Sacramental Cannabis Bill 2019 Debate – Social Justice Issue

An interesting presentation by Minister Kerrie Symmonds during the debate of the Sacramental Cannabis Bill 2019. His address starts at 1hr.15min of the video. It is interesting because he crafted his delivery in a social justice context.

There is another view the government has been moving with unholy haste to force this Bill through the legislative process.


  • Told yall these frauds are talking about social justice on one side of their mouth and still intent on locking up Rasta and the population cause they believe someone is Dumb Enuff to help them or give them any information….oh hell no, let it all sink to the bottom of the ocean, they are the ones brought the island and people to this juncture…. it will all reflect on them only.


  • Everyone is watching because we all know we are watching a clueless government who do not know what they are doing.

    So break out the popcorn.


  • These are some mentally stunted jokers, they will never be anything else.

    they do not have an original idea in their heads, they will continue to create STAGNATION IN THE ECONOMY…

    Rastas can PROUDLY tell them GO TO HELL..they are LYING..


  • Symmonds is a filthy LIAR…BLP governemnt destroyed Rasta tooo…


  • All of that long talk is JUST to get the knowledge and information Rasta have…but TAKE NOTE….yall THIEVES, LIARS AND SELL OUT NEGROS…are NOT GETTING IT.


  • This is what middle class professionals do – when working class people use drugs, they criminalise it; when the middle classes do, they legalise it.


  • These only have one goal:

    TIEF the information from Rasta

    sell it out to their minority criminal friends, bribers and business partners..

    and leave the majority black population suffering while they continue to lock up Rasta.

    ,..these criminals for ministers should ALL be in prison.

    and they think they got everyone QUITE FOOLED

    but we shall see…

    they LIE OPENLY, SHAMELESSLY and believe everyone else is like their dumb fowls with 15 second attention spans and short memories…


  • We at BAMS stand ready to support the movement.


  • Wait a minute all yuh cannabis race horses
    Before barbados heads out the stable
    Barbados needs to take a look at the overall cannabis performance in global markets

    Financial Times

    Too much weed: Canadian cannabis producers are sitting on a mountain of inventory, and it’s making some industry watchers nervous

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  • Did you read the Bill, it is called Sacramental Cannabis Bill?

    A Bill entitled

    An Act to provide for a person who is an adherent of the Rastafarian religion and for Rastafarian congregations to use cannabis as a sacrament in worship at a place of worship or at a public place, and for related purposes


  • Please take a read at Medical Marijuana Barbados, 70% of Rasta do not go into any place of worship to take part in sacrament, most do it at home..and LYING Symmonds knows this…yall are as usual, ARE BEING PLAYED..

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  • The sellout HOUSE NEGROS of parliament are truly the WRETCHED OF THE EARTH..

    ….people are so embarassed by them, they need to SIT THE HELL DOWN and SHUT THE HELL UP…


  • legalizing marijuana can make a lot of money……just by supplying the people that think they are getting reparations


  • The Police have or have access to drone technology so getting more and more difficult to hide!!

    Who knows who will get caught!!

    Easy solution is to legalise.


  • Even if it is in a hot house in a high class area!!

    The house lights up on an IR camera at night!!


  • The Bill in Brief as explained by Piece THE LEGEND!!

    Drum roll please, dat does get dem vex and “flamed” ( de Honourable Blogmaster’s word)


    “…An Act to ensure that ny person who is NOT A PART OF THE GOVERNMENT & DRUG LORD COMMUNITY that we have already approved to participate in the commercialization of this plant

    By this act we THE OFFICIAL, SANCTIONED DRUG LORDS OF BARBADOS, now protected by our friends in Parliament WHO YOU HAVE SEEN INVITE US TO THE OPENING OF PARLIAMENT JUST LAST YEAR, do hereby give notice to the Rastafari, Rastafarian congregations or any other bajan that the planting and sale of cannabis, at any place or venue IN BARBADOS, other than our approved drug dens which, though publicly known, by the Commissioner of Police, WILL NOT BE PERMITTED BY THE MUGABE REGIME

    And I, Attorney General, and pimp of the Mugabe Administration am not putting all competitors on notice dat “Mia Got dis” illegal trade lock down.

    I shall return presently to assist any readers who cant understand this interpretation properly


  • All the other countries are handling this as a violation of human rights that must be RIGHTED…but not the wretched of the earth in Barbados’ parliament, they continue to handle it as an US against THEM and more violations of the rights of Rasta….because they believe that Rasta owes them something and they are collecting, when it;s the other way around.


  • Barbados’ WRETCHED governemnt should be ASHAMED, but we already know they have no shame.

    I see them taking their own selves down with their stinking, low class, self-serving attitudes, and STILL…NO ONE NEEDS THEIR uneducated asses to do anything for them…



  • @ David November 23, 2019 12:26 PM
    “Did you read the Bill, it is called Sacramental Cannabis Bill?
    A Bill entitled An Act to provide for a person who is an adherent of the Rastafarian religion and for Rastafarian congregations to use cannabis as a sacrament in worship at a place of worship or at a public place, and for related purposes…”

    How can this piece of legislation be construed in any “social justice context”?

