Open for Business – Barbados Development Plan

The following note was received from the civic minded Peter Lawrence Thompson with the link to a 122 page Barbados Development Plan pitched to potential investors to transform and modernize Barbados while maintaining those things that make it special. Given the robust discussion about Hyatt Hotel, Blue Horizon and other development initiatives across, the document serves as a good resource.

Many have asked to see the official development plan that provides the context for the proposed Hyatt branded development on Bay Street. The linked document is from Barbados Tourism Investment Inc., not from the planning office, but it clearly has the PM’s endorsement so I believe we can treat it as an official plan for Bridgetown development.

Relevant Link

Barbados Development Plan


  • I would be more concerned about the many, many innocent victims the pervert Douglas left behind who am sure NEVER RECOVERED from his crimes against them, that is who we show concern for, not the low scum rapist of small children, those should be DRAWN and QUARTERED, i don’t care what shite title they carry or what shite degree they hold. ..bith of which are useless and mean squat when they are used primarily to rape children and get away..

    Too many have gotten away with raping the innocent in Barbados who are always UNABLE TO FIGHT BACK, it got so bad during those times that tourists felt ENTITLED to rape the island’s children too…and are still travelling many thousands of miles TO DO JUST THAT…all of that your no good nasty leaders still boast about useless tourism numbers.

    All of it must now be exposed along with the vicious dirty negros and others who condone and enable these crimes against BLACK children.


  • Do you think it’s just by chance that the disgusting Supreme Court is CONTINOUSLY toxic, cursed, blighted AND CORRUPT…it has always been used by house negros to commit multiple crimes against Black children and Black people, the same stinking negros with DISEASED MINDS and degrees…

    ….the supreme court can never be any better with the thousands of victims generated by that curse…not in this century..all the scum have to die off first, too many of them are still alive and crawling around in the building and in the parliament, AFTER THEY ALL DIE OFF then maybe that blighted place will finally become exorcised.



    Why don’t the police get the DEA to help them monitor Mark Maloney and the Coverly crowd, they are the ones heavily involved in bringing destruction to the island…and stop talking SHITE…the governemnt ministers are very well aware..


  • No sugar coating

    The People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PPDD) has responded to Standard & Poor’s upgrade to Barbados’ foreign currency sovereign credit rating.

    On Thursday New York-based Standard and Poor’s raised its long- and short-term foreign currency ratings to ‘B-/B’ from ‘SD/SD’ and assigned its ‘B-‘ foreign currency issue rating to foreign currency debt delivered in the exchange.

    S&P also affirmed its ‘B-/B’ long- and short-term local currency sovereign credit ratings and ‘B-‘ issue-level rating on Barbados’ long-term local currency debt.

    The following is the full response from PPDD:

    The recent Standard & Poor’s upgrade to Barbados’ foreign currency sovereign credit rating to ‘B-/B’ from ‘SD/SD’, is as a result of Barbados’ recently completed debt exchange with its foreign creditors.

    However, the ‘B-‘ long-term rating is indicative of the “country’s still-high debt burden” and represents a Speculative Grade rating, meaning that the country is still considered to be “vulnerable to adverse business, financial and economic conditions” although it still “currently has the capacity to meet financial commitments”.

    Placing this upgrade into context, the highest rating that Barbados has achieved in the past, has been an “A-” or Investment Grade rating and that was in 1999, some 20 years ago. In other words, we still have a long way to go. Any further upgrades will be based on government’s ability to maintain its current austerity program and achieving a primary surplus of 6% of GDP which has proving to be burdensome for the Barbadian public. Maintaining a primary surplus of 6% will not be easy when you have a society that is heavily dependent on government expenditure to spur economic activity and provides many social services.

    The country is experiencing numerous changes where the average Barbadian is faced with higher taxes and user fees, with many issues still persisting in the provision of services such as transportation, water supply, and garbage collection. The government may have to make greater provisions to have stronger social programs and measures in place to ensure the most vulnerable are taken care of due to the increased hardship some of our fellow Barbadians are dealing with. With limited fiscal space it will be difficult to invest in capital and provide resources to effectively alleviate some of the problems at hand.

