Guyana’s Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP), today (Yesterday), June 21, 2019 said via its Facebook Page, that it intends to “file private charges” against me for “inciting violence” because I called on Guyana’s security forces to investigate allegations that the PPP has been acquiring and stockpiling weapons. Calling on the police to investigate a crime or allegation of a crime is not a violation of the law. The responsibility of the Guyana Police Force, and other security forces is to investigate crimes and allegations of crimes. The PPP cannot intimidate me. I’m undeterred by its threat. I therefore reaffirm my call for the Police Force to investigate these allegations.
The PPP is smarting from its own sordid history of political and criminal violence. The PPP government, during Bharrat Jagdeo’s presidency, was accused of, and investigated for, killing over 400 Afro-Guyanese young men. The PPP was also investigated for torture and other crimes against humanity.
Moreover, I also intend to direct my Attorneys to file criminal charges against opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo for making reckless statements on March 10, 2019, at a political rally at Babu Jaan, Port Mourant, Berbice that incited violence against President David Granger, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and other government ministers. Jagdeo repeated said statements at press conference at his Church Street, government office on March 14, 2019. Jagdeo’s incendiary statement incontrovertibly incited violence and racial polarization, and constituted a criminal violation of the law.


  1. We keep telling Sir William Skinner

    That Indians, in the main, hold no deep commitment to his notion of a One Caribbean, as a developmental project.

    They generally see their homeland as India, not the Caribbean. With all that means – Hinduism, its institutional racism and the lived cultural norms not widely shared by Afro-Caribbeans, even as subjected to.

    Jagdeo, after promoting Indian domination in Guyana when in government, is again sinking to the lowest of lows as he now injects the talk about political violence in public discourses.

    For a man disqualified from serving in the highest offices, now expected to support a straw man as stand-in, it seems too much of an irony for this type of talk to re-emerge in Guyanese politics.

    Have you ever heard about a government getting a bonus. Well, Jagdeo so negotiated with Exxon, over 200 million USD, this is still laughable. A government negotiating a bonus ……………… ‘for the boys’.

    Had not for the hapless imbecile Granger being in office a massive thief from the public would have avoided the consolidated fund.

    • Rickford Burke
      5 hrs ·


      The Administrators of BALWANT SINGH hospital pursued Melissa Atwell in retaliation for her exposing accusations of alleged malpractice at the hospital. Melissa was arrested by Police pursuant to a libel complaint by the hospital. Clearly People abused their powerful connections, privileges and/office to effect this arrest. The Guyana Police Force has not atrested the alleged known perpetrator who shot and wounded the Principal of School of the Nations. But the rushed to arrest a harmless young lady who is a social activist. We cannot allow the rich and powerful to dictate the course and administration of justice in our country. This case is a national disgrace and an indictment of the Police Force. The Administrators of BALWANT SINGH have spoken and acted. Their actions have suppressed democracy. Now the people, the most powerful force in a democracy, must act. CGID calls on the people of Guyana to immediately commence a boycott of BALWANT SINGH HOSPITAL.

  2. Yes David

    Indo-Guyanese (Hindus) seem to feel that they could do anything in this life

    Because in the reincarnations to come, chances will be presented to be a better being.

    Elections just need to be in the air and an iron curtain is erected in Guyana between Indo and Afro Guyanese.

    Neighbours stop speaking to each other etc.

    Cultural battle lines are harsh and clearly defined.

    Makes the duopoly in Barbados seem like a one-party state.

    • @Pacha

      Guyana rich in resources offers the opportunity to be the so called breadbasket of the Caribbean. With the racial conflict and political instability is this more theoretical than becoming a reality? What does it bode for regionalism?

  3. In all reality are we not a one party state simply with 2 chapters one D and the other B?

    One government is accused of trying to tax their way out of a recession by the other and when they get in more taxes are introduced.

    One government accuses the other of corruption and when then get in questions are immediately raised about white oak.

    You fellows fooling yourself if in reality and for purpose of true change, you doubt we are a one party state simply with 2 chapters.

