The Adrian Loveridge Column – B for Bollocks, B for Brexit

The ongoing Brexit debacle has produced a new British Prime Minister and abinet, seemingly intent on mimicking the Disney created urban legend documentary, depicting a lemming-like suicide by leaving the European Union on 31st October 2019, regardless of the cost to its own population and the inevitable effect it will have on both domestic and overseas tourism.

By now I would imagine that our tourism industry policymakers and planners have gone into ‘hyperdrive’ while attempting to fully evaluate the potential damage which resulted in further downward pressure on Sterling against the US$ (last week a 28 month low), together with the consequential repercussion it will have on the cost of living for most UK residents and their ability to absorb massive increases in holiday prices with depleted disposable income.

While we remain a tour operator driven destination those companies will have no alternative but to pass on increased currency and other costs to the consumer, unless once again hoteliers are coerced to accept reduced contracted room rates to save the business.

We have recently witnessed a major airline giving notice of withdrawing from one of our regional competing islands and if media reporting is accurate, the underlying reason is the failure to agree a substantial subsidy to offset the real cost of maintaining the route.

Further reduction in passenger volume on flights into the Caribbean will again bring into question, any airlines justification to sustain service below economically loaded aircraft.

And less we forget, British based airlines flying into the region still have to pay for aviation fuel and leased aircraft in US$.

Another major consideration is that the overwhelming majority of tour operators rely on forward bookings, and the payment of deposits to keep them in business.

Retail prices which are shown in their printed or online brochures are agreed, often a year in advance, based on the rates they negotiate with hotels and villa owners or their management companies.

These prices are of course based on a speculated rate of currency exchange, with perhaps the larger travel entities buying forward (hedging) to hopefully minimize any detrimental impact of a declining Sterling value.

If they cannot absorb any differential, or the hoteliers are not willing to reduce previously agreed rates, the only option is to apply surcharges, which as a former tour operator is loathed by both the holidaymaker and travel company.

Surcharges would be levied across all holidays which involve currencies that are paid for, outside the United Kingdom.

But in our special circumstances, where a whole range of additional taxes have been applied during the last year, it is another step towards being perceived as a destination that no longer offers value-for-money.

I believe ‘we’ are now on that fine line with our tourism offerings, and unless corrective measures are shortly put in place, then everyone who earns a living out of the industry should brace for the impact.

Some may consider these views as alarmist but in the cold light of day, we have no absolute right to demand that people visit Barbados.

We have to earn and entice every single person to our shores and not surprisingly, many of our British arrivals will have to try and justify these huge increases in costs to holiday here.

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  1. Simple Simon..Why dont u read my advice to blacks living in Barbados
    Maybe that would help in your questioning


    Taxes taxes they abound yet it is never enough there is always another round of taxes especially during hard times the talk is always for the small man yet the taxes are on everyone. Any good businessman having learnt to survive will try his best to survive but the person who works for another must also survive but his perks are cut, his allowances are cut, his tax rates go up, the charges on electricity go up when using free sunlight to produce electricity that is fed into the grid. The water rates go up, new taxes are introduce (garbage collection, sewage, even if you do not use any sewage system).

    There is nothing we own that is not taxed. The most egregious one is land tax, a misnomer they mean tax you for owning a house. Is there anything that you can owe, I mean own that it is yours and not another, because if you do not pay the land tax they will sell your house to get the land tax regardless of what it is owed they just want what they say belongs to them in this case if they can sell your house without your permission they own the house not you.

    You are a serf you pay whatever they say you must pay. (1/2 % yesterday 1% today) You are indentured to the state without a release date and also your inheritors. I long for the day when I can own something that is mine and not the government. When can we elect a government that will make us free men and not indentured serfs? Do we need another 1834? Where is a Barbadian Wilberforce? Who will free us from the tyranny of over taxation? Where is that person? Moses where are you, this Egypt is putting our children in the bricks to make up their buildings and the size of their establishment, what plagues will you bring to tame Pharaoh? We already have drought would rats be next?

    We will pay over 30 years $113,283 to the government for something we own yet we pay the bank who we borrowed money from $73,490 in interest to have the “Indentured privilege” to pay the government more.

    This chart may not be completely accurate as they are some concessions on taxes on the lower value end but you get the idea. But will be more accurate on bigger values.