    It stands more on rather shaky Constitutional ground. How can a government pick out a group for special privileges on religious grounds? Isn’t this flying in the face of the first principles of non-discriminatory treatment of the subjects of the Crown based on creed?

    If marijuana is good for religious sacrament then, it can be solidly argued on the grounds of equity that is also good for culinary, aromatherapeutic and other ‘non-recreational’ purposes.

    What’s the harmfully criminal difference between smoking marijuana as a sacrament to some special god as opposed to using the herb in organic dishes or as an herbal infusion or in the burning of incense to add to the aura of meditative relaxation in the comfort of your home or health spa?

    Can’t Dionysius have a seat at the cannabis ‘sacramental’ table similar to that soon to be occupied by Jah aka Yahweh?

    As MP Adrian Forde so passionately argued:
    It’s time to stop the demonization of cannabis.

    Satan is not a plant that grows in the sinful heart of men.

    As the pharmacist contends: Marijuana is no more harmful to humans than a dove taking an aspirin of hope for the cure of the physically-sick and for the upliftment of the human spirit(s).


  • @Miller

    It is a subject open to various interpretations. Is there a right or wrong approach? The government in office will support a position based on the ‘considerations’ of the day.


  • @ the Sage Annunaki

    What I want to know is how they are going to define acceptable churches and their respective venues.

    De ole man will use this picture to make my point

    For years we have come up in Barbados with “open air” meetings for church services.

    In fact, you would certainly recall the late Eric Fly Sealy using that peculiarity provided for in our constitution to bypass the requirement to get police permission to meet by starting his political meetings with a prayer!

    Would such not mean that Adonijah or Ras Bongo Spear could not then congregate in Parliament Square, convene Sacremental Church IN SIMILAR STEAD, and all there gathered not light up a spliff, being more that 600 metres from a school!!!

    Though Parliament is de facto A RH SCHOOL OF TEIVES FOR TEIVES and doing doubly so, would be considered a “secondary school?”


  • Backward, UNEDUCATED Barbados governments aka the wretched of the earth…just AIN’T ready yet and NEVER will be.

    “He explained that with the Amendment Bill a person could now lawfully grow no more than four cannabis male plants at his residence and without a licence.

    He also said under the tiered possession scheme, the bill proposes the abolition of the present regime whereby possession of any amount is an arrestable offence, but will establish lawful limits for possession and use.

    Under the new scheme, a person found in possession of 30 grammes of cannabis or less will no longer be arrested for possession. The upper limit will be 60 grammes. People with charges before the court for the new upper limit may apply to be discharged and have their records expunged.

    “This bill proposes that possession of more than 30 grammes, but not more than 60 grammes of cannabis, or more than five grammes but not more than ten grammes of cannabis resin, is to now be treated by a fixed-penalty ticket system, with the brunt of the law being applied only where there is a refusal to pay the fixed penalty, and only after the possibility of community service as an alternative remedy is explored.”


  • Don’t mind them no one is going into any place of worship or whatever SHITE they got going on in their CORRUPT, TIEFING heads…it is at this time this shite government needs hauling before the courts…they are overing doing it with human rights violations against Black people in Barbados..


  • @Miller

    Have you done any research about the “cultural defense’ legal arguments read minority arguments. So far there is a paucity of information as it pertains to religion.


  • It becomes cleared by the minute that the boolean search competencies of the Honourable Blogmaster are limited.

    But de ole man will help you with “sacremental use of marijuana and the law” where you will see thousands of legal articles

    One such article reads ad I quote

    “…In 1997, Dr. Dennis Forsythe, described in Forsythe v Director of Public Prosecutions and Attorney General (1997 34 J.L.R. 512) as a sociologist, holist, author, Rastafarian and attorney-at-law, petitioned the Supreme (High) Court for a declaration that his constitutional rights to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion had been infringed by the Dangerous Drugs Act 1924.

    Forsythe had been arrested for illegal possession of marijuana (called ganja in Jamaica) and a chillum pipe (used to smoke marijuana) at his house.

    Rastafarians are adherents of a religious movement originating from Jamaica that smoke marijuana as a religious sacrament…”

    Use yah google youself to get your own materials

    The point being that worldwide there is a plethora of articles AND JAMAICA, LEADS THE WAY IN THE CARIBBEAN, with this issue

    But wunna illiterati would not know this would you?


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you


  • David November 23, 2019 4:38 PM

    Yes there is a “right or wrong approach”.

    Why not ‘simply’ decriminalize the plant and treat to it as a public health issue by putting the marijuana plant matter on the same grounds as those other plant-based products of alcohol and tobacco whose consumption is deemed sinful by some but unhealthy by others?

    Let the so-called educated adults (in whom billions of tax dollars have been invested) decide whether they want to use marijuana or not to use it.

    We do not mean children and those without the mental and legal capacity to make lifestyle decisions for themselves.

    At least they can grow their own herbs free from dangerous man-made chemicals and the taint of the dirt and crime associated with the underground trade.

    Why adults- who are not current consumers, mainly smokers, of the illegal product called cannabis- would want to do so out of mass hysteria should the product become decriminalized?

