Important Documents About the Hyatt Hotel for Your (Public) Information

Please find attached hereto extracts from the following Hyatt related documents:-

(1) Memorandum dated 21st April 2016 from the Chief Town Planner to the Permanent Secretary (Defence and Security) in the Prime Minister’s Office outlining concerns that the Barbados National Trust and the Barbados Museum and Historical Society had with the proposal to construct a 15 storey hotel;

(2) A Heritage Impact Assessment that was submitted by the developer. PLEASE  PAY  PARTICULAR  ATTENTION  TO THE  PICTURE  ON  PAGE 3 OF THIS  DOCUMENT depicting  the proposed development in context.

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47 thoughts on “Important Documents About the Hyatt Hotel for Your (Public) Information

  1. A number of things continue to baffle with this proposed project:-

    …..Where is the study that shows an increase in visitor arrival warranting this size and type of accommodation in 5 years time?

    …..Would that study have looked at the increase in community room stock?

    ….If such exists and proven to have credibility why not develop on the land side as windows to the sea need preservation?

    ….Whats wrong with Paradise site in order not to loose the world heritage status?

    …Who is funding this project?

    ….We have to import all the cement and fixtures…….is that not drainage of scarce fx?

  2. It’s a quick money grab, preferably the taxpayers and pensioners money.

    Scam alert.

    They started 4 Seasons and dont want to return, they are owing 120 million to the pension fund.

  3. Bajan Free Party/CUP/.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Vincent Haynes June 25, 2017 at 5:30 PM #

    A number of things continue to baffle with this proposed project:-@@

    But wait does anyone want to see the deed? We have root title and how they get land no matter and where ever they want, Must be getting it from COW or BIZZY or Cheltenham ,, you all out of your dammm minds to think to build and never Digggg for the land titles,?/////I can build in your backyards. All of you are sleeping and this is how fraud is covered up and works in Barbados , All you PHDs fools.

  4. So now we know for sure ………..that hotel cannot hold on the small spot of land and they intend to also take up more government land across the street above Bethel Methodist Church which houses or housed the Government Electrical Department.

    I continue to ask how does Maloney acquire access and ownership to Crown lands all the time?

    Did he purchase the land where the Police previously occupied?

    Did he purchase the land where the Government Electrical Department occupied?

    These are questions that need to be answered. Even if I write to my MP to ask him, I would not get a response, he is a DLP minister.

    We are doomed.

  5. “Visual impact minor”? That photograph of the proposed view says otherwise. Just look at how the sheer height and mass of the proposed building changes the entire skyline and streetscape. Now it maybe clearer to everyone why 15 storeys is too tall for a building fronting Bay Street.

  6. Furthermore, a pier gives further justification for an EIA and again there should have been reference to the draft PDP and its emerging policies.

  7. Let us ask a folish question, when will the court get around to hearing the judicial Review application again? Is this matter a priority sufficient to be processed urgently?

  8. Just…just….maybe if the government owned the land where the old Caribbee hotel sits abandoned………..the Hyatt may have been going up there. At least there is a little more land there.

    Maloney will not construct anything major on lands that he has to buy. The next government will have to also deal with the land fiasco at Bushy Park. The usual suspect……….Maloney
    and government land.

    Just saying.

  9. The longer the court takes to hear the case, the more impatient Maloney will get especially in the light of today’s published poll………… and we may very well pass BayStreet one morning and see the concrete slabs going up!

    • Note the challenge to Maloney’s (Hard Rock) construction on Port Authority lands is also locked in abeyance in our court. What is happening? Is this by design?

  10. Bajan Free Party/CUP/.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Hants June 25, 2017 at 9:33 PM #

    The BLP will win the next election.

    Will they stop the Hyatt from being built ?@@@@

    If the B L P wins they have their own white crooks, and will go back to 4 seasons and rob the NIS for the rest of the Money with MIA being the PM and lawyer for 4 seasons, COW and company will be back in business moving the land and money to please, If they all don’t end up in jail sometime after,
    If the CJ and the DPP to be in the recovery assets business,

  11. Town planners in Barbados think like Europeans because most of them were trained in the U K. They like the narrow, crooked streets and cramped, cluttered design of European cities, which is why Barbados is in a mess, unable to accommodate its growing automobile traffic.

    Enough of the crap about historic preservation. Bridgetown needs wide streets, wide open spaces and buildings that have the scale needed for making money efficiently. Stop fussing about the past and embrace the 21st century!!!!

  12. On page 3 of the Important Document we note that in the memo from the Chief Town Planner the Barbados National trust and Barbados Museum registered objection.

  13. You cannot question the importance of Hyatt to the landscape of Barbados, but you have the question the legitimacy and rush of the project under Mark Maloney and the Freundel Stuart administration to get it up and running without observing necessary protocols. If what I just read is true, then you can understand now why this shite of a Prime Minister did not want to entertain an EIA. The challenges are obvious, and the surrounding environs are not conducive for a project of this size and magnitude. It is clear that the rush to ensure that the project is decided upon now is because the DLP are staring down the barrel of long general election gun with Barbadians eager to pull the trigger and shoot them out of office. This means Mark Maloney has no guarantee that the BLP will not hit him with a big rock since he has created some bad blood for himself in the form of becoming quite a controversial figure under the DLP. He might just get reel in under them before he gets approval to continue.