    Under the IMF Extended Fund Facility government also has to gauge the “austerity fatigue” of the country, our ability to withstand these measures over such a long period of time. In addition, the country has been given some fiscal space and time by restructuring and deferring its debt, but it still needs to be repaid. The issuance of US$580 million for the two new external debt instruments will result in total interest and principal of US$940 million being repaid in the next 10 years. Repayment of our debt starts next year totaling US$67.6 million.

    Between 2021 and 2024 the country will have to pay US$35.5 million per year in interest payments and between 2025-2029 principal and interest payments of US$72.5million will have to be paid semi-annually. Hence the emphasis on deferment of payments.

    This is very critical, because despite the breathing space, the Barbadian economy has to grow to facilitate our debt obligations in the future. Also, since defaulting in 2018 we have incurred debt of US$545 million from various multilateral agencies. Other issues still remain: the Barbadian economy is in recession and our ability to generate growth continues to be challenging and youth unemployment is around 30%. Therefore, the focus has to be on generating economic growth so that we have new sources of income to “pay our way” and create jobs while maintaining an adequate level of debt to supplement our finances and support some of our domestic needs.


  • @ Northern Observer,

    You are an idiot. Referring to someone as a pervert is vulgar and coarse? Which world do you live in? Does that go for people like Epstein in the US and other paedophiles?
    As to the nonsense about disliking Canadians and Canada, you are just talking off the top of your head, as you admit. Bring the evidence. I said the Canadian appointed as governor of the Bank of England was not the best candidate for the job. That remains true. I asked why was Canada a member of the G7 and you say you had no answer. Make that your homework for the weekend. Go and find out. Google it.
    Like you, I do not keep a permanent record of BU contributions, but I know my beliefs, that is why I can contest nonsense.
    The bottom line is that you share with me one thing: you left Barbados and found a home in Canada, stop pretending that you are more patriotic to Canada than common sense dictates.
    I end again by reminding you that I have never used obscenities on BU; in fact, I was searching my brain for instances as a teenager when I used foul-mouthed language.
    As I said above, I do not, not even in private. I may use the odd word, but never directed at a person. I am not an angel, but is not part of my vocabulary.


  • Wuhloss…somebody went and dig up ALL THEIR CORRUPTION with the VECO scam prison build… sure if they had known thecrooks had contracted bizzy the tief to build prisons for Black Bajans in 2005….they would have exposed that too…but it was kept a big, wicked secret until Paradise Papers and ICIJ came along…at least we found out…


  • DLP scam that WILL NOT STOP…don’t worry we know BLP would have run the SAME SCAM on the taxpayers…too …,,why are all these crooked useless politicians not IN JAIL for putting the Bajan people in another trap TO BE ROBBED…oh i know, the present government WILL DO THE SAME TOO…it’s just that DLP did it first…

    “The Nation Barbados
    9 hrs ·
    The company that took over Cahill Energy (Barbados) Limited is suing the Government of Barbados for millions of dollars for breach of contract ( Amounting to a Long Term Debt to the Taxpayers of Barbados of $ 4 Billion Dollars ) .
    Subscribe now to our eNATION ( ) for the full story.
    For the latest stories and breaking news updates download the Nationnews apps for iOS and Android. #meandmynation #yournewsyourtimeyourway #ilovemynation246 #nationbarbados #Nation246″


  • wuhloss, wuhloss, wuhloss…lol

    “HERE IS THE POINT: VECO’s Financial Records Would Show Payments & “Gifts” To Barbados Officials
    VECO is a multi-billion dollar company and even though the bookkeepers were told to hide various payments to corrupt politicians – those payments had to be marked down as something so they are all in the corporation’s financial records.

    Just like payments to corrupt Barbados politicians would still be in the company’s financial records even if they attempted to disguise them.

    Since he gained power ten months ago, Prime Minister David Thompson has not requested to see the FBI VECO financial records – nor will he.

    Because, in the end, the DLP and the BLP are a club dedicated to grabbing all they can for themselves… and neither party will put that at risk by ratting out the other. Expect name calling and smear allegations – but real investigations that result in real charges would start a war that neither corrupt political party wants.”


  • Just bear in mind that all the assholes including the PM foolish, useless Fruendel who signed off on the Cahill SCAM are LAWYERS…and some uppity, backward dumb ones too…… the other jackasses are low level clowns like Low aka WHERE’S MY CUT…, Kelman…and ah can’t even remember the other parasites..

    where is PACHA..come out.

    so the island is in a 6 billion dollar hole from these retards and what do they do….find a scam that will put taxpayer’s in debt to the tune of 4 BILLION DOLLARS…generations not yet born will never be able to repay that with a looming recession.

    and she STILL don’t think that her FELLOW THIEVES…should be in prison.