    Would Bajan men who are happily satisfied with their ‘domestic’ sex lives rush headlong to Bush Hill like Gold Cup day should that illicit trade called prostitution become a legally respectable business enterprise?


  • @Miller

    The tobacco and alcohol examples cited by you always enjoyed the current status read public access? What changed from the days of “prohibition” compared to today?


  • You obviously have a problem with comprehension.


  • @ David November 23, 2019 5:19 PM

    You have inadvertently shot yourself in the economic foot while holding the gun to your moral head of inequity.

    What can be the “cultural defense” to justify the consumption of alcohol or tobacco?
    Is it because of the indigenously famous status of rum or because cigarette paper aka wrappers can be imported as ladies hair styling products instead of the millions used in the rolling of spliffs?

    Then how do you explain the yearly importation and consumption of the hundreds of litres of whisky, gin, vodka and wine?

    Tobacco and alcohol have acceptably good social and political standing because of their tax revenue generating value.

    There are too many dependants on the public welfare juices funded from these unhealthy products.

    Can you imagine what the Bajan government revenues would look like if people were to stop buying alcohol?

    Poor Mary Jane currently has no such stellar tax status except in the underground economy.

    But her star might just be on the rise with the approach of her Cinderella time in the nocturnal sunshine of medicine and religion.


  • “Why not ‘simply’ decriminalize the plant and treat to it as a public health issue by putting the marijuana plant matter on the same grounds as those other plant-based products of alcohol and tobacco whose consumption is deemed sinful by some but unhealthy by others?”

    they will not use that approach as long as they ALREADY PROMISED OUT THE TRADE…with the Rasta Communty and the majority population as the LOSERS….problem for them they need the information from the Rastas…but they do not want to give anything in return, just bullshit talk and running up and down Africa wasting taxpayer’s money, like someone is impressed….they are in a bind, but it will come out in the wash…

    listen to that piece of filth Kerrie again, hear what he wants to give Rasta in return, some kinda shite kiosk at the airport to sell sandals to a bunch of broke ass tourists, did he tell them that the last tenants at the ariport could not afford the rents, of course not…and he thinks someone wants to meet a bunch of shite tourists every day….he thinks Rastas have no self respect and LIKE HIM are goddamn HOUSE SLAVES…steuppps.

    The Mia government WANT SUING…they know they promised out the trade to the detriment of the island and people but thinks she can dance around and get away with that massive theft AGAIN…but she gotta GO THROUGH RASTA TO GET THERE….goodluck i say…but not to her.


  • Problem with comprehension? said by he whom Nr Hal Austin calls Chairman Illiterati?

    But let me continue with the debate before you say “because of the comments here, I closing down the blog”


    “…The legislation decriminalises general possession of marijuana of two ounces or less, making it a non-arrestable, ticketable offence instead (s. 7 C read in light of s.7 F (3) and s.7 G (1)), while also exempting from the Act the possession of marijuana specifically for “religious purposes as a sacrament for the Rastafarian faith.” (s.7 2(c)(a)).

    The Justice Minister may allow cultivation of ganja for religious purposes once satisfied that applicants are Rastafarians, and may declare events as ‘exempt’ once they are promoted by a Rastafarian, primarily for celebrating the Rastafarian faith (s.7 D (8)).

    If an event has been designated exempt, no one conveying ganja to, or possessing or smoking it at, such an event will be liable for arrest, detention or prosecution (s.7 D (9)).

    Also, smoking of marijuana, like tobacco, will now be banned in public places, except for registered places of Rastafarian worship.

    The enforceability of these amendments is problematic for police and prosecutors.

    Firstly, in relation to the small quantities of marijuana, often the weight will not be immediately ascertainable.

    The provision allowing for possession of ganja being conveyed to a Rastafarian ‘exempt’ event raises similar questions of discretion and enforcement…”

    I know that, until Teets and Leslie return and tell you what to say here you are lost but do try to keep up with the subject matter being tossed at you with something more than your monosylabic responses!


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here that speaks to comprehension thank you


  • @Miller

    Who will disagree with your reasoning? The point though is that current state is not equal to past state. As some one opened the Barbados DNA is to channel mainstream in these issues and you know why.


  • And if they took money from their crook bribers already TO SELL OUT THE MARIJUANA FROM UNDER RASTA AND THE PEOPLE…and deposited THEIR BRIBE into their offshore accounts already…MORE THE REASON…to SUE the government’s ass off…because the marijuana trade is NOT THEIRS TO SELL OUT.

    ….all the other countries from US, UK, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Antigua and many others…jumped right in, but Barbados cannot, they have to pick a fight with Rasta and every approach violates their rights, the only approach this toxic government has not used yet, is the one all the other countries are using….the right one, but the Mia government cannot use that one because of what they have done…and they think everyone is as dumb as their yardfowls and cannot see what s happening.

    they are not getting away with this one…Miller, they did something DIRTY and CORRUPT as is the norm for them, now they are trying to fool the public, who is not having any of it.


  • @ David November 23, 2019 5:59 PM

    Then here is the deal of a solution.

    The same way there was No referendum held when the plant was made an illegal substance why not use the same Parliamentary process to pardon the damn plant which was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to a long time in jail with hard labour?