    Assumptions 8% per year increase in value Land Tax at 1% per year
    Year House Value Taxes Due Year House Value Taxes Due
    1 $100,000 $1,000 16 $317,217 $3,172
    2 $108,000 $1,080 17 $342,594 $3,426
    3 $116,640 $1,166 18 $370,002 $3,700
    4 $125,971 $1,260 19 $399,602 $3,996
    5 $136,049 $1,360 20 $431,570 $4,316
    6 $146,933 $1,469 21 $466,096 $4,661
    7 $158,687 $1,587 22 $503,383 $5,034
    8 $171,382 $1,714 23 $543,654 $5,437
    9 $185,093 $1,851 24 $587,146 $5,871
    10 $199,900 $1,999 25 $634,118 $6,341
    11 $215,892 $2,159 26 $684,848 $6,848
    12 $233,164 $2,332 27 $739,635 $7,396
    13 $251,817 $2,518 28 $798,806 $7,988
    14 $271,962 $2,720 29 $862,711 $8,627
    15 $293,719 $2,937 30 $931,727 $9,317
    Total taxes paid $113,283

    Mortgage interest rate at 4% per annum
    Year House Value Mortgage Year House Value Mortgage
    1 $100,000 $5,783 16 $317,217 $5,783
    2 $108,000 $5,783 17 $342,594 $5,783
    3 $116,640 $5,783 18 $370,002 $5,783
    4 $125,971 $5,783 19 $399,602 $5,783
    5 $136,049 $5,783 20 $431,570 $5,783
    6 $146,933 $5,783 21 $466,096 $5,783
    7 $158,687 $5,783 22 $503,383 $5,783
    8 $171,382 $5,783 23 $543,654 $5,783
    9 $185,093 $5,783 24 $587,146 $5,783
    10 $199,900 $5,783 25 $634,118 $5,783
    11 $215,892 $5,783 26 $684,848 $5,783
    12 $233,164 $5,783 27 $739,635 $5,783
    13 $251,817 $5,783 28 $798,806 $5,783
    14 $271,962 $5,783 29 $862,711 $5,783
    15 $293,719 $5,783 30 $931,727 $5,783
    Total mortgage payments $173,490
    Loan amount $100,000
    Mortgage interest $73,490

    Moses where are you? Mr Barbadian Wilberforce where are you?

  3. @Mariposa August 6, 2019 4:45 PM “My best advice for blacks living on the island is to get the hell out.”

    So Mariposa, the most loyal of DLP operatives advises us to get the hell out.

    BLP operatives have advised that we sell the land to the highest bidder.

    Can Mariposa explain whether there are any differences in these tw very negative pieces of advice?

    So what about us who don’t want to sell, and who don’t want to leave.

    is it ok if we stay and work hard and work well? perhaps ever work the land hard and well?

  4. @John A
    That won’t surprise me.
    I was in Silicon Valley in 1979 when M. Thatcher became prime minister and the £ was worth $1.09 US.
    From everything Stateside looking cheap, suddenly they looked very high compared to the UK.

    The current UK government may even look at that as a plus with money flooding in to buy up what hasn’t yet been sold. They have already mentioned lowering Capital Gains Tax to attract more foreign investment.
    As usual and as stated, buy votes by lowering tax for high earners, appearing to lower taxes for middle and low income earners, throw a few crumbs to pensioners. The impact effectively being a tax rise for all but the highest earners.

    The mess can always be explained as a “short term shock” and eventually blamed on the EU, India, Japan, China or any other country “reneging” on imagined promised great trade deals.

  5. JohnA

    Keep up!! The FEED programme was launched since May 14, 2019. Many here seem allergic to evidence/facts.

  6. @ John A August 6, 2019 1:15 PM
    “It seems as more financial entities weigh In, the new predictions seem to be heading more towards 1.0 to 1.05 now to the USD as opposed to earlier ones of 1.10 to 1.15.”

    A highly probable outcome from the continuing fall of the pound sterling vis-à-vis the US$ is further pressure on the ‘real’ value of the Bajan Mickey Mouse dollar.

    Would it force the official devaluation of the Bajan dollar or make Dr. Worrell’s recommendation of its replacement with the Greenback a stark reality in the coming months?

    It is also highly unlikely that the BERT programme was in any way designed (in its sensitivity analyses) to reflect this possible and ‘significant’ reduction in Barbados’s foreign exchange earning capacity.

    The UK ‘visitors’ market is a major source of forex receipts and any loss of business must have some impactful effects on the Bajan economy and its ability to meet the requirements of the BERT programme without further draconian measures especially on the masses.

    What could this potential loss of earning capacity have on the expectations of foreign creditors and suppliers of goods and services?

    When will the policymakers pay attention to the quietly incandescing light from the whistle on the pressure cooker on its way to a crescendo of hysteria?

  7. Enuff can you direct me to where the green houses have been erected and handed over to Bajan farmers so that I can go and see them and maybe buy from them then.

    If you could give me the location in the relevant parishes to the green houses I am fairly sure I will be able to find them. After all they should be large structures filled with saleable produce by now, as according to you the project started since May.

    Awaiting your response and directions by car to the location as I have my basket in the car already.

  8. @ Miller

    Your concerns are mine as well trust me. What is even more concerning is the deafening silence from them on this issue in terms of a pro-active response.