  4. As usual de ole man finds these discourses too high for my patented illiteracy.

    I am moreso fixated on the following comments.

    “…because I called on Guyana’s security forces to investigate allegations that the PPP has been acquiring and stockpiling weapons…”

    Now, their is a pattern to instituting dictatorships.

    One common denominator is social dissent much like these 30 AND SOON GO BE 50 MURDERS.

    Is it possible that the purposed killings presage something to come?

    Could all these uniformed killers and seemingly unrelated killings be simply the heralding of a new and permanent regime where, UNDER THE GUISE OF THIS UPSURGE OF KILLINGS, MUGABE IS BRINGING IN A LAYER OF HER OWN PRETTY SHIRT brown shirts?

    Look at this thing closely

    30 killings AT JUNE 2019 and no resolution in sight!

    But de Prime Minister all ovah de place giving RH speeches while people getting kill like shy$e?

    Fellers I sorry dat I cant think at wunna existentialist levels but…

  5. @ pacha

    I know William likes to refer to what we have as a duopoly but I beg to differ and will call it a 2 chapter monopoly and this is why I saw so.

    To me a duopoly would require 2 parties with different schools of thought and approaches both co existing in the island. They would for instance have to be say one with a true approach to change, regardless to political fall out and the other a traditional “promise the masses everything approach”. Instead we have both parties with the same approach. To be a dupoloy one would have to see economic growth as the way out and the other taxation as the way out. Instead both have the “tax to grave” mentality. Trust me there is no duopoly at work here as far as we are concerned, just a 2 chapter monopoly.

    As for you comments about race in Guyana stopping friends from speaking. Does not the same happen here even among the same race, when elections are called and party lines drawn in the proverbial political battleground ?

    Give it a thought and you will come to my conclusion in the end sadly.

  6. @Pachamama June 22, 2019 1:24 PM
    What you have said is true. Trinidad has the same problem. As I have stated elsewhere on this blog I expect a race war. I spent ten years in Trinidad. There is a joint at Curepe called the Red Spot run by Satnarayan Maharaj ( a religious leader in Trinidad and Tobago. He is the Secretary-General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, a major Hindu extreme organization). Sat Maharaj is a rabid racist. He has been active since the 1960’s. He doesn’t think too highly of blacks. He has made the BBC programs when Human Rights watch /United Nations accused Basdeo Panday of government sponsorship of a racist organization. Indians do not forget their cultural heritage. They will behave worst towards blacks as India develops more technologically.. I have seen a lot of hostile comments on this blog made against the white western civilization. I won’t be around when India and China are calling the shots: those of the blacks who are around then are going to wish for a return to the old days. The African nations have no sense of pride. The leaders pillage the assets of their people without making an effort to improve the plight of their peoples. They have no ambition to improve their standing in the world. One has to admire the Chinese and Indians.

  7. It will be a wonderful day when all these riff raff for Caribbean leaders are banned from running for public office….they actually constitute and represent the dregs of society.

  8. @ Pacha
    Simply because I believe I One Caribbean Nation , does not mean that I am unaware of the race problems within the region. One thing I have learnt is that there are numerous problems, but we must find solutions. Rampant racism within America certainly has not stopped Americans of all races from defending their country.
    @ John A
    Your definition of a duopoly is a bit interesting but I think the definition as first copped by Pacha, with which I agree , is more accurate in relation to the BLPDLP
    @ WARU you are more than correct, we are dealing with both intellectually corrupt and politically corrupt leaders. This represents a bigger challenge than racism in T and T and Guyana. Racist America elected a black president, who inspired all its citizens. Leadership matters.
    @ Robert Lucas
    Classism and racism will continue to plague mankind. This does not mean, we must not strive to create a united region, which has a better chance of combatting the ills you so eloquently describe.
    And there is where the challenge lies my dear brother. Your erudite contributions on BU clearly demonstrate that you will help us find solutions.
    The new Caribbean Nation is evolving. It has been evolving from the first moment we came here from Africa. We survived slavery because that nation was already evolving. Out of this evolution, we have given the world : Sobers, Sparrow, Marley, Garvey, Williams , Walcott Usain Bolt,
    and our women prime ministers, governors of Central banks, teachers We saved the British Health system. Shirley Chrislom
    More to come
    Long live the Caribbean Nation !