    Don’t you think that would be a genuine stroke of Justice in the sight of both man and God?

    BTW, which people’s referendum you think should be held first?

    The referendum on Barbados ditching the Queen as its HoS which poor H M Lizzie will not be deciding or on the ‘Recreational’ Mary Jane the innocent bystander caught up in the conflict between the big business of colonialism and a people asserting their rights to the use of the God-given plant?


  • @Miller

    Too much politics.

    Barbados will take a conservative position; mainstream.

    Waiting for ICAR and actors representing the group like Ado to comment.


  • @ David November 23, 2019 6:24 PM

    Conservative position on King Charlie becoming His Majesty of Barbados along with his consort Queenie Camilla?


  • @Miller

    They represent in the breech for the most part. A Barbados government will always be sensitive to possible negative impact from breaking with the monarchy.


  • I will admit I have not read the Bill or any part thereof because I fear the documents on the various servers of the Government of Barbados and the Director of Communications Charles Me Love You Jong Time, particularly his embedded ssh code.

    This is the code in pdfs that sends clear text IP addresses, login names and passwords tothe BLP external site: “”

    But, to those of you who took the risk please comment on whether there is anything in it that speaks to the following

    “…If an event has been designated exempt, no one conveying ganja to, or possessing or smoking it at, such an event will be liable for arrest, detention or prosecution (s.7 D (9))…”

    Has any serious provisions been made for these sites that are otherwise identified?

    So for example, if Pinelands Creative Workshop wants to dedicate their site with Ashanti prayers AND REAH OUT TO RAS BONGO SPEAR to conduct a spiritual event for PCW DANCERS AND THE GHANAIAN DANCERS who interned the Fallacious Bones, and I turn up with two solid WOULD I GET ARRESTED???


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here about authorized venue and Mary Jane usage thank you


  • @ David November 23, 2019 6:36 PM

    But the current PM promised to the country such a break from its colonial past the same way she promised a referendum on the ‘recreational’ use of cannabis.

    And she should expect a solid backing from the de facto Opposition since the DLP made such a similar pledge in 2016 right before a brother of the same King-in-waiting.


  • @Miller

    Is she managing a country or rumshop.

    We have had this discussion many times, political promises never reconcile with the requirements of being in government. This is not a Barbados thing. Again you know this.


  • @ David
    She seems to be managing a rum shop. If the Rastas can use cannabis ,the rest of the population can also do the same. She doesn’t seem to think out her ideas logically. I wonder if there is a conflict of interest here or if the talk about referendum is to be taken seriously.

    @ Miller November 23, 2019 4:03 PM

    Miller has a point.


  • @Dr. Lucas

    Do you agree with legalizing the drug and be done with it? Let Barbados be the Amsterdam of the Caribbean?


  • @ David November 23, 2019 7:41 PM

    Barbados has already missed that economic boat to Amsterdam.

    People would now rather dock in Jamaica, Antigua, St. Vincent, and soon Trinidad & Tobago while cruising on the good ship SS Mary Jane already sailing on the high seas to the grand ole USA via the Canadian Great lakes.

    Barbados is too conservatively late to the table.

    How can you talk about tourism being the major engine of economic when the majority of visitors come from countries where cannabis- in whichever processed form- is a readily available treat to distressing and relaxation?

    What’s the sense of coming to the Hyatt Ziva when there is no vehicle to take you to the higher heights while relaxing on the beach?

    Walter Blackie with his patent-secured branding has already cornered the Bajan Coral ‘high’ market.

    Maybe you ought to copyright your own BU brand called the “Underground Road to a High”.


  • @Miller

    Your argument is hitched to the economic consideration? What about the type of country we want to mould to protect a unique culture in this independence month?


  • @ David November 23, 2019 8:46 PM

    If you want to live in a cocoon of virginal Barbadiana then how can you entertain the idea of an optimally desirable population of 1 million people of which three-quarters which would be the nouveaux arrivants?

    You just cannot have a cohobblopot or melting pot of imported cultures in a 21×11 island and expect a pure amalgam of traditional Bajan-English-West African culture.


  • @Miller

    A good point.


  • Time to cut the bullspit and legalise marijuana for recreational use.

    Grant pardons to the small fry offenders and let them out of Dodds.


  • The government has finally run out of road and it only took 18 months, let’s see what they crash into.

    Barbados voters need to stop electing uneducated trash.


  • BTW..i watched an African video last night, let’s hope Mia did not go down there lying and telling the people that she is president of Barbados, because the presenter had to double check to make sure that she is indeed prime minister and not president..

    ..and ah wonder WHAT LIES and LIARS she left in Ghana to spread propaganda, since they left their yardfowls down there….. that is why i would never go near Africa with this gang of questionable black people.

    Anyone is free to travel to Africa as an African descendant ya don’t need the parliament trash for anything.


  • @ David November 23, 2019 7:41 PM

    Aren’t the Dutch having second thoughts about the matter?