    As for the effect on the foreign creditors being paid, their chief financial advisor Persaud has already made the policy on paying them clear with his utterances of ” we ain’t in no rush to pay you cause we ain t borrowing from you in no hurry Any how .”

    I have also heard no proclamations from Bay Street as to how a rate of sterling to the USD of 1 to 1 would affect the viability of the Hotel Corridor stretching from hither to thither. You see there is a time for grand statements throw to the peanut gallery and then there is a time for realty and genuine conversation based on economic viability. We are great at the former but poor at the latter.

    Like you I await a clear and precise outline of how we will try to address the fall out of sterling, from both the minister of tourism and the BTA. Of course I shall hold my breath for neither.

  9. @ John A August 7, 2019 8:02 AM

    Enuff is just serving a bowl of yesteryear’s cold bullsh**it soup warmed over for a modern naïve audience.

    Barbados policymakers having talking about “FEED” programmes since the days of Carmetta Fraser.

    Yet the country’s food import bill for meats and vegetables continues to skyrocket.

    Things will change only when the country cannot find the forex to pay foreign suppliers and the fast food outlets unable to sell cardboard-tasting potato chips with burgers made from imported genetically-modified beef.

    Just look at what is happening to Zimbabwe the former food basket of southern Africa!

    • Last month James Paul was vociferous about a license issued to import pork. Before that it was chicken wings and the beat goes on.

  10. @ David.

    I would like to see the ministry of tourism and the BTA start a program targeting the UK market with value added packages.

    The South coast hotels who will be the hardest hit, need to come togather on a promotion like pay for 6 nights and get the 7th free, then pass that onto the marketing department in the ministry so they can get their UK marketing people on to it. For this to work it must be a joint effort. If the hoteliers drag their tail and expect the ministry to do all, it will not work. Likewise the same is true if the hoteliers try to act on their own. They need to therefore list the participating hotels, outline their proposal clearly and get it to the minister as a matter of urgency, Branded with a name for the offering. If it was me I would make it clear to the UK traveller too why we are doing it with a name like ” The Brexit Escape Package to Barbados.” Lol

    We are in August now with October being the proposed departure from Brexit, we therefore have no time to pussy foot with getting our act together here.

    Once We can get them here then locally we can look at offering savings on activities etc, but we have to get them here first. Once here hired car companies can then be part of the “Brexit Package” by offering a rental where they pay for 6 days and get the 7th free too for example.

    Further ideas will require payment to bank account number ******** at *******. 😊

    Anyhow in all seriousness we need to get started on pulling something together and getting it out there.

    • @Adrian

      Is John A suggestion feasible if we consider that all markets will probably adopt a similar approach? Does Barbados have the brand to make more noise in the cacophony that will erupt? The UK market is important for many in our peer group. What role can Sandals play given the weight of their brand?

  11. @ David.

    Don’t worry about Sandals they way ahead of the game and will take care of their own.

    It’s the smaller local hotels who need to get their move on here.

    • @John A

      To whom much is given much is expected. Sandals in vested in the success of the Barbados tourist product.

  12. @ Miller.

    So I should take the basket out the car then cause these green houses don’t actually exist? The way Enuff was talking I thought they were all built since May and with Lettuce and tomatoes being quick crops, I was here awaiting his directions so I could go and fill my basket today. Now you telling me it was more long talk! You mean Enuff was misleading me?

    Or these is virtual green houses where I can take my virtual basket to and shop at? Sound like I will end up virtually hungry too if I wait on yet another pipe dream to become a reality.

    Yet another example of grand statements thrown to the peanut gallery.

  13. @ David August 7, 2019 8:32 AM

    Now that the former kingpin of kickbacks, the Don of Pornville, is politically neutered and under ‘foot-arrest’ the man might have switched his financially large ‘political party-backing’ allegiance in SJS to protect his expanding commercial interests.

    That chicken fiasco has died a natural death in the same container of illegal weapons.

  14. @ John A August 7, 2019 9:04 AM

    Forget about Enuff and his BS (Bachelor of Shi**t) in yardfowlism!

    If you want to see for yourself the real direction of agriculture in Barbados why not pay a visit to the HQ of agriculture at Graeme Hall?

    Why not drop in and ask any senior official if that building (designed under the Tom Adams’ administration to be self-sustaining energy wise) is still fueled by solar energy?

    While you are there looking at the jaw-dropping technological advancements in the science of agriculture why not try to do a count of the number of heads wearing the title: “PhD”?

    You will need more than 20 digits to complete the inventory of eggheads in that ministerial dumping ground.

  15. Simplistic logic dictates that ” value added packages ” for UK travelers should see an increase in visitors from the USA and Canada.

  16. Hants that’s the plan we attract everyone with these packages with the hope other markets will also increase over the promotion period hence softening the short fall we might get from the UK.