  • ALL these liars/lawyers/leaders SCAMS AGAINST THE BLACK POPULI…are all arriving to show them up and expose these THIEVES…AT THE SAME TIME..


  • LORD HAVE MERCY ON THIS LITTLE “no natural resources to fall back on” BARBADOS. In the Sunday sun dated 12/15/2019 an there is an article which states that elderly person are in need of homes. They are also in need of proper and adequate transportation. Imagine that just a few years ago a person at pensionable age just needed to show their Identification card to travel across Barbados. Whether they wanted to go pay a bill or go see the doctor for their regular check up. With the little pension they have now they have to allocate $3.50 to ride the unruly route taxis and minibuses. Not all of them are bad they are a few good mature drivers. That same sentiment i cannot confer on the present political landscape of Barbados. THE ECONOMIC HARDSHIP that is being faced right now by the poor and vulnerable in Barbados is extremely pathetic. All I am hoping is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    How much money has been collected on the Garbage/ Sewage tax to date. Is it enough to get garbage trucks to collect the garbage every week to help with the rat infestation in our country.

    Will we get new buses or will the minibuses and route taxis be our means of transportation.

    Certain drugs have been removed from the drug formulary list which means that persons suffering from Diabetes and hypertension have to pay through their teeth to prevent a stroke or heart attack.

    The waiting time at the polyclinics and the hospital is pathetic. It’s not that the doctors or nurses are overworked either. It is that it is government provided so people have a don’t careish attitude. When a person want to save on money and attend the public health facility they have to take an entire day off from work. Try explaining to your boss that you went to the polyclinic to have a medical check up and spend the entire day unproductive sitting in a waiting area.



  • “”I think it’s a little sad, because if Canada is not, perhaps, as big an economy in money terms yet as Italy or Britain, say, its importance as a raw materials supplier in the world is so great that it probably would have been wise to invite it,” said journalist Rupert Cornwall, the Paris correspondent for the Financial Times of London. [Quote 1975]
    I am told the FT of London is a reputable source. My best stab at why they joined, other than Trudeau Snr begging for inclusion.

    I wasn’t aware you had left Barbados for Canada. And for the record, I consider myself Canadian. My home. Holiday season, nuff functions, so BBL.


  • I swear this current government has absolutely no DAMN SHAME…they just giddily set up scams to steal, steal, steal from their own people to enrich themselves and the evil racist thieves who own them…i would not trust any of them no matter what they say or how many lies they invent. The people now have to be extra careful they do not get SOLD BY THESE WICKED THIEVES…who are no different to the last bunch of wicked thieves THROWN OUT OF THE PARLIAMENT BY THE PEOPLE just last year..

    The people now have another bunch of sell out negros to THROW THE HELL OUT OF PARLIAMENT…

    NO…that explains your total indifference to black children being raped in Barbados by the scum who sat on the supreme court bench with his nasty, arrogant uppity self…….but continuing to cover it up in this era is taking things way too far…


  • @ Northern Observer,

    I consider myself to be Barbadian. A passport does not make you Canadian. So, it looks as if Canada is a member of the G7 because of its majority white population, not economic might. It is a second division nation, along with Australia and Brazil. Nothing wrong with that.


  • They can NO LONGER hide the fact that they ARE ALL THIEVES..

    that they have ALL spent decades STEALING FROM THAT LITTLE ISLAND and the PEOPLE who generate the taxes and pensions…

    instead of up in UN gushing shite about punching above weight…she should be truthfully saying THAT THEY ALL STOLE ABOVE THEIR WEIGHT…and now it is dragging them down….because in their wickedness, backwardness and greed…THEY STOLE TOO MUCH….and are now DESPERATELY TRYING TO FIND WAYS AND PLACES TO HIDE ALL THAT THEY STOLE.

    just goes to show the hatred and disdain they have for Black Bajan people like themselves, they refuse to bring back a dime to help the people whom THEY KNOW they are causing to SUFFER…refuse to bring back a dime to help the island..