  • Is Sacramental Cannabis the same as Medical Cannabis, the same as illegal cannabis? Are we assuming that people who will be legally using cannabis will not go on to skunk, heroin, cocaine or other forms of illegal substances?
    Who will be the distributors of this legalised cannabis? Supermarkets? Rum shops? Hawkers? Will there be an age limit for users? Will it be 16 or 18? And if there are Rastas under the legal age will they be allowed to use Sacramental Cannabis? What about Medical Cannabis, will doctors be the only professionals allowed to prescribe this for patients? Will there be an age limit for medical use?
    Have we looked at studies on the affects of cannabis on teenage brains? Has there been an economic and social impact study? If so, will this be made public BEFORE the legislation passes through parliament?
    Are we assuming that if cannabis is legalised, for religious purposes or not, that organised drug dealers will not move in to Barbados in a big way? In the meantime, have magistrates’ courts been instructed not to convict people accused of cannabis or possession?
    There are lots of questions still to be answered.


  • Obviously you have not read the Bills and Shedules.


  • (Quote):
    Are we assuming that if cannabis is legalised, for religious purposes or not, that organised drug dealers will not move in to Barbados in a big way? In the meantime, have magistrates’ courts been instructed not to convict people accused of cannabis or possession? (Unquote).

    Aren’t there “organized drug dealers” already in Barbados even though the use of cannabis for religious purposes has not yet been fully sanctioned?

    Didn’t organized whisky dealers aka bootleggers move into the mainstream business arena in the USA when the period of prohibition ended?

    What ought to be more of a concern is the inordinately large number of black boys (and girls) in the socially and economically depressed areas of cities in the UK who are stabbing and killing one another over skunk and other synthetic drugs because of the current criminalized status of these substances traded underground at massively inflated prices.

    Why can’t the “Native Son” come up with his own brand of proposals to tackle this massively destructive problem plaguing the black youth in the UK?


  • What factors will be taken into account when determining whether a person is “an adherent of the Rastafarian religion”? For example, there is an opinion that dreadlocks are not prerequisite for being a Rastafarian. See


  • @ Tony Trotman

    The short bill leaves a lot of gaps. For the first time we will have a definition of a Rasta in law, if only by restricting the age at which a member of the temple can fully participate in the rituals of the religion.
    The one that concerns me is the nonsense about a minor. In Barbados the age of majority is 18, the age of consent is 16 and (from memory) the age of criminal responsibility is 12. When we say a minor, which age applies.
    In the Church of England, an 8 or 9 yr old who has been confirmed can take Holy Communion, but an under age Rasta cannot be a full member of his/her religion if part of that is the use of Sacramental Cannabis, I can go on.


  • Miller…the intent is to CONTINUE to criminalize black people, especially Rasta and the running slime in the parliament IS ALL FOR is best for black people and Rasta to stay the hell away from ALL OF them, kick them out of the parliament in 2023, and going forward.

    ..DO NOT GIVE ANY GOVERNMENT MORE THAN 5 YEARS to do their jobs…then kick their asses out too…i have been saying this for years, no one owes them anything, so there is no reason to keep any of them for more than 5 years..


  • Here we go again.


  • Don’t worry, yardfowls will soon be

    and as for toxic sell out leaders…we leave you to the big countries, they know well enuff what to do with yall..cause they done know that yall victims WILL APPLAUD.


  • @ Hal Austin

    Clause 2 of the Bill defines a religion as “the moral system of beliefs practised or followed by a person”. Hence, it appears that the appearance of “an adherent of the Rastafarian religion” is not relevant.

    A person applying for a Sacramental Use Permit (SUP) does not have to be “an adherent of the Rastafarian religion”: Clause 4(1) of the Bill.

    Question 9 on the application form for a SUP wrongly assumes that a place of worship must have – “at least 5 people (other than the applicant) who principal officers, people involved in administration or management of this place of worship”.


  • @ Tony Trotman

    (3)A person who is an adherent of the Rastafarian religion shall in the enjoyment of his freedom of religion be permitted to use cannabis as a sacrament in an assembly of or in association with other Rastafarians in a place of worship in accordance with the provisions of this Act.(Quote)

    4 (1)A person who is responsible for the administration or management of a place of worship may apply to the Minister for the grant of a sacramental use permit to allow persons of that religious body to use cannabis for sacramental purposes at that place of worship.(Quote)

    Does section (3) validate section 4? Does this mean a group of five people or more, who describe themselves as a religion, could apply for a permit to use Sacramental Cannabis? Or is it poor drafting?
    Is the use of Sacramental Cannabis a fundamental part of Rastafarian belief? If so, does the bar on ‘minors’ restrict the age at which someone could be a fully practising Rasta?
    Does the Bill create a perverse opportunity for drug dealers? For example, if five or more people gather at a house of ‘worship’ and shar e Sacramental Cannabis, what is to prevent them from accepting money at a later (or previous) date? The place of ‘worship’ being cash free.
    What does Hansard say?


  • @ Hal Austin

    Question 9 on the SUP application form suggests that there must be a minimum number of 6 administrators and/or managers at the place of worship. The minimum number does not apply to the congregation. Clause 4(1) of the Bill does not say that the administrators or managers must be Rastafarians. Although, in practice, I suspect that they will be Rastafarians. It seems that the SUP application form is wrongly dictating the managerial or organisational structure at the place of worship.

