of the wealthiest men in Kenya. He has a diverse range of businessess. The list below shows Kenyans wealthiest citizens. It also, partly, explains why Mia is looking towards Africa to boost Barbados failed economy.

    This hotel/tourist corridor is merely an extension of our real estate industry. Which as we know has nothing to do with our local economy. We in the UK have seen a number of these developments. Their occupancy rates are low. They are purchased for a variety of reasons.


  • @ Commander Theophillus Gazerts

    You know something?

    After all this time pun dis planet de ole man jes realise what “small island experience” means!!!

    What you said triggered it

    “…No matter where the place is, there is always a slight rift between the ‘descendants of slaves’ and their African brothers …”

    De Mugabe regime poochlickers CANNOT EVER UNDERSTAND THIS NUANCE!!!


    Mugabe herself, as she jet sets all over the continent SEEKING TO ENTRAP SILLY PEOPLE with the sale of the Diaspora Dream á la Mugabe WHICH IS LET ME RELIEVE YOU OF YOUR MILLIONS, she does not understand that deep rooted “self effacing” disease that was planted in us negroes.

    It is more effective than any rumour of Mugabe Mottley searching for HIV AIDS infected nurses to bring to Bim and place them in our hospital WITHOUT THOROUGH MEDICAL CLEARANCES!

    Hate, particularly SELF HATE OF THE TYPE DISPLAYED BETWEEN Afro Americans against Afro Caribbean people and Africans IS THE TROJAN HORSE OF TROJAN HORSES!

    And no hand flailing speech of Mugabe WILL CHANGE THIS INTERNECINE HATRED but she is not a thinker.

    and those who follow licking her pooch, well it’s obvious what their quantum of intellect is!

    Before any unity can come that ” Z FACTOR” MUST BE REMOVED!


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for the Commander


  • “Too late!!! Mia is in overdrive on her trip to Kenya. Her loose lips may provoke a surge of Kenyans wanting to take her words literally.

    “The Carribean is your second home Barbados Prime minister Mia Mottley tells Kenyans”

    lol…..I would be the first to admit that with the DNA nightmare the brits created on the island….where EVERYONE IS COUSIN to everyone else….the Bajan bloodline could do with a little thinning out before the real genetic problems start…they think they got health problems now.

    ……but there she is speaking for the whole Caribbean…did she even get invite the whole state of Kenya over.


  • @Wura
    I must commend you on the constancy of your message.

    The same message but with new examples so that it is never stale.

    I have seen them emerge from the woodworks to challenge you, and watched them disappear in the middle of the fight. The last one scurried away like the rats he was defending.

    Keep up the good work.


  • @TLNS

    Your heart is in the right place. Do you think Bajans, especially with law degrees from Cave Hill, will listen to you? When Douglas was chief justice he once remarked that he does not like former bus conductors coming before him as lawyers.
    This perverted Canadian disliked the idea of young men (they were mainly men) who went to London to work on London Transport and in the process advanced their education should have the audacity to ret urn home as lawyers. He was bitter and twisted. He was not the only one. There are many Douglases about.
    Take the Transport Board: Barbados exported thousands of people to work on London Transport, many of whom moved in to middle management, and some in senior management. Many of those have retired back to Barbados. Would the authorities in Barbados even ask these people for an opinion on running a public transport system? Would they heck!
    We have the same thing with nurses. I know a returnee who volunteered to work part-time as a nursing tutor and the idiots contemptuously laughed at her. Now they are importing nurses from Ghana and Kenya.


  • Theo…we told them 2 years ago that many will be left behind because they waste too much time with the unimportant, petty and trifling nonsense….by the time they catch up, they will probably have to learn Swahili…..they are so far behind..but they like it so..


  • ‘This perverted Canadian disliked the idea of young men (they were mainly men) who went to London to work on London Transport and in the process advanced their education should have the audacity to ret urn home as lawyers. He was bitter and twisted. He was not the only one. There are many Douglases about.”

    That’s how lowminded most of the little negros with law degrees are, they believe they are something special and if another black person from humble beginnings JUST LIKE THEMSELVES manage to get a degree too….the backward negro takes offense….that is why black bajans are continously discriminated against in that corrupt supreme court, the new negros with degrees are the culprits…they still don’t get it and never will..

    ,,….i see someone is trying to TRAIN THEM….because they have none, no training nor respect for the people who pay their salaries….teaching them how to stop using their shite positions to discriminate against the people using the bench….and they still claim to be educated..but have to be trained in BASICS..