  14. The location of four storey structure next to the Church for car parking and conference facilities is of concern page 10. Perhaps we they can move the Church?

  15. If the Hyatt is not built, what would happen if bribe money was paid? And if so, who would pay it back?

  16. That preliminary Hertiage Impact Assessment does not follow UNESCO guidelines neither does it seek to examine any of the associated risks. It is just a sham of a document. I would love to read the final report.

  17. Chad99
    Au contraire, the 21st century is actually about compact cities with sustainable/efficient buildings, sustainable modes of transport (walking and cycling), less cars, preservation of historic buildings, views of such buildings and urban greening. By the way, the Chief Town Planner is American trained.

  18. Barbados is just over 100000 acres. How much of that space should we allocate to the building of wider new roads, how much to commercial buildings, how much to recreational use, how much to agriculture and how much to housing?

  19. How many hotel plants have been started on our coastline and later abandoned due to insufficient funds? What guarantees are there to ensure that this does not happen in the heart of Bridgetown should construction ever start?

    • @Feaplay

      If we assume the Court will give the approval when the judicial review is eventually heard what you are asking for is for Vision Development Inc (Maloney) to be asked up some kind of a performance bond.


  21. Sunshine Sunny Shine June 26, 2017 at 12:10 AM #

    You cannot question the importance of Hyatt to the landscape of Barbados,……..

    Why not??

    This country has survived for decades as a leading tourism destination spot with only the Hilton brand name staying the course as others came and left.

    Tourism is evolving with community tourism overtaking traditional tourism by leaps and bounds.The beauty of this new way is that it brings home the money and the average man with a decent house can benefit with the bonus of no longer needing any tourism agencies to drain the govt coffers.

    I ask the question again…..what studies have been done to show that a need exists for more rooms,when completed in 5 years time?

  22. Sandals the hoar hound of the millennium buccaneers tried their utmost to get around the loud NO from OSA when they wanted to develop Paradise as a secluded all inclusive hotel plant.They hit the jack pot when dimwitted DLP parasitic and equal to the task of hoardom visionless poor rakey wild boys arrived on the scene and promptly gave away future earnings to the estimated tune of half a billion Bdos dollars or one quarter billion US dollars to do what….just to get a Sandals brand as though Sandals is on the world scene like the really big players.Butch has a record with Air Jamaica and some court cases in some Caribbean jurisdictions that are not complimentary.Some even go so far as to compare Butch with the Donald.

  23. All the loose talk about Airbnb and community tourism is unrealistic.

    Conventional, hotel-based tourism is 20 times bigger than Airbnb. Shared accommodation appeals to a limited segment of the tourist market. Most North American and European tourists would never be caught dead renting accommodation from locals in Barbados.

    They’d be afraid to use the toilet or the bed. To think otherwise is to fail to understand an important part of the phenomenon we call racism.

  24. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that perception is more important than the truth.To see the monstrosity as envisaged by the artist,is enough to stop this proposal dead in its tracks.Wrong place,wrong reason,wrong wrong design.Damn structure out of place and borders on insanity especially when the developer has a reputation of using ruthlessly, government resources for private gain.UNESCO means nothing to these folk.Baloney and nismoney are soon parted based on cadres.This Hyatt project is in danger now moreso based on the Cadres poll.Investors don’t relish uncertainty.This project if approved is another harlequin in the making.It gine get stop even if it is to send a long overdue message and baloney and his buccaneer raiders can relocate to Bermuda where the Brits will tie up his ass in court for as long as he lives.On the other hand Chastanet might welcome him in Helena to change the face of vieux fort but be warned.Those Hellenes are Wampa people.Dem like fuh chop up.

  25. Airbnb – Wikipedia
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    Chad 45

    Hmmm…..150 million users…….300 properties in Bim………not big……interesting.

  26. “Hmmm…..150 million users…….300 properties in Bim………not big……interesting.”

    @ Vincent

    Hahahaha…….. beautiful shot………… and the ball goes over the boundary for “6”…….

    Have you not yet realized chad9999 is the type of individual that criticizes just for the sake of being critical or to give others the impression his method of reasoning is nonconventional, when in actuality, as is evidenced by the content of his contributions, he thinks irrationally?

  27. Hal Austin June 26, 2017 at 4:25 AM #
    “Barbados is just over 100000 acres. How much of that space should we allocate to the building of wider new roads, how much to commercial buildings, how much to recreational use, how much to agriculture and how much to housing?”

    The Physical Development Plan answers those questions. The plan allocates land use. If the Plan is to be deviated from then it needs to be amended and there is a process to be followed in amending the Plan.

  28. Nostradamus June 26, 2017 at 11:51 AM #

    The Physical Development Plan answers those questions.

    Is this the same plan that stated the Agricultural acreage shall remain at 40,000 arable acres or is it an amended one that has allowed the acreage presently go down to just over 20,000 acres?