  9. As we have IDENTIFIED and PROVEN…the SCUM for leaders in MOST of the Caribbean islands and their IMPS AND PIMPS ….ARE THE DREGS OF SOCIETY..a BLIGHT and CURSE ON THE SOCIAL LANDSCAPE.

    the PEOPLE…have the POWER to EXPOSE THEM and REMOVE THEM….

    make it happen…KEEP IT CONSISTENT….NEVER STOP…

  10. @ William Skinner June 22, 2019 7:39 PM

    Your comments are noted and are well expressed. I sincerely hope your sentiments come to fruition. Being a skeptic where West Indians are concerned when it comes to unity I have some reservations. It seems that for every foot forward, there is a regression of ten feet.

  11. “Rampant racism within America certainly has not stopped Americans of all races from defending their country.”

    the US is actually BATTLING CENTURIES OLD DEMONS of HATE who insist on keeping HATRED and RACISM ALIVE as a form of controlling others and to continue the terrorizing of the Black and Brown groups whose lands they still SQUAT ON…….everyone has to join in that fight, to get rid of PURE EVIL for the survival of everyone living on the land..

    the riffraff for Caribbean leaders on the other hand are keeping the SAME EVIL DEMONS of HATRED FOR and RACISM AGAINST Black people ALIVE…solely to line their own GREEDY pockets….AS LONG AS the white, indian, syrian units CONTINUE TO BRIBE THEM…

    ….plus they themselves are filled with hatred against their own people, WHEN THEY CANNOT CONTROL THEM.


  12. The PPP is Playing A Dangerous Game By Petitioning the CCJ To Violate the Guyana Constitution to usurp the powers of the Presidency

    Guyana is a sovereign State and Republic. The fundamental governance principle in our constitution is the separation of powers doctrine that regulate the operation of the three branches of government. Each branch, the executive, legislative and judicial, is separate but equal and cannot intrude on each other’s functions and responsibilities as provided for in the constitution. The judicial branch; including the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), cannot violate the separation of powers doctrine of the constitution, as the PPP has petitioned the CCJ to do by asking it to mandate elections in three months. The PPP has always shown a willingness to give away Guyana’s sovereignty, as it has done on the Venezuela border matter. Should the CCJ enter such consequential order, it will be a flagrant violation of the laws of Guyana as well as an overreach that would be nugatory. It will also be a severe deterrent to other Caricom States joining the court. Indeed, a majority of Caricom countries have not joined the CCJ in the appellate jurisdiction.

    Guyana must not submit its sovereignty, governance and electoral processes to the temptations and predispositions of Caribbean Judges who appear bereft of the import and uniqueness of our constitutional provisions and arrangements. The judgements and pronouncements of the Honorable Justices of the CCJ seem tinged with disregard for and protestations of the powers of the presidency which appear to be rooted in obsolescent misconceptions of our political system, democracy and form of government. Might I posit that it is within the purview and judgment of the government and citizenry of Guyana to determine the benefits of the CCJ to our nation, were any unconstitutional overreach be attempted by the court.

    Rickford Burke
    President of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

  13. De ole man was wondering bout dese Criminal Charges Against the Leader of the Opposition in light of similar “Criminal Charges against He who Woulda Been de Leader of the Now Defunct DLP party”

    1…3 possible outcomes CASE ADJOURNED. which means he is still negotiating WIGH HIS SNITCHING ON HIS GOVERNMENT COLLEAGUES

    2…CASE DISMISSED and he will disappear into a Witness Protection Programme EHILD GIVING UP DE UDDER DLP AND BLP CRIMINALS


    In which case all de rest uh bajans in the business, SCREWED!!

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