    In other words the Brexit Travel Package while aimed at the British, Is open to all for the package period

  17. Am I right in thinking one person is blogging under three different nom de plumes? If so, is this a sign of cognitive problems?

  18. Jones DLP : school children have demons
    Jordan BLP: public servants leaders are Devil leaders

    The Duopoly Rules

  19. David, various value-added initiatives have been tried in the past with some success. I think it depends who drives and monitors the promotion, but we clearly have to do something.

  20. David,

    to add – I am not sure that sufficient hoteliers and tourism partners fully understand the concept of ‘revenue control’. I think every hotelier should sit down and see what the difference in revenue and profit would be if their occupancy was increased by 10 per cent. Whether at the normal off season rate or a slightly lower one in quiet months.

    We can also partner with people who help drive volume. An example is that I have your received TopCashBack offer giving 4 per cent of Expedia bookings. Lets just say for argument sake the exchange rate for Sterling/US$ has fallen by 10 percent, then we should be looking for cost-effective ways that deficit can be eliminated.

  21. Barbados Hotels could consider a 25% discount to visitors if the pound falls to $1.05 USA dollars.

    Tourism stakeholders could be planning strategies to deal with the fall out from Brexit.

  22. I would not go for offering a cash discount on room rate as that is a discount on gross revenue. I would offer night’s free as that would only cost the hotel the room at input cost net of mark up.

    In other words it is always better to discount on the cost of an item than on the retail price inclusive of mark up. Plus it ensures us a longer stay from them to hence try and offer them more of our products and services

  23. JohnA
    Have you even deigned to investigate what the FEED programme entails i.e. where in the programme the erection of greenhouses is to be started? I would think any programme such as this would start with TRAINING. But I ain’t no expert. You may continue with your effort to spin, obfuscate and deny. #vacillation#evidenceallergic

  24. Enuff your green houses in the same development as your sandbox for digital currencies to play in and your hotel corridor from hither to thither.


    When you can send me directions to the first functioning green house let me know though, till then I will shop in the market. Lol

  25. Skinner – “Jordan BLP: public servants leaders are Devil leaders”

    Nation – “Minister of Labour Colin Jordan has taken aim at some public sector leaders he said have taken upon themselves the role of devil and persist in mistreating subordinates.”

    The duopoly will continue to rule when this is the calibre of the candidate/intellect trying to unseat them. #thechallengersareweak

  26. @ David

    I was told earlier of a program Spain’s tourism folks are unrolling with discounts aimed at the UK market from September 1st. I have asked the person in the UK if he sees the promotion in the London papers to scan and email me the physical ad. Once I get it I will forward it to you.

    Apparently it’s room discounts combined with discount cards for participating restaurants and such like.

  27. @Freedom Crier, August 6 at 7:39 “You are a serf you pay whatever they say you must pay. (1/2 % yesterday 1% today) You are indentured to the state without a release date and also your inheritors. I long for the day when I can own something that is mine and not the government.”

    Dear Freedom Crier: Why don’t you move to a place with no government, and no infrastructure which has been paid for by the money and labour of other people long before you were born. I would suggest Redonda. it is in the nice and warn Caribbean Sea, uninhabited. You would be free to create and pay for your own infrastructure, airport, seaport, roads, hospital, school, church, nursing home. Then obody would bother you. You wouldn’t have to pay any taxes. Redonda is technically part of Antigua, but I am sure that the people of Antigua would let you have it for some reasonable consideration. And look. NO TAXES.



    There was never a mention of No Government, it was stated, “IS THERE ANYTHING IN LIFE WE OWN WITHOUT HAVING THE GOVERNMENT OWN IT.” The most Sacred thing that a person can own is their home and even that we do not own, we work to pay the Government for the Privilege of living in it. What Freedom finds Incredulous is that you have Justified Servitude and I am sure you are Anti-Slavery! SS you are as the Israelite’s in the desert wanting to give up their Freedom for Security by telling Moses it is better that we serve the Egyptians than you having brought us here to Die! They were about to Choose Serfdom rather than Freedom.

    If something as basic as that and you Chosen Incorrectly, what Else have you Chosen Mistakenly? Because you have chosen wrongly in the day of your troubles, the God of all will be Slow to hear when you cry out. Remember Venezuela Choose Chavez!

  29. Two ideas
    I was talking to this person about beach access in Hawaii. The person declared that all beaches are open. If you are entering a beach and it is closed off, you simply take it a picture and send it in.. The barricade must be removed within 30 days. Let’s get some sensible las in place … and don’t copy/modify and come up with a watered down and useless version…

    She also mentioned that sugar cane was once the number one crop but they replaced it with pineapples.

    In my time I saw the reintroduction of cotton in some areas, now I am hearing of some interest in sugar again… perhaps we can consider other crops

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