    Was the physical Development Plan ever passed……did it not say that any land use amendments would need a 2/3rd majority?

  29. Nostradamus,

    As you already know, the matter of land use has already been resolved. So, when the large number of former plantations remain in ruin then there is no master plan behind that. Town and Country can easily enforce the Physical Development Plan?

  30. Vincent Haynes

    But aside the shite approach to getting the Hyatt up and running base on another through the back door approach of the corrupt DLP party and look at the Hyatt itself. Having a Hyatt is not exactly a bad idea. What is bad is the decision of this stupid government to play authoritarians, and allow Hyatt approval on a site that should not be granted permission in the first place, and putting the name Mark Maloney to it. All I can think when I study this is that the corrupt DLP did not succeed with Cahill, so they trying with Hyatt. Along with that, the ignorant Prime Minister have no regard for bajans, and that is what is infuriating people with this project. His blatant secrecy. Glad Commisiong bring his little pigs to market.

  31. Sunshine Sunny Shine June 26, 2017 at 12:35 PM #

    Forget the politics…..look at my questions and tell me why we need the Hyatt what is the raison d’etre?

  32. Vincent Haynes

    You are right? Do we really need a Hyatt? We have the Hilton, is the Hilton raking in the millions of dollars in tourist every year that is benefiting Barbados. What will a Hyatt do better that the Hilton and other five star hotels are not doing?

  33. Steupsss @ Vincent
    Of course we ‘need’ the Hyatt!!

    How the hell else will the albino centrics among us get to pocket huge sums of OUR money?
    What do you expect them to do…? …Walk in an rob the damn treasury at gun point?

    All … A L L … of these grand schemes are designed PRINCIPALLY with the objective of scamming money from the gullible poor, into the pockets of those who already brag to the world of being outlandishly wealthy….

    Any societal ‘benefits’ promoted are purely coincidental – and necessary mainly to give idiots like Alvin and Carson something to talk around.
    By even discussing such ‘societal benefits’ you are only giving undue credence to the intent of these thieves and Demons.

    If these projects were indeed DESIGNED to benefit the society in general, …then ALL aspects would have been transparently discussed, openly debated, and even investment opportunities would have been transparently offered to all interested in investing….(like Bushie…)

    This is just modern-day THIEVERY, cloaked as ‘infrastructural development’. Look around Barbados at the lotta skeletons and discarded building sit- and this must be patently obvious -even to you Vincent…. shiite man!!!!!

    The fact that we even entertain these scamps after Four Seasons, The Super Sugar Factory, …..and particularly, the Stinkliar plan to buy an abandoned Hotel for millions of dollars; …pay millions to demolish it; …borrow millions to build new one ….. AND THEN GIVE IT TO A FOREIGNER –
    …tells us that brass bowlery is indeed endemic and persistent in Brassbados…….

  34. Steupss @ David

    You minding Miller…?
    What finance what project what??!!
    Who ‘financed’ Four Seasons?
    Who was to finance CAHILL?

    It was a scam – S C A M ….designed to ‘UN-finance’ the Treasury by about $10M.
    David Come-and-sing and David(BU) put spanners into the works – OTHERWISE the scams would have gone off flawlessly – just like Four Seasons did….

    Give it a rest with the assumption of being ‘above board’ nuh…!!!

    • The lack of conversation around how the project is proposed to be financed is important in the context of our precarious foreign reserves situation. What does it say about us?

    • David

      There are many ways to bring money into Barbados to finance a project. Of course you are familiar with the conventional ones like wire transfers and drafts but there is another method that is preferred for projects like this – several suitcases stuffed with hard currency coming through Port St. Charles. Why do you think that they have proposed to move Customs out of Port St. Charles when BRA takes over Customs?

      Sent from my iPad

    • @Caswell

      The BU household is aware of concerns not only at Port St.Charles also the private hangars.

  35. Bushie

    Chuckle….spot on….yuh wake up pun de right side uh de bed dis mawnin.


    That is part of my questions that so far have gone un-answered except for Bushie…… but he did not say where the money is coming from…..unless it is the NIS but then how to convert that to fx in these parlous times…..then again it is not supposed to be built according to others.

  36. Why would anyone want to bring money into Bim if getting it out is a problem?

    To finance a project you do not need to bring in money,send down the cement and materials and use the NIS funds to pay workers.

  37. @ Bush Tea June 27, 2017 at 7:36 AM

    Bushie, don’t mind Vincent. You did not wake up on the right side of the bed.
    Au contraire, you are still going through a stupor of disingenuousness.

    Miller was the first to spot the scam and to ask for a show of the money financing the Hayatt erection.

    If it is with foreign money then Comissiong would be finding it very difficult to not only convince the average Bajan about the ‘inauthenticity’ of the Hyatt tourism investment project but also to get the court to rule against the so-called economic game changer so vital to the ‘national interest’ because of some procedural missteps by a beleaguered administration.

    It is agreed that Comissiong’s ‘legal’ intervention could have put a spanner in the works to offset the scam but a few agencies will still be in receipt of invoices for all sorts of million dollar fees; some of which will be ending up you know where for the upcoming big derby day.

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