    I want to see all these slimy, greedy people, most of whom are LAWYERS in handcuffs.

    a lesson for Bajans as we have been saying for quite some time…TO STOP ELECTING LAWYERS TO PARLIAMENT.

    when they come to your doors begging votes, throw stale piss on them.


  • Even more important than starting a bridge to Africa is the means to hide all those offshore accounts which in the minds of thieves trumps Barbados’ constitutional laws….that uppity lawyers never adhere to anyway, if there is nothing in it for them…they are so arrogant they will never ask themselves, how did they get themselves in this position….all they will do is try to brazen and bully their way through….like Donville, same DNA.

    And of course Kenya is not stupid, they will demand certain things in return.

    “Azzari Walcott
    December 13 at 11:38 AM
    SECTIONS(44) SUB-SECTION(1) para. (a)/(I)

    (1) No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Assembly who;
    (a) is, by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign Power or State;

    The purpose of s 44(1) is ‘to ensure that no candidate, senator or member of the House of Assembly owes allegiance or obedience to a foreign power or adheres to a foreign power’, and ‘to ensure that foreign powers command no allegiance from or obedience by candidates, senators and members of the House of Assembly Of Barbados.

    In recent weeks we were made to understand that, PM Mia Mottley have signed an agreement with Ghana allowing Ghanaians the opportunity to come to Barbados and work .. specifically doctors and nurses … Which in all fairness is a good thing, but it becomes a breech of the Constitution wherein Barbadians were made to believe that the Barbados Economy couldn’t support the government having a large workforce, in light of which thousands were sent home from work …
    We further submit, that any such agreements to use cheap foreign labour to the Disadvantage of Barbadian workers is a Treasonous Act In Violation Of S 44 ss(1)
    And the PM Mia Mottley should Resign or be forced to Resign



  • There you go…

    “While the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) are busy documenting their actions in Kenya, look at what the Americans have done. A federal court has ruled that American Samoans will gain full American citizenship. My question is how will this affect the ACP, and Mia Mottley’s CARICOM diplomatic office in Kenya? Bear in mind that there are only 6 seats on the ACP. Africa commands 4 seats, the Caribbean command one seat and the Pacific one seat. So this means that if Pacific islands are now American, what does that say when voting begins? Let’s wheel and come again. Didn’t Mia and others think that the eyes of the world would be watching?”


  • Everyone knew that Charles Leacock, the other nasty, corrupt DPP and abuser of human rights, like those before him NEVER RECOGNIZED THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE….Mia can pretend as much as she wants but…ALL THE PROOF IS THERE..



  • @HA
    so what is your real message? That you experienced great prejudice in Canada?
    My personal “guess” would be on G7, Canda has a large immigrant population from both the UK and Italy, and to a lesser extent Germany, plus strong historical ties to France, and decent relations with the US. Hence, there would be less objections from existing nations prior to 1976, than to some other potential nations. You get no argument from me, it’s a Div II country by economic size. And FYI, a visit to Urban central Canada today (not then) and you might conclude the majority is brown.
    You are free to determine how you elect to identify yourself. So am I? I identify as a Canadian, who was born in Barbados. Isn’t that where we began? Your description of the former CJ as a Canadian?

    NO…is that “no” or me? Not sure. Anyways I have no tolerance for sexual abuse of any kind. Pedophiles are the worst type, not that there is a good type. And you are correct, the long term affects are real and awful.


  • @Northern Observer

    For the record, I have never lived in Canada and have visited once. I did not describe the late chief justice as Canadian, he like you self-identified as Canadian.
    Must be something in the Maple leaf. I want to settle in Japan and get a local passport or maybe Chinese.


  • “@WW&C”

    I always call you NO..

    you definitely do not want that covered up in a dangerous society like Barbados that still does not recognize the human rights of Black people, or children’s rights or the rights of the elderly, we want all the living, dying and dead human rights abusers and child rapists exposed for the world to know who THEY WERE AND ARE….

    we want the people to understand why Barbados is in such a rotten state…this present government is no better, can be considered extra dangerous, so you do not want to be hiding anything for any of them. They must not get away.


  • While Mia creates a barrel of LIES TO TELL THE UNITED NATIONS…thinking she will be pulling the wool over their eyes……her two evil, greedy, cruel ministers are STILL stealing the Estates of the dead and their beneficiaries ROBBING THEM THEIR PROPERTIES…human rights abuses AGAIN, STILL..


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