Report on Blue Horizon Town Hall Meeting

Here is a report scripted and posted to Facebook by Annalee Davis who attended the Blue Horizon town hall meeting – David, blogmaster

Annalee Davis



111 thoughts on “Report on Blue Horizon Town Hall Meeting

  1. David G. Brooks
    58 mins ยท

    I didn’t see the article (on page 18 yesterday’s Sun On Saturday) myself but I someone told me that a Minister Abrahams was saying the the South Coast Sewage PLANT could handle the extra load if new hotels came along.

    Well as far as I know, and from what I, the PM and many others have been saying since 2015, it was never really the Plant’s capacity that was the problem “along the south coast”. We all knew the plant was never at full capacity, but it was the rest of the infrastructure that was allowed to deteriorate etc.

    Has Massy/Big B reconnected? Has Bubbas reconnected? Have many of the hotels along the H/Way reconnected as yet?

    We still see sewage trucks working late at night to avoid traffic and at other times, taking off sewage that is obviosly NOT going in into the “system” – which is what we are questioning now … the “system” as a whole.

    I really thought this baloney talk would have stopped after May last year. Really was hoping.

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