    The Bill accepts that the use of sacramental cannabis is a fundamental part of the Rastafarian belief. And the Government believes that an age restriction must apply to the use of cannabis. I understand that a similar restriction also applies to the use of other drugs, e.g. alcohol.

    Clause 9(2) of the Bill provides that –

    “A person who sells or uses the cannabis grown at a place of worship in a commercial venture or for any commercial purpose is guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $10 000 or to a term of imprisonment of 2 years or to both.”

    Was the “collection plate” passed around the congregation for a commercial purpose? Or for the upkeep of the place of worship? Or for securing the cannabis at the place of worship?


  • @ Hal Austin

    Oops … I forgot that the age restriction for alcohol does not apply to Holy Communion. So please ignore my previous statement about it.

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  • @ Tony Trotman

    Parents can lawfully allow a child aged five to take a sip of alcohol at home; from age 7 a child can take Holy Communion in the Church of England, part of the world-wide Anglican Church. If Sacramental Cannabis is central to the beliefs of Rastafarianism, then by imposing an age on its use is government in effect stipulating the age at which one can become a full Rastafarian. If so, is this fair?
    Am I wrong?

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  • @ Hal Austin

    It’s a reflection of social attitudes towards both drugs. For example, it’s very unlikely that a sip of alcohol would be blamed for the bad behaviour of a child who takes Holy Communion. On the other hand, a puff of cannabis would quickly be blamed for the bad behaviour of a child takes sacramental cannabis.

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  • @ Tony Trotman
    @ Mr. Hal Austin

    Both of you in your exchanges here have spoken quite ably to the points I was making about the poor drafting of the law with regard to venue.

    In fact, your dialogue suggests that Douglas Trotman or any other Activist Lawyer WILL HAVE MANY INSTANCES UNDER WHICH HE, OR THEY CAN CONSTITUTIONALLY CHALLENGE THIS BOGUS LAW!

    For example you Tony Thompson said and I quote

    “…It seems that the SUP application form is wrongly dictating the managerial or organisational structure at the place of worship…”

    Just suppose that, for the sake of ensuring compliance, group of persons appoint persons present rather assign them temporary organizational capacity as provided for under the SUP? and such organizational compliance is minuted? does that override the existing requirements of the SUP if push comes to shove?

    By the way, the Office of the Attorney General and the Drafters of this Bill are getting free legal services here on BU

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  • That free advice is of no help to them, they are still doing utter shite, violating Rasta rights and will lose…with their disrespectful selves.


  • “I know it galls some Rastafarians that they would have to apply for something but I still need to protect them from the harshness of our Drug Abuse Act. We are not asking for a list of your membership but we do ask that you give us information that allows us to establish at least that you are a group. So we say, in the form, give us at least five names of people who are also in your group.”

    Dale Marshall – Attorney General


  • “but I still need to protect them from the harshness of our Drug Abuse Act.”

    ya hear the crawling scum…why not REVISE the Drug Abuse Act…it will be easier.

    Rasta will not allow this idiot to use them as any curiousity.


  • Why does government want a list of Rastafarians? Does it keep lists of Anglicans or Methodists or Pentecostals or members of fraternities?
    Apart from so-called confirmation of the members of a Rasta temle, what will the lists be used for? Will the security services have access to the lists? Will foreign security services have access to the lists?
    Will official membership of a Rasta temple deprive a member of opportunities or services? Will such membership be recorded on members’ passports or at ports of entry or on workplace records?
    Is this the beginning of mass surveillance of Barbadians? Does this involve the Chinese or Americans?


  • Hopefully, the Data Protection Bill will ensure that the information on a completed SUP application form is not misused.The Bill is available at:



  • This is a forward thinking government who know they work for the people, not the petty little nuisances that can be found in the Barbados parliament.

    “Jamaica has unveiled plans to become a medical cannabis tourism hotspot by tapping into to its rich cultivation heritage and sunny climate.

    Floyd Green, the Minister of State for Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, said the Caribbean nation already boasts a guaranteed formula for success.

    “We can create more facilities where patients while being treated, experience the beauty of Jamaica with the most fitting climate, the best people, the best service and, of course, the best cannabis,” said Green. “That is our competitive advantage in the global space.”

    Cannabis was first introduced to Jamaica in the 1850s. It was imported from iIndia during the British rule of both nations, and it flourished in the warm Caribbean climate.

    Many people see Jamaica as the spiritual home of marijuana culture due to its strong Rastafarian community and its iconic strains. It was always a major cultivator of illicit marijuana, but it decriminalized cannabis in 2015.

    Jamaicans can now cultivate up to five plants at home, and possession of up to 2 ounces is now considered a petty offence, with the Rastafari can use cannabis for religious purposes.”



    the time they spent drafting shite to violate Rasta’s rights, they missed the whole damn ship…lol and are now well stuck.


  • @ All the People and the sheeple

    TEETS said and I quote

    “…We are not asking for a list of your membership but we do ask that you give us information that allows us to establish at least that you are a group.

    So we say, in the form, give us at least five names of people who are also in your group…”


    And Piece the Legend will explain the rest to the sheeple and the people

    Since de ole man recognises dat ALL OF THE SHEEPLE and many of the people DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE REQUIREMENT FOR TEETS TO KNOW 5 MEMBERS de ole man has supplied the short I2 Analyst video above.