    I have met all types of lawyers….and none i know act like them..


  • I believe we can opine that is how the people and island got robbed by all these lawyers/ministers and their bribers for so many their ignorance self delusion and inexplicable uppitness….THEY ALL BELIEVE THEMSELVES ENTITLED like the are the first and last lawyers that ever existed……..and still do.

    What some are now coming to grips with is that most of them are nothing but common class thieves with paper degrees…had we not spent years exposing them…they will still feel entitled to carry on the fraud and scam againt everyone…and from the minute you stop exposing them, they will start up again..

    Too many lawyers in Barbados are repulsive.


  • And just to prove my point. Being shared across whatsapp. This is all the scummiest lawyers in Barbados are good for. It is said BU already carried this story.

    “Sir. Richard Johnny Cheltenham, Barbados’ top lawyer and President of the Senate is still respond to a law suit brought by Everyon Cumberbatch against him, Leroy Parris and Larry Tatem, former chairman of the Port in 2008. This is a law suit filed by Everton Cumberbatch back in 2008 when they ousted him from his own company with a land holding of 32 beachfront acres, intended for a luxury hotel and resort. No defence was ever filed but procedural strategies are constantly engaged to frustrate the judicial process. This matter has been addressed by several judges over the years but none of their orders for a filing in response. You will never see this in the Advocate or the Nation. Barbados Underground had carried the story some years ago.”


  • We must take these allegations outside Barbados. Send me the details and I will make sure they get in the UK press.


  • “Douglas was born in Barbados but his parents emigrated to Canada when he was four years old. He was educated in Quebec at Bannatyne School, Verdun high school and McGill University in Montreal. He read law at the London School of Economics.
    Following his call to the bar he returned to Barbados in 1948. In 1959 he became Jamaica’s assistant attorney-general and was appointed solicitor-general four years later. Then came the appointment as chief justice of Barbados in 1965, a year before independence.”[Quote]

    Any chance you get to turn a jab into a hook when it comes to Canada? It makes one wonder if you could ever report anything accurately.


  • @ Northern Observer

    It is amazing that you read my post and the only thing you can comment on is my ‘jab’ at Canada. Plse read it again. Don’t you find his alleged attitude to poor guys who became lawyers worthy of comment. Or do you refer to defend your newly adopted homeland?
    We can all Google Wikipedia, but Douglas himself described himself as Canadian, even after holding high office in Barbados. He did when he was in London.


  • As you told Piece elsewhere, it would be much better without the vulgarity.
    Does the term used, add anything to the intended focus of your comment? Other than your admitted dislike for Canadians.
    BTW it was an obit, not Wikipedia.


  • Very ambitious Development of Solar Energy plan.

    “To that end, we have formed a renewable arm of the company and one of the signature moves of that renewable arm is to commit to putting 30 000 photovoltaic systems on the homes of the average Bajan. That’s roughly about 3 000 homes per year for the next ten years.”


  • With an average household size of E
    3.1, we have 930,000 in 10 years. A better statement would be ‘one in every home by the end of ten years’

    I dun
    Have a good one


  • @Northern Observer

    You claim I used a vulgarity. Plse point it out. You claim my admitted dislike of Canada or Canadians, plse restate it. Think about it and you would realise how stupid th statement. How can you dislike an entire people?
    You surprise me. Is suggesting that Douglas was a pervert a vulgarity? Where have I ever said I did not like Canadians. I am used to BU commenters fabricating nonsense.
    Admittedly, I have said the Canadian appointed to be governor of the Bank of England was not the best person for the job. He was not. I have said that Canada punches above its weight because it is a majority white country. Why is Canada a member of the G7?


  • “Is suggesting that Douglas was a pervert a vulgarity?”
    I think referring to someone as a “perverted [anything]” is a) more than a suggestion b) offensive and coarse (vulgar)?
    I have no idea why Canada is a member of the G7, it should not be, IMO. Nor should Italy. China and Russia should be.
    As I noted to in an earlier post, you have got rid of the GovBoE.
    Because I don’t keep a permanent record, I will need time to review your many comments, to produce factual clarity.


  • NO…the reality is Douglass was known island wide as a very dangerous pervert, a REAL threat and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to little boys, all of which were covered up by the scum like himself in the judiciary and parliament who were also thus bent, a life still still unaccounted for in the form of Mark Stokes over all of that…so, Hal is on point..the nasty cover uup of raping children must STOP.


  • This is neither the day nor age to be still covering up for child rapists..


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