    From watching this video wunna will see how the Attorney General will take ALL THE INFORMATION SUPPLIED AND THEN IMPORTING IT ILLEGALLY INTO THE SOFTWARE DEM HAVE

    visualize all wunna individual extensive data on each body phone call to aid in their illegal criminal investigation on EVERYONE IN THE RASTA COMMUNITY.

    This data will also be used by other branches of government SPECIFICALLY BY THE BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY and Me Love You Jong Time as this despotic government escalated its anti-citizen, stalinistic intelligence gatheringoffensive against ALL BAJANS, especially the dissenting population.

    De ole man hope dat I help clarify dis shy$e for wunna



  • @David

    So, the Atty General is hankering for another title – “Protector of Rastafarians”, what’s next a Rasta ID card? The Gov’t is twisting itself into knots trying to craft laws that deny privileges to a majority of the population while bestowing them on others under the guise of religious rights. The Gov’ts position is absurd, it is asinine and will lead to more incarceration of young people.

    If Bajans thought they elected a progressive Gov’t in 2018, I say “Welcome to the 60’s”, 1960’s


  • “VOTE OUT MUGABE IN 2021!”




    this vicious LIAR used a DEAD RASTA CHILD killed by her partner in crimes and ILLEGAL ACTIONS against BLACK BAJANS, she used this child’s death and his mother to be ELECTED…..then, once elected she promptly threw this victim of Maloney and his mother to the wolves…EVIL..


  • Weak Rastamen are easily identified, Adonijah, since he was right there on Mia’s side show in Ghana should be telling us whose bones were dragged across the Continent from Barbados…ah will bet my last buck that he does not know.

    Weak Rasta are of no use to the group.


  • Like any other organisation – the managerial or administrative roles at the place of worship must be determined by its manager/s – and not the SUP application form. If a job analysis at the place of worship shows that it only needs a manager and an administrator – does it mean that it cannot apply for a SUP? Or it should falsely complete the SUP application form?

    There is no good or proper reason why SUP application form asks for 6 administrators and/or managers at the place of worship. The form should only ask for 1 or 2 managers.


  • All them marched wid Mia
    Wuh sweeten goat mout will bun de belly later
    Let the Rasta suck up some of the deceit from govt like the rest of society
    Not feeling sorry fuh them

    Liked by 1 person

  • For the UNEDUCATED. .and we all know why Barbados’ population bore the brunt of that miseducation and LACK of knowledge…..


    “Ever thought that returning soil in which our ancestors were buried might give peace to their spirits, producing a positive effect?
    The Ghanians treated it joyfully and with respect.
    The site, Two Rivers, is where slaves received their last bath before being herded on board the ships to start the horrific Middle Passage.
    This ent Hollywood. This is real African spirituality! Blessed love. I was there to see it and dance with my brothers.”

    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Sargeant November 25, 2019 11:50 PM
    “So, the Atty General is hankering for another title – “Protector of Rastafarians”, what’s next a Rasta ID card? The Gov’t is twisting itself into knots trying to craft laws that deny privileges to a majority of the population while bestowing them on others under the guise of religious rights. The Gov’ts position is absurd, it is asinine and will lead to more incarceration of young people.
    If Bajans thought they elected a progressive Gov’t in 2018, I say “Welcome to the 60’s”, 1960’s”

    Convincingly well argued, Sarge!

    You have missed your true calling of a Human Rights legal beagle.

    These different pieces of legislation to control the uses of marijuana and to decide who profits from it, is obviously so Unconstitutional it leaves you to wonder what kind of two-bit lawyers sitting in Parliament the UWI has produced.

    Jeff C. must be spitting in the air to see what his former charges are doing to his ‘.expected’ work of ‘legalese’ art.

    Why is this administration trying to placate a ‘special interest’ group to secure electoral favours by violating the rights of the majority of the citizens?

    Why not spend the resources- needed to ‘police’ the special rules and devices to permit the Rastafarian to partake in an activity which is not available to the rest of society- on uplifting and protecting the rights of the more vulnerable and disadvantaged in society?

    Why not use the already scarce resources on preventing the widespread abuse of children, on improving the lot of the disabled and those who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation which, like the religious practices of the Rasta community, does not fall into the Bajan ‘norm’ of mainstream church-determined sexual orthodoxy even though 70 % of Bajan babies are born out of legal wedlock?


  • Big problem with that cockup, she is STILL VIOLATING THE RIGHTS OF RASTAS…it seem that they cannot get pass the violations of human rights…everything they touch as it pertains to the Black population, violates theirs rights.

    It’s like they cannot help themselves and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE..

    they cannot stay.


  • @Miller

    What is the size of the Rasta population in Barbados?


  • @ WURA-WAR-on-U November 26, 2019 7:22 AM

    It’s a pity to see how the Rastafarian community is allowing itself to be manipulated and used by the current cowardly administration just because of the spineless politicians who want to protect the lucrative revenue flows to the legal fraternity which could quickly dry up if the marijuana trade is decriminalized.

    Is this the same Rasta community whose members (mainly from the lower rungs of the socio-economic Bajan ladder), only two years ago, were treated by the same political class like a community of social lepers and economic pariahs and were held responsible for the vast amount of praedial larceny in Barbados?

    Would the government be accommodating also the use of marijuana by the Hindu community in the form of BHANG as they celebrate their Spring festival of Holi similar to what Christians called Easter?

    Why not just decriminalize the entire use of the blasted plant and stop turning the innocent plant into a martyr and a matter inviting the ruling of a King Solomon as was required in the eponymous case of the two women making claims over an innocent baby?

    Do Bajans who smoke imported cigarettes and get drunk from expensive alcoholic beverages have to go through all this parliamentary palaver and rigmarole in the circus for political clowns?


  • Miller…even in the Rasta Community you will find the mentally weak, but splintering the community just to get a ticket to Africa to bury who knows what, is a little lower than low crawling.

    They cannot see they are being SET UP with the carrot and stick approach….,dangle Africa in the faces of the MOST WEAK…..then continue with the 20 year old promise of 60 acres…then keep reducing the acreage cause they might get the land to lease but no money to start the project….THE STICK….

    A set up….and the MOST weak are too blind, dumb and miseducated to see and talking shite but they were in Africa dancing.

    But it suits them, they wear it well…especially the part where the government continues to shoot itself in the foot waiting in vain for the intelligent to prostrate themselves before them.


  • Dont for one minute think that the Barbados government did not know from as far back as 2014 what Caricom had proposed, 5 years ago, but violating their people’s rights were more important than adopting what Caricom proposed, now they will have people beleive they had no choice…SET UP.

    the violations of human rights must continue to be exposed.

    “One thing I am very hap­py about…and again, as I said on my Face­book, I hope it is not a po­lit­i­cal foot­ball be­cause the process start­ed in 2013 when the com­mis­sion was formed and all gov­ern­ment in­clud­ing ours agreed to form a com­mis­sion.”

    The com­mis­sion was es­tab­lished by the de­ci­sion of the 25th In­ter-Ses­sion­al Meet­ing of the CARI­COM Heads of Gov­ern­ment in March 2014 in St Vin­cent and the Grenadines with a man­date to con­duct a rig­or­ous en­quiry in­to the so­cial, eco­nom­ic, health and le­gal is­sues sur­round­ing mar­i­jua­na use in the Caribbean; and to de­ter­mine whether there should be a change in the cur­rent drug clas­si­fi­ca­tion of mar­i­jua­na there­by mak­ing the drug more ac­ces­si­ble for all types of us­age (re­li­gious, recre­ation­al, med­ical and re­search).”


  • Miller…see how EVIL these pig negros in the parliament are…. they had 5 LONG YEARS to do the necessary research etc on marijuana, now here they are pretending that they are only now starting….were i the Rasta with mental strength and intelligence…not the weak willed cowardly ones, soon to be turned into fowls, pimps and imps…i would not give this government the time of day.


  • But it gets worse, just watched a clip from Al Jazeera News, investigations have shown that Caribbean joke leaders sell diplomatic passports to the highest bidders, yep, the wealthiest of crooks, former Dominca PM Oliver Serraphin got caught and recorded brokering a deal on camera and Skerritt is right in the middle of this mess due to elections soon…

    their corruption is ugly and just look how they all treat the people once elected…who knows what the others are selling, the people have to watch their backs.

    “Politicians implicated in diplomatic-passports-for-millions scheme in Dominica – threat to CIP says developer. The saga began when Lennox Linton, head of the island’s parliamentary opposition, the United Workers Party, appeared on an episode of CBS’ 60 Minutes in January. Linton implied that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit had been involved in the granting of diplomatic passports to criminals sought by INTERPOL.”


  • Miller…ya hear the Caribbean house negros, both current and former, from parliament chant…

    “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME”…lol…or the Bajan version..”WHERE IS MY CUT???”

    they are famous, NOTORIOUS, none of them have EVER LEARNED NEW WORDS since the 1950s……they ALL need to UPDATE THEIR VOCABULARY.


  • After two years of planning, the medicinal cannabis industry has officially achieved lift-off.

    The Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA) is reporting that it has received its first 15 applications just this week.

    he disclosure was made yesterday by chief executive officer of the BMCLA, Dr Shantal Munro-Knight, during a virtual press conference via Zoom. She noted that the number would likely have been much higher, had it not been for setbacks resulting from the second wave of COVID-19. She also revealed while there had been overseas interest, the very first application for cultivation was from a Barbadian.

    The first of the applications has come just a year after the organisation was established under Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act, 2019.

    “Starting from Monday when we opened for applications up to this morning, we have approximately 15 applications in draft and one application fully submitted. We are very happy that the very first application fully submitted is for a Tier 1 cultivation licence (up to an acre) and also an import licence, and that person is local. What for us is really good is that it pushes back on the notion that small players will not be able to get into the industry because of the number of challenges,” said Munro-Knight.

    The BMCLA head said the start of application process augured well for the trajectory of the sector, as already six of the eight categories of licences had received applications


  • Let us see where this ends up Hants.


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